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Curse of the Leprechaun

By Paul S. Stevens

Chapter #2

"Curse you Rohan O'Regan!" Kieran muttered as his hatred for the Leprechaun King began to consume him. "May you suffer a thousand deaths for your wickedness and cruelty!"

"Who is Rohan O'Regan?" Aidan asked.

"What did he do?" Owen wondered. "Why are you cursing him?"

"It's time I gave you boys an explanation, I owe you that much!" Their father said as he hugged them both one more time. "Follow me!"

Kieran led the boys down the hall to the master bedroom. He knelt down near the center of the room as his naked sons stood over him and watched. He reached down and pried open the loose floorboards where he had temporarily hidden the pot of ill gotten riches and openly displayed it for his sons to see.

Aidan and Owen's eyes bugged out as they fixated on the spectacle their Father had flaunted in front of them. They were very nearly hypnotized as they beheld the glittering pot of assorted gold coins, diamonds and jewels that glistened and sparkled in their presence.

"We're rich!" Owen exclaimed.

"Where did this come from?" Aidan asked. "How long have you been hiding this here?"

"I found it just this morning in the south field after the rain had ceased to fall," their Father revealed. "A rainbow that seemed to come from the heavens revealed it to me. Shortly after I discovered it and brought it home, Rohan O'Regan, the Leprechaun King of Ulster claimed it as his own. I admit, I was blinded by greed and refused to return the Leprechaun's gold to him. Lord forgive me, for I truly believed that there was nothing he could do to compel me to give it up. I had convinced myself that the pot belonged to us since it was on our property and I had taken possession of it. I didn't see it coming but in a fit rage, the evil creature put a hex on the two of you as a means to get to me. I never imagined he would be so devious as to corrupt my innocent boys as a means of persuasion. I see now that I must return the gold to make amends and hope I can get the old codger to find it in his heart to forgive an old fool and be kind enough to reverse the curse."

"I think we should keep the fortune Dad!" Owen said.

"No Son, I can't allow this fowl deed to continue to destroy our family" Kieran vowed.

"I agree with Owen," Aidan said. "We should keep the cash! There's no guarantee that if you return the gold, he'll let us off the hook!"

"By all that is good in the world, how else can the curse be lifted?" their Father asked.

"Really Dad, don't worry about it. It's not all that bad," Owen professed.

"Actually, it's really quite cool," Aidan said. "I like it!"

"We both like it!" Owen added.

"Saints preserve us!" Kieran said dropping his head into his hands. "It's worse than I thought. It may already be too late!"

"Really Dad, it's not as bad as you think," Aidan said feeling a surge of emotion wash over him.

Aidan and Owen looked at each other for a moment as an unspoken thought psychically passed between the two of them. They pulled their Father away from the gold he had been kneeling in front of and brought him to his feet. As if compelled by an unseen force, Aidan and Owen joined together and lifted their Father's shirt up and over his head.

"By the kiss of the Blarney Stone, what are you boys doing?" Kieran asked.

"Try it with us Dad," Aidan suggested. "You'll see, it's really a lot of fun!"

"Yeah, it'll be great if you join us, won't it Aidan?" Owen said grinning.

The idea of having their Father join them added more fuel to the smoldering fire that continued to burn inside the boys. The short fifteen minute refractory period that most young men experience after sex had now passed and they were ready to return to the fiery passion that had them in a sexual frenzy just a few minutes earlier. They were ready for fresh blood and Dad would fill the bill perfectly. The relentless power of the Leprechaun's curse was starting to exert its influence on the boys once again, compelling them to continue their un-natural behavior. It was beginning to appear that the Leprechaun's wicked black-magic was too powerful to be circumvented. The boy's sudden sense of greed to keep the Leprechaun's gold overtook their sensibilities making their lust for man-sex seem welcome and acceptable. So far, Aidan and Owen's first gay sexual experience together was filled with awe and wonder and they both started to believe that gaining all these riches was well worth the price to pay. They could not begin to imagine the plunge into the abyss of hell they were about to enter.

The boys hugged their Father for a moment and then guided him to his large king size bed where they laid him down.

"What are you doing now?" Kieran quizzically asked his sons.

"We're going to show you why we should keep the old geezer's money," Aidan explained.

"You'll see that this is the best thing that's ever happened to us!" Owen stated.

