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Chapter nine

Sonny walked cautiously down steps that were made of some kind of synthetic metal. He snarled at the strange sensation, and heard agreement from the throats of the Predators who followed behind. The Fey remained quiet and poised. The walls had a strange light source that allowed everyone to see their way clearly, although the predators shifted uncomfortably.

No sounds of insects, animals, or rustling leaves could be heard, and Sonny's hackles rose. The halls were pristine white, with no dust. Everyone remained in battle formation. They travelled along the corridor quickly and efficiently. It seemed an unending path with no corners or angles to break the monotony. Sonny lost sight of the opening they came through, and yet the tunnel kept going. It was so uniform, that it was hard to distinguish distances, and he could not see the end.

A slight whirring sound had everyone turning towards his or her left, weapons raised. A line appeared at the floor and shot upwards, forming a rectangular doorway. Air was released, as if it had been pressurised, and a door appeared and slid open.

Mist seeped out of the room, and Sonny peered through the darkness. He switched his night vision on, and was unpleasantly surprised. The darkness had substance that kept anything within that room from visible sight. He looked towards the Elder. "Is there anything you can do to see what's in there?"

The Elder closed his eyes for a brief second and, with a graceful move, flicked his hands towards the dark room. Lights sparkled and flashed. The room was lit up briefly, before something rushed out of the shadows and consumed the light. Sonny clenched his teeth, and the Elder grunted, before looking into the room with piqued interest.

From the end of both corridors, a metal clang jarred everyone into action "Circle formation now!" Sonny shouted.

The Predators, weapons out, created a circle, facing outward. The Fey had followed suit, but were a second circle inside the first. Sonny, in the centre, felt inadequate to the job. He wasn't entirely sure what skills the Fey held, and was reluctant to use them because of it.

"Elder, it would be great if you helped by organising your men into a defensive position and utilized your powers as you see fit."

Sonny waited for the Elder to nod his head before he turned back to the darkened door. Gasps, on his left and right, were indication enough to know that something was happening. He shouted at the predators who were ready and ordered them to keep an eye on the open door. He then turned and ordered the others to watch the opposite wall and maintain vigilance in case another door opened.

Turning left and right, to observe the corridor, his adrenaline level increased greatly when he saw that the end walls were moving toward them. Blue sparks zigzagged across the moving walls, increasing in speed as they came to the group. Sonny heard a buzzing drone coming from the Fey. They stood with their heads tilted back, eyes closed. A crash, like the sound barrier breaking, created a backlash that reached a crescendo as the sound rose in pitch.

Energy, as cold as snow, went racing toward both ends of the corridor. It smashed against the end walls, and the corridor shook with the impact. The blue sparks died out. Just then, a shadowy tendril shot out of the door in the side wall, and latched onto an unwary Predator. Sonny heard a scream before the body was jerked towards the door. His companions on both sides of the trapped predator reached out to hold him. They, too, were yanked through as if they weighed nothing. No more screams were heard as the three bodies were yanked through the door in a blur. The Elder Fey shot a spinning ball of light after the retreating figures.

Others were about to follow when Sonny shouted. "Halt!"

"We don't know what's in that room, and rushing in could mean our doom. So, we do this with eyes wide open. Stay alert, and everybody's eyes towards the front!" His mind furiously reviewed their options. He had twelve of the best Predators of his generation, plus eight fey, including the Elder.

He needed to know his allies' capabilities. "Elder Fey, what defensive abilities do you have?"

With a quick nod to his fey followers, they all moved from the inside to the outside of the circle. Without removing his eyes off the open doorway the Elder replied. "We shall act as your defenders, but physical fighting will be up to you and your Clan."

Sonny nodded his head, clenched his jaw in determination, and told his clan to move out. The dark door beckoned.


Kiri rode towards the castle beside the Prince. People flocked to windows and doors, waving as they passed. The guard had tripled around the procession, and kept an eye on the enthusiastic crowd. Kiri felt overwhelmed by all the people. Living in a Clan of only five hundred, he thought he would be used to crowds. But the number of people was astounding. There seemed to be tens of thousands of people.

