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Curse of the Leprechaun

By Paul S. Stevens

Chapter #3

The day's activities had exhausted everyone and the O'Brennan household was peaceful and quiet throughout the night as each family member slept undisturbed in the privacy of their own beds. The next morning they all rose with the sun, rested and ready for the challenges that lay ahead. As they encountered each other doing their morning rituals, they felt the stirrings of lust in their loins as their typical morning erections refused to yield to their conscientious intent to stay abstinent. They were all aware that the Little King's curse was not overpowering their sensibilities so far today, yet the attraction for each other sexually was far from extinguished.

Once they were ready to greet the day, they reluctantly gathered the Leprechaun's treasure and hauled it from Kieran's bedroom to the middle of the living room floor where they all sat on the couches encircling the object of contention. The O'Brennan living room was furnished with a full sofa that can convert to a queen sized bed, a love seat for two and papa's overstuffed easy chair. They sat in awe as they beheld the beauty of the sparkling riches, knowing it was the source of their recent decent into hell. They closed the lid of the gold pot and then stared at each other a moment as they contemplated their next move when who should magically appear right in front of them standing proudly atop his pot of gold but Rohan O'Regan himself.

The boys, who had not had the misfortune to meet him previously, were surprised by his appearance. He was a bit smaller in stature then they had envisioned him being, slimmer and more youthful in appearance despite his beard, posture and legendary accoutrements. As Leprechauns go, at the age of three-hundred and eighty-six, he was barely considered by his peers to be an adolescent. It is widely rumored that a thousand years be the typical lifespan of one of these charmed fellows. Another well known fact about Leprechauns be, that they seldom reach Kingly status before the age of six hundred. They needed to watch their step with this particular imp as he was not the typical example of commonplace Irish Folklore.

As Rohan O'Regan appeared in front of the assembled family O'Brennan, he hopped off the pot of gold from which he appeared and strutted around the room in front of them. He greeted each of them by quoting an old Irish blessing that, under the circumstances, came across as vile and contemptible.

"May you have love that never ends -

Lots of money and lots of friends -

Health be yours whatever you do -

And may God send many blessings to you!"

Hearing the tone and inflections that the Little King had intimated in his speech made the boys take exception to his unspoken meaning.

To begin with, they took the first line (May you have love that never ends) to mean `May you be compelled to have endless man sex'.

Then they understood the second line (Lots of money, and lots of friends.) to mean `Get rich quick by performing `Gay-For-Pay' with hoards of nameless men and other acquaintances'.

They inferred the third line (Health be yours, whatever you do) to mean `May your Dick never `Fall-Off' no matter how risky your behavior'.

Then lastly, they believed the fourth and final line (And may God send many blessings to you.) to mean `Even God won't be able to save you now'.

"May the cat eat you and may the devil eat the cat," Kieran cursed as Rohan drew a devilish grin.

"What does that mean Dad?" Owen wondered.

"Son, it means that his Soul is most assuredly destined for Hell. He just won't see it coming, that's all!" Kieran answered as his eyes shot daggers in Rohan's direction. "How dare ye come into me home without being properly invited you foul Cobbler Troll of the Fae!"

"A modest but lovable Cobbler of the Fae I be, a Troll I be not," Rohan eloquently replied. "However, you cut me to the quick with your quick wit Sir!"

"So, how do we come to be dishonored by your presence?" Kieran asked rudely.

"You best be cautious how you address me for my patience grows thin!" Rohan sneered with a lot less grace and composure. "By your own immortal Green, You know what I mean!"

"Hold on Dad, I got this one!" Owen said rising to his feet. "Is this what you're talking about?"

Before Kieran could stop his son, Owen opened the lid to the Leprechaun's pot of gold and picked up a single gold piece. With his thumb and forefinger he flicked the coin in Rohan's general direction. Without thinking, Rohan caught the piece in mid air like a frog catching a fly with its inescapably sticky tongue. The feel of his own long lost gold rubbing against his fingers once again made him grin from ear to ear.

Then his grin vanished as he realized what had just happened. Owen had once again re-activated the curse but this time, with intent and purpose. Now all four of them were its victims and there was no one left to save them this time. A little known fact about Leprechaun's and curses was about to be revealed. When a Leprechaun falls under his own spell, his magic is suspended until the curse runs its course. This meant that Rohan was helpless to lift the curse or do anything else that required magic for that matter. Much to his dismay, like his three mortal companions he found himself stuck with, there was virtually nothing he could do. Not only was he at the mercy of his own spell but his vast powers were suspended as well. He immediately tried to use his magic to pop out but it was already too late. He was now just as much a part of what was to come as the rest of them. Slowly, he began to see the O'Brennans in a whole different light.

As the newly awakened curse began to grip everyone in the room, Owen made the first move by grabbing a hold of the little man's trousers with both hands and with one fluid swipe pulled them straight to the ground.

