Darkness and Light


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Chapter 13, Evil Returns

Klir just couldn't shake this feeling he began developing deep down inside of him that made him feel more and more like Paul was in danger. He tried very hard to ignore it knowing Paul was back in his own world and was surely under the protection of his lover John. No matter what he tried, the feeling just stayed there, even building it seemed. He decided he needed to seek out Aurin and find out what this meant. He knew he was bonded to Paul for Paul's protection, but didn't understand why he would have these feelings with Paul back to his own world.

Jerd meanwhile started having the exact same feeling building inside him that Paul was in some sort of danger. Klir, Stohl and he were all given the special tattoo on their left pec as a sign of their bonding (Darkness and Light, Chapter 10 – Confusion). None of them knew just how much of a bond that tattoo represented and the power it had for the protection and well being of Paul. Jerd just happened to be visiting Aurin and his home tribe when he began to get the strong feelings. He finally went to Aurin and asked him what it meant. Aurin grew concerned and felt he had to use a spell and incantation to find the answer. Klir headed back to Tork's den to see if he or Kag had any idea what this meant. Stohl became very worried about these feelings and it was all Tork and Kag could do to keep him calm.

Aurin, Jerd, and Klir all were heading at the same time toward Tork's den. When they finally all arrived to the happy surprise of Tork and Kag, all of them became truly concerned when they found out all 3 of the demigods Paul bestowed the tattoo on had the exact same feelings that Paul was in some sort of danger. Aurin went off to a secluded spot where he burnt special twigs and leaves and recited an incantation until he was in a deep trance. Klir, Jerd and Stohl were with him for his protection and to find out what it all meant.

Craiglon had Dave taken back to his apartment by a few of his men with instructions that he was to contact his close friend Jack and tell him he needed his help. Dave did as instructed having been completely hooked on hybrid nectar and very quickly learned that if he did not please Craiglon he would be cut off. Dave called Jack and got him to understand he needed Jack's help but couldn't tell him over the phone why, he had to tell him in person. Jack being the friend he was to Dave immediately left for Dave's apartment. Once he arrived, Craiglon's men injected him with a very strong sedative and loaded him and Dave back into a van and went back to the estate. When Craiglon examined Jack, he was most impressed with his size, obviously a powerful brute. He decided he didn't have a lot of time to spend conditioning Jack as he did Dave, especially since Dave was initially a test subject and now that he knew his plan would work, just wanted Jack to be under his complete control just like Dave. He decided to let the Ogre hybrid and Cyclops hybrid play with Jack and insure he ended up completely dependent on their nectar. Craiglon then set into motion the main part of his plan to get Paul under his complete control by use of his lover John.

John received a special invitation to an exclusive conference just for Orthopedic Surgeons, supposedly arranged by the World Health Organization, sponsored by the biggest trust known in medical circles. John had heard rumors about such conferences and knew they were only meant for the elite of the field. He was thrilled he received the invitation, although somewhat confused by the condition he not provide any details to any of his colleagues or close loved ones, or else risk disqualification from attending. He laughed when he read the recommended explanations given that he could use. He never heard of that before but figured with such a high brow organization, they had their reasons and it was best not to fuck things up by breaking their rules. He immediately knew Paul would be upset that he couldn't go with him or stay in contact on a daily basis, but since it was only for a week or so, he felt Paul would understand. He wasn't worried about Paul's safety as he felt Thomas and Jacob would make sure nothing happened to Paul.

Craiglon called in Thomas and Jacob to brief them on the start of his plan. He wanted them to make certain Paul was kept distracted and pleasured often so that he didn't spend a lot of time concerned about John. Both Jacob and Thomas had to really suppress how much it pleased them both that they had such an assignment as they both felt strongly about Paul. Jacob just by chance noticed the quick smile on Thomas' face when they were told and thought it curious since Thomas was supposed to be unseen by Paul per John's instructions. When they left the estate, Jacob suggested they have lunch together to coordinate their assignments. At the restaurant, Jacob couldn't help but bringing the subject up.

So Tom, I couldn't but help notice the quick smile on your face when Craiglon told us we had to keep Paul pleasured and distracted,” Jacob said seriously. “What was up with that?”

Oh, so you noticed did you?” Thomas said with a look of anger on his face. “Yeah, so what of it?”

Well, no big deal, just I thought John wanted you to be unseen by Paul,” Jacob explained.

Yeah, well, shit happens,” Thomas laughed. “I followed Paul to the gym and couldn't help but notice how he was really into my body big time, so I just couldn't resist seeing just how much he was into me. I have to tell you, that was the best fucking time I had ever had in my life!”

I hear yah,” Jacob laughed. “Having sex with Paul is no real job for sure. That sexy guy knows how the hell to make you feel like a god don't he?”

No shit,” Thomas said with a look like he was in deep thought. “I would really like to make him happy. I know its dumb, but I can't help feeling super protective of Paul and do whatever it takes to protect him.”

Yeah, we're both in deep shit it seems,” Jacob said seriously. “I feel the same, except I also admire and am jealous of John. I never met anyone as kind and caring as they are to each other. Shit, every time I'm around them I feel like I'm living in some sort of love fest movie.”

That good huh?” Thomas asked. “Wow, don't think I've ever been around that either. Must be nice huh?”

Sure is,” Jacob said. “How the hell could this happen. It was supposed to be a simple sex romp now and again and keep some guy safe from us!”

Ain't it the truth,” Thomas laughed. “I feel sorry for anybody who would dare to come near Paul with a look that meant they'd harm him. Shit, I almost jumped on that Dave guy when he grabbed Paul and spun him around and kissed him.”

You saw that Dave guy?” Jacob asked. “Damn, Craiglon had him taken in and worked over. One of his clean up operations I heard.”

Oh shit,” Thomas said seriously. “This is not gonna be a good thing for Paul and John I just know it.”

Well, we have to play our cards tight and not give Craiglon any idea we are attached to Paul and John, or else we're both history,” Jacob said seriously.

You're right,” Thomas agreed. “Think all we'll be able to do is keep Paul as safe as we can and help him and John when the times right. Man I feel for John. Don't envy him what he's gonna go through at Craiglon's hands.”

Well, so we both have to make sure Paul is kept happy and when the time is right, let him know we are on his side,” Jacob said.

That's a plan alright,” Thomas agreed. “Okay, so how do we work this out?”

Well, you can get yourself invited to the house once John is away and I can put an idea in Paul's head that its cool,” Jacob said thoughtfully. “I can even suggest a 3 way maybe. Have to see how Paul feels about that.”

I think that'll be pretty easy based on how Paul was last we met up,” Thomas said. “Maybe we can play things by ear and just go with the flow so to speak.”

They shook hands and went to their assignment spots, Thomas outside John's house and Jacob inside. Thomas wanted to be able to have Paul to himself for a bit so he planned on getting Paul to come to his apartment for some fun.

John wasn't quite sure how to tell Paul he was going to a conference and Paul wouldn't be able to get in contact with John for a bit. He figured it would be much easier to just tell Paul its some government project they want his advice and expertise in, something to do with field injury surgery in a battle situation. Yeah, that sounded official and sort of hush hush. He hoped Paul wouldn't ask a bunch of questions which would put John in a very uncomfortable position. He figured it just had to come down to Paul trusting John. When he arrived at the house, Paul was in the jacuzzi, going over some notes from a pending field trip or something. Jacob was finishing up dinner and John made it a point to inform him that he would be gone for awhile and he expected Paul to be kept safe and “entertained.”

Jacob said he fully understood, asked a few general questions, even though he already knew where John would really be working or worked over. John went up to their room and quickly changed, headed outside to greet Paul.

Hey my sexy guy,” Paul said happily as he spotted John coming out of the house. “How was your day?”

Kind of hectic to be honest,” John said with a sigh. “Had a number of meetings with some big brass types from the military and Surgeon General's Office, all super hush hush and all that silly stuff.”

Wow babe, sure sounds like important stuff,” Paul said seriously. “Come on in here and tell me what you can about it while I do my best to distract you!”

Now that sounds like the best offer I've had all day!” John said running and then taking a leap into the jacuzzi.

John landed just perfect, quickly scooting in between Paul's legs and up against his body.

Distract away if you please,” John said somewhat formally.

