Dark Horizons

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Chapter 2

Darkness Falls


A songbird's sweet melody drifted through the air, stirring Austin from his sleep. The refreshing smell of a fresh rainfall made him realize he wasn't indoors. As he opened his eyes he found himself in the clearing he had shared the kiss with Devyn. He stood up and brushed the dirt from his clothing, wondering how he got here. Or was it another dream?

"We both know what we wanted," Austin turned to the sound of the voice to see Devyn standing there, his eyes sparkling in the sunlight.

"Why did you leave me?" Austin asked. Like the last dream the words were coming out of his mouth but he wasn't saying them.

"You left me no choice," Devyn turned his gaze toward the ground.

"Then you leave me no choice," Austin closed his eyes and flung his hands forward, "Flames of Purity burn away the unclean!" his eyes shot open, normally brown eyes now a blood red, as a ball of flame sprang forth from his outstretched palms.

"What!" Devyn looked up just in time to be engulfed by the fire.


Deep in the Himalayan mountains there is a cave. Humans that have stumbled upon the cave cannot explain its existence. A perfectly carved tunnel would require the use of machinery and tools that did not exist at the time the cave was first discovered. It was chalked up to another one of nature's miracles.

It is a harsh wasteland. Freezing temperatures during the day and even colder temperatures during the night. Constant snow and hail make it a hazard to anyone daring enough to journey to this wondrous cave. Nothing can survive for long in the cold, nothing mortal that is.

Five cloaked figures stood in a circle in the deepest sanctum of the cave. These are the Oracles, immortal beings meant to keep a balance between the forces of good and evil, they themselves being neither good nor evil but neutral. If an Oracle interferes drastically in the affairs of mortals and tip the balance to favor either good or evil, it would be their death, their only mortality.

"Something has happened," spoke a female voice from under her cloak.

"Yes I have sensed it as well Sophia," a male said from her right side.

"The balance has been tipped drastically," said another female to his right.

"There is no more balance," a younger male, sounding almost like a teenager spoke.

"The forces of evil have acquired a new player," another female, the last of the cloaked figures, said from under her cloak.

"No not new this power is old, older than even I Shaitung," the one called Sophia spoke again.

"Yes, a very old evil power," the man to her right spoke.

"We must intervene."

"I agree with Hermia," the young man said.

"As do I," said Shaitung.

Sophia nodded, "Then a majority has been reached. We must find the one called Austin Wagner." As one the Oracles joined hands and teleported from the caves.

Austin gasped as he awoke from the dream, his hands trembling as if from a deep cold. As his mind came out of the cobwebs the events of the previous night came flooding back to him. He was attacked by some creature, the wound still burning on his bare chest. He remembered a bright light and...Devyn? Somehow he had survived. It was then he realized somebody else was with him, their arms wrapped tightly around his waist. He turned his head to see who it was. He wasn't surprised to find Devyn sleeping soundly with his head turned to the side. Austin closed his eyes and leaned his head into Devyn's chest, causing him to stir slightly. Austin looked back up to see Devyn had opened his eyes and was looking down at him.

"Good morning," Devyn said sleepily, followed by a yawn. Austin laughed slightly and sat up on his bed, breaking Devyn's embrace on him.

"We have to get to school," he said preparing to get off the bed. Devyn reached forward and grabbed his hand, sending a chill up Austin's spine.

"No, you need to rest. You're wounded." Austin didn't need the reminder, the gashes along his chest burned furiously.

"Maybe you're right," he said as he laid back down on the bed, "So tell me what exactly is going on Devyn. What was that thing and how did you kill it. And I have a feeling you know what the hell is wrong with me too."

Devyn sighed, "There is nothing wrong with you Austin," Devyn reached forward to caress Austin's cheek.

"Theres nothing wrong with me?" Austin shouted, batting away Devyn's hand. "Every night I dream my death, every time I fall asleep I dream something more confusing hell I even see things when im awake! I saw you in my dreams Devyn before I even met you, now tell me what the fuck is wrong with me!"

"Austin calm down, there is nothing wrong with you, these things are normal for what you are."

"For what I am? What are you talking about?" Austin demanded.

"Austin every word I am about to tell you is true, deep down you will know it is. You and I, the both of us are Magi." Austin looked at Devyn with a blank expression and he sighed, "Witches, wizards, warlocks whatever you want to call it. We were born with the natural ability to use magic." Laughter escaped from Austin's mouth and Devyn glared at him. "What you don't believe me?" he asked.

"No I do. Im just glad that Im not crazy."

