I am what I am.

I'm a Beta first. A Vanderbilt Beta. I'm a wolf. I'm a vampire, as well. I'm a man. I'm a brother. I'm a son. I'm an Ambassador for Eden.

Maybe it's the half wolf, half vampire part that makes me sense him stalking in the shadows.

"Drink with me."

This palace is beautiful. Beauty doesn't produce comfort though. Beauty doesn't make you feel at ease. The only time I'm really truly at ease is when I'm in my gardens like I am now. My fingernails thick with dirt and the smell of flowers as bees buzz around my head. I look over and see him standing there.


He's handsome. His unique features outlined in a soft slightly odd face. I love every feature of it. He wears a suit. He's buttoned up so far to the top. That's his personality. I wonder if he's always been like that. I wonder if Exodus has always been so strict; so buttoned up to the top.

"I should be getting back to work. I'm working on a new blood tax plan for the city with Santos for the vampires."

He's so buttoned up. So strict.

"Come drink with me."

He can't help himself. I know he can't so when he struts forward, all shoulders almost like he's in the military I smile. He comes close, sits in his normal seat and pours a glass of my special lemonade. I grow the lemons myself. He enjoys it.

"Tastes good as always."

It's our thing. It's the only beauty in this palace. There were rebels outside of the city according to the Vampire Justice. He's out all in the palace making a big stink about it. There is chaos trying to keep the vampires in check but also seeing what parts of the werewolf packs have defected against the crown. So much chaos but here it was beautiful. Here right now is what Eden was meant to be.

Perfect weather.


Really enjoying this paradise where we lived.

"I grow everything in this garden. The sweet berries to the poisonous plants. They are all beautiful. Just like Eden. Back then my mother always told me I had a green thumb. Lemons are easy compared to poison plants. Trust me. You can enjoy it here with me," I state, "Forever if you want."

"You know that's not possible."

"You are the kind one. You are the gentle one. It's you who should be immortal. Not Genesis."

I could grant it to him. I could make him a vampire like me. Santos had taught me how to give the dark gift. He had taught me how to pass it on if I so chose. Of course Genesis had made it illegal for this to happen. I was the only hybrid allowed in Eden. I would break his laws for Exodus though. I would live with Exodus forever if I could.

Exodus pauses, "You know I can't. I don't have much time left Yas. Let's just enjoy the time we have left."

Exodus was right. He didn't have much time left. He had agreed to sacrifice himself for Genesis to make Genesis stronger, as though Genesis needed more strength. I look over at Exodus. He'd never truly lived for himself. Always his brother. I walk over to him. I take his hand. I put it on my chest. I want him to feel how it beats. I'm a werewolf so it beats faster at times. I'm a vampire so it beats slower at times. I want him to know that there is so much in this world to experience. There is so much else to live for besides being Genesis's sacrifice.

"Can I convince you?" I ask him.


I stop him with a kiss. The kiss is slow. I press my lips up against his. We've done this before. His unique face presses up against mine. He wants this kiss as bad as I do. Before I know it he's being aggressive, pulling me towards him. Suspending me in his arms.

I can feel his dick growing, pressing. I'm turning him on. His breath is hot up against my neck. Exodus wants me as much as I want him.

"We can go in your room and..."


Dammit. I feel restricted at that moment. I should have known better. This was dutiful Exodus. He was all about service. Nothing else mattered to him more than it.

"I'm sorry," I respond.

I should have known better than to try to change him.

"Out here," Exodus states, "I want you right out here like the wolves do. I want to be wild like you. I want you to show me how your people make love."

With that he opens up his top button. It's the smallest thing but it means the world to me. With him telling me that I rip open all his other buttons. I throw him to the ground with strength. I'm not sure if it's the vampire part of me or the werewolf part of me. All I know is that I'm mounting him in the dirt. Exodus could care less as he lays in my garden, his hair soiled from the ground. All he could think about is grasping my hips as I undress. All he can do is stare at my body as I slowly slide my wet asshole down on his dick. I've wanted this for so long.

I growl!