As you wish you weird ass doctor,” Paul said smacking John on his head. “Don't you know you could hurt yourself real bad with stunts like that. What if you slipped wrong and cracked you sexy hot head on the ledge or broke those hot, hairy muscled legs on the sidewalls, or..”

Uh huh, yeah, my bad...” John said in between turning around and licking, kissing and nibbling on Paul's face, neck and ears. “Am I gonna be punished?”

You'd love that wouldn't you!” Paul laughed swinging his body on top of John's and wiggling his ass cheeks on top of John's hardening cock.

My my my, what have we here,” John said with a serious but goofy look on his face as his hand played with Paul's hard cock. “Is somebody getting all excited and maybe horny I hope?”

Paul passionately kissed John as he reached behind, got John's now hard cock and put it up against his rosebud, slightly lifted his hips up and then forced them down forcing John's cock deep inside his ass. John's head flew back and he let out a loud moan and growl before wrapping his arms tight around Paul's waist and while holding him tight and kissing, rammed Paul's body up and down his cock. Paul and John got into a kind of sex frenzy, their actions getting rougher by the minute until Paul's head flew back, he screamed out and began shooting his load. He squeezed his ass cheeks tight as he was cumming which set John off, filling Paul with load after load of his cum. They finally slowed down and began passionate, gentle kissing and touching.

Wow, it never seems to get old with you,” John whispered in Paul's ear as he gently licked and nibbled on it. “I have to be the luckiest guy on earth to have you in my life Paul.”

No, that's me with you in my life John,” Paul said moaning and nuzzling his face into John's neck. “Someone up there really has looked out for me and brought me the man of my dreams for keeps.”

Yeah, for keeps, and don't you ever loose that thought my lover and better half,” John said holding Paul's face in his hands so they were nose to nose.

Damn, you have the neatest way to say hello,” Paul giggled.

Hey, takes practice,” John said seriously. “The more I work at it the better I should get don't yah think?”

Yeah, I think,” Paul laughed. “So, what was this big wig meeting thing about?”

Well, I can tell you that they singled me out for my expertise, I'll have you know,” John said lifting his face towards the sky and sounding very proud. “Kind of blew my mind I have to admit. Didn't realize those people even knew I existed till now. Almost scary you know?”

Yeah, when you put it that way, sure is,” Paul said seriously.

Anyway, I'm going to have to go away for a bit for this top secret like conference thing which I can't tell you about,” John said seriously. “I'll be out of touch for awhile, but as soon as I can I will call you, okay?”

So is this where you tell me if you tell me you'll have to shoot me?” Paul said looking scared.

Yeah, and you know how deadly my weapon can be,” John said nipping at Paul's nose. “I never did anything like this baby, my whole life. Its important stuff I know and suppose what I come up with could save lives.”

Well, I'm very proud of you John,” Paul said hugging John. “Its about time those jerks way up there realize what a prize you are and how great you are as a surgeon.”

Thanks, didn't know you cared,” John said with a grin.

What? Boy, you are SO lucky I'm in a good mood buster,” Paul said pushing away from John with his hands on John's shoulders.

Yeah, I know I am, for sure,” John said biting at Paul's nipples.

So seriously, when are you leaving?” Paul asked.

Well, here's the bad part,” John said with a worried look. “They want to pick me up at the office tomorrow morning by 9 o'clock a.m.”

Wow, sure has to be a big deal to happen that fast, huh?” Paul said with a concerned look. “Nothing dangerous right?”

No lover, nothing dangerous,” John laughed. “Promise, no tanks of grenades or rocket stuff. Just high brow surgery junk.”

You just wow me with your medical jargon speak,” Paul said with a funny look. “High brow surgery junk sure sounds like stuff a well respected famous surgeon would say.”

Yeah, its hard to stay at a level normal humans can understand,” John said looking up at the sky with a smug look.

Paul laughed and bit John's chin.

Hey, now how would that look if I showed up tomorrow with half my chin gone?” John said rubbing his chin.

Probably get asked how much of a smart ass you were,” Paul said laughing.

Okay, enough from me, how was your day?” John said standing up and lifting Paul up locked in his arms.

Pretty good actually,” Paul said. “Going over some submissions of my grad students for new digs and stuff.”

That sounds interesting,” John said as he grabbed a towel with one hand and began to wipe Paul's down.

Yes and no,” Paul said as he grabbed a towel and began drying John off, still locked in his arms. “Kind of gives me a good idea of who is an idiot and who is on the ball.”

Grad student idiots?” John laughed. “Just like some stuffy assed department head would say.”

Stuffy assed? Boy, for somebody who just got bitten, you sure don't catch on very quick do you,” Paul said holding John's head in his hands.

Okay, okay, no bites on the face,” John said worried. “What would the government think?”

Oh, so now that's gonna be a safe card huh?” Paul laughed. “Well, we'll just have to see about that. I'm sure Jacob is waiting on us for dinner. What say we finish getting dried off and see what magical concoction Jacob has whipped up.”

Jacob was indeed waiting on them to serve dinner. Paul insisted he join them and they talked and joked around.

That was as usual and excellent meal Jacob,” John said patting Jacob on the shoulder.

Well thank you John, glad you enjoyed it,” Jacob smiled.

Paul and I have some things to take care of since I will be gone for awhile starting tomorrow morning. Meals will be just for you and Paul until I return, unless of course you two decide to throw an orgy or two.”

Hey Paul, we should have thought of that before!” Jacob laughed. “Okay, off with you two, I have to clean up.”

Thanks again for that great meal Jacob,” Paul said kissing Jacob on the cheek. “I need to spend more time in the kitchen with you to learn your magical stuff.”

Anytime you wish,” Jacob said smiling.

Paul and John headed up to their room. John scooped Paul up over his shoulder as he ran up the stairs with Paul smacking his ass cheeks with his hands, laughing and giggling. John laid Paul on the bed, stepped back a few steps and then slowly began muscle posing and undressing. Paul as always watched with his mouth open and his eyes getting wider and wider and a wet spot growing in his shorts. John wanted to give Paul something to remember while he was gone. John had his super sexy look on his face as he moved closer to Paul, reached out and took Paul's right hand and slowly moved it up and down his flexing body, pausing on John's throbbing leaking cock to slowly move his hand from the base to the tip on top and then the underside and then up and down his balls. When Paul tried to move in to kiss John's body, John held him back, torturing Paul with that slow touch move until he had Paul begging him. Finally, John pulled Paul off the bed and began to slowly strip Paul's clothes off, not letting Paul touch him. It was all driving Paul insane with desire. John then used just the back of his hands to slowly feel all of Paul's body, using two fingers to move up and down Paul's throbbing dripping cock and then his hand gently caressing Paul's balls. Paul was moaning and groaning with a super sad look on his face as he really wanted to have John just envelop his entire body and make love to him. John turned Paul around and pulled him close enough to his body so Paul could feel his hairy covered muscles moving against his skin as John's hands continued gently working all of Paul's neck, shoulders, pecs and abs. Paul could feel the head of John's cock moving with each breath across the small of his back, leaving more and more of John's precum.

John's hands suddenly grabbed on to Paul's hips and held him as John began licking, kissing and biting gently Paul's neck and shoulders. He manuevered his cock head against Paul's rosebud and kept gently pushing in and out, covering Paul's rosebud with his precum. Paul tried desperately to push back so his ass took in John's cock, but John wouldn't let him. Finally when Paul was just about crying for John to make love to him, John let the head of his cock move in and then out of Paul's ass, just the head. Paul held his breath, gasped and panted as John continued the torture. Paul's entire body stiffened and jerked when John again without warning, lifted Paul up by his hips and moved him so his entire cock slid inside Paul's ass and then completely out. Paul yelled out, pleaded and begged John who just continued his kissing, licking, nibbling on John's neck and shoulders. John leaned back when Paul's ass had his entire cock inside it, moved his arms around Paul's midsection and squeezed him tight to his body, now biting and sucking on Paul's neck and shoulders, squeezing, moving Paul up and down, slowly timed as it were with each breath. Paul's entire body was covered in sweat as the pleasure torture continued. John then moved one hand to massage, knead and work on Paul's pecs and nipples. Paul was almost passing out as his breathing was nothing but panting. John slowly moved around, lowered himself onto the bed on his back with Paul still impaled on his cock. He then began sliding Paul's body up and down his body, jerking Paul's body down hard just as his cock was fulling inside of Paul. Paul started shooting loads of cum which hit his face, neck and chest. John just rubbed it all into Paul's body and kept up his slow and jerky movements. John flipped them both over so Paul was under him on his stomach and he was on top of Paul's back. John moved his hands to the side of Paul's head and began sliding his entire body up and down Paul's using his hips to push in harder as he slid up as far as he could, pushing his cock deep into Paul as far as it would go. Finally, John began to speed up his movements and then jerked his cock in hard, his muscles flexing and tightening as he began filling Paul with his cum. Paul came again too. When John calmed down, he slid down Paul's body until his cock came out of Paul, moved to Paul's side on his back and pulled Paul's body on top of his, wrapping his arms around Paul and passionately kissing him. Paul was like a totally wet rag in John's arms. Paul managed to move his arms around John's neck, squeezing him tight as they passionately kissed.