Rohan stood in the middle of the floor with his pants at his ankles and his face beet red with embarrassment from being rendered virtually naked from the waist down.

"What did you do that for Owen," Aidan asked his brother.

"I always wanted to know if Leprechauns had green balls!" he answered.

"Oh good one," Aidan complemented as the two brothers acknowledged their approval with a `High Five'. "Too bad their not green, I would have loved to suck on them!"

"Me too, maybe I just might anyway!" Owen revealed. "You can suck on his cock instead Aidan, after all, it's just about the same size as yours!"

"Same Size!" Aidan protested. "Mine is bigger, See!"

Aidan pulled his own pants down and whipped out his Dick to display his inflated manhood in an attempt to engage in a penis measuring contest with Rohan to see definitively who had the bigger cock, him or this little excuse for a man. He knelt in front of Rohan and put their cock's together, one in each hand and held them side by side. Rohan, not wanting to be out manned by a teenager, began to stiffen and grow to full size himself. Rohan started feeling the curse surge over him as he felt the need to defend his own male virtues. He was loosing the inhibitions that had made him turn red a few minutes ago and he was now ready to show Aidan exactly who the real man was in this macho male contest.

"You've got no chance of outdoing me Laddy," Rohan boasted. "I've got over three hundred years of growth over ye! Let's wager that the winner gets to fuck the looser, would ye consent to that?"

"Sure!" Aidan agreed. "Prepare to get your ass fucked!"

Rohan had already forgotten that he had been stripped of all his powers and had no way to tilt the outcome in his favor. He just figured he'd use a little magic to give himself an extra few centimeters to put the kid at his mercy. Aidan called upon his Dad (who was always truthful and trustworthy) to referee this contest of measured male supremacy. He came over to the two of them and scrutinized their measurements with a fine tooth comb. It was a close call but Aidan was the clear winner of 19.7 cm (7.75 inches) over Rohan's 19.1 cm (7.50 inches), a difference of .6 cm (.25 inches). Rohan's inability to summon any of his magical powers prevented him from cheating. The naked reality was not kind to Rohan as he realized he was about to get fucked in a Royal way!

"Yes Sir, we have a winner," Kieran cheered. "That's my son! You made your Father proud today Aidan! You're a boy becoming a man, a man after my own heart that is!"

Aidan beamed with delight that his manhood should please and impress his Father.

"Well, no one's going to fuck me!" Rohan steadfastly stated as he planted both feet firmly on the floor in defiance.

"Is that so?" Kieran questioned folding his arms. "By the souls of your own shoes, you yourself made the bargain and you are going to honor it, even if I have to hold you down myself!"

"Way to go Dad!" Owen cheered. "When Aidan's done, can I have him? He's just the right size for me!"

"Sure Son," Kieran said. "You can fuck his little Leprechaun ass all you want once Aidan has collected his promised reward."

"Hey, you're talking about me as if I be not here, Rohan growled. "I be standing right here don't ye know? I'll be deciding who does what with me!"

"Listen here you little Wood Nymph!" Kieran sneered. "You've got no power over us now and while you're in my home, you'll do as I say! I'll decide who does what with whom!"

"Wow Dad," Aidan said. "I've never seen you so forceful. What a turn-on!"

"I never knew you could be so sexy Dad!" Owen added. "You make me feel all tingly inside!"

"Oh, give me a break," Rohan said. "No one really talks that way about their Father!"

Kieran had patiently listened to all the rude remarks he could bear from this self-centered single minded pompous ass, so he got up from his easy chair, threw his pants to the floor, grabbed a hold of Rohan by his shoulders and dragged him back over to his easy chair with him. Kieran plopped his ass back down and got into a comfortable position. He positioned Rohan O'Regan directly between his legs. Then he took a hold of Rohan's head with both hands and while Rohan stood there unaware of what was going on, Kieran pulled Rohan into his crotch, stuffing his rock solid column of pure man meat right into the Little King's mouth, rendering him silent for the first time since he arrived unannounced.

Rohan, who had never had a cock in his mouth before, chocked a little at first and then started to feel the effects of his own curse. He prayed to the Saints that his three-hundred and eighty-six years of being stoically straight and brutally homophobic was going to shield him from the effects of the curse and give him an advantage to resist the depraved obsession that the curse was intended to invoke. Unfortunately for Rohan, he was about to feel the magnitude of his own curse as it ferociously took possession of him as effortlessly as any other mere mortal. The stark reality of it all became apparent when he found himself questioning his once forthright sexual identity.

An unfamiliar emotion seized Rohan as a sudden urge to fuck everyone in sight ignited a burning desire deep within his soul. Immediately after Rohan started sucking on Kieran's cock, the transformation into the heart of the curse had initiated and Rohan began to experience a sense of pleasure and delight that slowly began to replace the fear and dread of falling victim to his own evil doings. Rohan had indeed crossed the threshold of the curse's event horizon and once crossed, there'd be no turning back.

