Darkness and Light


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Chapter 11, Confusion

Paul didn't know what to do or how to feel. He felt anger and furry for loosing Steve and at the gods for not giving him the power to cure him. Even though it wasn't his nature, he truly wanted Yokus dead. He pushed Klir and Jerd away from him, not wanting anything to do with pleasuring. Aurin even tried getting him to forget his angry thoughts by studying some scrolls, but Paul just cursed them and the gods, angry at himself for getting involved in this mess.

Aurin was the one who read into Paul's feelings and saw the hate growing and the bitterness. He searched for guidance and after deep meditation and searching through scrolls, knew Paul had to return to God's Fire to have his heart and mind healed by the gods, otherwise the hatred and anger could build to a point that Paul would become the evil threat as Jeral had.

Aurin told Klir, Tork, Cytis, Sage and Stohl of the need to get Paul back to God's Fire and why. They listened carefully, all concerned for Paul. Bog had found his hybrid mate, a very large hybrid cyclops named Brol and they were already preparing to leave Tork's lair and go to Bog's former lair. Raymar was just about attached to Seb. Seb and Arg began preparations for the boarmen to return to their camp and continue on with their lives as before. Seb and Arg offered to help Paul in any way, but Aurin thought that the fewer involved the better. The hybrid clan leaders organized their people and headed to their new homelands filled with a purpose and feeling of self pride. They no longer thought of themselves as oddities, but as a new group of species in the lands of the demigods. Arrangements were made for keeping each other informed and establish good lines of communication from the lands of Aurin to the lands of the boarmen. There was much to do, including the marking of each territory as agreed.

Cytis and Klir tried to get Paul to pleasure with them, but Paul would have none of it. Finally, seeing that sexual advances and muscle flexing wasn't working, they lost patience and just grabbed Paul, kicking and screaming, Cytis held his mouth open and Klir made Paul swallow a good dose of the healing pod liquid. Aurin suggested it knowing Paul would never go willingly to God's Fire, so he had to be drugged. Klir and Cytis both felt terrible overpowering Paul like they did. They both sensed the anger and hate that filled Paul. Klir knew it had to be dealt with or else it would eat Paul up completely. Stohl had told them about John back in Paul's world and how deeply Paul and he had bonded, in spite of Paul's binding with Steve. They could understand how Paul could be torn between 2 mates. Aurin suggested that it was all part of the gods plan seeing in advance what would happen to Steve, how Paul would react and how he would have to be healed and finally understand. Once Paul was in a deep sleep, Klir licked his body, wanting so desperately to help Paul through this agony. He fashioned a harness to hold Paul against the front of his body to carry him all the way to God's Fire mountain.

Aurin, Cytis, Sage, Stohl, Jerd and Gron went with Klir and Paul. Tork and Kag remained at the lair to reestablish their bonds with their expanded family, the original hybrids that joined them and didn't want to leave with their clans. Tork gave them the full option, releasing the ones that wished to go with their clans from any bond they had with him from the spells and rituals. Tork and Kag would pleasure with the remaining hybrids, reinforcing the bond they would all have for each other.

The group moved quickly through the woods only stopping to wash, drink and eat before heading off again. Whenever Paul would stir against Klir's abs and pecs, Aurin would give him another dose of the liquid. It took them 3 days to reach the base of God's Fire. They had a serious discussion about how they could get Paul to the top unharmed and know it was what the gods wished. Aurin said they had to make camp, offer sacrifices and the gods would make it known to them. All of the sacrifices known to the demigods involved giving up nectar, as much of it as was possible, spreading it on a special tree twigs and setting them on fire. The smoke would rise up and be either acceptable to the gods or not. It wasn't performed all that often as there were few shamans left amongst the various demigod groups and a good number of them like cyclops and ogre rarely joined into any type of village or clan grouping, they were primarily loners. Aurin did his best, training selected satyrs as shamans and now would assist the hybrid clans in selecting and training their own shamans, hopefully continuing the long traditions.

Aurin had them all collect as many of the special tree twigs and small branches as they could handle. He wiped every one of them across all of Paul's body as he recited special incantations. Everyone had to wash completely in the river, staying naked once washed. He had collected a certain berry that he mashed and made into a liquid paste. He used leaves from the special tree to smear the berry paste on everyone's tongue, again reciting an incantation. He rubbed all of Paul's now washed and naked body with the berry pulp and forced some berries into Paul's mouth, squishing them just as he placed them in. He covered all of Paul's head in the twigs and leaves of the special tree most solemnly. All of them formed a circle around Paul and worked themselves up into a heightened state of sexual excitement. Paul would have drooled to see so many massive cocks over his body, stroking and rubbing, elixir falling from the tips of their cocks on various parts of his body. Aurin took larger branches and twigs and covered Paul's abs with them and spread out a pile of leaves over Paul's heart. Aurin had them all chanting over and over again a series of words none of them understood. As they continued they all seemed to feel a heightened sexual awareness and sensitivity of their skin. Even the slight breeze that blew past their bodies, felt sexual and stimulating. They all produced more and more elixir as a result. The rhythm and volume of their chanting kept getting louder and faster. They all gasped at the same time and began covering Paul and the branches with huge loads of nectar that didn't seem to want to stop. When finally they finished one by one, they collapsed to the ground, totally drained and exhausted. Klir and Cytis were the last ones to go down and the ones that produced the greatest amount of nectar. Aurin regained his composure and began circling Paul's body, touching it with a branch, stepping over the sprawled out muscled bodies on the ground. Paul and the others stayed like that for hours and did not move as if they were all in a deep trance. Aurin was the only one moving around. He stopped as he was nearest Paul's cock and gently brushed it with the branch. He dipped his fingers in the berry mixture and using his finger tips, gently began swirling it all around Paul's cock head, down one side, up another, over and over until Paul's entire cock was covered in the berry mixture. Aurin dipped his finger into a pool of each one's nectar and added that to the berry mixture, continuing the covering of Paul's cock. When he was satisfied that Paul's cock was totally covered, he gently placed his fingers on Paul's cock head and slowly moved them down and around the head then down and up the shaft, over and over, slowly and gently. Paul's cock was throbbing and his elixir was flowing faster and faster, mixing with the berry liquid pooled around the base of his cock and in his pubes. It took nearly an hour before Paul's cock couldn't handle the intense feelings and began to shoot loads of his nectar. Aurin had the palm of his hand over the top of Paul's cock so that his nectar hit his hand and fell back down to Paul's pubes and cock. When Paul's body stopped shaking and he started to breath slower, Aurin wrapped his index finger and thumb around the base of Paul's shaft and squeezed as he slid his hand slowly up the shaft, taking the last drops of Paul's nectar from his cock. Aurin then dipped his fingers into each pool of nectar and into Paul's nectar pool smearing it on Paul's forehead and on his mouth, until both had a thick layer of the nectar. Aurin slid each twig and branch over Paul's body, soaking the nectar into the twigs and branches. He made a small altar of sorts out of small stones and a large flat stone on which he placed the remainder of the berry mixture and then the twigs and finally the branches. He sat at Paul's feet and continued with an incantation until the sun began to set. Cytis, Klir, Stohl, Jerd and Gron woke from their trances and knelt down around Paul's body. They saw how it was covered in a smear of berry and nectar juices, leaves in certain places and the pile of twigs and branches on the small altar. They looked at Aurin somewhat confused and saw him staring at the sky and his incantation almost sounded like a pleading to them. They all knew not to question what was happening, as Aurin would tell them if they needed to know or were allowed to know. If this would help Paul then they would do anything Aurin asked or told them to do without question.

