dark mage: chapter 2

The following story contains descriptions of consenting adult males engaging in homosexual activities. (That means that this story is gay porn.) If you're under 18 years of age, in an area where this type of material is illegal, or just plain don't like gay sex, don't read it. Did somebody say McDonald's? Yes. It was the board of health. They're closed now. Otherwise, go ahead and enjoy.

I put Grams to bed. Sure, she may have been healed, but she'd had a shock and needed rest. I stayed in the chair she had next to the bed for a few minutes, thinking about how I was going to tell Kevin about me. I had seriously never considered doing that. Compared to what I was about to tell him, coming out was easy.

I finally bit the bullet and went back out into the living room. He was still sitting in the easy chair, his legs drawn up against him, looking a little bit glassy-eyed. He hadn't even closed the door after I left with Grams. I did so, then sat across from him on the couch. It was an awkward few seconds before he even acknowledged that I was in the room.

"Ethan, what was that?" He looked up at me and I could see the fear in his eyes. "What--what just happened?"

"Well, umm, I think that's going to take a little explaining." I looked him over again. He seemed tired, which was understandable, really. "I don't really think you're ready to hear it, though. Just calm down for a little while, then we'll talk."

Kevin jumped up off the chair. "No. No. I want to know right now, and you're going to tell me. What the fuck just went on?"

I stood up and found myself right in front of him, almost nose-to-nose. "Look, you're upset now, and I can understand that. Come on, we'll go sit down in the kitchen and I'll get some coffee or something. I'll tell you then, alright?"

"No, that's not alright." He turned for the door. "I've got to get out of here. This is just too weird."

Kevin tried to leave, but I didn't let the knob turn. He tried it for a few seconds, then tried the locks. Nothing worked. He banged his fist on the wall, then slid down to the floor.

"Just tell me what the fuck is going on," he said in a very defeated voice. "What was that?"

I grabbed his arm and pulled him into the kitchen, where I sat him down in one of the chairs. I started up the coffee maker (well, set it to warm up the coffee from that morning, at least) and sat next to him.

"Okay, Kevin, you have to promise me something. No matter what I tell you, you have to promise to just listen. No interrupting, no leaving, and no questions until I'm finished, alright?" He nodded. I took a deep breath and started to explain about me, my powers, Grams, and everything else I knew. It really wasn't that much, I suppose. I didn't know who had attacked Grams, I didn't know why they'd do that, and I sure as hell didn't know who Camus was.

Kevin was surprisingly good about it. He just sat there, listening intently. When I was finished, he just kinda looked at me. He had a look of disbelief on his face, though that was to be expected.

"You've got to be shitting me." He chuckled a little, almost unsure if he should. "That's gotta be the worst lie you've ever told me."

I shook my head. "I was hoping it wouldn't come down to a demonstration." I looked over at the napkin-holder on the table. It started to levitate, floating about four or five inches up. It came over to me and I grabbed it, then set it back down on the table. Kevin just sat there, staring with a gaping mouth.

"Mother fucking shit," he whispered. "Why didn't you ever tell me?"

I should have been expecting that question, but I wasn't. I sat there for a few seconds, thinking of what to say. I really didn't know why I hadn't ever told him. It never came up, I guess. It's not really the kind of thing that you talk about, either.

"Honestly, I don't know. You know it's not a trust issue. You're one of two people who know my... umm... second biggest secret. It's just that, well, it's not something that I like to talk about. It's not something I've ever had to talk about." I looked over at him, half smiling. "Look, don't be mad. I'm sorry."

"Ethan, man, I'm not mad. I'm just... well... confused." Kevin let his head fall in front of him, stifling a laugh. "Oh, fuck. Far too many revelations for one day, dontcha think?"

I had to laugh, too. He did have a point, though. I took his arm and pulled him into the living room with me, letting the coffee simmer. We both sat on the couch, me on the end and him right next to me. He leaned over and rested his head on my shoulder. I thought he was going to fall asleep before he started talking again.

"What's going to happen now?" He asked the question like he knew I couldn't answer. I guess all he wanted was to think that I had some kind of plan or something. I didn't. I was probably just as confused as he was.

"I don't know. When Grams wakes up, we're going to have to talk to her, too." I bent down and kissed the top of his head. I liked the way his hair smelled. Yeah, I had more important things on my mind, but it was nice. "I don't want you going anywhere, either. You're safest here, especially if whoever did this knows that you were around."