Soon he was relishing the sensation of having a man's full grown cock in his mouth as he began to get enthusiastically caught up in his deviant decline into sexual immorality. As Rohan's mind wandered and he began to confront the disappearing boundaries of what he once steadfastly knew was right and wrong, the lines began to blur and then vanish all together. He had reached a point where nothing seemed too sacred or taboo anymore and he began to imagine doing things that he never dreamed of, even in the darkest forbidden recesses of his small cantankerous mind.

"Aidan, come over here son, he's ready for you now!" Kieran motioned as he pointed to Rohan's exposed ass.

"Yeah, and I'm so ready for him," Aidan acknowledged.

He got behind Rohan, who was still standing between Kieran's legs, bent over and energetically giving Kieran his first Leprechaun blow job. Aidan got on his knees to accommodate for the height differential between Rohan and himself and he prepared to do what no mortal had ever attempted to do in all of recorded history.

"Go ahead Son!" Kieran encouraged. "Get yourself some Green Leprechaun Tail!"

Aidan's eyes widened as he lined up his ridged cock with Rohan's tiny rosebud and pushed himself into Rohan's ultra tight virgin ass with one smooth fluid movement. Rohan, who also never had a cock in his ass before, felt what it's like to have a cock bigger than his own enter the forbidden depths of his bowels as he generated a sensuously loud yet deeply pensive moan.

"Oh My God Dad, you've got to try this!" Aidan offered his Father. "He's tighter than Owen!"

"I'm not tight!" Owen whined. "I'm like the Baby Bear in the Goldilocks Fairytale, I'm just right!"

"But you are very tight Owen," Aidan said. "And that's okay! Tight is good when it comes to fucking! You're going to see what I mean when I'm finished with him and you get to have your own turn."

"Alright, just don't stretch him too much and make him all `Loosey-Goosey' for me, okay!" Owen pleaded.

"You got it Baby Brother!" Aidan winked. "Besides, he's so tight, he's got me close to cuming right now and I've barely gotten started!"

Owen sat on the opposite couch, took off all his clothes and slowly stroked himself while he watched Aidan and his Father have their way with this little tight assed intruder, patiently awaiting for his own turn at bat!

Rohan, who's mouth was stuffed with Kieran's cock, momentarily ceased his blowjob long enough to speak.

"Men are like Irish bagpipes. No sound comes from them until they're blown," Rohan gruffly sneered. "Can the two of you stop talking now so the kid can fuck me already!"

Having taken offense from Rohan's unkind words, Aidan spoke up.

"My name is Aidan and my brother over there is Owen!" he diplomatically informed him. "And this is my Dad you're sucking on. You can call him Mr. O'Brennan!"

With that being said, Kieran shoved his cock back into Rohan's mouth to shut him up and Aidan began pounding Rohan's ass with a renewed sense of strength and purpose. He wanted to get back at him for what he had done to his family. Not just that, but he also wanted him to understand who was in charge now and it wasn't the little green assed bastard he was currently fucking. In addition to these reasons, he was beginning to feel the swelling of climactic juices in his loins as Rohan's tight ass began to summon the sperms right out of Aidan's balls as they simmered and stewed into an orgasmic recipe of male fertility.

"Hey, watch what your doing!" Kieran yelled out!

"What happened Dad?" Owen asked.

"The little shit bit me!" Kieran answered.

"Nobody bites my Father's Dick and gets away with it!" Aidan said.

This dirty little trick Rohan had dealt Aidan's Father infuriated everyone. It was Aidan however that took particular exception to the act and took it upon himself to dish out some sexually directed disciplinary action. He increased his speed as he relentlessly pounded Rohan's ass with his engorged cock. For extra good measure, he started slapping Rohan's ass in a crisscrossing pattern from left to right like a jockey whipping a race horse, reddening his little green Leprechaun ass in the process.

Owen watched Rohan and his brother interacting with extreme vehemence. He found their forceful display of passion powerfully erotic and caused his stiffening cock to harden to a column of aching desire. Even though the thought of plowing Rohan's ass the way Aidan was doing right now was making Owen boil over with anticipation, he had something else in mind for the little devil in Leprechaun's clothing. Where Aidan's approach to revenge was simple and straight forward, Owen's idea of restitution was more underhanded and insidious in nature. He thought about an opposite method of seducing Rohan, treating him in a loving and sexually enticing manner as to make Rohan fall in love with him and he knew just how he was going to do it too! He slowly continued to stroke himself as he watched the escalating fury of this sexually climactic drama that was unfolding in front of him, all the while calculating and formulating his plan for the ultimate sexual remuneration.

Aidan and Rohan got carried far beyond the average exploitive partnership and got locked in a primitively heathen act of sexual revenge as they both got trapped in an escalating state of sadomasochistic sex that drove them both wild with a passionate obsession that had them teetering between pleasure and pain.

