Dark Horizons

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Chapter 6


NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!-Monty Python's Flying Circus

The Black Forest, Immediately following the events in Hellbound:

            Suru bowed low to the ground in front of Margulis, who was seated upon his throne.  His arm had been cauterized through his dark magics, but was still just a bloody stump below his elbow joint.  "I have failed you master," Suru said, still prostrate upon the ground.

"Did you now?" Margulis asked whimsically, almost with a chuckle.  Suru looked up at him confused.

"Yes, Kali has been defeated and Hell on Earth averted."

"Kali was foolish, we knew she would fail, did we not my precious?" Margulis asked as Nefreya entered the throne room.

"Yes.  She relied too much on petty threats and incompetent henchman instead of just killing Austin and his friends with her own hands," Nefreya said.

"Indeed," Margulis continued, "However our goal was still accomplished."

"What goal is that master?" Suru asked, still in the dark about what he meant.

"Austin Wagner has used black magics.  He is once again set on the path to corruption and will be unable to stop us.  Once the Council has been destroyed and I can leave this accursed castle then the world will tremble before my power!" Margulis said before breaking into a fit of maniacal laughter.  Suru smiled as he now understood his master's actions.  He had never intended for Kali to succeed, if she had then there would be no Earth to rule over.  Only a hellish nightmare full of demons, all under the heel of an insane Goddess. "Now Suru, you may take leave.  You have accomplished all that you could considering the circumstances, rest so that you may regain your strength."

Suru stood and exited the chamber with a bow to Margulis and Nefreya.  As he passed through the arched entryway another figure seemed to melt from the shadows and approach the throne.  As the figure stepped closer into the room, the dim candlelight revealed it to be wearing a black cloak with blood-red lining, the hood drawn over its head and a mask covering its face.  The mask was almost completely black save for a red scorpion seeming to emerge from under the left eye.  The figure bowed to Margulis before speaking.

"The vampire Rythen is dead, there are now only four living members of the Sect of the Azure Fist," the figure spoke in an obviously male, teenage voice.

"Excellent!  Very excellent news indeed, have you located the remaining four?"

"Just one sire, the other three's identities and whereabouts are still unknown," the boy replied.

"A pity.  However I have faith that you shall find and kill the others.  Tell me, where is the one you have located?" Margulis asked.

"Somewhere in Oceanside, I suspect that he is in a position near Austin, perhaps one of his teachers.  I will find him, torture him and find the identities of the other members, and then kill him."

"Yes and if Austin and his ragtag group of allies interfere you may fight them, but do not kill Austin, not yet.  If we can force him to draw upon the power of darkness it will hasten his journey on the path to evil and he will be a powerful tool against the Order of Light."

The figure nodded, "Yes I shall find the Azure Fist and then make my move," he turned to exit the chamber his cloak sweeping above the cold stone floor.

"May Lucifer guide you," Margulis smiled, "My son."

Oceanside, Immediately following the events of Hellbound


The sun had just begun to peak over the eastern horizon, just as it had a day ago over the Wagner residence.  A new day would dawn and the people of the world would go on with their lives, unaware that just hours before their world had almost been destroyed.  Noone would know of the titanic struggle that was waged against the Dark Goddess Kali and her minions of evil.  The human race could continue on, blissfully ignorant of the true nature of the world, with their monotonous lives.

A brand new Honda Accord screeched to a halt across the street from Austin's house.  Moments later Devyn stepped out of the driver's side and placed a note under the windshield wiper.  It was an apology for *borrowing* the neighbors car the day before and wrecking it.  There would of course be questions, but they would be dealt with when the time came.  Enya exited the vehicle next and went around the back end of the car to help Toren out.  He was awake and most of his wounds healed due to Enya's magic but he was still woozy and would need plenty of rest. 