I'm an animal riding his dick at that moment. Pressing my hands up against his chest, grinding and taking control of him. I feel so powerful making love to Exodus. I feel powerful in a way that I never have as a beta.

I feel as though I'm in control.

And Exodus loves every moment of it. He allows me to take control willingly and be the aggressor. He keeps his dick perfectly still as I pop up and down on it. The only movement is the pulsating of veins and the grasping of my hips as he struggles to maintain. I feel his eyes turn in the back of his head and within a moment there is nothing but silence.

At first I think it's magic. I think somehow Exodus has cast a spell.

And then he releases inside of me.


The witchdoctor relieves himself in me, letting go of so much stress that he has been feeling this time. I can tell it's been a lot as well. I can feel the tension all of his limbs. He's loving this. He looks up at me and I think I see what it is at that moment.

Exodus is falling in love with me.

And the funny thing is?

I think I'm falling in love with him too.

Good things don't last in Eden though. Not for long at least. We are laying in the dirt, pressed up against one another like wild animals but all of a sudden we are summoned by one the palace aids. I am about to tell them to fuck off until I hear what the aide has to say.

"Genesis has requested you."


I walk in with Exodus. We have to walk right past my ex to get in there.

I look at his face. Walid is furious. I can read it all over him. I wonder if he smells the sex. Knowing Walid he is very well aware of what sex smells like. He looks at Exodus as though he wants to rip him a part. He doesn't though. He doesn't go for him. Maybe he knows Genesis is back and Genesis wouldn't go for it. Maybe it's fear keeping Walid at bay, but I can see his face. Nothing but anger.

"I need to talk to you," Walid says.

"The king requested us."

I know it is a blow to his self-esteem calling Genesis the king. I'm not saying anything that Walid doesn't recognize though. Genesis ruled Eden. Period. That's how it is. And until Walid chose to do something about that he was nothing more than a Queen without a tiara.

The aides take us into an assembly room. I get there to see the other ambassadors Santos and Micko. I've gotten close to the other ambassadors since we were put in the position to represent our races, especially with Santos. I can look at their faces and tell that they are just as surprised as me that Genesis is out of hiding for some reason. I don't get it. It makes absolutely no sense.

"Is he really up?" I ask Santos.

"See for yourself."

Santos signals to the front of the assembly room. Sure enough there was a figure there draped in red, as dramatic as ever. I would think I was watching some fucking Kabuki theater by his large red gown that sweeps the floor. It's only been two days since the White Witch left him and there had been rumors that whatever the White Witch told him had an effect because he's definitely in his mood right now.

"I'm back," the King announces.

There's a heaviness in the room as Lady Catalina removes one of the drapes over his face. He looks over at us. I wonder if Micko and Santos share the same feeling as I do. It's just fucking heavy. No other words to describe it.

All three of us should hate him. Micko, Santos and I. We should all despise this man and I think there is a part of us that does despise him. Each for our own personal reasons. I remember the day like tomorrow when he summoned snakes to my bed and attempted to kill me. I remember the day when he stole Walid from me.

And he flaunts him in my face...even now.

"Baby, should you be out of bed?" Walid asks.

"Get off," he replies, "I'm fine."

Only Genesis can talk to Walid like that and get away with it. Walid is used to the disrespect. For a while now he's been feeling like a true king with Genesis locked up in his tower. I wonder how it feels to have his manhood snatched up from right under him. Here he was Walid, the biggest man in Eden. The one who fancies himself king, being manhandled by a man who was only half his size with ease.

"We're glad to have you back brother," Exodus states.

Exodus has a smile on his face. While the rest of us are afraid, I don't think Exodus have ever resented his brother for anything...including all the times in the past he died and was brought back to life only to die again.

"I'm glad to be back," he states, "And I'm glad to share news with you. I've spoken to Gideon Bradley and the child in my stomach is good."

We all look at each other.

"As opposed to...being bad?" I ask.

What the fuck was the King even talking about?

"Yes I've been having nightmares. Spirits everywhere warning me to kill the baby," he states but then reflects it with laughter, "Spirits were once humans after all though and are imperfect things. Their voices must be ignored sometimes. I'm back and I'm better. And it is necessary to make Eden safe for the coming of my child. Eden's not safe."

