Dark Horizons

By Toren

Disclaimer: This story is fiction. Any resemblance to real persons alive or dead is completely coincidental.  That said, this story involves love between males, if you have a problem with that then leave.  All characters are property of Toren unless otherwise noted.  Do Not Reproduce, alter, or tamper with this story in anyway.  Comments, and questions are welcome at dark_horizons18@yahoo.com   Dark Horizons And All It's Properties Copyright Toren


Chapter 1

The wind whipped about him as he ran.  Branches tore into the skin of his face and naked chest as the creature howled in frustration.  The boy turned around, whispering mystical words of power, to face the beast.  Just a few more seconds and the spell would be complete.  The air surrounding him began to crackle with magical energy.  The spell would drain all of his power and if the creature yet lived then he would be beyond hope.  The creature sprang forward just as the boy finished his incantation, preparing to rip him apart with it's deadly claws.  Pain.  Fire.  Death.

16 year old Austin Wagner awoke in his bed, drenched in sweat, the same nightmare that has plagued him most of his teenage life replaying in his now awake mind.  His chest heaved as he tried to catch his breath.  Reaching up he ran his fingers through his dark brown hair.  The dream was beginning to occur more regularly, what did it mean?

Looking to his side he sees his clock and realized that it's Monday.  Winter vacation is over and he has school today, another semester of hell to survive through.  He removed his covers and stood up, stretching his tired muscles.  With a yawn he walked across the room to his bathroom.  A nice shower would wake him completely and wash away the nightmare, for the time being at least.  As he grabbed the shower knob a searing pain shot through his head, turning his vision white and eliciting a shout from his parched lips.

People and places began flashing through his mind.  A man sinking his teeth into the neck of a young woman.  Creatures, demons running amok through the cities of America, killing as they pleased.  A group of teenagers fighting for their lives in the sewers, being chased by darkness itself.  Among the group a hero emerges, fighting his past and ensuring a future for himself and his friends.  And then a beautiful boy, his gray eyes speaking of untold power, his midnight black hair blown by an unseen wind.  Lightning cracked around him as he whispered something, but no words were heard.  Then as suddenly as they had started the visions ended.

Austin found himself lying on the bathroom floor, shaking, gasping for air for the second time this morning.

"Wh-what's wrong with me?" he whispered, tears streaming down his cheeks.  The pain subsided and he returned to his feet, wiping his eyes.  He once again reached for the shower knob, this time pain free.  He turned the knob, releasing the warm water through the shower head.  Stepping out of his boxers, he entered the shower and surrendered himself to the water.

"It has begun," called a voice from the podium.

A young man stood in the center of a large room.  Ancient runes lined the walls and ceiling, runes of power and of protection.  This was the council chamber of The Order of Light, the most powerful wizards and witches of Good.  Five men and five women, the leaders of the Order, sat high in front of him.

"We have detected that his power is beginning to release.  The Seers have determined that he is the boy the prophecy speaks of.  The one who shall lead us in the fight against evil," the voice of Kaldon spoke.

The boy nodded.

"The darkness is moving against us, already we have lost three of our own.  They have not died in vain however, their mission was completed and Margulis does not know the location of the boy," spoke a woman to his left.

"Yes," said Kaldon, "You must not let him fall to the path of darkness.  Too much is at stake, our future and the future of humanity as we know it will be destroyed if you fail."

Again he nodded.

"Then you know what you must do."

"Yes father," the boy finally said.

"Then may the gods be with you," Kaldon said as he bowed to his son.  The others bowed to him as well as he turned and exited the room, his gray eyes shimmering with power.

Austin finished dressing and left his room, heading downstairs for breakfast.  He could smell his moms cooking as he descended the carpeted stairs.  Hopefully the day would get better as it moved on.

"Austin are you ok?  I thought I heard you shout," His Mom asked as he entered the kitchen.  Long blonde hair, piercing green eyes, it is easy to see where Austin gets his looks from.

"Oh uh yeah, I just stubbed my toe getting into the shower," he lied.

"Ok, hun.  I made pancakes for you, but I gotta hurry up to work so I'll see you later tonight ok?" She kissed his cheek, "Love you Aus."

"Love you too Mom," he says as she leaves.  He sat down and poured maple syrup on the pancakes and greedily ate them.

