Dark Horizons

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Chapter 4

The Calm Before the Storm

            Thunder rumbled in the distance as the wind picked up speed across the rough, mountainous terrain.  Large, black storm clouds rolled in from the western horizon bearing with them an evil omen.  A teenage boy stood on a high cliff overlooking the burning forest below, his brown hair blowing about in the wind.  He had caused the fire and killed the only one he had ever truly loved in doing so.

"You have done well my apprentice," an eerie male voice said from behind the boy.  He turned around, a single tear falling from his blood red glowing eyes.  He slowly approached the cloaked figure and bowed slightly.

"Thank you master," he said in a low, even tone as he finished the bow.

"Then I trust you have made your choice?" Asked the man from beneath his black hood.  The boy nodded.

"Yes," he said simply.

"Then you know the next phase of the plan and what you must do."

"Yes, master," the boy answered.  With that, the man stepped backwards into the shadows and disappeared from the realm.  The boy turned back to the cliff and watched the forest continue to burn.  The clouds continued to form overhead and a few droplets of rain began to fall from above.  As he continued to watch, a large bolt of pure white lightning struck the center of the fire.  His eyes widened as he realized this was no regular storm.  The boy turned in a hurry and felt a sharp pain pass through the middle of his chest.  His red eyes flickered and returned to their normal brown pupils surrounded by white of the sclera.  He fell forward, impaling himself further on the sword and into the arms of another boy with black hair, his former lover.

"Devyn... I... I'm s...," he managed to choke out as blood poured from his chest.  Devyn nodded, tears streaming freely down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry too, Austin," he said as he leaned down pressing his lips to Austin's.  He cradled him in his arms and continued to kiss him as the life faded away from his body.

Austin sat up with a gasp, waking from another confusing dream about his past.  Devyn stirred next to him in the bed and he grabbed his elbow comfortingly.

"What's wrong Austin?" He asked groggily.  Austin looked down at him and smiled.

"Nothing, just a dream," he said as Devyn sat up next him, shaking his head and yawning.  Sunlight filtered in the room through the curtains of Austin's second floor bedroom.  Morning had come all too quickly today, the day they must leave for Anaheim to find a way to defeat the dark goddess Kali.  Austin's mom took the news of him being a Magi surprisingly easy and even let Devyn, Enya and Toren stay the night.  Devyn, ever fulfilling the protector role, stayed with Austin while Enya and Toren stayed in the guestroom downstairs.

"Just a dream?" Devyn pried.  Austin smiled and grabbed Devyn's hand.

"Just a dream," he lied.

"Ok," Devyn smiled, his perfect white teeth shining in the semi darkness.  Austin wasn't sure exactly how it happened, but the next thing he knew Devyn pulled his face to his own and kissed him passionately on the lips.  Austin closed his eyes and surrendered himself to Devyn, running his hands along his back and neck.  After a few moments the two separated from the kiss, all smiles.

"You, uh, kissed me," Austin said, slightly giddy.  Devyn somehow widened his smile.

"Yeah, I guess I did," Devyne replied as he pulled Austin on top of himself and continued to kiss him.  Devyn wrapped his arms around Austin's neck as they slowly grinded into each other.  Austin gasped slightly as the grinding continued, causing his dick to form a tent in the front of his pajama pants.  Devyn reached his hands under Austin's shirt and pulled it up, separating from their kiss long enough to pull it completely off.  "Is this ok, Austin?" Devyn gasped, slightly out of breath.

Austin grinned devilishly, "Don't stop," he breathed as he leaned down to kiss Devyn's neck, still grinding their now hard members against each other.

"Ok," Devyn sighed.


Enya sat on the edge of the bed staring intently at the sleeping form of Toren below on the floor.  This was the first time she had slept in a bed in days and yet she was still restless.  She sighed heavily, again, for the fifth time in the last ten minutes.

"Do you ever give it up?" Toren hissed angrily.  Enya almost jumped ten feet off the bed.

"Oh you're awake," Enya said chirpily.

"Yeah, thanks to you," Toren mumbled into his pillow.  Enya sighed again and Toren sat up, the blanket falling and showing his tanned chest.  "What is your problem?!" Toren shouted.


"Then why do you keep sighing?!"