Devyn then opened the passenger side door where Austin sat fast asleep.  He unbuckled the seatbelt and gently lifted Austin out of the car so as not to wake him.  He kissed him softly on the forehead and followed Enya into Austin's house.  The house was just as they left it, a few pictures knocked off the walls from Gavin's attack.  It didn't look like Austin's mom had come home from work the day before.  Hopefully she was ok.  Devyn carried Austin upstairs to his room, to their room.  He placed him slowly into the bed and pulled the covers over him.  Something had happened to Austin during the battle with Kali, some terrible force had taken control of him and there could be some unknown aftereffects.

"Its happening again you know," a voice said unexpectedly behind Devyn, causing him to whirl around.  Enya stood in the doorway looking at Austin.

"What do you mean?" Devyn asked pointedly.

"You know what I mean.  He used black magic to defeat the Dark Angels, you saw you were there!  It was the same spell he used to..."

"How do you know about that?" Devyn shouted, anger flaring on his face.

"Because I do!" Enya shouted back.

"Yaknow what, Enya I've had it with you and your little secrets.  You used powers back there that I have never seen before.  Not even the greatest healers of the Citadel could have saved Toren from Kali's wrath yet you have the power to do so.  Tell me right now Enya, who are you?"

Enya's gaze shifted to the floor in front of her and she was about to say something when they heard Toren speak up from behind Enya, "Something's wrong with Austin..." he managed to croak out.  Devyn turned to see a look of anguish on his boyfriends face and he quickly grabbed his hand and gave it a loving squeeze.

"What is going on..." he whispered.

Austin was running bare-chested through a dark wood.  A howling was heard not far behind him, the Orgoth demon was catching up and Austin tried to run faster.  He cried out as a branch struck him mid chest, he looked down to see blood oozing from a small cut.  Austin could now practically feel the beast's breath upon his back, he whispered a quick prayer to Mithra the God of fire.  With a shout he whirled around just as the Orgoth leaped through the air at him, he shot his palms forward and released a wave of searing fire.  The beast howled in pain as the flames tore at its flesh, melting it away almost instantaneously.  Austin landed with a crash, rolling head over heels through the brush before slamming into a tree.  The Orgoth's bones scattered about behind him with similar fanfare.  He lay there panting for breath, he had used up the last of his energy to kill the Orgoth and hoped Margulis had not sent more after him.  Suddenly a hollow, clapping noise echoed from the dark forest.

"Wh...who's there?" Austin asked wearily.  The clapping continued as he made out two figures emerging from behind a large tree.  As his eyes adjusted to the dark he could feel the blood drain from his face, recognition dawning on his face.

"Well played Austin, well played indeed," said the first figure whimsically.

"You'll never defeat me Margulis!" Austin shouted as he slowly staggered to a standing position.  His left arm hugged his side, he could feel a broken rib or two and it hurt to breathe.

Margulis laughed a deep booming laugh and turned his head to the bald, lithe figure standing to his side "He thinks we are here to kill him Suru," he said.  Margulis then returned his attention to Austin, "Foolish boy, you hold no power over me in this place!  Now stop this feeble attempt and join me Austin, together we can overthrow that fool Kaldon and rule the Council."

Austin's face contorted in rage as he tried to release a spell on Margulis and his lieutenant, but he had expended all of his energy already, "I will never join you Margulis!  Now take my life here and now and put an end to this!"

"Again you jump to conclusions dear boy," Margulis retorted, "You have no choice in the matter.  Either join me now or Devyn Phoenix dies and you will be forced to live with the pain of knowing you could have saved your precious lover for the rest of your pitiful life," Margulis laughed again.

Horror crept upon Austin's face and he slumped against the tree behind him, "No...you...you can't..."

Margulis gestured and a portal opened in front of them, Suru took a step forward and prepared to enter it.

"Wait!" Austin shouted, "I'll do it...don't harm Devyn, please," he pleaded.  Margulis smiled and closed the portal.  Suddenly everything around Austin shimmered into darkness and he now stood there alone, the memories of his past still fresh in his mind.  But where was he?  As if on cue a section of the darkness in front of him swirled around a figure came into being. 

"Who are you?" Austin asked in a panic as the figure emerged.  The person wore a black cloak, lined with red and a mask adorned his face...a black demonic visage with a red scorpion under the left eye.

