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Darken Lightment

Chapter 1

My first day at a new school. This was going to be a major change. Moving from a small town to a large city was going to cause major problems.

"Now remember, Marcus, you must blend in absolutely. If you ever want to have a normal life, free of those accursed abominations, you must remain hidden. Of course, you have nothing to fear. Those damnable creatures of my ex are puny compared to us," my mother said as she prepared breakfast.

Of course, I've heard this speech plenty of times before, but that didn't make it any less important.

"I understand, mother. You have no need to worry."

"As it should be," she smiled as she piled eggs and bacon onto my plate. I was surprised that she had made it for me. Normally I'd just settle for cereal and be out as quick as I could. But today was special. She only ever did that on special occasions. "Now, eat up, drink up, today's going to be a busy day for us both."

She smiled and gave me a hug before she sat down to her own meal. Despite her aggressive speech a few minutes earlier, she was a loving, caring and terribly beautiful woman. As I understood, she could very well have been the most powerful woman on the planet...

No, she wasn't rich or anything, though we lived a healthy and full life. No, she didn't have an influential job or anything...

... She was Lilith.

Legend and scriptures portray Lilith as the first wife of Adam. That much is true. It goes on to say that she had a fight with Adam. That too, is true. Then legend says she was thrown out of the Garden of Eden and that she became a demon and murdered newborn babies.

All lies!

She most certainly wasn't thrown out, as she viciously told me one evening. She left of her own will, effectively removing a domineering, repulsive, brute of a man and his god from her life. All she ever wanted was to be an equal.

Some legends then go on to say that Lilith was the mother of vampires. Queen of them!

That hurt my mother. She wept when she told me that legend. My mother was no vampire. She revered all life. The only reason she could have been portrayed that way was because of her incredibly long life. You see, she is free of sin. She was made perfect.

She had left the Garden of Eden as a perfect human. And she emphasized this vehemently to me. She was human and therefore I was too.

Of course, she also went on to tell me that vampires do exist. That didn't surprise me. She told me the truth about the origin of the vampire. Adam.

She would laugh at the irony of the story whenever she related it to me. The perfect, prodigal, human son of God and his second, inferior wife were the origin. Actually it was his wife Eve, who set that darkened path in motion.

"Weak!" my mother would exclaim. "Utterly weak, that woman was. To be swayed by that silver-tongued snake of a demon is embarrassing to me!" My mother was a very passionate woman and I enjoyed her stories immensely.

She told me that when Eve ate the forbidden fruit and disobeyed god, darkness had taken root in her heart. She gained powers of persuasion. More specifically, sexual persuasion. With a glint in her eye, Eve seduced Adam into eating the forbidden fruit and condemned man to an imperfect and sinful future.

"And that ex of mine was the weakest of them all! Take a rib from a weak man and turn into a woman, and what do you get? An even weaker human being!" my mother lamented.

Thereafter Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden. My mother was nearby when that happened. She watched as the couple left in shame and guilt, silently laughing at the irony. Though in her heart she wept for the future generations. Those after would never be able to live fully and happily.

My mother watched as Adam and Eve made a family for themselves. She watched jealously as Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel. And she watched in horror when Cain murdered his brother. That was the pivotal moment in the origin of the vampire.

Disgusted, and more than ready to destroy the abominable Cain. She watched in surprise at what happened when Adam and Eve found out.

Adam and Eve punished Cain by having him drink his dead brother's blood. That was the birth of the vampire. Cain was the first. He grew to have a thirst for blood after that and his heart continued to darken. Adam and Eve were helpless. They didn't know what to do with him.

Eventually their family grew, and they aged. But Cain did not. He wanted only blood. Soon, Adam and Eve sent Cain away with a sister wife and he started his own family. Cain's offspring were born vampires, all thirsty bloodsuckers. But Cain and his wife were unable to have children after that. It was a curse all future vampires would have to bear. So the reason for vampires coming into being was because of the punishment inflicted on Cain by Adam and Eve. She never found out whether Cain and his wife perished. She assumed they were later slain by the Nephilim during their stay on earth.