Aidan was experiencing an unfamiliar new sensation as the pain he was inflicting upon Rohan and himself was transcending the barriers between the two emotions. It began catapulting their escalating euphoria into the stratosphere, exponentially multiplying their oncoming orgasms into a cataclysmic explosion, essentially taking their collective breaths away.

Before he realized it, Aidan's forceful onslaught of brewing boy juice suddenly came upon him as he climaxed out of control. With all the speed and recklessness of a runaway train, Aidan crashed the barrier of his oncoming orgasm and slammed his cum load into his partner without warning. Aidan unknowingly drove so many rounds of his psychotically induced semen into Rohan's receptacle that it began to spill out around the rim of Rohan's ass. The more cum that escaped from Rohan's grasp, the more Aidan continued to pump his stud bound load into him. Once Aidan had hammered the rest of his breeding stock into Rohan, he continued to slide his cock in and out of Rohan's abused backside for good measure which in turn made an audible slurping sound signaling the end of a job well done. Once Aidan withdrew his softening staff from Rohan's slippery crack, a substantial amount of Aidan's heavy cream flowed out of Rohan's gapping hole.

Rohan discontinued the blowjob he was performing on Kieran as he almost choked to death from his meager attempts to deep throat him. Like coming up for air from almost drowning, Rohan coughed and gasped for air. At the same time, both Rohan and Aidan collapsed on the floor together right in front of Kieran. For totally different reasons, their chests rose and fell repeatedly as they struggled to regain their composure. They both took a much needed pause to bask in the afterglow of their sexually rigorous encounter and recover from their exhausting experience, thereby putting an end to the madness they had both been caught up in. The subsequent result of their physical encounter caused their brains to excrete a double dose of endorphins that nearly caused them to pass out with a feeling of bliss that imprinted a life altering memory that the two of them would never forget.

"Wow Aidan," Kieran exclaimed. "The harder you fucked him, the harder he sucked me. That was amazing!"

Aidan and Rohan were unable to speak for a couple of minutes as they tried to recover from the most unbelievable encounter they've ever had in their lives and in Rohan's case, it was almost impossible to believe.

"Do I get to have my turn now?" Owen asked.

"Sure Son, just let them rest for a minute, then we can all start over again," Kieran declared.

"You can not compel me to do another thing," Rohan attested.

"I won't have to!" Kieran clarified. "It will be your own curse that will compel you as you'll discover in a few minutes from now when you've sufficiently rested and recovered from your refractory period. Aidan successfully derived great pleasure from his retaliation for the wrong you have done him if that exhausted smile on his face is any indication. Now you owe my son Owen his retribution and I'm going to see to it that he gets it. He may be younger than Aidan but you're going to find him just as worthy of a sex partner as his older brother."

"Hey, thanks Dad," Owen said as his pride and his cock both swelled to capacity.

"Revenge...? Retribution...? Retaliation...? Is that what this is all about?" Rohan asked in disbelief.

"You bet your Sweet Irish Green Ass it is," Kieran poignantly stated. "Look at everything that's happened in the past two days! All over a few gold coins and a handful of cheap trinkets!"

"Cheap trinkets?" Rohan barked.

"That's right," Kieran pointed out. "The punishment definitely did not fit the crime and now you're here paying penance for your misdeeds. It is conceivable that when Owen and I fully obtain our retribution, your curse will have run its course. Then perhaps it will release the four of us from its wicked hold. Maybe then you'll reclaim your poisoned possession and take your permanent leave of us."

"Indeed I shall and not nearly soon enough," Rohan vowed. "Who be next then? I be ready for ye!"

"Me, me!" Owen said. "I want to be next!"

"You're a good looking young lad," Rohan said. "I won't mind fucking you!"

"Oh No!" Owen grinned. "I'll be the one fucking you. Remember, we're just right for each other and when I'm done with you, your balls will turn green with envy because after you fall in love with me, you'll never get to have me ever again."

"Okay, whatever you say! Rohan said rolling his eyes in disbelief that this kid should have such balls. "So what is it ye have me do?"

"Can you stand on your head?" Owen politely asked.

"Of course I can!" Rohan stated.

"Well, I wasn't sure since you're like six hundred years old or something like that." Owen indicated.

"Excuse me Laddy," Rohan corrected. "I'm barely three-hundred and eighty-six!"

"Okay, sorry," Owen said. "Please, Your Majesty, would you get up on the couch and stand on your head?"

Owen's kind words of gentle respect softened Rohan's demeanor and he got into position on the couch as Owen requested. Once Rohan's back was against the couch and his derrière was high in the air, his knees to his chest, Owen stepped up and stood over the top of Rohan's body, straddling Rohan's ass and then directed his pulsating cock down into the little man's protruding posterior.

