Darkness and Light


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Chapter 14, Agony of Defeat

Damn, I better get in touch with Jacob and let him know I'm okay and with a very close friend!” Paul laughed as he tweaked Thomas' left nipple.

Oh shit, I'm sorry, I bet he's worried sick about you by now,” Thomas said as he pulled Paul tight into his body and nibbled on his neck. “You know you are such a bad boy Paul, letting someone worry about you like that.”

Yeah, I know,” Paul faked a guilty look. “I probably will get grounded at least.”

The both rolled around the bed, Paul tight inside the powerful hairy arms of Thomas. He often thought that if he hadn't met John, he would be so stuck on Thomas. Not only was he a super big, powerful muscle bear, but he was funny, thoughtful and kind.

Is it okay if I use your phone to call Jacob?” Paul asked.

Of course its okay baby, help yourself while I get us some breakfast,” Thomas said as he released Paul, smacked him on his ass and laughed all the way to the kitchen.

Hi Jacob, its me, the prodigal Paul,” Paul said somewhat guilty.

Paul, thank god its you,” Jacob said with lots of worry and concern. “I was about to send out the National Guard to find you! Are you okay?”

Yeah, I'm so sorry Jacob,” Paul said sheepishly. “I've been having quite the pajama party, well, minus the pajamas over at my friend Thomas' apartment. Everything is just fine. You haven't heard from John have you?”

No, not a word. I was very close to tracking him down as well to see if he knew where you were,” Jacob said somewhat angry that Thomas was enjoying Paul all this time. “Just to put my mind at ease, how about you and your friend Thomas come home so I can meet him. Who knows, we may just have some interesting times the three of us.”

Oh wow, I can't even imagine that,” Paul gasped. “Well, if you are sure you won't mind. Of course you won't mind, just dawned on me I'm over 21 and you are at my house!” Paul laughed and laughed.

Well, yes, that's all true, but still, I have a responsibility that John gave me and I fully intend to live up to his trust you know.”

I know, my bad. I'm really sorry to have put you through any sort of worry,” Paul said in a sweet voice. “I'll get Thomas and I on track and over to the house as soon as I can, how's that?”

Great, I'll make sure to have something nice for dinner, as a nice to meet you thing,” Jacob said.

That will be so sweet of you, thanks, I'm looking forward to it. Tonight it is then. I just might have Thomas stay over if you don't mind,” Paul said somewhat seriously.

Paul, like you said, you are over 21 and this is your house, so how I feel about that doesn't matter at all,” Jacob said.

I know, just how I am,” Paul said softly. “Okay then, we'll see you tonight.”

Everything okay?” Thomas asked as he scooped Paul up in his arms and walked him to the kitchen.

Yeah, Jacob was worried and I feel bad,” Paul said nibbling on Thomas' ear. “Funny thing is I felt like a teenager about to get into loads of trouble from the sitter!”

They both laughed as Thomas flopped Paul up onto his shoulder and began spanking Paul's ass cheeks.

You are such a bad, bad young man!” Thomas laughed. “I may just have to fuck you silly as punishment mister.”

Yes please!” Paul said with an innocent look on his face before reaching down and grabbing Thomas' bowling ball ass cheeks and squeezing them.

So, how's our patient doing this fine morning,” Craiglon said as he walked into John's cell.

John was moaning and licking his lips with a very wild look on his face, definitely the effect of almost over dosing on hybrid fluids. Craiglon did a thorough exam of John and was pleased his instructions were being followed. John's body was nearly fully healed from the abuse he got in the arena, but now being hooked on hybrid cum made him look like a drug addict missing his fix.

There, there, not to worry yourself,” Craiglon said with faked concern, “I'm sure your newest friends will be with you shortly, giving you that special treat you so desire.”

You see, I'm so reasonable John,” Craiglon said holding John's chin in his hand.

All you're going to have to do is convince your lover Paul that he has to do as I tell him and you will be kept so very happy and well. That's all this is about by the way, your lover Paul has messed up my entire world with his interference, but I intend on taking things over with his help and making the empire oh so much more then it was before he ruined it all.”

Aurin returned to Klir, Jerd and Stohl with a very serious look on his face. They easily knew something was wrong.

What is is Aurin? Is my feeling of dread for Paul's safety correct?” Klir asked.

Yes, your feelings as Paul's protector are indeed correct, as are all of your feelings,” Aurin said seriously. “An agent of Irr was sent to Paul's world after the attempt by the hybrids to capture him failed. This agent was schooled in enough sorcery by Jeral to make him truly dangerous. He has found out that Paul used his powerful incantations to end the reign of Irr, sending everything of the empire into chaos. Since he was unaffected by Paul's spell, he now believes he will return here and re-establish the empire more dangerous then it was. He will use Paul's powers to get things back how he wants them.”