"Margulis was lying then you know?  Father always had a flare for the dramatic," a male voice spoke from behind the mask, Austin thought the voice was oddly familiar but he couldn't quite place it.

"What?  Who are you?  Margulis never had a son!" Austin shouted.

"I was born shortly after your death Austin.  Father's Death Knights hid me away before Kaldon banished he and mother to that wretched demon dimension.  When they began to make their return to this plane my true heritage was revealed to me and now I fight for their cause," the boy replied.

"Why do you wear a mask?  Tell me who are you!" Austin demanded.

The boy chuckled, "You may call me Damien, Austin Wagner, and to answer your first question..." Damien reached up and slowly removed the mask from his face.  Austin screamed aloud when he saw the face hidden beneath.  It was as if he was looking into a mirror...the face of Damien was his own.  As Austin shouted in terror Damien laughed and disappeared into the shadows from whence he had come, leaving Austin alone in the darkest recesses of his own mind.

Citadel of Sarathyl, shortly after Hellbound


            Reynaldo Arrington, the 25 year old and youngest member of the Council of Light, paced across his office.  Just a few hours ago reports had come in from the Citadel's Black Magic detectors had sensed the use of black magic somewhere in the world.  Early intelligence said it was the Obliteration spell, Reynaldo had witnessed the use of that spell once 16 years ago.  An Inquisitor, a prestigious sect of the Order that hunts black mages, entered the office.

"Any news?" Reynaldo asked curtly.

The Inquisitor nodded, "It was indeed the Obliteration spell.  Our seers have determined it was used somewhere on the outskirts of Anaheim, California...by Austin Wagner."

At the mention of Austin's name, Reynaldo's face twisted into an unpleasant scowl.  "Are you certain?" he asked after a time.


A thin smile then appeared on Reynaldo's lips.  "Excellent," he said, "I shall yet have my vengeance on that bastard Austin.  Tell Erik and Tanis to report to me immediately, we have much to prepare."

Oceanside, 2 months later


Life had been anything but normal since the battle with Kali.  Austin had hardly spoken a word to anyone, even his mother and especially Devyn.  His mom put him on home school so he did not have to deal with that as well.  Devyn also stopped attending, as he really had no need to.  Enya and Devyn were hardly speaking to each other either and Austin wasn't sure why.  He really didn't care either.  Most of his focus was spent on figuring out what had taken control of him during the battle.  The dream he had with this `Damien' was also still fresh on his mind, even months later.  What did it all mean?  Deep down he knew he had joined with Margulis in his past life, but what else happened?  He couldn't ask Devyn, he would probably avoid most of the truth anyway.

Max and Felicia visited often, but they hardly got through to Austin either.  Whatever walls he had erected seemed to be impenetrable.

One Saturday morning Austin awoke early, as he had for the last two months to avoid Devyn.  He gently lifted his boyfriend's arm from around his waist and went to stand.

"Good morning," came Devyn's sleepy voice from beside him.

"Morning," Austin mumbled as he headed for the bathroom.

"Babe please talk to me," Devyn pleaded.  Austin stopped and turned around to see the hurt look on Devyn's face.  For a second he smiled sadly but soon returned to his normal blank expression.

"Devyn I..."

"Austin I LOVE you ok, please don't shut us out anymore, we're all here for you," Devyn was tearing up by now.  Austin rushed forward and hugged Devyn tightly.

"Devyn Im soooo sorry I just..." he sobbed as the tears started to stream down his face.

"Shhh it's ok baby, don't cry," Devyn hugged Austin tighter.  Austin placed his head on Devyn's shoulder and continued to cry.  Devyn tried to calm him down but it was apparent he needed to get this out of his system.  After a few moments Austin's tears started to let up.  He lifted his head from Devyn's shoulder and smiled at his boyfriend.

"Im sorry..." he whispered again.

"It's ok Aus.  I know it must have been hard for you...I just wanted to try and help and you shut us all out, but it's ok now you don't have to worry."  Devyn leaned forward and kissed Austin on the lips.  Austin returned the kiss in earnest, wrapping his arms lovingly around Devyn.  They continued to kiss for a few moments before Devyn pulled back, a smile plastered on his face.  "Now go shower babe and I'll see about breakfast," he said.

