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Curse of the Leprechaun

By Paul S. Stevens

Kieran O'Brennan, whose name means The Dark and Sorrowful One was a full blooded Irishman, proud but modest to a fault. He had just turned fifty-one last month and he was a fourth generation potato farmer who had inherited the old homestead from his parents who, eighteen years earlier had left him with a twenty acre farm, a small two bedroom home and a lifetime full of debts.

As he did nearly every day, he was standing in his field tending to the spring planting. As the last remaining mist of a spring shower was just beginning to clear, something caught his eye and he looked into the sky above him. He beheld one of God's most glorious sights. It was a rainbow sent from the heavens. The odd thing was, it seemed to be traveling. In fact, it seemed to be coming right at him. Not knowing what to think of the phenomenon, he froze in place and his heart pounded through his chest. He gulped a deep breath and prepared to be snatched from his earthly bonds. He was overwhelmed with the thought of reuniting with his wife and taking his rightful place at the right hand of the Lord.

"May I be in heaven an hour before the devil knows I'm dead," he muttered out loud as the rainbow dropped from the sky and surrounded the very spot at which he stood. He found himself mysteriously bathed in a spectacular spotlight, bursting with a million colors.

The old man stood in the light wondering if he were about to be delivered into heaven. He stepped out of the light and then back into it again. Once he realized he was not dead, he knew that it could only mean on thing. The end of the rainbow was right here in the middle of his field and he just happened to be standing at the right spot when it revealed itself to him. Could this be his lucky day? Is this the end of the rainbow that all Irishmen dream of finding?

He went over and retrieved a shovel from the bed of his pick-up truck and started digging at the very spot where the rainbow's glittering lights danced upon the surface. There it was, buried in a shallow pit about three feet down was a sterling silver pot. It measured about three feet in diameter and two feet in height. Inside the pot was a treasure-trove of gold coins in a variety of sizes shapes and denominations all sparkling in the twinkling glow of the rainbow.

As he unearthed the pot, he discovered that it held a collection of wealth accumulated and hidden over centuries. It was an accumulation of petty cash and legal tender that was carried in the pockets of the soldiers from countless wars and battles long since forgotten, pillaged from their forts and strongholds as well as from the dead bodies that lay lifeless on the battle field.

The Farmer nervously looked around for the leprechaun that no doubt claimed ownership of this abundantly tidy sum. He quickly convinced himself that this was his farm and therefore his legal property. Since he discovered it and there was no one else around to lay claim to it, he figured that it was his to do with as he pleased.

He managed to excavate the unusually heavy pot that had been slumbering in its hiding place all these years and loaded it into the back of his pick-up truck. Once he drove away from the site with the silver pot of gold in tow, the Rainbow withdrew into the heavens eventually disappearing from sight.

A few moments later, the Leprechaun to whom the hidden treasure belonged was struck by a psychic vision that his pot had been revealed and had come to the attention of a possible thief.

This particular Leprechaun was short and stout and adorned an unusually well tailored green suit and top hat. He sported a full red beard encircling half his face and a smoldering pipe that hung from his scowling lips. He had a single gold coin that was forged into a buckle that fastened each one of his jet black shoes. He held a staff in his small hands that steadied his rickety stance. A four leaf clover fastened to his lapel completed the accouterments of a full-blooded Leprechaun King. Rohan O'Regan was his name and it translates to mean The Little Red King in his native Gaelic.

In a flash, The Little Red King appeared at the scene and was enraged to find a hole where his property once existed. He took two steps closer to the edge of the hole at which he stood and gazed into it. To the untrained eye, it was nothing more than an empty void. To a Leprechaun, to whom had chosen a special spot to conceal his wealth, a single clue could always be found. He stared into the pit for a moment and then jumped into it, thereby disappearing completely from sight. Once inside, he scuffled his feet a bit and then sniffed and scrutinized the area in an attempt to ascertain some evidence that would lead him to the whereabouts of his recently snatched assets. Once he garnered all the information that was available to be gotten in that seemingly empty burrow, he now had enough information to begin his pursuit of the culprit at large.