Aurin stood, looked at each of them and smiled. He walked to the altar and took 2 stones which he struck together making sparks. The sparks ignited some dry grass under the twigs and branches which started the twigs and then branches burning. When the fire seemed to reach the twigs, its color changed to a very brilliant red. When the branches began to burn, the flames turned to a fire ice brilliant blue color. It was all burning and yet the branches and twigs weren't consumed. Klir and Jerd were told to stretch out their arms and hold them over Paul's chest and head. Things seemed to become very quiet as Aurin was no longer chanting. All that could be heard was the breathing and heartbeats of all there and the hissing and burning branches and twigs. Suddenly, the flame seemed to shoot across Paul's body, under the outstretched hands of Klir and Jerd, from his head to his toes. The fire then retreated back to the altar and the flames got much higher and turned into a bright gold color and a thick smoke and embers were shooting up towards the top of God's Fire. They looked up and could see the normal light at the top of the mountain got much brighter and it too changed colors just like the flame. There was a rushing loud sound and then the flames, twig and branches were all gone. Paul's entire body was like it was washed clean, no sign of any burns or smudge marks from soot. Klir and Jerd's eyes were open very wide and their hands were trembling, not sure what just happened but knowing what they saw was real as they felt the heat of the fire move past their outstretched arms and hands.

It is all good my brothers,” Aurin said with a smile. “The gods have accepted the sacrifice and have given their instructions. Klir and Jerd are to climb to the top of God's Fire carrying Paul, place his body at the entrance to the sacred cave, each take out 2 green stones from the urn of gems and place them on top of Paul's chest and stomach. You must move away from the mouth of the cave backwards, keeping your heads bowed down to the ground. When you are clear of the cave opening you will kneel down, your foreheads are to touch the ground and wait until the gods have finished with Paul.”

Klir and Jerd told Aurin they understood and went to put on their loin clothes. '

No, you must go as you are now, naked as the gods created you,” Aurin said.

They looked surprised but obeyed. Klir picked up Paul and placed him over his shoulder, placing one hand on his ass to keep him in place. Jerd turned and started up the steep slope of the mountain and Klir followed. Jerd and Klir both kept sliding and falling on the sharp shale like stones, cutting and stabbing at their knees and shins, digging into their hands and arms as they tried to gain some traction and stop themselves from falling. It was a long and painful climb for both of them. Klir wasn't expecting it to be like this as his last climb was fairly easy and uneventful. He remembered Aurin saying it was as the gods wanted. Klir would not question the will of the gods, especially now that he had witnessed their power first hand. When they finally reached the top of the mountain, they moved to the mouth of the cave where shards of brilliant light of all differing colors were shooting out. Klir and Jerd turned after Klir laid Paul at the mouth of the cave and put their hands into the bowl of gems, feeling the searing heat but neither of them pulled their hands out until they held the proper stones. They placed them on Paul's chest and abs, bent down low bowing their heads and moved backward away from the cave entrance. They knelt down and lowered their heads so their foreheads were touching the ground. Both were somewhat surprised when their cocks got very hard and began leaking loads of elixir without being touched by their hands. They couldn't see Paul's body being lifted up and taken into the cave. They could see reflections of brilliant light still shooting out but even brighter and the colors seemed to stay with blue, gold and red. It sounded like very loud rumbles of thunder were coming from the cave and the ground shook. Things seemed to settle down after a time, the lights going back to their original brightness and colors. Neither of them knew when to get up and look to see if Paul was okay or ready to leave. Suddenly, Klir and Jerd felt the gentle touch of Paul's hand on their heads.

Rise my brothers and protectors,” Paul said in a calm voice. “The gods and I are very pleased and grateful for the depth of your love for me. All is now well and I owe you all so very much for having faith. Come, share your love with me and then we shall join our other loving brothers.”

Klir looked surprised and shocked, but quickly smiled when he heard the “share your love” part. Jerd had the exact same reaction. They stood up and both embraced Paul, nearly crushing him in between their muscled bodies. Paul kissed each one passionately and they did the same to Paul and each other. Paul provided each of them with the largest loads of nectar he had ever given them and it seemed to have much more of an effect on them, heightening their pleasure senses. Klir had Paul over his body as Jerd was on top of Paul, slowly moving his cock in and out of Paul's ass while Klir flexed slowly and kissed Paul. Paul's cock was being stimulated by the flexing abs of Klir and the motion of Jerd's body moving him up and down Klir's abs. All 3 of them were sent into a super heightened state of pleasure. When Jerd filled Paul with his nectar, Klir slid his cock into Paul after Jerd pulled his out. Klir filled Paul quickly with his nectar and kept his cock deep inside Paul, letting his nectar get absorbed. Paul had a large smile on his face as he finally was breathing instead of panting and he passed out from the intensity of the pleasuring they had just had. They laid there for some time, a body sandwich with Paul in the middle. The sun was beginning to shine when they woke up, hugged and kissed more and Paul said they should go back down to their loving brothers. Klir hadn't noticed before but he no longer was wearing the gem bracelets on his wrists. They had come off when he placed his hands back into the bowl of gems. Paul was back to his old self as far as Klir and Jerd were concerned. He even jumped on Jerd's back, wrapping his arms over Jerd's shoulders, playing with Jerd's pecs and pinching his nipples.

When they reached the bottom of the mountain, they walked around the base until they saw the camp. Klir shouted to them and Aurin shouted back, waving like he was trying to get someones attention. Cytis, Stohl and Gron all jumped up and ran towards Klir, Jerd and Paul.

