Darkness and Light


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Chapter 10, Ancients

Steve was like a little kid on Christmas morning. He couldn't stop feeling his new body, stretching out his long legs and flexing his super huge muscles. If there would have been a large mirror in the truck, he would have been locked in a trance in front of it.

It would seem Steve is well pleased!” Stohl laughed.

Yes it would be safe to say well pleased,” Paul laughed. “I think we need to avoid lakes, rivers and streams so he doesn't fall in love with himself!”

Hey, its a dream come true, okay?” Steve said with a scowl. “What do you want me to do? React like its a load of laundry or something? Shit no, this is more then I could have ever wished for and its come true.”

Well, I suppose we can give you some slack since it is so new and all,” Paul laughed. “I'm just happy you like it. I was worried you might be disappointed.”

I haven't a clue how the hell I can ever let you know how happy you have made me, sweet baby,” Steve said looking over at Paul with a tear in his eye. “You didn't have to do this for me. I really feel that you do actually love me, Paul. I only wish I could show you how much I love you.”

Muscle head, not to worry,” Paul said squeezing Steve's thigh. “I know how much you love me and I'm thrilled you know how much I love you.”

Love is good, lots of love in this cart,” Stohl said seriously.

Both Steve and Paul gave Stohl a very serious and curious look before looking at each other and busting out laughing.

When they arrived back at the apartment complex, Steve took his time looking all around since it seemed like years since he last saw this scene. It felt good and yet strange, a chill running up his spine as a flashback memory of the biker beating he took came back. Paul asked him what was wrong and Steve just smiled and shook his head, not wanting to bring up what he went through again, knowing how guilty Paul felt. They carried things up to the apartment and Paul held the door open for Steve and Stohl. Steve stopped in the doorway, again looking it all over. He knew it was his home, but yet it didn't feel that way anymore for some reason. It felt familiar and yet strange.

Tom was in his room and heard the door to the apartment open. He figured it was Paul and Stohl back from visiting Steve.

Uh, hey buddy, can I help you?” Tom said in a menacing voice with a real nasty look. “Maybe you got the wrong apartment? I know the door was locked so how the fuck did you get in?”

Paul walked in and stood next to Steve with a big smile on his face. Then Stohl walked in and stood next to Paul also smiling.

Wait, who the fuck is this with you guys?” Tom said confused.

Tom, now don't shit yourself, its me, Steve!” Steve blurted out.

No fuckin way! No FUCKIN way!” Tom yelled.

Yes way,” Steve laughed and opened his arms wide as he walked to Tom and wrapped him in a tight hug and kissed his cheek. “Just like Paul transformed, he did it to me. I always wanted to look like this and Paul gifted me with my wish. Yah like it?”

Holy shit! Like it?” Tom said moving from Steve and feeling his arms, shoulders, chest and neck. “Hell yeah! Damn you are one hot, big fucker now!”

Yeah, way better then being a short fucker eh?” Steve laughed.

Paul and Stohl joined Steve and Tom in a big hug and kiss fest. Tom wanted to know all about how this was possible and if it was permanent. They talked over coffee and water and Steve walked into each room now and again, looking at things as if he was visiting gram's house, not his. It all felt so strange. Paul told Steve and Tom that Steve, Stohl and himself would have to leave in a few days to help the ancients with something. It was his destiny and he had to fulfill it now. Tom asked all sorts of questions and had a hard time understanding why Steve was going with Paul. Paul and Stohl both did their best to explain to Tom and Steve why that was so important. Paul admitted he had no way of knowing what would happen or if they would return or even if they would survive, but it was absolutely necessary to follow the prophecies and follow their destiny. Steve convinced Tom that no matter what, he was not going to leave Paul ever again, no matter what the cost. Tom finally understood and accepted the inevitable.

Both Steve and Paul made arrangements over the next few days with school, work, friends and some family, anyone that might be looking for them. Paul had no idea how long they would be gone, so they made their plans as if they would be gone at least 6 months, possibly longer.

Paul had the hardest time explaining to John that he would be gone for a very long time. He tried to let John know that he didn't have to wait for Paul. He knew he would stay with Steve, even though his heart was torn between John and Steve. He kept the thought in his mind that maybe, just maybe, the 3 of them could share their life, bound together by love. He honestly felt that some day, John and Steve would love each other. It was his dream now. John wasn't very happy about it but did take some comfort in the thought that Paul had in his mind they would be together once his task was completed. It was what John had to hold on to in order to stay sane and not get bitter and filled with anger and hate. John made passionate love to Paul, ending their embrace and kiss with tears in his eyes. Paul was the same way, feeling so torn and guilty for putting John in so much pain. They finally said their goodbye's and Paul left John's house, watching John standing in the doorway, his head hanging down and his body shaking as he sobbed feeling like a part of his heart was just torn away.

Finally, with everything completed, they packed some things into Paul's truck and said goodby to Tom. Tom was teasing Steve about how he kept checking himself out all the time.

Hey, its a new thing for me okay?” Steve said defensively. “I mean come on, you'd be the same way!”

Well, I'll give you that for sure,” Tom teased. “I just never so anybody so fixated on themselves before. Well, okay, maybe some of the really into themselves body builders, but not you! You never were like that!”

I know, I know, I have to stop it, but damn its hot,” Steve said as he rubbed his hands up and down his body.

Stohl, Paul and Tom all laughed and teased Steve. Tom suggesting it would be a bit better if Paul had added wrinkles and stuff. Steve and Tom play fought and ended up in a hug, kissing each other as they said their goodbyes. They got into the truck and headed in the direction of the original dig site.

So, how is this all going to work?” Steve said finally not looking over his extremities.

Well, we will try and hide the truck once we arrive at the hidden temple. Stohl and I will perform some rituals and ancient incantations at the portal doorway. If all goes right, it should brighten up and we will be allowed to pass through it into the ancient lands,” Paul explained. “Hopefully we will arrive near a shaman or someone who knows who we are, like expecting us and teach me what I need to know in order to fulfill my destiny.”

Wow, sounds super complicated,” Steve said seriously. “You know I got your back right?”

Yes, I know,” Paul smiled. “I'm more worried about you then I am about anything else. I have the pendant and spells, Stohl has his knowledge and strength. You sweet muscle head don't have any of those. Now I know you feel you are strong, but believe me, the beings you will meet aren't like anything you've ever come across. To them, we are just weak humans, easily broken and good for pleasures and not much else. Maybe I should have had Stohl show you what they are capable of before all this.”

Paul says the truth, Steve,” Stohl spoke up. “Big, powerful demigods that for as long as can be known have used humans to take their nectar, like humans drink fine wines. No human has ever beaten a demigod, ever. Humans do not have a deep sleep to become whole and fit after being damaged like demigods. Humans break, stay broke.”

What do you mean?” Steve asked confused.

Stohl explained all about the deep sleep all demigods have that heals all their wounds, regenerates their tissues and gives them back all their strength. Its how they can never really be killed as humans know it. If they are badly damaged right after their deep sleep, they stay in pain and weak until their next deep sleep returns. He also told Steve how most of the demigods were not going to be friends or nice to them. Stohl faced the possibility of becoming a sex slave and they could be taken, used, broken and possibly eaten. The ancient lands were not like the present times at all. Humans and demigods were separate and mostly kept to their own territories with some exceptions. He would have to be constantly on guard and cautious, not taking assuming a smiling demigod meant him no harm.

The rest of the journey was very quiet in the truck, Paul and Steve thinking about what Stohl had told them. Paul began to develop a deep down fear for the safety of Steve, but he knew he could not let his fear interfere with his tasks, whatever they might be.

Aurin and a few of the warrior satyrs journeyed to Tork the Minotaur's lair. Aurin knew by the signs and his divination that the chosen human was going to arrive very soon and things had to be put in motion to allow the destiny of the chosen one to be fulfilled. It was of utmost importance to the well being of all the demigods. Only the chosen one could use the most sacred scrolls to end the reign of terror of the blood thirsty boarmen king Irr who had total control over Narbo, the once chosen successor to Jeral the sorcerer, self made emperor of the human realm. (see Sorcerer Conquest). Narbo, although an unusually strong and powerful satyr and trained in sorcery by Jeral himself as his heir, let himself become sexually dependent on Irr. Irr planned it all out carefully, knowing full well that once Narbo was dependent on his nectar, he would gain complete control which he in fact did do. Narbo couldn't deny Irr anything and followed his every wish to the letter. Irr, being the power hungry, egomaniac boarman he was, was not going to play to Narbo's tune, no, he was going to take over as Emperor and satisfy his unending lust for power and dominance. He found he loved the taste of human and hybrid blood and only was convinced by Narbo that if he kept up at the pace he was going through both, he would run out of a supply quickly. Irr was true to his nature as a boarman to be vicious, sadistic and brutal as he pleased. Boarmen understood this and knew not to test his power, however the hybrid's and other demigods that were part of the emperor's army weren't always so understanding. It took a very long time and a very large amount of pain and suffering for them to understand the true nature of a boarman who was powerful.

Yokus was still using Cytis, Tork, Sage, Kag and Markus in addition to the boarmen in the wild for his pleasure. While thanks to Aurin Tork and the others knew they were being used they still had no memory of it, just the weakness, feeling of being tired and sometimes bruises on their bodies. Aurin had taught them to always wash out their insides whenever they felt like that so they could purge themselves of the nectar of the creature that used them, making the weakness and tired feeling go away. Yokus still had his own slaves from the hybrids, boarmen and humans he captured ages ago, but the humans were dying out and it was proving to be just too much trouble to harvest new ones. He liked the idea that he hadn't had to move to new territories anymore since there was an ample supply of demigods around to keep him well pleasured.

Kag and Marcus were thrilled when Aurin and the warriors arrived. They hadn't expected to see them until the annual feast at the main camp of the satyrs. After hugs and kisses and much laughing, Aurin explained why he stopped at Tork's lair while heading to a special place near God's Fire.(See Minotaur Ruler). He explained to them about the chosen human from another time that was to arrive shortly as foretold by the ancient scrolls to save them from the abominations being done by Irr. If it didn't succeed, they all would eventually be placed into slavery by Irr and never know their freedom again. Much discussion took place as they ate and drank and then refreshed themselves in the river near the lair. Aurin said he needed to find a willing ogre who would help teach the chosen one and his mate willingly and see to their protection. All that was foretold was not revealed by Aurin since he felt it would be dangerous to do so. Cytis spoke up and said he grew up with an ogre for a time who was almost his exact twin, huge, very powerful and muscled, but for an ogre, actually very meek and mild. Cytis told stories of how he would end up fighting for his friend Klir to keep him from being constantly used by other demigods, especially cyclops' for their pleasure. Aurin smiled as he already knew of Klir and the importance of his role in their fate.

You must find Klir and convince him to help the chosen one,” Aurin said very seriously. “It is all part of the foretelling that an ogre with a gentle heart will teach, protect and become one with the chosen one at some point.”

What do you mean by becoming one with the chosen one?” Kag asked.

That I cannot tell you,” Aurin said seriously. “Just know it must be so.”

They all shook their heads in understanding, knowing Aurin would not tell them any more of it, unless they had a need to know.

I will go to my old territory and find Klir,” Cytis said solemnly. “He will do as he is asked I am certain.”

I will go with you,” Sage his mate said. “I would feel much better being with you.”

You should stay here with Tork and the others,” Cytis said holding Sage's shoulders. “It could be too dangerous for you.”

Cytis! I am a very strong, muscular, minotaur, not a delicate human,” Sage said sternly. “I am able to fight and keep up with you.”

Cytis, you must take Sage with you,” Aurin stopped the argument. “It is foretold that an ogre of great strength and a minotaur of great heart will guide Klir to the destiny he has to fulfill.”

There, it is settled and no more need to discuss it,” Sage said in a huff.

You make my nectar boil inside me when you act so,” Cytis said with a laugh.

They all laughed as Cytis and Sage play wrestled themselves in the river, ending up pleasuring each other.

Steve was blown away again when Paul recited the spell to make the temple re-appear. He couldn't believe all of what was happening was real. He knew it was, but still, it was all just too much.

Are you sure you want to come with me and go into the ancients lands?” Paul asked Steve. “I can't guarantee what we will find or what will happen. I'm the one that has to do this, not you, so there's no obligation on your part.”

Paul, sweet, dearest love of my life Paul,” Steve said holding on to Paul's shoulders. “Do you or do you not love me? I certainly do love you and that alone should tell you the answer to your question. How could I not be with you, especially now at probably the most important time of your entire life?”

Paul looked at Steve and tears filled his eyes. Steve kissed them gently, pulling Paul tight into a hug, kissing his head over and over. He couldn't help smile thinking that he had never been able to hold Paul like this and see the top of his head, unless they were laying in bed. That thrilled him, again making the idea of his transformation seem all that more like a dream.

Stohl moved some items around and set things up so that all was ready for Paul and he to begin the rituals and incantations. Paul instructed Steve to stay close to the portal, but not to touch it or reach into it until Paul stepped into it and took his hand. He wouldn't start until Steve made him believe that he fully understood the importance of what he was telling Steve. Once satisfied, Paul and Stohl began the strange ritual, none of which made any sense to Steve. It seemed to him that things weren't going exactly as planned since he couldn't see anything changing. Then, the ground rumbled and shook, things fell down and sand was almost exploding as it shot up into the air around them. Steve thought maybe it was an earthquake and they were going to be swallowed up by a massive sink hole. None of the shaking, rumbling or shooting sand seemed to bother Stohl or Paul as they continued their ritual just getting somewhat louder, not missing a beat it seemed.

Then, the opening inside the frame of what Paul called the portal started to glow, getting brighter and brighter. Steve's eyes went super wide as he saw the light just suddenly show up inside the framework and grow wildly in intensity. He was really tempted to reach out and touch the light, but remembered how serious Paul was about touching the portal. Suddenly, it felt as if a huge gust of wind was blowing from the portal outward. Stohl reached down and took one of Steve's hands and Paul took the other. They hugged each other tight with Steve in between them, stepping directly into the portal. Steve felt like a quick freeze was flashing over his body and then a hot flash, his eyes shut from the intensity of the light. He didn't open his eyes until it seemed to get very quiet, a gentle breeze brushed against his skin and it sounded like some strange animals or birds were singing. He opened his eyes and saw the most beautiful deep blue sky, really huge trees of some sort, loads of plants and bushes. He turned around and stared up at this really angry looking mountain that had a bright glowing light coming from the top and was billowing huge clouds of dark smoke.

God's Fire,” Stohl said. “What you are looking at, its called God's Fire. A very sacred and special place to the ancients.”

Wow, its actually quite beautiful,” Steve said taking it all in. “Is it safe to be this close to a volcano that's about to blow up?”

Its not going to blow up, Master Steve,” Stohl laughed. “It is the power of the gods energy.”

Steve, its just Steve,” Paul said with a frown on his face. “I thought we had that all settled, Stohl.”

Remember Master Paul,” Stohl said getting on his knees and bowing down, “I told you that would be acceptable on your world, but not here, in the world of the ancients. I am bound to you and must act according to the precepts of my people.”

I see, yes, you are right, you did tell me about that,” Paul said. “I'm sorry, I should have remembered Stohl, please forgive me.”

Oh no great one, it is I who must beg your forgiveness,” Stohl said with his head still bowed down. “I must remember my place and not speak so freely now. I should be punished.”

Okay, this is going to be somewhat hard to do,” Paul said. “The only punishment you will get from me is a kiss and maybe a few good loads of your juices, but that's as far as I'm willing to go punishing you.”

Steve laughed and said, “Yeah, and I expect to get lots of that too!”

Stohl looked up at them, laughing and holding open their arms to him. They made Stohl get up and give them kisses and hugs. Stohl suggested they find a place for shelter until their guide finds them. He told them he was certain the satyr king and sage Aurin knew they were coming and had already started things in motion. As they looked around the area, Stohl told them all he knew of Aurin. He was very wise, had great knowledge and knew much about spells, plants and healing. He told them about the adventures of Tork, Kag, Aurin, Narbo, Sage, Cytis and all the rest that lead up to now. Paul already had dreams of minotaurs, satyrs, ogres and cyclops so he knew what they looked like, but Steve had on that little boy look that was full of wonder and fright all at the same time. Stohl explained how the land of the ancients was divided up into territories, the most dominant and fierce being the Lord of the territory, obligated to protect and defend it from all intruders that were not welcomed. He told them of the temperament of all the various demigods, their ranking as it were. He also told them of the lesser demigods known as boarmen and the newest group, the hybrids. Steve had a hard time understanding how the hybrid's could have come into existence, but Paul saved Stohl by explaining how a human sorcerer misused the ancient scrolls for his own power, used human females as the vehicle to blend species and come up with the hybrids, bred for fierce fighting, and hard sex pleasures. They were much more powerful and fierce then any human, but couldn't fully match the power and strength of the demigods. They were partial demigods and would also experience a deep sleep, but not as often as true demigods. It was all a bit much for Steve right now. He suggested that they celebrate their arrival at the ancients place as he called it by messing around. Stohl was confused and Paul had to explain what Steve meant after he stopped laughing hysterically. Once Stohl understood, he quickly agreed and the 3 of them got down to the business of pleasuring. Steve loved the effect Stohl's precum had on him and once he got a taste of Stohl's cum, that was it, he had to try to overdose on it. Paul and Steve made passionate love, Steve relishing his new size, truly able now to feel protective and what he felt his true place was, dominating Paul, but not in a bad way. Paul loved it completely and let Steve totally enjoy himself. Stohl was certainly not a left shoe at all, taking both Steve and Paul to new levels of pleasure highs. He relished the double portions of human nectar he collected, a really special treat. They soon were all exhausted, Steve and Paul fast asleep. Stohl was feeling very pleasantly drained and happy.