Back at the farmhouse, the old man struggled to carry the dead weight of riches into his home. He quickly thought about where he could hide the loot on the off chance that someone might come to claim it. It was his now and a distasteful streak of greed began to overtake his otherwise level headed sensibilities. There was a loose board in the floor of his bedroom that he had known about for years that could serve as a temporary hiding spot until he could deal with the situation in a more suitable fashion.

His two sons were due to come home from school any minute and he struggled to finish hiding his new-found fortune before their arrival. He figured that if they didn't know about the pot, they couldn't be tricked into revealing anything to anybody and that's what he chose to do for now.

His two son's who had walked home from school together, entered the house.

"Did you see Jessica today?" Aidan asked his younger brother closing the front door. "She so wants me."

"Yeah, dream on," Owen said. "She's into Mason!"

"Well, she's gonna find out that I have a lot more to offer her than Mason does!" Aidan boasted.

"That may be true," Owen said, "but it's gonna take a miracle for Jessica to notice you! Besides, I'm more her type than you are. I bet I can get her attention!"

"What about your girlfriend Tanya?" Aidan asked.

"What about your girlfriend Sheena?" Owen quipped back.

"Okay, touché," Aidan conceded.

Aidan and Owen were two full-blooded Irish boys blessed by God with classic Irish good looks. They both had a magnetic personality with a dynamite smile. They both had trim and muscular bodies and a healthy appetite for the fair maidens.

Aidan O'Brennan was fifteen years old and stood five foot and nine with a mixture of red and blonde hair, stunning green eyes and a bulge in his pants that nary escaped a single girl's notice.

Owen O'Brennan was fourteen years old and stood five foot seven. He shared many of his older brother's attributes, including his attraction to those of the feminine variety. Unless they were standing side by side, it was difficult to tell the two brothers apart.

Kieran finished hiding the lifted loot and came out of his bedroom door just in time to greet his boys coming down the hallway.

"Good morrow my sons," he said.

"Oh, hey dad," Owen said.

"Is everything all right?" Aidan asked.

A quick chill ran down Kieran's back. He thought for a second that the boys knew what he was up to.

"Why do you ask?" he shot back.

"Well, at this time of day, you're usually out tending the fields," Aidan replied.

"Ah, yes, I just had a small errand to run," he said being careful not to lie to his sons. "What's on the agenda for you two tonight?"

"After chores, I'll be taking Sheena on a date tonight," Aidan said.

"We're going to do a double date at the movies, I'll be taking Tonya," Owen added.

"That's my boys," their father responded with a bit of pride in his voice. "We'll see you later then. Have fun!"

The boys went about there business and did their farmhouse chores. Luckily they didn't have any farm animals or livestock to deal with, only the potatoes, but that was enough to keep them busy. The O'Brennan family made a modest living from their farm. They were able to feed themselves, slowly pay off their bills and still have a wee bit of spending cash.

Once the sun set and it got dark, the two brothers fought for supremacy over shower and mirror rights in order to gussy up for their dates. Once they were ready to leave, they were both a-looking and a-smelling suave and debonair for their anticipated evening.

Kieran told his boys to `be respectful to their dates' and to `stay safe' as they raced out the door. He went over to his comfortable reading chair to unwind and relax after a long hard day in the fields. He had already forgotten about the unusual circumstances that had surrounded his day as he put his feet up to settle down for the night. A few moments later, he felt an odd sensation as the hairs on the back of his neck stood to attention. Then a startling voice broke the silence.

"And how ye be on this lovely spring night?" said Rohan O'Regan.

Kieran nearly sprained his neck whipping around to see one of the little people sitting on the arm of his couch across the room, his legs barely long enough to reach the seat cushion.

"Who you be now?" Kieran asked, questioning the intruder.

"I be Rohan O'Regan, the owner of that pot you stole," said The Little Red King. "And who you be Sir?"

"I be Kieran O'Brennan and I know not to what you refer, Sir," the Farmer stated.

