Darkness and Light

Gay Science Fiction for adults only.  Contains graphic sexual interaction between adult males.

This is a science fiction story of a modern day gay man, unhappy with his lot in life, who learns the power of alchemy and sorcery.  The new knowledge, used by accident, enables him to become the muscled sexy hunk he's always wanted to be and change his lot in life.  He learns time travel to the time of Minotaur Ruler and Sorcerer Conquests /2 previous stories/ and experiences pleasures and true desire.  Will he stay in the pre-history past or return thinking himself a god?

Chapter 1, Meet Paul.

The cold breeze was blowing into his bedroom, making his skin shiver and goose bumps began to spread wildly.  He was in the midst of a great, hot, sexy dream; big muscled bears were fighting over him - trying to decide who would take him as their prize.  His cock was rock hard and pre-cum was flowing freely.  The chills and shivers did their work and forced him to wake.  It was a great disappointment to Paul, another unfulfilled sexual fantasy, nothing new for Paul.  

Paul was a 24-year-old college grad, average at 5'11", weighing 185lbs.  He was about to begin his 2nd year of Masters study in anthropology, a subject for which he had a true passion.  Unless you'd follow him into a known gay bar, you'd never know Paul was gay, definitely never considered "nelley".   He had this fascination and constant fantasy of being taken by a large, hairy, muscled bear as a sexual toy.  Anyone in the bar knew that any bear bigger then Paul would have an easy time getting Paul to please him.  

Paul groaned as he slowly got out of bed to close the window.  He smiled when he noticed his dripping, rock hard cock.  There was something about chills and a hard, slick cock that made him smile.  Oh well, no sense wasting a super hard on, he thought as he leaned up against the wall, wrapped his hand around his cock, closed his eyes and imagined a great big bear holding him against the wall, demanding he shoot his load for the bear.  It didn't take very long for Paul to gasp and his body to begin jerking hard as his first load of cum shot across the room.  It was over after a few more long strokes of his cock, his balls emptied of his cum.  Paul let his breathing settle down before licking the last batch of his cum off of his hand.  He shuffled back to his bed and fell into it, falling fast asleep as he finished pulling up his blanket.

The strong rays of sunshine drifted over his face, waking him from a deep sleep.  He stretched arms and legs, contorting his body as he moaned in a slight pleasure at the feeling of his muscles being stretched.  He smiled at his morning boner; surprised it was so insistent after being drained during the middle of the night.  Paul lay there, enjoying the sunshine and the cool breeze blowing across his naked body.  He started thinking about school starting up soon and his hopeful new job.

A friend of his from school worked at an exclusive health club.  The friend was moving out of state to attend another university and asked Paul if he'd be interested in taking his place.  The pay was great, he needed the money to pay for extras, especially field trips which were a big part of his program from now on.  Paul never worked at a gym, but knew there were always hot muscle gods at them and even though he probably couldn't touch, the eye candy would be an added bonus to a paycheck.  Some jobs just have the best damn benefits.  Anyway, he was going to meet his friend for lunch and they would then head over to the health club so that Paul could be introduced to the manager and hopefully get the job.  The thought of those muscle gods made his cock jump.  

"Patience is a virtue" he mumbled to his cock with a big grin on his face.  His cock was pretty nice as cocks go, 8 1/2 " long, somewhat thick, but not overly.  He was uncut and was fastidious in keeping his cock-head clean.  His balls were nice size, hanging low unless it was cold out, covered in a nice batch of hair.  He had a slightly noticeable trail of hair covering his pecs that ran down over his abs and blossomed into a thick bush over his cock.  His legs and arms had a decent cover of hair.  The light brown hair contrasted well with his somewhat pale skin and grey eyes.  Paul's body was in shape, but not super defined.  Regulars at the gay bar he liked to visit considered him cute.  

Paul got out of bed, started the coffee pot and headed into the bathroom.  He turned on the shower and brushed his teeth at the sink while the water warmed in the shower.  Paul lathered up the shaving cream on his face as he entered the shower, leaning his body against the shower wall, letting the steamy water dance on his body.  He wasn't in much of a hurry today, his last day of goofing off before a hopeful job and then classes.    As he relaxed, letting the pulsing shower massage his body, he closed his eyes and was immediately in the presence of his dream bear.  His bear was big, muscled, hairy and rough.  He was very demanding; his pleasure always came before Paul's.  It was almost mechanical how Paul's hands immediately began stroking his cock, pulling and kneading his balls as his mind played out another scene of bear domination.  Paul took his time, savoring every imagined demand and touch of his bear.  Paul shouted out as his cock erupted with an explosion of his cum, his body jerking and shaking with each long stroke.  He opened his eyes and sighed; again self pleasure with an imaginary lover.  Oh well, maybe some day.