I love you so much Paul,” John whispered. “Don't you ever doubt or think otherwise, ever.”

Oh John, I love you so much,” Paul gasped. “So why'd you try to kill me just now?”

John and Paul laughed and snuggled into each other, letting their bodies calm down. John then moved off the bed with Paul in his arms, walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower then walking in with both of them under the shower. Paul slid down John's body, grabbed the soap and began washing John and John began washing Paul. They dried each other off and John picked up Paul in his arms and carried him to their bed. He pulled down the covers, gently laid Paul down and snuggled next to Paul, holding him in his arms again. Paul was sound asleep when John reached over and shut the light off.

John woke early the next morning, showered, quietly packed some clothes before going downstairs to the kitchen. He was surprised Jacob was already at work, setting out fresh juice, coffee and a very delicious smelling omlet.

Wow, now this I didn't expect at all!” John laughed.

Well, I thought you could use a good breakfast before leaving. I sort of figured you'd be up early and when I heard the shower running, I just got to work,” Jacob said with a smile. “I know Paul would be pleased you didn't leave hungry!”

Yeah, that's for sure,” John laughed. “I really do appreciate this Jacob. Thanks again for keeping Paul safe and I know happy! Its above and beyond the call of duty for sure.”

Paul makes all that easy,” Jacob said as he poured himself some coffee and sat down across from John. “I have to be honest and tell you that I don't view this as just a job anymore. I never really was around people who cared so deeply for each other and took into consideration someone else's feelings. Paul and you are about the closest I've come to being in a loving household.”

Wow Jacob,” John said with a surprised look on his face. “I'm very glad you feel that way. Makes me feel even better about Paul's safety the way you put it. Well, you have to know how much Paul and I appreciate what you do and just YOU. Its a great pleasure to have you part of our home.”

Thanks John,” Jacob said thoughtfully. “Just know that if and when you and Paul really need my help, its going to be there.”

I appreciate that,” John said somewhat confused. “Well, if you don't mind, after that fabulous breakfast, I need to write Paul a note and head off to the office. I want to gather some material I may need for the conference.”

No problem,” Jacob said with a smile. “I wish you success and hope you feel at ease about leaving Paul. Between Thomas and I, nobody that even looks at him funny is going to be in for one hell of a bad day!”

John laughed, hugged Jacob and began writing Paul a note. The note said,

My lover and better half, I didn't want to wake you because I'm not sure I could have said good bye. I know its only for a week or so, but in my heart, a day away from you is an eternity. I was without you for a time when you had to save the ancients and I don't want to think of being away from you for the rest of my life. Don't be sad, just keep in your mind as I will the tender good bye we had last night. Don't forget what I told you. I love you with all my being and always will. You complete my life like I never dreamed it would ever be. Stay safe and enjoy Jacob and whoever you two decide to play with!! Its okay baby, I know there isn't anything on this earth or anyone who can come between us, ever. Love you with my whole being and heart. I'll call as soon as I can. Love John, your favorite surgeon.”

He had to laugh when he added that last part, seeing in his mind Paul calling him a smart ass. Jacob helped him get his luggage loaded into the car and stood outside waving to John as he drove the car away. He quickly lost the smile he forced on his face, knowing what was about to happen to John. He sighed and went inside, getting breakfast ready for Paul.

Paul stretched and reached over on the bed to feel for John. He was somewhat shocked that John wasn't in bed and went to the bathroom to see if he was in there. When he didn't see him there, he ran downstairs to see if John was in the kitchen.

Good morning Paul,” Jacob said. “If you're looking for John, he left about 20 minutes ago. He left you a note on the table. Poor guy, I could just see how upset he was when he left. Sure it was because he was going to be away from you.”

huh,” Paul said with a sad look on his face. “I wish he would have woke me and said a proper good bye.”

Paul picked up the note and as he read it, tears fell from his eyes even though he had a warm smile on his face. He felt bad that he didn't think how hard saying good bye would be for John, knowing how John felt when he went to the ancient times. Paul remembered the anguish and longing John felt and the deep sadness that went away whenever Paul came to him as he slept.

That crazy guy,” Paul laughed as he wiped away his tears. “Well, guess I should go up and take my shower huh?”

Need help?” Jacob said with an evil grin on his face.

Boy, such an offer first thing in the morning,” Paul laughed. “Thanks for the offer, but I think I'd rather just be alone for a bit. Hope you aren't offended or anything.”

Nawh, no worries mate!” Jacob laughed. “I understand, I truly do Paul. Breakfast will be ready and waiting on you when your done.”

Paul smiled, kissed Jacob on the cheek and ran upstairs before Jacob could see him crying again. He began telling himself that it was only going to be for a week and then they could make up for lost time. He laughed when he thought about that, remembering the love fests they have had since he returned. He just knew things would be fine and John would return safe and sound. It was only a conference after all, not some war thing. He took his time in the shower, purposely using the soap John liked. After drying off, he went back to the bed and hugged to his face John's pillows, breathing in deep to get all of John's scent. He forced himself off the bed and told himself to just stop it. Think how hard it has to be for John. He doesn't have anything of Paul's to hold on to. He had to check and was relieved to see John hadn't taken any of Paul's dirty clothes. Paul got dressed, went downstairs and had breakfast with Jacob. He looked over his scheduler and decided he would go into the university to make sure things were moving along and then wear himself out in the gym. Yep, that would take his mind off of missing John somewhat, even though nothing really could do that completely. He thanked Jacob for the great breakfast, got into his car and drove to the university.

Thomas as always on his post, followed Paul the the University and couldn't help the very large smile that came across his face when he realized Paul was heading to the gym. He was about to enjoy a very nice session with Paul and maybe even get him to come to his apartment later on.

When John pulled into his parking spot at the medical building, he was surprised no one was there. He shrugged and thought it was good in a way as he had more time to gather what he thought he might need for reference. As soon as he opened up his door, a large black van pulled next to his parking spot, the side door slid open and three very brutish looking guys jumped out, two grabbed his arms and the third injected him in his next with some drug. John just started to give a fight when the drug kicked in and he went completely limp in the grip of the two brutes. One took the keys to his car, picked up the briefcase John dropped and checked all around to make sure there was nothing around that would give a hint John was there. He got into John's car and the other two already had John inside the van. They both sped off, heading towards Craiglon's mansion. At the mansion, everything was already setup for John's arrival. When the van pulled up to the back door, the two brutes dragged John down the stairs to the basement, stripped him of all his clothes and placed him in the corner of the caged arena. Craiglon joined them, clapping his hands in glee as his plan was working quite well already.

Paul got into the locker room, somewhat distracted. He was startled when someone behind him gave him a very sexy wet kiss on the shoulder. He jumped and turned and laughed when he saw Thomas.

Hey, what a lucky day for me,” Thomas said with a big smile as he wrapped his monster muscled hairy arms around Paul and spun him around. “Oh gosh, I hope I didn't scare you or anything.”

Well, more like heart attack,” Paul laughed as he hugged Thomas around his neck. “I am really glad you showed up today. Kind of a sad day for me, but at least now I'm pretty sure I can be distracted by a pro.”

So I'm a distraction, is that it?” Thomas said trying to look hurt.

Thomas, behave,” Paul kissed him. “You know that isn't so.”

Well, okay then,” Thomas laughed. “How about we work out together and then do some serious friendship building in the sauna.”

Now that sexy hunk, sounds like a wonderful plan,” Paul smiled.

Okay, but I have to ask, what makes today such a sad day for you?” Thomas asked knowing full well that John was already at Craiglon's mansion.