"So, it's a game you want to be playing then!" the foul little man scowled.

"Why, whatever do you mean," the Farmer asked.

"Let me make me-self plain as a pikestaff," the Leprechaun said with venom in his voice. "You knew what you be doin' when you shoveled, yet shoveled you did. Buried the pot there, you did not. Accrue the contents, you did not. I respectfully ask you to return that which be mine."

"No!" the Farmer answered.

"I demand you to return that which be mine." The Leprechaun said raising his voice and sneering.

"No!" the Farmer answered with even more resolve. "You cannot compel me to do as you say, you haven't the power."

"True be that, but a curse be on your head for your foul stubbornness, I can!" the Leprechaun said threateningly.

"I be not afraid of you," the Farmer said. "Do your worst!"

"So be it," he cursed. "Your sons shall be the last of the O'Brennan bloodline. The name of O'Brennan will die with this generation. There will be no descendants to carry on your family name!"

"You don't have that kind of power," the Farmer said.

"I be the Leprechaun King of Ulster," Rohan O'Regan said as he slapped his staff against the back of the couch, growling as he rose to his feet.

"A Leprechaun King you say," the Farmer said calmly. "Even so, I doubt you can carry out such a threat. Be gone now and never come back you loathsome creature!"

The Little King shook his staff at the Farmer and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Later that evening, Aidan and Owen were enjoying the company of Sheena and Tonya. They had just gotten out of the movies and were making out in the O'Brennan family car, Aidan and Sheena in the front seat and Owen and Tonya in the back. Rohan O'Regan had zeroed in on old man O'Brennan's sons having a making out party with their girlfriends. He planted both feet firmly on the ground outside the back of the car and prepared to deliver his ominous threat.

"Two hearts of past lovers

No longer love you
Instead, turn their druthers
Away from you two."

"For those you once lusted

Your hearts will grow cold

You boys are now busted

This curse now be told."


"You'll no longer hunger

For maidens so fair

Instead turn your hunger

To brother's a-pair."


"Find girls un-appealing

Look elsewhere for fun

You'll find sex revealing

When it's Son to Son."


Once the Leprechaun's lecherous incantation was delivered, he pounded his staff to the ground and a menacing green light momentarily engulfed the interior of the car, infecting its occupants. Once he was satisfied that his hex took hold, he vanished into the night vowing he would return once old man O'Brennan's stubborn streak would start to feel the sting of remorse.

A few minutes later, the foggy windows of the O'Brennan's family car rapidly lost their steam and everyone suddenly wanted to go home.

Kieran was shocked when Aidan and Owen arrived home early. They usually stay out until the hour of their curfew which wasn't for hours yet.

"What happen?" their father asked them. "Why are you home so early?"

"Our dates kind of fizzled out," Aidan said.

"Both of you?" their father asked.

"I'm afraid so," Owen answered.

"We're going to just go to bed early, okay pop?" Aidan said.

"Aright my sons, good night then."

"Good night father," Owen said.

"Night pop," Aidan followed.

Aidan and Owen went into their bedroom and closed the door. They both stripped down to their briefs and sat on their individual beds across from each other. They each turned out their table lamps that sat upon their adjoining nightstands and sat in the dark for a few minutes. They didn't get into bed right away. Instead, they continued to sit on their separate beds, conversing back and forth about the events of the evening.

"What happened to us tonight?" Owen said asking the first question.

"I don't know," Aidan said. "I was kissing Sheena and all of a sudden, it was like I was kissing... well... You!"

"Yeah, Tonya too," Owen said. "It felt like she lost all of her sex appeal all at once."

"After that it just felt like I was going through the motions." Aidan confessed.

"Maybe it's time for both of us to move on and start dating other girls." Owen suggested.

"Yeah, I think your right," Aidan said. "Now that you've said that, I'm starting to get turned on again."

"Yeah, me too," Owen said.

Aidan started rubbing his cock through his briefs as he sat there in the dark across from his brother. As he rubbed himself, an odd and troubling thing started to happen. As he thought about some of the other girls at school he might fancy courting, some of Aidan's male friends started popping into his head.