"Don't worry Sir," Owen whispered. "I'll be as gentle as a baby. Believe me you're going to love it!"

Owen slowly and with great care entered Rohan's anal canal intentionally allowing Rohan to relax and enjoy the subtlety of Owen's delicate touch. He instantly put Rohan at ease with his tender loving style and had Rohan purring and cooing with contentment.

After all that was said and done, Owen was still quite young and innocent when it came to sexual matters. Nevertheless, he had learned a lot over the last two days and he had come a long way from the sheltered and protected little boy he was. As he proceeded, he discovered there were two things that Aidan had told him that rang with honesty and truth. The first truth was that Rohan's recently de-flowered virgin ass was indeed tight even after being plowed by Aidan's tractor. The second truth was that `tight' is extraordinarily good when it comes to fucking!

As Owen and Rohan were enjoying themselves and getting into the rhythm of Owen's pleasantly consistent technique, Owen inserted his finger along with his cock as he pumped Rohan's ass and explored around inside with his investigating digit. Rohan's ass was tight all right but not so tight that it prevented Owen from doing a little exploratory searching as he cock-fucked Rohan into submission.

He didn't know what he was doing and had never heard about this little thing called a prostate gland that some people call the male `G-spot'. He just knew that when Aidan fucked him, something around inside there somewhere was a `Pot of Gold' that drove him insane with desire! He was determined to find Rohan's magic button and drive him equally insane with it. The thought of finding it ignited a fire within him as he proceeded with a passion to set his partner ablaze with an insatiable thirst for his attentions. As he searched the smooth inner walls of Rohan's anal canal with his finger, he continued to drive his cock in and out, all the while listening for signs that he might have found the right spot for which he was searching. Then without warning, as Owen reached deeper into Rohan's anal recesses, he discovered a small mound of protruding flesh. As Owen graced past it, Rohan released a tell-tale sign confirming he had indeed `Struck Gold'. Now that Owen had positively identified the area, he aggressively went after it with intense zest and fervor. In moments, Owen had Rohan heaving and squirming with excitement and audibly pleading for more.

"Oh My Lord Laddy, I mean Owen, you have the touch of the Saints!" Rohan praised. His complement was genuine as he corrected himself and called Owen by name.

Owen was slowly but surely gaining Rohan's respect as he unconsciously milked Rohan's prostate, eliciting a warm and sensual feeling within Rohan. True to Owen's warning, Rohan started feeling the twinges of love awaken within him as Owen continued to make Rohan experience a magnitude of sensations on a scale of which he had never known before.

None of them, not even Rohan knew what long term lasting after-effects the curse would have on each of them. Once the curse had run its course, the relentless compulsion to do its bidding would cease. However, the experience of deriving great pleasure from something previously considered off limits might supersede the boundaries of acceptability. They would also find that morality would be a factor as well and comes into play between human desire and what is socially acceptable behavior. How it would affect the brotherly love between Aidan and Owen was uncertain and how the brother's love for their Father and Kieran's love for his sons was equally uncertain. And what of Rohan's burgeoning love for the sweet and tender innocence of Owen's unforgettably shameless and calculated seduction. No one had ever made Rohan feel this way in all the three-hundred and eighty-six years of his life. He was falling head over heels for Owen's charms in a big way.

Owen's finger-milking was causing Rohan's cock to start streaming pre-cum that was dripping right into his mouth. This was another first for Rohan as he tasted the sweet and sour combination of his own seeds.

Owen was beginning to succumb to his oncoming orgasm as his young fertile reproductive system prepared to deliver a potent cocktail of his ultra fertile boy juices. As he felt himself approach the boiling point, he slowed his pace to delay his inevitable climax, allowing both him and his partner to extend their monumentally intoxicating male bonding ritual as long as humanly possible.

Somehow Owen knew that if he tried hard enough, he could manipulate the leprechaun's curse and use Rohan's own magic against him. Even though the curse was still in full effect and was exerting its influence over Rohan, Kieran, Aidan and himself equally, he began to understand the curses power more intimately now and instinctively began to understand that he could direct and channel some of the stagnant unused energy like an electric conduit. Since Kieran and Aidan were at rest as they passively watch Rohan and himself dominate the proceedings, he was able to tap into their idle inactive potential. With a concentrated effort, he focused the beam of energy into his mind and redirected it, projecting his will upon Rohan's unsuspecting susceptibility.

"I never would have believed that a mere mortal could conjure up such desire... summon forth such ecstasy... arouse such hardcore delight... command such titillation with such charisma and charm!" Rohan raved as he fought to keep his fading sanity.

Owen's concentrated effort to appropriate and commandeer Rohan's vulnerable magic was starting have the desired effect on Rohan himself. He was seriously falling for Owen now and he actually started to consider being Owen's man slave, allowing Owen to own him `Body and Soul'. He was ready to do anything to get Owen to fill this empty menacing black hole in his life that had gone unfulfilled for hundreds of years. Now that Rohan had experienced Owen's mind blowing rapture of cosmic proportions, he came to the realization that he had indeed fallen into Owen's trap just as he had forewarned.