Well, my John had to go to a big wig conference, government type thing, and I won't be able to get in touch for a week it seems,” Paul said sadly.

Well baby, I'm totally available to keep you as distracted and occupied as you'd like to be,” Thomas said giving Paul a passionate kiss. “Whatever you'd like is my command you sexy baby.”

Wow, now that's an offer that's just too hard to pass up,” Paul said trying to look serious. “Okay, so how about we start off with lunch in Paris, dinner in Berlin and a romantic evening in Venice.”

Sure, want to leave now?” Thomas said seriously.

Thomas, you goof,” Paul laughed and gently bopped Thomas' head. “I'm not that kind of guy. I'm only teasing. You didn't actually think I meant that did you?”

Well, just in case you did, I wasn't going to argue with you,” Thomas said with a very sexy look. “I gotta say, you have some great taste there Paul.”

Paul laughed, kissed Thomas as he squeezed his arms around Thomas' neck. Thomas smacked Paul on the ass and said its time to get the bods in gear. Paul thought it was fate that Thomas was there at the gym just when he really needed him to be. Thomas was certainly someone who could keep Paul's mind occupied, even though deep inside he would still miss John. Thomas took Paul through some very intense exercises with machines, barbells and dumbbells. By the time he said they did a good workout, Paul was nearly exhausted.

Damn, I worked you to hard huh?” Thomas said sadly. “You know I forget not everyone is in the shape I'm in or used to the intense workout I put myself through. I'm sorry baby.”

No, no, its fine,” Paul said breathing hard. “I really needed that, honest. It was sure intense I have to say, but I'm sure it'll feel great once my body comes out of shock.”

Thomas gave no warning when he scooped Paul up into his arms like he was carrying a baby, walked them to the sauna, grabbed some towels that he placed on top of Paul's body and quickly had his gym shorts and Paul's laying on the ground. He took them into the sauna and laid Paul down on a towel he threw over the middle row of benches. He took off Paul's shoes and socks as he gently kissed Paul's legs and feet. He moved Paul over on to his stomach and began to slow massage Paul's body. Paul moaned and groaned at the strong yet gentle touch of Thomas. He could feel the power Thomas had and yet his gentleness. Paul felt very safe and lucky to have this super muscled, hairy guy catering to his needs. Thomas took his time, every once in awhile, licking Paul's ears and neck and kissing his neck and shoulders as he worked on Paul's muscles. He gently slid his cock in between Paul's ass cheeks after he kneaded them for a long time. He slid his hard cock up and down between Paul's ass cheeks. Paul tried to lift his hips so he could catch the head of Thomas' cock but Thomas just gently pushed the small of Paul's back down toward the bench. Thomas finished up working on Paul's back by laying his body on top of Paul's and flexing his muscles as best he could as he slowly slid up and down. Paul cried out in pleasure, loving the feel of Thomas' huge, hard, hairy muscled body flexing on top of him. It was a new experience for sure. Thomas then gently turned Paul over on to his back and took the back of Paul's head in his hand as he lifted it towards his waiting face. He kissed Paul so passionately it took Paul's breath away. Paul tried to wrap his arms around Thomas' neck, but Thomas just smiled and told him, he was in charge now. Paul smiled and just let Thomas do whatever he wished.

Thomas massaged Paul's shoulders, arms and hands, then his feet and legs for some time. He then began working on Paul's abs and chest, nibbling and sucking on Paul's nipples and pecs after he worked them over. Thomas kept this up for what seemed like hours to Paul. Paul was actually putty by then and felt so relaxed and stimulated. His cock was hard and throbbing as precum leaked freely. Thomas looked down at Paul, smiled and rubbed his cock head across the lips of Paul. Paul's tongue slowly chased Thomas' cock head as he licked up the precum Thomas' cock was leaving over his lips. Thomas took Paul's head in his hands, used his thumbs to gently pry open Paul's mouth. He slowly slid the head of his cock in and out of Paul's mouth, rubbing against Paul's tongue. Paul wanted to devour his cock but Thomas' thumbs prevented him from controlling his mouth at all. Paul really felt that Thomas was in charge and it felt wonderful. His dream muscled bear was taking him to new heights of pleasure. It began to feel close to what he felt when he had sex with Klir and the other demigods. This was different then being with John. This was pure, total pleasure sex with some love now added in for good measure. Thomas was making him feel loved and it felt really good.

Thomas then began moving his cock slowly further and further into Paul's mouth, very slowly. When he felt his cock head touched Paul's throat, he released his thumbs and let Paul devour his cock. Paul sucked and licked like a starving new baby at his mothers teats. Thomas lifted his head toward the ceiling and let out a deep animal growl that sent shivers up Paul's spine. It was just about the sexiest thing he heard. Paul gasped for air when he felt his cock slide inside Thomas' ass. Thomas flexed his ass and abs giving Paul a sensation he didn't know was possible.

Ummmmm yeah baby,” Thomas said in a deep sexy voice, “gimme that lovin of yours. Yeah, pull the cum right out of my cock.”

Paul seemed to try to do just that. Then he choked as his head shot up and Thomas' cock slid into his throat. Thomas had reached down as he was going up Paul's cock, latched on to Paul's ass and began to lift Paul hard into his ass. Paul wasn't sure what to do as he was loosing concentration on sucking Thomas' cock since his was quickly moving to the point of no return. He moaned, groaned and screamed a muffled scream as Thomas' cock was deep inside his throat. His body stiffened, shook and then went into a kind of spasm as he began shooting load after load of his cum inside of Thomas' ass. That moved Thomas over the edge and his body flexed, jerked and he bellowed out as he began filling Paul's throat with his cum. Paul gagged but swallowed what didn't shoot down into his stomach. He had to push on Thomas to get his cock out of Paul's throat since he was just about drowning on cum and Thomas' cock easily filled Paul's throat to the limit. Thomas pulled his cock out of Paul's mouth but kept pumping Paul's cock in his ass with his ass muscles. Paul's upper body shot up and he latched his arms around Thomas' body, burring his face in between Thomas' pecs. Thomas held Paul tight to his body as he flexed and pumped his pecs over Paul's face. Paul was panting and pleading with Thomas to stop working on his cock as he was going to piss soon.

Its good baby, go ahead,” Thomas growled. “Any hot liquid you give me is hot and sexy.”

Paul gasped, shouted and yelled as his cock began to flood Thomas' ass with his piss. Paul didn't care at that point even though it seemed to be something he would never normally do, but it seemed to please Thomas and that was good enough. He had to admit that with Thomas' ass muscles working on his cock while he was shooting piss was a wild sensation, almost like cumming all over again. Thomas partially stood up, lifted Paul on to his thighs and sat down, with Paul on his lap. He held Paul tight and rubbed his hands up and down Paul's back as he again took Paul's breath away with his passionate kisses.

You want my cock inside you baby?” Thomas whispered.

Yes, oh yes, please may I have it?” Paul pleaded.

Its all for you baby, all for you,” Thomas said as he slowly lifted Paul up, grabbed his cock and stroked it to get loads of his precum on Paul's rosebud. He slowly let the weight of Paul's body push his ass down on to Thomas' cock, slowly pushing his rosebud open. Thomas was still in control, making certain that Paul could handle his cock pushing in before letting it go in further. It was slow and maddening torture to Paul who wanted to feel all of Thomas' thick, long, veined cock inside of him. Thomas was waiting to feel his cock head pushing on Paul's pleasure button. He felt Paul's body stiffen and looked down to see loads of precum flowing out of Paul's cock, not to mention Paul's gasp, moan along with his head falling back and his mouth wide open. Thomas slowly twisted Paul's body and jerked it up and down, as his cock head played with Paul's pleasure button. Then the slow sliding of Paul down on Thomas' cock continued. When Thomas felt half of his shaft was inside of Paul, he lifted Paul up and then let him slide back down. Paul went wild, panting, shouting, grabbing at Thomas' muscles, going nearly out of his mind with pleasure. When Thomas' pubes were pushed down by Paul's ass cheeks, Thomas moved Paul backwards and began to work on Paul's pecs and nipples. Then he moved Paul up and down slowly, making sure his cock head played with Paul's pleasure button and stayed inside Paul's ass. He kept this routine up over and over again. Paul came again but Thomas just kept up his routine. Finally, Paul felt Thomas' cock get fatter, pulse and begin shooting cum deep inside of him. Thomas pulled Paul into a tight embrace and kissed him wildly. It took awhile for Thomas to calm down. Paul had cum again and was just about unconscious in Thomas' arms. Thomas smiled when he moved Paul away from him and felt how limp Paul's body was. He gently kissed and licked Paul's face, lips, neck and ears as he slowly rocked his body to and fro.