Even though it was dark in their room, Owen could tell that his brother was rubbing himself. The two brothers had shared this same bedroom together since they were babies. They learned how to get along and always allowed their sibling to have their privacy in times of need without it bothering the other in the least. For some reason though, watching Aidan massage his cock was effecting Owen this time and it started turning him on. At first, Owen tried to ignore it but the longer Aidan rubbed, the hornier Owen got. Before he even realized it, Owen started rubbing his own cock through his briefs.

"Owen, are you stroking your dick through your pants?" Aidan rudely asked.

"Ah, yeah I guess I am," Owen answered.

"Aren't you gonna save it for Tanya?" Aidan snidely questioned.

"No, I think it might be over between Tanya and me," Owen replied. "How about you, aren't you gonna save it for Sheena?"

"Ah, touché again little brother," he said. "I think I'm done with Sheena. I don't think I'm gonna save it for any girl anymore. From now on, when I feel like jacking it, I'm gonna just go for it!"

"I'm with you big brother," Owen said. "If I'm always saving it for the girls, I might be saving it for a long time, and for what?"

Both boys stood up and pulled their briefs off, then sat back down. They never stroked themselves in front of each other before, not even in the dark. In fact, if one of them were doing it, the other would roll over and turn to the wall, allowing the other their dignity. Nevertheless, both of them were compelled to watch each other this time and they became more aroused the longer they did.

"As long as we're both doing it, we might as well sit together," Owen said and before Aidan could object, he moved to the other bed to sit next to his brother.

Once Owen made his move, Aidan did not object, in fact they were enjoying each other's company so much that Aidan scooted over to be even closer to his brother.

"This might sound weird but I'm glad you came over here," Aidan whispered.

"This might sound even weirder," Owen hesitated. "Can I touch it?"

A long and uncomfortable pause followed and then Aidan took his brother's free hand and guided it to his own swollen cock. Then he put his hand over the top of Owen's and moved it up and down in an attempt to show Owen that he wanted his brother to do much more than just touch it. Owen stroked his brother's pulsating cock, slowly at first. Then he tightened his grip and increased his speed as if he'd been stroking his brother's cock all his life. Aidan started moaning from the unexpected proficiency of his brother's technique. Without thinking, Aidan reached over to Owen and took control of his brother's stroking.

The boys were unwittingly sinking deep into the leprechaun's spell. They had already lost interest in the opposite sex, disregarded their girlfriends and unexpectedly crossed several lines that they once considered taboo. Even so, their confused minds hadn't yet begun to realize what was happening to them. As far as they knew, everything was progressing in an innocent `one thing led to another' kind of fashion and this was only the beginning. For as far as they had fallen already, it was nothing compared to the bottomless pit they had been mercilessly cast into. They were about to discover sex so intoxicating that their very sanity would be tested.

A growing sexual hunger started to overtake the boys and they were no longer satisfied with the simple mutual masturbation they had been sharing. As if by divine providence, they both leaned over and assumed a sixty-nine position, drawing each other's cocks into their mouths. They slurped and sucked one another as if they were sharing a triple thick banana milkshake. Their hands began to roam each other's body, eventually stumbling upon the male jackpot. They each rubbed, stroked and tapped at the surface of each other's proverbial back door of bliss before plunging a finger past the barricade. They both moaned in pleasure as they continued their feverish suck-fest. Aidan withdrew from sucking his brother and moaned deeply.

"Oh, that feels so good," Aidan sighed. "I want to feel you inside me now!"

Aidan could hardly believe the words that had just slipped passed his tongue. He was pleading for his brother to perform a genuinely gay sexual act that, only a few hours earlier, would have been unthinkable. He would have been apologizing to Owen for making such an outrageous request had he not been burning to have his little brother's six inch man-drill fill his aching hole. He winced slightly as he prepared to hear his brother decline his offer with bitter accusation.

"Lie down and lift your knees to your chest," Owen instructed.