`Man I didn't think I was this hungry,' he thinks to himself.  After a few minutes he cleaned his dish and headed back upstairs to brush his teeth.  When he finished he grabbed his backpack and books and headed back downstairs.  A car horn sounded from outside and Austin left his house, locking up, and headed for the black Ford pickup parked in front of his house.  The truck belonged to his best friend Max Killenger.  Austin smiled as he got in.

"Hey dude," he said.

"Austin, bro ready for another day of hell?" He laughs and Austin smiled wider.  He loved the sound of Max's laugh.  In fact he loved everything about him, the way his eyes crinkled when he smiled, his personality, and the looks to kill for.  Too bad he didn't feel the same way for Austin.  Max was straight where as Austin was gay, but that did not change the friendship between them.  Unfortunately not everyone felt that way, Austin still had to deal with comments about his sexuality.  He just ignored most of it.

"Yeah I just hope Ms. Burgess got that stick out of her ass," Austin said as Max turned the corner and headed for Oceanside High.

"Yeah she really had it out for you before break, man.  What'd you do, eat her donut or something?"  Ms. Burgess was not the most petite of women.

Austin shrugged, "Fuck if I knew."

Max chuckled and continued to drive.  Austin sighed.

"Max I had the dream again."

Max turned and looked at his friend.  "Shit man I told you to see someone about it."

"Yeah, but I just...I don't want some crazy shrink to send me away to some madhouse for a stupid dream or something," he considered telling Max about the visions but decided against it, he didn't need him to get on his case about something else.

"Yeah, but dude."

"Don't worry it's probably nothing," Austin cut in.

Max pulled into the parking lot of the school and up to his usual spot, right next to his girlfriend Felicia Denton's car.  They picked up their books and exited the truck, Felicia walking up to Max and kissing him passionately on the lips.

Austin rolled his eyes, "I'll leave you two to eat each others faces, see ya in class."

They both mumbled something as they continued to kiss each other.  Austin headed across the parking lot to the main building saying hi to other friends as they passed.  He started to think about the visions.  They seemed so real, and he was awake so they were definitely not a dream.  But what did it all mean, what was happening to him?

As he reached his locker he felt someone grab his shoulder.  He turned around to see Jennifer Lawrence, another good friend of his.

"Austin didn't you hear me?" she asked puzzled.

"Oh sorry, I had something on my mind," he said frowning.

"I was calling you for almost a minute.  Anything serious, you wanna talk?" she asked all concerned now.

"No, it's nothing big, was there something you needed?"

"Oh yeah!  Here's your Yellowcard CD back, I finally got around to burning it, man I LOVE them!" she reached into her pack and rummaged for the CD.  When she found it she handed it to Austin and he put it in his backpack.

"Thanks, yeah they're great.  Well I gotta head to class, I'll see you in third ok?"

"Ok, later," she says as she went off to first period.

Austin put the books he didn't need in his locker and headed for his first class, Algebra with Ms. Burgess.  Max and Felicia caught up to him and they entered the classroom together, heading for their usual seats in the back.

"You feeling ok Aus, you look kinda pale," Felicia asked.

"Yeah Im fine, just tired I guess," he answered as they sat down.  The other students in the class began talking to each other about vacation and soon the entire classroom was full of voices.  After a few minutes Ms. Burgess stood and cleared her throat.

"Now I know you're all chock full of happy tales, but now is not the time.  Settle down class and let us begin," she said.  The class moaned, but settled down.

"Much better," she nodded, "Now before we begin I would like to introduce to you all a new student.  Class this is Devyn Phoenix and he joins us all the way from England."  A boy stood up in the front row and turned to face the class.  Austin's jaw dropped open, it was the boy from his vision this morning.  His gray eyes sparkled in the light of the classroom as he looked around, finally settling his gaze on Austin.  His mouth closed with a click.

"Oh he is razor fine Austin," Felicia whispered in his ear from behind, "but try not to drool," she giggled.

"Yeah dude, need a napkin?" Max asked.

"No you guys don't understand he's the guy from..." he trailed off when he remembered they didn't know about the visions.

"What?" they both asked in unison.

"Nevermind," Austin hissed.  Devyn returned to his seat and Max and Felicia looked at each other and shrugged.