"Don't raise your voice at me!"  The two glared at each other for several moments.  Not one moved or said another word.  Finally Enya gave in, "Im sorry...it's just I have been trying to contact my mother and I can't.  It's like everything is in disarray up there and I just..."  She started to sob and turned her head to hide the tears streaming down her face.  Toren stood and hugged her.

"Shhh Enya...it's ok," he whispered.

"I'm just so frustrated.  And what if we can't stop this Kali chick?  She IS a goddess...not even my powers can stop her, and I just..."

"Look don't worry, we are all in this together.  Besides the Oracle said she can be stopped and we are all needed to do so.  So come on no tears."  Enya finally calmed down and stopped crying.  "Let's go see about some breakfast ok?" Toren asked.

"Ok."  They stood and made their way over to the door, "Oh and not a word about this to ANYONE," she ordered.  Toren rolled his eyes and started up the stairs to see if Austin and Devyn were awake yet.  Enya stood at the bottom of the staircase and looked around the living room.  Pictures of Austin at various ages lined the walls, a larger portrait of he and his mother sat above the fireplace.  She smiled at one particular picture of Austin, he looked about four or five years old, his face was covered in chocolate ice cream and his light brown hair was a mess.  "Poor kid," she whispered.  Fate always chooses the innocent ones to toy with.  Upstairs, Toren reached for the doorknob to Austin's room when he heard moaning from within.

"Oh...god...Devyn ooooooh," he heard what must have been Austin.  He blushed furiously and pulled his hand back, hurrying back downstairs.

"They awake?" Enya asked as she saw Toren coming back down.  She gave him a weird look for his hurried pace.

"Uh.. um.. no, they're still sleeping.  Let...let's just make some breakfast and they can eat when they're fini...I mean when they wake up."


"He did what!" Margulis shouted, thunder booming in the sky outside his castle.  Suru cowered on the floor in front of him and Nefreya stood in the shadows behind the throne, watching cautiously.

"He...he countered my blood boil spell and killed two Death Knights in the process.  I can only assume he then escaped with the Princess..."  Margulis lurched forward and grabbed Suru by the throat.

"How?!" He demanded.  The shadows of the room somehow thickened as Suru gasped for air.

"I... I... do... not... know master," he managed to choke out as Margulis tightened his grip.  Nefreya stepped forward and placed a pale hand on her husbands shoulder.

"Now, now, my dear..." she cooed in his ear.  Margulis released his grip and tossed Suru to the stone floor where he immediately began gasping for air.

"Be gone from my sight and do not return until you have better news," Margulis commanded.  Suru stood, nodding, and disappeared into the shadows.  "How is this possible?" Margulis asked, turning to his wife.  "The last incarnation had no power over our blood magics, the little whelp even joined us after some persuasion."  Nefreya shook her head.

"Perhaps the gods have tired of the struggle between good and evil and found some way to augment his power," she suggested.

"Kali had better not fail in her plan, hell will reign over the Earth and then..." he paused, kissing Nefreya on her blood red lips, "Then we shall overtake the Heavens and be made to rule over every being, dimension, and fiber of existence," he finished.

"First you must deal with Austin..." Nefreya reminded him.  Margulis grinned evilly.

"Perhaps it is time for our son to make himself known."


Austin stepped out of the shower, pulling Devyn in for another kiss.  He giggled as he ran his hands down Devyn's smooth, wet back and cupped his butt.  Devyn opened his mouth as he felt Austin's tongue probing to be let in and the two tongue wrestled for a few moments before ending the kiss.

"That was incredible," Austin whispered into Devyn's ear.  Devyn smiled and led Austin back to his bedroom so they could dress.

*Ring Ring*

Austin walked over to his bedside table and picked up his phone, pressing the on button.


"Hey bro it's Max, you coming today?" The familiar voice of his best friend came over the receiver.

"Oh yeah, I feel a lot better.  Hey, Devyn is here right now is it ok if you give him a ride too?"

"Oh I see," Max chuckled, "Guess you two hit it off real well huh?  What's he like in bed?"  Austin blushed furiously.

"Uh umm errr," he stuttered.  Devyn came up from behind wrapping his arms around Austin's waist and kissing his neck.  "I gotta go Max, see ya in a bit ok?"

"Haha ok bro, see ya," Max said as they hung up.  Austin put the phone back on the charger and whirled around at Devyn.