Aidan was surprised with Owen's willingness and overjoyed with the prospect of his compliance. Aidan did as Owen instructed and prepared for his little brother to satisfy his insatiable appetite for cock. He didn't know where this compulsion for gay hardcore man sex was coming from and he didn't care anymore, just as long as these uncontrollable urges that were driving him wild got satiated.

Without any regard for condoms or other protection, Owen got into position, lined up his stiff shaft with his brother's puckered rosebud and entered Aidan's private domain, raw and unsheathed. Aidan was temporarily shocked and let out an unexpected cry of discomfort from being unprepared for Owen's sizable intrusion. The pain quickly passed for Aidan and the two of them were soon riding the crest of multiple waves of pleasure. Owen took a firm grip of Aidan's cock and stroked him shamelessly as he plowed the fields of his brother's man-hole. They both knew that what they were doing was wrong and stretched far beyond their normal sensibilities but there was a driving force behind their actions and they were helpless to resist it. The deeper Owen drove his cock into his brother the more frantic they both became.

"Oh fuck me harder Owen, come on little brother, give me all you've got," Aidan pleaded.

Owen doubled his speed and pounded Aidan's ass with his engorged cock. He was filling his older brother's ass with his stone column that had enlarged and expanded from his ultra-aroused state, growing and swelling to the point where his cock nearly mirrored his older brother's seven inch, extra thick staff. Owen's growing member was now brushing Aidan's prostate more decisively, putting an end to his older brother's anal virginity and introducing him to his previously undiscovered source of hidden pleasure. Owen began to loose control of himself as he tore into his brother's hungry manhole. Their bodies were audibly slapping as their athletically muscular bodies collided with each thrust. Both brothers had now worked up a sweat and were dripping wet with desire, their sweaty man scent fueling their feverish lust for one another.

"Oh my God Owen," Aidan said. "You are so fucking hot! You are the greatest brother a guy could ever want.

"Of course I am," Owen retorted. "And so are you. Your ass is so tight, it's better than any pussy I've ever had.

"Of course it is," Aidan shot back. "I don't know why we've never done this before."

"I guess we never thought to try," Owen said. "We've spent all our time chasing girls when we had the best of both worlds right here in this very room."

Aidan and Owen were still heavily connecting with one another during their conversation and that was only adding to their growing bond between them. The closer the brothers grew, the faster they felt a far away orgasm approach.

"Slow down now Owen, I don't want to cum yet," Aidan implored his brother. "You've got to try this. It is so awesome.

Without any argument or complaint, Owen switched places with his brother. He got on his back and lifted his knees to his chest, trustingly offering his vulnerable backside to his partner. The sight of Owen's exposed genitalia made Aidan's cock swell to extra firmness.

Aidan remembered the initial pain of having a cock thrust into him for the first time and decided to spare his little brother the unpleasantness. Even so, Aidan wanted to plunge his cock into Owen's virgin ass so much that his balls started aching. He wet his finger and prepared to deflower Owen's ass by stretching his hole, one finger at a time. He almost lost him mind waiting the few short minutes it took to open Owen's ass enough to accept his power tool. Once he believed he had stretched Owen sufficiently, he centered himself, aimed his cock at Owen's hole and pushed in slowly until it effortlessly popped in. Owen gulped in a breath of air and then let out a long groan as Aidan slowly pushed his cock into his partner until he felt Owen's balls rest on the fluffy soft hairs of his young pubic bush.

It wasn't long before Aidan was feeling the heavenly grip of Owen's hot ass as it firmly squeezed his cock with each stroke. Like Owen had done for him, Aidan took his brother's cock into his hand and jacked him as he quickened his strokes and plowed his ass. Both boys were breathing hard again as Aidan pounded Owen with his unbridled passion. He was consumed with the idea of returning the climax evoking sensations his brother had conjured up within him. Aidan became blinded by his un-natural lust for his brother and reached down to kiss him.