Suddenly, Steve and Paul woke up, feeling themselves being pushed towards the back wall of rock that they were sleeping near. Stohl was standing in a defensive position, his muscles bulging, his nostrils flaring and his arms held out in a threatening position. He was holding a large branch as a weapon. He kept pushing Steve and Paul back with one of his legs.

Stohl, what's wrong,” Paul said quietly.

We are being watched,” Stohl whispered. “From the scent it is an ogre and possibly a minotaur.”

Paul grabbed on to his amulet, closed his eyes and began reciting a spell which caused the stone in the amulet to glow brightly, shining a light as if it were forming a bubble around them. Suddenly a very large ogre came out of the brush and charged at Stohl. When the ogre reached the glow of the amulet stone, it got a look of shock on its face, its arms and legs seemed to spread outward and it flew backwards, slamming hard to the ground.

The minotaur came out of the bushes, laughing very hard, wiping tears from his eyes.

We mean you no harm, great one,” Sage said as he helped Cytis up from the ground. “We had to be certain it was you and not some spies sent from Irr's fortress. If we frightened you, we are truly sorry. I am Sage and this hulking brute is my mate, Cytis. We have been sent by Aurin to bring you your protector and he who will train you for your coming fate.”

OH MY GOD!,” Steve shouted. “They ARE real. That's a REAL minotaur. That ogre is HUGE!”

Paul looked at Steve and marveled at the look of total amazement and disbelief on Steve's face. If his eyes were any bigger his eyeballs would pop out.

Stohl bowed respectfully and walked to Cytis and Sage, offering his arm in greeting.

Greeting Cytis and Sage, I am Stohl,” Stohl said with a smile. “I am bonded slave to The Great One Paul, keeper of the sacred scrolls. This one is his mate Steve who is still adjusting to a transformation of his body the Great One has successfully completed. We greet you and thank you for coming to our assistance.”

Come Steve, Great One,” Cytis said with a huge smile as he held his arms open wide. “Come and receive the happy greetings from Sage and Cytis.”

Cytis made certain his muscles were tight, bulging and exposed so Paul and Steve could see how powerful he was. Paul was mesmerized and couldn't take his eyes off of Cytis' body. Cytis quickly picked up on Paul's reaction and increased the show for him, slowly flexing and making his muscles ripple up and down his body in a very slow, deliberate manner. Sage smiled and did the same, moving towards Steve who probably was about to pass out from not breathing very well. When Steve was in Sage's arms, he lowered his snout and used his tongue to lick Steve's entire head, let his tongue work inside Steve's mouth and did the magic only a minotaurs tongue could do. The more he flexed his muscles and worked his tongue magic, the louder Steve moaned. Sage smiled as he felt Steve's cock thicken and get very hard as it rubbed across Sage's abs which rippled like waves on a calm lake. He lifted Steve up by his hips, licked all of Steve's body, grabbed his shorts in his snout and pulled them off, his tongue taking charge of Steve's ass, cock and balls. Steve's head fell back and he yelled when Sage devoured his full cock and balls into his throat and began sucking the flowing cum from Steve. Cytis was doing the same with Paul who couldn't seem to get enough of Cytis' body, his huge muscles and size driving Paul over the top. Both Paul and Steve quickly were fully drained. Cytis gently lowered Paul, holding him up just by his hand behind Paul's neck and head as he moved his leaking cock head around the face and lips of Paul. Paul's tongue caught a taste of the precum and seemed to go wild all on its own, trying to lap up as much of the precum as it could. Cytis smiled and placed the tip of his cock head just inside Paul's lips, and began stroking his cock from base to tip, flooding Paul's mouth with huge loads of precum. Paul latched on to Cytis' hips and tried to ram his mouth down on Cytis' cock, which would be impossible because of its thickness and size, but he did manage to get in the top ¼ of Cytis' cock head and suck in all of the precum oozing into his mouth. Sage did the exact same thing to Steve and got the same reaction as Cytis. Stohl went behind Cytis and Sage, licked and kissed their ass cheeks, tongue fucked one then the other, knowing the flood of nectar they would provide to Steve and Paul would just about drown them in a pleasure high they would never forget, once they woke up of course. He then used his fingers of both hands to enter their rosebuds, find their pleasure spots and massage and poke them. Cytis and Sage both growled and made all manner of deep, guttural animal like sounds, their hips slowly pushing against the fully opened mouths of Steve and Paul who were sucking wildly and their tongues were fucking the piss slits of Cytis and Sage. Finally, Sage took Steve's head in his hands and held his face tight against his cock as he began filling Steve with his nectar. There was no way Steve could keep up with the flood and what he couldn't swallow, ran out of his mouth, around Sage's cock and down his neck, covering his chest. Cytis heard the pleasure bellow of Sage and he took Paul's head into his hands, held him tight against his cock and filled his mouth to overflowing. Both Paul and Steve felt like they were going to drown with the volume of cum that was filling them, but they really didn't care all that much as the sensations the nectar caused them was unlike anything they felt before. It was completely different from Stohl's, more powerful and intense. The taste was wonderful and outdid any dessert ever. When they finally went unconscious from the super intense pleasure high, Sage and Cytis picked them up, licked their bodies clean and let Stohl clean their cocks and drain them completely. They moved to the back wall of the small shelter and laid down, cradling Steve and Paul in their arms on their bodies with Stohl in between them.

In the morning, Sage and Cytis took them to a nearby river so they could refresh themselves, wash and swim. Sage and Cytis told them that they would take them to another ogre's territory which was very close who would be their protector, trainer and adviser. His name was Klir and he was a near twin for Cytis but much more mellow and gentle of nature. They would leave them in his care and he would eventually bring them to the lair of Tork where Aurin was waiting for them. Cytis and Sage told them as much as they knew as they slowly walked around the base of God's Fire. They were amazed at the story of how Kag, a human, the mate of Tork had sacrificed his life, his humanity to become a demigod for Tork, to be mates for ever. It was indeed a touching story and a wonder to them. Paul had all manner of questions as did Steve, but they would have to wait until they met Aurin and ask him, since he was the only one who knew how that was possible.

They obviously reached the land of Klir when Cytis told them to camp and wait. He had to greet Klir, tell him why he was visiting and who he had brought with him and why. Aurin had assured Cytis that Klir would understand and be ready for them. Cytis went towards the direction of Klir's lair, careful not to be quiet so that Klir could hear him approaching. Cytis was surprised when Klir was walking towards him, carrying a large sack over his shoulder, smiling. Cytis stopped and was somewhat confused.

Cytis, brother of mine,” Klir said dropping the sack and opening up his arms wide. “Happy am I that you have come for me and that the Great One is indeed among us.”

They hugged each other very tight, kissing and rubbing each other, truly glad to see each other again after such a long time.

How is it you knew I was near?” Cytis asked. “Was I that loud?”

No brother,” Klir laughed. “Yes you were loud indeed, but I had a dream and knew it was as foretold. Aurin has been teaching me in my dreams and I have been prepared for a very long time.”

You speak so well,” Cytis said, noticing how calm and informed Klir was, almost as if he was Aurin hiding inside Klir's massive body.

Yes, a gift from Aurin,” Klir said hugging Cytis again and again. “He has imparted much knowledge to me and has taught me so much. I should think I am now the most intelligent ogre in all the lands. That means smart!”

So you say,” Cytis laughed. “That could be more dangerous then your physical strength I think.”

They hugged, kissed and laughed. Klir took up his sack again and they headed back to the shelter where Sage, Stohl, Steve and Paul were waiting. While they were waiting, Sage showed them some of the special plants they should eat for better nectar production, pain, muscle improvement, more strength, just about anything he could locate and inform them of. Paul was very impressed and Steve had to try out as many as he could just to experience the effect they had on him. Steve did notice how respectful Sage was to Paul, as if he was a celebrity or some big wig. It made him feel so proud of Paul. He was definitely developing a deep respect for Paul's ability to use and understand the spells, magic and all that stuff. Sage allowed him to freely examine his entire body whenever he wished, knowing that Steve had never seen a minotaur and could sense Steve was totally in awe of him. Stohl and Sage play wrestled and fought with Steve and Paul to keep them occupied and in shape, wanting to make certain their muscles stayed in top form. Suddenly, Paul and Steve froze as Cytis and Klir came out of the forest and were walking towards them. It was truly an amazing sight to see 2 super giant ogre's walking together, Klir slightly bigger then Cytis in both height and muscle. They did look like twins except Klir had a hairy body while Cytis was slightly hairy. Both were bald as long hair was just an easy tool for an enemy to use to their advantage. Ogre's had big, thick boney skulls, protection from brutal combat. Cytis felt proud when he saw the look of admiration and shock on both Steve and Paul's faces as they approached. Paul wasn't ready for what happened next.

Klir knelt down in front of Paul, kissed his feet and said, “Great One, I Klir, your humble servant do pledge my loyalty and protection. I am yours completely and will defend you and your mate with my entire existence. Blessing on you oh Great One.”

Both Steve and Paul were completely dumbfounded to see this monstrous being, rippling with muscles never imaginable, able to easily rip them apart without breaking a sweat, kissing Paul's feet and swearing his life to him.

Sage saw how Paul and Steve were in a trance and knew Klir would stay down kissing Paul's feet until he said something. He purposely bumped into Paul who looked at him in a daze and finally got what Sage was trying to tell him.

Oh, my weakness at the wonderful sight of such a powerful, handsome ogre pledging himself to me,” Paul stammered, the amulet now softly glowing and words forming inside Paul's head. “Come Klir, my protector and teacher, share your love with me and let us bind each other together as it is written.”

Klir lifted his head, smiled warmly and stood up, towering over Paul. He let his sack fall from his shoulder and removed his fur loin cloth, showing his massive cock, dripping with precum and hardening. He gently put his hands on Paul's hips, lifted him up and kissed him gently. Steve started to move towards Klir to defend Paul but was held back by Stohl who whispered in his ear that it was as it had to be and he could not interfere. Paul's hands grabbed on to Klir's head and he passionately kissed Klir back. Klir moved Paul to his body and wrapped his massive arms around Paul, licking and kissing his neck and shoulder.

Klir looked at Cytis and at Sage with a longing and questioning look. Cytis stretched out his arm and hand in a direction, showing Klir where they could share their pleasure without interference. Klir smiled, walked to the area and laid down, still holding on to Paul wrapped in his arms. Paul began to kiss, lick bite and touch every inch of Klir's massively muscled body, his scent and sweat intoxicating to Paul as Paul's was to Klir. Klir let Paul take as much of his flowing precum as he wanted and gently stroked Paul's cock, licking Paul's precum from his fingers. Klir lifted Paul up, putting his legs over Klir's shoulders, leaned Paul back and began to gently lick, kiss and nibble on Paul's cock, balls and ass. His tongue was doing magical things to Paul's ass and when it finally pushed deep inside of Paul, Paul began shooting nectar which Klir managed to direct to his mouth with his upper lip covering Paul's cock head. His tongue got very large inside Paul, intentionally stretching him out in preparation for Klir's cock. Paul filled Klir's mouth with several loads of cum before his body went limp. Klir's cock was flooded with precum as he moved Paul off his shoulders and moved his ass on top of his cock head. He slowly let the weight of Paul's body move him down Klir's cock.

If Paul would have been fully awake, he would have panicked at the thought of that huge cock going inside of his ass. His body was completely relaxed and his mind gave no thought to the monster slowly pushing deeper and deeper inside of him. Klir gently worked on Paul's pecs, neck and nipples as Paul slid further and further down Klir's cock. Klir could see clearly the shape of his cock as it pushed Paul's insides aside, pushing his ab muscles as if a child was in its mothers womb. Finally Klir lifted his knees to support Paul's back and he let Paul's body fall against his body. He slowly moved his muscles to move Paul's body up and down his cock, being very gentle and careful not to harm Paul in any way. Paul became so aroused at the sensations from Klir's precum spreading inside of him and the unreal feelings Klir's cock was making him feel, his entire body feeling like it was a wrapper for Klir's cock. Klir tensed slightly, not wanting to jerk hard or force Paul further down his cock as his nectar started shooting inside of Paul. Paul gasped and yelled out in pleasure as the thick cum flooded his insides. It felt as if it was spreading up to his head and down to his toes, his entire being being filled with Klir's cum. It was a very long time before Klir's cum turned into a minor trickle of cum, Paul's muscles working hard to squeeze every drop of nectar out of Klir's cock. Klir let Paul's body fall back gently to his legs, bent down and licked all of Paul's cum off, feeling the intense pleasure of a human's nectar, even more so since Paul was so very special. Paul and Klir repeated the scene 2 more times before Paul was completely unconscious, deep in a pleasure high sound sleep. The binding of Klir and Paul was completed.

Cytis, Sage and Stohl kept Steve occupied while Klir and Paul bonded, taking Steve's mind off of what was happening to Paul. He himself was so filled with ogre, minotaur and satyr nectar, he too was in a deep, pleasure high sleep, his entire body limp and completely relaxed as never before.

For some unknown reason, while Paul was in a semi daze just laying in the arms of Klir, feeling the power and strength of his chest and arms all over his body, his thoughts drifted to John. He held his amulet and concentrated on sending feelings of calm and love to John, knowing somehow that John was in deep thought about Paul and hurting. He could tell that the amulet had worked its charms and John was feeling better, knowing and feeling the love of Paul throughout his entire being. Paul drifted back to sleep, with a deep sigh and a feeling of complete safety and security in the arms of Klir.

At sunrise, one by one they all woke, headed to the nearby river and washed, relaxed and shared a bounty of fruit and vegetables that Sage and Stohl had gathered. Steve and Paul didn't know half of the fruit and vegetables they ate, but knew they tasted really good and they could feel the vitamins and whatever coursing through their veins, making them feel really great. Cytis suggested they begin their journey to the lair of Tork and all helped pack up things. Sage thought the shorts that Steve and Paul wore weren't comfortable or practical for the journey, so he modified one of Cytis' fur loin clothes, actually just ripping it in half. It easily fit Steve and Paul nicely, a thick vine being used to hold it around their waist. Steve thought it was really neat, sort of like being in a barbarian film. As they walked, Steve tried to explain to Cytis, Sage, and Klir about films and barbarians. The funniest was Stohl putting in his comments, well, his view of what films were from what he witnessed. The conversation kept them all amused and time passed quickly. It would be a 3 day journey and they would only stop if Steve and Paul were really tired. Klir suggested Cytis and he carry Steve and Paul on their backs, enabling them to travel much quicker and even at night. Sage and Stohl agreed as did Cytis. Cytis easily flipped Steve on to his back, using a vine to tie Steve's waist around his body. Klir did the same, except he kept Paul against his front, keeping one hand at all times on Paul's back even though the vine was strong enough and padded with leaves to be comfortable. He sensed how fascinated Paul was with his pecs and body hair and he wished to keep Paul pleased. Steve had fun feeling Cytis' back, shoulder and arm muscles. Cytis would move his arm backwards, flexing his triceps muscle tight, and then pumping it tight and loose so Steve could hold it, rub it and at times kiss it. Sage smiled knowing Cytis was being very kind to the human. Steve for his part was completely blown away at the size and power of Cytis' muscles. He couldn't put his hands completely around Cytis' neck. Cytis laughed as he kept feeling Steve's cock harden and leak precum on his back. Steve tried to keep it contained in the fur loin cloth but then figured that would get uncomfortable and since he was up against Cytis' back, he could let the vine loose and his cock be massaged by the rippling back muscles of Cytis.

They moved very quickly now as Sage, Cytis and Klir had excellent night vision. Stohl kept between Cytis and Klir as his vision wasn't so great at night, just enough not to hit a tree or large rock. He could pick up movement around them, but couldn't be sure what it was. They stopped at a stream they reached mid-day and refreshed. Cytis suggested Steve wash his fur loincloth and just leave it off for the remainder of the journey. They all laughed knowing why Cytis said that to Steve. Steve blushed but joined in the laughing. It felt really good to wash in the cool waters of the stream. Klir and Paul talked along the journey and began to learn more about each other. Paul really began to like Klir, even though their bonding joined them together in a spiritual sense, he now was feeling more physically and mentally. Klir was pleased he was chosen to teach, guide and protect Paul as his fondness for Paul was growing hour by hour.