"Don't do that when im on the phone!" He giggled.  Devyn pouted, but Austin could see he was on the verge of laughing as well.  "Come on lets get dressed, I think I smell some eggs and bacon."  They quickly dressed and Austin gathered his books, it felt like he hadn't been in school for weeks when had only been a few days.  A lot had changed since meeting Devyn.

"I'll meet you downstairs ok, babe, I need to do my hair," Austin said.

"Ok," Devyn said as he opened the bedroom door and made his way downstairs.  Austin went back to his bathroom and grabbed a bottle of gel.  He squirted some in his hand and quickly ran it through his hair, making it into a mass of brown spikes.  He smiled at himself in the mirror, satisfied with the job he had done and then went downstairs, the aroma of eggs, bacon and toast reaching his nostrils.  Enya and Toren were seated at the table, eating.  Toren looked up at Austin and then quickly back down to his plate, blushing slightly.  What was up with that?  Devyn was helping himself to some eggs and toast when Austin's mom came into the kitchen.

"Are you two going to school today, Aus?" She asked, kissing him on the forehead.

"Yeah.  Im not sure exactly where in Anaheim we're supposed to go so we might as well wait until tonight, plus I don't need another absence already."

"Well, maybe we can look into home schooling next week.  Now, Im running late so if I don't see you tonight," she hugged Austin and kissed him again on the forehead, tears brimming in her eyes, "I love you Austin, always know that.  And be careful."

"Mom you're embarrassing me!" Austin cried out, trying to get out of his mothers arms.

"Im serious hun, I can't stand to lose you..." she sobbed, her tears falling freely down her face now.

"Mom I'll be fine...don't worry.."

"I know, but I have to worry.  Mothers prerogative and all," she smiled and wiped her eyes, "Ok I have to go now, all of you be careful," she said as she left the kitchen.

"Bye Ms. Wagner!" Devyn, Enya, and Toren said in unison.  Austin turned back toward the table and grabbed a plate.  He took two pieces of toast and some scrambled eggs before sitting at the table next to Devyn.

"So what are you guys going to do?" Austin asked of Enya and Toren before eating a bite of eggs.  Enya shrugged and Toren couldn't even bring his face to look at Austin, and he could swear he was still blushing slightly.

"Is there anyway you can research Kali and maybe find some weaknesses or something?" He asked.

"We can return to the Citadel of Sarathyl, I'm sure the Council has some information that could help, and..."

"The what of who?" Austin interrupted Toren.  Devyn laughed.

"The Citadel of Sarathyl, where we met my father yesterday.  It's the underground complex that houses the Council of Light," Devyn explained, "That's a good idea Toren.  And while you're there you can see how the Oracles are."  They continued to eat their food and before long a car horn sounded out front.

"There's Max," Austin said as he stood up and put his dishes in the sink, "Let's go Devyn.  We'll see you two later ok?"  Enya and Toren nodded as they gathered their things and headed out to the car.

"What is your problem, you couldn't even look at Austin the entire time and you are so blushing like a schoolgirl."  Toren paled as Enya laid into him with her questions.

"Well, um when I, uh went upstairs before I could hear them through the door they were um having sex or something..." Toren turned an even deeper shade of red as Enya snickered at his expense.

"So are you hot for him?" She asked.  Toren looked at her shaking his head.

"What? No, it's nothing like that.  I mean I don't have a problem with it but, I am not into guys," he explained.

"Ok then.  Let's get ready to go, this Kali witch has to have something on record with the Council."


Austin opened the passenger side door and scooted in next to Max, Devyn came in next closing the door.

"Hey Aus, you look a hell of a lot better today," Max said, "Devyn," he nodded in greeting as Devyn buckled himself in.

"Max."  The tension could be cut with a knife, Austin stared at Devyn and then at Max, what was with these two?  Max pulled away from the curb and drove off towards the school.

"So, did we miss much?" Austin asked, trying to break the silence.

"Not really.  Burgess keeps making comments about Devyn not showing up after one day and in Chem we just did a lab on some molecule nonsense, luckily Jennifer was there cause I would've been so lost," Max laughed, "Felicia called yesterday afternoon, but your mom said you were out or something, she was pretty worried.  Felicia that is, well I guess your Mom was too cause you didn't leave a note or anything"

"Oh, well uh, we went to the mall and I guess I forgot to let her know," Austin lied.  Devyn reached over and grabbed his hand, giving it a soft squeeze.  Max glanced down as they came to a red light and noticed.