Logically, Kiri knew that the Panther Clan was the smallest of all the Predator clans, but seeing this many Prey, made him wonder if the Predators could be overtaken by sheer mass of people. It left Kiri feeling disquieted. The Prince turned to Kiri.

"If you are who I think you are, Ambassador, we have some one here who has been waiting for you."

Kiri turned a puzzled expression to the Prince. "Oh? I can't think of who that would be."

Falcon smiled, before replying. "I won't spoil the surprise; I don't think our `other' guest would appreciate it."

With that, Falcon remained closed mouthed about it. Kiri frowned, but knew that he would find out who it was soon enough.

"How do you like our fair city?" Falcon asked.

"It's beautiful..."

"I sense a `but' in that statement," Falcon said.

A sharp pain in his stomach, and a scream that travelled through the land, distracted Kiri from answering. He turned his horse towards the call and started in that direction. The Prince looked after him questioningly. Kiri continued towards the distress call. The urgency grew stronger, and Kiri heeded it by urging his horse to go faster.

Up a winding back alley he galloped, through a stone portcullis, until, unexpectedly, they come to a park. It was on the last tier, where the castle stood, but this was in the main courtyard in front of the servants' entrance. The courtyard overlooked the entire Citadel, but that was not what caught Kiri's eye. In the centre of the courtyard stood an enormous tree.

Kiri slid off his horse and walked slowly towards it. It stood at two hundred feet, and its branches extended over the entire courtyard. Shadows dappled beneath its boughs. Kiri looked tiny compared to it. The prince followed in Kiri's wake, puzzled at the fascination Kiri seemed to have for the tree.

"That is the Oak Heartwood Tree," Falcon said. "This tree was here before the Citadel, and it was decreed that it was never to be touched or cut down."

Falcon looked at the tree critically. "It is dying from old age, like all trees do, I guess."

Kiri turned and glared at the prince, before turning back to admire the tree. He looked up at its green, heart shaped leaves, rimmed with pink, and the rot spots that were showing on some of its branches. The prince, taken aback by Kiri's furious stare, remained silent.

"Do you know why the trees stands sentinel, Prince?" Kiri asked.

Falcon looked quizzically at Kiri. "I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with what you're talking about. Tree's are trees."

"Your arrogance blinds you to the truth," Kiri stated, never taking his eyes off the tree.

Falcon stiffened at the reprimand and, his eyes turned hard. "You are here as an invited guest, `ambassador.' I suggest you start working on your diplomacy skills."

Kiri turned his silver eyes towards the Prince. Once again, Falcon was captivated by them. Cold anger flashed in Kiri's eyes. Falcon felt the temperature drop, and clouds gathered unnaturally above them. He heard his people whisper and huddle. The sun was blotted out by the dark tempestuous clouds that looked close enough to touch.

Inside, he felt his firebird, the phoenix, huddle in fear. His tongue felt glued to the roof of his mouth.

Kiri's hair shone, casting a red, forbidding shadow upon anything it touched. "I am not just an ambassador, Prince," Kiri said in a sibilant tone.

Falcon swore he heard the baying of hounds in that voice, and dread crept up his spine. He locked his knees together and stood, looking at the face of wrath. He held his fear, barely, under a tight leash; Kiri was magnificent in his fury.

A feminine, melodic voice pierced the cold and sharp winds that had built up. Behind Falcon, a silver haired woman walked toward Kiri. She sang a counterpoint to the howling winds. She swayed and danced around the courtyard with a jaunty step, never taking her eyes of Kiri.

Kiri latched his eyes upon the Fey. The unexpected sight gave him time to control the deep rage that the world seemed to be screaming at him. This land was in great pain and, as the Avatar, Kiri felt its pain. The Fey's song soothed the earth and, in doing so, soothed Kiri.

