Volume 1

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The Lucky Ones


I was in love with Augustine War.

I watched him in the gym dressing room. He was getting ready to workout. I always watched him in the gym dressing room of our high school. It wasn't during school. It was after school. We were allowed to use the gym to lift weights. I started lifting a year ago when he first came to the school just to see him. I wanted to see how he would stare.

He didn't say anything to me as he walked in. He was always super quiet. No one in the school really talked to him. The girls used to love him when he first came to the school, but he didn't pay any of them any attention. That made everyone like him more.

It seemed like all the girls wanted Augustine War.

He didn't have his shirt on when he came out of the shower. He had already managed to put on his shorts though.

I pretended like I was tying my shoe. I wasn't. Fuck my shoe. I was glancing at the side of of his body. His skin tone was something beautiful. He had bronze copper skin. My adopted brother said he was heard he was Native American and black. I wasn't sure honestly.

The copper tone seemed to glisten in the light.

He had muscles for days. I would expect that for someone who went to the gym every day after school. His shorts were hung low. It showed his abdomen. He had the roundest ass. His shorts hung off his waist. His ass was so fucking fat that my body trembled. He had this hair. He had straightened it out with gel and put it in a ponytail. His hair was so wavy. He pulled up his shorts a little bit.

I took off my shirt. I wanted him to see my body. I had been working out for three months in the gym with him and he never fucking noticed. He never noticed. Of course his body was way more built then mine. He always seemed to be able to lift more than me.

He was fucking beautiful. Fucking flawless.

My mouth was ready to tremble.


He looked at me. God, he was so mysterious. He gave me a half smile. He had a dimple on his right hand cheek. He had really thick eyebrows but they were thick in a sexy way.

Augustine War was a god.


No Hi...nothing like that. It was just "Yeah?" He was basically saying say what you have to say and get the fuck away from me. I didn't take it personal. He treated everyone like that. He was so fucking different.

"Um...so...how about those Steelers..."

His eyebrow kind of trembled a little bit. He shook his hands and started off, "No I'm sorry. I don't watch football yo..."

I was a fucking idiot. I fucking ruined it again for the umpteenth time. It was like impossible to start a friendship with this guy. I looked at him with a hard look as he started to walk away and shake his head.

"I'm Teddy," I started off.

He nodded obviously annoyed, "Ok."

He didn't introduce himself back. He probably knew that I knew who he was. I was a stumbling fucking fool around him.


"He still hasn't noticed you, I guess?"

I looked over at Carter. He had joined me on the bike machine next to me. Carter always seemed to catch me staring at August. He looked at me dead in my face and I swear I blushed red when he walked over. I was staring at August like usual. He was on the bench press. He was really good at it too.

"I'm not like you. People don't notice me the first time they look at me," I continued.

He shook his head and crossed his arms, "Stop it. You're handsome. You really are. I don't know anything about the gay guys. But like everyone loves this guy and I don't get it. Like he just looks normal to me."

Carter shrugged his shoulders.

"You're straight Carter. You wouldn't get it."

Carter Jr. was my brother...well, my adopted brother. See what happened was my mom and dad had Carter Jr. Then my mom got pregnant again. She was supposed to have a girl...but then out of no where my mom went missing.

I guess Dad was a little fucked up about it because he went ahead and adopted me. I guess I was supposed to be a companion to Carter Jr. since Dad was away all the time. Jr. and I grew up together and I guess we became best friends. We were around the same exact age.

Carter was handsome. He had a lot of girlfriends in his time. Carter looked just like dad did. He was stoky with broad shoulders. He had a crazy swag too. Girls loved him because he always seemed real edgy and confident.

"Go talk to him if you like him so much."

I shook my head, "I did."


"He wasn't with it."

"Man then he's an asshole. Or he's not gay. He probably likes girls or something, you know."

"Then why does he ignore them."

"The same reason he ignores everyone else in the school. The same reason he always gets sun burnt. He's a fucking weirdo."

Carter never worked out. He never really had to. For some reason he was just naturally built and even though we were about the same size, I actually had to work out to get to the size that I was. He just naturally got muscles.