"That's it, I can't hold it back any more!" Owen announced as he pulled both his milking finger and his cock out of Rohan's ass at the same time. He was already squirting his white hot boy juice as he withdrew from Rohan's tight manhole. As Owen stroked the bulk of his fertile seeds with great satisfaction, gravity pulled a hefty amount of it right down into Rohan's open mouth as the little man savored the sweet nectar that made his own cum seem like a swig of cheap Irish Whiskey.

"Wow, that was so hot and you were the best partner a guy could ever want," Owen said winking at Rohan as he drove the last few remnants of the curse he was commanding right at Rohan, sealing in the finishing touches of his deliberately premeditated love potion.

Rohan knew he had been smitten with love the second Owen climaxed and sexually withdrew from his anal drilling. He didn't want the elation of what Owen was generating, deep within his bowels, to ever stop. When all was said and done, he, Rohan O'Regan, The Leprechaun King of Ulster had been indubitably outsmarted by a commonplace family of potato farmers using Rohan's own magic against him. There would be serious repercussions if word of this fiasco would ever get back to the Leprechaun community. Although Rohan's magic was indeed powerful, there were those in the Leprechaun community who felt that Rohan was not mature enough to handle the awesome responsibilities and obligations of kingship. He just plain didn't have the hundreds of years of tempering that was normally required to nurture and rear the kind of personal disposition and even-temperament required to win the respect and loyalty of his Royal Subjects. The way Rohan handled the O'Brennan situation and the way he treated these unsuspecting mortals would be seen as a reflection of the way he might handle his own subjects and for many of the `Wee Folk', this was frighteningly unacceptable.

There was one more person left to have to satisfy before Rohan's twisted curse could be satisfied thereby having run its coarse. That person was Kieran and he was going to be the toughest one to satisfy.

"What is it I be needing to do to break this endless cycle of revenge now?" Rohan asked.

"I know what will do the trick!" Aidan said to Owen. "Come here a second, I have an idea!"

Aidan and Owen got together and Aidan whispered his plan to his brother. It was indeed an idea that would most assuredly please their Father. Owen agreed and the two of them put Aidan's plan into action.

"Father, you stay right where you are," Aidan said.

"You don't need to do anything, just relax and enjoy the ride," Owen added.

Neither Kieran nor Rohan knew what the boys were up to but Kieran was certain that whatever his sons had in mind, he was headed for a journey he would not soon forget. The anticipation of what was about to take place had Kieran's cock rising with great expectations. Rohan, on the other hand, was vexed with grief knowing that he was about to get the shaft once again! Rohan got an ominous look of apprehension on his face when Aidan and Owen got on each side of him and got a firm grip on him. They nabbed him, first by the arms with one hand and then by the legs with the other. With ease and grace, they lifted Rohan right up off the ground with Rohan struggling in protest. They carried him over to their Father who was still sitting comfortably on his overstuffed easy chair, his boner waiving proudly in the air, waiting for the untold surprise his sons had conspired together to execute. With Rohan's back facing their Father, they lifted Rohan up over their Father's stiffening `Cock of Gibraltar'. They separated Rohan legs so he was straddling Kieran's legs and lowered Rohan's ass over their Father's cock. They carefully lined up their Father's column of rock solid man meat with Rohan's tiny sphincter opening and then let gravity pull Rohan down, impaling Rohan onto their Father's ridged Irish skewer.

Rohan nearly passed out from Kieran's fully grown, man sized cock. It was considerably larger than his sons both by length and girth. Once the initial shock of being dropped onto Kieran's cock had eased, Rohan caught his breath and prepared himself to progress slowly forward although he didn't know how he was going to accomplish this since his short little legs couldn't quite reach the floor. Unfortunately for Rohan, it didn't matter since the boys had a different idea in mind for him all together.

Still having a hold on Rohan's arms and legs, Aidan and Owen began fucking their Father's cock with Rohan's ass as they raised and lowered Rohan's body over Kieran's massive manhood. They were essentially using Rohan as a Leprechaun sized Irish Fleshjack, coaxing their Father's hardening cock to give up its mature male mixture of sexually charged, man sized, sperm enriched cum load.

"Oh My God Aidan, you were so right," Kieran acknowledged. "This little shit is tighter than the mouth of an Irish Beer Bottle!"

"And more fun to fuck too!" Aidan said as he and Owen continued to pierce Rohan's ass with Kieran's unyielding bayonet.

Kieran threw his head back as a surge of orgasmic waves shot him into an erogenous zone of pleasure. He felt the swelling of his fertile juices culminate into a climactic fury. Not since his wife had died several years ago had he felt these familiar stirrings of sexual satisfaction. Until now, he thought he was going to die a lonely man devoid of any sexual gratification whatsoever. It was only because of his sons that he was now enjoying these simple pleasures once again. Aidan and Owen were also deriving great pleasure from jerking their Father off using Rohan as a human Pocket Rocket.