"Ok then. That thing last night was an Orgoth demon, a hell hound. I was sent by the Order of Light to watch over you and thankfully they sent me in time."

"Order of Light?" Austin asked.

"Yes. The good witches and wizards of the world. We lead the fight against the evils of the night. Demons, werewolves, vampires and the like."

"So everything is true then? All the fairy tales and stuff?"

"Well to an extent. The tooth fairy isn't real Im sorry to say." Austin laughed again bringing a smile to Devyn's face.

"Wait a sec thought. I saw a group of young vampires in one of my visions or whatever, and I got the distinct impression they were good."

Devyn nodded, "There are a number of good vampires. There are also a number of bad ones, as well as evil magic users like Margulis." A chill spread through the room at the mention of his name.

"Margulis?" Austin asked.

"Yes, the most powerful Necromancer on Earth. He has created the most powerful blood magics and released some, well most of, the more powerful demons and creatures from imprisonment. It is not a good time for the side of good," explained Devyn somberly.

"I see. So can I see your wand?"

"What?" Devyn asked in surprise.

"Your wand, yaknow presto change-o? What did you think I meant?" Austin smirked.

"Oh. Well it doesn't exactly work like that. We, that is the ones from the Order of Light, get our power from the Gods. Mainly the Elemental Gods Raijin, Mithra, Aurora, Cassius, and Aries. There are a number of other Gods Goddesses and lesser deities but these are the five that we obtain most of our power from. In time I will teach you how to channel the magical energies and harness the power of the Gods."

The sun had now fully risen over the eastern horizon, its rays filtering into Austin's bedroom. Austin raised his hand and brushed a stray lock of hair out of his eyes. Thoughts were screaming through his mind, thoughts about being a magi, the truth about demons and vampires, and...why his mother never told him.

"Does my mom know?" he finally asked. Devyn didn't answer right away, he glanced away for a moment then looked Austin in the eye after a few seconds.

"No. At least she should not. It is believed that your father did not reveal his true identity to her. Austin you must not tell her or anyone what I have told you. Most governments of the civilized world know of our existence but the general populace can not know, it would cause too much chaos." Devyn said seriously.

Austin nodded. From outside the sound of a car horn was heard and Devyn immediately jumped to his feet.

"Who is there?" he shouted.

"Oh shit, it's Max. I should've called him and told him not to come pick me up," Austin rolled out of bed and put on a white t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. He headed for the bedroom door and immediately doubled over in pain, Devyn was at his side in an instant.

"Austin are you ok?" he asked, concerned.

"No, something is happening, I cant ahhhhhhh!" he shouted, grabbing the sides of his head and collapsing to the ground. Devyn put his hands over Austin's and began chanting a spell.

"Aurora hear my prayers. Shield Austin from magical assault," as he finished a white light surrounded Austin and the pain subsided.

"What...what happened?" Austin asked between breaths.

Devyn glanced around the room as if looking for something, "Someone was attacking your mind. I sense a familiar power, but it cannot be..." he trailed off.

"What, what cant it be?" Austin asked.

"It felt like Margulis, but he cannot possibly know of your location or interfere directly. The Council has taken measures to ensure your safety." Devyn explained.

Suddenly the door swung open and Max entered the room. "Dude you awake or..." he stopped when he saw Devyn, "Oh um am I interrupting anything?" he asked.

Austin got to his feet and shook his head, "No no don't worry. Um how did you get in my house?"

Max laughed, "Dude, you left the front door unlocked and I thought since you didn't come out after I honked that something happened. I guess you two were just a little busy eh?"

Austin's face flushed and Devyn glared coldly at Max. "Devyn called earlier to see if I was ok and I told him to come over cause I wasn't feeling too good. Im sorry I didn't let you know I wasn't coming to school."

"Oh. Ok dude, you ok now?" Max asked.

"Not really, Im just going to lie down and hopefully Im better tomorrow."

"Ok. I hope you feel better. Ill see if I can get your work for you and stuff. Later man." As Max left the room Austin could have sworn the temperature dropped a few degrees, probably from the look that passed between him and Devyn.

"Austin it is time to begin your training as a magi. Normally this would take a few years at most for you to completely learn the ways of magic. However I have been given permission to take you to Arcania, it is a higher dimension where time has no meaning. There your training will be accelerated and when we return it will be as if no time has passed."

"Whoa hold on a second here. Don't I get a say in this I mean this is a lot to take in, what if I don't want any of this?"

Devyn frowned, "Austin you have no choice."

"What? I have no choice? You can't tell me I don't have a choice, who the hell are you to tell me that!" Austin shouted, balling his hands into fists. Maybe he wouldn't like Devyn too much after all.