Austin grinned and pulled Devyn towards the bathroom with him, "Well...we can shower together..." he said shyly.  Devyn grinned and followed Austin into the bathroom, both of them losing their clothes quickly and entering the shower, kissing under the warm water.

An hour later

Enya and Toren were sitting at the kitchen table downstairs, eating a bowl of cereal.  Since the battle with Kali, Toren had become attracted to Enya.  After all she had saved his life.  Of course he could never tell her he felt this way.  Someone such as Enya could never have feelings for him.  He would have to live with these feelings in secret, and hope they didn't develop further.  He looked up as Devyn and Austin entered the kitchen, a smile plastered on both of their faces.

"Well it's good to see somebody back to normal," Toren said.  Enya gave a half-hearted smile to the both of them.

"...over again..."

"What?" Austin asked as he took a seat at the table.  The other three looked at him questioningly.

"What's wrong babe?" Devyn asked.

"Nothing...I thought I heard someone say something."  Toren and Enya shook their heads `no' and Austin shrugged.  He reached towards the center of the table for an apple and was suddenly floored by a searing pain in his head.  Devyn was immediately at Austin's side as the vision took its toll on the young magi.

A thousand different images tried to force their way into Austin's mind.  A soldier being killed in a foreign land.  A village in a remote area being decimated by some kind of demon.  For a moment Austin thought he saw Enya, her eyes aglow encased in a golden ray of light, she seemed to be floating.  Next the image of an open eye enclosed in a triangle flashed into his mind followed by...the Oceanside Mall which suddenly erupted into flames.  As the pain began to subside and the vision end one last image appeared, the mask that Damien had worn when he appeared in Austin's dream two months earlier.

"Austin can you hear me?  What do you see?" Devyn asked.  Austin looked up as his eyes focused, Devyn Enya and Toren were all at this side looking at him with concern

"The...the mall...we have to get there before it's too late," Austin panted out.

"What's going to happen there?" Enya asked.

"I...I don't know," Austin answered as Devyn helped him to his feet, "But it will be bad if we don't hurry."

Oceanside Mall 1 hour later


As the bus pulled up to the curb and swung its doors open, the four magi exited in a rush and made their way through the parking lot to the entrance of the Oceanside Mall. 

"Looks normal to me," Toren said.

"Then we got here in time," Austin replied.  They continued on the sidewalk, passing the outdoor fountain, and as they neared the glass doors they saw two familiar faces exiting the mall.

"Hey guys!" Felicia said, flashing her pearly whites.  Max looked up and nodded at Austin.

"Hi Felicia, Max," Austin said.

"What brings you all here?" Felicia asked.

"Um...I had a vision," Austin whispered, "You two should get home, I'm not sure exactly but something is going to happen here and we are going to try and stop it."  Felicia's smile faded and she looked at Max, worry in her eyes.

"Ok..." she replied, "But you be careful Aus ok?"  Austin nodded and Felicia grabbed Max by the hand and headed towards the parking lot.  As Austin watched them go, Max looked over his shoulder, a strange look on his face.

"Come on we should hurry," Enya said.  Austin nodded and the group entered the mall.  The usual herd of people milled about, going from shop to shop, oblivious to the fact that their lives may be in danger.  Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary as they walked further into the mall.

"Was there anything in your vision that might tell us where we need to be?" Devyn asked Austin.

"No I only saw the mall and then..." suddenly there was a flash of light and three robed figures surrounded the group.  On the center of their robes was the symbol Austin had seen, an open eye enclosed in a triangle.

"Austin Wagner, you are to stand down and return to the Citadel with us for questioning regarding the use of recent black magics," the lead figure spoke.  Devyn whirled on the man, his face seething with rage.

"Arrington are you insane?!?!?  There are civilians present!" he shouts.  By now a group of people were looking at the strange robed men, where had they suddenly appeared from? 