Sage was the one who first picked up on the scent of a new creature. Cytis also picked it up, but in a different area. They told the others and they all went on high alert, ready for an attack. They knew the evil sorcerer had hybrids searching for them, intent on capturing Paul and taking him back to Irr. The story Paul told them about the ogre's that attacked him in the gym gave them reason for being watchful and cautious. Klir and Cytis left Steve and Paul in the stream to get some food to eat. Sage and Stohl had caught some small animals so that Cytis, Klir, Steve and Paul could eat fresh meat. Killing animals and building fires for anything other then light was normally not allowed in the land of Tork, but he made an exception for Cytis and Sage to allow them to eat whatever they needed. Sage knew Steve and Paul needed to have protein from meat at least until they adapted to the food all around and their bodies took what protein it needed from the nectar of the demigods. As they pulled apart the cooked animal, they heard Paul and Steve yelling and screaming. As they quickly turned towards them, they saw 3 hybrids, beating on them as they dragged them from the stream away from the others. Both Cytis and Klir charged the hybrids. One had a large hammer like weapon that he was swinging as he stepped between the other hybrids and Cytis and Klir. The other hybrids looped leather strips with loops tied in around Steve and Paul's legs making it impossible for them to run away. All three hybrids now had full use of their arms and their hammer weapons. The spread apart, taking up positions that would make it easier for one of them to assist the other if needed. Klir went for the hybrid that had Paul attached and Cytis to the one that had Steve. They hybrids seemed to know that's what they would do since the hybrid that had no one attached was in the center. Cytis reached his hybrid first and was struck a number of times on his arms as he tried swinging at the hybrid. The middle hybrid took the opportunity to swing his hammer hard at the knee of Cytis. Cytis bellowed out in pain and fell to one knee. As he was falling down, the other hybrid slammed his hammer weapon many times on Cytis' shoulders and arms. Klir just about reached his hybrid when he made the mistake of looking at Cytis as he bellowed out in pain. The hybrid that had Paul swung his hammer weapon very hard from the side and smashed it into Klir's side. When Klir bellowed out and turned towards that side, the middle hybrid swung his hammer hard into the other side of Klir. Then the hybrid he was after began pounding hard on Klir's shoulders and arms the middle hybrid switching from Klir to Cytis. The hammer weapons were taking a toll on them. Sage ran towards them and was quickly knocked down, as a hammer weapon struck him on his head and another on the back of his neck. Stohl also tried to assist but was easily taken out by a hammer blow to his head and back. Cytis and Klir were on the ground taking one blow after another. The middle hybrid was holding his hammer weapon like something used to pound in a pipe into the ground, stomping it on Klir and Cytis' shoulders, arms and backs. Cytis rolled over and felt the hammer smash hard into his throat and crotch, then his shoulders and pecs, over and over. Klir stayed on his stomach but was being hit hard on his back, shoulders, arms and legs. They both knew they were becoming weaker and weaker. Each time they tried to get themselves up, they were pounded down. The hybrid fighting Cytis, slammed the hammer hard into Cytis' throat and reached down, punching and digging into Cytis' crotch, punishing his cock and balls. When Cytis tried to reach his arm down to pull away the hybrid's hand, the other hybrid smashed his weapon hard onto Cytis' arm. The hybrid pounding on Klir, grabbed on to Klir's arm, twisted it and jerked it hard up towards Klir's head on his back. Klir bellowed out in pain. He grabbed the ankle of the hybrid with his other hand and bellowed out again as his hand was smashed over and over by a hammer weapon. Cytis' hybrid dropped his hammer and placed his foot over the throat of Cytis, pulled his leg up and rammed his fingers up into Cytis' ass, punching, rubbing and pushing on Cytis' pleasure spot, trying to get him to release his nectar and weaken. He kicked his leg hard into Cytis' throat whenever Cytis seemed to be able to move out of position. The middle hybrid laughed and reached down, knelt on Klir's back and pushed his fingers inside Klir's ass, intent on doing the same thing, weakening Klir. The hybrid Klir was fighting kept using his hammer weapon to pound on both Cytis and Klir.

Paul came around and got partially up to see what was happening. He saw what the hybrids were doing to Cytis and Klir, saw the heavy flow of precum coming out of Cytis' cock and knew if he released his nectar the hybrids would make easy work of him because he would be so weak. Paul quietly stood up and looked for something to use against the hybrids. He held his amulet and quietly said a spell for strength and power for Cytis and Klir and protection for himself and Steve. He spotted a large rock next to him, picked it up and smashed the hybrid on the back of his head. The hybrid fell hard on top of the middle hybrid working on Klir's ass. The other hybrid stopped when he saw one of his friends fall on top of the other one, his head bleeding. The spell took effect and Cytis lifted his other leg hard, catching the hybrid on the side of his head, knocking him over. Klir got partially up, grabbed the hammer weapon and started smashing on the downed hybrids. Cytis grabbed a hammer weapon and joined Klir in pounding the hybrid unmercifully. Steve was standing close to Paul now and had his mouth dropped open, watching the violent battle taking place. He reached down and slid off the leather restraint on himself and then on Paul. Both he and Paul held on to each other as they watched the brutality of the fight. Then when Klir lifted one of the hybrids up by his throat, held him against his body and began jerking him off wildly they went into shock. The hybrid began jerking and yelling as he shot load after load of cum. Klir then grabbed the back of the hybrid's thighs and slammed the hybrid fully down on his cock, ramming him hard up and down faster and faster. Klir bellowed out a very deep, animal sound, obviously filling the hybrid with his cum. When he finished, he jerked the hybrid off of his cock, held him by his neck and crotch and threw him hard against a tree. Cytis was doing the same with another hybrid. The 3rd hybrid tried to crawl away but was dragged back by Klir. He grabbed the hybrid, flipped him upside down and jerked him off like the first one. Once the hybrid shot his load of cum, Cytis moved forward, grabbed the hybrid's head with his thumbs pushed into the jaw joint, forcint the hybrids mouth wide open. Klir smiled at Cytis and at the same time, Klir rammed his cock in the ass of the hybrid and Cytis rammed his cock into the throat. They both fucked wildly and without mercy. They seemed to have timed it just perfectly as both their bodies jerked and stiffened, both bellowed out that deep animal sound and filled the hybrid from both ends with their cum. They kept it up, filling him also with their piss. It was the ultimate in overpowering a foe and dominating them. Both Steve and Paul had very hard cocks, dripping with precum, jerking with every beat of the fast beating hearts. Klir and Cytis let the hybrid fall unconscious to the ground and wrapped each other in their arms hugging.

Sage finally got up and ran to Cytis to see if he was damaged seriously. Stohl did the same with Klir. Both were very sore, but not damaged severely. Some pain and muscle healing plants and salve would get them back to new quickly.

Paul ran to Klir and hugged him on his waist.

Are you okay Klir?” Paul asked. “What are these things? Why are they so vicious and mean?”

I am well Great One,” Klir said with a partial smile. “I will heal quickly. They are known as hybrids, creatures created by an evil sorcerer, Jeral. These were human and boarmen, the other was human and ogre. They wanted to take you. Irr knows you are a great danger to his plans and continued domination of this world. Aurin will explain it all to you soon enough.”

So what your telling us is that these hybrids are part human?” Steve shouted. “How the hell can that be possible.”

Aurin will help you to understand, I cannot,” Klir said. “Now Cytis and I must ingest plants and have salves rubbed on that will heal us.”

Stohl and Sage helped them lay down. Stohl went in search of the healing pod plants and Sage smashed up the pain and muscle enhancer plants he already had with him. Sage pulled out a salve and asked Paul if he would help rub it on to Cytis and Klir. Paul quickly knelt on the side of Klir and watched how Sage placed the salve on Cytis and rubbed it in. He took a glob of it and began rubbing Klir down with it.

You have a very gentle touch, Great One,” Klir said with a smile.

Thank you, I want to be sure I don't cause you any pain,” Paul said with a smile. “My name is Paul, not Great One, so please call me Paul.”

You cannot cause me pain, Great,” Klir caught himself. “Paul as you wish to be called. Thank you for giving me the honor of knowing your name.”

My pleasure, now where else does it hurt?” Paul asked.

Sage and Paul took their time, rubbing loads of the healing, pain killing salve over every muscle that the hybrids damaged. Stohl finally came back with a skin full of these strange long thick pods. He knelt over Klir and crushed one inbetween his hands, the juice from it dripping into Klir's mouth. Klir smiled and waited for more. Sage put the salve away and looked for 2 nearly flat rocks. He took a pod and showed Stohl how to use the stones to flatten the pods more easily and end up with a paste that could be used in a salve. He took a large leaf and had Paul hold it while he ground a pod up in between the rocks. He told Stohl, Paul and Steve that it took more of the pod juice to heal ogres the size of Cytis and Klir. He explained how they would be going into a very deep sleep that would heal them completely. Klir didn't want a large dose for fear other hybrids were around and would take advantage of Cytis and he being in a deep sleep. Paul thought about it and said he would cast a protection spell that would put a force field around them making it impossible for anyone outside their group from touching them. Paul had to try and explain a force field to them, but eventually it made sense to Sage. He told Cytis and Klir not to worry but to trust the power of Paul, the Great One. They reluctantly agreed. Sage gave each a large dose of the liquid and they both quickly fell into a deep sleep. Paul used his finger to taste a small drop of the liquid and immediately began to feel really good, but very tired. Steve also tried it and felt the same.

Wow, could you imagine the fortune we could make with this stuff back at home?” Steve said all excited.

Yeah, I can, but we can't” Paul said kissing him on his forehead. “Just like Vegas, what happens here, stays here.”

Paul and Steve laughed as Sage and Stohl both looked confused. They did their best to explain it to them. They sat down in front of a very large tree trunk, Paul stood up and held his amulet which began to glow brighter and brighter as he recited the words for the spell. Sage marveled at the sight and then at the glowing bubble that appeared to surround them. He felt very relieved that Paul indeed was the Great One and had the power of sorcery as foretold.

Irr was furious to say the least when the hybrids sent to Paul's time returned empty handed and then the hybrids sent to intercept Paul on his trek to Aurin failed miserably. To say the hybrids felt the full wrath of Irr would be an understatement. Lucky for them they were part demigod and would eventually recover once their deep sleep occurred. Even Narbo was somewhat shocked by how furious Irr was and what he did to the hybrids that failed him. Of course the way things now stood, Narbo could do little to ease Irr's fury or stop his over the top punishments of the hybrids or anyone else for that matter. Irr had a deep, control over him since Narbo was totally addicted to Irr's nectar and pleasures and had felt the pain of being cut off a few times previously when he attempted to reign in the power Irr was taking to himself. Narbo's only saving grace was how ignorant Irr was as far as incantations, spells and other tools of sorcery. He did know that Paul and Aurin were a real threat to his power and rule and had to be eliminated. He didn't put much faith in old fables as he called them, but yet was unwilling to put himself in any situation that just might end his feast of power and control. He had heard of Jeral's end as a result of sorcery and had no intention of letting that happen to him.

The rest of the journey to the lair of Tork was uneventful after Cytis and Klir woke from their healing sleep. They were somewhat weak and tired but not in any pain and their injuries were healed. The bruises they had from the hammer weapons had for the most part disappeared and their muscles seemed perfectly fine. Steve and Paul were both amazed at the power of the plants. Steve just couldn't get out of his head how valuable any of the plants would be back on earth; Steve was convinced they had gone to some outer space gateway like the stargate thing or into another dimension, which wasn't far off. Paul stopped trying to get Steve to fully understand it, knowing it really didn't matter to Steve. Sage and Stohl went ahead to let Tork and Aurin know Paul, Steve and Klir were about to enter the lair. Paul wanted to stop and freshen up and get dressed which confused Cytis and made Klir laugh.

Paul, do not worry, you look just good,” Klir laughed. “You dress as we all do and do not have any bad odor about you. You need not worry.”

You sure? I just don't want to make a bad impression on Aurin or Tork,” Paul said seriously. “I mean I know how important this is and I just don't want them to have a bad impression of me.”

Aurin knows much and knows of you all in and out,” Cytis said seriously, not understanding what Paul meant.

He fears that he isn't dressed properly as respect to Aurin or Tork and that he has unpleasant odor for them,” Klir laughed.

Cytis stopped, carefully looked over Paul and then pulled Steve off of his back and examined him.

Look good, smell good,” Cytis proclaimed, end of story as far as he was concerned.

Paul blushed and Steve joined Klir laughing. Paul felt embarrassed once he thought about what concerned him and realized he wasn't going into some board meeting back home. Life here was definitely not the same and he best remember that in future. Klir and Cytis let Steve and Paul down off their bodies and had them walk in between them, Cytis in the lead and Klir bringing up the rear. As they got closer to what they assumed was the lair of Tork, they heard loud voices, laughter and bellowing. Steve stopped dead in his tracks when he saw a whole bunch of hybrids, some like the ones that attacked them and others that looked like cyclops, all big and all nasty looking. He found himself thinking that if he was a quarterback for a football team, these are the kind of guys he'd want protecting him for sure. He couldn't believe how huge all of them were. Even the satyrs looked bigger then Stohl. He didn't know they were Satyr warriors, specially selected at birth and trained to take full advantage of their larger size. Paul was just as amazed and a bit leery seeing all those hybrids. A very large and somehow older looking satyr was heading towards them with a big smile and arms wide open. Behind him was a very large minotaur, not as tall as Sage, but with larger thick muscles, his head raising up as he bellowed. Next to him was a large human looking guy with long blond hair and the most gorgeous tan he's ever seen. Behind him was another satyr who wasn't as wide or muscled as Stohl, but still powerful looking.

Greetings, greetings, Great One Paul, Steve and protector Klir,” Aurin said hugging Steve, then Klir and holding on to Paul, kissing his forehead and squeezing him in a hug. “Praised are the gods that have seen fit to bring you to us to end the evil of Irr. Welcome, come, you must be tired and have a need for refreshments and a relaxing wash I should think.”

Paul blushed, just knowing now he did stink. “Thank you Aurin, it is an honor indeed to meet you and your family.”

Ah, my ignorance,” Aurin said releasing Paul and turning towards the others. “This is Tork, lord of this land, his mate Kag, their brother Markus,” pointing to each one who bowed formally upon introduction.

Paul and Steve felt strange having these huge beings bow to them.

Tork, Kag, Markus, this is Paul, the Great One, his mate Steve and this is the Great One's protector, teacher and guide, Klir, brother to Cytis,” Aurin said happily, completing the formal introductions.

Welcome to our home, we are honored and very happy you have blessed us with your coming here,” Kag spoke for the others. “Please make yourselves at home and should you need or want anything, please do let me know.”

Tork shouted his approval and agreement, walked up to Steve, lifted him up and licked his face and crotch, completely blowing Steve's mind. He then stretched out his arm to Klir and they grabbed each others forearms, pulled into a tight hug and licked and kissed each other. He turned towards Paul, knelt down on one knee, took Paul's hand and placed it on his head between his horns.

I pledge to you Great One, my protection, and all that I have to you and your mate,” Tork said solemnly. “Know you are a blessing to my lands and I share them and all their bounty with you gladly, without reservation.”

Paul was dumbfounded, not knowing what to do or say. He instinctively reached for his amulet and again, words flooded his mind.

Great lord Tork, I am most grateful and honored to have your protection and the vast bounty of your lands with me,” Paul said reaching down and holding Tork's large snout in his hands, looking directly into Tork's face. “I am blessed to have your protection and the aide of your family to accomplish what my fate has demanded of me, a weak and lowly human.”

Paul kissed Tork's snout and reached down pulling as best he could on Tork's massive hands to get him to stand up. Aurin smiled and was very pleased at what Paul said to Tork and knew this was indeed the great one. Kag felt proud as did Tork, who felt as if a very great and powerful wizard had just praised him.

Lowly and weak I think not,” Klir said putting his hand on Paul's shoulder. “He has given us aid against the enemy and protected us when weak. Hail, Great One Paul.”

All the other hybrids and the whole groups around them joined Klir in hailing Paul and making him feel really respected and wanted. He still blushed and wasn't all that sure what else he should do.

Come, we have a pool of swirling water that refreshes and relaxes,” Kag said seeing Paul was blushing. “Tork and Aurin will take you, Steve, Cytis and Klir to it so that you may refresh yourselves while Markus and I bring refreshments. Oh, and forgive me Stohl, you are most certainly welcome to join them and refresh yourself as well.”

Oh forgive me Stohl, how can I have been so unthoughtful,” Aurin said hugging Stohl. “You have preformed your task with dignity and unwavering spirit, protecting and guiding the Great One in his realm. We all owe you a debt of gratitude and your name will be recorded in the book of the great warriors and sages of the satyr kingdoms.”

Everyone shouted agreement with that and patted or hugged Stohl. Paul was smiling, glad that Aurin had recognized the important role Stohl had played in getting Paul to where he needed to be and protecting him. Paul got Stohl to bend down and he wrapped his arms around Stohl's neck, kissed him tenderly and thanked him personally. Being singled out for thanks and kissed in front of all the others made Stohl feel very proud and he loved Paul even more then he already had.