Greetings my brothers of love,” Paul said as he kissed and hugged each of them. “I am fortuneate indeed to have such loving, caring brothers as you all are. You have saved me from joining the ranks of evil. I know much now and understand that it was always written in the ancient scrolls that it had to happen as it did. Sacrifice comes in many forms and there are prices that have to be paid for favors from the gods even if our destiny is driven by them. I know now that I come from a long line of humans gifted with the special powers that come to the aid of the ancient ones when needed. Steve will always live in my heart. I still feel sad and miss him so terribly much, but at least now I can say I do understand and the anger and hate are gone.”

Welcome back my son,” Aurin said hugging and kissing Paul. “We could not let you move into the realm of evil, consumed by anger and hatred. I knew that was not in your nature and you needed the help of the gods to see that. Welcome back to us.”

Cytis and the others shouted and bellowed, taking kisses and lifting Paul as they spun him around and around.

I think I am ready for us to go home,” Paul laughed. “I feel a need to apologize to Tork, Sage and the others.”

No, there is no need,” Aurin said hugging Paul again. “All knew of your deep hurt and loss. No one denied you your right to grieve and show your agony. We all understand and only wanted you to come back to us as you came to us, joyful and full of love.”

Thank you Aurin, I think I needed to hear that,” Paul said hugging Aurin. “Still, it would be so good to play in the pool of swirling waters and drink wine and beer!”

They all shouted and bellowed their agreement. Camp was broken and they headed back to the lair of Tork.

The journey back to Tork's lair was uneventful. Paul took the opportunity to notice things he had ignored up until now. There was a great abundance of animal life, quite a few animals he had never seen before. He already knew the plant life was abundant and varied, but he hadn't notice how beautiful a great many of the plants and flowers were in the forest. Aurin was pleased Paul was noticing such things and did his best to inform Paul of what the things were and if relevant, their purpose.

When they finally arrived at Tork's lair, they were greeted by Tork, Kag, Markus and the remaining hybrids and satyr warriors. Kag was so pleased to see the change in Paul, looking like he had when he first arrived. Tork could see the sadness still in his eyes, but knew mourning ones mate wasn't a fast process and sometimes might take an eternity. He couldn't imagine how he would have coped if anything had happened to Kag while he was still human. Tork, Kag and Markus all greeted Paul with long hugs and kisses. Aurin told Tork and Kag how Paul couldn't wait to return, get into the pool of swirling waters and drink beer and wine. There was the perfect excuse for an unplanned feast. Tork grabbed Paul, flipped him over his shoulder and headed to the pool. Klir and Cytis laughed and joined them as Kag, Sage and Markus went to gather up the beer, wine, fruits and plants they would happily consume in between pleasure sharing. Stohl followed Tork and Klir towards the pool and was hugged by Klir, who thanked Stohl again for his care of Paul. As Paul was in the throws of ecstasy from pleasuring with Klir and Stohl, his mind filled with thoughts of John. It was as if he was watching John from some hidden camera, but able to sense and feel what John felt. Even though Paul was on a very intense pleasure high being filled with Klir and Stohl's nectar, tears slowly ran down his cheeks as he felt how lonely and sad John was, how deep his love for Paul was and how he missed him so terribly. Paul suddenly realized that John had nearly the same feelings Paul had about loosing Steve. He knew then that he would have to talk to Aurin about returning to his time. He mentally sent John a feeling of warmth, love and care which he saw John react to, that sexy smile on his face, his eyes closed and his head lifted up. It was just what John needed to make it through a few more days without Paul.

That night as Paul was snuggled in furs with Klir, Jerd and Stohl, he connected with John mentally again. He was thankful that it was night time with John and John was laying in his bed, thinking about the last time he and Paul had made love. John even considered the very first time he met Paul and ended up fucking him, that it was making love, not mindless sex. Paul connected with John's mind and let him know he wanted and needed him. Paul let John know he was going to make love to John and all John was to do was lay there and feel his love. John was a bit startled at first when he actually felt Paul's body on his and Paul's fingers gently moving his hair off his face and stroking his cheeks and lips. John released a long sigh of satisfaction, loosing thoughts of this being impossible as he could really feel it all. He could even smell Paul's scent fill his nostrils as he took in several deep breaths as chills rolled up his body from the gentle and soft movements of Paul on his body. Paul began kissing and gently licking John's neck, then moved slowly to his ear and gently ran his tongue over it and around the outer skin, moved to the other side of John and did the same on that side. He then slowly brushed just the tip of his tongue on John's lips, outlining them softly and gently, finishing with a sweet gentle kiss, their lips almost sparking as they touched. John's massive thick cock was hard and felt as if it was held against his body by Paul's. His precum was flowing and his cock was throbbing, jerking with every gentle touch of Paul's lips and fingers. Paul moved his attention to John's biceps and forearms, slowly moving his tongue and lips up and down, around each flexed muscle, then John's palms and fingers, sucking each finger in gently and slowly rubbing his tongue around it. John gasped and moaned as Paul then moved up John's arm, crossed over his chest and repeated his torture with John's other arm. John felt his arms being pushed up over his head slowly and then Paul's face snuggling inside his armpit, then his mouth and tongue teasing and pressing. Paul moved to John's pecs and slowly and gently worshiped each one, moving to John's other armpit. When he was finished there, Paul moved back to John's pecs and nibbled, kissed, licked and felt softly with his fingers. His tongue flicked gently over John's nipples, making them hard. He brushed them with his finger tips making John hiss and raise his chest up. Paul moved his face down John's abs as his fingers played with John's nipples, gently pinching and twirling his index and thumb back and forth. His tongue teased all around John's navel and flicked inside of it. He slowly moved his mouth and fingers down and around one thigh, knee, calf and to the end of John's toes, sucked each toe into his mouth and slowly ran his tongue over and around. Paul moved back up the same leg, slowly crossed over to the other side over John's very large balls, nudging them gently and then repeated the same routine he performed on the other leg. John was now breathing heavy and fast. He felt Paul's hands under his thighs pushing upward so he lifted his thighs up and held them behind his knees. He felt Paul's hands massaging his ass cheeks very gently and then Paul's mouth nibbling here and there on his ass cheeks. His entire body tensed when Paul rubbed his tongue up and down the perineum, slowly and gently moving from behind John's ball sack to the crack of his ass. John wanted so badly to grab on to Paul and pull him up to passionately kiss him, but Paul was in charge. Paul used his thumbs to slowly pull apart John's ass cheeks as his tongue wiggled and licked closer and closer to John's rosebud. When he had John's cheeks wide open, his tongue gently brushed over John's rosebud, putting a bit more pressure after every 3-5 strokes of his tongue. John was panting with “ahhh” over and over, matching the licks of Paul's tongue. John felt Paul's finger gather a glob of his precum from his abs and begin rubbing it on his rosebud. Paul's mouth moved slowly around his balls, sucking each one into his mouth and lavishing them with attention from his tongue, his finger still slowly rubbing around and over John's rosebud. Paul gently put his hand on the base of John's throbbing cock and lifted it up. He ran his tongue slowly and gently around the ridge of the head, over the head and around it, then placed his lips on the very head of John's cock and slowly pushed John's cock head into his mouth, his tongue licking and slashing, very gently. John jerked his hips upward and moaned out very loud. Paul continued that torture for awhile and then slowly started taking more and more of John's cock into his mouth. At the same time, his finger entered into John's ass and was gently poking and rubbing on John's pleasure button. John's head was flopping from side to side, he was panting and moaning, feeling the build up of his cum, knowing it was going to be a very large load. When he came close, he felt Paul's fingers clamp tight on the base of his cock and top of his ball sack. Paul wasn't ready for John to release just yet. John nearly sobbed as his body calmed down from jerking. He was covered in a thick layer of sweat now and while he calmed down, Paul's fingers were running up and down his thighs and abs. John hadn't even noticed that Paul's body moved until his head shot up and his mouth gasped as he felt his cock slowly moving inside Paul's tight, hot ass, his ass muscles spasming all around John's cock. John felt Paul's hand on his pecs and Paul's fingers digging into his thickly muscled, furry, meaty pecs. He felt Paul's mouth on his and his tongue push in, dueling with John's tongue. John reached his arms up and could actually feel them around Paul's back as he passionately kissed Paul as Paul slowly rode fully up and down his entire cock. Paul did that for almost 30 minutes before he started to speed up his thrusts up and down John's cock, John's hips were shooting up on Paul's down stroke, sweat was pouring off of his entire body. He felt Paul sit up, his one hand hard grabbing and massaging the hair on John's abs and then 2 of Paul's fingers were deep inside his ass, poking and rubbing at his prostrate. John's upper body shot up, his mouth opened wide and he actually screamed out as his cock exploded inside Paul's ass. Paul's ass muscles were pulsing and pulling and squeezing as he rode hard up and down John's cock, milking every ounce of John's cum out of it. John collapsed back on the bed, totally drained and spent and totally pleasured. He felt Paul rub his body on his and kiss him gently, the last thing John felt as he drifted off to a deep sleep.