"Stay out of this Phoenix," Arrington retorts, "This boy is a danger to himself and all humanity," he gestures and Austin suddenly finds his hands tied together by an unseen force.  Toren lunged forward but Enya grabbed his shoulder and held him back.

"Release him Arrington you have no right."

"No right?" Arrington cut off Devyn, "My men have detected the use of very powerful black magic by the boy and that gives me the right.  You will all be taken in for questioning on this matter, there is no alternative."

"Now listen here you pompous ass," Toren shouted, "I don't know who you are but if it wasn't for Austin here then none of us would be alive right now!"

"Toren don't make it any harder on Austin..." Enya whispered into the animagi's ear.  Reynaldo turned to face Toren appraising him with a calculated look.

"Do you know the history of this boy, Animagi?  How many people he killed in his former life?" the Inquisitor asked.  A look of confusion passed over Austin's face, how did this man know about his past?  What was he talking about?

"Reynaldo now is not the time..." Devyn began but suddenly everyone was sent to the ground as a huge explosion rocked the mall.  The onlookers who had been watching the spectacle between the magi now were screaming, frantically trying to figure out what had happened and making a stampede for the exits.  Austin was the first on his feet, the holding spell lifted as Reynaldo lost his concentration.  He quickly dodged an older man running for the front exit and went to help Devyn to his feet.

"What happened?" Enya shouted as she brushed herself off.  Austin looked around for the source of the explosion and soon saw smoke coming from the second floor.

"Up there!" he pointed.  The group pushed their way through the mad rush of people trying to escape.  Many were shouting about a terrorist attack, at least it didn't sound like any of them saw magic used. 

"What shall we do sir?" asked one of the Inquisitors.

"Follow them, but do not interfere.  If Austin uses any dark magic we will take him into custody," Reynaldo ordered and the three Inquisitors followed Austin and the others.  It took the group awhile to push their way through the crowd of panicking people.  As they reached the top of the stairs the smoke thickened.  The blast had originated so they hurried towards it, Reynaldo and the two Inquisitors close behind.  Bodies littered the ground along with all kinds of debris.  Austin hoped some of them were still alive but as they reached the edge of the court his hopes were dashed.  There at the center of all the chaos was Damien, surrounded by a dozen Death Knights in full battle gear.

"Who are you?" Devyn shouted as he unsheathed his magical blade.  From under his mask Damien laughed looking the group over with his pale blue eyes.

"Who indeed Devyn Phoenix," he replied.  Somehow his voice was different from when Austin last heard him speak, it sounded almost...familiar.

"He's Margulis' son Damien," Austin answered for the masked figure.

"What?!" Devyn yelled, a confused look on his face.

"He was born sometime after I...we died."

"Correct Austin, and today I shall be the death of you!"  The Death Knights rushed forward towards them and Austin prepared to blast them.

"No!" Enya shouted, "There are still civilians about, we cannot use our powers!"  She was right, there were still people fleeing the area and even some conscious and trapped under the debris.  Damien laughed bitterly again.

"Enya, you and Toren clear the area.  Austin and I will have to hold them off," Devyn ordered.  He looked over his shoulder momentarily at Reynaldo, who obviously didn't plan on helping in any capacity.  He hissed and returned his attention to the group of Death Knights bearing down on him and Austin.  The first two came at them swinging their blades, Devyn deflected one with his as Austin ducked beneath the other, producing a small burst of flame that sent the Knight to the floor.  Enya and Toren quickly searched for any survivors and helped them to safety.  Toren grabbed a small boy who was crying for his mother and rushed him to the stairwell where the woman was frantically searching for him.  Devyn caught his opponent off guard and stabbed through his armor to pierce his chest beneath.  He quickly withdrew his sword and deflected another blow as the other Knights surrounded him and Austin.

"Well this doesn't look too good," Austin whispered.  He quickly grabbed the dead man's sword and took the head off the Knight he had incapacitated.

"Bravo," Damien taunted, "You have the power to end all this you know Wagner?  Yet you squander this power, push it deep inside you and fight with your fists and pitiful weapons of steel.  All to keep the peace between our kind and the worthless humans.  You are a disgrace to all of us!"