Tork guided them to the pool of swirling water, took off his loin cloth and jumped in, followed by Cytis and Klir. They looked at Paul and Steve with smiles and motioned and yelled for them to jump into the pool. Paul and Steve both were amazed at the temperature of the water, the force of the swirling currents and the thick bubbles produced. Steve and Paul both thought of a jacuzzi, but a very large and powerful one. Cytis, Sage and Klir told Tork all about the hybrids and the battles. Tork was truly interested and was surprised Irr only sent 3 hybrids after them. They had a very animated and long discussion about Irr and all that had happened. Tork noticed how Steve kept staring at his body and muscles as they moved and flexed. He reached over and pulled Steve on to his body, his back against Tork's abs and chest. He bent his legs so his thick muscled and hairy thighs were on the sides of Steve. He took Steve's hands and put them on his thighs and moved them up and down as he flexed his thigh muscles.

Steve like Tork?” Tork said softly, knowing full well that from the tensing up of Steve's body as his hands felt Tork's thighs, Steve was definitely impressed. “Be not afraid, pleasure is a good thing and given freely here.”

Tork moved his hands onto Steve's body and gently rubbed Steve's muscles as his tongue began licking Steve's neck and shoulders. When Tork heard Steve sigh, he took Steve's jaw in his hand and turned Steve's face, gently pushing his tongue inside Steve's mouth and began that heavenly thing he did that always sent Kag and everyone else he used it on into a pleasure thrill. Steve's body just seemed to melt, become clay in the skillful hands of Tork the artist. Paul was amazed at how freely and openly pleasure was given and taken in this land and time. He found himself wishing it were like that at home. He felt Kag gently pulling him towards his body and smiled. Kag pulled Paul into his body, Paul's legs sliding to the sides of Kag's hips, his hands rubbing on the thick muscled pecs of Kag. Within minutes, Cytis, Klir, Stohl and Sage were all wrapped up into each other, a mass of moans, groans, licks and nibbles, building slowly up to enjoying full pleasures with each other. When it was finally finished, Paul and Steve were unconscious, filled with minotaur, ogre, satyr and human enhanced cum, on such a pleasure high they actually thought they would never return. Even though Kag was now a demigod, he still enjoyed the opportunity to have pleasures with humans. Human nectar was a real treat and delicacy to all of the demigods, including Kag. Aurin came to join them and laughed when he saw them all napping, obviously spent from extreme pleasures with Paul wrapped up in Klir's arms and Steve sandwiched between Tork and Kag. Cytis and Sage were joined together, Cytis' cock still inside Sage. Aurin decided to quietly get into the swirling pool and wait until they woke. Markus laughed as he poked them one by one to get them into the lair to eat and drink. He teased them all for not inviting him to the pleasure sharing, but said he would have to be sure they made up for it after eating. Tables and blankets of fur were spread out all around the entrance to the lair as the hybrids and warriors were asked to partake in the feast. All felt honored and grateful that they were included in the feast welcoming Paul and Steve. Both Paul and Steve were introduced to all the hybrids and satyr warriors, amazed by the gentleness and manners of the hybrids here as opposed to the ones that attacked them. Aurin quietly explained to Paul how he cast a spell to originally turn them from attackers to guardians and then a ritual that made them bonded to Tork, Cytis, Kag and Markus. They were happy now and felt they were no longer oddities or slaves to the evil sorcerer Jeral.

While they ate, Aurin told of the story of Jeral and what they all experienced as he tried to take over the land of Tork. He told them of the boarmen tribes, Narbo and Irr, Bog and all the others that shaped destiny for all of them, all contrary to the plan of the gods. He did his best to explain how the scrolls foretold of things but were unknown to any others but Jeral and Narbo. Kag told of his being used nearly to death by Narbo when he was going through his fitful time. One story after another was told and kept Paul and Steve enthralled. Wine and the special boarman beer were flowing as the feast progressed. A number of the hybrids and warriors put on shows of their skill and strength, ending with several wrestling matches. Steve and Paul were unable to take their eyes off of the warriors and hybrids as there muscles flexed, bulged and were covered in a thick shiny coat of sweat and matted hair. It was really obvious to Aurin, Tork, Sage, Cytis, Klir and Kag how much Paul and Steve liked seeing straining powerful muscles at work. They appreciated how both Paul and Steve had very muscled bodies for humans, obviously paying close attention to developing hard and large muscles for looks and strength. Tork moved in between Paul and Steve and told them they would make the winners of the wrestling matches very honored if they pleasured with them. Paul and Steve's eyes lit up and they looked at Kag to make sure Tork was telling them the truth.

You can have any of those here if you wish or all of us, its up to you,” Kag smiled. “Although, I doubt you would survive pleasuring with us all.”

All those around them laughed and wanted to set up wagers to see how many of those in the lair Steve and Paul could pleasure with before being so weak they could no longer function. Klir and Aurin laughed but made it clear that was not going to happen as it would put the life of Paul and Steve in danger, reminding everyone they were human and not as the rest of them. As the wrestling matches went on, it became obvious 2 of the wrestlers were winning match after match. One was a very powerful and muscular hybrid and the other was an equally large and muscled satyr warrior. When they each won the last fight, they looked at Tork to see if he wished them to fight each other. Tork took Paul and Steve by the hand and pulled them up, making them walk towards the waiting champions.

What say you Great One?” Tork bellowed. “Do they fight or pleasure?”

Paul gulped and couldn't take his eyes off of the satyr warriors body. He was covered in sweat, falling off of his body as if he was under a shower. All his hair was matted down covering his heaving, thick muscled body, his arms bigger then Paul's thighs. Steve was unable to look away from the hybrids body, muscles taunt and veins throbbing, looking as if they would pop right out of his skin. He was obviously half cyclops but that didn't bother Steve at all. They were all living images of his favorite adventure stories, the stuff sword and sandal movies were made from. He looked at Paul and licked his lips with his eyebrows raised. Paul smiled and moved from Tork to the satyr warrior and began to lick the sweat off of his pecs. The satyr warrior smiled and lifted Paul up, licked his face and body, threw him over his shoulder and headed off to pleasure with Paul. The hybrid looked at the satyr and Paul leaving and then looked with a sad expression at Steve. Steve smiled and did the same as Paul, letting his hands feel the massive arms of the hybrid and licking the sweat from his pecs. The hybrid lifted his head, bellowed out and picked Steve up, sucked on his neck and shoulder, threw him over his shoulder and headed off to pleasure with Steve. The other hybrids and satyr warriors shouted out and cheered the champions as they walked off with the honors of pleasuring Paul and Steve. Everyone else began pleasuring each other until the entire feast was one huge orgy of pleasuring that went on and on until no one was able to lift their head up. Klir and Tork were the only ones who pleasured but made certain they kept themselves from going to far, making certain Paul and Steve were in no danger and no agents of Irr would surprise them.

Both the hybrid and the satyr warrior took their humans to the river so they could wash off the sweat and make pleasuring with Paul and Steve somewhat easier. They were very much aware that they were humans and could be easily damaged if they acted like they normally did pleasuring with demigods. For being so massive, powerful and fierce, they became so gentle and caring that Paul and Steve never even winced from any pain at all. Steve asked the hybrid if he would take it slow and let Steve enjoy as much of him as he possibly could without dying from all the pleasure he was feeling. The hybrid felt very honored and proud that a delicate human, although well muscled himself, wanted to enjoy the pleasures with him. The same was true for the satyr warrior who was so thrilled he was chosen by the Great One for his pleasures and wished to make it last as long as possible. He felt a deep respect for Paul and was determined to give Paul as much pleasure and for the longest time possible so that Paul would remember him always. Later the next day, Tork, Aurin, Cytis and Kag fell over laughing when Steve seriously asked if he could adopt the hybrid to keep him forever. If there was a way, Steve would have moved mountains for it to be possible. The hybrid asked if he could help protect Steve as he wanted to stay as close to him as possible and willingly give up his life to protect Steve from any harm. Tork allowed him to become a protector of Steve, happy that Steve had gained such a hold over the hybrid just through pleasuring with him. Steve found out the hybrid's name was Gron and he made it a point to call him by name and always say it proudly. Gron felt totally honored and reacted to the slightest sign of distress or worry on Steve's face from then on. He was constantly at the side of Steve, as Klir was with Paul. Paul's satyr Jerd also asked to be able to become a protector of Paul and Aurin granted him his wish. Not even a bush was able to touch either Steve or Paul from that day on. Klir was impressed as was Tork and Cytis at how devoted Gron and the satyr Jerd were to Steve and Paul. It made them happy and knew the ancients had somehow picked the right human to fix the evil now among them.

Aurin, Klir, Paul, Steve, Gron and Jerd spent hours and hours going over things Paul needed to know about. Aurin and Paul studied many ancient scrolls, with Paul using the powers of his amulet to clarify and translate scrolls that neither could quickly understand. The more they worked with the scrolls and amulet, the faster they absorbed knowledge. Paul now slept with Klir and Jerd, next to Steve and Gron. Neither Paul nor Steve felt betrayed or jealous as pleasuring now involved all of them. Paul and Steve still pleasured together but it didn't feel as though it was necessary, certainly not like it would be back home. Paul would find himself at times thinking of how John, Steve and he could live the same type of life together just like Paul and Steve were living here and now. Paul would still tap into John's mind, strengthening up his good feelings and making any feelings of depression or sorrow dissipate. While John slept, Paul and he made love, passionate love, always making John wake happy and content, knowing somehow Paul and he were still together.

Aurin felt they were now ready to deal with Irr. They would have to climb to the top of God's Fire and perform the spells and rituals there, giving them the most power directly from the gods. Aurin allowed a few satyr guards and 5 hybrids to accompany them, along with Klir, Steve, Gron and Jerd. Tork, Cytis, Kag, Sage and Markus would only be allowed to escort them to God's Fire mountain but no further. As they began the journey, Yokus was on his way to Tork's lair, to have some pleasures with either Cytis, Sage or Tork. He head the unmistakable sound of a large group passing through the woods. He moved himself down wind so as not to be noticed and moved closer to take a good look. He was at first angry when he saw Cytis, Sage and Tork part of the group, obviously planning on along journey based on what all the hybrids, satyrs and demigods carried. He noticed there was another ogre, actually larger then Cytis, someone new to Yokus. His cock dripped in anticipation of having fun with this one. He also noticed Aurin and 2 humans he had not seen before leading the group. The 2 humans were large, very well muscled and he could pick up by their scent bearers of very sweet nectar. He normally tried to ignore humans as they tended to tire easily, get very weak and die, just as he was truly starting to enjoy taking his pleasure. These 2 for some reason caught his interest. He would have to keep up with this group to see where they were heading and what they were planning to do. If nothing else, he could take pleasure from Cytis, Tork, Sage and the new ogre when they made camp for the night.

Copying the travel method used on the way from God's Fire to Tork's lair, Klir held Paul to his body and Gron carried Steve. Jerd felt left out so Klir switched Paul over to him after traveling most of the night. The group didn't make camp until they were at the base of God's Fire. The satyr warriors and the hybrids arranged defenses around the area chosen for the camp, even though it would be easily defended against a much larger force since the entire back and sides were mostly rock formations that were steep and very high, with a means of easy escape via a pathway hidden by thick brush. Look out stations were placed at the top of the ends of the rock formations ending at the entrance to the camp, making it much easier to spot anyone approaching the camp. The warriors and hybrids set up their shelters and bedrolls at the entrance so they could quickly respond to any attack. Aurin, Tork and Kag reminisced about the journey Markus, Tork and Kag took to God's Fire that enabled Kag to become a demigod. Tork still got tears in his eyes as he talked about seeing Kag die and thinking it was all his fault. Kag hugged and kissed him teasing him about really being a sweet gentle cub which made Cytis, Sage and Klir laugh and start teasing Tork. The hybrids and warriors were fascinated by their stories, most hearing of Tork and Kag almost as legends and what humans called fairy tales. They all felt honored to actually be in the presence of Tork and Kag, able to tell their fellow brothers they had actually touched and talked with them.

Aurin and Paul went off by themselves to talk about what had to be done in order for Paul to increase his powers greatly and be granted the gift of sorcery from the gods. Aurin knew some of the rituals and what might happen, but not all of it as it was not to be known until at the mouth of the cave of the gods on the top of God's Fire. Aurin did know the gods were setting things in motion to bring down Irr and the evil empire. Things would be set back to how they had to be in order for the ancients world to continue to flourish and allow other human dimensions to survive.

Irr's anger built to the point that he lost whatever logical thought processes he had and ordered Narbo to go to Anthium (see Sorcerer Conquest) and bring back a load of humans. He decided he wanted to feast on human blood and nectar to build up his power. Narbo actually tried to convince Irr that it wasn't wise to continue his reign of terror as he needed the humans to provide him with the resources and wealth he liked. Irr lost his temper completely and beat and pounded on Narbo unmercifully. He turned back into the vicious, wild boarman he was, furious that a satyr who was a slave to his nectar would dare to question his wants. He cut Narbo off from his precum and nectar, teasing Narbo with it and the possibility of pleasure only to throw Narbo from his chambers. After a few days of the beatings and lack of Irr's nectar and pleasuring, Narbo was sickly, weak and barely able to walk. It was then that Irr had Narbo loaded into a cart with hybrid guards and sent to Anthium. Seb and Arg were functioning as administrators of sorts at Anthium, somewhat confused by the loss of Jeral and the leadership of Irr, even though they themselves were boarmen but from a different clan then Irr. Their loyalties by spell went from Jeral to Narbo and then they were told that Irr was now the emperor and Narbo was his sex slave. They didn't understand it and could see it frightened the entire population of Anthium, especially the humans. They were somewhat surprised when the cart with Narbo and his hybrid escort arrived unannounced. Seb immediately saw the condition of Narbo and had him quickly moved into the palace so that the minimum number of guards would see him. Themis was summoned to Seb's chambers and gasped at the sight of Narbo in such horrible condition.

What is wrong with Narbo,” Seb asked concerned.

I'm not completely certain, but I do believe he is suffering withdrawal from Irr's pleasures and nectar,” Themis said as he carefully examined Narbo. “I will need to ask him questions first before I am certain.”

Seb agreed and sent for Arg. Themis washed Narbo with the help of Seb and rubbed him down with several ointments and salves. They made him as comfortable as possible on Seb's large bed and began questioning him. Narbo wasn't making a lot of sense, but from what they could manage to get him to tell Themis confirmed what he thought the problem was, besides the damaging beating Narbo obviously experienced. Themis didn't have a clue what they could do to help Narbo. Seb and Arg looked at each other and had the exact same thought.

Themis, we are boarmen, like Irr,” Seb said proud of himself. “We can make Narbo better.”

Themis looked confused and then a bit frightened at the thought of Seb and Arg pleasuring with Narbo, the former emperor designate of Jeral and now sex slave to Emperor Irr. Arg wasn't waiting for Themis to decide. He got on to the bed, began running his strong hands on Narbo's body, getting his cock all hard and his precum flowing. He placed his cock just inside Narbo's lips and squeezed his cock from base to tip, getting a large flow of elixir into Narbo's mouth. Narbo's tounge was not licking very much at first but then began licking wildly, his lips squeezing at Arg's cock head, trying to get more and more of the elixir. Seb joined Arg on the bed and they moved to each side of Narbo's face and both had their cocks filling Narbo with their elixir. Narbo managed to take most of their cocks inside his mouth and suck, while his hands stroke their cocks. Arg being the biggest, moved down in between Narbo's legs, lifted them and began using his mouth and tongue on Narbo's ass. When he had it nice and opened and covered with saliva, he rubbed his cock head up and down, letting his precum coat the outside and part of the inside of Narbo's rosebud. Narbo's ass seemed to go wild, wanting more of Arg's elixir. Arg spread Narbo's legs far apart and forced his massive cock fully inside Narbo. At the same time, Seb moved to the top of Narbo's head, positioned his cock in line with Narbo's mouth and forced his cock deep into Narbo's throat. Narbo was getting it from both ends, loads of boarmen elixir flooding into his body, making up for the lack of Irr's. Themis was amazed at the every improving look of Narbo as these 2 massive boarmen took their pleasures on Narbo. They filled Narbo 5 times with their nectar and took their time reaching the 6th. They had no idea that they had just broken the control Irr had on Narbo and that he would now seek their nectar instead. Both were just very happy they saw Narbo quickly improve.

Aurin, Klir, Steve and Paul started the long climb up the slope of God's Fire. Aurin noticed that this climb was different, much easier and without the pain and effort required on his last climb or the one Markus, Tork and Kag made. He sensed the gods had a reason before to insure those climbing up the mountain were determined and truly worthy of reaching the top. Their climb was without incident and they managed to move very quickly. Aurin helping Steve and Klir helping Paul. When they finally reached the top, Steve was completely taken by the thunder and lightening, the explosive bursts of light and the shinning glow of all sorts of large colored gems covering the dark lava stones and sand. Paul could see the entrance to the cave of the gods further down the winding trail they were walking. When they reached the cave entrance, just as before, there was a very large bowl across from the cave entrance fill with large shards of crystals, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, and other gems Paul and Steve had never seen before. Steve went to touch the gems and was stopped by Aurin.