You doing okay baby?” Thomas asked in his deep sexy voice.

Mmmmmmmm” was all Paul could manage.

Thomas then shocked Paul again when he suddenly stood up, his hard cock still inside of Paul. He held Paul so that Paul's upper body was angled away from his and he had his hands locked behind Paul's back. He started to jerk his hips making Paul's entire body move hard up and down his cock. Paul's eyes got very big and he started to think Thomas was devouring him with his cock. It was an animal like fuck, hard, sexy and intense. Paul's body didn't know how to react other then to scream, twist and hold on for dear life to Thomas' forearms. Paul watched the expression on Thomas' face as he was being fucked. It was intense, serious and almost brutish. Paul loved it. When Thomas finally began to shoot his load Paul had to smile at the look on Thomas' face. Pain, pleasure, shock, intense, all of it as more and more of his cum filled Paul. Paul was amazed Thomas had that much cum left after his last two loads. Paul managed a few dry orgasms as his balls were completely emptied. When Thomas calmed down, he and Paul were drenched in sweat, the hair covering Thomas' body matted down, his abs and chest stuck from Paul's cum. Thomas pulled Paul into a tight bear hug and bit into Paul's shoulder while he tried to catch his breath. Paul hugged him tight, kissing and licking Thomas' ear.

Holy shit,” Thomas panted. “That was just fucking incredible.”

That's putting it mildly for sure,” Paul laughed and kissed Thomas. “Please tell me there isn't any more of that coming just yet!”

I'm afraid not, just yet,” Thomas laughed. “You trying to kill me now?”

Me? And just what would you call what you just did to me hot stuff?' Paul laughed.

Wonderful, heavenly, stupendous, utterly outrageous,” Thomas laughed. “So I take it you enjoyed it?”

Enjoyed it?,” Paul gasped. “Fuck no, I loved it. You have this way of making me feel safe, wanted, loved and needed while being scary as shit at the same time!”

Oh, I'm sorry,” Thomas said seriously. “The last thing in the world I'd want to do is scare you.”

Nothing to be sorry about,” Paul said holding Thomas' head in his hands. “Its about the most wonderful compliment I could think of.”

Cool, then you liked it,” Thomas said sheepishly.

You know, you remind me of a former lover who I always called muscle head,” Paul laughed. “He used to say goofy things like that after I know I visited heaven.”

Okay, okay, I get it,” Thomas laughed. “Hmmm, muscle head, kinda like the sound of that.”

I can't even begin to think of a way to thank you for being you and taking me to heights I've never been to before except with my husband that is,” Paul said kissing Thomas' nose.

Likewise, except without the husband part,” Thomas laughed. “You are one unique, lovable guy Paul. I'm privileged to have had you come into my life. I have to tell you I have a special feeling for you. Now I know you are taken and have the love of your life, but I'd just hope I could be a small part of your life.”

Thomas, don't hope, know you are,” Paul said softly hugging Thomas' neck tight. “Okay, how's about we hit the showers and then maybe do lunch?”

Sounds like a plan to me,” Thomas laughed as he slid Paul down his body.

John started to wake up, his head pounding and his eyes having difficulty focusing. He knew from how he felt and the taste in his mouth that he was injected with a powerful drug. He tried to shake his head but it hurt too much. He then noticed he was completely naked.

Well, my guest of honor wakes,” Craiglon said happily. “Let me welcome you to my humble abode John. I'm sure before your stay with us is finished, you will come to feel a need for our company.”

Who the fuck are you and why am I here,” John yelled still holding his head.

Now, how is that to talk to your host?” Craiglon said mockingly. “I am Craiglon, a former servant of the emperors Jeral, Narbo, and Irr. It seems your sexual interest Paul upset that relationship and now I am to be the new emperor with Paul's gracious help. Thanks to you, he will willingly be in my service and put things back the way they are meant to be.”

John knew those names. Yes, Paul told him all about them. What the fuck was this jerk doing in this time and what makes him think he can make Paul do anything for him.

Listen dick wad,” John screamed as he used the bars of the cage to stand up facing this idiot. “Obviously you don't know shit about Paul and what happened in that weird as world you came from. There is no way he is going to do your bidding. Come on in here and I'll get you to understand that jerk.”

Now, now John, you should be more concerned with that large beast waiting in the corner across from you,” Craiglon laughed. “I have a feeling he isn't a very nice monster. You best defend yourself.”

John turned his head and saw the huge ogre drooling and snarling as its evil eyes looked him up and down. This was not good. Lucky for him he knew quiet a number of eastern defense and offense moves. He shook himself to concentrate on taking this dumb thing down so he could change the attitude of this Craiglon character. Then he thought about the conference.

You know you are in deep shit with the feds, Crapylon,” John said sarcastically. “I'm supposed to be at a conference with top level government folk. I'm sure they are looking pretty hard for me right about now.”

How novel you humans are,” Craiglon laughed. “Its Craiglon to begin with and you will come to respect me I assure you. Now, that conference was arranged by me. No governmental agency is involved and it doesn't exist. Your office and your slut are all convinced just as you are that it was/is real. Let me assure you, it isn't and the entire deception was part of my wonderful plan. Now, I think you best pay attention there John.”

John quickly became furious at what he heard and more so that this idiot called Paul his slut. He heard some movement behind him and noticed the ugly beast was moving towards him, his arms spread out to block John from getting out of the corner he was standing. John waited until the hulk was just about on him when he rolled quickly in between the legs of the ogre and left a painful gift on his way as he did a karate chop very hard into the balls of the ogre. The ogre screamed out in pain and reached down to rub his balls. He began to bellow out in rage and spun around towards John. John was already in a defensive stance when the ogre started to charge towards him. John waited until he felt the distance was right and he jumped up and out, his feet hit the ogre hard in the side of his belly. John heard the sound of the air being knocked out from the beast. He knew his hard kick inflicted some pain to the brute. He rolled under the beast again and waited till the thing turned around before repeating the same move, now hurting the other side of the things belly. He rolled again and waited for the ogre to turn towards him and then he tried the same move again. Big mistake as the ogre caught John's ankle in his hand and snapped John's body hard to the floor face down, his back bent painfully. The ogre then still holding on to John's ankle, began to stomp hard on the calf and behind the knee. The ogre had a hard bony ridge running across the top of his head from front to back. He pulled John up by his leg, moved John's calf on top of the bony ridge and started shaking his head and jumping up and down. John screamed and screamed as the beast just about broke his leg. The beast dropped John to the floor, kicked him onto his back and began to stomp hard on John's arm and shoulder. John couldn't move out of the way of the massive foot that had unreal muscle power behind it. He thought for sure his leg was broken and now his shoulder and arm. Then the beast knelt down, jerked John's damaged arm under his armpit, slid its forearm under John's arm and began to pull and bend it as his knee pushed hard on John's shoulder. John screamed and tried to free himself but it was useless. The ogre leaned back and pulled John's chest off the floor as his knee pushed down making John think it was trying to rip his arm from its socket.

John felt even more pain when the ogre suddenly released his arm and stood up. It then jerked him up into the air by the same arm and pulled it over the ridge of his head. John thought he couldn't feel more pain but he was wrong. The ogre had his other arm across John's back and that hand latched on to John's pec which he used along with his other hand holding John's damaged arm and pulled down on both and then moving his head side to side. Finally, John lost consciousness and the ogre dropped him to the floor on his front, then stood over John to see if he needed more punishment. Craiglon yelled out a reminder that it was in no way to do severe damage to John or kill him. It knew to obey Craiglon completely.

It grabbed hold of John's arms and dropped down on its knee on John's back between the shoulder blades. It began to pull John's arms together and the pain of that woke John again. It released John's arms, stood up, reached down and lifted John by his arms so that John's shoulders were now on the bony ridge of its head. John screamed until he lost consciousness again. The ogre dropped John to the floor, placed his foot on John's chest and pushed on John's abs until John woke up groaning and moaning. He pointed at John and told John he now belongs to the ogre.