"You're not afraid they'd come back?" He looked up at me -- not scared, more questioning than anything.

"Nope. The only reason they got Grams was because they caught her by surprise. She's incredibly good at self-defense and things like that." I smiled, thinking of my grandmother as a boxer. "And who do you think taught me how to fight?"

Kevin nearly cracked up laughing. "Wow. I always thought the telekinetic, ass-kicking grandma was limited to a character in some cheesy B movie." He leaned up and kissed my neck. "It is strangely comforting, though."

We sat on the couch for a little while longer before we realized what time it was. We were both hungry, so we settled on fast food. The faster, the better, really. I went to wake up Grams and ask what she wanted, but she was out. I decided she'd have to eat McDonald's like the rest of us.

"Stay here with Grams, okay? I'll be back in like ten minutes." I motioned for Kevin to sit down in the chair next to the bed. "If she wakes up, tell her I'll be back in a few, okay?"

"Yeah, sure." He smiled and started chuckling to himself again. "Who'd have thought that an afternoon of passion would wind up with me guarding an old lady in her bedroom?"

"The combination of those things is too sick for words." I smiled, too, though. "Back in a little bit."

I must have set a record or two with how fast I got to the drive-thru. I guess nobody could blame me, though: look at what I had to deal with at home. There was a guy who knew that I had some kind of telekinetic power and who I had some major feelings for at my house, there was the fact that my grandmother was assaulted by some as-yet-unknown person, and there was the fact that I was pretty hungry. It all added up to going about 15 miles over the speed limit.

I got home and Kevin was still sitting with Grams. She was awake and they were talking, though. At least they were before I got there. When I showed up, they got all quiet and moved out into the kitchen.

"Everyone's got the same thing, just grab one," I said as I put the bag down and went to look for plates. It's odd how you always eat off of plates no matter what you bring home if you're at the kitchen table. "Oh, Kev, I got you a Dr. Pepper since you hate Coke."

"Thanks." We all sat down and started eating.

"So what were you talking about before I so rudely interrupted you?" I asked, half-grinning. I realized that the chance they were going to tell me was slim, but later that night I'd probably get some information from Kevin.

"Not a lot, really." Kevin grabbed for a few packets of ketchup. "Elena told me a bit about you and her and what you could do. She made it sound almost normal, too."

Grams smiled at Kevin, then turned to me. "I also told him that he won't be able to go home for a few days. Not until we get the person who's after us, at least."

"Who did that? Do you know?" I looked down at my plate, almost grinning at the absurdity of having this conversation over a meal of burgers and fries. ""Cause if you do, I'm going to be doing some killing later tonight."

"Ethan, don't." Grams gave me her harsh, I-don't-want-to-hear-that tone. "Yes, I do know, and yes, you're going to have to face them eventually. But not quite in the way you're thinking."

"What?" I chuckled. "You're making it sound like I'm destined for some big final battle between good and evil."

Grams sat stoic-faced for a few seconds. "I am." She kept up the face for a little longer, then broke into a grin. "Wow, you are so easy."

"That's what I said," Kevin piped in from across the table. I shot him a death glare (metaphorically, of course).

"Now, now, Ethan. That's no way to treat him." Grams smiled again. "He told me about what happened this afternoon. We're going to have to repair that tree soon, you know."

"Umm, Kevin? What did you tell my grandmother?" My eyes were wide open. Had Kevin told Grams that he and I had... well... did what we had? I felt oddly violated.

"Just that you and he had done a few things that grandmothers shouldn't hear about." She grinned over at him. "It's alright. I trust both of you not to do anything stupid and you know it. Whether it's experimentation, something long-term, or whatever else, I trust you both."

"Not quite the way I wanted to tell you, but okay." I shook my head. "Geez."

"I figured it'd be one less revelation we'd have to sit through today." Kevin grinned at me again. "Sorry."

The feeling of violation had passed. I overreacted at first. I had planned to tell her eventually, really, but I just expected to do it myself. It was one less thing to deal with, I guess.

"Okay, so now that that's taken care of, there are other issues at hand. Grams, what happened?" I turned back to her, avoiding the topic of Kevin and me. "Who did that?"

"Well, Ethan, honey, I think that's going to take a little while to explain." She pawed around at her fries for a second, then looked back up at me. "I've given Kevin a basic idea of what's going on, and I think he knows more than you do now."