Ms. Burgess continued on about equations and other math nonsense, but Austin could not concentrate on the lesson today.  His eyes remained focused on the boy in the front row with midnight black hair, this Devyn Phoenix whoever he may be.  Something was going to happen between the two of them and Austin was not sure what that would be.

Class ended without a hitch and Austin said goodbye to Felicia and Max for the moment.  He left the classroom and headed for his locker to drop of his Algebra book and grab his History textbook and notebook.  After closing his locker he took the stairs to the second floor and Mr. Pulaski's History classroom.  Austin entered and said hi to the teacher and headed for his seat at the back right corner of the class.  History was his forte and he did not know any of the other students in the class, so he usually did his work quietly and slept through the remainder of the class.  Mr.  Pulaski was very lenient and did not mind at all if Austin napped, so long as he kept his grade up.  He took his seat and watched the other students mill into the classroom.  He stifled a yawn and turned to look out the window overlooking the school grounds and zoned out for a few seconds.  What if he really was cracking up he wondered?

"Is this seat taken," came a deep voice from Austin's left.  He snapped out of his daydream and turned to see Devyn standing there, his mouth immediately hung open.

"Dude, you're gawking again," laughed Devyn.

Austin turned ten shades of red and turned his gaze downward, "Uh err umm...im sorry it's just...no the seats not taken," he finally managed to stammer out.  Devyn smiled, showing his perfect white teeth as he took the seat and Austin sighed inwardly.

"So how hard is this class?" Devyn asked, turning to face Austin.

"Hard?  Oh, no it's pretty easy actually," he answered.  His face had finally returned to its normal complexion.

"Cool.  Oh im Devyn, but you already knew that didn't you?" he asked flashing his smile again, this guy was gorgeous.

"Im Austin.  Umm you're from England right?  Why no accent?"

"I was born in California, but my parents are part of the Peace Corps so we've moved from place to place.  I decided to move back here with my cousin though, so I could finish my schooling."

"Oh, ok.  So um yeah sorry about the staring I don't know what came over me," Austin said looking down sheepishly.

"Don't worry, I get that everywhere I go," he smiled again.  Austin was practically melting on the spot, how could someone he just met have this kind of power of him?

No, not just met.  He was in the vision or whatever it was that Austin had that morning.  Something important was going to happen between the two of them, he was sure of it.  That or he was crazy.

Mr. Pulaski finally called the class to order and gave the days assignment.  Austin got to it right away and helped catch up Devyn with what had been going on in the class.  After about twenty minutes they were done with the assignment and had some time to talk before class ended.

"See, it was pretty easy wasn't it?" Austin asked.

"Yeah it was.  Hey do you know where Mr. Myer's' class is?  I have him next for Chemistry."

Austin blinked, "I have him too.  So I guess ill just take you there myself huh?"

"Wow that's cool, I'm glad I have someone like you in my classes, you seem like a pretty cool guy."

Austin felt his face heat up again and he was sure he had turned a deep shade of purple.  "Yeah uhh thanks.  Hey lemme see your schedule and ill tell you where the other classrooms are.

"Sure hold on."  Devyn reached into his backpack and rummaged around for his schedule.  After a few seconds he found it and handed it to Austin.  He unfolded it and looked it over.  It was an exact copy of his schedule, Burgess, Pulaski, Myers, lunch and then English with Jameson and Psychology with Cantres.

"Well looks like you should just stick with me the rest of the day," he said.


"We've got every class together"

Devyn's face lit up, "That's really cool.  Well be like two peas in a pod," he laughed.

"Yeah."  He handed the schedule back to Devyn and put his head down on his desk.

"You ok dude?" Devyn asked, concerned.

Austin lifted his head back up and looked at him, "Oh no it's nothing, just didn't get much sleep last night I guess.  I've been having this weird dream lately, almost every night this past week."


"Yeah and it seems so real too.  Im being chased through the woods by this monster or something.  Its catching up to me and im saying something, sounds like gibberish to me and I dunno im probably making it out to be more than it really is," Devyn looked troubled by his explanation, "And now you think im crazy, score for me," Austin said rolling his eyes.

"No I don't.  It is just a dream after all"

"Yeah that's what I tell myself.


"Guess its time to go eh?  I have to grab some stuff from my locker so just meet me in front of the..."

"Oh I've got all my books with me so Ill just come with you ok," Devyn said.