“How is this possible? Paul would never aid him in this quest,” Stohl asked very concerned.

This upstart is clever and thinks things out very carefully. He has established a powerful and wealthy castle with hybrids he had with him and human brutes he has enchanted to follow his every whim. He has taken Paul's lover John as captive and has tortured him with hybrid fluids. He will force John to make Paul do whatever he wishes and knows quite well that Paul will feel he has no choice but to do as he is told for the protection of John. There are 2 soldiers of this upstart who's name is Craiglon, who have embedded themselves into the home of John and Paul. Paul has no idea they are soldiers of Craiglon and is actually sharing pleasures with both of them. I feel there is some hope that they have switched allegiances and are now in the service of Paul, even though he as of yet has no idea what is happening.”

How can this be happening?” Jerd ask angrily. “We must go to Paul for his protection and free his John from this Craiglon before he is able to reestablish the hated empire.”

Wish that it was so easily completed my friends,” Aurin said wistfully. “No, the gods will not see it end as we wish to end it. This will be a mighty trial for Paul but I'm almost certain he will prevail. We must plan on what we will do when they return here.”

Thomas and Paul headed to Paul and John's home as Paul promised to bring Thomas over to meet with Jacob. Thomas followed Paul in his car since he was not supposed to know where Paul lived. He was after all just supposed to be guarding Paul outside of the estate. When they arrived and parked the cars in the circular drive in front of the front door, Paul ran over to Thomas and hugged him around the waist.

I just know you and Jacob will get along just great,” Paul said happily.

Well baby, we will see very soon, now won't we?” John laughed. “Wow, you sure live in one hell of an estate. This ain't no normal home at all!”

I suppose you are right, never gave it a thought. John insisted on staying here and have more security installed then the White House!” Paul laughed. “Don't get me wrong, I love this place since it was John's house.”

Yeah, what's not to love!” Thomas laughed.

So, the prodigal finally comes home, bearing gifts no less!” Jacob's sexy voice carried easily to them.

Yes, he has, my bad!” Paul blushed and went to Jacob and gave him a hug and kiss. “Jacob, this is Thomas, Thomas Jacob!”

Real pleasure to meet you Jacob, Paul has told me quite a bit about you!” John said shaking Jacob's hand.

Well I hope it was all good!” Jacob laughed. “Come on inside, I have a light supper made for you guys.”

As they headed into the house, Thomas noticed Jacob gave him a really serious worried look. He knew he's have to ask Jacob what was wrong.

Jacob, if you don't mind, I'm going to show Thomas around first, if that's not screwing up your supper,” Paul beamed.

Fine, that's perfectly fine, you won't be screwing up supper at all. As a matter of fact, I was holding off on the final touches until you arrived so its all you know, FRESH!” Jacob laughed.

Okay, great, come on Thomas, I'll show you around the place,” Paul said happily.

He pulled Thomas up the stairs to show him the bedrooms and then while chatting away took him outside to see the pool, jacuzzi and yard. Thomas was indeed impressed, never having seen a place like this up close and personal. He could imagine the wonderful romps he and John had in the house and yard.

After supper, we'll all come out and get into the jacuzzi,” Paul said with a wink. “And of course its a custom to go into it butt naked!”

Thomas raised his eyebrows. “Naked, no, I couldn't do that!”

Paul laughed and hugged him.

You know, I really do enjoy being with you. I just know John will too. Maybe we'll all be able to have lots of sleep overs!” Paul said sheepishly.

Well, that sure would be nice,” Thomas said grabbing Paul's ass cheeks in his hands. “Sure between John and I we could wear you out pretty darn quick!”

Yeah, that is a fact for sure!” Paul laughed. “Come on, we best not keep Jacob waiting.”

When they came into the kitchen, Jacob had just finished setting things up for them.

I thought you said a little supper!” Paul said with a high pitched voice. “Damn, this is unreal and smells so good!”

I have to agree with Paul, sure does smell and look super good!” Thomas said with a big smile. “Paul said you were a great cook but I'd say your are a chef and not just a cook!”

Well, compliments abound!” Jacob said trying to look angry. “Now before I have to use up the supply of wooden spoons on you guys, I want to hear all about what you were up to!”

Boy, I knew we were in trouble!” Paul laughed. “Okay, after we eat I promise to tell you all about my adventures with Thomas, but that will be in the jacuzzi of course!”

They laughed and joked as they ate, Paul so glad it seemed Jacob liked Thomas. He caught him checking out Thomas' body and Thomas checking out Jacob's. He knew they were going to have one sexy romp tonight. He figured he was not sleeping along this night and that it would help him with missing John. Paul excused himself and went to the bathroom upstairs. As soon as he reached the top of the stairs, Jacob leaned over with a super serious look on his face and motioned for Thomas to lean in.