You cannot place your hand there or touch any of the stones,” Aurin said seriously. “It is only for Paul, the Great One when the gods say it is so.”

Steve saw the serious look on Aurin's face and felt a chill go up his spine. He decided to wrap his arms around his body and not touch anything around them. Great blast of hot air and super bright red and blue light kept shooting out of the cave entrance. The amulet on Paul's chest was glowing brighter then it ever had before. Paul began to feel something entering his mind and then his entire being, something warm and powerful. He lost consciousness but did not fall to the ground, instead his body was slowly lifted up, as if someone was holding him under his arms, letting his body float freely. Klir fell to his knees, bowed his head to the ground and let his arms stretch out from his head. Aurin saw Steve's eyes roll up into his head and he floated to the ground. Aurin felt the presence and he too, took a kneeling position to match Klir. Paul's body was floated towards the bowl of gems, his hands moved into the bowl and gems which seemed to all brighten as if they were lit up by something. His upper body was bent down until his amulet seemed to blend into the bowl of gems. Steve regained consciousness and saw Paul's body floating towards the entrance to the cave. A glowing thick swirling cloud seemed to wrap itself around Paul's entire body like a python snake encircling its prey. He looked at Aurin who was reciting some verses like a sacred prayer. Klir was kneeling at the base of the bowl of gems and his hands were fully inside the gems, his head as far back as possible and a look of pain over his face. Steve couldn't move, just lay and watch. He started to feel fear for Paul, but then something seemed to sooth his mind and remove any thoughts of fear. Somehow he knew Paul was very safe and was not in any danger at all. Finally Klir stood up as did Aurin. Klir pulled his hands from the bowl of gems and now had a red gem bracelet on one wrist and a green one on the other. The cloud holding Paul started to retreat back into the cave and Klir moved to Paul, his huge arms held out under Paul, ready to catch him. Klir had his eyes closed and yet was perfectly in position to catch Paul. When the swirling cloud was back inside the cave, Paul's body dropped right into the waiting arms of Klir who pulled him close to his body and stepped away from the cave. He knelt down and gently moved Paul into a cradling position like he was holding an infant. Paul's amulet was much larger now and had become a pure, finely cut diamond. He had a wrist band of an odd orange like gem and on his other arm a brilliant blue gem bracelet. He had this glow about his face and when he opened his eyes, there seemed to be a very bright ray of gold coming from them. He stared directly at Steve and looked sad but then smiled and tears fell from his eyes. Klir hugged Paul tight to his body and kissed his head. Paul opened his arms wide and called Steve to come to him. When Steve was in Paul's hug, he felt a surge of energy flow through his body that made him feel completely invigorated, powerful and energized. Aurin smiled at Paul and Steve and told them they could now return to the camp.

No Aurin, there is something I must do here first. The time is right and the opportunity to end the evil begun by Jeral is now.” Paul said with authority.

Aurin bowed and moved backwards. Paul had Klir put him down and he walked to the bowl of gems, put his hands in it and pulled out several long gem shards. Aurin was amazed as he knew normally it was always painful to place one's hands into the bowl, but it didn't seem to affect Paul at all. Paul told Klir to lift him on to his shoulders to make him higher and turn into a specific direction. Klir instantly obeyed. Paul held out his hands, lifted them up high, recited some incantation several times, louder each time, lowered his arms to the sides and then slammed them back up with the gems in each hand joining in a extremely bright flash that sent a beam in several directions. Paul had Klir turn slightly one way and then another as the beam continued shining brightly and Paul continued shouting the incantations. Finally Paul had Klir put him down on the ground, he walked to the bowl of gems and released the gems from his hands. Klir just managed to catch Paul as he started to fall backwards.

While Aurin, Paul, Steve and Klir were climbing God's Fire, a terribly violent storm raged over the fortress of Irr and Anthium. The lightening was ferocious and seemed to be attacking the earth in rapid succession. Several buildings were destroyed and large sections of the walls were obliterated. It was the calling card of the gods. The beam and incantations Paul said were an extremely powerful bit of sorcery that canceled the spells of loyalty all the hybrids and guards were under and planting the seeds of loyalty to Tork and Cytis in the minds of the hybrids, and a return to their territories for the boarmen. Between the raging storm and the initial confusion in the fortress of Irr, fights began breaking out between human guards and hybrids. Boarmen were fighting human guards and dragging them off in the directions of their lands as prizes. In Anthium, Seb and Arg felt the change and no longer had any feelings of loyalty and obedience to Narbo or Irr. They verbally talked openly about how they felt a change and needed to return to their lands and their life. Themis was completely confused and didn't understand what they were talking about until he realized he too no longer felt any loyalty or obligation. The sounds of fighting and rioting began to spread throughout Anthium.

Back at the fortress, Irr was in a rage at what he saw happening. No one was obeying his orders and everyone was fighting and looting. Bachlor too was no longer under any spell. He saw what was happening and his only thought was to go get Bog and Raymar from their prison cells and take them as his prizes back to his territory.(see Sorcerer Conquest). Bog and Raymar were both very weak from being used for their nectar so often. Bog being a minotaur would eventually regenerate during his deep sleep, but Raymar was not as lucky. He was barely kept alive, fed and given regenerative potions just so he could continue providing Bachlor and sometimes Irr with pleasure and nectar. Bachlor reverted to his ferocious ogre ways and knocked everyone who got in his way down. He took a cart with a beast tied on and threw Bog and Raymar into it and headed out of the fortress, towards his last remembered land, that of Tork and the boarmen. Irr was unable to control anything now. Lightening even struck a number of times at his wing of the fortress, starting it on fire and burning the rooms that contained all of Jeral's old spells, potions and ointments. No one payed attention to Irr's orders to put the fires out. He stood in the courtyard, pounding down anyone running towards him, as he watched his wealth and means of power turn to smoke and ash.

Narbo came back to his senses, realized Seb and Arg had healed him and wanted to know what all the screaming and shouting was about. They told him they were leaving to go back to their clan. Narbo at first was confused and didn't understand how they could do that while under the loyalty spell. He went to the window and saw the fighting and looting that was going on, hybrid fighting mercenary, fighting guards, fighting boarmen. Total anarchy. He knew some very powerful sorcery had to be involved. He tried to cast a spell to gain knowledge, but the words seemed to have left his mind. He tried another and that was the same, he couldn't remember much after the first few words. The more he tried the more confused he became.

When Aurin, Klir, Steve and Paul reached the camp, Paul told the hybrids and satyr warriors to be prepared for a very large group of hybrids to join them. They would be looking for Tork and Cytis and would swear their loyalty to them. Cytis and Tork looked confused. Aurin explained to them that it would be like it was when they originally battled Bachlor's attack and he cast a spell to make the hybrids loyal to them. Sage started everyone getting things ready, including large skins of wine that Cytis and Tork would have to partially fill with their nectar.

Yokus was in awe at what he saw happening at the top of God's Fire. He had heard about it being a very sacred place to the ancient gods, but never paid it much attention. The rumblings and bright lights that were happening as he watched impressed him. He wasn't a fool and knew he had to respect the power of the gods. He was pleased to see the new ogre return. He would have to experience this one for sure. He saw he would have his chance when he spotted Klir moving from the camp where there was all sorts of activity. Klir was heading to the nearby river to wash and refresh himself after the draining activity at the top of the mountain. He reached the bank of the river, removed his loincloth and stooped down to scoop up a handful of water, he fell face first into the river as something very large and powerful slammed into the middle of his back. He heard a deep, loud laugh and quickly spun around on the ground. He looked up and down at Yokus, the biggest being he had ever seen, with 4 very powerfully muscled arms, a huge muscled back and thick powerful legs. The thing had 3 thick long fingers on each hand.

Before Klir could get up, Yokus had his ankle in his one hand, Klir's wrist in another and his other 2 arms were pounding hard into Klir's face and body. Klir struggled, but he was already weak from the ritual with Paul. Yokus laughed as he switched from punching Klir to using his knees to pound into Klir's body. When he tired of that, he swung his body hard to one side and slammed Klir's back into a thick tree trunk. He looked down at Klir, laughed and did it again and yet again. Klir's back was damaged as was his pecs and abs. Yokus lifted his arms high in the air and slammed Klir's front hard on his bent knee. Yokus held Klir across his knee with one hand dug into the back of Klir's neck and another with his fingers dug deep into the back of Klir's thigh. He hard kneaded Klir's ass cheeks as he commented on how much fun he would be having with Klir.

He asked him his name and when Klir didn't answer, one hand squeezed and pulled hard on Klir's balls until Klir shouted out his name. Yokus flipped Klir over across his knee, moving his one hand over Klir's throat and the other his fingers dug deep into Klir's thigh again. One hand started jabbing and clawing at Klir's biceps, armpits and abs. Another hand began stroking and pulling at Klir's cock until it got hard and some globs of precum dribbled from the tip. Yokus took a finger full and tasted it, complimenting Klir on the quality of his elixir. Klir swore and tried to get free, but Yokus just laughed and dug his fingers in deeper, pounded harder and punished Klir's balls and cock. Yokus tightened his grip on Klir's neck and under his armpit as he stood up and slammed Klir back up against the tree trunk. He licked Klir's sweat covered body and slid him further up the tree trunk, scrapping Klir's back on the rough bark.

Yokus used 2 of his hands to pound over and over into Klir's abs as he kept talking about how much pleasure Klir was going to give him. He said Klir was better then one of his favorites Cytis, but not quite as good as Thor. Yokus forced one hand in between Klir's legs and moved his finger forward and back, pushing inside Klir's ass. Klir tried to tighten his ass muscles. Yokus frowned and put one of his fingers on Klir's belly button and began to twist and push hard, poking and jabbing, twisting and pushing. Klir gasped and then bellowed from the pain, his legs spreading out far, opening his ass muscles for Yokus' finger. Yokus found Klir's pleasure spot and attacked it with hard pokes and rubs. Klir's cock hardened and elixir began flowing which Yokus roughly sucked into his mouth. He kept that up for some time, never letting up on Klir's belly button. Then his mouth attacked Klir's pecs and nipples. He was biting, sucking and hard licking them. He was quickly wearing Klir down and Klir was in a lot of pain now.

Yokus lowered Klir down, used 2 hands to force Klir's mouth wide open and began to face fuck Klir, his cock spilling load after load of his elixir into Klir's mouth. Klir tried to fight it off, but the feeling of burning and tingling started to take over. Yokus began to hard fuck Klir's mouth and throat until he began filling Klir's stomach with his nectar. The effect was immediate on Klir, the weakness, burning, tingling and yet pleasure feelings. Yokus lifted Klir high up again, devoured his cock deep into his mouth and pushed his finger back into Klir's ass. He deep sucked and moved his head up and down Klir's throbbing cock from base to head, very slowly, drawing out the agony and want for pleasure from Klir. He didn't stop until he had drained Klir of his nectar completely. Yokus then threw Klir down to the ground, found a large fallen tree trunk, spread Klir out on it and rammed his cock deep inside Klir, one hand pulling back hard on Klir's head, one pulling a arm back and another across Klir's throat.

Yokus was unusually brutal in his fucking of Klir, really weakening Klir. He relished the feeling of Klir's pain and strength flowing back into him. There was something extra special about what he felt he was draining from Klir and he liked it very much. He told Klir he might just become his favorite after all. Yokus filled Klir 3 times with his nectar and took 2 more loads of Klir's nectar before Klir was unconscious. Yokus licked Klir's entire body and dragged him back to the river bank, turned him around so his face was on the bank and his body mostly in the water. He smiled at Klir's muscled body and disappeared back into the woods.

Cytis and Tork became concerned when they couldn't find Klir in the camp. Gron and Jerd went with them to find Klir. Cytis yelled for the others when he found Klir's body at the bank of the river. He was unconscious, sweaty and he noticed a thick stream of nectar slowly flowing out of his ass pooling in the water between his thick thighs. Tork and Cytis carried Klir back to the camp and called for Aurin and Paul to see what was wrong with him. As they were examining him and wiping him with cool water, Klir shook his head and had a very hard time lifting it up.

What happened?” Klir asked weakly.

We were going to ask you the same question,” Paul said concerned. “Where did you find him?”

At the riverbank, not wake,” Cytis said. “Nectar coming from ass.”

Aurin quickly turned Klir to his side, spread his ass cheeks and took the leaking nectar on to his finger. He smelled it and tasted it, quickly realizing it was the same nectar that Cytis, Sage, Tork and Markus had in them when they were found in the woods, weak or unconscious and always tired and weak for the next day.

The same creature that uses Tork, Sage, Markus and Cytis has gotten Klir,” Aurin said seriously. “You must force him to drink much water and wine. I will find some plants to mix with the water and wine so he expels as much of the nectar as possible.”

What sort of creature does this?” Paul asked Aurin.

We don't really know, just that he seems to stalk the lair every once in awhile and goes away after he uses Cytis, Tork, Sage and Markus a number of times. At first they would be found with some tree on them or a large rock, and then just lying on the ground or over a tree trunk, weak and unconscious with nectar leaking and no memory of what happened.”

Let me see if I can tap into Klir's memory and see what sort of creature attacked him,” Paul said.

Paul placed one hand on Klir's head and held his amulet with another, closed his eyes and began reciting some incantation. They could see his face wince and his body tremble and then he fell down. Steve grabbed him and started shaking his head, calling his name. Paul opened his eyes and shook his head, stood up and looked at Klir.

It is a very, very large, powerful creature with 4 very muscular arms, a huge muscled back and long thick muscled legs. It has 3 fingers on its hands and feeds off of the pain and pleasures of his victims,” Paul said excitedly. “It is much larger then anything I ever saw. His name is Yokus, from a far away land and here to feed on demigods as he tired of those in his lands. He has a camp filled with hybrids, boarmen and some humans. He had more humans but they don't seem to last very long in his camp.”

Yokus? 4 Arms?,” Aurin said thoughtfully. “Yes, I have heard of such a creature. He is alone and has no tribe or clan. I have heard tales of such a one as he and all of his victims are easily overpowered and he puts them in great pain, takes pleasures and drains them, his nectar weakening them and makes them forget.”

Cytis, Tork and Sage all bellowed loudly in a fury, wanting to go into the woods to find Yokus and make him wish he left them in peace.

No, you cannot,” Paul said with his hands on Cytis and Tork's chests. “You would all be victims again as not even all of you together can overpower him. It is his nature and nothing you can do will change that. As long as he does not kill a demigod the gods allow him to live. He has no mate and never will have one. Not even a powerful spell will stop him.”

None of them were happy to hear that news, but they did understand that if the gods allowed it, then there was little they could do to stop it since even Cytis, Tork and Sage could overpower him.

I can however make a potion that will make your nectar less pleasing and his less able to weaken you as much. You still will not remember much if anything, but hopefully you will not be as tasty to him as you have been. It will also allow you to recover much faster, if that's okay with you.”

Yes, Oh yes,” Sage yelled. “Please give us this potion. Anything is better then being completely at the mercy of such a creature.”

I hope he doesn't have a taste for humans too often,” Steve said.

He does take humans but doesn't enjoy them as much as we don't provide as much pleasure from pain and weakness,” Paul said holding Steve's shoulders.

Demigods give him so much more of both. We humans are no match when it comes to that.”

Good, I'd hate to think of him wanting us,” Steve said with a worried look.

I would not let that happen,” Gron said seriously. “I would stop the beast.”

I know you mean that and feel you could,” Paul said touching Gron. “The reality is you couldn't stop him and would yourself become a victim.”

First light we need to go into the woods and collect the plants I'll need for the potion. I'll show you how to make it yourselves so you will always have a supply on hand,” Paul said.

Is that such a good idea?” Steve asked. “I mean if he's out there in the woods, wouldn't it be dangerous to be traipsing around plant hunting?”

He is right,” Tork said.

We can take a group of guards and hybrids,” Paul said. “That should give us some protection. Besides, I don't think he likes picking off his victims unless they are alone.”

They shook their heads that they understood. Aurin and a few of the warriors lit torches and looked around the camp area for the plants he needed to help Klir expel the nectar from his system. The longer it stayed inside him, the longer it would take him to gain his strength back. Luckily they found a good supply very close to the camp. Aurin ground up the plants and put it into large skins of water and wine. He and Paul made Klir drink all the skins. It didn't take long at all for Klir to hold his stomach and ask for help to go to the area outside the camp where he could empty his bowels. Paul, Jerd and a few hybrids helped Klir to the area and he moaned as the nectar and water seemed to shoot out of his ass. Aurin's mixture was working perfectly. Klir started to feel much better once he stopped expelling the liquids. Paul made him finish another skin before he was allowed to eat something solid.

After sunrise, Paul and a groups of warriors and hybrids went into the woods to find the plants Paul somehow knew would be needed for the potion. As they were searching for the plants, one group after another of hybrids came to the camp, looking for Tork and Cytis. Aurin, Sage and Kag helped group them and have them drink a small amount of the wine laced with nectar from Cytis and Tork, allow them to show their submission and then have the other hybrids examine them and let them know how things worked. By the time Paul and the others returned, the camp was almost overflowing with hybrids who seemed to have been guided right to the camp.

