Dark Legacy


Chapter 2. The Dark Wizard


 Ultimate Magic:

Over centuries wizards and witches have been slowly finding ways to advance in other branches of magic. The meaning of Ultimate magic, or the practice of making magic its strongest, started back in Egyptian times, when black magic wielders escaped. These wizards and witches who hated black magic band together to advance magic itself to overcome black magic. (Which was the strongest magic at the time.)

How Black Magic Came About:

Ultimate magic, has been an ongoing plan from long ago. When black magic was first created, it was used to fight in wars for the benefit of the ancients. (It wasn’t called black magic at the time.) It was used to destroy beasts, creatures, and unknown things that threatened Egyptian villages and homes.

This was the ultimate magic at its time. Black magic had proved to work in these situations. The warlocks, sorcerers, wizards, and witches who created the new magic, knew of its corrupting capabilities. They only let certain men and soldiers wield such magic. Never allowing anyone to permanently hold this power in their body longer than needed.  For it was far too great and dangerous.

The title: ‘Wielders’ came from the act of soldiers given temporary uses of the new magic to fight foes. They only wielded it at times of impossible danger.

After each war crisis was over in these ancient civilizations Warlocks, Sorcerers, witches, wizards would cleanse and extract the black power from the wielders (soldiers) body. Storing it away in an impenetrable, sacred hiding place. This was another extra measure taken to ensure the safety among the villages and towns.

Years down the line, a big war came to the Egyptians territories. This was a different kind of fight on their hands. Magic was being used on both sides. Many were killed, beasts were summoned, people were transfigured, souls were taken. There was so much magic being used in one area the earth shook, adding further destruction to chaos.

When the long exhausting war finally ended, it was time for the creators to come together as one and do the cleansing ritual on the soldiers. They were carrying on with the cleansing of the wielders when something different came about.

There were soldiers missing and some soldiers who were refusing to let go of the power. The war went on so long, that the soldiers were being corrupted by its uses. They begin to enjoy having the dark uses of magic at their will.

While most soldiers came for their cleansing. The others who were corrupt ran into hiding. When the Warlocks and Sorcerers realized not all of the wielders were accounted for, they quickly spread the word to find these individuals. No one had seen any of the wielders in the villages. The Warlocks grew angrier everyday that passed. The sorcerers grew worried and frightened at the idea of having the ‘Dark corrupting power’ being used with no limits. Egypt was in trouble if these wielders ever decided to use their powers against them.

Still, after months of searching for the wielders with no luck of finding them, they soon realized these wielders probably left Egypt. Which happen to be a good and a bad thing.

The good part was: these wielders couldn’t corrupt other people in Egypt with the deadly power. During this period in time, Black magic was the strongest magic there was, so their villagers lives were safe with these people away.

The bad part was: These wielders scattered away in different locations of the world. Some got away by boat, some ran away by foot, and others by horses. The warlocks had no clue what these wielders would do in their new habitats with power so unchallenging.

Later, these escaped wielders began to teach the art to others in their new nation. They mated, having children who ended up permanently carrying this magic inside of their magical being. (There are four parts to wizards and witches: The mind, the soul, the body, and the magical being. Magical being is, where all magic stems from.)

Meanwhile in Egypt, where the great power was created, all of the magic users came together in hopes of strengthening their branches of magic to counter an overcome black magic. Which in years of time they were successful in their attempts. The warlocks, and Sorcerers advanced in creating their magic strong enough to combat with any black magic user.

After their discovery and advancements in braches of magic they all agree to keep advancing magic itself. They all knew as long as there were wielders of black magic, they would be continuously growing in their own arts.

The sole creators all prayed to one day correct the balance of magic. They would erase, obliterate, and cleanse all black magic: its wielders, its carriers, and most importantly, its users.


Cleansing is the act of extracting black magic out of a carrier or user’s magical being. It is the only way to get rid of the magic entirely. Black magic was proven to be so strong that it entangled itself permanently inside the carriers or wielders offspring. Marking the child as an automatic carrier even before birth. These children could potentially become users of it.

Sadik a wizard who was a seer, wrote in the book ‘Gifted Prophecy’:

“There will come a time when all carriers and users of the forbidden, dangerous art will be cleansed thoroughly by the gifted child. Baby, child, adult, carrier, and users will be cleansed rightfully. Nothing will prevent it.”

Since black magic is tangled so deep in the beings of carriers and users, cleansing isn’t what it once was in the ancient times. The warlocks of Egypt could do rituals to rid the power from the wielders bodies. Since this dark power has been around so long, and it is hosted inside the magical being, cleansing has become different.