Paul had breakfast and then sat at his PC, pulling up his schedule so that he could answer any questions intelligently about days and hours he would be available for work at the health club.  He knew a little bit about what his friend was doing there and hoped he would just continue with those duties.  Sal, his friend, would fill him in on any other details he may need to know at lunch.  Before Paul knew it, it was time to get ready for his meeting with Sal.  He carefully picked out his outfit, jeans and a nice cotton shirt, construction boots and an army belt.  Neat and somewhat macho in a conservative way.

Sal was waiting for Paul at the restaurant.  He broke out into a great big smile when he saw Paul walking in, secretly admiring the look of Paul.  Sal regretted not making any moves on Paul during the time he and Paul were together.  Oh well, maybe someday.  Sal gave Paul a great big hug when Paul came up to him and extended his hand.  

"Hand shakes are for strangers goofy!!" Sal joked as he directed Paul to their booth.

"Thanks Sal, sure is great of you to think of me and arrange the interview.  As you know, I'll need the cash and it's nice to know about the details of the job and all.  Much better then going in blind or going on the hunt" Paul said as he sat down.

"So tell me, are you all squared away with your move and stuff?" Paul asked.

Laughing, Sal said "I wish I were!!! You'd think with the amount of education we've got under our belts, we'd be able to breeze though such a basic thing? Boy, I sure wish!!! If I actually get there and find I've actually packed stuff I need, I'll be amazed!"

Both laughed.  The waitress came and took their order, obviously flirting with both of them.  Both Sal and Paul laughed as she swished away to place their orders.  

"There you go!!! A sure fire, available date showing her interest in you Paul!!! You should go for it!!" Sal teased.

"Oh yeah, I'm sure I'd be in heaven alright.  Well, at least I'd eat good huh?" Paul laughed.  "So tell me, what do I need to know about the interview, manager, job or whatever.  You know I really need this gig.  It would make things so much easier.  The field trips I'm scheduled for are fun, but costly.  To bad the grants don't cover the travel and extras like food and stuff!!"

"I hear yah.  But, not to worry, I'm sure you're a cinch to get the job.  I talked to the manager, Dave, about you.  He seemed really grateful that I saved him from advertising and stuff for the position.  It's considered part time and all, but that's cause they like advanced college students to work there and they can adapt working schedules to any student schedules.  He knows about your major and the field trips and that didn't seem to phase him at all. So don't concern yourself with that part of it all."

"Wow, couldn't ask for a better deal huh?" Paul said, getting more excited as Sal filled him in.

"For sure buddy.  Anyway, Dave is really great.  He's somewhat intimidating cause of his size, but he's a real gentle soul at heart.  Wouldn't hurt a fly I think, although nobody there would test that theory!  The basic job is to help Dave out here and there, some office stuff, mostly client pampering, personal trainer schedule monitoring, and some clean-up stuff.  Nothing major or complicated really.  Flexibility is the key with the job.  Dave depends on you to easily adapt to whatever the needs are or whatever it is he needs you to cover for him.  Some of the clientele are snooty, comes with the cost of membership I guess.  There are a lot of professional body builders that use the facilities since the club sponsors them in competitions.  They are mostly self-served, but some can be real assholes.  Guess the steroids they never use affects their personality.  As long as you remember that they are customers and need to be pampered now and again, it'll be smooth sailing, believe me."

Sal noticed the slight blush creeping up Paul's neck to his face as he was talking about the body builders.  "The body builders might seem intimidating at first, but they're only interested in being worshiped and told how god like their bodies are.  They only get physical when someone uses their posing jocks or towels!!"

"Wow, sounds somewhat threatening!" Paul said, taking a long sip of ice water.  He could feel his cock growing as he fought off thoughts creeping up through his mind of body builders demanding service.

"No, honest.  Look at me, all in one piece and I even got into it with a few over the years I worked there.  Dave won't let anybody touch or threaten his guy, which is what you'll be.  You're his staff and he is protective of what's his.  Nobody messes with Dave, so don't worry at all about that stuff" Sal said, thinking the blushing had to do with feeling intimidated by the body builders demands.