Paul's cock was really dripping elixir and Jerd was more then happy to help Paul with that. He gently swallowed Paul's entire cock and balls, massaged his balls with his tongue and sucked the elixir from Paul's cock. When John started to have his orgasm, Paul had his, Jerd's mouth doing his magic on Paul's cock, not wasting one drop of Paul's nectar. Klir had his huge cock deep inside Paul and he felt the movements of Paul's body, saw Jerd had his mouth over Paul's cock and he slowly moved his hips forward and back as his hand moved up and down Paul's body. Stohl woke and saw what was happening so he turned himself around, laid on his side and fed Paul his leaking cock. Paul had a few orgasms that night and was filled with very large loads of Klir and Stohl's nectar, again.

When John opened his eyes in the morning, he felt the bed with his hands, actually expecting Paul to be lying next to him. He rubbed his eyes and forehead with his hand and when his other hand went down his chest to his cock, he felt the very large, thick pool of his cum covering his chest and abs. He lifted up his head and saw his body hair was matted, the sheets were damp and every inch of his body seemed to tingle. He let his head fall back into the pillow and smiled, then laughed as he knew somehow Paul had been with him through that sorcery stuff he believed in and used. He was pretty well convinced when Paul did the freezing thing with him, but now, he had no doubts anymore. It wasn't just some wet dream or jag off session, nope, Paul was with him and took him to a height of pleasure he had never experienced before.

Paul, Klir, Stohl and Jerd walked to the river when they woke to wash and refresh themselves after a super night of pleasures, again. They acted like teenagers in the river, goofing around and laughing as if nothing was wrong anywhere on the planet. Aurin came to the river and smiled at them, watching for a bit from a distance. He finally walked to the riverbank and called for Paul.

I wish to talk with you Paul,” Aurin yelled. “It is of some importance to you.”

Paul waved and swam towards the shore, got out, shook and brushed the water off and sat down on the grass next to Aurin.

My senses tell me that you have indeed stopped the evil of Jeral, completing your destiny my son,” Aurin said patting Paul on his thigh. “Hybrids coming through the camp have informed me of the chaos throughout Jeral's empire. His Generals and Octarians are fighting amongst themselves, no one, not even Narbo has use of spells or potions. Humans have begun to expel the remaining hybrids and boarmen. Life as it was before Jeral has begun to return.”

Yes, I myself have felt the calm return and the feeling of evil leaving my senses,” Paul said shaking his head. “Of course that was after I understood thanks to your sacrifices and the blessing of the gods. I don't ever want to have those horrible feelings of hate, anger and despair again, Aurin. They still hurt me and it will take some time for the pain to go away.”

Yes, we are all blessed by the gods,” Aurin said hugging Paul. “Your were sent to us and stopped the evil, even though it had a heavy price for you to pay. It is all as it had to be and I think you now understand that. What will you do when you return to your time?”

Well, there is this man, John, who I love and want to be with forever,” Paul said thinking. “Of course after thinking that about being with Steve, I'm a little doubtful that it is possible, but I'm willing now to take whatever I can have. I now understand that just because I want it a certain way, doesn't mean it'll end up that way.”

So, you also have gained knowledge of life,” Aurin said keeping his arm over Paul's shoulder. “That will serve you well in your life. It is good to have dreams and wishes but one must keep in mind fate and destiny aren't sharing the same dreams and wishes. Only a few lucky ones have their dreams and wishes in harmony with fate and destiny. We are all given paths to take when problems are placed in front of us. Which path we take has much deeper consequences then we think. Few ever understand and think back to why something happened. Even fewer stop to ponder if they had taken the wrong path.”

Yes, I know that now Aurin,” Paul said with his head down. “We become so wrapped up in our desires and dreams that we block out whatever guidance and help we are receiving. We close our minds to all things not part of what we think things should be. There are always at least 2 sides to every action and thought, some with more, but none with less. We are pushed to the one we think is the easiest and which one gains us the most status or possessions.”