"Oh ok."

They got up and left the classroom heading for the staircase.  Students were walking every which way through the hall and it was going to take some time to get down to his locker.

"Man is this place always so crowded?" Devyn asked after almost stepping on young freshman girl.

"Yeah this school is pretty overcrowded, its ridiculous really," Austin said turning to Devyn.  They reached the stairs and headed down, Austin wasn't paying attention and didn't see the guy stop in front of him to chat with some girl.


"What the fuck!" the guy turned around furious at being walked into.  The fact that it was Austin didn't make things any better.  "Hey watch where you're walking you fucking queer!"  He pushed Austin up against the wall and the crowd immediately stopped to watch.

"Hey leave him alone!" Devyn shouted, grabbing the guy by the shoulder.

"No its ok Devyn don't..."

"Who the fuck are you another pansy ass fag like this little shit!"

Before Austin knew what was happening Devyn slammed the guy in the face with his fist and sent him sprawling to the floor and down three steps, blood pouring out of his nose.

"I am more than you should care to deal with.  Austin lets go."

They left the bully sitting there dazed while the rest of the kids looked on in awe.  When they got to Austin's locker he finally spoke up.

"You shouldn't have done that.  Now there's just going to me more trouble for the both of us."

Devyn shrugged, "Don't worry I can handle myself.  You shouldn't let people treat you like that Austin."

"You don't care then?" Austin asked, holding back the tears.

"What that you're gay?  Austin it doesn't matter you are a cool guy and who am I to judge you."  Austin couldn't hold them back any longer and started to sob.  He turned to his locker to get his books for the rest of the day.

"Austin, dude don't cry.  Talk to me," Devyn pleaded.

"Im sorry it's just, I don't even know you and you're being so nice to me," he wiped his eyes, "Thanks Devyn," he closed the locker and started toward Myer's' Chemistry classroom.  They entered in silence and Austin went to the lab table he shared with Jennifer and Max.  Devyn went to the front of the room to check in with the teacher before taking a seat.

Max looked at his friend and saw his tear streaked face, "Oh my god Austin what happened?"  Jennifer hugged him and asked the same.

"Just some dumbass in the hallway.  Devyn stood up for me though and I guess I just got emotional."  Devyn finished checking in and made his way to the table and took a seat with the group.

"Hey thanks for watching out for Austin bro," Max said.

"Its nothing really, that guy had it coming."

"Im Max by the way and this is Jennifer."


"Hi Devyn," Jennifer smiled.

"You ok now?" Devyn asked Austin.

"Yeah thanks a lot man."

"Don't worry, you shouldn't have to deal with stuff like that, especially from that asshole."


Mr. Myers announced they would be watching a video that day and to take a page worth of notes.  After putting the tape in the VCR and turning off the lights the group turned their attention to the projector screen and started to take notes.  It was one of those cheesy science videos with lots of noises that a five year old would enjoy.  Austin felt himself drifting off to sleep and before long he must have dozed off.

He found himself standing in the middle of a clearing of a forest.  The sun shone brightly in the sky and birds sang among the trees.  It was a peaceful scene, somewhere he would like to stay.

"It is beautiful isn't it?" said a familiar voice from behind.  Austin whirled around to see Devyn standing there.

"Yeah.  It is," the words were his own yet they were not.

Devyn walked forward and pulled Austin to him, kissing him passionately.  After what seemed like an eternity the two separated, looks of pure ecstasy displayed on their faces.

"I love you Austin."

"I love you too Devyn," again he was saying these things but it did not feel like he was.  It was like he was watching himself do these things.

"Austin wake up."


Austin looked around and saw that the lights were back on and everyone was exiting the class.

"Dude you must be tired," Max said.

"Huh no I was only out for a few minutes, at least it only felt like it," Austin said as he gathered his things.

"No you were asleep for almost an hour Austin," said Jennifer.

They gathered their things and headed out for lunch.  Felicia met up with them and proceeded to make out with Max for the duration of the lunch period.  Devyn talked with Jennifer and Austin about his life.  Growing up in different states and countries all over the world, about his parents and their work.  Austin tried to pay attention but he kept thinking about his new dream.  The kiss with Devyn was so real, so full of passion and love, what he would give to make that kiss come true.