The two of them joined together to strip their Father naked. As they un-buttoned and un-zipped their Father's pants and started pulling them off his body, he began to object!

"Aidan! Owen! Stop!" their Father pleaded. "This isn't real! Remember, you're both under a spell! Fight it! You can beat it! Come on now, Fight!"

Kieran was beginning to see that the Leprechaun's curse was not only making his sons change their sexual identity but the boys themselves were changing into something else as well. They both had lived a very happy and modest life on the farm throughout the years. Seeing the pair red faced with greed was something he had never witnessed in his sons before. Furthermore, his boys have always been mild mannered and gentle to themselves and to others despite their strength and muscular bodies that working on a farm provided. The aggressive posture and sexual domination his boys were commanding over each other as he walked in on their lovemaking was nothing short of demonic.

"Aidan, Owen, you've got to fight this now!" Kieran instructed. "This isn't you. Think about it a minute. Think back to your girlfriends and how much they meant to the both of you."

"We're done with all that!" Aidan insisted. "You put in all the work of courting a girl, taking them shopping, feeding them and all that stuff and they just end up making you spend all your hard earned money and for what? After all that effort and expense, they don't even put out! It just isn't worth it man!"

"Yeah, besides, their not nearly as much fun to fuck as a hot sexy guy is anyway," Owen added.

Kieran laid there on his bed in shock. He couldn't believe his sons were talking this way. If any of their friends ever talked that way, they would have certainly felt it was their duty to knock some sense into them. It sounded as if Aidan and Owen had both decided to swear off girls for life in favor of perusing the lifestyle he had just caught them mortally locked into.

"You don't mean that!" Kieran barked.

"Oh yes we do!" Aidan countered. "And we're going to show you just how much better it is, right Owen?"

"Yeah, you're going to love it Dad!" Owen said licking his lips.

None of them could have ever predicted what happened next. The Leprechaun's curse had more twists and turns than a Whirling Dervish. The Leprechaun's sexually deviating curse turned out to be contagious. Any male within close proximity to Aidan or Owen would temporarily succumb to the effects of the curse. The longer someone stayed close to them, the stronger the curse's dominating effect would grip them. Both boys, who had been impregnated with the curse, had unknowingly doubled its potency by having sex with each other during its proliferating stages, in essence, supercharging the dominating effect. Now, as the brothers worked together, the curse would begin to consume its next victim. Their shared influence would now take its toll on their Father as he lay helpless against the combined double whammy of his son's prevailing endemic.

Aidan began his Father's seduction down the dark path by licking and sucking on Kieran's nipple on one side of his body while Owen mirrored his brother's actions on the opposite side. Kieran found himself struggling less and less as he began to succumb to the overpowering grip of Rohan O'Regan's sordid sorcery.

"Listen to me... Owen... Aidan... think about what you're doing," their Father pleaded. "You must stop! Please...!"

Their Father had always practiced modesty all his life and had instilled that same trait on to his entire family. Once the boys were out of diapers, no one ever saw anyone else naked in the family. What the boys were now doing to him was totally unthinkable and even though he tried his best to fight it, he found it progressively becoming more and more difficult. Once all three of them had fallen victim to the curse, they became hopelessly trapped in its clutches. Kieran's struggle to resist came crawling to a sniveling end as Aidan and Owen proceeded together down their Father's body, kissing and licking their way past his navel and on to the very organ that gave the both of them life. When the brothers arrived at their Father's waist, they savored their long awaited ritual by removing the last piece of clothing that concealed the real wealth beneath. They both held their breath in anticipation of seeing their Father's cock and balls for the very fist time in their lives. As they removed Kieran's khaki colored boxers, they became understandably eager and sexually boned to the hilt to see their Dad's naked body in all its glory.

Both boys experienced a sense of joy as Kieran's cock began to rise and grow once it had been revealed. Once the fascination of Kieran's initial exposure had worn off, Aidan and Owen proceeded to fight over their Dad's cock like it belonged to the last man on earth. They finally did come to terms as they shared the wealth between them, both licking up and down their Father's engorged staff like a jumbo candy cane. Kieran uttered his first moans of pleasure, demonstrating his inevitable journey toward the path of total acceptance. An erotic surge of pleasure filled the boys, knowing that they were stimulating the very cock that delivered the seeds that birthed them. Then they moved down to give some attention to their Dad's balls. With all the tenderness and respect they held for their Father's balls, they ever so gently fondled and massaged them. They each got a thrill when they realized that just under the skin of their Fathers balls contained countless millions of potential brothers and sisters that, by Devine circumstance, shall never be born.