Kevin chuckled. "First time for everything, huh?"

I glared at him for a second, then laughed because he was right. "Okay, so fill me in."

"Well, it all started a few thousand years ago. Back then, there was a civilization that was so far advanced beyond the people around it. Those people feared it, so they attacked constantly. They were always beaten back by the superior technology, but the people eventually decided to leave." She sighed and stopped for a second. "That place was known as Atlantis. When they left, they bombed the island and sank it so that nobody could use their research or their weapons or anything else they had created."

I stared at her for a second with what I assume was an incredulous look on my face. "Are you telling me that our ancestors were from Atlantis?" I shook my head. "That's just... wow. Who'd have thought?"

"Yeah, I know. It explains a lot." Grams reached for her Coke, then went back to her story. "They were pretty nomadic for a while there. Actually, for a few hundred years, they were separated and spread out over the entire world. Most of the major civilizations of today have their roots with them."

"What were their names?" I asked. "I mean, what did they call themselves?"

"That's another problem. They didn't have a central name. When they lived on Atlantis, they were called Atlantians, but when they moved, they didn't have a name." She stopped and thought for a second. "I guess they went by several names, now that I think of it. If you look back into virtually any culture's myths and legends, you'll find mentions of them."

I let everything sink in for a minute or two. My ancestors were the ones behind the evolution of society. It's a bit hard to digest, really. "Okay, you said that they were only apart for a few hundred years. What happened after that?"

"The part where we come in, actually." Grams smiled over at me. "In the late 1600s, a man appeared. His name was Reginald Lasher."

"His name sounds familiar," I said, "but I can't place it."

"Yeah, that's everyone's reaction. He was really big throughout the time period in politics and what not, so you've probably heard his name in history class. Nothing big is ever mentioned of him, though." Grams reached for her soda again. "Anyway, Mr. Lasher united a lot of our people and brought them together in England. A large group of them migrated over to the US, where they lived until the 1950s or so."

"So, they were here for most of this country's formative years?" I asked. "You mean that they helped with the founding of this country?"

Grams shook her head. "Not exactly, no. They did live here, yes, but they avoided politics and such. There were a few who got involved with the workings of this country, and there are a few who are still here, but for the most part they kept to themselves."

"So there are still people like us around here, helping to run the country?" I think my mouth was a little bit agape.

"Not like you're thinking, no." Grams shook her head again. "There's not some shadow government waiting in the wings to take over when things go wrong. It's just that our people are involved in various places."

"Okay, so where are they now? You said they were here until the 1950s, so where did they go?"

"Well, back then, the space program was just taking off. Or, at least, it was for the majority of society. Our people have always been scientists and scholars. They developed a way for a satellite to orbit the earth long before NASA had even sent a rocket into space. Sometime in the mid 1950s, which was when interest in the space program was heating up anyway, our people launched and moved onto a satellite that's above us as we speak." She sighed. "They were tired of the persecution that was following them everywhere they went. Even then, when people were supposed to be open and more accepting, they were hated for what they could do."

"I've never heard anything about us past the witch trials," I said. "How'd they cover it up?"

"We have people in high places, like I said. Not a lot, but enough to keep everything quiet." Grams looked over at Kevin. "Are you okay, hon?"

"Yeah, sure." Kevin shook his head. "It's just that this is all a little hard to believe, that's all. I mean, I know you're not lying, but it's going to take a little bit before I can understand everything."

"That's alright, Kevin." Grams smiled and nodded at him. "It's just good that you're so willing to accept this. A lot of people wouldn't be in your position."

"Well, I kinda have to, since Ethan won't let me leave." Kevin looked over at me again. "Of course, that's probably for my own good, too."

"Yeah, it is," I said. "We don't know if that guy is out there, and if he saw that you were here, he might go after you when you left. Grams, you said you knew who that guy was, right?"

"That's what I was getting to." Grams took a deep breath, like she was going to give some great revelation. "The man who attacked me was a servant of Reginald Lasher."

"Okay, hold on." I put my hand in the air for dramatic effect. "I know that our people aren't immortal. How is he still alive?"

"It's not that Reginald, Ethan." Grams shook her head, almost laughing at me, but not quite. "He's one of the direct descendants of the original Lasher. As such, he's rather highly regarded in our society. He's a powerful man, but he's dangerous. His corruption of our government is the reason why your grandfather and I left Legerd."