All through lunch, Sal and Paul talked about what Sal did over the years, how Dave showed his moods and how Sal kept grief from hitting his doorstep.  He left out the parts of sex now and again, feeling that wasn't anything Paul needed to know about.  When lunch was finished, they left the restaurant and got into Sal's car.

Paul was impressed when they turned into the parking lot of the health club.  It sure looked exclusive, more like a resort then a gym.  Somehow, the name Sparta seemed to fit.  The faux marble columns and impeccably placed cedars and palms gave you the feeling you were in Greece, about to see ancient Olympian athletes train for the games.  Sal parked in the employee lot, which was behind the building.  Paul giggled to himself thinking "servants entrance" as they exited the car.

"Kinda neat huh? I wish you would have taken me up on my offer to let you use the gym, Paul.  You'll soon see what you've missed out on!" Sal teased Paul.

"Yeah, I know, that's always my lot.  Never taking advantage of a good thing when it's placed right in my lap!" Paul said looking dejected.
Both of them then broke out in laughter, Sal putting his arm across Paul's shoulders as they headed towards the door.  Once inside, Sal showed Paul the slot he would sweep his ID through which registered his starting and ending work and opened the door that got him entrance to the facility.  Sal told Paul there was a backup system incase of power failure that Paul would find out about if he got the job.

Paul began fidgeting with his pants, belt, shirt and hair.  He was getting nervous about the interview.  He knew he had to calm down otherwise he might blow it completely.

"Just relax Paul! You're just fine, honest.  Dave knows all about you and you fit the bill.  He's intimidating but you'll see, once you get to know him, he's not bad at all.  Don't worry about your reaction when you meet him.  He's gotten used to most peoples reaction, so don't worry about that either.  He'll get you to relax and feel at ease pretty quick.   Now just chill out and take a few deep breaths.  Just keep telling yourself you need this job and are getting it no matter what!  Something I've learned in all my studies!" Sal said patting Paul on the back and laughing.

"Okay, I'll try.  Let's get this over with and see what happens" Paul said, taking in a few deep breaths.

They headed past a hallway that had a big sign in fancy lettering that said "Weight Room, Sauna, Showers, Massage" and then another that pointed the way to the pool, personal trainers, registration and dining.  The entire inside lobby looked like a massive atrium, loaded with tropical plants, boulders, statues and flooded with natural light from the 3 walls of glass split up by faux marble columns and arches.  It was truly beautiful.  Paul noticed a sign near a doorway that said "Manager".  

"Here we are, now remember, you'll do just fine.  Take another deep breath and smile.  You aren't being indicted!!" Sal teases.

Sal opened the door which set up a bell, more like a deep dong sound, signaling someone has entered the office.  Sal just yelled out that it was him and Paul.  Paul cleared his throat and a shiver went up his spine when he heard this deep, powerful voice yell out "have a seat, be right there".  Sal laughed as he watched the reaction of Paul to Dave's voice.  He knew that would happen, always did.

Sal pointed to a chair for Paul to sit in as he sat facing the other doorway in the office.  Paul kept taking breaths when suddenly, he saw Sal stand and reach out a hand.

"Hey Dave.  Thanks for taking the time to see us.  I brought Paul over to talk to you about the job I'm leaving.  Hope we didn't catch you at a bad time" Sal casually said.

Paul got up as this huge, rough looking hand swallowed Sal's hand.  Paul kept his eyes on the hand as he stood and began to turn towards the rest of the hand.  He had to stop himself from gasping as he got his first look at Dave.  Dave had to be almost 6'7" tall, a face that looked like an old professional wrestler/boxer, a bulge of hard muscle that should be a neck held it up.  His shoulders were massive as was everything else about Dave.  He had a natural serious, threatening look on his face as he turned to greet Paul.

"Hey, great.  Glad to meet you Paul.  I'm Dave and Sal has told me all about you.  It really is a favor to me what Sal is doing.  He's a great guy huh?" Dave said, as his faces spread into a large smile, showing what Paul thought were bright muscled teeth.  

Paul was speechless and didn't realize his mouth was open as Dave's hand enveloped his and began to shake it.  He used his other hand to move a finger under Paul's chin and push his jaw up.

"You know, that reaction never seems to fail to amaze me.  Happens all the time.  Relax Paul; I'm not going to fight you.  I might play with you some since you're such a good looking kid, but I sure won't hurt you!" Dave laughed, patting Paul on the head.

"Oh jeeez, I'm so sorry.  Sal kind of left out how you looked.  Not that you look bad mind you but you sure are intimidating, wow, thanks for seeing us.  Play with me?" Paul finally blurted out while Sal was bent over laughing and slapping him on the back.