I was surprised he was actually in the gym today. We finished around the same time that August did. We was the first one honestly.

The reason I started the story on this day was this was the first day things started to...change.

We had headed to the showers.

I always headed to the showers after. It was basically just to get a couple sneaks at Augustine even though 98 percent of the time I was too pussy to actually look. The one or two times I did get a peak, I would jerk off to the sight of seeing him for about a week.

I know I sound stalkerish. You would be too if you saw Augustine War. He was IT. Trust I knew I wasn't the only one who thought about fucking Augustine. He was so mysterious. He'd probably make slow love to you.

Luckily it didn't look as gay with just the two of us in the shower.

I had seen Carter naked a million times. He was brown skin just like me. We didn't look alike in the face, but our bodies were very similar. I knew it wasn't going to be awkward for us and I knew he would probably give me a little breathing room.

"You are obsessed, you are breathing so hard," Kendrick laughed, "Teddy . It's just a gym shower. Relax."

We were in showers close to each other. Further down was Augustine. His dick was long and really thick. It hung down to his legs. When his hair got wet, it looked like he was in a fucking strip show or something. It fell along the side of her back. It fell down to his nipples. He was fucking priceless. Then there was that ass.

Augustine had the fattest ass. His hair and skin tone might have been Native American, but that dick and ass was definitely the characteristics of a mandingo.

"Teddy---Teddy..." Carter stated, "Look away. You're starting to show."

I looked down to see what he was talking about. Fuck he was right. My dick was getting hard quick. It was hard not to get hard. I turned away in the shower and Carter started cracking up. Augustine was on the other end of the shower he probably couldn't hear or anything anyway.

"Damn this is embarrassing."

"Remember when you told me you were gay 5 months ago. It was the same time you told me that you had this crush on this guy. You've been crushing on him for a year. Maybe it's time to move on."

"I just want to know if he's gay or not."

"Ask him."

"It's not that serious."

"It's not? Just go right up to him and fucking ask him. It's not that hard."

"I just want to be his friend first. If I'm his friend then I'll be able to tell if he was gay. I just need to get close enough to do that."

"He seems like a lame. Seriously."

"Be nice."

"He's coming over. Say something to him."

"What? No...no."

In the corner of my eye I could see Augustine. He didn't say anything off the bat but he did look over at me. He had dried off and had a towel around his waist. He was walking past us. The water dripping from his body onto the shower flower was enough to send my stomach turning into knots. How could one man be that appealing.

Carter whispered sharply, "Say something."

"Carter, stop it."

"If you don't say something to him I will," Carter started.

I wanted to fucking choke myself. It was exactly why I didn't want Carter to show up at the gym. Gym was stalker time. I stared at Augustine for a whole hour straight. I might have said a quick Hi or something but that was it.

Just as Augustine walked by Carter grabbed him. Mind you both Carter and I was still butt naked. Hell as soon as Carter did grab him I ignored him like I didn't see it and ran for my towel. I quickly wrapped it around my waist.

"Yo...Augustine right?" Carter stated.

"Yes? How do you know my name?" August asked completely blown away.

He seemed turned off. I wanted to shake Carter and tell him, "I told you so." I wanted to put it all in his face. August was so intimidating.

I give it to Carter. He was always super cool. He always managed to say things in a cool laidback way.

"I mean not every name is Augustine. It's cool, I must have heard someone call you that before."

"Ok...so...um... I'm sorry but where's this going?" August asked.

He crossed his arm. It was almost saying like `fuck you regular people' I need to be on the cover ofGQ magazine half naked with my hair blown out showing off my caramel nipples, washboard abs and bronze complexion.

"Carter we should probably just get going," I stated.

I wasn't going to embarrass my brother. I didn't give a fuck how sexy August was. Carter was my brother and I wasn't going to have him play Carter like he wasn't important like he'd been doing to me for years.

"Your name is Carter?" Augustine asked out of no where. The name seemed to spark up this interest in him for some type of reason. Maybe he had heard it before. Who knows?

"Yeah. It's Carter Michaels."

"Like Carter Michaels the pastor?" he asked.

"You know my dad?" Carter asked looking kind of confused.