Without uttering a single word between any of them, Aidan laid himself down on his back and raised his legs into the air, beckoning his Father to take him. Even though Aidan was offering himself freely, Kieran remained reluctant to accept, still trying to hold on to the last bit of decency that had all but vanished from his command.

Owen stepped in, witnessing his Father's hesitation and easily guided him over to his brother. Almost as if he were drugged, Kieran offered little opposition and like a puppet, he was easily manipulated. Once Owen got his Father's body into position, he took his Dad's cock with one hand and lined it up to his brother's anal rosebud. With his other hand, he pushed his Father's body forward, causing his cock to effortlessly pop past Aidan's protected barrier causing Kieran to experience his very first anal penetration. As Kieran's cock entered his son's manhole, the last obstacle to stand in the way of the curse's ultimate transformation was complete. Now that the last moral barriers had been utterly swept aside, Kieran released another round of sensual moans as he took great delight in driving his cock all the way into Aidan backdoor. At this point, nature took over and he started really getting into the perverted activity he was desperately trying to circumvent moments ago.

"Oh Dad, I've been such a bad son, punish me!" Aidan pleaded.

The words `Punish Me' acted like a post hypnotic suggestion in Kieran's mind and he started slapping Aidan's ass as he fucked him. A rush of adrenaline surged through him as he doubled his speed and reddened Aidan's ass in the process.

Now that Kieran had been pulled into the curse along with his sons, he became consumed with sexual desire. Every word his sons uttered became fuel that would fan the flames of his sexual fury. The man who had always been a pillar of strength and purity for Aidan and Owen had now been reduced to a slave with a single minded purpose.

"Oh yeah fuck me Daddy, It feels so good!" Aidan said.

Kieran's heart started to race when Aidan called him `Daddy'. He hadn't been called that since Aidan was a young lad and it caused him to imagine that Aidan was twelve years old again and was just entering puberty. He truly loved his sons the most when they were at that age. Imagining Aidan at twelve caused Kieran's balls to spasm that caused a bolt of electricity to shoot through his entire body.

"Do you like my Dick son?" Kieran asked. "Do you like it when I fuck you with it?"

"Yeah, I do. Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me harder!" Aidan begged.

Owen, who had been watching his Dad and brother get deeper and deeper into their activity, wanted to get in on the festivities too. He straddled atop his brother and got into a sixty-nine position with him. Aidan reached up and guided Owen's cock into his mouth and Owen drew Aidan's cock into his. Now everyone was happy. Aidan and Owen were sucking each other's Dick's and Kieran was experiencing his own kind of bliss that he never dreamed possible. Owen was getting an extra special bonus. He got to watch Kieran's cock rhythmically plunge deep into Aidan's ass as his Dad fucked his brother just inches from his face all while sucking his brother intently. The more he watched, the more he desired to be next.

Aidan's cock started pulsing and thumping in Owen's mouth and he began to taste the awesome flavor of Aidan's man sauce drizzle into his mouth signaling Aidan's forthcoming blasts. Owen got an unexpected burst of pleasure when Aidan started getting close to his orgasm. He started to moan loud enough to send waves of vibrating tingles down Owen's cock and into his balls. Just then, Aidan momentarily stopped and held his breath. He arched his back and sent multiple waves of searing hot sibling seeds into Owen's mouth, temporarily satisfying Aidan's burning desires.

"Okay Dad, it's my turn now!" Owen said. Like a well rehearsed scene, everybody shifted positions to accommodate Owens request.

Owen's heart started racing as he realized down deep in some lost subconscious level of his mind that he was about to be entered and strenuously fuck by his Father. A brief battle was fought between the glimmer of Owen's struggling subconscious and the intangible power exerted by the unseen forces of magic that had suffocated and paralyzed everyone's sensibilities.