It isn't a question. It's a statement. The smile that he has fades away and he looks all of a sudden a little bothered.

It's Micko who answers Genesis. Micko has known the king a lot longer. He's also hated the king a lot longer than the rest of us. Maybe that's what gives him the balls to stand up to him the few times he does.

"Did you think people would be OK with you on the throne?" he asks.

Micko is completely right. Witches, Vampires, and Werewolves all had their problems with Genesis and they all had their problems for good reasons. Genesis was a complicated soul. Even now I can look at him and see all these complications.

"A rebellion has started," Exodus tells his brother.

"Has it been stopped?"

He says it like it's the easiest thing in the world. Like saying have you eaten breakfast or something? He looks around the room for answers and no one seems to give it to him. No one wants to face the wrath of Genesis...including me.

"The werewolves are behind it. Yas was in charge of stopping it," Walid says.

I could almost bite my lip in anger when Walid says it. He's being petty. I know he is. I know he's feeling some type of way about Exodus. I know that he's angry still and he's ratting me out to Genesis because of it. The other Ambassadors look my way. Regardless of how bad they feel for me I know that Walid isn't lying. I was supposed to do it. I was supposed to go looking into the rebellion.

"I'm on it."

"Are you, little wolf?" Genesis asks.

"Yes Genesis."

"Yes what?"

"Yes, KING Genesis," I correct myself.

I find myself rising in the air. I know it's him. I know it's Genesis. I feel the heaviness all over my body. The feeling that he has when he's around. Genesis walks over to me as I am suspended above the ground. Supposedly witches like Genesis needed sacrifices to do magic. Blood magic, it was called. That's why Exodus carried a knife wherever he went. With Genesis it was different. He could only bite the inside of his lip and the spirits would come running to do his bidding.

They were suspending me now. I couldn't see them. I couldn't hear them. I couldn't smell them. They were enemies that I could not fight.

"You were supposed to be making Eden safe and yet you're in the garden fucking my brother?" Genesis asks.

My face gets red with embarrassment not realizing that Genesis saw me earlier. I look over at Exodus. He's feeling bad. Walid is looking furious. There is just so much emotion in the room that I can choke on it.

"Genesis---"Exodus tries to interrupt on my behalf."

"Quiet," he tells his brother before turning his attention fully to me, "Answer my question."

"Yes. I enjoyed it too."

I drop out of the sky.

Genesis smiles at that moment, "I like that. The two of you look good together."

Walid is steaming, "Genesis this is pure disrespect. Yas is an ambassador. He has a job he should be doing."

"Aren't you Alpha?" Genesis asks Walid.

"Yes but I'm also king."

"Of what?"

The ambassadors and I look at one another. The pure disrespect towards Walid stripping him of any real rights in front of everyone is just hilarious to say the least. I hate Genesis at times but sometimes I just want to kiss him when he gets it right.

"Of Eden."

"There's one crown. From now on you don't tell anyone you're king."

"Genesis. We're married. If you are king, then shouldn't I have a title? What should I say I am?"

It's pathetic really. He's really begging at this point. He's fucking begging Genesis to acknowledge him. It makes me sick seeing how high Walid once was to how low he is right now. He might as well be fucking groveling on the ground.

"Make something up. Court Jester for all I care. I don't know."

Walid gets quiet. Seeming stupid with embarrassment at that moment but not having the balls to stand up to Genesis. I can feel the anger coming from him. He hates this with every fiber in his body. Genesis has literally embarrassed him for the last time.

I feel so bad that I interrupt, "I'll approach the werewolves. I'll squash the rebellion myself."

"No need. I'll do it myself," Genesis states, "Fuck my brother. He deserves it. He's loyal. Now that the baby is no longer a threat I won't be needing Exodus to sacrifice himself."

I smile.

"Yes King Genesis."

"C`mon dog. Let's go deal with your littermates," Genesis calls Walid after him almost as though he was his real pet dog.

And the sad part is Walid listens to the summon and runs off.