Once again, Owen surprised his brother, for not only did he not object, he used his tongue to separate Aidan's lips and entered his oral chamber to explore even more untold riches within. Aidan and Owen's lust for one another started to turn to love as they fell head over heels for each other. The two of them had now crossed so many boundaries that there was no more going back. They were so lost in their animalistic desires that they forgot where they were and they both started getting louder as their seminal juices began to boil over.

"Oh, this is so hot," Aidan said between breathes. "I'm going to cast my load into you now my dear brother!"

"Go ahead, shoot it in me," Owen cried. "I want to feel your hot cream explode inside me!"

Aidan let go of his brother's cock and focused on emptying his balls into him. Owen resumed stroking himself at a pace so fast, it was nothing short of a blur. Both boys gazed into each other's faces, their eyes glazed over from their pheromone induced stupor.

"Here it comes," Aidan announced. He threw his head back, arched his body and curled his toes. He held his breath, closed his eyes and witnessed stars dance across his eyelids. He got light headed and thought he might pass out from the unexpected sensations. He was enjoying the most intense orgasm he'd ever encountered, an encounter that far outweighed anything he'd ever experienced before. Then his extraordinary climax crested and he exhaled, causing his cock to explode, spewing forth his first forceful eruption. "Oh saints preserve us, here comes another!"

"Oh My God, I can feel you squirting inside me!" Owen exclaimed. "That feels so wicked!"

The sensation of Aidan's hot creamy load coating the interior of Owen's bowels sent him right over the edge. Owen's own volcano erupted next. Aidan continued to breed Owen's tightening ass as his sphincter muscles squeezed Aidan's cock with each ejaculation. Owen spewed his molten man lava high into the air, bombarding his brother's chest as he hovered above him.

"I'm cuming too," Owen acknowledged. "I'm cuming sooo..." Owen's face turned red from a lack of oxygen. "Hard!" he gasped as he tried to finish his sentence. His muscles tensed up and his body shuddered.

Both boys were now energetically vocalizing their intense orgasmic pleasure and their bodies were slamming into each other so hard that it was causing the bed to bump the wall. They both had fallen so deeply into a trance that their lovemaking activity unwittingly started to draw some unwanted attention to themselves. Owen continued to devastate Aidan and himself as he pumped out several more blasts of his super-fertile sperm-rich reproductive nectar. At the same time, Aidan finished emptying the last of his abundant load into his brother's stretched receptacle until his balls surrendered every last drop they had to offer. They were both out of breath from their extreme physical exertion and Aidan collapsed on top of Owen.

They kissed each other again as the two of them floated down from their post orgasmic bliss. Suddenly their bedroom door flew opened and their father stepped into the doorway.

"What in the name of Saint Patrick is going on in here?" he huffed.

He flipped on the main switch by the doorway and the multi-bulb ceiling light illuminated the room. He was horrified when his eyes beheld both of his sons in the same bed, naked and exposed, bathed in sweat, laying on top of each other in a perverted missionary position.

"Lord God in heaven!" he exclaimed.

Everybody froze as the surreal sight yielded a torturously long silence.

"Dear Lord, what have I done?" Kieran howled. "My sweet boys, what have I done to you?" Aidan and Owen looked at each other, not understanding how their father could think this was his fault.

As the repercussions of Kieran's encounter with Rohan O'Regan sunk in, his legs weakened and they gave out from underneath him causing him to collapse at the doorway. His sons jumped off the bed and raced their naked bodies to their father's aid. Kieran began to openly weep and hold his sons close to him as he came to the realization that this was the unexpected result of his selfish greediness and shameless disrespect to the Leprechaun King. Both Aidan and Owen began crying as well. They both went into shock from the guilt and remorse they suddenly felt now that their frenzied interlude had concluded. The three of them hugged and held each other tightly as they cried into each other's shoulders, not realizing the extent of the untold damages that their individual actions would ultimately have to suffer.

Moments later, Rohan O'Regan had another premonition. He saw the events of the past few hours unfold in his mind's eye. He derived great joy from knowing that everything was proceeding according to his vile plan. He danced into the night knowing his gold would soon be back in his hands.

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