John didn't even have time to register what the beast grumbled at him before the beast bent down, wrapped its arms around John's waist and lifted him up, upside down. His grip was extremely powerful. John could barely breath and then he felt the mouth of this thing take in his cock and balls and begin to gnaw and massage them. It was very weird, painful and pleasurable at the same time even with the pain John was feeling. The ogre made John cum two times before changing his hold on John to his thighs. He continued to work on John's cock and balls but now its cock was rubbing along John's mouth and face, its thick precum coating John's lips and face more and more. Without realizing it, John licked his lips and took in a large amount of the ogre precum. The effect was immediate. The pain was slowly going away and tingles began to move from John's mouth to his chest. He found himself now licking and trying to suck in the head of this beasts massive cock to get more of this magical fluid. Once he did that, the beast lowered him to the floor on his back, spread its legs wide and moved its cock at John's mouth. Only half of the head would fit inside John's mouth, but he didn't care as he was now getting loads of that fluid. The ogre grabbed on to John's cock and stroked it while letting John lick and suck the tip of its cock head. Then the ogre grabbed John's ass cheeks and bent his ass upward before using its fat long fingers to work on John's rosebud. It finally pushed on in then two then three. John didn't care at this point, he was just interested in more of that wonderful fluid. The ogre stood up, taking its cock from John who looked like he was going to panic. He was then kicked over on to his stomach, the ogre grabbed on to his waist and lifted his ass up into the air. John didn't have time to even scream as the ogre shoved in his monstrous cock inside of John. He tightened his grip on John's waist as he moved John up and down his cock until John shot out a load of cum. The beast dropped John to the floor, laid over John with his hands on each side of John's ribs and pushed his monster cock deep inside of John. He began to thrust hard as he bellowed and John's screams lessened. When it began filling John with its cum, John's eyes opened wide as not only did he feel the massive amount of hot cum filling him, the sensations were much more intense then the precum was and this time it was spreading out from inside his body outward, head to toe. The ogre grabbed on to John and turned to his side, with his cock still inside of John. John's body was bent and looking at his abs one could see the massive ogre cock moving back and forth. John's entire belly began to swell as the ogre filled him with at least four more loads of cum. By the second, John wasn't conscious anymore, his mind unable to cope with the extreme sensations flooding his body. The ogre finally stood up, its cock making a loud sucking sound as it pulled out of John's ass. The best reached down and grabbed John's head in one hand and shook it until John woke. It waved its still hard cock in John's face and pushed it inside John's lips. John resisted at first but then he latched on to the ogre's thighs and did his best to devour the massive cock, stroking it to get more and more of the precum and left over cum into his mouth. The ogre released its grip on John's head as John was now trying as hard as he could to become an attachment to the ogre's crotch. The ogre shot another load of cum deep down John's throat which John desperately tried to swallow completely. That was impossible but still, his body was overwhelmed with sensations from the cum that was inside his ass and now down his throat. The ogre then used its hand on John's head to push John off of his cock and make John watch as it stroked it, letting cum and precum drip to the floor. It moved back from John and told John it said when he could have more, not John. The ogre began laughing as John held his head in his hands and sobbed. The need for more was so intense he couldn't deal with it.

So John, do you think you will be able to live without the demigod fluids?” Craiglon laughed as he entered the cage.

All John could do was turn away on his knees and continue to sob, the desire for more was so intense. Yet, his mind began fighting for control to not give into whatever drug was spreading throughout his body. As a surgeon, he knew some drugs caused an intense experience very close or even worse then LSD. Hallucinating as a result of drugs was common his mind reasoned. All he had gone through with some creature was just something put into his mind by suggestion. Yes, that had to be it, someone was playing with his mind. Craiglon waved his arm and the cage of the arena lifted. He felt John wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

John, you are going to meet something from mythical legends,” Craiglon said like a storyteller would. “This is a hybrid of a human and satyr but seems to be mostly satyr. They have an unbelievable appetite for sex you know, oh that and inflicting pain I'm afraid. Well, I'll leave you two to play.”

Thomas put on quite the posing show for Paul while they were in the showers. He let Paul explore any and every part of his body that Paul wanted to explore. Paul was so wowed by the veined, massive, hairy muscled body of Thomas, and that deep sexy voice of his. He thought Thomas was the closest to a god on earth. He could tell from the overall shape of Thomas' body that it wasn't just fluff, it carried lots of power and could do lots of damage to an opponent. Yes, Thomas reminded him of his fantasy bear just as John, Jack and Dave. He giggled like a little boy when he imagined Jack trying anything with him now, the results would be much different then they were when Steve tried to save him and he wouldn't have any need of spells either.

They dried each other off while completely ignoring the looks they were getting from some of the regular guys coming to or leaving after working out. Once dressed, Thomas suggested a restaurant near his apartment, of course he didn't mention that little coincident at the time. Paul was so comfortable with Thomas and mostly felt safe. Thomas was witty, funny and smart, not some muscled brute without sophistication. Thomas had Paul follow him to the parking lot of the restaurant which was a small, mom and pop type place with home cooked style meals.

I hope you like the food,” Thomas said as he lead Paul to the door. “It's sort of like going home and mom cooking a meal for yah.”

Oh how cool is that?” Paul smiled. “John hired someone to be a guard of sorts for me that also does the cooking and stuff. His name is Jacob. I think you'd like him. He has a really sexy hot body too! Oh and the meals he makes are to die for!”

I'd like to meet him someday,” Thomas smiled. “Who knows, maybe we could have a threesome funfest or something!”

Wow, I can't imagine what that would be like!” Paul laughed. “I'm not so sure I'd survive!”

Well, we'd just have to take it easy on you I guess,” Thomas laughed as he gently grabbed Paul by the back of his neck.

I just know you would Tom,” Paul said as they sat down in a booth. “You know I feel just so safe and protected when I'm with you, like I feel with John. Oh, is it okay if I call you Tom?”

Yeah baby, no problem,” Thomas smiled. “Course I'm kinda fond of muscle head too!”

Paul blushed and laughed. “It somehow really suites you in my warped mind!”

Baby, coming from you it sounds like something special,” Thomas smiled.

Okay, I'm starving, what do you recommend?” Paul asked while looking over the menu.

Paul jumped with a look of shock when all of a sudden he felt Thomas' foot, minus his shoe rubbing and patting his crotch.

I'll cut it out if it bothers you,” Thomas whispered as he saw the look on Paul's face in addition to his turning beet red.

No, uh uh, its very nice,” Paul gasped after catching his breath. “You might have to stop when the food comes otherwise I just might have a problem eating and breathing at the same time!”

Thomas laughed and winked at Paul with his super sexy smile on his face. That smile always seemed to make Paul melt somehow. Paul had his hands under the table massaging Thomas' foot and calf, closing his eyes every now and then as he gave out a soft groan. They ordered their lunch and had a very enjoyable discussion about all sorts of things. Paul was really impressed at how much Thomas knew of things or had an opinion on that he easily defended.

Say, I was wondering,” Thomas said after they finished their lunch and were drinking their wine. “If I'm not being too pushy, how about you come over to my apartment. Its near here and I'd really like for you to see it for some reason, and then there's the selfish motive of being very close to you for more then an hour or two.”

Well, I don't really have anything planned,” Paul said after quickly thinking about it. “I probably will have to call Jacob to let him know I won't be home for dinner, but that's not a problem. I'd like to see your apartment and be able to spend some quality relaxing time with you Tom, thanks for offering.”

Wow, I am so happy right now,” Thomas laughed. “I was really worried you would think I'm weird or pushing you into something.”

Muscle head, I could never think that,” Paul laughed as Thomas jerked when he pulled a few hairs out of his leg.

Ouch and great!” Thomas yelped. “So is this a signal your Mr. nice sexy guy persona has vacated the building?”

NO, see you are such a muscle head!” Paul laughed. “I didn't hurt you did I?”

Baby, told you before, there isn't any way that I can think of you could possibly hurt me,” Thomas said taking Paul's hands in his. “Unless of course you used a gun or knife or pitchfork or hit me with your car that is.”

Tom! I hope you know that none of the above would ever be a choice for me,” Paul said looking shocked. “Its not part of who I am.”

I know, just sayin,” Thomas laughed.

Paul got a thoughtful and sad look on his face as he just then thought of Steve when Thomas said just sayin. He quickly changed his expression to a smile as he noticed a worried look on Thomas' face.

