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The Dark One

by David M. Roduner

Chapter 18

It was overwhelming, the aftermath of a battle. Blood had stained the ground, and it was many years before it could no longer be seen. John had assumed that winning the battle and saving Mwezi's people would fill him with joy. But John felt drained. The full horror of the atrocities quickly sank into his mind. It was almost unbearable. And what had it all accomplished? Yes, they had won. But so what?

Countless villagers were dead. How many wives and children would now have to bury their loved ones? How many would have anything left to bury? And those seemingly all-powerful wizards lay unconscious on the ground. What was assured anymore? The old pervert looked weaker and frailer than ever, with a big black eye. John winced at the thought as he touched Roger's long white hair. The soothing strength it held, before John knew anything of magic, was gone.

And Steven lay there too! But he was unlike the Steven that John had known at the same time. Steven did not have those oh so obvious Polynesian roots; however, the skin tone was the only difference. That light brown hair was same. Those lips were identical. How many times were they wrapped around John's throbbing appendage?

Focus, stupid! John closed his eyes and felt the healing. He had never healed more than one person at a time. This could easily prove to be a challenge. John listened carefully. Yes, their brains were functioning and their hearts were beating! John knelt on bended knee, raising Demonsdeath into the air. Not knowing what he was doing, John began to chant.

Gaia our mother
Goddess of Earth
Horned One our father
From blackness your birth.

Help me now
Please help me now
Channel your power

Fill me with worth.

John fell down again in exhaustion. He had healed the wizards a little, but the arduous task of healing four at the same time was overwhelming him.

Roland and Cor were preparing lunch. When was the last time they had eaten? Now the trouble was, where to get the food.

Roland proved to be much more resourceful than even his own son imagined. Roland was communicating as well as he could with the natives who were slowly emerging from their hiding places, considering the language barrier. Cor stared incredulously as Roland, accompanied by several villagers, brought food. Cor saw a large iron pot being dragged as well. The boy had prepared a small fire with his rudimentary skills, but it was hardly sufficient for a cauldron. Roland ran over to his son and patted him on the back. "Great start, laddie," Roland beamed. "Y'make me proud." Roland grabbed some larger fagots from the dehydrated forest and added them to the fire. It was soon blazing.

"But I thought there was a famine," Cornelius protested.

A villager walked over to Cornelius and explained, "We save this for big feast time. When we thank Xyanth Cat for life. But now is good time to celebrate." Cornelius pouted and fumed as food, meat and water was poured into the cauldron.

Venes blinked his eyes as John's face came into focus. He seemed preoccupied as he changed the linen bandages he had placed on the wounds of the other wizards. Venes winced as he ran his hand over a bandage on his leg, which had crusted blood on it. Venes' eyes left his badage in time to see John slap Venes' wrist away. "Do not touch the wound, Steven," John commanded. "Give it time to heal." John's commanding eyes softened upon looking at Venes. "I thought I lost you again, Steven."

"Venes. My name is Venes."

"Venes," John said, running his fingers through the southerner's light brown hair. "Just like a mirror of my Steven."

"And my Nejz," responded Venes.

"Who is Nejz?" asked Jonathan, tending to another wizard.

"He was my lover. My anam cathram." Venes signed and folded his hands behind his head, creating a makeshift pillow. "He was as beautiful as you. How I have longed to feel his organ hot and alive inside of me." Whether consciously or not, Venes' hand snaked up John's leg as he was changing Mwezi Wimbo's bandage. Venes' hand gripped John's growing appendage. John moaned appreciatively. "Long have I desired to feel his hot flesh fill me with the warmth of his being. Even now I feel it pulse in my hand with your very heartbeat." Venes' seductive stare entranced John in his game of lust. Venes then grabbed John's hand and pulled it into his trousers, allowing John to feel Venes' throbbing hole. "Feel even now how it opens and closes like a hungry mouth, ever eager to swallow that which it has been without for so long. I now see that you are indeed my Nejz remade, as I am your Steven. I have waited patiently for your return, and the wait is now complete. So fill me with your long appendage. My hungry hole commands that you thrust inside it, filling it with your essence.

John was nearly blinded with his lust. How he wanted to fill Venes' hungry, throbbing hole. The others could wait, could they not? John's fingers moved closer and closer until...

"Oi, Jonathan!" Roland shouted, "Hate to interrupt yer magickin' and all, but what's the status?" John quickly withdrew his hand and Venes scowled, the moment stolen from him. John magicked his companion to sleep.

John looked up, trying not to feel too guilty. But was it wrong? Was it right? Was there really a difference anymore? "Hello, Roland. They are healed inside. I wanted to let them rest before I woke them. They certainly deserve it."

Roland nodded in agreement. "Aye, they do that. But food'll be ready afore too long." Roland walked around the pile of the injured and knelt down to the ground next to John. "Do your best on that Serlatùnian troublemaker. I owe him my life." Roland ran his hand down Mahou's cheek, smiling softly. John looked at Roland without expression. Suddenly, his lust didn't seem quite so important as what his duty was. John pondered a moment, thinking how he and Cor were truly the opposite of the Dark One. They brought life, and all the Dark One knew was death.