"So, you two together now?" he asked.  Austin shook his head.


"Yes," Devyn said at the same time.  They looked at each other and Austin felt his body getting hot with embarrassment.

"Um, are we?"

"If you want to..."

"Well then yeah we are," Austin said.  The light changed to green and Max stepped on the gas.

"Congrats bro, I told you you'd find someone," he said.  Austin couldn't help, but notice he didn't sound too enthused.  The rest of the drive was in complete silence but they weren't that far from the school.  Max pulled in next to Felicia's spot as always and they all hopped out, Devyn and Austin still holding hands.  Felicia walked over and kissed Max before she noticed.

"Oh my god!  How cute, Austin I KNEW it!" she shouted as she beamed from ear to ear.

"Can we go now?" Austin asked, turning to Devyn.

"Lets," he said as they walked towards the school at a fast pace.

"Hey no fair, I need details, DETAILS!" Felicia yelled as she made to catch up with them, Max just pulled her back and they followed from a distance.  "You're no fun," Felicia pouted and then stuck out her tongue at Max.  Ahead of them Austin glanced back and laughed.

"Im so happy Devyn, I swear I've never been this happy in my life," he said as they entered the main building.  Devyn smiled and kissed Austin on the cheek.  A few people stopped and stared but they didn't care, nothing would stop them from being together and showing their affection for one another.  Nothing except Kali and her Apocalypse maybe.  They reached Austin's locker and he put the books he didn't need in and then headed for Ms. Burgess' Algebra class.  As they walked in the few students who were in there and Ms. Burgess looked up at them.

"Mr. Wagner, Mr. Phoenix how nice of you to join us today," she said in her shrilly voice, some of the students laughed.

"The pleasure is all yours, I'm sure," Austin retorted.

"Indeed.  Now take your seats, you two have a lot to make up," she said and Austin made his way to the back row to his usual seat.

"The seat in front of mine isn't taken, Devyn, so you can sit there."

"Ok."  They sat down, then Max and Felicia entered and walked to the back as well.  Max took his seat to Austin's left and Felicia smacked Austin playfully on the shoulder as she sat behind him.

"Hey, what was that for?" He asked a look of mock hurt on his face.

"Just cause you're you," Felicia said giggling.  The bell buzzed as a few stragglers entered the classroom and Ms. Burgess started up the lesson.  Something about theorems and triangles, whatever it was it was nonsense to Austin, who needed this stuff in life anyway?  Felicia leaned forward, "Hey walk me to my locker after class so we can talk ok?" She whispered in Austin's ear.

"All right, all right," he whispered back, laughing slightly.  Felicia leaned back satisfied and started on her assignment.

What felt like an eternity later class finally ended and everyone stood up from their seats.  "Hey Devyn, I'm gonna walk Felicia to her locker then I'll meet you in history, k?"

"Ok, see ya in a few then,"  he said as they got to the door.  Devyn turned left and headed for the stairs then Austin, Felicia and Max turned right.

"I'll see you at lunch babe," Max said and kissed Felicia, "Later Aus."  Felicia waited a few moments after Max walked off to start.

"Soooo you and Devyn huh?" She asked, beaming some more.  Austin felt his face flush slightly.


"That's cool, but you barely just met him a few days ago, you sure you're not moving too fast Aus?" She asked.

"Well a lot's happened in the past few days and I feel like I've known him forever ya know?  It's like fate or something."  They arrived at her locker and Felicia started to undo the lock.

"Well, I'm happy for you Austin, he seems like a nice guy.  Quiet though, I'm sure he'll warm up to us right?"  Suddenly Austin felt someone grab him from behind and push him face first into the locker.  A sharp pain shot through his face as it was smashed against the metal locker.  He whirled around to see Benton Harris, the bully from the other day.

"Well, well, look who I finally caught away from his faggot bodyguard," he snarled as he lunged forward and grabbed Austin by the collar, slamming him back into the locker.

"Get away from him!" Felicia shouted.

"Stay outta this bitch!" He spat at her.    Austin reached up and grabbed Benton's arms, then felt his body heat up as a familiar red glow filled his eyes.  He felt the skin of Benton's arms begin to sizzle as he screamed out in pain.  Austin released his grip and pushed Benton away.

"Don't you ever, EVER, mess with me again," he commanded as Benton scampered off down the hall. Luckily nobody seemed to notice, except for Felicia.  She stood there with her mouth wide open in shock.