Well, you have acquired wisdom greater then your years, Paul,” Aurin said with a smile. “Always be aware of the voices inside of you, guiding you. You now have the ability to know when evil tries to seduce you. Maintain your guard and keep what spells you need to live your life safely and with great happiness.”

You mean I'm going to keep being able to use the scrolls and spells?” Paul ask very surprised. “I just assumed once my destiny was fulfilled, that was it, game over.”

No, no game over as you say,” Aurin laughed. “The amulet is a part of you and will always be a part of you Paul. Along with that goes the ability to cast spells. Not huge powerful ones as you cast here, but ones that do good and help others along their life path. You will know when to use them. Never for your own benefit financially or for an evil purpose like revenge. You will not be able to transform yourself or any other human. No guardian will accompany you once you pass back through the portal. You will have descendants who will pass on the inheritance of the amulet and scrolls, in case the gods deem it necessary to have them come into this realm as you did.”

Aurin, I can't have descendants! I'm gay!,” Paul laughed.

Yes, you will Paul,” Aurin said seriously. “Fate and destiny, remember!”

Paul smiled and shook his head, knowing that Aurin wouldn't say a thing like that just because. He knew something of what lies in Paul's future and Paul can now accept that he will have descendants somehow. He couldn't help smiling and giggling when he pictured himself pregnant and John nervously trying to get him to the hospital. Doctor or no, Paul knew when it came to anything like that affecting him, John's macho, self assured, take charge personality vanishes.

So, when do you think I can return to my lands?” Paul asked seriously.

Soon, Paul, very soon,” Aurin said. “Take the time you have with us to bond with your life long friends and learn as much as you can from them. It will all come to benefit you in future.”

Yes, I will Aurin, thank you,” Paul said giving Aurin a big hug.

Oh, and one more thing Paul,” Aurin said still in Paul's hug. “Should the need arise for you to return either because of something wrong in this land or evil threatening your life in your land, you will be shown how to return. You will be able to bring whoever you choose. You are a part of this land now and will always have a sanctuary here my son.”

Paul's eyes lit up and then his face got sad, thinking about Steve and how he might not be dead now if Paul hadn't brought him with. Then he felt in his heart that Steve had to be with him and wouldn't have it any other way. The sadness vanished and he smiled again.

Paul spent the next week or so learning about the capabilities of various plants. He studied which ones were good for pain, for stamina, for rebuilding muscles, and for healing. A lot of them started to seem familiar to him, he just never paid much attention to them thinking as everyone else did, they were weeds. He spent lots of time with Klir, Jerd, Stohl, Cytis and Sage. Tork and Kag were like his adopted brothers or more like parents the way they fussed over him and went out of their way to make certain he didn't even scratch himself. Paul felt he was with family. He was the runt of the litter for sure, but that seemed to make the others love him all the more.

Paul and Aurin finally both agreed it was time for Paul to return to his time and place. Klir was not very happy and argued along with Stohl that they should go with Paul to protect him. Aurin wouldn't allow it and did his best to convince them that no ogres or any other creature of dark sorcery was going to be after Paul. If by some strange chance the do show up, they would be told and sent to Paul's aid. Paul felt so terrible, leaving Stohl his dearest friend and Klir, his loving protector. Jerd was very sad as he ignored all others in Tork's land, only Paul. Paul was his entire world and he felt he had no useful purpose to serve now. Paul and Aurin both talked with Jerd and let him know he would indeed meet a special someone who would sweep him off his feet and become his mate. It seemed to be little comfort to Jerd as it wasn't happening right now and he was about to loose his only purpose in life, Paul.

Tork and Kag arranged a very large feast, inviting a number of the hybrid clans and boarmen as a farewell to Paul. He was given gifts, items made by the hybrids and boarmen, tokens of their affection for him. They also had small statues of themselves carved from wood so Paul would not forget them. Paul shed quite a few tears as he kissed and hugged every one at the feast. He saved Klir, Stohl and Jerd for last, wanting to spend his last night with them. They pleasured all through the night, passionately as if they could capture a piece of Paul that would somehow grow into another Paul who wouldn't leave them. Paul was truly amazed at for how big and muscular and frightening and tough all of them were, they had a hidden sensitive and gentle side that few rarely got the chance to witness. Paul got an idea when he woke up early morning. He asked them if they would like a tattoo on their left pec, near to their hearts that would be their very own private badge of Paul's love and devotion to them and their love and devotion to him. They all were thrilled at the idea, once Paul explained and showed them what a tattoo actually was. He held his amulet and closed his eyes, starting a spell with a simple incantation. He got them worried when he cut his finger and started bleeding, but he assured them it would be just fine. Paul used the blood of his cut finger to trace on their pecs a design that somehow was in his mind. Basically they were all the same with some slight differences. When the design was traced on all of them, Paul moved the amulet over his design and they each felt it burn, but not a very painful type burning. When they looked down after Paul's amulet had stopped glowing, they saw the gift from Paul. They all were very pleased and very proud that they were the only ones who received this mark of Paul and would make certain everyone knew that is what it showed, their special relationship with Paul the Great One.

Finally the day came and Paul said his last good byes to Tork, Kag, Sage, Cytis, Markus and all the others. Aurin, Klir, Stohl and Jerd would be the only ones escorting Paul back to the foot of God's Fire where the portal he came into the land from was waiting for him. It was a 3 day journey and there was no hurry this time. Paul captured every scene they walked through in his mind, forming more memories of his time in the land of the ancients. As they walked, Paul asked Aurin about Narbo.

Poor Narbo, he is so very confused right now,” Aurin said. “He feels deeply depressed at how everything turned out. He's still haunted by what he helped Jeral do and what they did to his own kind. He tasted the bitterness of power and control, seeing it turn against him when he came under the control of Irr. Narbo will eventually tire of being alone and come back to his people and he will be welcomed with open arms. There would be no retribution or revenge as everyone knows it was fate and destiny and Narbo had to experience all he did in order to make him who he will become.”

I wish I had the opportunity to really meet him and get to know him,” Paul said sadly.

If you had, it would not have been a pleasant experience,” Aurin snickered. “Narbo was not what he is now and what he will become. He was power hungry, mean and so willing to push thoughts of right out of his mind.”

From what Kag said, you really would have enjoyed his muscled body,” Stohl laughed.

Oh, and mine wasn't enough?” Klir bellowed.

They all laughed and Paul jumped up on Klir's back, wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed his ears and cheeks as Klir pretended to try and remove Paul from his back. Paul had a quick thought about how Klir would be real match for Dave and Rick. They thought they were so big and powerful, easily out muscling anyone around. He laughed to himself at how Klir would have them in his control very quickly without breaking a sweat. He knew he was going to miss this simple life, no stresses like at home, no worrying about a job or money or any of that stuff, just simple living and surviving. Oh well, he was not of this world and belonged in his own time and place. Things would be back to normal.