"Here Paul, just have a seat and relax," Dave said, still smiling and holding Paul's hand as he put his hand on Paul's shoulder and easily moved him down into a chair.  "Just get a hold of yourself and take a few deep breaths.  I'm sorry if I startle you.  A guy can't do much about how good he looks huh? That's a big cross to bear you know, wow' in people all the time.  It's a rare man that'll look to come up against me though, taking all the fun out of things!"

Dave and Sal were still laughing and wiping tears from their cheeks when Paul finally blinked and took a few deep breaths.

"Oh man, I'm so sorry Mr. Dave.  I sure hope I didn't offend you or anything by being such a jerk.  I just hope you won't hold my dumb reaction against me or anything" Paul slowly stated, moving around to hide his hardening cock.

The sight of Dave didn't scare Paul, it was a sexual rush like he'd never experienced before.  His mind went into overload at the sight of Dave; just a little to close to his imagined master in all of his sexual fantasies.  He's never been so close and touched by a muscled god before.  If this was any indication of what Paul would deal with while working here, he wasn't sure he could handle it.

"No, no Paul, don't worry.  I really enjoyed your reaction.  It's cool.  I understand you're working on your master's degree? Sal said you might have field trips or something that we'll have to work around, but I'm sure it won't be much of an issue at all.  I'm pretty flexible and willing to work with you schedule wise.  Did Sal tell you what's involved in the job? If not, I'll take you around and show you some stuff and we'll talk about some other stuff since not all of it involves the physical stuff here.  Hope you know computers and stuff, cause that'll be the most important stuff you'll be doing for me, that is if you want the job after we chat," Dave rolled out with great ease and a warm smile on his face.

"Yes sir, I'm working on my Master's in Anthropology.  There is some class work and research, but the biggest part of it is actual field digs, looking for prehistoric articles and bones.  The field part is really important, as that will move me towards my doctorate, which is what I'm shooting for.  Sal and I talked about some of the stuff, I think the most important thing was helping you any way I can and being aware that clients obviously pay a good deal for membership and are entitled to being pampered and treated very well.  Sal didn't exactly tell me that, but while walking to this office, I noticed the details in the design and atmosphere here that screams out money! And yes sir, I'm pretty good with computers.  I know enough to be dangerous with Windows XP and figured out networking stuff pretty much.  I seem to have an ability to pick up stuff like that rather quickly," Paul finally calmed down and gained control of his mind.

"Dave, Paul.  No sir, no Mr. Dave.  Just Dave.  Anything else from now on and you're in trouble bud!" Dave said suddenly serious.

"Yes S.... Dave. I understand, thank you!" Paul stuttered out.

Dave burst out laughing and gently slapped Paul on the head.  He was actually pretty impressed with how quickly Paul grasped the situation and digested what was implied.  Dave knew he would hire Paul with no problem.  Besides, he was cute, more so then Sal Dave thought.  Hopefully he will loosen up enough to really enjoy the beef that'll be all around him.

"That's it Paul, just relax.  I promise, I don't bite unless asked to!" Dave laughed, winking at Sal.

Sal blushed and laughed.  Paul wondered what that was about, but quickly lost track of that watching the muscles on Dave's body flex and bulge as he talked and used his arms and hands to emphasize things.  Paul guessed Dave was Italian since he really used his arms and hands when he talked.  It was hard to tell the color of his hair since he had a buzz cut and a sprinkling of hair on his fingers and arms.  Paul had to force himself to listen carefully to Dave, deciding to just look at his face and ignore, no matter how hard it would be, the rest of Dave's body.  The sleeveless, form fitting T covering his chest and abs didn't leave much to the imagination, as well as the shorts he was wearing.  They seemed to be form fitting over his waist and ass cheeks but yet loose around his monster thighs.  Yep, Paul had to just concentrate on Dave's face.

Dave watched Paul as he talked, noticing his movement in the chair as if he were trying to hide his crotch from view.  Dave caught on quickly that Paul was focusing on his face only, which Dave thought unusual, since most guys fixate on his pecs and biceps.  This Paul may just be more fun then Dave hoped he would be.  Dave went through all the verbal stuff he could think of that he considered the biggest pain in the ass for him.  He would expect Paul to handle that stuff and keep the bullshit from hitting Dave's desk.  Paul asked some questions, which Dave thought very intelligent, and then Dave stood up and moved them into his office to show Paul the computer system.  Paul picked up on it quickly and Dave felt a huge relief.  He hated dealing with computers, the size of his fingers didn't help having to use a keyboard, the damn keys were just to small and close to each other.  Paul told Dave about special keyboards he's seen at the university that have large keys and would be much easier for Dave to use.  Dave beamed at the information and the apparent interest of Paul to take care of Dave.  