I'm in the room with the other ambassadors and I take a look at Exodus. I think this is a time to celebrate but Exodus doesn't look that way when his brother leaves. He is staring at the spot Genesis was standing at and I'm not sure why. He seems almost upset about something. I don't know what it is. It doesn't make any sense at all.

"Why the long face?" I ask, "Shouldn't you be happy. You don't have to sacrifice yourself."

Exodus just looks down. Something is bothering him.

"There were spirits behind Genesis," Micko tells me, "You all can't see them but we could. They were whispering in his ear. Usually things like that don't happen."

"I'm sure it's nothing," Santos states.

"It's something," Exodus replies.

I'm confused.

I look over at Exodus, "If Genesis says he's fine then he's fine. What's the big deal? I mean did you want to sacrifice yourself or something?"

"I was willing to."

"Well you don't have to be willing to anymore. Genesis wants you to be happy. You heard him say it."

"There is unease everywhere," Micko states.

I don't know what the witchdoctors were talking about. Sometimes it seemed like they didn't live in the physical world. This isn't the first time they've done it. They talk as though there's always something bigger going on. Always something behind the scenes. It freaked me out.

That's when Exodus says what I'm scared he says, "Maybe I should do it anyway...just in case. Maybe I should sacrifice myself for Genesis to be an immortal...just in case."

"What the fuck? In case of what?" I ask.

I felt like I was talking to a brick wall with Exodus. Who is willing to kill themselves because they are basically getting bad vibes? I had no idea what the hell was the matter with him.

Luckily I'm not the only one who thinks this.

"Genesis seems in high spirits," Santos tells Exodus, "The most we can do is support him and help keep Eden safe."

"This IS supporting him and helping keep Eden safe," Exodus responds, "The two of you haven't seen what we saw. Genesis is just ignoring the spirits. I couldn't hear what they were saying but it sounds like warnings. It's almost like he wants to ignore them or maybe something is distracting him."

"Something like that baby," Micko added.

"You all are being ridiculous."

"As a man, have you given birth to a baby before, Yas?" Micko asks, "Because I have. And it is unnatural. There is darkness there. Real darkness. Bad things happened when I was pregnant. That baby worries me. Exodus has a reason to be concerned."

"I'll do it," Exodus states, "Just in case."

I shake my head, "I won't allow you to fucking die for him."

I'm tearing up at that moment. I'm so angry at Exodus for doing this. I'm so angry at him for acting so damn responsible for his brother.

"Calm down Yas," Santos states, "We need to be reasonable. As Ambassadors it's our job to keep Eden safe no matter what. But Exodus you are good and if you don't need to sacrifice yourself then why do it? Gideon stated that the child was safe."

"I don't trust Gideon," Exodus responds, "Genesis told me when he got pregnant that a spirit was trying to come back into this world. A spirit known as the Darkest."

"Lilith," Santos states, "My mother."

I had heard the name before. I had heard the rumors. By now you didn't need to be a vampire to hear the rumors. She was evil. She was true evil. She was pure evil. It was different from Genesis or anyone I'd ever encountered. Lilith was evil for the sake of being evil.

Evil, defined.

We all get quiet. All of a sudden people seem to be seeing why Exodus was so afraid...even Santos.

I am struggling against this, "Gideon would have seen it. He would have said something."

"Can we talk to him?"

"Genesis is keeping him away from everyone in case he has another vision he wants to keep the witchdoctor safe."

"There is an option," Micko states.

We all look at the witchdoctor. He's been real quiet all of a sudden. He's always been a sweet person. Micko's always been responsible so when he speaks we all turn to listen to make sure that we understand what he's saying.

"What?" I ask.

"To make sure. There is a spell that would locate bloodlines. If this is somehow the reincarnation of Lilith then I'd be able to know," Micko states, "It would require powerful magic though."

"How powerful?" Exodos asks.

"The oldest vampire in Eden."

Santos shakes his head, "Most of the ancients who came through during the Blood Holocaust to Eden are asleep in their Slumbers. It's like vampire hibernation. They won't wake to help us. There is one..."

Exodus seems determined.