"Legerd? Is that the name of the satellite?" Kevin asked.

"Yes. It has its origins in 'legerdemain,' which means 'magic' or 'sleight of hand.'" Grams smiled. "Our people also have a well-developed since of irony."

"Sounds like someone I know, yeah." Kevin smiled at me.

"Okay, let me see if I understand everything. Our people used to live in Atlantis, but they left and bombed the island so it sank. They migrated around for a few hundred years, playing a role in the birth of several civilizations. Then, this Reginald guy comes along and unites everybody and moves them to America. They live there for a few hundred years, then get all pissy and move up to a satellite that they constructed in the 1940s. You and Gramps got ticked off at the corruption, so you took Dad and moved down to Earth. Is that the gist of it?" I asked, slightly proud of myself that I remembered all of that.

"Pretty much, yeah." Grams nodded. "And watch your language around your grandmother, Ethan."

"Sorry," I said, grinning. Grams had a mouth like a drunken sailor when she got mad.

Kevin had a confused look on his face. "If the satellite was built in the '40s, wouldn't it be falling apart by now? I mean, look at what happened to Mir."

"Smart boy," Grams said to me. "Actually, that's another part of the problem. Lately, it's fallen into a state of disarray and it's not looking too good for the people. The ones in charge try to cover it up, but everyone knows what's happening. That's another part of the reason Gramps and I left."

"Can't they just repair it?" I asked while cleaning up the wrappers -- everyone had finished eating.

"They could if Reginald would let it happen. He insists that nothing's wrong and won't let anyone do anything but repair the parts that malfunction. We got out just before they stopped letting people out, too." Grams got an odd, sad look on her face. "My brother--he's still up there."

"So where does all of this put me?" My self-preservation instincts were telling me to run. To run hard and fast and not look back, but for some reason, I couldn't.

"The man who came here today was looking for you. I managed to fight him off, but he'll be back, and we might not be as lucky next time." She looked directly at me. "They want your power, Ethan. They want to be able to manipulate living tissue. It's something about a new weapon. I don't know all of the details, since my sources have all but dried up, but I do know that they want to use you as a weapon."

"I don't get it," Kevin said. "I thought that Reginald wasn't a part of the government, so how can he control who does what?"

"Technically, he is a part. It works differently there than it does here. He has power because of his family, but there's also a ruling body that's elected democratically. It's just that Reginald's power isn't merely symbolic like that of the British royal family. He can make and destroy laws, enforce them, and do everything else that a normal despot would be able to. The ruling body is supposedly his equal, but he has them under his thumb."

"Okay, that makes sense, then." Kevin shook his head. "You people are seriously screwed up."

"Yeah, we are." Grams leaned back against her chair again. "It's all the result of wanting to be separated from other people, I think. My parents moved me to Legerd when I was a little girl, and that's where I met Ethan's grandfather. I didn't like it up there, though. Everything was so artificial. When Reginald came into power, it just gave Marcus and me the excuse we had always wanted so we could take Camus and leave."

"Oh, that's right!" I almost shouted. "You said something about a Camus when I saved you. Who is that?"

"Don't you remember, Ethan?" Grams asked with an odd look on her face. "Camus was your father."

"No it wasn't. Dad's name was Nathan." I shook my head. "What are you talking about?"

"You never knew, then." Grams got a look of comprehension on her face. "Yes, you knew your father as Nathan, but that was the name we gave him when we moved here. Marcus and I both had normal names, but your father didn't. At least not for the surface. We called him Nathan to avoid any questions about him or us."

"It's not exactly a normal name, but it's possible you could have named your kid that," I said.

"I know, but it was the '60s. We had moved into a very conservative neighborhood, so when we got all of our documentation, we changed your father's name to avoid any kind of a conflict." She chuckled, remembering something. "He was so confused at first. He didn't know why he had to change his name and we didn't."

I looked over at Kevin. He was interested, but he was tired. It was understandable. He had been through a lot that day.

"Grams, I think Kevin and I had better get to bed. I still have somewhere around a billion questions to ask you, but they can wait until tomorrow. I think I have the gist of it by now." I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Good night."

"Good night, Ethan. You go on to bed, I'm going to make sure everything's locked up tight." She looked over at Kevin for a second. "I'm also going to put up an energy barrier, just to be safe."