They arrived at the spot and Paul gave each a very long kiss and hug, almost being squashed by Klir and Stohl. Stohl and Paul shed a few tears and then Aurin wished Paul well, thanked him for following his destiny and removing the evil from their world. He kissed Paul on his head, spun him around and moved him into the portal. Paul slowly walked through it, his hand being the last thing they saw, waving at them.

Paul stumbled on a rock and noticed the difference in temperature and ground. He knew he was back home, all in one piece and laying on the ground naked. He looked around and remembered where he hid the truck and his extra clothes, held his amulet and recited the spell to make them visible again. He changed his clothes and got into the truck, held the amulet and made the portal disappear. It was still there, just not visible to anyone. Nothing or no one would accidentally fall into it since there was a protective force field around it. The slight sound coming from the force field kept bugs and birds from flying into it and possibly hurting themselves. It wasn't audible by human ears at all. Paul started up the truck and decided to drive straight to John's house. He had to be in his arms and really touching him. It took him some time to drive to John's. He noticed the bedroom light was not on, but there was a glow that was coming from the backyard. Paul quietly moved from his parked truck and tested the side gate. Sure enough, it was still open. He snuck along the walkway until he was just about in the yard. He looked around and there, in the jacuzzi with his head leaning on the padding that faced Paul was his John. He got down on his hands and knees, quietly crept on the ground until he was just below John's head. He slowly moved his upper body up and then leaned his head in and nibbled and licked John's ear. He expected John to jump up or yell, but instead John just sighed a long sigh and mumbled how much he wished he could see and touch Paul for real.

Well, just get your sexy ass out of that jacuzzi and show me how much you want me here,” Paul whispered in John's ear.

John's body stiffend. He wasn't sure if this was real or just Paul sending some magic his way to make him feel better. He slowly turned his head around and Paul kissed him full on his lips. John reached up and wrapped his huge arms around Paul and pulled him into the jacuzzi, against his chest and refused to let go as he kissed Paul again and again.

Its really me lover,” Paul said softly. “How I missed you.”

Oh God, my prayers have been answered,” John laughed and shouted, jumping up and swinging Paul around and around. “Are you here for real now?”

Yes, for real and if you'll still have me, all yours,” Paul said kissing John.

What do you mean all mine? John said seriously pulling Paul away from his body but still held up in the air. “Something has happened hasn't it. Oh my sweet, loving Paul, I don't pretend to know how you feel and all, but know I feel your loss and sadness. Tell me all about it.”

Later big guy. Right now I'd just like to get swallowed up into your body and stay that way all night,” Paul said holding out his arms to pull himself to John's body.

Large swallowing coming right up,” John smiled and just about did swallow Paul into his body as he stepped out of the jacuzzi and laid down on the lawn, covered Paul completely with his body with his arms still around Paul's body and his legs wrapped around Paul's.

Paul had his arms around John's neck and snuggled his face into John's neck and shoulder, holding on so tight that John felt the need Paul had to feel he was really and truly back in John's arms. When John felt Paul's body go limp, he moved his head so he could see Paul's face. As he suspected, Paul was sound asleep. John slowly stood up, carried Paul up to his bedroom and laid him on the king size bed. He carefully removed Paul's clothes, smiled to himself as he visually checked out every inch of Paul. John went down stairs, shut off the lights and locked everything up, went upstairs and removed his shorts before climbing into bed, pulled Paul into his body and wrapped him up again in his arms and legs. John smiled as he heard Paul let out a long sigh, content he was in John's arms.

John had a really hard time sleeping. He kept moving a bit away from Paul, touching his face and body gently and then wrapping him back up. He was so thrilled that Paul came back to him, but then he worried that he had been back for some time and was with Steve. The more he thought about it, the more he realized it didn't really matter. All that mattered was that Paul was here, with him, in his arms and seemed content.

Paul woke as the first light of sunshine came across his face. He wiggled his body into another comfy spot under John's body that was overlapping him. He slowly ran his hand up and down John's massive forearm and bicep, kissing him gently on his neck and shoulder, unable to contain his smile. He felt that secure feeling he had when he was snuggled in Klir's arms, safe from anything that might harm him, not having to worry at all since he was completely protected. Paul looked up at John's face. He moved his hand so his finger could gently run from the tip of John's nose to his lips then trace his lips and chin.

If you keep doing that I'm going to sneeze and probably squish you with my arms and cover your face in boogers,” John said not opening up his eyes.

Boogers? Now what kind of talk is that coming from a surgeon,” Paul laughed. “I hope you don't talk to your patients that way!”

Keep up with that attitude and you just might become a patient,” John said unwrapping his arms and legs from around Paul and stretching out.

Good morning lover,” Paul said scooting up and kissing John on his lips.

Good morning my dream come true,” John smiled and kissed Paul. “When did you come back into our world?”

Just last night,” Paul said snuggling into John's thick hairy pecs. “As soon as I came through the portal and got some clothes on, I got into the truck and came here.”

Wow, you came here, to me first?” John said surprised and holding his upper body up on his elbow. “Didn't you take Steve back to the apartment?”

John saw the look of pain and sadness on Paul's face. He was taken aback by the sudden change.

What happened,” John said holding Paul's chin in his hand.

Very, very long story which I will tell you later,” Paul said with tears in his eyes. “Short version, Steve was killed. He was poisoned by a huge nasty evil creature that used demigods for his pleasure, feeding off their pain and pleasures.”

Oh god, I'm so so sorry baby,” John said hugging Paul tight to his chest. “I can't imagine what that did to you.”

Yeah, it was pretty tough for sure,” Paul said wiping the tears from his eyes. “If it weren't for the patience and love of Aurin and the others, I would have gotten eaten up with my hate and anger.”

You? Hate and anger?” John said actually surprised. “I would never believe it would be possible for you to feel those emotions.”

Well, I did and it took sacrifice by others, intervention by the gods in order for me to understand it all and finally be at peace,” Paul said running his hand on John's face. “But I don't want to talk about that right now. Right now I want to have you inside of me. I want to love you and have you love me, enjoying the here and now of you and me.”