It is proven by thousands of cleansing warlocks, witch, and wizards that when you successfully extract the blackness from a dark wizards magical being. The user/carrier burst instantly into tiny glittering fragments. It is described to look exactly like: gold dust. This happens because, once the magical being has lost the blackness it disrupts. Causing the mind, body, and soul to collapse simultaneously, which leaves the golden dust. (This can only happen to a dark user or carrier.)…


I closed the book ‘Legends of Magic’. I finished reading my chapter for the day. I got up putting the book on my shelf that was neatly stacked with other magical books. Then I sat back on my bed, thinking how my life was about to have a drastic change soon.

The Dark Grandmaster, Jaffar came to me ten years ago giving me these books to read and study. I didn’t understand him, I didn’t understand what was going on, I didn’t understand anything in the books at first. As I grew older, things began to thin out and become clear.

In the middle of my thoughts, I could hear my parents down stairs, screaming at each other… as usual. I really didn’t get how they manage to stay together all this time. All they do is argue.

Those two didn’t care if the matter could be avoided or if it could be a small problem, they just keep at it all day long.

Grandmaster Jaffar, told me, ‘they loved each other but what keeps them mad at one another is they were both carriers of black magic’. It was too bad they didn’t know what powers they could have.

I got so use to them arguing with each other, that I picked those fine times to open one of the books Jaffar gave me. The reading took me away from the human world. It always let me know there was more happening outside the walls of home.

I enjoyed all of the magic books. I was really into reading the dark spells in the book: ‘Advanced Black Magic’. This book gave me something to practice when I was bored, or when my parents were arguing. After so many years of reading the spells, I was getting the hang of them. Even though Jaffar told me not to use magic on anyone yet. It was a real let down because I had so many uses in mind for it.

Instead, Jaffar encouraged me to practice on the stuffed animals laying at the bottom of my closet. Which I did almost all the time.

I walked to my window, pulling the curtains aside, and drawing my blinds up.

Out my window I over looked the mid-September’s slightly s chilly weather. There was gray cloudy appearance settling in, over swirling red, yellow, and orange leaves. The colorful leaves fell slowly, from the trees in the neighborhood. Turning, twisting, as they landed noiselessly on the green grass below.

Soon I will be seventeen. I thought watching the scenery.

October 3rd was creeping up quickly. That’s the age Jaffar said I would be experiencing the drastic change in my life. I got nervous thinking of what the change could be? I really don’t like surprises, and I definitely hate waiting. I didn’t know what was coming with change so it scared me sometimes.

Speaking of waiting on my seventeenth birthday, Jaffar said, I would finally be able to open the thin rectangular box he gave me when I was only eight years old. I can’t believe I still remember that. I have been waiting so many years to see what it was, so much time had gone by and in a few weeks I would see what this box held.

I was in third grade, when my eighth birthday came. Jaffar gave me the box when he visited, and a wand. I was so excited that day. All the reading in the books paid off. My first thought: ‘I can finally start casting practice spells, so people beware!’.  Jaffar stopped me saying, it would be better if I practice on nonliving things before using them on people, of course.

It was like he read my mind.

I remember Jaffar sitting on my bed, holding his black staff with the golden cobra coiled around its length. When I took the box trying to pry it open with all my strength, which didn’t work. He watched me trying ‘open-sesame’ spell to get the box to open.

The smooth, white hairs of wisdom on his pointy, short beard moved as he began to speak, “Blaine Ramsei, trying to open that box is useless.” He calmly started in a low mumble. Jaffar was old and you could hear it in his wheezing voice. He might have been old but he was one of the most powerful dark wizards ever to be known. That was how he earned the title ‘Dark Grandmaster’.

“I casted a concealment spell over the box. It will not uplift until you have reached the age of seventeen.” He said, lifting his finger. “What I ask of you to do until you are seventeen is: read, read, read and study all six of the books I gave you. It is necessary.” He stroked his short pointy white beard. “So you may be ready for what is to come. You will be ready for the drastic change.” He wheezed again.


The day is inching closer. I will be able to open the box and see what has been a mystery to me for years. Then I will get to experience the drastic change or whatever it may be.  I kept my word about: reading all six books, throwing in practice sessions, and not using magic on anyone yet.

Perched on my window sill I watched more colored leaves whoosh with the autumn winds. I don’t know what happened to Jaffar. He stopped popping into my room when I reached eighth grade. Sometimes I think he abandoned me, sometimes I believe those cleansing warlocks may have hunted him down… or that snotty, little chosen rat must have got him!