The thing that ate at my mother a lot was that there wasn't much of a difference between us and vampires. My mother detested that. We could live forever and couldn't die easily, and while vampires could do that too, they had to drink blood in order for that to happen.

My mother and I would never drink any blood, lest we become a new bloodline of vampires.

As for vampires only being able to drink human blood, well, my mother scorned that. "Blood is blood," she would say, "no matter the source. It all comes from one Creator." She was right. Vampires only drank human blood because they were evil and thought themselves eternally better that all living creatures.

"Come on hon. Finish up. The bus will be here any minute," my mother said, getting up.

She really was a sight to behold. She had long flowing black hair that was thick and healthy. Her eyes were blue, and piercing. Her skin was olive toned and glowing. She was tall, with mile long toned legs. Whenever I walked with her in public, every man would look twice at her, and she scorned them for it, considered it weak of them.

The truth was my mother was a feminist at heart. She had never met a man who could make her heart flutter.

How was I born then?

The one thing Lilith wanted most out of life was a child. A child she could raise with the proper values and morals she believed in. Treat all woman as equals was the most important one.

Fifteen years ago that was all made possible. She had herself artificially inseminated. But not before she made sure the donor was the most brilliant, humblest and loving person in the world. My mother's superior DNA reconfigured the sperm's DNA and made it perfect.

I heard the bus turn around the corner a quarter mile down the street. One of the many perks of being perfect is that my senses are enhanced hundredfold. I use almost all of my brain, and that opened up a lot of doors for me. I was nowhere near as perfect as my mother, but I was the closest thing. Not even the oldest vampire in the world was stronger than me; at least that's what my mother tells me.

So how come no vampires know about my mother and I? Well, that is because we are not vampires, my mother and I are human, and therefore we are well hidden, but if I were to use my powers, an attentive vampire could see and then our cover would be blown.

"If the vampire race were to find out we were alive, we'd be hunted down like dear in a forest," my mother told me. "We are a threat to their delicate secrecy and superiority in this world."

"One more thing, Marcus," my mother told me as I reached for my backpack, "If a vampire finds you out. You must destroy it. Swiftly and utterly. The thing about vampires is they think they are the most powerful beings on the planet. Use that to your advantage. They won't expect it. But if you are outnumbered, don't risk getting exposed for what you are. Pretend to be the imperfect human that you are thought to be and let them capture you. I will come and free you," she ended with a murderous glint in her eye.

She also told me not be worried about being changed. A vampire's bite would sooner hurt them that change me. Our blood was pure, holy.

The bus came to a standstill in front of my house and the door opened. I climbed in and looked for a place to sit. A quick survey told me everything I needed to know. Freshmen sat up front and tried to mingle, sophomores were spread out sporadically with a friend or two, and juniors and seniors dominated the back of the bus. At that moment most of the kids on the bus were staring at me, at the new kid, the hot new kid. I stared back, not the least intimidated and made my way to the middle and sat down next a typical, invisible nerd. That would ensure that no one bothered me for the bus ride, which was uneventful except for the boy next to me muttering in his mind about why someone like me was sitting next to them.

I arrived at my new school and gave it a brief glance before moving to the large front doors and entering. It was a fairly large school and had about a thousand students. One thing that definitely stood out was the number of vampires I could sense nearby, all attending the school. I grimaced at this facade I had to put up. Why couldn't my mother just wipe them all out?

I got my class schedule from the pimply face student helping out in the office and headed to my first class without needing directions. Students were bustling all around me, jabbering on about the fantastic summer holiday they had, the places they went to. Surprisingly, most of the students were lying through their teeth; I could smell it a mile away, it smelled like piss. It looked like it was going to be a tiring day.