"And what about you Damien?  Why do you hide behind your cronies and let them do all the dirty work, you're all talk!" Austin shouted as he attempted to hold off another Knight.  Devyn was having no trouble but Austin's forte was obviously not with the sword.  One more Death Knight swung at Austin, sending his sword clattering to the floor.  He quickly rolled to the side but was caught in the stomach by a metallic boot that quickly send the breath whooshing out of his lungs.  He stopped short at the wall as the Knight lifted his blade for the killing blow, at the last moment the tip of a sword pierced through the front of it's armor and Austin saw Devyn standing behind it.

"Thanks babe," he panted, getting back to his feet.  Five Knights remained standing, Austin couldn't tell but it appeared that the mask upon Damien's face was scowling in frustration.

"We got everyone out," they suddenly heard Enya say as she and Toren jogged back into the court.  Austin smiled, now he could really do some damage.  He summoned his powers and was soon surrounded by a magnificent blaze of fire.

"You guys take care of the Knights, Ive got some bitch boy to go after," Austin said.  Toren morphed into a tiger and pounced one of the Knights, tearing through his armor and into is flesh.  Austin stalked past the group heading straight for Damien.

"And so it begins," Damien said, "The downfall of Austin Wager."  He bought his hands up, his cloak flapping behind him as he beckoned for Austin to approach.  As Austin rushed at him he swung his arm, sending a streak of flames at the masked son of Margulis.  Damien quickly jumped backwards dodging the flames.  "Is that all you've got," he taunted still backing through the food court and into an adjacent corridor of shops.

Meanwhile Devyn and Enya had dispatched of two more Knights while Toren cornered the final two, dodging their defensive swings with ease.  He swatted one of the swords with his massive paw sending the Death Knight crashing into the wall.  Devyn was now at his side and cleaved the final enemy in half with a mighty swing. 

"Well that's the last of them," he said between breaths.

"Where is Austin?" Enya asked looking about.  Reynaldo still stood aside with his Inquisitors, his arms across his chest as he appraised the situation.

On the other side of the second floor Damien continued to bait Austin.  "Doesn't it make you sick that even with all your power you cant touch me?"

"Stand still and I'll show you just what I can do," Austin growled. 

"Hahaha fine," Damien said as he took a stand, "Hit me with your best shot."

Austin put his hands above his head and shouted animalistic as he summoned a huge ball of fire.  Damien continued to stand there impassively as the fireball grew.  When Austin was satisfied he hurled it forward with all his might, the flames screaming through the air towards Damien.  As it approached Austin was certain he had won but suddenly almost faster than the eye could see Damien batted the fireball away as if it were a fly.  It exploded  upon the wall blasting a huge hole into one of the stores.  Austin dropped his jaw in shock, there was no way he could have done, Damien wasn't kidding about his power.

"You see, you cannot beat me with elemental magic.  The power I was speaking about is far greater than the pitiful magic of the gods.  The power you used to defeat the Dark Angels, the raw hatred within your soul, that is the only way you can hope to stand any bit of a chance against me!"

"No!  I will never use black magic again, even if it means my death!"

"You are destined to use it, have you not realized that yet?  You whipped out countless lives with your power and would have destroyed the world if not for that bastard boyfriend of yours."

"Austin?"  Devyn called from somewhere behind.

"Here comes the cavalry...well Austin it was a pleasure, until next time," as Damien finished speaking he began to shimmer in and out of sight until he was completely gone.

"There you are," he heard Devyn again.  Austin extinguished his fiery aura and turned to join the others.  Toren was still in tiger form and behind them followed the Inquisitors.

"Did you kill him?" Devyn asked as Austin rejoined them.

"No," Austin shook his head, "He got away."

"More likely you let him escape," Reynaldo said accusingly.

"Arrington would you stay out of this, there is obviously no use of black magic here by Austin," Devyn glared at Reynaldo.  With a quick gesture from Reynaldo his assistants began to examine the corridor, searching for evidence of evil magics.  After a moment they shook their heads in disbelief.