She was different from the other Fey he had met so far. Taller, and...older; Kiri frowned and looked inside to read her design. She gasped, but stood under the perusal. As far as Kiri could see, this Fey was true to her Architect design. Kiri had had enough of deception with the last Elder to be wary.

The winds died down, and the clouds dispersed. Yet Kiri stood, shinning in his power. The Fey stopped her dancing and bowed deeply to Kiri. Everyone gasped. Her low bow indicated that Kiri was far above her status and, since she had not bowed to the King on her arrival, above their King also.

"Greetings, Avatar," she said in her melodic voice. She spoke in the old tongue. "I am Elder Earth of the Northern Fey. I am at your service."

"What are you doing here, Elder?" Kiri asked. His voice was his own, yet the power of the Feminine simmered beneath the surface.

"The land told me of your awakening, and where you were going. I arrived yesterday, waiting to serve in any way I could. May I rise?" she asked.

"Obeisance is not something I am used to, nor do I wish it from you, Elder. Please stand."

The Elder stood up as gracefully as she had been in bowing. Her movements were measured, and her feet tapped out a beat upon the earth that had it pulsing in response.

Speaking in common tongue, the Elder spoke. "I thank you for meeting me, Ambassador. I shall leave you in the capable hands of the Prince." With one more graceful bow, she departed.

Falcon looked at Kiri with questions in his eyes. This fascinating creature intrigued him more and more. He wanted to get to the bottom of this enigma. Speaking of bottoms, Kiri had the lushest round ass he had seen on a man. His libido and, naturally, his cock, began to rise to the occasion.

Shoving his erotic musings to the back of his mind, he stifled a moan and willed his cock to go down. Shaking his shoulders, he ushered Kiri in front of him. Kiri stopped and turned towards Toby and his horse.

"It is fine, sir," Toby said. "I'll take Cloud Shadow to the barn. That way he won't attack the stable hands or them other horses."

Kiri almost absently began correcting him in proper language, but stopped. Falcon spoke up. "I will ensure that your servant has all the necessary requirements to feed and stable your horse, and there is bedding in the servant quarters for him." Turning to his ever-present seneschal, he said. "Sort it out please, Harry."

"At once, your Highness," Harry said. With a snap of his fingers, palace servants went rushing as Harry instructed them.

"Now, if you'll follow me, ambassador, I shall take you to your quarters. You can refresh yourself, and rejoin my Father and I for dinner, at six. Is that suitable to you?" Kiri nodded his head in thanks, and the Prince escorted him to his rooms.


Anson, King of the Prey Clans, stood upon his balcony, overlooking the sea. It was windy this high up, but the King enjoyed its refreshing bite. Below, he could barely hear the waves crashing against the rocks. He looked like an older copy of his son, except his brown locks were streaked with grey. He sensed a presence behind him.

"So, the Avatar came here as you predicted," the King said.

"It was expected. After all, he needs the Masculine to complete his transformation," the shadow presence said.

The king turned and looked into his room, towards the corner where his guest stood. "You took a risk, exposing yourself today."

The Elder fey walked into the light cast by the blazing fire. It sparkled and hissed as a draft blew down the chimney. "It was a calculated risk, and one I had to make if our plans weren't to be thwarted."

The King walked back into his room, closing the balcony door behind him. He walked towards the Elder, and clasped her to him. "It has been too long since we last lay together." the king said. He kissed the side of her neck, and ground his hardening cock into her.

Elder Earth moaned her pleasure. She remembered when he was still a young man, full of wild lust and hunger. Over the years, as they had met in secret, he had mellowed, but there was still the old hunger from all the years they had shared.

The firelight shone upon the two as they merged beneath the blankets on his king-sized bed. Moans of delight smothered the sounds of wood crackling, as fire consumed the logs. The old bed that had seen them like this, on many occasions in the past, vibrated as the King began to thrust earnestly. Animal grunts and smells filled the air, as the two reached the ultimate goal. Their screams ricocheted around the room, smothered by the sounds of the wind outside, and the thick stone walls.