First period history, second period English, third period chemistry and then lunch. I entered the history classroom a few minutes early and made my way to a seat at the back, dropped my backpack next to the desk and sat, watching students enter and make conversation. Then they noticed me and eyed me wearily. Who was this new kid? I could smell arousal coming from one or two of them, a boy and a girl, both eyeing me.

Just before the bell rang, another student entered. All the other students straightened and made sure to greet him, before quickly looking back toward me. How weird? I looked at the student in question and groaned silently in irritation. He was a vampire, and by the looks of him, a very powerful one indeed. His medium-length blond hair was perfectly styled and flicked to the left. His green eyes glowed with evil and his smile looked friendly enough, but I knew immediately what lurked underneath. His skin was pale and perfect for a dead person. Vampires were of course dead human beings. The myth about sunlight killing them was just a story to help ignorant humans go about the day thinking they were safe, holy water made vampires laugh instead of scream. Pure holy water could only be obtained from the stream in the Garden of Eden.

I looked away, not wanting to draw any unneeded attention to myself, but I could hear him walking toward me. Everyone else noticed in the room and I could tell that they feared what he was going to do? He must be the most popular and feared guy in this large school. I could smell the stinking arrogance roll off him. This was one of those vampires who thought he was God.

Shit, what do I do? Obviously he's going to confront me about something. If there was one thing I inherited from my mother besides her good looks, it was that I hated backing down from a fight, and fortunately for me, in my previous school, I didn't have to fight a lot. The kids mostly just left me alone.

"Well, we have a new kid here," the vampire said as he loomed before me. I ignored him.

"Hey knew kid, that's my seat you're sitting in," he sneered.

I sighed inwardly and without looking at him, I stood up and moved to another seat. But it looked like he wasn't finished with me yet.

"Hey new kid, that's my seat too," he snickered. Some other kids decided it was funny too. I really didn't get why we had to hide.

I decide a little staring game wouldn't harm anyone and turned to stare directly into his eyes. "My name is Marcus Sera," I told him directly and kept his gaze. I saw a little uncertainty there now, and I knew it bugged the hell out of him. He couldn't figure me out. Couldn't read me. "And I am sitting here now," I told him under no circumstances.

That seemed to make him angry and he grimaced and started to stalk toward me, but the bell rang just as the teacher walked in. I knew I'd be seeing him again before the day was over.

I looked around and the students all looked at me as they settled down for the lesson. I'd defied someone who basically ran the school. From what I could sense he was the only powerful vampire in the entire school. If I eliminated him, my cover would remain intact. All I had to do was wait for the right opportunity.


By lunchtime the whole school knew that the new kid had stood up to the popular guy. I didn't even have the foggiest idea who he was, didn't want to know either. I stood in line for my lunch and moved along in silence while I heard the furtive whispers about who I was and where I came from. I retrieved my lunch and sat at a table relatively secluded from everyone else. My solitude was not long when I felt someone walk up behind me and then plop down opposite me. I looked up to see a boy around my age grinning at me. He had shocking red hair and brilliant green eyes, with freckles dotting his face. All in all I'd say he was a fairly typical Irish boy. At least, in the looks department.

The one thing about being perfect was the use of my mind was limitless and granted me many abilities, which any human might use to their advantage. I could, for instance, look into his mind and read his thoughts and emotions, or I could use telekinesis and telepathy, but I reasoned that that would make people endlessly boring to me. Having to know everyone's thoughts would do that to a person. Obviously there were perks involved, but I had honour, and I would not do that to people when I didn't want anyone looking into my mind.

"Man you've got guts!" he said, the grin still on his face.

"I beg your pardon?" I said.

"To stand up to Victor Chamberlain, I mean. He's the richest, most influential guy in the school!" he gestured with his hand.

Well I guess now I know what the Vamp's name is. "Great," I muttered, and then took another bite of my sandwich.

"I'm Cooper, by the way," he said, shooting his hand out for me to shake. "Cooper McGuiness, but everyone calls me Coop."

Yep, Irish. Most definitely, and just as friendly. I guess he wanted to be my friend.