You okay baby?” Thomas said worried. “Looked like you got sad just then.”

I'm fine Tom, thanks,” Paul smiled. “Just a flashback is all, nothing bad. So, should we head over to your den of iniquity?”

Oh boy do I like the sound of that!” Thomas said with an evil smile and his eyebrows bouncing up and down.

Great, now its coming out, he's a pervert,” Paul said seriously.

Me? No, been there done that,” Thomas said.

Now why does that sound like honesty?” Paul said with a questioning look.

Ohhhh, that hurt, hurt real deep,” Thomas said as he grabbed his chest over his heart.

Well, I'll just have to make up for it I suppose,” Paul smiled. “Come on, lets go.”

Paul drove after Thomas to the building he lived in and Thomas showed him where he could park. They goofed around like young kids until they were at the door to Thomas' apartment.

Now its nothing even close to what I'm sure you are used to,” Thomas said, “but its home and I really do like it. Hope you do.”

John didn't even hear the funny heavy stomps of hoofed feet as they came very close to him. He lifted his body up from being crouched over when he heard a deep rumbling growl from behind. Just then, the satyr hybrid punched him in the middle of his back which sent John flying upward, yelling out in pain. While he was still in the air, the beast punched him two more times in his back. When John landed on his knees and hands, the satyr reached in between John's legs and took hold of his cock and balls in his hand and squeezed. John's ass went up to try and pull away from the massive hand that was crushing his balls and cock but that got him no where. He was panting and gasping for air as that knocked the air out of his lungs. The satyr then moved his arm so that John was flipped over on to his back. The satyr scooted up over John's body and began to rub his thick, massive cock all over John's face. It then began to just play with John, sensing that John was weak and would not be able to give him a good fight. He flipped John over and mounted him like some college wrestling move pushing his weight down on John's back and jerking his hips to slide his precum dripping hard cock between John's ass cheeks. John wasn't fully able to catch his breath. The beast then flipped him over holding John's one shoulder from the front and the other from the back as he slammed John's upper back and head to the floor, pushing his cock hard behind John's balls. He then stood up, pulled John up, stooped down and slapped his massive arms hard around John's waist . He stood up and grunted as he put the pressure on. Now John really couldn't catch his breath. Besides that, he could feel the fat cock of the beast pushing against his rosebud, covering it in a thick coating of precum. It let John slide down the front of his body and then moved his forearm on the side of John's head, latching on to John's face with his hand and began to squeeze hard into its hip and jerking John up and down. The satyr released John who collapsed to his knees gasping and holding his head in his hands. The beast went behind John and slammed his hands on to each side of John's head and began to squeeze, its massive forearms and biceps bulging with force. John screamed and tried to move but he was held fast. The satyr just bellowed out a frightening sound, squeezing and releasing over and over. John was sure his scull would be crushed. When the satyr released him, John fell hard face first to the hard floor of the arena, his vision blurred and his head began pounding. The beast stood over him and watched him struggle to crawl away from it, actually making a laughing sound as it watched. It reached down and with one hand clamped tight on John's head pulled John up to a standing position, lifting him up until he was on his toes. John's legs moved as if he was trying to run away but he wasn't going anywhere. When the satyr released him, John fell down into a sitting position, his one arm bracing him since he was dizzy and his head was really throbbing and pounding. The beast grabbed on to the sides of John's head, somewhat pulling him off balance and pushed the tip of his cock into John's gasping open mouth. John's body quickly felt the sensations the precum started, noticing they were stronger then the previous monsters. The satyr pushed more of his cock head into John's stretched out mouth and then began stroking from the base of its cock to just below the head rim, flooding John's mouth with precum. John's body reacted strongly to the precum, like electricity and pleasure extreme shooting through his body from his mouth and throat. John did his best to suck and push on the head to get more of the elixir.

Then, without any warning, the satyr reached down, spun John's body around, grabbed hold of his waist and lifted him up. It pushed the head of his cock against John's rosebud which was still coated with precum, pushed the tip past the rosebud and began filling John with more precum as it pushed the cock head deeper. John even though delirious from the precum, felt the massive cock moving inside of him and felt the pain. The massive amount of precum the satyr was leaking lubricated John's intestines and helped to deaden the nerves. John's ass was already stretched by the Ogre's cock, but this cock was fatter and bigger. The beast just began moving John's body forward and backward on his cock using his grip on John's waist. John wiggled and jerked which made the satyr just growl and start to lick John's head and neck with its thick fat long tongue. It sped up the movements after it couldn't force more of its cock inside of John. The satyr grabbed John by his neck and lower jaw, covering John's mouth with the massive hand, making John just try to breath through his nose. It released its other hand from John's waist and John was hanging in the air, impaled on the satyr's cock while being held by his neck. The satyr then began jerking his hips forward and back, which made John's body slam hard against its body, ramming its cock deep and almost out. John's prostrate was being assaulted by the fat, thick, veined cock roughly moving over it. When he was just about to pass out the beast moved his index finger over John's nostrils and intensified its jerking hip movements. John's body panicked and then he began to have the most intense orgasm he has ever had, while being filled with huge amounts of the satyr's cum. John lost consciousness and the satyr finally let go of John when it finished filling him with two loads of its cum. John hit the floor like a rock and was sprawled out, moaning and gasping, his body reacting wildly to the satyr's cum.

Aaron came out of his trance with a very sad and worried look on his face. Klir, Jerd and Stohl felt the sensations from their tattoos at the same time, more intense then before. They looked at Aaron and knew something bad was going to happen.

Tell us Aaron,” Klir said seriously. “What does this mean? Is Paul in danger or being harmed?”

Paul is safe for the moment, but not for very long,” Aaron began. “It seems a minion of Jeral and Irr was placed in Paul's time who knows much of the spells and potions which Jeral taught him. His name is Craiglon and was kept protected in case something happened to Narbo which would prevent him from being Jeral's heir. Irr wanted to have Paul under his control as he knew the powers the promised one had. Craiglon has hybrids in his service, an ogre, satyr and cyclops. He prays on the weaker humans of Paul's time, using spells and hybrid elixir to keep them under his control.”

What does this have to do with Paul?” Stohl asked.

Well, Craiglon has Paul's mate captive and is punishing him and making him dependent on hybrid elixir. He will use his control over John to make Paul submit to his will, using John as a pawn. Paul will have little choice I'm afraid. Craiglon has intention to bring them here and make Paul reestablish Craiglon as the Emperor, undoing what the Great One had done.”

We must go to Paul and warn him. Help him to free John his mate,” Jerd said angrily as he stood up.

Yes, let us go now,” Klir and Stohl yelled standing up.

No, that cannot be,” Aaron said sadly. “Paul must go through this test of his character. When he does arrive here, we will do whatever we can to help him. I saw he has two new protectors among the minion of Craiglon. Paul and John have turned their hearts and minds away from the evil Craiglon sent them to do. They will be of great comfort and help to Paul. We must wait and pray to the gods that Craiglon's plan does not succeed. I have faith in the gods. They will not let the evil of Jeral flourish again.”

They all went back to Tork and Kag's lair to tell everyone what was happening. Aaron knew it would be difficult to prevent them from rushing to Paul's aide and that doing that would put Paul in more danger and cause them great harm.

So, what do you think?” Thomas said, surprised he was actually nervous, something he was not accustomed to feel.

Wow, its really you,” Paul said walking around, taking in the artwork, furnishings and especially the gorgeous view from the ceiling to floor windows. “I love the view too.”

Its the same in the bedroom,” Thomas said relieved that Paul liked what he saw, again a strange feeling.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Thomas asked as he took off his jacket and kicked his shoes off. “Make yourself comfortable and at home.”

Thanks Tom, I'm having a hard time taking my eyes from the view of the city, but I'm sure once I get a look at you, that'll change pretty quick!” Paul smiled, cocking his head towards Thomas.

Well, I'll just have to do my best to compete with the view I guess,” Thomas snarled as he threw off his shirt, shoes and underwear.

Oh my god, now that is just completely unfair,” Paul gasped as he took in the sight of Thomas naked. “I'll have a white wine if you have it, make that a very, very big glass please, I think I'm going to need it!”

Come here and help me pick out a wine you like,” Thomas said as he spread his arms out and flexed. He waited until Paul came up to him, took Paul's arms and put them around his neck, grabbed Paul's ass cheeks and lifted Paul off the ground, planting a gentle sexy kiss on Paul's lips.