After covering all the stuff Dave could think of in the office and with the system, he took them on a tour of the facility.  He quickly moved through the lobby and pool areas, as well as the personal trainer center.  When they went into the weight room area, Dave got into a detailed explanation of what the machines were for, how the weights were used and the pecking order of the professional lifters.  He told Paul that the biggest bunch of whiners were the body builders, thinking that all mere mortals were required to worship them at all times and snap to provide for all their desires.  

"Don't laugh.  They are really like that, aren't they Sal? He'll tell you.  They are the ones that give me a headache.  Lucky for me I just have to give them my nasty look and they back off and leave me alone for a while.  But you won't have that option I'm afraid.  Most of the guys that use this wing are big, and I do mean BIG.  The only ones that are really powerful guys with some real strength are the serious heavy lifters, and they don't bother anybody," Dave explained with his massive arm over Paul's shoulder.  

Paul felt the weight of the monster arm and started breaking out in a sweat, his cock almost throbbing at the touch.

"For sure.  You sure nailed it Dave.  If any of the jerks give you super shit, just let Dave know.  I know when I did, they stopped being assholes to me," Sal chimed in.

"There yah go, Paul.  I don't expect you to run to me like you're a 4 year old and lookin for daddy to beat up the nasty guys all the time, but when you can't handle it or it really gets to you, just let me know and it'll stop REAL quick.  Nobody fucks with my boy!" Dave said seriously, both hands swallowing Paul's shoulders.

"That's a good thing to know for sure.  Don't worry Dave; I'm not a wimp or crybaby.  Some times you just have to swallow your pride and get on with the job.  After all, the customer is always right!" Paul said, trying desperately to cover the quiver in his voice from how excited his insides were.

"So Paul, what do you think? Are you interested in taking on the job? I sure hope so.  Sounds like you'll fit in fine and will even outshine Sal here!  I know how to appreciate what's being done for me.  I would really like you to accept the job, not that I want to pressure you or anything, but if I have to bear hug you until you say yes, then that's what I'll have to do!" Dave said as he wrapped his massive arms around Paul and lifted him effortlessly off the ground.  Dave was pretty sure he felt Paul had a really hard cock in there.  

Paul almost shot a load in his pants right then and there.  Talk about sensual overload.  He reached out and held on to Dave's massive biceps that he swears Dave was flexing for his benefit.  "Okay, yes, Okay, I want the job and please hire me!" Paul shouted.

Dave put Paul down and Sal was patting him on the back and winking at Dave.  Dave patted Paul on the head and beamed a great smile.  "That's my boy.  Welcome to the best damn bodybuilding center in the world! We'll get you to fill out some paper work stuff and then we can work on a schedule.  Don't worry; I'll keep it easy for the first few days until you catch on.  I'm sure you'll do just fine and will make my life LOTS better!"

"I appreciate that Dave.  I don't know much at all about body building, but I'm sure I'll learn fast and have no problem picking up on what I need to know.  I'm certainly not qualified as a personal trainer, but got the rest of it covered fine," Paul said blushing somewhat.

"Sal, why don't you come back with us to the office and help Dave sort out the paperwork stuff.  He'll have to deal with it soon enough; no time like the present to get into it" Dave said, smiling a bright smile and holding the back of Sal's neck.

"Sure thing Dave, not to worry.  Come on Paul, let's get you officially on board so I can jump ship!" Sal laughed as he grabbed Paul on the shoulder.

Dave slapped both of them on the back, knocking them forward a few feet before heading back into the weight area somewhere.  Paul and Sal headed back to the office.  Sal began instructing Paul on where he'd spend most of his time and what he would have to be totally responsible for in the office.  Paul quickly picked up on Dave's dislike for paperwork and computer stuff.

Paul felt like he needed to relieve his raging hard-on as soon as possible, before he wet his pants completely with precum.  He couldn't wait to finish up with Sal and get home.  Sal and Paul got to the office, after passing a number of monster muscle guys who looked and acted like complete snobs.  It made Paul smile thinking of the old comic book ads for body building courses where the big guy kicks sand in the face of a wimp.  Paul felt very much the wimp with these monsters.  