"Aus...wha-what did you j-just...do?" She stammered.  The glow left Austin's eyes and he realized he probably shouldn't have done that.

"Felicia...I, I gotta go."  She grabbed his arm as he made a move to walk away.

"Austin, what the hell did you just do?" She pleaded with him for an explanation.

"Yeah Austin, what was that?"  Max came walking around the corner and approached them.  Austin looked at the ground in silence, trying to gather his thoughts.  The late bell buzzed as they stood there, Felicia and Max just looking at Austin waiting for him to explain himself.

"What I tell you guys can't be repeated do you understand?" They nodded and Austin sighed, "Ok, well I have magical powers, ok that sounds kinda corny, but that's the simplest way to put it.  Most of my power lies with fire, that's why I was able to burn Benton like that," he explained.  Felicia laughed nervously and Max just continued to stare at him.

"And Devyn can do this too?" he asked.  Austin nodded.  "So does this mean vampires and crap are real too?" Max asked.

"Yeah, but you guys can't say anything to anyone.  The major governments know about us, but if they somehow found out that civilians knew, things could get ugly."

Max and Felicia nodded, "Yeah we get it," Max said.

"So are you guys ok with all this?"

"Of course Aus, we're your best friends, through thick and thin and all that hoopla, right Max?" Felicia said with a smile.

"Right.  Dude you could sprout green tentacles and smell like dead fish and we wouldn't care...well maybe we would get you some body spray," Max said as he playfully punched Austin.

"Well I'm glad you guys didn't freak.  Guess we should head to class eh?"


Toren slammed another book shut and groaned, "There's nothing about her anywhere!"

"Hold on, I think I found something," Enya said from across the table.  Toren stood and walked over behind her, looking over her shoulder at the book in her hand.  A drawing of a young woman with long, whitish hair wearing a black cloak was displayed on the page.  She was labeled simply `The Dark Witch'.

"It says here The Dark Witch rose to power before the Salem Trials, long before Margulis created blood magic.  She wielded the raw power of evil itself..." Enya trailed off.

"Sounds bad," Toren muttered.

Enya continued, "She was finally captured by Kaldon and other members of the Council of Light and sent to be burned at the stake towards the end of the Trials.  Ends there, guess people don't like going into specifics," she picked up the book and went to put it back on the shelf when a folded paper fell from within the pages.  "What's this?" She asked as she bent over to retrieve it.  Toren looked on as she unfolded it.

"It's blank," he said.  Enya's head snapped back and her eyes turned completely golden as she started to speak.

"The Dark Witch shall be reborn unto the Earth, and darkness will reign.  She will be unto a God and only with the Amulet of Light shall thee triumph over her.  Be warned, only a human who once walked among the night may retrieve the Amulet from within the Realm of Shadows.  He who wieldeth the sword of Raijin will harness the power within the amulet and a union between Magi and Nosferatu will emerge to fight the Dark Witch, but beware the Dark Angels." Enya dropped the paper and fell to the floor, Toren dove forward and caught her before she hit the ground.

"What the hell was that?" he asked.

Enya shook her to clear the cobwebs, "I'm...not sure, some sort of prophecy or something.  Remind me not to open anymore papers around here ever again," she groaned as she got back to her feet.

"So what do you think it means?" Toren asked, still holding onto Enya.

"Obviously its about Kali, Austin and Devyn said she called herself a Dark Goddess.  I think the rest is about a vampire who has to retrieve this Amulet of Light and my GOD I have a headache now."

"The sword of Raijin you said?  You think..."

"Devyn?  Yeah, he wounded Kali with it.  What better way to wound a God then by using the weapon of a God?"

"Guess we are done here then."


History and Chemistry passed without a hitch, Devyn wasn't too happy with what Austin did.  "You need to be more careful when you use your powers," he said.  They met up with Max and Felicia at lunchtime and quickly found a table off to the side of the cafeteria.

"So can we be like your cute, but meddlesome sidekicks?" Felicia asked when they were seated.  Austin and Max laughed and Devyn glared at them.

"We're not super heroes or anything, besides you could get hurt if you were to be involved."

"You're no fun," Felicia pouted.  Devyn went to say something else when Max moved closer to her and they started to make out.

"Let's go for a walk, Dev," Austin said, standing up.  Devyn followed him out of the cafeteria and they made their way across the campus to the P.E. fields.  A cold wind blew through the air causing Devyn to shiver as they sat under one of the trees lining the edge of the field.