John smiled and pushed Paul gently back down, held his jaw in his hand and began to passionately kiss Paul. Paul's body squirmed when John released his jaw and his hand began exploring Paul's body and Paul's hands explored John's. John took his time and drove Paul absolutely crazy, begging and pleading with him to fill him with his cock and love. John pulled a trick Paul used on him in his dream, slow punishment of his cock and balls with John's mouth and tongue, holding the base of Paul's cock and top of his ball sack tight to prevent him from reaching orgasm. He used his fingers inside of Paul, his mouth and teeth up and down Paul's entire body, all very slowly and gently. John moved himself up Paul's body, his knees straddling Paul, slowly rubbing his precum leaking cock around Paul's face and lips, pulling it away from Paul's mouth whenever Paul tried to devour it. Finally he let Paul slowly take in the head of his leaking cock, little by little, stretching Paul's mouth wide. He saw Paul's eyes looking up at him so he put his hands behind his head and posed for Paul, flexing his mighty biceps, pecs, bulging out his neck and rippling his abs. Paul watched every move, attacking John's cock more and more with each move John made for him. John then put his hand on Paul's head, moved himself back down and lifted Paul's legs up on to his shoulders, looking directly into Paul's eyes he pushed his cock inside of Paul's ass, waited until his sphincter and ass muscles relaxed and pulled it out, only to repeat it over and over, making Paul gasp and shout and beg. John moved his cock in half way and moved his hips in a circular and side to side motion slowly as he darted his cock in and out of Paul. He pulled it all the way out again and waited until he saw that look on Paul's face, his eyes wide like he was wondering why his life support was taken away. He pushed his cock back in, further each time until his pubes were brushing on Paul's ass cheeks. John knew just where Paul's pleasure button was and grabbed on of Paul's legs, moved it towards the side and slowly rocked his cock in and out, massaging right on Paul's prostate. Paul gasped, shouted, moaned and his body jerked as John tortured him with pleasure. John kept watching Paul's cock and balls for any sign he was going to have an orgasm and would stop his movements, clamp on to Paul's cock and balls again until it subsided. Paul was like a madman, wanting to explode but John wouldn't let him. John bent down, passionately kissed Paul, sucked and nibbled on his pecs and nipples, tweaked Paul's nipples in his fingers and massaged Paul's pecs and abs, continuing the long slow strokes of his cock inside Paul's ass. Finally, John pulled Paul into a sitting position while John was kneeling, one arm wrapped around Paul's body and the other under his ass cheek. John began slowly increasing the force of Paul's body up and down his cock, biting into Paul's neck and shoulders as Paul was going wild in John's arms, panting, moaning, screaming and yelling, pleading with John to fill him with his love. Paul couldn't stand the build up of his cum from so many blocked orgasms and finally from his cock being stroked by his and John's abs, he screamed, bit into John's shoulder and his body convulsed as he fired load after load of his cum between their bodies. His ass muscles tightening, his body jerking violently sent John over the top and he squeezed Paul tight as his cock swelled and began filling Paul with his cum. Both of them were covered in a thick layer of sweat. John fell forward and rolled on to his back, never letting go of Paul and keeping his still throbbing cock deep inside Paul.

Welcome home lover,” John whispered.

Its so good to be home,” Paul whispered.

Both fell asleep, not wanting to break from each other, wanting to relish the joining of their bodies. After a half hour nap, Steve moved out of bed, still inside of Paul, walked them to the shower and turned it on. He grabbed the liquid soap and washed Paul as Paul washed him.

Uhhh, don't you think it would be a good idea to unplug me so I can wash your back?” Paul laughed.

Nope, bad idea,” John said with a serious look. “I'm happy just how my cock is, inside of you and you aren't going anywhere.”

Well, its gonna be kind of hard to have breakfast like this,” Paul said.

Why? You can use your hands and mouth,” John said seriously.

John, tell you what,” Paul said holding John's head in his hands. “You unplug me and we can finish our shower, go downstairs, have coffee and make breakfast, heed the call of mother nature and then you can plug me up again.”

Hmmmm, is that a promise?” John said with his eyebrows up.

Yes, a promise, cross my heart,” Paul smiled.

John kissed Paul passionately and slowly moved Paul off of his cock. He reached around Paul's body and washed his back and ass still holding him against his body with one arm. He finally let Paul down and Paul turned John around and made him stoop down so he could wash his back and shoulders. He pushed John up, or rather pushed letting John know he should stand up, moved his hands in between John's thighs and put pressure on them until John spread his legs wide apart. He wasn't ready for Paul to spread his ass cheeks and begin to devour his ass.

Now that's just not fair,” John moaned.

Hush and hold your sexy ass cheeks apart,” Paul said.

As soon as John grabbed on to his ass cheeks, Paul's mouth dove back into John's ass and his hands covered in soap worked on John's cock and balls. Paul managed to get John to shoot a load on to the wall of the shower from him stroking John's cock and his tongue fucking John's ass.

Okay, you can make me breakfast now,” Paul said standing up and slapping John's ass.

I'm supposed to do anything with dangerous tools after that?” John moaned.

Yep, come on, your lover is hungry,” Paul said shutting off the shower and grabbing some towels to dry John and himself off.

John just shook his head and laughed, slapped Paul's ass when he was dry and lifted him up, flopped him over his shoulder and kneaded his ass cheeks as he headed down to the kitchen. He plopped Paul down on top of the island counter, grabbed the coffee pot, got that going and then pulled out eggs and bacon. He asked Paul to tell him what happened while he cooked, so Paul told John everything from the time he arrived in the ancients land till when he returned. John would stop him from time to time to ask some questions, but then ask Paul to continue. When the eggs and bacon were ready, he grabbed Paul in his arms, walked him over to the table and put him down in a chair as he got the breakfast on to plates and served Paul. He didn't forget the coffee as he put the carafe on the table before sitting down.

So this Jeral was a for real sorcerer huh?” John asked.

Yep, for real,” Paul laughed. “He took it to a level no human was ever intended on taking it. When he selfishly decided he was going to become a demigod, well, that was his downfall. I really do admire Aurin for playing along with him, knowing full well the gods would not allow it.”

Well, how come Kag was able to become a demigod then? He was human wasn't he?” John asked.

Ah, but see, that was different,” Paul explained. “You see, Tork and Kag were in love, really in love. Tork knew he would loose Kag as humans die not only from old age, but also from disease and injuries, which is a reality when around those huge demigods. They didn't have any evil intentions at all, just a desire, a deep down from the depths of their heart desire to stay mated forever. If their feelings weren't for real, the gods would have rejected their request. They approved of Kag's desire and his payment was for him to die in order to become a demigod, which turned out to be a huge price Tork had to pay in order for it to become a reality. Tork felt and saw the agony of Kag's death and then him being reborn as a demigod.”