"We must keep an eye on the Avatar. He is much more than I anticipated," the elder said in the afterglow.

The king was spooned behind her, and hugged her to him tightly. "I have confidence in you, beloved. You will not fail."

Had the Elder been facing the King, and if he weren't close to the edge of sleep, he would have seen the bitter smile that crossed her face. Alas, the pleasure they had shared was lulling him to sleep. His light snores drowned out the words she whispered to herself.

"I hope your right, my dear King, for the sake of our son."


Kiri looked at himself in the mirror. Toby stood behind him, looking with approval and slight awe.

"You are a fine sight in your suit, sir," he said. Kiri hid his smile; he was obviously trying to pick up the mannerisms of the other servants. Toby had his back perfectly straight, and somebody had found livery for him, with a hastily designed emblem of the Western Fey patched upon his lapel. He was extremely proud of it, and Kiri found it endearing to watch.

"You look as fine as I am in my suit, Toby," Kiri said with a smile. His smile grew larger, when Toby ducked his head and blushed.

"Thank you kindly, sir." He bowed over double.

Kiri sighed, resigned. Toby found it great fun to bow as often as he could in front of him. Toby informed him that it was necessary, because practise makes perfect. He wanted to prove to the rest of those `snobby' hypocrite servants that, just because Kiri only had one servant, it didn't make him less than anybody else.

Kiri was moved by Toby's loyalty. This boy had so much to share and offer the world. He was doubly glad for taking him from that odious Innkeeper. He had the urge to ruffle Toby's hair, but refrained. It would embarrass Toby even further.

Taking one more glance in the mirror, he sighed and stared at his image. Kale had packed everything in advance. But Kiri felt slightly exposed in the outfit. The clothes seemed too `indecent' to ever be considered as `formal attire.' Kale assured him that the outfit was what prey society considered formal attire.

He had on black, soft, felt leather pants that were held onto his body by laces that crisscrossed up the sides of his legs, starting at the knee and going all the way up to his narrow hips. As a consequence, startling flashes of white skin were exposed by the perfect diamond design of the leather laces that kept the pants on. From the knees down, his legs were encased in black suede boots, with the lips folded over like a collar. They had extremely high heels, and Kiri had been practising for the last hour to walk in them without making a fool of himself.

From the waist up, Kiri had on a tight black shirt, which conformed to the muscles of his chest and shoulders. The top three buttons near his collar were `deliberately' removed, since Kale knew how self-conscious Kiri would have been. But having his bare chest poking out would enhance the visual effect Kale had been trying to create for Kiri.

Kiri's right arm remained exposed, showing his luminescent skin, and the muscles underneath to perfection. On his left arm, was a gold torque, with a winged serpent spiralling around his bicep. It was a Metali, made of living metal, and considered priceless. The serpent writhed and wove from Kiri's elbow up to his shoulder, peering out at the world. It was a body servant to the fey, and now Kiri had one. These entities were ferocious, and immune to most magics. Their own arsenal of skills was nothing to laugh at, either. They could ensnare an entire room in a hypnotic trance, or, like the one Kiri wore, heal its owner of deadly poisons, magical or otherwise. Some were known to read minds, but the one Kiri wore was only a baby. That talent would come in time. The serpent called itself Aesculapius. Kiri called him Lapius, for short.

Around Kiri's neck was something as old as time, a precious artefact held in possession by the Eastern Fey, called the Carmi. This was what Kale wanted anyone, who knew what it was, to see. Kiri was protected and had back up any time he asked for it.

The Carmi was a square shaped medallion, with, a circle inside the square, a triangle embossed inside the circle and, lastly an open eye placed exactly in the centre. This artefact could open a door, from the wielder's position, to Trevailier forest. He could then summon help from any denizen residing there. It also had an imprinting mechanism preventing theft. Should anyone dare to steal it, while the wielder was alive, it would burn the thief to cinders. The medallion was gold, with lapis lazuli edging the outline of the circle, and a perfect ruby for the triangle. The eye was silver.