Augustine looked over at Carter and nodded. He didn't say anything. He just nodded and for the first time I saw him smile. He had a fucking flawless smile just like I imagined it would look like.

"I heard haven't been to the church in person. But does his choir go on tour a lot. I've heard them sing. They are pretty good. Carter is pretty good too..."

"Yeah, my dad had a good voice," Carter continued, "He used to do R&B until he crossed over."

"Seriously? Man that's something."

"Yeah, he's about to get ordained as a bishop soon."

I cleared my throat.

Carter quickly stopped, "Oh sorry, I'm being rude. Um...Augustine this is my brother. His name is Teddy. Like T-Pain. Haha."

I was surprised when Augustine held his hand out. He even smiled. I couldn't believe I was touching THE Augustine War right now. My body trembled. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion right now. It was like watching an old fashioned movie.

I love you Augustine.

"You ok?" Augustine asked me.

"Um...why you ask?" I replied.

"You didn't let go of my hand."

My heart stopped as I quickly dropped his hand. I went red again and took a step back. I could see Carter in the corner of my eye struggling not to roll out into laughter.

"Hey we were about to go grab something to eat," Carter started off, "If you wanted..."

"No no, I actually had to run. But another time ok."

I nodded, "Cool...cool...um...well yeah we need to definitely do that so..."

What the fuck was I saying? Why didn't I just let Carter do the talking? Why was I being such a goddam nervous wreck about it?

"Did you guys hear that?" Augustine said.

"No what was it?"

"Um nothing. It's getting late. You guys heard about those people that have gone missing. Maybe you should get home."

Carter and I both looked at each other. That was super weird. Why would he bring that up? Right after he left the room Carter looked at me and started laughing. I knew he was laughing to make fun of me. He didn't really have to talk about it.

"I'm going to go talk to him see what he was talking about..."

"Look at you being the brave one. I'm going to stay in here and finish washing my hair."

I ended out into the locker room...except Carter wasn't there. His stuff wasn't there either. I didn't understand it. Unless he grabbed his stuff and left in a minimal second, there was no way in hell that he could have been gone so fast. I was completely confused.

It was completely dark in the locker room. It was completely empty too. I walked over to the light trying to flick it on.

It didn't work.

Great, I had to dress in the dark.

I walked over to my locker, trying to remember my combination. Suddenly there was a sound. It was some type of thumping sound. The thumping seemed to be getting a little louder.

I looked around. What the fuck was that?


No answer.

My heart beat a little faster as I got up and looked around. I couldn't tell where the noise was coming from. I couldn't tell why it was making me feel so nervous.

My heart beat even faster as I walked up and down the different aisles. Yeah...I was alone. Where the fuck was the thumping noise from?

All of a sudden I got to the front door. It was a clear door but right behind the door there was a shadow. It was a really skinny shadow...like a really small man.

"Hello?" I asked from behind the door.

Why was the man just standing there? What was going on with the shadow? My heart raced when I saw that he didn't reply. All of a sudden everything went silent.

Then 2 seconds later it was the eerie thumping noise.

It sounded as though he was banging on the door. It sounded as though he was trying to get in. The door vibrated on its hinges as the guy knocked. He was knocking furiously trying to get into the gym door.



My heart raced. It seemed like the entire floor was shaking. My heart got really heavy all of a sudden. I didn't know exactly what the fuck this was about. The banging noise kept going louder and louder.


I started backing up. It seemed like whoever was behind the door was definitely about to break the door down. I felt cold too. It seemed all of a sudden it was below 0 in the room. My body began to shiver and tremor. What the fuck was behind that door?

I kept backing up. Taking one step back. It seemed like the entire door was about to break down.

Suddenly my body was gripped up almost instantly!


I could feel the arm trying to restrain me. I couldn't scream loud enough. I began to panic. I started to kick, struggling to get up on my feet.

"What happened?"

It was Carter. He looked at me with this lost look. He was confused. All of a sudden now that he was out here the loud banging seemed to stop.

"Did you hear it?"

"Yeah. I was wondering what the fuck it was. Why didn't you just let the person in?"