"I can do that for you," I said. "You've just had a shock, it's probably better if you rest and let me."

"That's okay, honey." Grams smiled. "You may be younger, but I'm far better at it than you are. Don't worry, I'll be fine. I'll call you if I need anything, okay?"

"That'll work." I smiled and kissed Grams again. "Come on, Kevin."

Kevin followed me upstairs without much complaint. We got ready for bed and finally met up in the bedroom.

"So are you sleeping with me tonight or do you think that'd be too weird?" I asked, not really knowing which one I was hoping he'd answer.

"Sleeping with you, of course." Kevin smiled. "Hell if I'm gonna let you hog the good blankets."

Kevin slipped into the bed next to me, under the covers. We were both stripped naked, so we were touching skin-to-skin in various places. I was immediately aroused, and I'm guessing he was, too.

"What did your grandmother mean by an energy barrier?" he asked as he turned toward me.

"Oh, that." I laughed to myself. "Everything here is so commonplace with me. If I don't explain something, just ask, okay?"

"Yeah, sure," he said. "Now, about that whole barrier thing?"

"Over by the front door, we have a machine that can amplify our power. Basically what happens is we charge up its batteries and it puts a barrier around the house that doesn't let anything in or out." I reached over and ran my fingers across his stomach. "It's pretty useful when you're being stalked and murdered, no?"

"I guess," he said, moving closer to me. "Of course, that does mean that I'm stuck here for the entire night. I do wonder what I'll be doing."

"Well," I said, moving my hand down into his gorgeously thick pubes, "we'll just have to think of something."

Before he could say anything in reply, I leaned over and kissed him. It wasn't one of those little wussy kisses, either; this was a full-on, tongue-entwining, spit-swapping, holy-fucking-shit-that's-good kiss. My hand was moving down lower, too, so that I could feel the half-hard shaft. I ran my fingers along it, tracing the line that the head made underneath the foreskin. The hair on his chest was tickling me, so I moved in closer and pressed myself against him harder. That did the trick.

"Damn," he said as we broke off the kiss. "You're getting better at that."

"Good teacher," I said just before I went in for another one. My hand was still stroking his now-hard cock. I had peeled back the foreskin and was rubbing the head directly, which made him moan into my mouth. He was a whole lot more sensitive there than I was. I broke the kiss and moved down to lick his neck. I was so tempted to start sucking on it and give him a hickey, but decided against it. Instead I just lightly bit that little patch underneath his Adam's apple. He smelled really good.

I continued my way downward, burying my face in the center of his chest. I had one hand on his cock, slowly squeezing and rubbing, and my other was on his right nipple. I made my way over to the left one and started sucking on it, nibbling just a little bit to see what it'd do to him. Turns out that he loved it. He nearly bucked off the bed the first time I ran my teeth across it.

I moved my head over to the other side of Kevin's chest and started licking at the other nipple. It's something that I know I've said before, but the hair on his chest really turned me on. I kept that up for as long as I possibly could without going insane from wanting to go lower.

Kevin's treasure trail ran from about the middle of his chest all the way down, and I followed it, licking and biting at various places along the way. He was really getting into it, judging by the noises he was making. When I finally got to his pubes, I was almost in heaven. He had the most incredible smell. It was musky without being too much so, clean and fresh but in that still-yummy kind of way. It's hard to explain in words, really; it's the kind of thing that's best experienced firsthand.

"Oh fuck yeah," he said as I snaked my tongue out and started licking at the base of his cock. There was the tiniest little bit of hair there, too, but it added effect, I think. As I moved my way up the shaft, Kevin's moans got even more frequent and explicit. He kept telling me how to lick, where to lick, to go faster, and to go slower; I ignored him, for the most part. I licked my way up at my own pace, which seemed to both infuriate him and excite him.

When I got to the point where the head started, I stopped for a minute to pull back and just admire his beautiful cock. It was an image that was burned into my memory from that point on. He was standing straight up, throbbing, almost glistening from my saliva. The foreskin was pulled back, revealing the most beautiful pink head I could ever imagine. It was all I could do to not lean forward and just take it into my mouth right then, but I wanted to get a good look. That feeling didn't last long, though. Hearing his whimpering made me lean forward and lick the tip, right on the piss slit.