"Austin calm down. It has been prophesized that you are the key to defeating the darkness. No matter how hard you try your destiny will catch up to you, one way or another. Besides you came close before..." Devyn closed his mouth and turned around.

"Before? What do you mean I came close before?"

Devyn turned around to face Austin again, "Austin, do you have dreams about things that feel real and that you've done those things, but in reality you have not?"

Austin nodded, "Yeah."

"Those are memories. Memories of your past life resurfacing, you have been reborn to once again face Margulis and hopefully defeat him for good this time."

Austin paled and made his way to his bed and sat down. "Wow..." he whispered.

"I was not supposed to reveal this to you until a later time. However I feel you needed to know to persuade you that you must come now and..."

"You were reborn too," Austin suddenly cut in.

"How did you know?" Devyn asked.

"You are in my memories. We...shared something special didn't we?"

"Austin now is not the time for this. Your powers are obviously evolving and we must begin training so they do not harm you."

"Ok. Then take me to Arcania."

In the Black Forest of Germany stands an abandoned castle long forgotten by the people of the area. Here in the darkest depths of the castle resides Margulis, the most feared Necromancer on Earth. He thumped his hands on the arms of his throne, waiting for a message, anything that she succeeded.

"She will come," cooed a voice from the darkness beside the throne. A pale skinned woman emerged from the darkness, her long black hair falling over her shoulders and her blood red lips formed into a smile.

"Nefreya, my wife. I know she will come, I have faith in our dark goddess," Margulis replied from his throne. With that a blinding white light lit up the room and a woman's evil laughter rippled through the air. Another female with hair as white as snow appeared, her eyes glowing an electric blue, the laughter obviously emitting from her lips.

"Ah Kali you have returned," Margulis said simply.

"Yes. The pitiful creatures put up more of a fight than I expected. However I have obtained the vampire's powers and destroyed any hope they had of ever defeating us," the dark goddess replied.

"Excellent. Let us move on to the next phase of our plan. My minions have located the newest incarnation of the Gods pathetic hope to stop us. I will take care of this personally. You must make sure the infernal Oracles to not interfere," Margulis said with a hiss.

Kali laughed eerily, "You presume to order me around Margulis? I rather like my new form and wish to have a little fun."

"Do not question me Kali! Remember it is I that took the necessary steps to ensure your Ascension occurred!" Margulis shouted, standing from his throne.

"And it is I who can destroy you with the wave of my hand!" Kali retorted.

Margulis returned to his seat, "Indeed. Fine have your fun. But I warn you if the Oracles intervene then all will be for naught," he warned.

"Yada yada, you just love the cryptic warnings don't you Margy? Fine I'll see to these Oracles, but that is all. Maybe it's about time I started calling the shots around here." With a flash of blinding light Kali disappeared and silence returned to the abandoned castle.

Austin and Devyn materialized in the clearing from Austin's memories. The air was calm and the melodic sound of numerous birds in song drifted through the forest. Austin turned around, taking in every inch of the beautiful scene. He sniffed the air, welcoming the scent of the forest.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Devyn asked.

Austin turned around in surprise, "What did you say?"

"Um isn't it beautiful," Devyn said confused.

"You asked me that before..." Austin whispered. Silence fell over the clearing as neither of them spoke for a minute. Devyn just looked at the ground as Austin stared at him, looking for some sort of reaction.

"As I said before we get our power from the Gods. To channel this energy...," Austin laughed as Devyn tried to avoid his statement, "Is something funny?"

"Yeah, you."

"Look Austin, when you are ready I will explain what happened to us in the past, but right now the future of the world is depending on you. And if I don't prepare you for the times to come then we might as well just give our souls to the darkness right now and save ourselves the trouble."

"Fine. Whatever floats your boat, show me to do some mumbo jumbo," Austin rolled his eyes.

"Now just listen to me. To channel the energy of the Gods you must focus in your mind on the spell you wish to cast. Each God has their own element and types of spells. For example, Raijin is the God of Thunder and."

"Heavens strength be my wrath, flames of Mithra...,"Austin swirled his hands above his head a red flame building in power, finally he threw his hands forward, "Burn!" he shouted and a huge gout of flame shot forward forcing Devyn to dive to the ground as it burned a huge trail through the forest. "Like that?" Austin asked with a smirk.

"H-how did you do that?" Devyn asked trying to catch his breath.

Austin shrugged, "Just came to me all of a sudden."

"Can you do anything else?" Devyn asked. Austin closed his eyes in concentration for a moment and then reopened them as a familiar, searing pain shot through his head. He clutched the sides of his head as he fell forward to the forest floor.