He walked outside to the front of the door.

"Wait don't open it."

"Teddy stop being a punk," he laughed and opened the door. He looked outside of the door and pulled his head back two seconds later.

"You see anyone?"
"No...no one. Weird thing is...the door wasn't locked..."



It seemed like I was walking in on some kind of discussion when I got downstairs. As soon as I got down the steps Dad and Carter stopped talking about whatever and just looked at me.

We lived in the small city of Hex. In Hex everyone knew each other's business. It was a religious town. I wasn't surprised that August was religious. Everyone was religious. In religious places like Hex, you had to be extra careful what you said. Dad didn't know I was gay. He probably couldn't take it. Each day I walked on egg shells hoping that Carter wouldn't slip up and tell him something that he didn't mean. I got nervous when I heard them talking and then stop talking like they did.

They always were close though. Carter was Dad's Jr. He was Dad's real son. No matter how much Dad loved me, I knew he was going to always be closer to his real blood.

"You're going to be late for school," Dad said.

Dad was always caring though. He had been adopted too when he was a kid. He knew how it was. It was part of the reason that he took me in.

"Did you take all the bacon fat butt?" I asked, walking over to him.

I grabbed two pieces of bacon off my hand and quickly put it in my mouth before Carter could even say anything in return.

"I want my bacon back!"

"Ew I ate it."

Carter laughed, "I don't care throw it back up. I still want it back."

We both laughed immediately, "Nasty ass!"

Dad quickly hit the table, "Teddy language. You guys have to watch what you say. You are the son of a pastor. By the way, the church festival is tonight. I signed both of you up for volunteer duty."

"What?" Carter whined immediately, "Dad, I had a date today. Rita and me were going on."

Rita was Carter's hot Spanish mamacita. She was addicted to Carter. I didn't like her though. She was kind of bossy. Who got so serious in a month? Another reason I didn't like her was she only started liking my bother after Augustine turned her down like three times.

"It's not up for discussion. Now drive your brother to school, you'll be late," Dad said grabbing his cup of coffee and probably residing into his home office, "Oh and boys, I love you both."

We both reluctantly muttered that we loved him back. Dad wasn't old. He was in his early 40's I believe or maybe even late 30s. He never dated after mom died. I guess his love was for the church. He felt every last waking moment helping people. He wasn't just my dad, he was Father Michaels.

"Come on, you heard what dad said," Carter hit me on the shoulder, "Get up. It's time to go to school."

"Great. Another exciting day in Hoax...the city of dreams. The bite-sized Apple."

He laughed a little bit at my humongous sarcasm and grabbed my bookbag for me. He knew damn well that

We made our way to the door and I managed to be daydreaming so much that I bumped right into Carter. He was just standing there in the doorway. My adopted brother wasn't saying anything. He was just standing there as though he couldn't move. I got scared for a moment actually at how still he was.

"What's wrong?" I asked him trying to peak over his shoulder and see what he was staring at from the threshold.

I walked past him to see an old lady standing there. She was right by Carter's car. She wasn't saying anything. She was just staring out. At first she was pacing.

"Isn't that old lady Devro?"
"Oh shit...yeah," I replied recognizing her.

Mrs. Devro was an old widow. Her husband had died in a fire a while back. The fire had taken up half her house. Instead of rebuilding it, she kept the old house the way it was, half burnt and everything. She supposedly lived in there. She stayed all the way past the cemetery and I'd never really been that far past to see for myself how the old lady lived. I just heard about her.

She had this wild look in her eyes. I couldn't describe it. It was as though her body was moving at a fast speed, but her body wasn't. Her body was moving slow. So slow.

She had her fists in the air and all of a sudden she started to do something I didn't expect. She started to bang on Carter's car.



My heart was thudding with the bangs. The loud noise was just like the noise I had heard in the gym. It was the same sound. It was the same loud thump. The motion was a slow heavy notion. Even though she was doing it on Carter's car, it sounded the same.

"What the fuck!" Carter said moving forward.

I tried to grab him and hold him back, but Carter was pissed. The lady had definitely dented his car. The old lady had some force between those hits that was for sure.