Kiri felt a tingle across his chest, as the medallion glinted in the candlelight of his room. It held power as old as the Feminine, and Kiri suspected it had been used by the Architect herself. Straightening his shoulders, Kiri brushed away imaginary specks of lint on his clothes.

This was not the last of Kiri's arsenal. His red, riotous curls were held back from his face by a gold leather band. When Kiri had used it to tie his hair back, the leather band had grown four long strips that parted his hair into four sections, which were wound around them so they were hidden. It had left his hair neater than he had ever seen it. Four perfect fat ringlets slid halfway down his back, fresh and shinning from his earlier bath but without a hair out of place. When threatened, the strips would come to life, attacking anything Kiri put his mind to. They acted as whips, swatting their target, and turning them to dust the moment they hit.

A knock at the door was his cue to go to dinner. Wiping suddenly nervous palms down his sides, he took a deep breath and walked out of his room. He heard the chatter of people as he approached the stairs. A loud knocking at the base of the stair had everyone quieting down as Kiri was announced.

"Presenting the Avatar and Ambassador of the Eastern Fey, Lord Kiri."

With pounding heart, Kiri walked sedately down the steps. The silence was deafening. Nerves were almost his undoing. He gripped the railing a little harder, but continued down. Looking up, he saw who was waiting for him at the bottom.

Prince Falcon stood with an awestruck look. Kiri glanced around at the rest of the audience as they stared up at him. Some glared, but most stood spellbound. Kiri glanced down, waiting for his hair to hide his face, when he realised it was tied back. Raising his head once more, he looked down his nose at his audience until he reached the bottom of the stairs. The sound seemed to miraculously come back, as people laughed and talked around Kiri.

"If this is the form of garb the Eastern Fey wear, then I look forward to trade," Falcon said, bowing his head before directing Kiri towards the main parlour. Kiri smiled, but fumed inside. Kale would pay for lying to him. All the males wore long trousers, and not an ounce of flesh showed. They wore impeccably fitted suits from head to toe. Kiri felt totally out of place.

Lapius swirled with agitation up and down Kiri's arm, as Kiri tried to calm down and hold his head high. Falcon spotted the Metali and gasped.

"Is that what I think it is?" Falcon asked with envy.

Grateful for the interruption of his gloomy thoughts, Kiri smiled and nodded.

"I have learned of these from the library we have here, but I never thought to see one," the prince gushed.

Moving closer, Falcon inspected the Metali. It reared up and hissed at him. He back pedalled a little, and looked at Kiri ruefully. Kiri laughed and, somehow, the tension and embarrassment faded as the Prince looked back and smiled too.

"You'll have to forgive him," Kiri said, "he gets a little territorial."

"I don't blame him," Falcon said, winking at Kiri.

Kiri looked down. Flirting was something for which he had no skill although Kale had told him that Prey considered male on male lovers a normal part of their society. Kiri found the reality a lot harder to comprehend. In Predator society, it was known for men to take male lovers, but it was frowned upon.

"I'm sorry if I have offended you in any way," Falcon said, contrite.

Kiri looked up into the sincere eyes of the prince. He shook his head. "I am not used to so many compliments; my life has been very simple."

"I hope that, one day, we can become great friends and that you will share your past with me." Smiling, the Prince led Kiri towards the King. "We have a special show, just for you, after dinner," Falcon said, winking once more at Kiri.

King Anson looked splendid in his Royal Red Robes. He eyed Kiri appreciatively, before clasping Kiri's hands in his own large ones. "Welcome, Avatar. It is an honour to meet you. Our Clan is much brighter with your presence."

Kiri gave a slight nod of his head, and thanked the King. Elder Earth stood beside the King in a shimmering silver dress that contoured to her womanly figure. She bowed to Kiri, and then smiled, raising her glass of champagne. A long line of people were introduced to him, as the nobles came to see the Avatar.

Falcon came up beside Kiri and whispered in his ear. "Shall I save you from all these fussy old prudes, or are you enjoying yourself too much?"