"You cold, hun?" Austin asked.  Devyn nodded, "Well here lemme warm you up," Austin leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, using his power to warm each other up.  Devyn pulled back and grinned.

"Thanks Austin."

"Don't mention it."  They leaned back against the tree and looked up at the sky.  Puffy clouds glided across it, making it a peaceful scene.  A normal person wouldn't realize the danger that loomed on the horizon if Kali wasn't stopped and soon.  They sat there in silence until lunch ended and they reluctantly headed back to class.

"Devyn how long ago did we die?" Austin asked out of the blue.

"Well it was about sixteen years ago.  We were reborn immediately, obviously fate decided to deal us another hand," Devyn explained hesitantly.

"What happened exactly?" Austin asked, he hadn't told Devyn about the dream this morning.  Devyn looked at him and smiled sadly.

"We fought Margulis and were defeated.  My father, well Kaldon he wasn't my father at the time, managed to seal Margulis and Suru in another dimension but they obviously returned, and with a vengeance.  Soon after we were reborn, I to Kaldon and you to your mother and father."

"Who was my dad?" They entered Mr. Jameson's English class and took their seats.

"I don't know.  You can ask my father after all of this is over, I am sure he'll tell you," Devyn said.  Class continued with Mr. Jameson assigning an essay to be done over the weekend, great as if they had enough time to get it done.  Austin really hoped his mom could get him on home school.  In Psychology they watched another video on Sigmund Freud and took notes, Austin wondered what exactly they were learning just watching videos and taking notes.  Not soon enough the day ended and they hurried to the parking lot where Max and Felicia were already engaged in another round of lip wrestling.

"You two make me sick," Austin joked.

"Then why do you keep watching?  You and Devyn can put on a show now," Max said causing Austin to blush.  "And again with the blushing, you are such a school girl," Max said laughing hysterically.

"Ok, ok sheesh," Austin stuck his tongue at Max.  "Now lets be serious for a moment.  We have to go to Anaheim this weekend to stop this evil witch.  If we don't come back I just want you two to know you're my best friends and I love you both so much."  Felicia pouted and tears brimmed in her eyes.

"Gosh Austin, tear-jerker much?" She asked smiling sadly.  Max walked over and hugged Austin.

"Don't worry bro, you'll make it ok?" He patted his friend on the back, "You two ready to go?"  Austin looked around the parking lot to make sure nobody was watching, everyone seemed to be going about their own business.

"Well I think we'll just teleport home," he said.

Devyn shook his head furiously, "No Austin we cant use our powers in public like this, who knows who is..."

"Nobody is watching us Devyn," he cut in, "Come on just this once..." he pleaded, giving Devyn the puppy dog look.

"Fine, but let's make it quick," he grabbed Austin's hands and closed his eyes.

"See ya guys later," Austin said before they disappeared in a flash of white light.

"That was so cool..." Felicia breathed.  Max only frowned


They reappeared in Austin's living room and Austin laughed.  "See that wasn't so bad now was it?" he teased.  Devyn pulled him forward and started to kiss him when they heard someone clear their throat.

"Hello, sitting right here," Enya said from the Lazyboy chair.  Toren was laid out on the couch snoring slightly.

"Oh uh hi Enya.  You um ahem, find anything out?" Austin asked sheepishly.

"Yeah.  Devyn, can I see your sword?" she asked, standing up.  Devyn nodded and reached over his shoulder, drawing his sword form thin air.  Toren was awake now from the talking and said up groggily.  Devyn handed the sword to Enya and she studied it carefully.  The hilt was made of the finest ivory and adorned with the symbol of a lightning bolt surrounded by mystic runes.  "This sword, where did you get it?"

"My father gave it to me when I completed my training as a Blade Mage why?"

"Did he realize it was the sword wielded by the God Raijin?"

"What are you talking about?" Devyn asked confused.  Enya held up the sword and pointed at the symbol.

"This is the crest of Raijin," she explained.

"That wasn't there before," Devyn whispered.

"Interesting..." Enya said as she handed the sword back to Devyn.  "Toren and I found a prophecy."

"Well Enya found it," Toren interjected.

"Anyway," Enya continued, "It explained a warrior wielding the Sword of Raijin would forge an alliance with the vampires and fight Kali."