Carter even managed to drop both his and my bookbag as he advanced to her. He had this furious look in his eyes. Carter wasn't really a hot head. Him and I never managed to argue or anything like that. He was however a smart ass. Even though his truck was old, it was the only thing Dad could afford to give him. He treasured it.

"He's coming," the old lady said looking over at her.

"Are you with her?" Carter said turning to his right, "Can you come get her please?"

He was staring at another woman. The other woman was younger. She wasn't facing us or anything like that. She was facing away from us. I couldn't even see her face. I couldn't even see her head, because she had a hood on. I could only tell she was a woman by her shape. She had a voluptuous body.

She ignored Carter.

The other lady didn't even look our way.

Mrs. Devro banged on Carter's car one more time. This time she dented it in another place. I tried to stop Carter, but I couldn't. He put his hands on the lady trying to grab her arms.

He only managed to grab one though.

Before I knew it the other hand slapped him! No...it didn't slap him. I didn't understand what the fuck was going on! Somehow she had scratched him! There were three huge red marks across my brother's face.

"Bitch!" I screamed out.

I went to Carter's aid, pulling him back and pulling him in back of me. He was fucking shocked. Carter was just standing there holding his hand to his face in complete shock. He didn't even curse. He didn't say anything. His face was bleeding!

She was laughing. She was fucking laughing!

"It's coming. You hear it? Bang. Bang. Bang. It's coming. It's coming to eat you all up."

My heart raced. I was shaking. My whole body. Everytime I heard those bangs I got nervous. I was fucking sweating. What was she talking about? Where was she? What was she talking about?
"Mrs. Devro. I'm calling the cop if you touch my brother or his car again," I said.

Carter was exploding at the scratch marks on his cheek, "I'm going to BEAT her ass!"

I held my brother back. I couldn't deal with this right now. I turned to the other lady. Only...there was no other lady! The other lady had disappeared! She was just there! She was just there a second ago!

Where the fuck was she?

Mrs. Devro was pointing at me. Her old shriveled finger was making me sick. She couldn't even keep her finger up all the way. The one nail on her pointer finger seemed to be brittled, broken and falling off probably because of the impact with Carter's face.

"Hey! Hey! What's going on here!"

I turned around to see Dad coming outside of the house. He looked worried a little bit. He seemed a little confused.

He was still too far to see the look in Mrs. Devro's eyes though. For a moment as I looked into her eyes, I saw her pupils get wider and wider. They had gotten so wide that I didn't see anything in her eyes now except for huge black pupils...

"Gigantesque...Gigan---tesque...it's coming..."

Her voice muttered it over and over.

Her harsh finger crumbled to me. And then she came for me.

My heart dropped as she lunged for me. Her old hair which had been pulled back into a thick grease ball this entire time became a wild and deranged mess as she came for me. Her broken finger nails reached for my skin. Her teeth were large...brown and hurt.

At that moment right before she reached me, she started to cough. She started to cough...or maybe it was laughing. I wasn't sure. She had a smile on her face.

She coughed louder...harder...

She coughed right on me. I covered my arm and pulled back away from her a little bit. Carter came up behind me and grabbed me. By now Dad was there.

That was she started to cough blood. First it was just a little bit. First it was just a splash and then she started to drool the stuff.

The next step was the unthinkable.

"Call the cops!" Dad had screamed.

I didn't budge. Neither did Carter. We couldn't stop staring.

It was actually Dad who had followed his own directions and ran into the house to grab the phone his cellphone.

Old Mrs. Devro was in front of our house throwing up blood. It was a lot of it as well. It seemed as though all the blood left in her body was coming out of her mouth at this time. She looked up at us and she said something under her breath. I didn't understand it. I didn't know if Carter did. Her mouth was too full of the stuff to completely hear anything. I was terrified.

She fell in the blood after that. She fell in her own blood and she wasn't moving.


We didn't go to school that day. After seeing someone die in front of your very own eyes, things didn't seem right. You are just left with answers. What was she talking about? Why had she come to our house to die? How did she die? And who was that lady that had been standing there and just disappeared right when we needed her help.

There was something strange going on in Hoax. It was something really strange.