Once everyone was in place, Kieran lined himself up to Owen's puckered rosebud and entered his son's tender opening. Owen let out a squeal of pain as his rectal orifice objected to the intrusion. No one else seemed to care that Owen was in distress as the forces of the Leprechaun's curse suppressed and blinded their senses, preventing them from reacting. In Owen's lust to be next, he hadn't taken into consideration the size differential. He had no problem taking Aidan's cock earlier since Aidan still had several years of growing still to do. Aidan didn't seem to have any trouble taking Dad's Dick either, but then again, Aidan was older and his body more mature. He tried to relax and enjoy the ride but something unforeseen happened. In Kieran's impaired condition, he delivered a surprise he would not be responsible for.

"If you think that was rough, try this on for size!" Kieran commanded.

And `Size' was exactly what he meant. He grabbed Owen's hips and pulled his body towards him, slamming the sum total of his significantly larger adult sized cock deep into Owen's anal cavity knocking the wind out of his son in one swift thrust. Owen turned red as he struggled to catch his breath amid the searing pain of his Father's unexpected incursion. His head started spinning and he almost passed out from the lack of oxygen. He heaved in a deep breath and then lost his composure as he burst into tears.

Something about his extreme emotional state had forcibly snapped him out of his hypnotic trance. The curse had lost its grip and transformed Owen back into the sweet loving innocent boy he had once been. Now that Owen had regained his awareness and had completely come to his senses, he almost passed out again when he discovered the position he found himself in. He was in his Father's bedroom and he discovered himself on the bed laying helplessly upon his back. He, his brother Aidan and his Father were all naked. His Father had his entire manhood stuffed deep into his most private and well guarded refuge and his brother had his hand tightly wrapped around his cock.

"Stop you guys!" Owen sobbed.

As Owen saw the vacant empty stares on their faces he realized that they were still under the influence of the same demon that had a hold over him just moments ago.

"Please Daddy Stop! You're hurting me!" Owen heaved. "Daddy Please, Help Me!"

This time, the word `Daddy' accompanied by Owen's cries of urgency had a completely different effect on Kieran and Aidan alike. As fate would have it, they had accidentally stumbled upon the curse's `Achilles Heal' and started to awaken from the blackness of its cloak. Genuine tears were the one thing that would circumvent the curse's effect for it was never designed to be used to corrupt children. Anyone under its influence who harmed a child would be jolted out of its control immediately.

"Daddy Please!" Owen protested one last time, whimpering like a baby.

A look of surprise, and then horror flashed across Kieran and Aidan's faces as they emerged from their catatonic state. They became appalled as they slowly awakened to their predicament.

"By the Spirit of Saint Mary, forgive me my sons!" Kieran recited as he pulled his engorged cock out of Owen's ass. "My sweet boys, what have I done to you? No, don't tell me, I don't want to know!"

"Dad, you were right," Aidan confessed. "This curse is foul and evil. Look at what it made us do."

"Yeah," Owen confirmed. "And I know for sure that I don't ever want a Dick up my ass ever again!"

Kieran gave him a stern look as Owen realized his objectionable phraseology and added, "Oh, sorry Dad!"

The three of them chuckled and Kieran gave his boys an apologetic hug. The three of them relaxed contentedly together as they spent a few minutes recovering from their ordeal, still naked but oddly comfortable with it.

Now that all three of the O'Brennans' had beaten the curse, Rohan O'Regan had a premonition that he had lost his hold over the boys and flew into a rage. Somewhere hidden away from prying mortal eyes lay the Little King's lair. He was seething with fury as his eyes turned blood red with fire. He was impressed yet infuriated that the O'Brennan's power over his magic was so great. He believed that Kieran O'Brennan was a sly and devious fellow, indeed clever and intelligent. He felt he may have finally met his match in this old man by the wicked way he overcame his hex so easily and quickly. Kieran was a worthy adversary to be sure and the Little King would not be underestimating him again. Rohan O'Regan pulled out his book of curses hexes and spells and started to search the iniquitous pages within. He would need something stronger and more binding if his gold were to ever be returned to his possession again.

Back in Kieran's bedroom, they began to discuss their strategy for negotiating a arrangement for their absolute emancipation.

"Boys, here's my idea," Kieran proposed. "First thing in the morning, I'll take the pot of gold back out to the south field and see if we can strike a bargain for our exoneration," Kieran proposed. "Are you boys agreeable with that?"

Owen jumped off the bed and knelt in front of the pot and picked up one single piece and held it up to examine it. "Yeah, that would probably be best," he said and then tossed the piece back into the pot. Then he went back over to the bed and re-joined his family.