Kieran started moaning and sighing as his son's efforts were starting to pull him into an orgasm of galactic proportions. The pent-up sexual frustration from not having had an orgasm in years resulted in a climax so powerful, it launched Kieran back to the origins of the universe. He was about to witness first hand the birth of the heavens. He gulped a deep breath and his eyes rolled back into his head. Flashes of colors and angelic images danced on the inside of his eyelids as the cataclysmic explosion of `The Big Bang Theory' proliferated in his mind, body and soul.

Kieran had managed to survive the overpowering sensations of the many stages of sexual arousal so far and was now coming upon the final stage of the orgasm itself. Kieran had no defense against the awesome power and magnitude that was about to surge through his body from not having had a sexual release for so many years. He was about to succumb to a life altering experience of multiple orgasms that would grip him in rapid succession.

"By all that is Holy, it's been too long," Kieran exclaimed between breathes. "I can't hold back any long...!"

Aidan and Owen pulled Rohan off their Father and tossed the little man aside like he was a disposable diaper. They all turned their attention to Kieran. Aidan and Owen in particular watched their Father cum with great enthusiasm. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for them. They breathlessly watched as the man who had fathered them both displayed his virility and masculinity by pumping his ultra fertile manliness into the room with an awesome sense of life giving divinity.

Kieran took a deep breath. His entire body tensed up and stiffened. His cock swelled up to the point that all the veins in his column of life bulged out in their overextended effort to propel his sperm rich semen as forcefully as possible. He growled a low moan and his eyes glazed over and a second later, with all the pressure of a fire hose, he launched his first rope of pure white resin that defined a perfect arc over his body, finally coming to rest in a small puddle that accumulated on his throat just under his chin. This first volley had shot out of him without anyone touching his manhood or stimulating him in any way.

Now Kieran reach for his twitching cock to coax the remaining sperm that remained as of yet, undelivered. Wave after wave of liquid man milk continued to spew forth as Kieran slowly charmed this unusually large load of cum his balls had just produced. Just when Kieran thought he was finished, he ejaculated another round of his own Irish Cream onto his chest as he started to discover what it's like to be multi-orgasmic. Aidan, Owen and even Rohan all watched as Kieran continued to engulf his body with the results of his years of abstinence. Kieran once again slowed his pace as if he were finally done. To everyone's amazement, he still had one more unexpected shipment to unload. Kieran had batted in three runners as he knocked it clear out of the park. A giant smile appeared on Kieran's face as he coaxed the remainder of his fiery mixture out into the open until it ultimately ran dry. An unexpected moment of silence overtook everyone in the room as the O'Brennan orgy came to an end. Aidan, Owen and Rohan were speechless over what they had just witnessed and Kieran was speechless from having just returned from the fringes of time and space.

Now that Kieran, Aidan and Owen had satisfied their lust for man sex, a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders. They had purposely denied Rohan his orgasm as part of their retribution. They had now successfully stripped Rohan of the last shred of dignity he had left in his body. He had been taught a life lesson that he would not soon forget. For a Leprechaun to be outsmarted and out-conned by a small family of mere mortals was humiliating enough but for a Leprechaun King, the threat of a possible dethroning by the Leprechaun community would most assuredly be the ultimate disgrace for Rohan.

"Your cruelty was monumentally inhumane," Rohan protested.

"Remember whose curse we're all under," Kieran snarled. "Getting a taste of your own medicine is just what the Doctor ordered! What we've just done to you right now was nothing compared to what you've done to my boys. What you did to them at their young tender impressionable age was unforgivable. You can never take back what you've done to them. We will never know the untold physiological damages your misdeeds may have caused everyone!"

Rohan was silent and speechless for the first time since he arrived as he pondered Kieran's words.

"You're right of course!" Rohan finally admitted. "I've done you wrong. It's just that when I discovered me gold missing, it made me crazy and when you refused to return it to me, I lost my mind – entirely! I'm so sorry!"

"I've done you wrong as well," Kieran also finally admitted. "When I discovered the gold, I was stricken with greed. I've now seen the error of my ways. I'm sorry too!"

Kieran knew that Rohan needed to have his sexual release next if the curse was to be satisfied and come to its conclusion. Kieran got up off his easy chair and sat down on the floor next to Rohan who earlier had been tossed away like a discarded toy that no longer held any amusement.

"Aidan, Owen, come down here with us," Kieran instructed. "It's time to give Rohan his due!"

"Ah, do we have to?" Aidan complained.

"I don't mind," Owen smiled as his limp Dick began to swell.

The two of them got down on the floor to Rohan's level and then froze. No one really knew what to do to get Rohan off.

