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The Dark One

by David M. Roduner

Chapter 13

"I will stay," John said adamantly, "as it was I who brought the Dark One here." John had a look on his face that made it quite obvious that he could not be swayed in this matter. John paced up and down, trying to form a plan, which he was not having much success with. How could one individual plan to fight the unknown that was coming?

"You must go," Roger the White finally answered, "for the Circle of Power will be useless without you." John turned to Roger, perplexed. "The Circle of Power! Great wizards of the four elements. Venes the Water Wizard of the North, Mahou Ichida the Earth Wizard of the East, Roger the White -me!- Wind Wizard of the West and our new friend, Mwezi Wimbo, Fire Wizard of the South." John clearly had no idea what he was talking about.

"But what of a balance? We need someone without the gift to balance the Circle's center," countered Mwezi, seemingly unfazed that had been called, unasked, to perform this seemingly arduous task.

"We will use Roland of Frivesland as our balance," Roger the White answered, and noting Cor's sudden gasp, continued, "Yes, Cor. Your father." A look of relief showed on Cor's face: his father was alive!

"I thought you hated your father," John said quietly to Cornelius. The boy smiled and shrugged. Looking at Mwezi, John said, "I will stay. But you must get your people from harm's way."

With that, Mwezi had decided what to tell his people. He left his tent and proclaimed in his native tongue: "My people! The strangers will pay for their insult to the Xyanth Cat by protecting our land. The gods have foretold of great evil coming to this land. Tomorrow you must all take what you canand find safety in the caves and forests." Mwezi's people looked at him with fear and awe.

In the meantime, the party went off to explore Mwezi's land of Sior Geimhreadth. Cor had motioned for John to follow him as they went off into the jungle. John wasn't quite sure how safe this was, but changed his mine when he saw Cor's undulating hindquarters. John quickly readjusted his physical reaction - how long had it been, a week? - and followed.

The jungle was thick and dark, so John lifted Demonsdeath, which emitted a light. After some time, they noticed a stone path leading the way. John and Cor followed the path and heard - could it be? - water. They excitedly raced down the path towards a pool of water with a waterfall filling it. "I'm feeling dirty," Cor said, grinning as he pulled off his clothing, putting on a show of delicious body for John. After derobing, Cor quickly sprinted to the pool of water and dived in. John, grinning, peeled off his clothes and joined Cor. "Ooh," Cor said, running his hands up John's chest, "you have hair." John blushed at Cornelius' obvious excitement over his moderate amount of chest hair. Cor began to feel lower. "You also have-" Cor stopped and grinned. John smirked and wrapped his arms around Cor, kissing his neck softly. Cor closed his eyes and gasped softly. Cor then jumped and locked his legs around John's waist, with John's member creeping up and jabbing between Cor's perfectly rounded, milky white cheeks. John could feel Cor's hardness against his stomach, bobbing in the gentle undercurrent. "I feel you," Cor whispered, grinning.

"I know," John responded. "I feel you, too." John's hands reached down to squeeze and spread the lovely gift, those tasty globes, that he had been presented with. Cornelius cooed happily.

"So show me," Cor said, running his fingers down John's cheek and over just a little bit of facial hair, "what it means to be milis súile." John ran his hands up Cor's back and pulled him tight against his body. Cor parted his lips as John's tongue entered Cor's starving mouth. Never before had Cornelius known such bliss. For seventeen years he had been waiting for this moment, and he had more coming.

John walked with Cor in tow towards the edge of the pool and lay him down on the soft bank. Cor instinctively raised his legs for John. John grinned and began to run over Cor's delicate testicles, tiny blonde hairs sprouting out of them, lapping them up with his tongue. Cor gasped in pleasure as John's tongue ran under Cor's sack and lifted it up. John lifted the head and enveloped Cor's throbbing member, his nose nestling against the light dusting of dirty blonde hairs growing at the base of his very neat pubic bush.

John's mouth was alternatively inhaling and releasing Cor's throbbing member. Cor moaned loudly in pure ecstatsy. After several minutes, John decided to needed to taste something else. John spread Cor's perfect, milky white, gorgeously rounded and unblemished ass. Cor's hungry involuntary squeezed tight and opened wide in anticipation. John looked up at Cor, grinned, and said, "You're going to love this," as his tongue dived inside of Cor's hot, tight and inviting hole. Cor screamed in pleasure, his hand moving from left to right, grabbing into the sand by the waterfull, having never felt such pleasure. This outburst only furthered John's oral exploration as his tongue darted deeply into Cor's burning hot crevice. John noticed Cor began to stroke his throbbing erection as John continued his tonguework.