"I hate to see it go," Aidan groaned. "I was just getting used to being rich for a change!"

"That's okay," Owen said. "This is our real family jewels right here!"

Owen reached over and grabbed a handful of Aidan's balls.

"What are you doing Owen?" Aidan asked.

He paused for a moment and then got a gleam in his eyes.

"I think not! Aidan countered. "I think you meant to say that these are the family jewels right here!"

He reached over and grabbed a handful of Owen's balls and gave then a firm squeeze.

"What are you boys doing now?" Kieran wondered.

"Wait, we're both wrong," Aidan grinned. "These are the real family Jewels!"

Aidan and Owen looked at each other and than both reached for their Dad's balls at the same time taking their Father completely by surprise.

As impossible as it seemed, their innocent trusting natures prevented them from seeing the signs that the curse was starting to re-exert itself once again. Little did any of them know that removing even a single piece of treasure from the pot would enabled the curse that was associated with it to re-establish its connection causing a re-boot of sorts that took the three of them by surprise.

"Talking about wealth, the two of you have always been my most prized possession," Kieran explained as he took his two son's firm cocks, one in each hand and started showing them just how much in high esteem he held the both of them.

"Dad, I never knew you felt that way about us before," Aidan grinned as he looked at his Father's aging but still attractively sexy body.

"I don't know why you waited so long to show us. We feel the same way don't we Aidan?" Owen asked.

Aidan and Owen reached over and returned the favor, joining their hands together to stroke their Fathers stiffening ego which had enlarged enough to require two hands. At this point, everyone had a cock or two in their hands as Kieran laid in the center of the bed with his sons at each side.

Without warning, the three of them began their decent down the path of the Leprechaun's insidious mind controlling voodoo, essentially sucking them back into the Little King's diabolical plan to hijack their mental and emotional faculties. They were caught off guard as an overpowering lust for each other made them act in a most profane taboo fashion.

Kieran, Aidan and Owen were all beginning to enjoy the sweet tingling feelings they were giving each other and soon they were all moaning and breathing hard and heavy. They were content to offer their devotion to one another as they stroked and stimulated each other's cocks in a family style version of this mutually assisted circle-jerk. Warm loving feelings passed between them as they channeled waves of pleasure that transcended the cross-generational gap in a way that only Fathers and sons can. As each of them started to feel their orgasms come to a boil, the thought of keeping the gold for themselves returned as they began to imagine how they might spend the rest of their lives enjoying this pleasant sexual arrangement, not ever needing anyone else to be happy.

"This feels so good, I could do it all day," Kieran confessed. "I'm about to cum! It's going to be a big one too. It's been so long for me. I can feel it, Oh sweet Jesus, I could feel it!"

Aidan And Owen watched with fervent lust in their eyes as they were about to witness their Father shoot it. They worked together in unison to coax the life giving sperms right out of their Father's balls. Kieran began heaving with delight as he felt the elixir of life climb up his balls and fill his reproductive organs. He was about to shoot his pent-up load any moment and instinctively reached for his own cock to finish himself off. Aidan and Owen refused to give up their hold on their Father's Dick. They wanted to be in control of Dad's climax and held steadfast to their position. The boys felt a great sense of empowerment as they manipulated their Father's orgasm, having control over his body where as he himself had none. Once Kieran relinquished control over to his sons, his powerful orgasm doubled in intensity as they mercilessly pounded him.

"Okay boys, you might want to stand clear because... it's... going... to... be... a...!"

Kieran's cock exploded with thick ropes of pure white semen before he could finish his sentence. The first three shots forcibly exited Kieran's cock, jumping straight into the air in a wild spectacle of wonder.

"Fuck Yeah Dad, shoot it!" Aidan shouted.

"That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen Dad!" Owen complemented.

"Look Owen," Aidan said. "He's not finished yet, keep stroking!"

The boys continued to summon even more cum from their Daddy's Dick until it started to go limp in their hands.

"Okay guys, it's your turn now!" Kieran announced as he bore down full throttle on his son's cocks yearning to watch his young boys demonstrate their maturing sexuality. Kieran's head turned from Aidan to Owen and back again wondering which one of his sons was going to fire the first rounds as he brought them both to the very brink of ecstasy with his proficient stereo stroking.