Kiri looked at Falcon, an almost pleading look upon his face. The number of people coming up to him was overwhelming, and Kiri was starting to feel claustrophobic. "Help me, please," he whispered, nodding his thanks gratefully.

"No thanks are needed," Falcon said quietly. "I have the most stunning person to ever grace our lands on my right arm; it is I that should be thanking you."

A man in white livery rang a bell and declared that dinner was ready. The King led the procession, with the Prince and Kiri behind him. Kiri was led up onto a dais, where four chairs were placed around a mahogany table laden with food. He was placed between the King and the Prince, while Elder Earth sat on the other side of the King.

Everyone sat after the King, and Kiri followed suit, feeling self conscious up on the dais. He frowned, and turned towards Falcon. "Excuse my ignorance, but does your mother not attend these things?"

"She died when I was born, so I wouldn't know," Falcon said candidly. He saw the apology in Kiri's eyes, and brushed it aside casually. "You weren't to know, and besides, it was a long time ago."

The servants came toward the table, bringing steaming food. Kiri's stomach growled in approval, and Falcon laughed. Kiri could feel a blush fill his cheeks, but smiled ruefully.

"I will give the chef compliments for your stomach's appreciation of his culinary efforts," Falcon said.

Kiri poked his tongue out, and forked a tender piece of chicken into his mouth. The prince watched the movement, spellbound for a second, before taking a bite of his own meal. Kiri, unaware, blissfully chewed on his food. He was pleasantly surprised to taste the flavour of the food, instead of the bland fare he had had for the last two days. He moaned, and bit down on the vegetables that were coated in herbs and honey. His contented sighs caught the attention of the Elder, and she smiled at him.

"Those herbs and vegetables come from my forest, as does all the food upon this table. I'm glad you like it, Avatar," she said.

Kiri looked towards her appreciatively and continued eating; his eyes alight with his pleasure. She gazed upon him, and shook her head. Like the rest of the Prey clan, she felt an irresistible pull towards Kiri and, try as she might, found his allure one she wasn't inclined to leave.

Looking down, she pinched herself under the table. Her heart pounded, and she focused on battling the attraction. The Avatar was dangerous; he was far too charismatic and this could pose problems for the schemes she had put in place so long ago. Mentally shaking herself, she smiled and began chatting amiably.

Kiri was an enigma. The King and Prince subtly tried to learn about his background and where he was born. Kale had gone over his cover story with him. Kiri found it repulsive to lie, so Kale had told him that telling part of the truth would hold up better against heavy perusal, than an outright lie.

So, he told them that he had been around Fey all his life, which was true. Elder Wind from the Western Fey had been with him during his growing years. He told them that his `true' father was a Prey man, who had left the clans and climbed over the spire to live near the fey, taking care of and raising him through infancy, which was also true. Kale had left the clans and gone over the spire, and Kiri considered him more a father than his own biological one.

Time seemed to fly, as the conversation flew between the four. Realising the time, the King clapped his hands to bring the meal to an end. He stood up, as mages came and removed the tables magically, leaving the hall empty except for the seated nobles. "Let us all head toward the ballroom," the King announced.

With that, the nobles meandered into a majestic circular room. Kiri was entranced. He looked up to see a crystal chandelier sparkling and lit. It chimed and danced in the light breeze, and Kiri hummed under his breath. The King spoke while Kiri looked around at his surroundings. The wooden floors and marble pillars displayed great skill and Kiri paid little attention to what the king was saying, until the last statement.

"We have an interesting entertainment for the pleasure of our special guest, the Avatar. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you a King amongst Kings, a wild man of the jungles, a captured Predator Prince."

Rumbles from the men, and gasps of horror from the women rose around Kiri. He turned sharply to look at the king, and the direction his arm was pointing. In the left corner were four mages in different coloured robes. They held glowing chains of differing colours around the neck of a tall, dark headed man. His face lifted towards the audience and Kiri whimpered in recognition.

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