Oh yeah, now I'm supposed to think clearly about picking out wine after this?” Paul said kissing Thomas.

Hey, you're not going anywhere so it'll be just fine,” Thomas snarled again in his deep sexy voice. “Now point at the wine you'd like.”

Paul picked out a wine and Thomas took the bottle in one hand, holding Paul easily with his other hand on Paul's ass. Paul had a very muscular body but no where near the size of Thomas'. He took Paul into the kitchen and sat Paul down on top of the island counter, kissed his nose and handed Paul the bottle as he went to a cabinet and got out two wine glasses and an opener. He poured the wine into the glasses and handed them to Paul.

Now don't spill any,” Thomas said seriously as he scooped Paul up by his ass cheeks and walked them back into the living room. He kissed Paul sensuously, his tongue playing with Paul's lips and tongue. He then lowered Paul to the floor, sat down on the sofa and reached over, lifted Paul on to his lap and took a glass.

Welcome to my home,” Thomas said clinking Paul's wine glass.

How the hell did you manage that?” Paul said in shock.

Manage what?” Thomas said confused.

What you just did, holding me, the kitchen thing and now this?” Paul said with wonder.

Did I do something bad?” Thomas asked still confused.

No, hell no. I just am in total awe of your strength and dexterity is all,” Paul said giving Thomas a gentle kiss. “I am amazed to say the least.”

Oh cool, I was worried me getting naked was a bit over the top or something,” Thomas laughed.

Muscle head, you getting naked would never be over the top,” Paul smiled.

Can I get you more comfortable?” Thomas asked with that sexy voice.

Hey, I'm a guest right? SO yeah, please do!” Paul said in his own sexy voice.

Thomas smiled, put his glass down and took Paul's. He gently removed Paul's shirt, then his shoes and socks, undid Paul's belt and undid the pant clasp and zipper. He lifted Paul up off his lap and Paul pushed his pants down. Thomas leaned over and licked and kissed Paul's abs until he reached the band of Paul's underwear, bit into it and lifted Paul up making Paul's underwear to slide down to his thighs. He put Paul back down on his lap, used his hand to push off Paul's pants and underwear to the floor and handed Paul back his glass of wine.

Talk about a smooth operator!” Paul laughed. “Again I'm in awe!”

Well thank you,” Thomas smiled and kissed Paul. “I'm glad you are so easily impressed!”

They sipped wine and Paul asked all sorts of questions about the artwork on the walls. Thomas answered each question with nibbles and kisses on Paul's neck and shoulders.

Now you know we're going to get into some serious trouble if you keep doing that muscle head!” Paul laughed, already sprouting a hard on.

Yeah, I know,” Thomas said with more nibbles and kisses.

Paul put down his wine glass, moved around on Thomas' lap so that his thighs were on the sides of Thomas' hips and he was kneeling with his ass resting on Thomas' thighs. Paul began to lick and kiss Thomas' neck, shoulders and arms as he massaged and kneaded Thomas' pecs. Thomas moaned and put his wine glass down, slid down somewhat, put his head back to rest on the sofa and let Paul do his thing. Paul could feel Thomas' cock growing and soon the tip was pushing on Paul's rosebud, coating it with precum. Paul flexed his ass cheeks to massage Thomas' cock head. He bent down and began to kiss, suck and nibble on Thomas' pecs and nipples, making Thomas moan with pleasure. Thomas gasped when suddenly Paul reached behind himself, used his hand to steady Thomas' cock and pushed his ass completely down it. Paul groaned and gasped as Thomas' cock pulsed and throbbed inside of him. Paul moved so his legs went up along Thomas' body and told Thomas to hold on to his forearms. Thomas didn't know what Paul was going to do but did as asked. As soon as Thomas had a hold of Paul's wrists, Paul moved his entire upper body backwards and started to flex his ass cheeks as he moved his body forward and back. Thomas' eyes went wide open and he began to pant his breaths, looking at Paul's face which was expressing pure pleasure. After a short time, Thomas couldn't stand it anymore and he stood up and started to jerk his hips forward making Paul's body bounce up and down his cock. Paul was yelling out and screaming for Thomas to fuck him good. Thomas planned on holding off filling Paul with his cum but as soon as Paul began shooting his cum onto Thomas' face, chest and abs, he bellowed out his animal sound and began filling Paul with his cum. Paul had his head hanging backward with a huge smile on his face. Thomas pulled him up against his body and wrapped his arms tight around Paul and began to passionately kiss him. Paul held tight to Thomas' neck and returned the kisses just as passionately. Thomas walked them to his bathroom and into his shower, turning it on without stopping their make out session or taking his cock out of Paul.

John was laying on the floor of the arena his body still electrified from the satyr filling him with his cum. Suddenly, he felt a very large but strange and latch on to his ankle and lift him up off the floor, hanging down as if he was on some sort of hook. He spun his head around and saw this thickly muscled huge body, the other hand of this thing and it had just two fingers and a thumb. When he jerked his head to see the monsters face, he was shocked to see it had only one eye. Before his mind could register that this was indeed a cyclops, it jerked him high into the air and then pulled down hard, crashing John's body to the floor, chest first, while still holding tight to John's ankle. It did it a few more times then lifted John up again, latched on to his arm as well and flung him to the side of the arena. John's body crashed into the bottom row of the bench like walls of the arena. John hit with great force, his back and head taking most of the punishment. He grabbed on to his head from the pain and just then the beast began stomping hard on his ribs, abs and chest. There was no place John could turn that helped any. Finally, the cyclops grabbed hold of John's wrist and dragged him back to the middle of the floor. It got a handful of John's hair and forced him into a kneeling position then shoving its throbbing, dripping cock head into John's mouth. John thought his jaw would snap even though not even a half of the cock head was in his mouth. The precum quickly began flowing in his mouth and down his throat. This was more potent then the others, except this one also felt like it was very hot, almost burning as it went down his throat and spread outward in his body. It was definitely a mix of pleasure and pain. Then without warning the cyclops pushed John down on his back, slammed a hand on John's abs before devouring John's entire cock in its mouth. It sucked hard and its rough tongue worked on John's cock as well. Quickly it wasn't pleasurable at all and John was screaming as it felt the beast would suck his insides out through his cock. John somehow was able to cum at least two times before the cyclops released his cock and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. It then grabbed John by his upper thighs, lifted his ass off the ground and quickly forced his cock deep inside John's ass. John tried to scream but nothing came out as he lost all his breath. The pain was horrible and he just knew his insides were being torn to shreds, all the while the burning and electricity was coursing through his body from the precum. It seemed like hours to John before the cyclops began filling his insides with cum. The burning was like fire but yet the electricity and pleasure were so much more intense. The cyclops seemed to never stop filling John with cum. Then, just when John thought it was over, the cyclops twisted John's body on its side, lifted John's leg high up, straddled his other leg and latched his hands on to the leg up in the air before pounding its cock deep and hard in John. This was a new level of pain as now it felt like the monsters cock was going to push John's pleasure button out through his mouth. John had no control and had another orgasm. When the cyclops filled another load of cum into John, it moved to its side pulling John with him, reached an arm over John's arm and chest and pulled tight, ramming his cock again in and out of John. John had already lost his voice from screaming and pleading for it to stop, the cyclops just growling and biting into John's shoulder and neck. Then the monster rolled so it was now on top of John's back, its full weight squeezing down on John and it began pounding into John with its cock again. It finally came two more times before it was satisfied. John was unconscious for some time already but the cum was doing its job completely. The beast pulled out of John, knelt down on one knee and pulled John's head up off the floor with one hand and released it, as if to make sure John was really unconscious. The beast let out a bellow of frightening sounds and then stood up and left the arena. Craiglon knew that John was now fully dependent on the hybrid's cum, but would make certain John had more just to reinforce it, but without the pain of course.

Take him to a cell, clean him up thoroughly and make certain he is given a sufficient amount of steroids and nutrients, along with the healing potion I gave you. When he awakes, I want the satyr and cyclops to alternate sitting in his cell, feeding him their elixir. No further damage is to be done to him,” Craiglon ordered. “We'll give him the treatment for five more days just to be safe and then we will have Paul come see what's become of his big bold surgeon.”

Craiglon laughed and laughed as he went back to his play room and was about to play with Dave, Jack and a few of his biggest and most brutal guards.