"Oh, I can feel it coming," Aidan warned. "No chick ever made me feel this good man! I love your strong muscular hand Daddy, you're so hot!"

"Oh Daddy, I love you so much. You're going to make me cum any second now!" Owen professed.

Both Aidan and Owen were right at the edge, curling their toes and thrusting their hips. Owen appeared to be the first of the two boys to take flight since he didn't get his sexual release earlier when things came to a screeching halt. Just as Kieran had done, Owen instinctively reached for his own cock to finish himself off and just as Owen himself had done, his Dad prevented him from interceding and figuratively brought Owen to his knees. Owen propelled his payload off the launching pad as his booster rockets ignited, blasting his long awaited load into the stratosphere.

"Oh God, there it goes!" Owen screeched. "We have Lift-Off!"

He arched his back, held his breath and watched himself bust the biggest nut he ever had.

"My boy is becoming a man all right," his Dad encouraged. "Just look at all that man seed!"

"That's nothing," Aidan interrupted. "Watch this!"

Aidan knew after watching his little brother cum that Dad wasn't going to give up his grasp on his Dick so he propped himself up on his elbows and prepared to watch his own fireworks display commence. Aidan couldn't believe how great his Dad was at this, knowing just how fast to stroke and how hard to squeeze seeing he'd never done it before. As he thought about it, he realized that the same could be said about Owen and himself. As he allowed himself to be controlled by his Father's hand, his approaching orgasm gripped him, making him loose all his inhibitions.

"Fire One... Fire Two... Fire Three!" he called out as his cock spewed white hot liquid lava into the air producing a spectacular exhibition of maturing manhood.

"That's my boy!" Kieran exclaimed. "Impressive!"

Kieran continued to stroke Aidan until he had milked him of every last drop his balls could produce and then the three of them lay silently together to recover from yet another curse driven encounter set into motion at he hands of the cruel and insensitive little Irish Hobgoblin.

Rohan O'Regan, who had become aware of the series of events that had recaptured his victims, was overjoyed at his good fortune. He couldn't believe how the innocence and na´vetÚ of how a curse works had played right into his hands, repossessing the O'Brennans without having to lift a finger. Before he could celibate his unexpected victory, he got a wicked premonition. He saw that Kieran's accidental inclusion into the curse caused him to rethink his willingness to return the gold.

Sometimes these things just backfire and the O'Brennans were now conflicted as to whether or not they should return the gold to the Leprechaun King. They were beginning to get comfortable with the sexual arrangements they had stumbled into which was clouding their judgment and preventing them from seeing the questionable behavior they were engaging in.

Rohan O'Regan's original plan was to shock Kieran into returning the gold in exchange for reinstating both of his son's purity. That was working quite well until Aidan and Owen unwittingly drew their Father into the spell along with them, thereby seducing all three of them into a world of greed and lust, greed for the gold and lust for each other.

Rohan O'Regan resigned himself to the fact that he was going to have to personally pay the threesome a visit since the spell he was so proud of began to ricochet out of control. This was a perilous proposition he was contemplating that would put him in grave danger.

First, whenever a leprechaun has to deal with a mortal, he's putting himself at risk. The risk is fairly small when dealing with a single mortal, one on one as Rohan O'Regan had done with Kieran originally. This time however, he would be going up against three. If any of them were to capture him, he would have to grant them three wishes like a master commanding a Genie. Even though the three wishes that a captured leprechaun is compelled to grant is mostly myth, a clever mortal could find truth in the fairy tale and come away with more than any leprechaun ever bargained for.

Second, even if he removed the curse before paying them a visit, physically being in close proximity with the three of them would put him in danger of being infected with the residual after effects that can persist for days afterward. This was a Master Curse and even he was not immune to its effects. If he stayed too long or was detained, he to could easily fall victim to the very curse he had wielded.

The only thing Rohan O'Regan could do now was to remove the curse tonight and hope that in the morning the persisting effects would dissipate enough for him to safely pay them a short visit. He was also counting on the three of them to come to their senses after a good night sleep, hoping they had learned something from their sobering experience.

With little pomp and circumstance, Rohan O'Regan lifted the spell that had the O'Brennans traveling on their wildly emotional and sexually perverse roller-coaster ride.

Kieran ordered his boys to shower and dress for bed in preparation for whatever the Lord had in store for him and his boys come the morrow.

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