I shook his hand, "Hi, Marcus Sera."

"Sera, hey... Means `night' in Italian, doesn't it?" You look Italian," he said and dug into his lunch with gusto. I couldn't help but begin to like him.

"Something like that..." I answered. The truth was, my mother's name, Lilith, means `night', so she just added Sera as a last name. So technically, her name is Night Night.

"Cool, your name kinda has a ring to it, you know, like Michael Knight, only yours is Marcus Night," he jabbered on.

Didn't it occur to him that he was committing social suicide by sitting with me, the new kid who got on Victor Chamberlain's bad side?

"So... why are you sitting here exactly?" I asked him.

"I like you..."

I sputtered, nearly messing on myself.

"You've got spunk," he continued easily, "I want to be your friend." He seemed totally oblivious to my mishap.

God, was he trying to give me a headache? Plus, I was strangely aroused. I stared at him and noticed that he was very attractive. His red hair shone and his green eyes sparkled. How I was tempted to peek into his mind. But I refrained.

I decided to take a chance and befriend him. Who knows, maybe we'd become great friends.

"Listen," I told him, "you do realise that by sitting with me, you may become this ...Victor Chamberlain's enemy."

"Who gives a shit?" he exclaimed. "Nobody likes him. You know, he looks at us as if we were... like, his food or something."

Didn't I know it!

"Well, so long as you know," I reminded him. "And I'll probably be seeing him again later on. He didn't quite like me standing up to him."

"You talk funny, you know that?" he smiled at me again.

"Sorry, my mother ingrained it into me. She speaks proper English. Detests slang."

"She sounds like a real piece of work," he said, finishing off the last of his sandwich.

"Hey, I take offense to that! My mother is a good woman, and I happen to agree with a lot that she says," I told him with a serious face.

"Okay, okay, I apologise. I'd like to meet her," he said sheepishly.

I grinned, "Are we not getting a little ahead of ourselves here. I only know for about... fifteen minutes?"

Cooper snorted and shoved his tray forward, and then grinned again. "So, Marcus Sera, where are you from?"

"Iowa. Just a small town," I answered. Iowa was where we resided previously.

"So what brings you to a big city like Seattle?" Cooper asked.

"My mother's job transferred her here."

We talked all through lunch and then separated for the rest of our classes.


Between the sixth and seventh period was when Victor cornered me. I was making my way to the gym for gym class from the other side of campus. I cut through the deserted sports field, which was where he came upon me. Now was my big chance.

"You shouldn't have mouthed off to me this morning, small fry," he said menacingly. I pretended to look fearful.

"Yeah, you're gonna pay for that... with your life."

"What do you mean?" I told him, adding a stutter to it for effect.

In answer he smiled, and his whole face changed. His features sharpened and fangs shot down from his upper jaw. His eyes turned blood red and he hissed. He also seemed to grow taller by a few inches or so. I must admit that from a normal human's perspective, he'd look terrifying, but to my unshielded eyes he looked... well, the next thing I knew, I just burst out laughing. He looked funny! Well, maybe it's because I had no fear of him at all.

My laughing seemed to anger him greatly and he descended upon me with a quick leap, which was slow for me. I slapped him against the cheek and he flew to the side. Please note that should a normal human do that, they would break their hand. Of course, that could have happened to me too, but I added a little telekinetic energy to the strike, which helped.

Quick as a flash he was upright again and stared at me with shock. He couldn't believe what I had just done. I scanned the surrounding area with my mind to make sure no one was watching us, and then I turned and smiled at Victor. "Well, now I can take care of you once and for all."

Victor hissed again, "What are you?"

"Your worst nightmare," I said and leaped at him with my raised fist. I concentrated on the atmosphere around me, and smelled the ozone getting stronger. Then a lightning bolt blast down from the sky and connected with my fist just as it touched Victor's chest. He disintegrated into ash and dust before my eyes.

"From dust you were born, and to dust you shall return," I said.

Now, on to class.


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