John had forgotten how much he loved having a truly turned on boy with his legs in the air. He was physically trying to pull that hot, tight hole as far onto his tongue as possible by grabbing Cor's beautiful cheeks and pulling his body back onto him. Cor was moaning, "Oh yes, sir, please fill me with your tongue! Oh yes, that feels so good!" Cor was in a frenzied heat. John reach his hands up and squeezed both of Cor's erect, pink little nipples. Cor screamed in joy. "Sir, please put.. oh, it is wrong... I desire your hardness.. inside of me!" Cor exclaimed, almost shocked that he had said it.

"I don't want to hurt you," John said, removing his tongue from Cor.

"It won't," Cor responded. "I've already practiced with candles," Cor continued, blushing furiously.

John grinned and said, "My little hornball." With that, John stepped out of the water, and gathering a bit of water from the pool, lifted Cor's legs onto his shoulders and gently pressed his hard penis deep inside of Cor. Cor knew all the rules: he opened up immediately, needing this with a desire he did not know he posessed. John moaned in pleasure, his eyes shutting on impulse.

"Yesssssssss," Cor hissed, "fill me! Push it in hard! I want it hard and fast! Oh Goddess, yes!"

John deeply inhaled, his eyes glazing over. "It's.. it's never felt like this. So warm and tight.. and natural. It feels as if there is no other for me."

"I should hope not," Cor cooed, squeezing tightly on John's hardness.

Cor wrapped his legs posessively around John, pushing John's throbbing member to this hilt of his warm, tight insides. Cor's eyes met John, begging more. He needed this like he'd never needed anything before. Cor knew then that he would gladly spend his whole life loving and caring for this man.

He knew that he desired to be subserviant to another, freely giving all he had. All he asked was love in return. And to be filled. Repeatedly. With this hard, throbbing cock thrusting inside of him and eventually filling him with seed. He knew he needed to be taken care of, loved, directed constantly, and filled. Oh, to be filled with John was more pleasure than he ever imagined possible.

John sighed in pure pleasure. He had forgotten the pure bliss of another, feeling them squeeze around you. And this boy, Cor, was so hungry and willing. With a mad lust and hunger he had long forgotten, John thrust deep into the tight, warm anal recesses of Cor. In the madness of the moment, John lustily asked, "You like this big, hard cock in your tight little boypussy?" John was thrusting mildly in and out of his boy's tight hole.

Cor's eyes were out of focus as his mouth opened. He moaned loudly, causing nearby birds to fly away in fear. "Yes, sir!" he responded, "Bury yourself into me and fill me your hot, creamy seed!" John sped up his thrusting in response.

"Sir," Cor whipered, amidst heavy breathing, "I fear I shall soon explode!"

"Me too," responded John, kissing Cor deeply. John's hips began to undulate into Cor at a maddened rate. Cor broke the kiss, moaning deeply, as his tight anal walls squeezed on John's throbbing member. Cor's hard cock, untouched, exploded onto his chest, drenching his body all the way up to his pert nipples. Feeling and seeing this, John jackhammered into Cor, and upon filling Cor completely with his cock, exploded deep into his hot, tight ass.

Hours met hours of lovemaking, with many positions attempted. Upon utter exhaustion, the boys fell into a blissful sleep. Cor's hole has been well fed with John's cum.

Roger the White shook John and Cor to wake them. "Quite as beautiful as I imagined," he said, smiling at the naked lads. Cor tutted in response. "Mwezi has taken his people to safety. Are you sure you want to do this?" Roger asked briskly. John nodded his head.

"Can't we hurry this bloody barge along?" Roland asked impatienly. The water was getting colder and more treacherous. "I want to see my son!"

Mahou looked at Roland with compassion and pity. "I shall use my magic, but you must never ask it of me again." Mahou sat down, pulling in the energies from the earth. As Mahou's magic source was so far away, he strained to pull this into him. After great effort, Mahou suddenly jumped up and exclaimed a mad incantation, causing the sand from the ocean floor to raise up and force the boat to zoom ahead at breakneck speed. Mahou fell onto the deck in an exhausted heap. Roland ran over and covered him in a blanket, whispering greatful words of thanks.