Boy, sure sounds complicated,” John said seriously. “So where are all these demigods now if they're immortal?”

Right where I left them silly,” Paul laughed. “They are in I guess what we'd consider a separate dimension. That's why I had to go through the portal to get there and back. The gods arranged it all after awhile after seeing how humans were developing and where it would all lead. They thought the best was to keep things as they should be would be to separate as it were the time of the demigods and the advancements of humans. I can't be certain, but I think their time runs on a different sort of clock, much slower then ours. I don't fully understand it, but I do know it exists and sure know not to question it now. It is what it is and we'll probably never fully understand any of it.”

Okay, so why exactly did you have to go there?” John asked with raised eyebrows.

Well, from what I can remember, I'm descended from a long, long line of humans who were specifically picked by the gods to return to the land of the ancients if the demigods ever got into trouble that might cause an end to their existence. Generation after generation are handed down the knowledge they would need to find the amulet and scrolls and eventually the hidden temple like I did, if it was needed. Jeral set the wheels in motion and it probably would have settled down if Narbo would have just gone on after inheriting Jeral's empire and lots of his knowledge, but with Narbo coming under the control of Irr, all bets were off. Irr was mean, vicious and more power hungry then the worst tyrant ever known to man. He would have destroyed not only the remaining humans but also the demigods, setting himself up as a rival to the gods themselves.”

Boy, that's some heavy shit alright,” John shook his head.

Well, is that your professional opinion doctor?” Paul said trying to look serious.

John gave Paul a funny look and then leaped up and locked his head in a headlock and brushed his knuckles over Paul's head. Paul did his best to get loose, but there was no way he could out muscle John. John managed to easily get Paul into his arms like he was a baby, holding him tight to his body as he showered Paul with kisses.

Well, I for one am very glad you did your duty and things worked out well. Well, except for Steve I mean, but overall,” John said feeling horrible about what he said.

Hey, its okay John, really,” Paul said holding John's face in his hands. “It all happened as it had to and I'm okay with that. Yeah, I miss Steve and feel awful that he died, but I can't bring him back and I know if he wasn't with me, I wouldn't have been at my best since my mind would have been with you and Steve. It had to be that way, so its okay.”

John had tears in his eyes and passionately kissed Paul. He walked them out to the backyard and got into the pool, still holding on to Paul and kissing him. He slowly twirled around and around as they kissed passionately, but with tears running down their cheeks. John turned Paul around in his arms and held him tight against his body as his cock began pushing up inside Paul's ass cheeks. Paul reached his arm down and back, grabbed hold of John's thick, throbbing cock and guided the head to his rosebud. The large load of precum that was coming out of John's cock, helped to lubricate Paul's ass making it easy for John's cock head to slide inside of Paul. Paul gasped and held his breath as the whole of John's cock head went inside him. He let his rosebud calm down and get used to John's cock head before moving his body down so more of John's cock could slide into him. John let Paul control the movement. Paul was so surprised that even after having John inside of him for the entire night and the huge cocks he had inside him while on his mission, it still felt like it was the first time he took all of John's thick, monster cock up his ass. It was heaven to Paul and to John, both panting as more and more of John's cock filled Paul, rubbing and pushing against his prostrate, sending ripples of pleasure all through Paul's body. They made love several times before laying on the grass in a tight embrace and falling asleep.

Paul told John he had to go back to the apartment and tell Tom what happened to Steve. He wasn't looking forward to it, but knew it was something he had to do. He was thinking that maybe with the help of the amulet, he could still use a spell that would help Tom to understand and not become angry or bitter over Steve's death. John insisted on going with Paul and wouldn't discuss it at all, he was going and that was the end of the discussion.

When they got into the parking lot of the apartment, Paul noticed the apartment lights were on, which meant Tom had to be home. He kissed John, took a deep breath and held on to amulet for support and guidance. John quickly walked around the truck and put his arm across Paul's shoulders. When the got to the apartment door, as Paul was turning the key, Tom opened up the door and grabbed Paul into a tight hug.

I'm so sorry for what happened to you and Steve,” Tom said with tears in his eyes. “Stohl came and explained it all to me. I know Steve died saving you and that saved all the rest, so he died a hero. I heard how you went crazy for a time and they had to get the gods to help you through it all. Damn I'm so glad you came back.”

I'm sorry too Tom,” Paul said with tears running down his face. “I didn't expect Stohl to visit you. Hell, I didn't know he came through the portal. But that doesn't matter, all that matters is that you don't hate me.”

Hate you? How the hell could I hate you?” Tom said hugging Paul again. “I know how much Steve loved you and no matter what you would have said or done, he wasn't going to let you out of his sight again after the biker shit. I knew that and understand. I admire you guys for having that deep a feeling for each other, its truly something rare and special.”

Oh, stupid me,” Paul said wiping his tears off his cheeks. “Tom this is John, John, Tom.”

John put out his hand to shake Tom's but Tom just grabbed John into a tight hug.

Thanks for being so good to Paully,” Tom said. “Steve would be super happy knowing Paul had someone who loved him.”

Well, thanks Tom,” John said now hugging Tom back. “I'm sure loosing Steve was just as painful for you as it is for Paul. My deepest sympathy.”

Thanks for that. Yeah, I mourn for Steve, but it was Paul who was his whole life, not me. We were good friends for a long, long time, not lovers,” Tom smiled.

I see, but still, I'm sure its like loosing family,” John said.

That it is, for sure,” Tom said with a smile.

Well, enough of this, come on in!” Tom said pulling John inside the apartment.

So Stohl came here to see you?” Paul asked seriously.

Yeah, that he did,” Tom said with a strange smile. “Tell yah one thing about those satyrs, they sure know how to help you through grieving. He told me somebody called Aurin had him come to see me so I would understand what happened and it wasn't your fault at all. He gave me this pendant to wear for awhile that would help me get past it all and have great dreams of Steve, which it has already done.”

Wow, leave it to Aurin to take care of things for me,” Paul laughed. “I'm glad he did and that you got to see Stohl again.”

Tom and Paul got something for them to drink and nibble on. John wanted to take them out to eat, but neither Tom nor Paul were hungry. After long talks and drinking Tom and John helped Paul pack up his scrolls and personal items which they loaded up into Paul's truck. John let Tom know he was always welcome to come to John and Paul's home whenever he liked, which put a smile on Paul's face. He like the way John said “John and Paul's home.”

They all hugged and kissed as John and Paul got into the truck. None of them noticed an expensive SUV in the parking lot with someone inside, watching.