Seb and Arg gathered the boarmen that were from their clan and headed back home. They traveled with a group of hybrids that said they were going to find Tork and Cytis who they felt they needed to follow. Both Seb and Arg knew of Tork and Cytis as they fought a loosing battle against them. Seb decided it would be a good time to speak to Tork, make peace and agree to not attack each others clans from now on. Arg and the other boarmen agreed, remembering how bad the defeat was and how they were sold out by Rog. Little did they know they were on a collision course with Bachlor. He had to change his route several times just trying to get away from the fortress. He also had to fight a number of boarmen and hybrids who attacked him and wanted the minotaur Bog and the human Raymar. It took him awhile to beat them back and then get his bearings again.

To Seb and Arg it was a long journey home from Anthium. They traveled quickly so that they could find Tork and Cytis, make their peace and rejoin the others of their clan. Thinking of the life they had been living, they longed for the former days of drinking, fighting and eating well, pleasuring often and even an occasional battle with a demigod. Seb and even Arg were much smarter now, having learned quite a bit while in the service of Jeral, Narbo and Irr. They were glad they no longer had to give their loyalties and obedience to Irr. He was from another clan never a part of the territory Seb's clan controlled. They never fought against Irr and his clan and in boarmen society, if you weren't a part of my clan, you were either an enemy or a slave. There was no such thing as mergers or peaceful coexistence between boarmen clans. The peace they would seek with Tork would be something for their clan's verbal history; a thing no other clan had done as far as they knew.

As they came near a river they heard a commotion, someone driving a beast hard towards them. Bachlor had no idea he was heading straight into the large column of boarmen and hybrids, still armed and becoming angrier as time passed and they realized what had happened to them. The hybrids felt like a subspecies which technically they were, but yet did inherit traits of demigods. They disliked being part human as they primarily identified with their demigod nature. The large group spread out into a large semicircle, waiting for whoever was charging in their direction to join them. Seb and Arg thought of using the beast and cart if that is what it sounded like to carry their loot, weapons and supplies. As the beast and cart came into view, Seb and Arg recognized Bachlor immediately. Now free from the spells that kept them equal servants of Jeral, Narbo and Irr were gone, they felt no friendship for Bachlor. It seems all that stayed in their memory was how brutal he was to them and all the other hybrids. The hybrids with weapons moved to the front of the group now surrounding Bachlor. Seb and Arg raised their hands and called out a command to the beast to stop. The beast obeyed the command even though Bachlor tried beating the beast to get it to keep charging.

So, Bachlor does a fast retreat from his master does he?” Seb said sarcastically.

Bachlor does no retreat. All is over, finished,” Bachlor snarled. “Move away, Bachlor goes.”

What does Bachlor have in the cart?” Seb asked with a smile.

Arg was already behind Bachlor pulling the cover off of the contents of the cart. He recognized Bog and Raymar.

He takes Bog and the human Raymar,” Arg shouted.

Bachlor turned quickly, furious that Arg had uncovered his claimed prizes.

They no concern you,” Bachlor shouted. “Leave alone, belong Bachlor.”

If I remember, Bog and Raymar are old friends of Tork and Kag,” Seb said seriously. “They would not be pleased Bachlor claimed them.”

Seb purposely said that very loud so most of the hybrids around heard him. Their need to be with Tork and Cytis was getting stronger as they came closer to them, so they quickly got the idea that Bachlor was stealing friends of Tork for his prize. That wasn't going to sit very well with them. They moved closer and snarled and began threatening Bachlor.

Bachlor shouted for them to back away or face his wrath. Bachlor didn't even bother to look about to see how outnumbered he was and that the hybrids and boarmen were armed. He jumped from the cart thinking he would smash Seb down and the horde would loose its obvious leader. Seb easily moved out of the way and Bachlor slammed hard to the ground. Before he could get up, just about his entire body felt the sharp points of spears. He knew he was not going to be able to fight his way out of this situation. Arg moved in and quickly tied Bachlor down. Seb got into the cart and had the hybrids take Bog and he took Raymar to the river, bathed them and looked them over for damage. Arg commented on how weak and under nourished they were and suggested they find plants to help them regenerate and foods for them to eat. As a group of hybrids went in search of what was needed, Seb thought about things and had a group of boarmen feed Bog and Raymar loads of their nectar, gently to send them into a pleasure high, easing their discomfort and allow them to heal faster. He had no idea that their nectar was in fact loaded with protein, just that humans and minotaur liked it and seemed to react favorably to it. Once Bog and Raymar were fed juices from plants and helped to eat fruits and healing plants, the cart was loaded with supplies and weapons, Bog was placed where he could be watched and comfortable and Raymar was held by Arg without any problem at all. Bachlor was forced to walk behind the cart, pulled by ropes tied tightly to his body. It was degrading for an ogre to be tied and dragged in such a way, but he wasn't going to convince anyone in the group of that.

Scouts of the camp heard and then saw the large group of boarmen and hybrids heading towards the camp. They were somewhat alarmed since this group had weapons and a beast pulling a cart. A scout was sent to the camp to warn them of the very large group of armed hybrids and boarmen. The head satyr warrior wanted to send most of the warriors and hybrids to intercept the group, but Aurin wouldn't allow it.

Tork and Cytis should go meet them,” Paul said. “The hybrids are being drawn to them just as their brothers already hear have been. We are in no danger from them. Tork, Cytis, Kag, Sage and I will go and greet them.”

But there are armed boarmen with them,” the head warrior said worried.

They will do no harm,” Paul smiled.

I will go with you,” Klir announced trying to get up.

No, my teacher, guardian and friend, you will stay and recover your strength. Jerd will protect me as will Tork, Cytis, Sage and Kag,” Paul smiled at him and hugged his neck.

Aurin smiled knowing Paul had already known what would happen and that all would be well. The group headed towards the oncoming column, most worried that they would soon be engaged in a fierce battle. When they were within 40 feet of the column, both groups stopped and looked at each other.

Greetings brothers,” Paul smiled and waved. “Welcome and come satisfy your deep longing to join with Tork and Cytis. Here they are. Come, drink from the skins that will satisfy your longing and bind you to them.”

They hybrids shouted and laughed as Tork and Cytis moved next to Paul and held their arms up and out towards them, bellowing. Seb, Arg and the boarmen, moved to one side as the hybrids went towards Cytis and Tork, Sage and Kag holding skins for them to sip from, containing wine and the nectar of Tork and Cytis.

Greetings boarmen, there is no need for worry or preparedness for battle here,” Paul said addressing Seb and Arg primarily since they were the obvious leaders of the boarmen group. “Come, refresh your selves and rest.”

We thank you and know we do not intend on doing battle,” Seb said spreading out his arms, hands out. “We came to make a peace with Tork, lord of the lands, so that our clan and his end fighting each other and live in peace, helping each other against intruders and those that would seek either harm.”

Tork and Cytis heard the words of Seb and knew this was something very strange and new. Boarmen never talked of peace and treaties of mutual defense, ever. They both remember how fiercely they fought with Rog before he took Kag.

As proof of our word, we bring you friends that we have freed from the evil ways of Bachlor,” Seb said. “Bring them to our new friends.”

Arg walked forward carrying Raymar and a few boarmen carried Bog towards Tork and Cytis. Kag shouted out for joy and ran to Arg, kissing and touching Raymar gently, so thrilled he was safe and now returned to Tork's family.

Tork, look, it is Raymar and Bog!,” Kag jumped and laughed. “They are returned to us.”

It is good Seb and Arg, you do well,” Tork said smiling. “We will talk much of peace and treaty.”

Come brother boarmen and join us in our camp for a feast in your honor and to celebrate the ending of the evil of Jeral,” Paul shouted.

The boarmen squealed and grunted, happy that no battle would take place and that they could relax and take part in a feast. Seb and the boarmen were guided to the camp and were happy some of their clan were in the camp to greet them. Everyone gathered all manner of fruits and plants, the boarmen made their beer and hybrids hunted small animals that were roasted for the boarmen, Cytis and Klir. Steve was in awe at the sight of such a mass of muscle all gathered around him. All hybrids and boarmen offered him pleasures especially when they learned he was mate to Paul, the Great One. Aurin had a lengthy conversation with Seb and Arg about Narbo. They told him how they helped him get free of the control of Irr. They weren't sure what happened to him, but did know he forgot how to use his spells and what sorcery he knew. They told him how confused it made him and hoped he would rejoin his people. Aurin told them stories of Narbo and how in his frenzied time, used Kag almost to death. Kag told them how he still had a piece of his heart and would hopefully rejoin them soon. The conversation then turned to what they had discovered about Yokus. Seb and Arg commented how the clan experienced the same things as Tork, Cytis, Sage and Markus. They couldn't understand it and began to think it was some sort of sickness. Paul told them he would show them how to make the potion that should make their nectar unpleasant to Yokus and make the effects of his nectar have less of an effect. He made them understand they still would not remember anything, but they would not be as weak and would recover much quicker. Seb and Arg took this to be a gift from Tork and a favor that sealed the peace between them. Paul was happy that he helped the 2 groups settle differences and join together for both their goods.

Aurin and Tork knew there were just too many hybrids to live with Tork and his family. They talked with Seb and a solution was found with Aurin and Paul's help that they thought would be good for everyone, especially the hybrids. Tork, Cytis and the others felt it would be best if Paul talked it over with the hybrids as they all knew him as the Great One that ended the evil of Jeral. Paul agreed and the group rejoined the feast and already started pleasuring that always went along with a great feast. Beer and wine added to the festivities and loosened up any cautious behavior caused by differences of species. Steve made sure Gron was right at his side taking pleasures even though Steve didn't last very long before being drained and lost in a very deep pleasure high. Paul lasted much longer with Klir and Jerd always at his side, making certain no one got carried away pleasuring or forgetting he was still human. Kag and Tork joined the pleasuring only after they made certain Raymar and Bog were taken care of and resting. No one in the camp except the warrior satyrs woke with the sunrise. The wine, beer and pleasuring had taken their toll. The river was nearly blocked from the sea of bodies seeking refuge in it. It was well into the afternoon before word was sent around that Paul, the Great One wanted to talk to the hybrids. The others were welcome, but his mainly concerned them.

It was quite a sight to see the large number of hybrids that were in the camp, all gathered together to hear what the Great One had to say to them.

Greeting brothers,” Paul said, holding his hands out and turning fully left and right to make certain he looked at all the hybrids. “If you look around, you will see a great number of hybrids gathered here, all pledged to Tork and Cytis. That is good and yet it would be impossible for all of you to live in at the lair of Tork with his family. I have a possible solution to our problem. I would ask you now to gather together as groups joined by your common demigod heritage, cyclops, ogre, boarmen and satyr.”

There was much confusion and grumbling, especially about not being able to live with Tork and Cytis. It took awhile but soon all the hybrids were grouped as Paul asked.

Now, look around your group and see how alike and yet different you are from one another, yet still sharing a common ancestor demigod. All of you are brothers in that you all share human ancestors as well, but I know you prefer to identify yourselves with your demigod natures. Be not ashamed of your human part as your human mothers had no part or say in your birth. They too were used and treated as farm animals only good for breeding. I am human and see what you and I have accomplished together. Now, what I propose is that each group form their own clan and settle in lands between the lands of Tork and the satyrs. Both Tork's family and the satyrs of Aurin will help and guide you, always include you as part of their extended family and be there when you need them as best they can. You can embrace your full heritage and differences, create a new greater family of which you all belong and in that, you have a strength above any other individual demigods that have no true family. Think on this and when you feel ready to share your thoughts, we will be assembled again and decide all our fate. What think you?”

There was much mumbling and conversation inside the groups. They went silent for a bit and more conversations started. Finally, one of each group stood up and shouted, “It shall be as you have said Great One, we now have clans to belong to and are family.”

A great shout started as all the hybrids stood and shouted and bellowed and screamed.

As for the boarmen, we will help showing you skills we have, how to hunt and fish and make beer!” Seb stood and shouted.

That caused a greater roar of approval. The hybrids didn't feel like outcasts or oddities anymore. They identified now as a new species that would join the ranks of the demigods, develop new customs and absorb customs and traditions from each group. They felt a strength and good feeling they hadn't had up to now, being a part of a larger family and clan rather then just a large group of strange creatures. Tork, Cytis, Sage, Kag, Aurin and Klir were very pleased with what Paul had created for the hybrids and themselves. Life was going to change but not in a bad way. Each clan and family now had a vast army available for each others protection and strength. They realized as word spread to other territories and lands, theirs would be avoided since opportunity for conquest would be almost nil. Yokus listened and watched all this from a distance. He liked the idea that his pleasuring pool was about to greatly increase, however it seemed things might get somewhat crowded in this land now. He began to think it might be time to move his camp and slaves to a new land where there might be fewer demigods to pleasure with, there would be fewer to get in his way. Dealing with a group of 5 or 10 was one thing, but hundreds would be problematic. He decided he would enjoy a few more pleasure sessions with Tork, Cytis, Sage and Klir before going back to his camp and moving on. He knew he could always return when he wanted more of his favorite demigods.

Yokus waited until Cytis came through the woods to hunt for small animals. He was alone and that was just how Yokus liked it. Yokus followed Cytis and waited until he was on the ground cleaning a rabbit he had killed. He lifted all four arms, hands joined tightly and slammed them one set after another on the head and shoulders of Cytis. He did it over and over again quickly, before Cytis could react. Cytis fell flat on the ground, rolled over and saw it was Yokus.

And how is my pleasure ogre today Cytis?” Yokus asked with a smile. “Ready for Yokus to drain I hope?”

Evil creature,” Cytis hissed. “Cytis will fight!”

Cytis got partially to his feet as one volley of smashing fists hit him after another. He couldn't seem to get fully standing, just on his knee before being pounded back down. Yokus laughed and grabbed on to Cytis' wrists which were over his face, protecting it from the blows. He jerked Cytis' arms outward very hard and with his head on Cytis' chest, rushed forward, smashing Cytis' back hard into a large thick tree trunk. Cytis gasped as the air was knocked from his lungs and his chest felt like it was hit by a boulder falling from very high up a mountain. Yokus pushed Cytis' wrists back and partially around the curve of the tree trunk and used his other hands to rip off Cytis' loincloth and punish his balls and cock. He taunted Cytis as his slapping of Cytis' cock made it hard. Yokus bit down hard and sucked wildly on Cytis' pecs and nipples as he worked his fingers on the head of Cytis' cock, slick with precum, moved his other hand in between Cytis' legs and pushed his finger deep inside Cytis' ass, working hard on his pleasure spot. When he felt Cytis' body tighten as if he were going to release his nectar, Yokus squeezed tight on the base of Cytis' cock until his body relaxed and then started his torture of Cytis' cock and ass again, over and over. Cytis bellowed out in pain and need to release his built up nectar which Yokus refused to allow. Yokus chewed on Cytis' biceps, shoulders, neck, pecs and nipples, hard, leaving teeth marks and even breaking the skin and sucking blood, truly brutal and all meant to cause as much pain to Cytis as possible, increasing Yokus' pleasure when he fucked Cytis over and over, filling him with his powerful nectar and draining Cytis completely of his strength and power. Yokus finally let Cytis loose and watched him slide down the tree trunk, soaked in sweat, blood and panting in agony, his cock deep dark purple and his balls swollen. Yokus pushed open Cytis' jaw and rammed in his cock deep into Cytis' throat, sliding it partially up into his mouth as he squeezed his cock from base to tip, filling Cytis' mouth with his elixir. Cytis swallowed and choked as Yokus rammed his cock back into Cytis' throat and slowly fucked his throat, long and deep, filling Cytis' stomach with his elixir. Cytis' eyes rolled up a few times as the elixir spread the heat, tingling and desire for more throughout his body, sweat pouring down making pools of sweat at the base of the tree. Yokus smashed his entire body hard against Cytis as his cock swelled and he began filling Cytis with his nectar. Cytis could feel it was a large load as his stomach began to swell up as if he was eating a very large meal. Yokus pulled his cock out, slid Cytis up the tree trunk and began biting and sucking on Cytis' abs and thighs, again leaving teeth marks and breaking the skin, sucking some of Cytis' blood out. Only when Cytis bellowed out in pain did Yokus slam his openned mouth hard over Cytis' cock, closed his mouth and began sucking and licking hard, making Cytis' entire body squirm and jerk. Yokus didn't stop until Cytis bellowed out and began filling Yokus' throat with his nectar. Yokus' expression began to change as he started to notice a difference in the taste of Cytis' nectar. It seemed to change from its normal taste to one that didn't please Yokus. Yokus moved Cytis lower, lifted his thighs and rammed his cock hard into Cytis. He began fucking him wildly, still concerned about the change in nectar. He shot his first load of nectar deep inside Cytis, felt his power being drained and his pain pleasures, but didn't feel or see the severe weakness develop in Cytis. He fucked him again wildly and shot another load and noticed the same thing. Now he was certain something changed and he wanted to know how and why.

What have you done to lesson my pleasure?” Yokus yelled, grabbing Cytis by his throat and squeezing his balls.