"What do you want us to do?" Aidan asked incredulously.

"Oh, anything you like," Rohan indicated as he clenched his stubby fingers together, put his hands behind his head and laid flat on his back.

Even though Aidan's cock was bigger than Rohan's as they discovered from their penis measuring contest earlier, Aidan's cock looked quite impressive on his fifteen year old, five foot nine inch frame. Rohan on the other hand appeared to be freakishly over endowed as his 19.1 cm (7.50 inch) cock attached to his relatively small, child sized body made him look like an Adonis.

"I know what we can do!" Owen suggested. "We can each take turns jacking off his great big Dick! Each one of us can stroke him ten times."

"Okay, let's do it!" Aidan agreed. "The one who gets him off is the winner!"

"Rohan, does that sound agreeable to you?" Kieran asked.

"That it does, thank you!" Rohan grinned.

"Wait, what will the winner get?" Owen asked.

"You'll get so see what a full blooded Irish Leprechaun King can really do, even without his magic!" Rohan promised.

Owen was the first to reach out for Rohan's cock. He grabbed a hold of Rohan's firm thick shaft and began stoking him with earnest. He counted his ten strokes and then released his grip. Aidan decided he might as well go next and delivered his ten strokes. Kieran took over next and added his special touch to the mix.

Rohan was enjoying his turn much more than he had anticipated and began to demonstrate his appreciation by moaning his approval in a rather vocal way. Each one of the O'Brennans had their unique approach and style that added spice and variety to his experience. He got to taste an interesting mix of methods that ranged from fast to slow on the stroking, firm to loose on the gripping and other nuances too numerous to mention. Even the feel of the skin on each one of their individual hands was distinctive and added to the erotic combination of sensations. It wasn't long before Rohan was feeling his own lustful juices flowing. After all, he had been riding this sexual rollercoaster from the beginning as he was responsible for making Kieran, Aidan and Owen orgasm with cosmic results.

By now, his three companions had fine tuned their teamwork and were drawing Rohan into a climactic frenzy. A rumbling deep down from the very center of his Leprechaun balls came a surge of tingles that grew and radiated into a total body bonanza. Every nerve ending in his body came alive with pleasure. He felt his heart race and his blood pressure rise as his sex organs prepared to jettison his oncoming payload like an outboard missile on the launching pad. He could tell that the yield of this payload was going to be abundant.

It was Owen's turn next and Rohan began to exhibit the same indicators that he did when Owen brushed Rohan's G-spot. To Owen, this was proof-positive that Rohan was about to shoot it! He purposed slowed his pace so he could claim Rohan's prize. Owen and everybody else witnessed Rohan's bombshell as he took a deep breath, stiffened his body and delivered his promised claim. On Owen's ninth and tenth stroke, Rohan shot his thick load of sperm-rich, hot, creamy and very florescent green Irish semen.

"Hey, it is true after all," Owen professed. "Leprechaun's do have green balls! It's just that they're only green on the inside!"

Everyone had a good laugh all around. Kieran, Aidan, Owen and Rohan were all sitting naked on the floor feeling happy content and comfortable with each other when suddenly, everyone felt exposed and vulnerable as they all scrambled to cover their nakedness and put all their clothes back on. The curse had inexplicably run its course and had abruptly come to an end. The compulsion to lust after each other and pursue any male partner within reach had unequivocally disappeared. Like becoming sober after a two day drunken stupor, everyone remembered everything they did while under the influence but were too shocked and dismayed to talk about it. Subsequently, they all ignored it by acting as if nothing ever happened.

"Well, I'll be taking my leave of ye now," Rohan said as he hopped up on top of his pot of gold.

"You have our blessing," Kieran said as he waved goodbye to the little fellow.

Rohan bid everyone farewell and then recited an incantation to deliver himself and his pot of gold back to the land of his sweet Leprechaun lair. As he began to dematerialize in front of the family O'Brennan, he turned to Owen and affectionately winked at him, letting him know he'd be fondly remembered.

Now that Rohan was gone and out of their lives for good, Kieran and his boys observed a moment of silence. They struggled to put the events of the last two days behind them and move on with their lives.


Kieran figured that getting his boys involved in doing something constructive might help everyone get back to reality. The O'Brennan living room had been turned upside down due to their most recent escapades so he decided this was as good a place as any to begin. He assigned everyone to pitch in and clean up the mess.

Being the good boys that they were, they both chipped in and assisted their Father in tidying things up in earnest. They put things away, straightened things out, fluffed pillows and swept the floor.

As Aidan was moving the furniture around for Owen to sweep underneath, something caught Owen's eye that had fallen behind the couch, beckoning him to come forth.

"Hey Dad, look what I found," Owen pointed out. It was a small gold coin, no bigger than a penny. As Owen reached out to pick it up, Kieran and Aidan both shouted in unison –

"Owen Nooooo!"

The End

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