I promise myself, every day since Jaffar stopped coming around, I would seek vengeance on that gifted brat! I wanted to show that kid the disorder he is causing. The immense, distaste I hold for that boy, only gets stronger.

Not only for them cleansing Jaffar. (If that is what happened) but also for the magical genocide he and his sorry supporters wanted. They were all foolish!

Those who follow, the gifted one, will be cursed by my wand.

Coming to think of wands, I definitely need a new one. The wand Jaffar gave me when I was eight is aging, worn, and you can see splinters of wood sticking out. It works okay but not as good as it once did. It needed more force or something. Given its condition that’s probably why it lacked such great power.

I noticed when I’m casting practice spells, my spells give just a little push. Not enough to cause the damage I want to inflict. Not the kind of harm that I would want my first foe to endure.

I closed my window, letting the blinds back down and pulling the curtains together. My thoughts of Jaffar leaving me, or perhaps being cleansed, was getting to me. I stepped away from the window sill and went to my closet.

I searched, looking on the top shelf, in the highest left corner. Where I kept the box, my worn wand, and the black orb. (another thing Jaffar gave me.) The black orb was something Jaffar said, would help me later in life. Another thing I couldn’t wait for. Just like I couldn’t resist trying to open the magically seal box. I couldn’t help gazing into the black, revolving, murky clouds inside the orb.

I pulled it down, snatching the cloth from covering its round surface. I sat back on the bed holding the orb under my nose, inspecting it.

“The eye of Sadik.” I repeated to myself, watching it closely.

The orb was made by black magic. The seer who wrote the book ‘Gifted Prophecy’, the same guy who foretold: ‘All users/carriers of black magic would be cleansed,’ this beautiful, black orb was made from his left eye. I read about how it happened in the book: Legends of Magic.


Sadik had a younger half-sister, by the name of, Sadika. She happened to be a user of black magic. She hated her brother for writing such dreadful things about our kind. So she killed him and took his left eye from his skull. She then, performed a dark transfiguring spell, creating this seeing orb. Sadika wanted to see what her brother saw. She wanted to know if he was telling the truth.

What better way to see something, than to see it for yourself.

To her astonishment she couldn’t see anything but inky black clouds rotating, circling the insides of the orb’s glass. She didn’t understand why her idea didn’t work, why she couldn’t see the future.

Sadika kept the eye (orb) as a treasure. Only telling other dark wizards and witches what she had done and her needing to see if the prophecy was true. After many tests they later found out the black orb could not see the future because it was disconnected from Sadik’s magical being, which had a special energy that feed it life.

The orb wasn’t rendered useless. Under further testing, it came to knowledge that the orb was capable of seeing anything, anywhere, that was happening in the present. Whatever was happening in the ‘now’ would be viewable.


Staring at the orb, I could see my reflection blinking back at me. My ravenous black hair hanging low to my shoulders. My almost, black mirror like eyes, starring fixed at me. The brown coating, underlying the tinge in my skin, could even be made out. Most students at school didn’t believe me when I told them my dad was Persian. I get my color from my Persian and black roots. (Dad and Mom)

No one believes but who were they anyway?

Nothing in my book.

I focused intently on the black, cold glass surface, before asking it a question.

“Are my parents still fighting downstairs?”

The black, murky clouds, quickly shifted.  A liquid sky blue lettering of: ‘Yes’ popped in the orb. Then as if I commanded it, the black clouds split and swiveled apart. Showing my dad and mom, in the kitchen arguing. She was preparing dinner and he was sitting at the dinner table with papers. His skin and hair matching mine, until veins showed in his neck from yelling.

My mom had black curls wrapped in a head band stirring something in the pot.

Watching them curse and call each other names went on for two more minutes, before mom reached on the cabinet drawing a knife and came rushing to dad’s face. She pointed her finger at him while clutching the knife in her other hand.

I hurriedly placed the cloth back over the black orb, running to the closet, storing it in the left corner top shelf. I raced downstairs, down the hall, making a left, passing the dining area and straight in the kitchen.

I was just in time.

Mom’s knife hand came diving down aimed directly at dad’s chest.

“Mom!” I yelled not knowing how else to stop her.

She stopped in the middle of her stabbing motion. She turned her curly head of hair seeing me. While my dad sat with both hands covering his head.

“Blaine, go away!” my mom screamed unnerved. “This has nothing to do with you, ugh!” She sounded like she was upset with me. Then she dropped the knife.

This was all insane but nothing new… It was just a regular day, in the Ramsei residence.




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