"Oooh fuck that's good, Ethan," he cooed. I did it a few more times, eliciting a similar response for each one. Finally, I couldn't control it anymore and just took the head into my mouth, my lips stopping right where the foreskin started. I could almost feel his pre-cum squirting into my mouth. My tongue kept busy, running along the head and across the very tip. Each time I did that, I was rewarded with even more pre-cum. I swear that stuff had to be some of the best-tasting stuff on earth.

I felt Kevin's hands on the back of my head, not pushing me down, but just resting there. I decided to go down further, anyway. I managed to get about half of him into my mouth before I stopped. He moaned again, this time quieter. The head of his cock was just barely touching the entrance to my throat. I pushed down a little bit and swallowed at the same time and he went in.

"Damn, yeah. That's good." Kevin said among his moans. He was starting to babble a little bit. As I had learned earlier that day, that was one of the signs of his impending orgasm. I pushed down a little and the rest of him slid into my throat, but then I pulled off just as suddenly. When my lips left the head of his cock and it was exposed to the cooler air of the room, he whimpered again.

I looked up at Kevin and got an idea. "Babe, spread your legs and lift 'em up a bit. I had an idea."

He gave me a questioning grunt, but did what I asked anyway. I licked his gorgeous balls and took them into my mouth one at a time. He liked that. Then, I moved lower, licking his perineum. He liked that, too. My tongue slowly moved down lower, getting closer and closer to his gorgeous hole. He got the idea of what I wanted and lifted his legs higher so I could get easier access. When my tongue first made contact with it, he almost screamed out.

"Fuck, man, that's good. How the hell did you learn about that?" he asked, panting a little.

I pulled my tongue away long enough to answer. "Dirty stories on the Internet." He chuckled and I put my tongue back to work on his asshole.

After a few minutes, my neck started to get sore from the position I had it in. I pulled away and smacked him on the inside of his leg.

"If you turn over on your stomach, I can do that easier," I said, smiling at him. He turned over and spread his legs faster than I thought was humanly possible. "I take it you like this, then?"

"Fuck yeah I like this, now get that tongue back to work!"

I smiled at him, then dove back into his ass. It was a much better angle to work with, so I got more creative with how I used my tongue. I started off with slow, long, circular motions around the hole, just barely touching it. From the way he was grunting into the pillow and bucking his hips against me, he obviously wanted more than that. That was when I pressed my tongue against the hole directly and pushed it in. I started to fuck him with my tongue, and he enjoyed that a lot.

I was holding his cheeks apart with my hands, so it was pretty much inevitable that one of my fingers slipped into the crack and just alongside the hole. I decided to try something, so I worked up a good amount of spit and smeared it all over both my finger and his asshole. I pressed my finger against the hole and it slid in without any problem at all. As soon as I was down to the last knuckle, Kevin groaned and thrust himself against me.

Working my tongue down along his balls again, I finger-fucked him, adding more spit when necessary. He liked it a lot; so much, in fact, that I had to raise him up onto all fours so he'd stop humping the bed. Since he was in that position, I maneuvered myself so that I was lying on my back with my head between his legs, sucking on his cock while I fingered him. He started to gently pump his cock in and out of my mouth, keeping his strokes in time with when my finger went into and out of him. On his upstroke, I was going in, and on his downstroke, I was coming out. It wasn't long before he started moaning and actually shooting his warm, thick cum into my mouth.

After a few shots, he collapsed onto me. I didn't mind being in the position, since I had his cock in my mouth and his pubes were pressed against my nose, but I could barely even reach my own dick. Once he had recovered, he got off of me and moved down to the foot of the bed so he could suck me off.

It didn't take much, since I was so excited after what I had done for him. His mouth was barely even on my cock before I started shooting. He kept his lips wrapped around the head long after I was done and he had swallowed, though. I finally had to push him off so we could actually get some sleep that night.

"Oh, fuck. Damn, that was good," he breathed into my ear. We were lying very close to each other. I was basically snuggled against him and he had his lips almost touching my head. "Damn, if it's like that every time, I'm fucking moving in."

"Don't you wish," I said, still panting somewhat. "If it's like that every time, I'll be dead by the time I'm 19."

"But what a way to go, huh?" I could tell Kevin was grinning, and I was, too. "Oh, damn. I have never cum that hard before."

"Me neither." I yawned. "Good night, Kevin."

"Good night, Ethan," he said just before I was asleep.

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