"Austin are you ok?" Devyn asked rushing to his side.

Austin screamed as a thousand different visions tried to force their way into his mind. A boy, the vampire from his vision yesterday morning, was sprawled on the ground a woman with snow white hair forcing her hand into his chest. Clouds and then another scene, a girl about Austin's age with hair as golden as the suns rays surrounded by swirling orbs of black and then another boy, somehow they were connected. Then another became clear in his mind. Smoke filled the dusk lit sky as a cloaked figure was led to a large wooden stake, her hands tied in front of her. Three other stakes were visible with three women writhing in pain as their bodies were burned from the fires of a Puritan society. The cloaked figure was tied to the remaining stake as the brush below her was set to flame. Her cloak fell back as she began to laugh, her white hair blowing in the wind. She was the same woman attacking the vampire. The townspeople watched in grim satisfaction as the flames ate away at her flesh, her sinister laughter still echoing through the town. Suddenly Austin's vision turned white and he felt the visions slipping away. He gasped as the pain slowly ended and he felt Devyn's arms wrapped around him.

"Austin can you hear me, say something," Devyn's voice was filled with panic and Austin could swear he was choking back a sob. He tried to speak but nothing came out, his mouth was so dry it felt like sandpaper. He blinked his eyes to let Devyn know he was conscious again.

"Can you get up?" he asked. Austin gradually got to his feet and Devyn slung his arm around his shoulder and helped him over to a tree. He then helped Austin to sit with his back against the tree.

"Though the body has been drained the mind has the power to restore, heal!" Devyn placed his hands on either side of Austin's face as a blue glow emitted from his, crossing through his fingers and into Austin. The pain faded away immediately and Austin felt the strength returning to him.

"Feel better?" Devyn asked. Austin nodded and leaned back against the tree

"What happened? I didn't sense anyone attacking you."

"No it wasn't that. I was having a vision, well more like a thousand different visions at once."

"What? You are not a seer you should not be having visions."

"Well then you tell me what the hell they are. I saw a lot of stuff but three stuck out and somehow I think they are all connected."

Devyn sat down facing Austin and looked at him, "Tell me what you saw, maybe I can help make sense of it," he said.

Austin nodded, "The first one I saw one of the vampires from before. He was being attacked by a woman, a witch I guess, she was...digging into his chest with her hand. I felt a lot of pain but I think he is still alive. The next one I saw another girl, about our age with golden brown hair. She was being held prisoner somewhere and I felt a lot of power emanating from her. There was another boy, searching for her I think. The last one was the witch being burned at the stake, but that was hundreds of years ago and she was still alive in the other vision."

"Evil can be reborn to Austin."

"I suppose..." he trailed off.

Devyn stood back on his feet, "Come. We must see my father and the Council. They can make sense of all this. And it is also obvious I don't need to train you," he smiled. Austin stood up and glanced around the clearing, a chill suddenly running down his spine.

"What's wrong?" Devyn asked looking around as well.

"Something isn't right." As Austin finished his sentence five cloaked figures materialized in the glen, their faces hidden behind their hoods.

"Who are you?" Devyn shouted as he unsheathed his longsword. The figures reached up simultaneously and removed their hoods. Three women and two men, each with a golden aura surrounding their heads stood before them, Devyn dropped to his knees as he realized who they were.

"The Oracles! Austin, bow to them," Devyn hissed and Austin dropped to his knees as well. At that instant the wind picked up and darkness came to the clearing, thunder rumbled as a white portal opened and another figure stepped out.

"Hahaha! Yes bow you fools!" the figure laughed as her snowy hair blew in the wind.

"It is her," spoke Sophia.

"Yes, the dark power," Hermia said.

"Then we are too late, we must..." Kali cut off Laertes in mid sentence with her piercing laugh.

"Give it a rest will ya!" her eyes turned an inky black and a bolt of purple lightning struck the ground, sending Austin and Devyn flying into a large oak tree.

"Come on boys and girls, its time to rumble!" Kali spread her arms out and one of the Oracles shrieked in pain as blood poured from her mouth and eyes.

"How is this possible, you cannot inflict harm on us, unless...no it cannot be."

"Oh yes it can sweety. I am Kali, the Dark Goddess and I am here to spread joy and harmony to all dimensions," the Oracles blinked in surprise at Kali. Devyn managed to get back to his feet and saw Austin stir, pushing himself up on one hand.

Kali laughed again, "Oh who am I kidding? Now just die!" she shouted and the clearing erupted into black flames.