Cytis just bellowed and screamed in pain, not answering Yokus.

Tell me Cytis or you will feel more pain then ever before,” Yokus yelled tightening his grip and viciously biting hard and deep into Cytis' pecs and shoulders.

Cytis screamed and his body squirmed and shook trying to free itself from the grip of Yokus. He could hardly breath, his tongue was sticking out, his pecs were bleeding as were his shoulders, but Yokus just bit down harder and deeper, sucked more and more blood from Cytis. Yokus' face was covered in Cytis' blood and he could see Cytis was just about to become unconscious. He loosened his grip on Cytis' throat and instead moved his free hands on to Cytis' head, his thumbs pushing hard into Cytis' temples.

Tell me Cytis,” Yokus screamed as he increased the pressure on Cytis' head and just stopping short of pulverizing Cytis' balls. His cock was still hard fucking Cytis and he made his cock swell up fatter and fatter. He knew the fucking would eventually make Cytis' intestines raw and begin to bleed. He kept fucking hard for a time screaming at Cytis to tell him and then started to piss inside of Cytis. His piss felt like fire spreading inside of Cytis as the acid piss soaked into the raw intestinal lining. Cytis was in so much pain, he could hardly breath and his attempts at bellowing out in pain only came out as loud gasps of air leaving his lungs.

Tell me what I want to know or you will not see again until your deep sleep!” Yokus yelled sliding his thumbs closer and closer to Cytis' eyes.

The pain in Cytis' head was almost as bad as his intestines, but the thought of not seeing Sage or anyone until his deep sleep, being helpless truly scared him.

A potion, A POTION,” Cytis screamed out.

What manner of potion and who made this potion?” Yokus screamed his thumbs now covering Cytis' eyes, pushing his eyelids up off his eyeballs.

The Great One, Paul,” Cytis screamed. “He gave us the potion so you would loose interest.”

Paul? Great One?” Yokus said confused. “Who is this Great One? Have I pleasured with him?”

NO, he is the human given the powers from the gods,” Cytis panted and screamed. “You have not had him.”

Yokus moved his hands away from Cytis' eyes and released his balls. As he thought about what Cytis said, he licked more blood from Cytis' pecs and shoulders, sucking harder then before, filling his mouth with the blood, really weakening Cytis.

So this human with powers has ruined my pleasures,” Yokus said between swallows and sucking. “Are you the only one he gave this potion to?”

No, all have taken it and have it,” Cytis panted, unable to keep his head up.

Yokus became furious and pounded hard with his fists on Cytis, let him slide down the tree trunk as his feet stomped and kicked hard at Cytis. By the time Cytis hit the ground he was unconscious and extremely weak from loss of blood and the pain he endured.

I will deal with this human,” Yokus said to no one. “He will pay a heavy price for taking my pleasures from me.”

Yokus stormed off, leaving Cytis in a bloody clump on the ground. With all the activity and excitement in the camp, it took hours before Sage noticed Cytis was nowhere in the camp. He checked with Klir and Kag, Paul and Steve and finally Arg told him Cytis went hunting for game. Sage became concerned and asked Klir, Tork and Kag to help him find Cytis. He was afraid he had fallen into the hands of Yokus again. A number of hybrids went with them to search the woods. Not knowing in what direction Cytis headed, it was pretty hard to find him. A hybrid did finally find what he thought were footprints of Cytis and the group headed in the direction the prints led. One of the hybrids spotted blood on a large tree trunk and yelled to the others. They all ran towards the tree and saw Cytis' bloody and battered body clumped on the ground. He had obviously been punished by Yokus, more seriously then ever before. Klir pulled plants out and smashed them into a paste to stop the bleeding. He was even amazed at the number of bite marks and tears in Cytis' skin. Sage saw how swollen and bruised his balls were and noticed nectar, piss and blood seeping from Cytis' ass. Klir lifted Cytis on to his shoulder and they hurried back to the camp.

Aurin examined Cytis and told them what he thought Yokus did to him. He had them prepare plants to heal his outside wounds and fill large jugs with water and some special plants to flush out his insides and stop the bleeding. He smashed several of the deep sleep pain pods and had Sage hold his head up and mouth open so they could get it all inside of his throat. He would sleep for a long time and his healing would speed up. Tork and Sage couldn't understand why Yokus would have been so brutal to Cytis, since he never did that much damage to any of them before. Paul did what he could do to help, but couldn't use his sorcery to see into Cytis' mind like he did before, since Cytis was much too weak. Aurin and Paul talked about what happened and decided it would be safer for them to return to Tork's lair rather then be caught out in the open. There was nothing further they needed to do at God's Fire, so it was time to return home. Word was spread out and with the number in the camp, things were packed up quickly and they were on the move. Cytis was put into the cart with Bog and Raymar who were still healing and slowly gaining back their strength and energy. Sage and Kag stayed by them in the cart in case they woke and wanted anything. Klir had Paul on his body and Gron had Steve so they could again move as fast as possible.

Yokus was furious, knocking down trees and throwing boulders. He was going to make that Paul human pay for his meddling and interference of Yokus' pleasures. As he slowly calmed down, he began to think of how human Paul was going to pay. He remembered seeing Paul in action and knew he had the aid of sorcery and powers from the gods as Cytis put it. He might not be able to remove him, but he still would have to pay a high price. He decided he would move with them and observe this human Paul and find what would make him suffer.

It was a quick journey back to the lair of Tork. Tork and Aurin with the help of Paul and his newly aquired sorcery skills held a meeting of sorts with the designated representatives of each of the hybrid clans, in a secluded area, free of distractions. There, Paul placed all of them into a deep trance and taping into the memory and minds of Tork and Aurin, gave them a sort of birds eye view of the lands between Tork's land and the land of Aurin. Paul also seemed able to associate favorable reaction in the minds of the clan leaders to certain areas. Both Tork and Aurin were willing to give up small parcels of their territory to give the clans ample room. Population expansion would only occur if by some chance female humans were interested in mating. Everyone agreed that would be very rare as they had already sworn not to take advantage of humans in human lands or villages. A long standing rule was kept, any human that entered into the lands uninvited was fair game so to speak, just as Kag came into Tork's lands and became his sex slave (see Minotaur Ruler). Once the clan leaders had chosen their preferred territories, Paul released them from the trance. They discovered that Paul had drawn a large map of the entire area's viewed and the boarder territories, marking out which clan would occupy each new territory. They were marked as Ogre, Cyclops, Boarmen and Satyr Hybrid Clans. Aurin said this cave would be a sacred place, kept as a reminder of the agreements and where any and all disputes between any of the clans would be settled. All the clan leaders including Seb, Tork and Aurin swore to each other and the gods they would abide by the settled agreements and territory boundaries. Paul suggested they as the assembled leaders act as a court of law and tradition to settle grievances and other matters that would affect the treaty, with their first decision to be what was to become of Bachlor.

Seb added to the discussion by bringing up Rog the renegade cyclops and what was to be his fate. All new demigods could not be killed by other demigods, a forbidden act by the gods themselves that all demigods somehow knew and had a deeply imbedded fear of violating that rule, no matter how vicious and evil they were. Any demigod deemed as a violator of custom and handed down rule had to be taken to God's Fire for judgment, completely in the hands of the gods themselves. Bachlor was brought before the newly established court and he was told he could participate in the discussion of his fate. He let all know he didn't recognize any of their authority and would continue as he had before Jeral, roaming freely and battling for pleasures. Much discussion was had which Paul refused to participate on the basis that he was not a member of the court and had no right to speak on the matters being considered. Aurin got all the leaders to agree that Paul could provide advice if asked and they would think on his words. Seb and the hybrid Ogre leader spoke the most, and felt Bachlor and Rog should be allowed to continue their long standing life styles, except that they be forbidden to violate the boundaries of the territories now established. After thinking about what Seb and the hybrid leader said, all agreed that would be the best solution. Aurin spoke for the court and told Bachlor he would be free to return to his former way of living, however, he was forbidden from doing so within the territories now formed, that included Seb and the boarmen and Tork's lands. Bachlor wasn't thrilled with having any restriction placed on his life, but finally agreed that he would abide by the ruling. He brought up a good point in that none of the territories had any clear markings that designated who's territory anyone was entering. The court decreed that each clan would mark boundaries of their territory with carvings of their clan's symbols in equally spaced tree trunks and boulders so their territory would be identified. The leaders of each clan decided on what their clan's symbol would be. They kept it very simple, the demigod clans would be marked by a carving of their breeds head outline and the hybrids of their decent would add the shape of a human. It would be clear to any demigod from another land which demigod's land they were entering.

The beasts that had been collected from the previous failed attack on Tork's lair were split up between the clans and Paul performed the ritual to bind them to the leaders of the clan they now belonged to. The Seb and Tork declined keeping any beasts as they had no real use for them, where as the other clans would be building shelters or fortresses since that was what they were comfortable with. Aurin had a group of satyr warriors escort Bachlor to the lands beyond the boarmen lands which was part of the area he formerly roamed. If Rog was found, he would be informed of the new court, territories and laws and escorted to the far east of Tork's lands, near God's Fire. The group broke up and the clan leaders went to their men to tell them what was agreed on and that they now had their own territory, a home of their own.

Steve and Paul met up at the river, closely followed by Gron and Jerd and the ever present Klir. They hadn't had all that much time together and wanted to reinforce the love they felt for each other. They talked about being around the muscled monsters that drove them wild just looking at them let alone having sex with them, the effect their cum had on both of them and the newly acquired powers that Paul now had.

Are you always going to have those powers?” Steve asked concerned.

No and yes. If by some twist of fate they are needed again, then I will be able to call them back up,” Paul explained. “But otherwise, other then for fighting an evil force I don't think they'll be all that active. Hell, I might even completely forget about them, the spells and potions, secret knowledge and all that stuff, I don't really know.”

Well, even though you have turned into some sort of wizard from a Disney flick, I still love you,” Steve said kissing Paul passionately.

They spent the next hour at least showing each other the love they had for each other. For Steve, all the others were just characters in some far out dream he was in but Paul was his anchor to reality. None of them noticed or knew they were being carefully watched by Yokus who now felt he had a way of getting even with Paul the human for interfering in his pleasures. Just in case Cytis was a fluke and he was the only one given the potion, he decided to use another demigod for pleasure. Just as he was formulating his plan, he noticed a very large, muscled satyr come to the river, greet Steve and Paul and the others, picked both Steve and Paul up and jumped into the river and they played like little children. It was Stohl who kept himself mostly in the background like a backup protection for Paul now that Klir and Jerd were guarding him. Both Steve and Paul missed Stohl and pretended to be very angry with him for hiding himself from them. Stohl felt very proud that Steve and Paul missed him and wanted him with them. Paul said he had to go meet with Aurin and Tork, planning for another great feast to celebrate the new treaty, court and homelands. Klir and Jerd followed Paul back to Tork's cave while Stohl and Gron stayed with Steve.

Steve wondered what it was like across the river since no one ever seemed to go there. Stohl and Gron laughed and had Steve hold on to their shoulders and they swam across the river. They hadn't seen much to impress them at first, but then just past the thick group of trees and brush, Gron spotted a field that had very gorgeous flowers covering just about the entire area. Stohl said he knew what they were and that when eaten, had a flavor very similar to chocolate on Steve and Paul's lands. Steve's face lit up and he rushed to the field closely followed by Gron and Stohl. Gron was very curious as he did not know about these flowers and certainly had never heard what chocolate was like. Steve pulled some flowers up and shared them with Gron. Gron and Steve's face both lit up with a very happy and surprised look. The flowers did indeed taste like the finest chocolate Steve ever had. The three of them laughed, rolled around play fighting each other and settled down to gorge themselves on the flowers.

Well, what is this?” the deep booming voice of Yokus shouted. “A cyclops oddity, a satyr and a human acting like human children.”

Gron and Stohl both jumped up and moved in front of Steve to protect him from Yokus.

Leave us be Yokus,” Stohl snarled. “We wish you no harm but will protect our human.”

I am not concerned about your human satyr,” Yokus bellowed. “I am not concerned about your harming me in any way, it is YOU who should be concerned. Now, who do I play with first?”

Just as Gron was about the position himself to Yokus' side, Yokus kicked out with his foot at Gron and jumped towards the ground grabbing Stohl by the hoof. Stohl and Gron were both on the ground, not even sure what happened. Steve ran towards Yokus and tried to help Gron and Stohl but quickly realized that was a very big mistake. Yokus laughed as he darted one of his arms towards Steve, latched on to his throat and pulled him towards his mouth.

So human, you would challenge Yokus?” Yokus laughed as he sniffed Steve's body and licked from his belly button to his head.

He ripped off Steve's loin cloth with his teeth as he pulled Steve up and away from his body still holding tight to his throat. Gron bellowed out and moved to pound Yokus' arm to free Steve from his grip and Stohl tried kicking at Yokus with his hoofs. Yokus quickly moved, stomped his foot on to Gron's head, forcing it hard into the ground and grabbed on to Stohl's horn swung him back and hard towards the closest tree, releasing his grip causing Stohl to smash hard into the tree. Stohl was knocked partially unconscious from the force of his head smashing into the tree. Yokus switched Steve's throat to a different hand, leaned down and grabbed on to Gron's leg, pulled it back and let his body fall down hard on to Gron's back, pounding his face and body hard back into the dirt. He locked Gron's leg under his lowest armpit and pulled Steve in front of his face.

Now human, what should Yokus do with you?” Yokus laughed. “It seems your protectors are lacking.”

Yokus laughed and licked hard up and down Steve's body from his crotch to his face. He forced his finger up and down Steve's ass cheeks and then pushed the tip of it on to Steve's rosebud, wiggling it to make it easier to get inside Steve without ripping him apart. He had no intention of killing Steve, just some damage here and there, payback of sorts for what Paul did. He had already decided to pleasure with Stohl and now Gron, to see if all of them used the potion and more punishment for Paul since Stohl obviously was favored by Paul.

Yokus was growing impatient so he stood up, kicked Gron over, sat back down on top of his chest, placed the leg he used before back under his armpit, pushed Steve's face on to Gron's cock and rammed his finger inside Gron's ass to stimulate his pleasure spot. As Gron's cock hardened, elixir began flowing just about shooting into Steve's mouth. Steve couldn't help himself and had most of the tip of Gron's cock in his mouth, sucking as much of the elixir as he could handle without drowning. Yokus laughed and pulled Steve off of Gron's cock, turned Steve around and placed Steve's ass over Gron's cock head, pushed down and by the yell Steve gave out, knew Gron's cock had pushed into Steve's ass. He wanted Steve's ass muscles to open up willingly and cyclops elixir was just he thing. He lifted Steve up and tried his finger again and sure enough, it slid easily inside Steve's ass. Yokus didn't have to get it in very far to hit Steve's pleasure button. When Steve's body jerked and he began panting, Yokus sucked in Steve's cock and balls, his tongue driving Steve wild. Yokus easily managed 2 loads of Steve's nectar before he pushed Steve's face on to his leaking cock and Steve grabbed on to it and began sucking Yokus' elixir like a starving baby. Yokus rammed his finger back into Gron's ass and violently attacked Gron's pleasure spot. He kept it up until Gron was obviously weakened from the number of times he reach orgasm and his nectar was drained. He stood up and pushed Steve's face on to Gron's nectar covered and leaking cock and turned his attention to Stohl. Steve though weak couldn't stop himself from sucking on Gron's cock, licking and sucking in as much nectar as he could covering the cock and body of Gron, just making Gron weaker.

Yokus waited over Stohl until Stohl began to stand up before using all his fists to pound over and over again into Stohl's head, neck and shoulder, all hurting from being smashed into the tree. He played with Stohl for awhile, pounding and kicking and even biting into his body, especially on his neck and pecs. He grabbed Stohl by his horns and whipped him around smashing his back and then his abs hard into the tree trunk. Satisfied Stohl was in a good amount of pain, he lifted Stohl up by a horn, rammed a finger up Stohl's ass and began smashing his balls in a hand while his mouth clamped down on Stohl's cock and began sucking him dry. Yokus became furious when he tasted the same bland nectar as he did with Cytis. He bit hard on Stohl's cock, then his abs, breaking the skin and sucking lots of blood from Stohl. He spread Stohl's legs and slid him hard down the tree bark, impaling Stohl's ass on his cock. Like he did with Cytis, he expanded his cock until he was sure it would rub Stohl's intestines raw and he shot in a large load of nectar into Stohl before pissing. He purposely held his cock inside Stohl's ass longer to make certain his nectar spread more inside Stohl and his piss was burning his insides. From the screams of pain Stohl was letting out, Yokus knew he had accomplished his goal. He turned to Gron, pulled Steve off of Gron's cock and walked him over to Stohl, kicked Stohl on to his stomach and pushed Steve's face into Stohl's ass as blood, nectar and piss was slowly beginning to leak out. Steve was delirious and began sucking in and licking Stohl's ass. Yokus went back to Gron, punished his pecs and sides, bit hard into his abs and took a great deal of blood from Gron. He pushed a finger inside Gron's ass, got his pleasure spot and tortured Gron until he shot a large load of nectar into Yokus' mouth. Again, the same bland taste. He slammed Gron to the ground, kicked him on to his back and pulled his ass up by his hips, rammed his cock deep inside Gron and expanded his cock, following the same routine he used on Stohl, except he bit hard on one shoulder and then the other, shook his head tearing muscle and sucked Gron's blood. After he felt his piss and nectar were doing their worst inside Gron, he turned to Steve and had to think how he could punish him so that Paul would suffer. Steve was already physically in trouble from ingesting Yokus' nectar and piss and would be very ill for a long long time.