"Brutes!" Mørkt proclaimed loudly, "Now is your time. You shall taste blood like never before. We shall destroy a continent. Fire! Cries! Death! Live human flesh to gnash in your teeth. Just taste it," he continued dramatically, throwing one of the king's guards into the center of the stinking, crowded room. The poor guard was devoured whole in moments. Outside of the room, a bandaged ear listened at the door.

Venes the Water Wizard stared out to see. He could sense people coming. The prophecy was coming to pass. Venes' fur coat of coyote fur gently rubbed against his face as he sighed in worry. Venes kneeled and peered at a small pool of water, poking it idly with his finger. "They will be here within the hour," he said quietly to himself. "And they have used the element of earth to speed the journey. The timing must be urgent!"

"Could I--" Roger the White, srumming his fingers nervously together suddenly asked, "Could I, well, watch?" Cor looked at John incredulously as John made a heaty laugh.

"You truly are a pervert, fair one!" John chuckled, smiling.

The Cardinal snuck out of the castle with a tall staff in tow. Peasants working as fiefs in the field stared in fear as the sight of him walking hastily towards the forest of death. The Cardinal smirked to himself. He would outwit Mørkt Servio and Stefan Jotes and become the Dark One's equal. Then he would destroy Mørkt Servio for crimes against the church. Revenge would be his! The Cardinal arrived at the tree of time and touched it. Nothing happened. Damn! Why had it not worked? The tree, with Mahou's magic, was returning to its normal magic. "Take me to where the two chosen ones are!" The Cardinal blinked, and saw a harsh desert. He also saw two unblinking eyes. The Xyanth Cat was hungry.

"Please," begged Roger the White. "It has been so long! I just want to watch! It's not like I want to participate, though that of course would be fun." Roger the White turned to Cor's now bemused face and said, "Not even for your uncle?" With that, Cor's face blanched, and John studied the man quietly. Realizing his error, Roger covered his mouth in the shock of his own admission. "I'm so sorry," ho somberly stated. "She didn't want me to tell you." Cor's face showed slowly dawning realization.

"Yes, I'm your mother's brother. She was such a beautiful woman. You have her eyes." Lowering his eyes, Roger continued. "But you certainly have something that she didn't!" Cor crossed his bare legs at this, hiding his genetalia from view. Feeling slightly jealous, John handed Cor his clothing so that he could cover up.

Ignoring John's actions completely, Roger began to feel nostalgic. "Oh, the trouble we used to cause! Mum was scared of flying things, so we used to transform the cat into a bird," he said, laughing. "Imagine: this big, orange, furry thing fluttering and meowing in utter confusion!" Roger was laughing happily, recalling joyful memories of his youth. Cor was joining in the levity. "So John," Roger continued, leaving his happy reverie, "tell us of your parents."

"Tell us, Johnnie!!" Cor squeaked happily. However, upon seeing the angry flashing in John's eyes, as if a flame had erupted, Cor quickly corrected himself. "I'm sorry, sir. But please?"

John paused, and slowly answered, "My parents and I did not get along well. My father was aloof and unattached. Not to mention, a fool. My mother was overbearing and always full of anger. Neither took kindly to my coming out - admitting I was milis súile." John closed his eyes and breathed deeply before continuing. "But I was closest to my aunt, Teresa Talbert. She was an archeologist, of sorts. She was the one that located Demonsdeath for me. I never used it, however, until after the Dark One came and murdered Steven. I miss him, you know." John concluded, quietly. Cor held John's hand in comfort.

Venes was of moderate height, with strawberry blonde locks. His lips were full and pouty, but his legs were lean. He was of average height, perhaps six inches shorter than John. His nose was not too thick, not too long. It belonged to his beautiful face. To call his skin of fair tone would be a dramatic understatement. In the noon sun, it seemed to reflect the light, as it was almost creamy white, which almost blended in with his environment.

Venes was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Roland and Mahou, and to pass the time, he was conversing with his friend Bethany. Bethany had a stubby black nose and clear hair that turned white in her snowy home. She had four thick paws used to catch fish in the sea. Those who speak Friveslandese would call her a polar bear. Venes stroked Bethany's thick fur, which elicited a happy moan. "I may have to leave here," he said in his thick, rugged accent. "I don't even know if I shall return."

Roland interrupted his reverie. "Oi, laddie! You know some bloke by the name of Venes?"

Venes turned to face Roland with a half-smile. "I see him every day reflected in the cold ocean. For I am he."

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