"Vampires?" Devyn snarled, "I will never ally myself with such filth!" He shouted.  Austin backed away from him a few steps.

"Devyn what's wrong?" He asked, "I've never seen you this angry."

"Nothing, but if we have to fight side by side with vampires then you might as well count me out," he said turning around and storming upstairs.

"What was that about?" Toren asked.

"I don't know..."Austin said, he went to follow him when Enya grabbed him by the shoulder.

"Give him some space, I think he needs it," she said softly.

"Yeah I guess," Austin sighed.  What was up with that he wondered.

*That Night*

Austin knocked on his door before walking in, Devyn looked up from the bed and forced a smile.  "You ok?" Austin asked.

"Yeah, I'm sorry.  I just don't trust vampires is all," he said.  Austin couldn't help but think there was more to it then that.  Austin lay down next to him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Let's go to sleep now ok babe."

"Ok," Devyn kissed him back and they got ready for bed.  Downstairs Toren paced around the guest room.

"What's wrong?" Enya asked.

"I don't know.  I think im going to go out for a bit, spread my wings so to say," he grinned.

"Ok just don't stay out too late, big day tomorrow and all," Enya said.

"Yes mom," he laughed as he left the room.  He went to the front door and stepped outside, quickly transforming into a hawk and soaring into the sky.  A good hour or so flight would help clear his mind.  He turned east and flew over the Oceanside mall.  All the people below hustled about like little ants, all unaware of the coming doom.  He continued on to the coast and glided down to one of the beaches, landing on a pier overlooking the ocean.  He sat there listening to the waves lapping the shore, it was really peaceful.  Suddenly he felt a tugging at his mind as if some mystic force was telling him to be elsewhere.  Austin's house?  He took to the sky again and soared back over Oceanside heading for Austin's.  He felt another tug and flew closer to the ground to where two guys were walking, one seemed to be supporting the other.  Toren screeched and one of them looked up at him and followed him.  Toren curved back around and led them to Austin's house where he perched upon the porch and scanned the area.  The two followed up the short set up stairs and knocked at the door.

Austin woke up and glanced at his clock, 11:30, he must've been asleep for about an hour.  Was someone knocking?  He got up and quickly started to get dressed.

"What's wrong?" Devyn asked, he woke him up apparently.

"I thought I heard a knock at the door." At that moment the doorbell rang and Devyn jumped out of bed and started to dress too.

"I'll be right behind you."

Austin nodded and made his way down to the door, he yawned as he opened it to see a strange sight.  A boy with a mask covering half of his face stood there supporting another young boy.  "Can I help you?" he asked.

"I'm Rythen.. Um, my friend is really sick.  He's been wounded, but there's some kind of magic that's stopping him from being healed.  We came to see a girl.. with unique eyes?  That's all I know," the boy with the mask said.

"Im Austin..." Suddenly he was pushed to the side as Devyn came charging to the doorway, his sword in hand.  "Devyn what are you doing?"

"He's a vampire!" Devyn shouted, the one called Rythen stepped in front of the other vampire.

"We're not here to fight you," he said, "We need help, my friend is dying."

"Why should we help you?  Your kind are nothing but backstabbers," Devyn said coldly. Austin just looked at him in horror.

"Please he is going to die," Rythen pleaded.

"So?"  The other vampire shot forward and grabbed Austin by the collar, Devyn prepared to swing at him when Rythen grabbed his arms and speared him against the wall. Austin cried out as he felt the pain in his head as a vision formed in his mind.  The vampire, Caleb was his name, showed him the fight with Kali and how she poisoned his blood.  Then he showed Enya, her eyes aglow and he got the feeling that she could heal him somehow.  Caleb fell forward but Austin grabbed him before he fell to the porch.

"Devyn, that is enough," he commanded, "We have to help them and now.  Get inside."  He helped Caleb into the house and headed to the guest room to wake Enya, she was already standing in the doorway.

"What's going on, what was all the commotion I heard?" She asked.  Suddenly a sickening crack sounded from outside and Austin whirled around to see what it was.  Rythen's eyes rolled back into his head as his neck went limp and his head drooped lazily back over his shoulders.  His lifeless body fell to the wooden ground of the porch with a thud.  A blonde boy stood at the end of Austin's walkway and flanked by three dark figures lingering at his side.

"Hello boys," the boy said, his coal black eyes flashing with power.


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