When they got into the office, Sal wasted no time and went over the file cabinet contents as he pulled out the required forms for new hires.  Paul decided he would set up a few folders with the required forms so that the process was simplified some.  He smiled at himself, already making improvements.  It took about an hour for Paul to finish the paperwork and then work with Sal to create an employee folder and file it with the others.  A copy of the tax forms and stuff was put in a separate folder that Sal told Paul he would have to work over and send to the outfit that did payroll.  Dave would probably check it over first, so best to set things up for Dave while they were doing things.  

Paul was getting very uncomfortable sitting and standing and walking as his cock kept producing more and more pre-cum.  He couldn't help himself, the smells and closeness of the muscle monsters and Dave in particular had put his sex drive into overdrive.  Sal sensed Paul's anxiety and thought that Paul was thinking about withdrawing from the job.  

"You don't have any problems with Dave and the job do you?" Sal asked, very concerned.

"Oh no Sal. Don't worry, I'm just a bit overwhelmed I guess and excited about a new set of experiences coming into  my life.  I mean, I couldn't wait to begin real work in my field and always wanted to hang with some muscle guys, maybe learning some techniques that would help me out.  Hey, you have any idea how much it costs to get a personal trainer or take one of those body-buff courses?" Paul blurted out, trying to hide his quivering voice again.

"Boy, I sure do.  Well, just as long as you don't feel I railroaded you into taking the job.  I would feel awful if I thought that was the case.  You know I care for you Paul, almost like a brother and wouldn't set you up just for my convenience.  You know you aren't obligated here right?" Sal said seriously.

"Oh man. Sal I really apologize if I've given you any indication that signaled that.  I'm fine with the job and most grateful to you.  It's awfully nice to hear you think of our friendship like that.  It reaffirms my feelings of our relationship.  Thanks a bunch Sal, I owe you" Paul said, hugging Sal.

Sal smiled and wished he had more time to spend with Paul and maybe make up for some lost time.  He was getting pretty certain that if he pushed himself harder, he would be able to share some hot pleasures with Paul.  That would not be possible now as he had a limited amount of time to pack and get out East.

Paul offered to buy Sal dinner, but Sal told Paul of his timeline and said he'd take Paul up on the offer next time he was in town.  They got into Sal's car and headed to Paul's apartment.  Paul couldn't wait to get inside and get his clothes off.  He figured he sweated more today then he had on his last workout.  He was grateful that Sal hadn't commented on the obvious sweat marks on Paul's clothes, particularly the growing damp spot on his crotch.  When they reached Paul's apartment complex, Sal got the car as close to the entrance Paul would use, put the car in park and turned to face Paul.

"I'm going to miss you Paul.  It's a shame we didn't get to spend more 'quality' time together and cement our relationship more, but there's always the future.  I know you're going to enjoy the job after you get through the bullshit phase.  Dave is a great guy and super boss, you'll see.  Thanks again for helping me out.  I'm going to really miss you buddy" Sal said as he pulled Paul into a hug.  

Paul blushed, very surprised and touched by Sal's statements.  "Same goes for me Sal, I'll miss you very much.  I don't understand how I helped you out, since I'm the one that needed the job and you got it for me, but I'm not going to argue with you.  It sure would have been nice to have spent more time together and if the opportunity presents itself in the future, please know that I look forward to it and hope it happens."

Paul hugged Sal back and left the car.  Sal pulled away, wondering if he had indeed blown an opportunity to get very intimate with Paul.  Paul rushed up to his apartment.  He began pulling off items of clothing as soon as he closed the door.  He had to piss badly and made it to the bathroom in a hurry.  When he saw himself in the mirror, he almost died.  His hair was almost drenched in sweat and he looked like he had gotten bad sunburn.  His cock was throbbing and his balls were aching.  He decided he needed to lay down and try to get over this reaction to all that muscle.

Paul flopped on the bed and closed his eyes.  He immediately saw Dave, his bulging, flexing muscles on display for him.  Dave demanding he worship them and kiss every inch of his body.  Paul was jerking his cock slowly, wanting to make the vision last as long as possible.  Dave then grabbed him by the neck, lifted him off the ground and forced his mouth onto his nipple.  First one then the other, before having his mouth rammed hard into Dave's armpit.  By the time Paul imagined Dave forcing him to open his mouth and get mouth fucked, Paul was already over the top and began to shoot load after load of cum, hitting his face and chest.  He was exhausted and drained after his body stopped shaking and jerking.  Paul closed his eyes, new visions of muscle gods making demands on him over and over again.