The rest of the day passed without incident and Austin said goodbye to Devyn when the final bell rang.  He had given him his phone number earlier and told him to call him anytime he needed anything.  It looked like they would be good friends after all.  Austin made his way to the parking lot and to Max's truck where, surprise surprise, Max and Felicia were busy sucking face.

"Do you two ever give it a rest?" Austin said jokingly.

"Only when you're kissing me Aus sweety," Max said in a girly voice.

"Oh you are SO hilarious, jerk."  Austin playfully shoved his friend and they all laughed.

"Im gonna get Mr. Sleepyhead here home so he can rest ok babe, I'll come over later ok ?"

"Ok baby ill see you.  Bye Austin I hope you feel better," Felicia said as she walked over to her car.

"Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow."  Max and Austin got in the truck and drove off to Austin's house.

"So you like this Devyn guy?" Max asked as they pulled out of the parking lot.

"Yeah.  No.  I mean yeah he's a cool guy.  He didn't have to stand up for me before but he did, I think we might become good friends."

"Yeah, and he's totally hot."

Austin looked at Max, "Why are you turning gay on me now Max buddy?" he asked.

"What, I've been hanging around you my whole life, of course your’e going to rub off on me.  Nah I just noticed how you were looking at him."

"Yeah he is pretty cute isn't he."

Max nodded and they continued to drive.  After a few minutes he pulled up at Austin's house and they said goodbye to each other.

"See ya at school bud," Austin said as he closed the door and walked up the driveway to his house.  He walked up to the door and pulled his keys out to unlock it.  As he stepped in the phone rang and he dropped his stuff to go grab it.


"Austin it's me," the voice of his mom came over the receiver.

"Hi mom what's up?"

"I called to let you know that ill be staying up here at the office for tonight.  We have a lot of work to get done and I might as well get in the extra hours.  There's money on the mantle if you wanted to order yourself something.  I'll be home tomorrow night ok hun?"

"Ok mom ill see you tomorrow."

"Love you Aus."

"Love you too mom, bye," he said as he hung up the phone.  He went back to the living room and picked up his stuff and headed upstairs to his room.

"Im just gonna take a nap then do some homework," he said to himself.  After putting his stuff down he stripped down to his boxers and laid on the bed, after a few minutes he was fast asleep.

*That Night*

Austin woke up and looked at his clock.  "Shit, its eight already!  Man why am I so tired today."  A crashing noise came from downstairs and he jumped to his feet.  He moved over to his closet and grabbed a baseball bat from within.

"Ok this is not cool."

He made his way over to his door and cautiously opened it, peering into the hallway.  Nothing.  He stepped outside and walked to the staircase and looked down into the living room.  There at the bottom of the stairs was the creature from his dreams.

"What the," he shouted and the creature turned around red  eyes gleaming, fangs glistening from the moonlight washing through the windows.  It must have weighed over three hundred pounds and stood on four legs like a wolf.  It growled and bounded up the stairs.  Austin backed into the wall, holding the bat in front of him for protection.  The creature jumped with lightning speed and Austin shouted in fear.

Devyn was awoken by a shout coming from Austin's house.  He had been standing guard in the backyard and must have fallen asleep.  Reaching over his shoulder and whispering a word of magic he released the spell of invisibility on his sword and  pulled it from its sheath.

"Raijin, hear my prayers.  Grant me the power I need to fulfill my destiny."  Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed across the cloudless sky.  A bolt of pure white lightning struck the sword and Devyn felt his body surge with the power of the gods.  He closed his eyes and teleported into the hallway of the home.  An Orgoth demon was standing over Austin's prone body, ready to deliver the kill.

With a shout Devyn rushed forward swinging his sword downward toward the demon.  It turned around just in time to see it's death.  With a crackle of electricity the sword passed through the creatures head, splitting its skull in two.  It fell to the floor limp and lifeless.

Devyn sheathed his sword and rushed forward to help Austin.

"Austin are you ok?!  It's me Devyn."

Austin stirred and his eyes fluttered open, "Dev...Devyn what was that?"

Devyn reached down and kissed Austin on the forehead, "Its ok, you need to rest.  I will explain everything in the morning.  Everything about who you are and the power you hold.  The power to save mankind," he whispered.

"Ok," Austin muttered as he drifted back to sleep.

Everything was about to change.