"There was no use of black or blood magics sir," one of them spoke.

"What do you mean none Tanis?  What about the other boy?"

"None sir," Tanis replied, "Not even from this Damien."

"Peculiar..." Reynaldo mumbled.

"See?" Austin said, "Now leave us before I get any more angry."

"Very well, Wagner, but know we will be keeping a close eye on you.  Tanis, Erik return to the Citadel I wish to stay here and continue to look for any other clues."  The Inquisitors nodded and disappeared in a flash of light, returning to the Citadel of Sarathyl. 

"You guys ready to go?" Devyn asked.  Toren reverted to his human form and quickly covered his genitals as the others nodded.  Austin almost thought he caught Enya checking out the Animagi but before he knew it they were whisked away by Devyn's magic and returned to his home.

Reynaldo walked forward, looking at the hole Austin had blasted into the wall.  "You may come out now," he said.  From inside the store Damien appeared, his cloak whipping behind him as he strode forth.

"What do you want of me Inquisitor?" he asked whimsically.

"I am intrigued by you, you claim to be the son of Margulis and Nefreya and yet you do not use dark magics, tell me how is this possible?"

"Not all of father's minions practice the dark arts Inquisitor, why is it strange that I do not?"

"I see...," Reynaldo replied, "Regardless you are to surrender yourself to me for questioning and if necessary execution for crimes against humanity committed by your parents."

"Tsk tsk Arrington, tsk tsk.  Perhaps I can strike a bargain with you?"

"What could you possibly have to offer me boy?" Reynaldo scoffed.

"Austin Wagner.  He killed your parents and now you want revenge on him but you cannot because he is not a black mage.  The only time in this life he used dark powers was to save the world from the goddess Kali.  This has started him on the path to darkness, he just needs a little nudge."

"Go on..."

"I will make certain that Austin falls to darkness, and then you can have your revenge!" Damien shouted clenching his fist.  Reynaldo considered for a moment then a thin smile took form on his lips.

"I accept your offer Damien.  You may contact me at the Citadel, but if you do not hand me Austin on a silver platter I will find you and make you pay," Reynaldo said before teleporting from the mall.

"Don't worry Inquisitor, you will hear from me soon enough."

Two weeks later

Life had returned to normal for Austin.  The officials of Oceanside had chalked the explosion up to a gas leak and the demon knights people claimed to see as a mass hallucination from the gas.  Nothing was heard from Damien or Reynaldo so Austin seemed to be in the clear.  At least for the time being. 

"Are you coming to bed?" Austin asked Devyn from his bed.

"Yeah in a moment," Devyn answered as he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth.  Austin curled up under the covers and closed his eyes.  A few moments later he felt Devyn climbing under the covers, wrapping his arms lovingly around his boyfriend.  Devyn leaned in and kissed Austin on the cheeks.

"Night prince," he whispered.

"Goodnight Devyn."  After awhile Austin could feel himself drifting off to sleep.  As he slipped into unconsciousness he found himself in an open courtroom of some sort.  Three people, two men and one woman, stood before him dressed in the robes of Inquisitors.  Two of them looked vaguely familiar as the vision of his past continued to take shape.  There were at least two dozen people seated in the room, watching the delegation.

"Austin Wagner you stand trial for crimes committed against humanity and magi alike.  Thirty charges of black magic usage are being filed against you, do you have anything to say for yourself?" the female Inquisitor asked.

Austin grinned wickedly from his seat, "Only that your deaths shall soon be added to my resume Arrington."

"How dare you!" her husband shouted, "You will be put to death for your crimes boy, it is the unanimous decision of this tribunal!"

Austin's eyes glazed over as they turned to an inky black, the judges were sent sprawling to the floor as their hold on him weakened.  "You have no power over me, weaklings, now die!"  The entire room erupted into screams of torture of pain as each and every person's soul was ripped from their bodies.  Austin laughed maniacally as the wall closest to him exploded outwards, the ashes of his captors sucked out into the sunny skies.  Austin gasped as he awoke from the dream, drenched in a cold sweat, his eyes twin pools of darkness.

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