"We have to try."

"I can bring him here," Santos states, "My husband told me his story. Unlike the other ancients he refuses to sleep. He's waiting. He believes that one day the love of his life will return. That is why he became a vampire in the first place. Seeking immortality hoping to see his long lost love again. It's really tragic and beautiful almost."

"Bring him here."


It takes a while for Santos to bring the vampire to us. I'm pacing around the palace when I hear Exodus come and get me.

"It's time."

I start to leave but just at that moment I see a familiar face walk in the room. Exodus looks at the person and then he looks at me. Exodus leaves the room.

He leaves me alone with Walid.

"Where are you off to?"

Exodus would be upset if I told Walid that we were double checking the King. He would be pissed actually. I don't want to piss Exodus off.

"Do you really care?"

"You're really fucking him?" Walid asks, "How dare you?"

"How dare ME? I'm single..."

"You're my Beta. You're never single."

I get so mad at that moment. Walid is pressing this. I can tell he is. I see how he looks at me grasping me by my throat when I'm trying to walk away. He tries to manhandle me. He's wrong though. I'm not the weak Yas I used to be. I pry his fingers off of me. I use my vampire strength to do it. This seems to piss him off even more.

"You're married to someone else," I state, "Or have you forgotten? Why do you care what I do? Aren't you happy? I guess not, huh? Genesis must have his leash too tight."

"Be careful what you say."

"Or what?" I ask shaking my head, "You know what? You're jealous of Exodus. I get it. He got me after you threw me out. You know what's funny. Exodus believes that you are the person who is in the palace who is helping the rebellion against Genesis. He thinks you're the mole. I know better. You aren't a mole. You're terrified of Genesis."

"You don't know shit."

"I know you want the throne for yourself. Face it. You still do. You can play like you love him but you want it for yourself. But you're just too weak to take it. You're too weak to do your duty."

I stop talking.

I've proven my point whether he wants to admit it or not. I start walking away. I knew what Walid wanted. He was just so scared to take it.

"You can't walk away from me. I'm your Alpha. You're my Beta. That connection is always going to be there. You'll always have to serve me. That's just how it is. That's just how it always has to be."

Walid's voice echoes throughout the empty hallways of the palace.

There's no response.


We meet the ancient vampire. He's an attractive vampire with long dreadlocks and a ruffled shirt that makes me think he's from a different time all together. Most vampires are attractive however. He smells old but not in that he stinks. He just wears oils that aren't recent. We gather together with Micko in the witch towers. Micko has asked all of the members of his coven to come help with the spell. When Santos finally arrives I look over at Exodus.

I can't believe he's going out of his way once again for Genesis.


I want to convince him not to pursue this but he isn't having it. He ignores me and brings the vampire forward.

"Thank you for coming. What is your name sir? Who do I have to thank for helping us with this sacrifice?" Exodus asks.

The man is silent.


Exodus shakes Bello's hand. The handsome vampire is silent. There is a sadness all around him. Santos thought it was romantic that he waited for his lover for so long. Truth is I didn't look at it like that. I thought it was painful.

The idea of being tied to someone no matter how much you wanted to shake them. No matter how much you wanted to get rid of them pissed me off. It scared me. I felt bad for this man. I related to this man.

"Yas, Exodus, Santos, can you wait outside..." Micko asks.

"We want to know how this turns out."

"We'll come get you shortly after."

Waiting outside while the witches did a blood sacrifice was the most annoying thing ever. They weren't going to kill Bello. They'd just use some of his blood. That didn't help though. Truthfully I was just annoyed at the idea of not being involved in this. I wanted to know what the outcome was going to be. I wanted to know if Exodus was going to be this stupid.

It seems to last forever.

Santos is pressed up against the nearest window. Exodus is standing near me.

"If it comes back that the baby is dangerous?" I ask.

"I sacrifice myself tomorrow to give Genesis strength to do what he has to do," he responds without even the slightest bit of hesitation.

"What does he have to do? You make Genesis immortal and he'll rule over Eden forever. He'll never give it up," I explain to Exodus.

"Eden will prosper."