Yokus grabbed Steve by his wrist and lifted him up in the air, examining his entire body as he spun it around one way and then the other. He liked the look of Steve's abs muscles so he bit them, smiling as Steve screamed out in agony, his body trying to get away from Yokus' mouth and his legs kicking wildly. Yokus then grabbed one of Steve's ankles, lifted it up and pulled Steve's wrist up higher and out further, stretching Steve's entire body out, making his thigh tighten and bulge. Yokus opened his mouth wide and clamped it down on Steve's entire thigh, actually chewing on it. Steve passed out from the pain. Yokus released his thigh from his mouth and turned Steve's body over again one way and then another, looking at what he could do without killing Steve. He decided he would create a nice marking up and down Steve's back, using his teeth as the paint brush. He proceeded to bite and twist up one side of Steve's back and down the other, leaving more bite marks on Steve's ass cheeks. He laughed when he looked at his handy work. He dumped Steve's body on top of Gron's and pissed over him, knowing the piss would burn for a very long time in the wounds he gave Steve. He laughed as he imagined the pain and suffering the human Paul would feel when he saw his precious Steve and Stohl barely clinging to life and scared forever. He left the woods heading back to his camp, laughing loudly, satisfied he had gotten his revenge.

Paul became worried when he, Aurin and Tork came out of the lair and he could not find Steve. He asked Jerd to see if he could find them back at the river, while Klir, Aurin and Tork looked around the area as there were a very large number of hybrids all over. Sage was fairly sure Steve was somewhere enjoying the muscled bodies all around him.

Jerd went to the river and walked up and down, calling out for Gron, Stohl and Steve. Something out of place caught his eye across the river and he dove in, swam across the river and looked around. He saw prints in the sand that would be Stohl's and Gron's. He followed them out of the thick trees and shrubs and spotted Gron on the ground, bleeding with Steve on top of him, also bleeding and moaning. He then spotted Stohl up against the base of a tree with his blood on it and he was unconscious. He ran back to the river, swam across and just about flew out of the water, running as fast as his hoofs could take him towards the lair. He was shouting and screaming as he ran. He was heard by the nearest group of hybrids and satyr warriors and they stopped him to see what was wrong. He quickly told them what he found and needed help to carry them back to the lair. One of the hybrids said he would run to Paul and the others and let them know what has happened. The group went running with Jerd and the hybrid ran as fast as he could shouting for Paul, Tork, Cytis and Klir. He spotted them looking in his direction as they heard him shouting their names. They ran to him and he told them what Jerd had found and that a group went to bring them back to the lair. Paul went into shock, not believing anything like this could happen, not now.

The hybrids and satyr warriors slowly came back to the lair area, gently carrying Stohl and Gron and one satyr warrior held Steve's bleeding body against his. Paul screamed out in a deep agony of pain when he saw the bloody, limp body of Steve and the bloody body of Stohl and Gron. Sage grabbed on to him and held him as the bodies were taken inside Tork's lair. Aurin quickly issued instructions to wash them carefully, Tork gave him salves and powders to stop the bleeding. As soon as they were washed it was obvious they were chewed on and bitten. Aurin could tell that Gron and Stohl both were nearly bled completely, being demigods was all that kept them alive. As they were being washed, Aurin recognized the scent of the piss and nectar and merely yelled “YOKUS!” The word spread and a very large group of armed satyr warriors and hybrids rushed back to where Steve and the others were found, searching the entire area for any sign of Yokus. He was already far away, nearing his camp, still laughing.

Aurin used as much healing and pain potions as he could. It took a lot of work to stop Steve's bleeding and cover every one of his wounds with a thick salve that would help him heal and stop any infection. Paul was hysterical and didn't know what to do. He somehow felt responsible and began to regret changing Steve and bringing him with. Aurin held him and comforted him as best he could. He had Tork bring wine that he put the pain pod liquid in, so that Paul could sleep and hopefully feel less hopeless when he awoke. Klir lifted Paul into his arms, sat on the huge bed of Tork and Kag next to Steve, holding him like an infant cradled in his arms so he could watch Steve as his body slowly relaxed, became limp and he was unconscious.

Why would Yokus do this?” Cytis asked confused. “He has never used anyone other then demigods.”

We will have to wait until Gron or Stohl wake before we will know,” Kag said sadly.

The others all agreed with him. Raymar and Bog were finally strong enough to walk around and even exercise. Kag filled them in about Yokus and what has been happening for a very long time. Raymar became very frightened, worrying that Yokus would find him and use him like all the others. Bog and Tork did their best to reassure Raymar that he was now safe and didn't have to worry. Aurin had Sage help him collect as much of Yokus' nectar from Gron and Stohl as they could, to hopefully develop an antidote or something that would lessen its effects even more. He felt that once Paul was himself, they both could work on something that could protect them all. Tork suggested that most of them leave the lair so that Aurin and a satyr warrior could tend to the wounded and insure they were not in any danger, especially Steve. He told them to go with him to the pool of swirling water where Bog and Raymar could become known to Sage, Cytis, and Klir, who were unknown to both Bog and Raymar. Kag ushered them all out toward the pool and told a few hybrids to stand guard and make certain no one entered the lair. The boarmen decided it was much to tense in the camp and showed the other clans how to make their beer. Very soon there was an awful lot of beer in the camp and nerves began to settle down, calm returning, avoiding any chance some overly tense one started fighting, which was in all their nature. Boarmen knew how effective beer and pleasuring were to take the edge off of a situation.

Even though Bog and Tork had their past differences, Tork still felt affection for Bog since he was his mentor. After everyone felt comfortable with the new minotaur and human, Kag asked Bog what he planned to do. Tork told him he was welcome to stay with Tork and Kag, join their family like Cytis and Sage if he wished. Bog thought about it for a time and then said he knew he couldn't protect and care for Raymar, even though he felt affection for him. He thought about possibly becoming a mate to a hybrid and returning to his lair and not be lonely for companionship and with no one to share pleasures. Cytis thought that was a good idea as did Sage. Markus was sure a number of hybrids would jump at the opportunity to become a mate with a minotaur and pledged to help in any way he could. Tork, Kag, Sage, Cytis all joined in that pledge. Kag let Raymar know he was a full member of Tork's family and would stay with them for as long as he wished, or they could arrange for him to return to a human village, whatever he decided. Raymar looked at Seb with a smile as said he truly wished Seb would want him as his own. Everyone, including Seb and Arg were shocked, not expecting Raymar to choose that as his option. Seb held his arms open to Raymar who went over to him straddled his thigh,wrapped his arms around Seb's neck and kissed him. Seb lifted his head and bellowed and squealed out in happiness. Kag said he would talk to Aurin to see if it was possible for Raymar to follow the same path Kag did to become a demigod so he would be a mate for Seb for almost forever. They all agreed he should do that. A hybrid brought over large jugs of boarmen beer which they all began drinking. Kag left the pool a number of times to make certain Klir, Paul, Aurin and the others were okay and didn't need anything. He and Aurin arranged furs on the bed so that Klir could lay down holding Paul and watch Steve. There was little they could do until the healing was well on its way and Gron and Stohl woke.

Paul stayed sleeping in Klir's arms until evening the next day. He woke slowly, began sobbing when he saw Steve and was hugged and kissed by Klir, telling him things would be fine. Aurin got him some fruit and juice to drink, making sure there was a small amount of potion in there for stamina, healing and muscle rebuilding. He knew Paul had to be strong to help Steve and the others. Klir convinced him they should go to the pool and refresh and clean themselves. Paul realized it was very important to keep things clean around open wounds and agreed. Before heading to the pool, he told Aurin that anyone touching Stohl, Gron and especially Steve were to completely wash their hands and arms with wine and have their mouths covered. Aurin looked at him strange and then Paul explained as best he could about germs and infections, especially in humans. Aurin understood and told him it would be as he asked. When Klir and Paul got to the pool, most of the others were sleeping except for Tork and Cytis. They helped get Paul into the pool and Klir held him as he washed water over Paul's entire body. Klir told them what he knew and that Stohl, Gron and Steve were in the deep healing sleep and all their wounds were covering in the healing salves. He also told them Aurin had kept what nectar came out of Stohl and Gron just in case there was a way to make a stronger potion against Yokus.

Paul didn't say much, deep in thought and worry about Steve, holding his amulet with both hands. Klir noticed it first, the amulet was starting to glow as did the bracelets on his wrists. Tork and Cytis then noticed it and stared at Paul with very wide eyes. Paul stood up and said he had to go see Aurin right away.

You should rest more,” Klir said trying to get Paul back against his body.

No, I must see Aurin,” Paul said sternly. “I must make Yokus pay for what he did.”

Tork and Cytis weren't sure what Paul meant. Sage, Kag, Markus, Bog, Seb and Arg all woke up hearing the voice of Paul. Paul moved to get out of the pool and Klir jumped up out of the pool, lifted Paul and ran towards the lair. The others looked at each other and followed Klir. When Klir brought Paul into the lair, he shouted for Aurin who was napping, jumped up and ran to Paul.

I must see the nectar that belongs to Yokus,” Paul said with authority.

Aurin went and got the small jug and took off the top, handing it to Paul.

Paul held his amulet in one hand and poured a small amount of Yokus' nectar on to the table top. He took his amulet and rolled it into the nectar, reciting some incantation. The amulet nearly blinded everyone in the lair as it glowed brightly. Paul told Klir to come outside the lair with him. Klir followed Paul as did the others. Paul stood holding his amulet in both hands and told Klir to place his hands on either side of Paul's and touch his amulet with his wrist bracelets when he told him too. Klir didn't question Paul at all, having complete faith in Paul's power and knowledge. Paul shouted out a loud spell several times, darting his hands to the sky. On the 3rd time, he told Klir to touch his amulet and as soon as the bracelets on Klir's wrists touched Paul's amulet, the brightest light any of them had ever seen shot up into the sky and a very loud clap of thunder shook the ground. Paul seemed to be in a trance as he kept shouting an incantation to the sky.

Yokus had just about made it back to his camp when he saw a thick, black swirling cloud form over his entire camp area. He thought it was strange as all around him the sky was bright blue and some small white clouds. When he got into the camp and was greeted by his boarmen and hybrids, a volley of lightening bolts began striking every structure and supply piles, causing them to explode and seem to just pulverize into dust. The rock entrance was hit a number of times causing the boulders to actually crumble, sealing off the entrance from the forest. The hybrids were in a panic as were the boarmen. The humans that were still alive, quickly ran to the river opening and dove in to get away from the storm. The hybrids did the same, while the boarmen weren't willing to chance drowning as they weren't very good swimmers. The river was deep and had a fast current. Yokus was confused since he saw the blue sky all around them. Suddenly, a bolt of lightening struck Yokus, not burning him, just freezing him in place. He closed his eyes as the light was just too bright for his eyes. He tried his best to shake free of the bold but it was useless. Suddenly, in his mind he saw a clear vision of Paul, pointing something at him and shouting “Revenge is mine!” He now new that the human Paul was using his sorcery to take revenge on him for what he did to his mate Steve. For the first time ever, Yokus felt fear. He was powerless and knew it, there was nothing he could do to free himself. He felt a searing burn across his back and front. The boarmen were now terrified and decided it was better to take a chance on the river rather then become victims of sorcery. Yokus was now all alone in his camp, held captive by the might of sorcery. Finally, the bolt was gone and the sky was blue and the sun was shinning bright. He felt weak and fell to the ground on his knees, something he had never felt before. He looked at his chest and abs which along with his back were burning and saw an exact copy of what he marked Steve's back on the entire front of his body. From the burning on his back, he knew it was there also. The thought was pounding in his head that he should leave this land and never return again. Not being dim witted, Yokus knew he was going to suffer worst fates if he didn't quickly leave. He ran to the river, dove in, swam to the opposite shore and once he was out of the river, ran in the direction away from the land of Tork.

Paul released his amulet and Klir's wrist shot apart. Both Paul and Klir slunk to the ground, exhausted and completely covered in sweat.

Yokus will bother this land ever again,” Paul shouted. “He is gone and will never return.”

A shout of joy and bellows of happiness spread throughout the camp. Paul and Klir were helped up by Tork and Cytis and taken back into the lair. Aurin had them drink some wine and washed. Stohl and Gron were starting to wake, confused at first but then relieved they were not in pain and obviously in Tork's lair. As they were fed and tended to, they told them what they could remember about what Yokus was doing. They believed it was revenge for the potion they all took making their nectar not pleasing to Yokus and not getting as weak as before. Now it made sense to Paul, it was just an act of revenge to make him suffer and regret what he did. That didn't make Paul feel much better as Steve was still in trouble.

Aurin had hybrids hollow out a thick log almost like a canoe, fill it with healing salve and had Steve laid into it. Rather then take a chance any part of his body was missed with the salve he thought it best to place all of Steve into a vat of it. Paul agreed and helped Aurin make a very large batch of the salve. Aurin kept giving Steve doses of the healing pod liquid to keep him unconscious until all his body wounds were closed and well on to healing. Every day, Klir would take Steve out of the vat, take him to the river where Paul would completely wash his body and then Klir would put Steve back into the vat of salve. When Paul saw that all the deep wounds on Steve were closed and even scars were gone, he told Aurin and they decided to stop giving Steve the healing pod juice. None of them knew what it would do to Steve since he was on it for over a week. No one was on it more then 2 days and they were demigods. Finally, Steve slowly began to regain consciousness, his head tossing and turning, and he was moaning over and over. Paul was concerned he was in pain but Aurin didn't think he was as he had no expression of pain on his face. Hybrids brought large skins of water from the river and Klir held Steve across his outstretched arms as Paul washed his entire body of the salve. Kag brought a large fur that they wrapped Steve's body in and Paul sat on Klir's lap as Klir held Steve to Paul. Paul kept brushing the hair from Steve's forehead, hoping he would open his eyes and tell him he was okay. Steve finally opened his eyes slowly and got a look of fear and confusion on his face. Paul kept telling him he was okay and that he was safe now. Steve looked at Paul and still looked confused. Paul knew by the look on Steve's face, Steve didn't recognize Paul at all. Steve began to fight to get free of Klir and Paul, too weak still to move much. Paul kept telling Steve it was him, his mate, his lover, even calling him muscle head hoping it would jog Steve's memory. When Paul asked Steve what was wrong, Steve just let out some unintelligible sounds, his head turning back and forth and his eyes rolling in every direction. Then, he started to bleed from his ears and some started to fall on the side of his face and out of his mouth. Paul screamed and looked at Aurin, Klir and Tork helplessly, not knowing what was happening. Aurin had Tork take Steve from Klir and placed on the ground. He opened up the fur and saw that Steve was also bleeding from his cock and ass. He examined Steve carefully and tasted the blood.

He has been poisoned by the nectar and piss of Yokus,” Aurin said sadly. “I know of no healing for such a thing.”

Paul screamed and shouted, falling next to Steve, holding him tight, rocking him in his arms. He held his amulet and nothing happened. He swore and shouted and tried to rip it from his neck, but it wouldn't budge and wouldn't glow. He buried his face in Steve's chest and sobbed. No one could move him away from Steve. Aurin got some healing pod juice and got it into Steve's mouth, knowing at least it would keep him from feeling any pain and he would not suffer. The entire camp was mourning with Paul, not knowing what to do to help and feeling deep sadness at the loss Paul was feeling now.

Steve only lasted 2 more days before he stopped breathing. Kag and Raymar got Paul to let go of Steve's body and let the hybrids prepare the body for burial. Paul was angry, sad, hurt and helpless all at the same time. He didn't want Steve's body to be put into the earth and Tork said they would arrange a burial fitting a brave warrior and mate. A large wooden pyre was built and draped with brilliant red and gold cloth, hybrids took from Jeral's fortress and Anthium. Kag and Raymar made certain Paul was given some of the healing pod juice just to keep him calm and as pain free as they could, even though Kag knew it wouldn't do much for the pain in Paul's heart. The burial was formal, and showed the great respect they all had for Paul and Steve. Paul carried the torch to the pyre and started it on fire. As the flames lept high, all of a sudden the entire pyre glowed and light seemed to burst out in every direction, stunning everyone including Paul. The flame turned a very bright and clear blue color, which reminded Tork and Kag of what they experienced in the cave on God's Fire. When the bright light was gone, so was Steve's body and the pyre. All that was left was the brilliant red and gold cloth that was draped over Steve's body. Paul fainted and was carried by Klir into Tork's lair. The entire assembly was stunned and knew they just witnessed a powerful act of the gods.