"I have done and will do my all, with the skills I have learned and acquired," John answered solemnly. Roland laughed and lightly patted John on the shoulder.

"I know you will, laddie. And be good to my Cor; he's got a tender heart. I haven't paid enough attention to it, but I'm trying to fix that." Guilt surged through Jonathan. Lust was just that, lust. Cor was... Cor was... John shook his head and finished healing what he could on the wizards. Roland patted John again, careful not to distract, and walked away.

An hour later, John felt it was safe to wake the wizards. Safer, at least, than leaving them there unprotected. The rag-tag group sat in a circle, moving carefully so as not to add further pain. Magickally healed internal wounds do not always feel pleasant at first.

"We have won this battle," Roger the White said quietly, "But the Dark One will not give up. I suggest we find a safer place."

"This must end, and I will have it end on my terms," John responded, as if in another world. "I will go," he continued pompously, "I cannot have you in danger again."

Mwezi Wimbo glared at John. "Have you learned nothing? The Dark One's power is too great for you alone. Did you not listen to the prophecy?! We all knew the danger when we accepted this task. If I must fall for Gaia, so it shall be!"

Venes, Roger and Mahou all concurred. "It appears as though I am overturned," John said smiling, rubbing his hand on Cor's leg, secretly wishing his other hand was touching Venes. Venes smirked, as though reading John's thoughts.

After the meal, John, Roger, Mwezi and Mahou wandered off to discuss their plans. John was glad that neither Cornelius nor Venes accompanied them. He needed time to think.

Venes was not happy that John had run off, but he was a big boy, so he could deal with it. As he explored this strange land of Sior Geimhreadth, he noticed a rustling in the fields. Venes turned as he heard a roar of savage fury jumping at him and forcing him to the ground.

"At last I have you alone," came the heated words from his attacker, Cornelius. "Listen once and listen well! Jonathan is mine. I am his anam cathram and I will not allow you to steal that from me! Long have I waited for a kind word, and now that I have it, I shall not permit it to be stolen!"

Venes then regained his senses and took the advantage, grabbing Cor around the throat. Venes wrestled the boy in the fight for dominance, eventually succeeding in forcing the younger lad down. Venes had Cor pinned to the ground. Sweat freely dripped from both of their faces. "Now listen to me, and listen well!" Venes commanded loudly. "John is the rebirth of my Nejz and none shall take that from me. Not even an anam cathram. Yes, you had him, but your only purpose was to bring him to me. For it is in my sheath that his hard blade shall remain for the rest of his days."

The analogy was not subtle, and angered Cornelius greatly. With a primal roar, Cornelius pulled in his strength and overturned the battle of dominance. Grabbing dirt from the road, he threw it in Venes' eyes and swiftly punched the older wizard on the cheekbone. This was not a particularly damaging area, but it was a place that would leave a mark and a memory. Venes fell back momentarily in surprise. Taking the advantage, Cor kicked the wizard in the stomach. As the wizard fell to the ground, Cor grabbed Lifeshield and lifted it high into the air.

"I shall destroy you! Then John and I shall be free of your wickedness. With this weapon I smite thee!"

'He gets rather formal when he's about to vanquish an enemy, doesn't he,' thought Venes, as he raced to think of a spell to destroy his oppressor before Cor could release the spell.

As Cor and Venes simultaneously called up their spells of death, something happened that neither Cor nor Venes expected. A voice rang out into the night, starting quietly: "You must.." It was soon silent. The voice was unearthly, and both of them knew it was not something their ears audibly picked up, but rather a voice in their mind. The voice then continued slightly louder, "learn to.." Again, it was silenced again. Both Cor and Venes were frozen in place during this exchange. The voice returned a third time with a horrible fury, yelling as if the Goddess herself was speaking them, "..end your hate, OR THE DARK ONE WILL BREAK THROUGH THE GATE!" And still, with each word, the volume had increased.

With that, Venes and Cor fell to the ground in a heap. They then clutched each other sobbing over their maddening love and lust of John, and what it had almost made them do.

After taking a break from the discussions with the wizards, John wandered down a track, following footsteps he could see in the dirty road. They were easy to follow. John was concerned of someone overhearing their secret pans. Once he reached the final destination, he saw that the steps led into a makeshift hut. John stepped inside to investigate the manner. Using Demonsdeath to create a light, John spyed his anam cathram and Venes, the image of his deceased lover together under a thin blanket, shirtless and apparently naked. The two of them had beautifully smooth skin, perfect to run fingers over and..

"Sir," Cor whispered sensually, "Take us. Both of us." The two lowered the blanket to reveal their twin throbbing erections. They then turned over to show John something he'd wanted but dare not ask. A very large pant in John's clothing appeared, just below the stomach. It was going to be a very nice evening.

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