He's so blind.

"Says who?" I ask at that moment, "Exodus be reasonable. Please. I'm begging you. Now we all stand a chance against him. Micko, Santos and I. If he got out of line, we could stand against him. If he were immortal, what would be stopping Genesis?"

"Nothing," he responds, "That's the point. That's the point."

I shake my head. There was no getting through to Exodus. There was no getting through to his love for Genesis or his dedication to his family. Exodus felt like he owed Genesis and no matter what I said I was realizing now that I couldn't change his mind.

I'm almost in tears when Micko comes out of the room. I know what Micko is going to say. I have a feeling.

Good things didn't happen in Eden.

"The baby is Lilith."

Exodus gets up. All duty. No emotion. He knows what he needs to do. He's willing to do it.

"I'll do my duty tomorrow. Thank you for your help Ambassadors."

"There has to be another way," Santos states.

"There is no way," Exodus responds.

There is a silence in the room. We all have grown to care about Exodus. I've cared about him more than the others. Genesis didn't have many redeeming qualities. There weren't many things that were good about someone like him, but there was one thing. There was one thing that made you think that Genesis couldn't be so bad.

That was Exodus.

I'm tearing up. The others are too. It hasn't been so long since we've all been in this palace and there was something about Exodus that just touched all our hearts.

He starts walking away.

"Have a drink with me. One last time, I tell him. One last night."


I felt like I was losing a part of me as I wait for Exodus in my study that night. The beautiful sky of Eden is floating overhead. The red beautiful sky of Eden just makes everything look so much more regal. Everything looks so much more alive in this place.

"Is this going to be our last night?" I ask Exodus.

I hand him my lemonade. Our last. That's how things were.

"Yes," Exodus states, "I'm going to talk to Genesis tomorrow to reveal what I know about Lilith. I want to be the one to do it. Then I'm going to do the ritual for immortality. Only his twin can do it."

I shake my head.

"Let's not talk about it," I respond, "Let's just enjoy our last moments as though it's forever."

We stand out on the patio. From my room you can see the palace gardens. You can see all the plants that I've been growing. From the sweetest to the poisonous. Just like Eden. Just like Eden.

"I wanted to tell you something tonight," he says after several minutes of silence, "I erm... I love erm..."

Tears are rolling down my eyes when he chokes up saying those words.

Only the words aren't what he's choking on.

"I love you too Exodus," I tell him.

Tears are rolling down my eyes. I see Exodus fall out of his chair. He drops the lemonade that he has in his chair.

"What...what's happening to me?" he asks.

"It's one of my plants," I tell him, "Not the sweet kind. The other kind."

He looks up at me. By now I'm sure his throat is closing up. By now his eyes are blood shot red. His stomach is turning. I can hear it from here even if I didn't have my supernatural senses. I'm so upset. I've never felt so sad in my life.

" poisoned me?" he asks.

I nod.

"It was me. I'm the wolf that attacked Gideon. I have the real Gideon locked up. I'm sent the first imposter. I'm not sure about the 2nd," I admit to him.

He looks up at me.

I've never seen someone get their heartbroken. I've gotten mine broken by Walid. Exodus would have never done it though. He would have never broken my heart.


"I couldn't let you sacrifice yourself," I explain to him, "Not to make Genesis stronger. I pleaded with you Exodus. You should have listened. I didn't want this. Genesis can't be stronger. Because if Genesis is strong, Walid will never take the throne for himself."

Exodus has fallen out. He still doesn't understand.

His last word is a repeat of what he asked before.


That is what he says before he dies. I look down at his body.

"I love you," I speak to his dead body, "I love you and I hate Walid. But I am who I am. I can't change it. Just like Bello. I'm stuck until Walid dies. I must serve my Alpha. And he is too weak to do what he wants to be done. So I have to step in. I have to do it for him. You won't understand. But I am who I am."

I am who I am.

I'm a Beta. A Vanderbilt Beta. I'm a wolf. I'm a vampire, as well. I'm a man. I'm a brother. I'm a son. I'm an Ambassador for Eden.

But I am a Beta, first.

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