Craiglon got in touch with me and plans on having John contact Paul tomorrow morning. What the hell are we going to do?” Jacob whispered.

Fuck, I didn't expect it to be this soon,” Thomas said. “I have to talk to Paul to get him to understand we are on his side and don't want anything to happen to John or him.”

No, not a good idea just yet,” Jacob said seriously. “If something goes wrong, Craiglon will quickly figure out it was one of us who fucked it up and you know as well as I that he will find out who it was. We'll figure out when the time is right.”

Yeah, you are probably right,” Thomas said with a worried look. “We wouldn't be of any help to Paul dead or worst yet, playthings of Craiglon's hybrids.”

They head Paul coming back and Thomas told a quick joke so that when Paul was almost down the stairs, they were both laughing loud. Paul smiled, feeling like they were getting along really great.

I should go back to Paul's land and protect him as I did before,” Stohl said angrily. “I know how his time is and how to be unseen by other humans.”

Hmmm, you may have a good idea there Stohl,” Aurin said thinking deeply. “But, not with Paul's knowledge. I think you will bring the two humans with Paul here when possible. They are called Thomas and Jacob. They are truly protective of Paul and like him are in trouble from this Craiglon. Yes, that is what you will do. You will become visible to them and tell them of the danger to Paul. As soon as is possible, you must bring them here. Their lives are in mortal danger now.”

I should go with him as I am Paul's bonded protector,” Klir bellowed.

No Klir, I know what your heart tells you, but you would be useless to Paul in his world. Stohl was there with Paul and knows their ways. You do not and I'm afraid you might loose your temper protecting Paul and thereby place him and John in danger. You remember what Paul went through when he lost Steve. That cannot happen to John. Paul would be devastated and might not ever return to his loving self again.”

As you say Aurin, I respect your guidance,” Klir said quietly, angry that he could not physically protect Paul.

Come, there is a ritual I must perform at God's Fire. We must leave now,” Aurin told them. “I will explain to Tork.”

Paul, Thomas and Jacob indeed went into the jacuzzi after supper, nude of course. Paul made certain he was in between Jacob and Thomas. He could see the desire in both their faces as they made small talk and slowly watched ever muscles movement on each others body. Paul smiled, moved onto Thomas lap and pulled Jacob to him. It didn't take very long at all for all three to be moaning and groaning with pleasure as Jacob and Thomas explored each others bodies and kept Paul in between them so that he felt all their muscles along his body flexing and moving. He loved it, being a piece of meat in a muscle god sandwich. The kissing and touching were hot and heavy. Thomas soon had his cock up Paul's ass and to Paul's delight, Jacob managed to squeeze his cock in as well. The sensation was over the top, taking Paul back to having pleasures with Klir, Jerd and Stohl. Sure it hurt at first but it seems his ass had quite a memory and figured out how to deal with both cocks fucking it. He also took advantage of a spell that stretched his rosebud and ass without causing pain or damage. Both Jacob and Thomas kept asking him if he was okay since they worried they would hurt Paul badly. They couldn't imagine how Paul was able to accommodate both of their sizable cocks at the same time. The sensations were over the top for them also, but still they felt enough for Paul to be concerned. Paul loved it, knowing they both felt for him and were protective. Paul went limp in between them after cumming for the 4th time. Thomas picked up on it first, thinking something bad happened to Paul. Jacob quickly took hold of Paul's chin and checked his breathing and how he looked. He laughed and told Thomas that if the look of total satisfaction and the hot smile on Paul's face meant anything it was that he was content and just passed out from the amount of pleasure he experienced. Thomas laughed and turned Paul's face towards his and kissed Paul. Jacob leaned in and did the same, and then Jacob kissed Thomas. That started to get hot and heavy so they moved Paul off of Thomas' cock and wet at each other. Thomas fucked Jacob and then Jacob fucked Thomas. They pulled Paul back in between them and linked up their arms and legs so that Paul was indeed in a muscle sandwich. They slowly flexed their muscles and laughed when Paul just gasped and moaned.

Craiglon made sure the hybrid satyr was in John's cell and playing with him, feeding him lots of his cum and working on John's body. He didn't want John hurt in any way, just sore, a reminder of Craiglon's power over him.

Now John my friend,” Craiglon said with fake concern, “I hope you appreciate what this hybrid could do to Paul should you not obey my wishes. I'd hate to see poor Paul being mauled by this brute, would you not be concerned. You can feel the power of this hybrid and even though you are fit and well muscled, you feel the pain. Plus, I'd hate to think of Paul becoming dependent on hybrid cum as you are. That would certainly be a shame, no?”

John's mind raced with thoughts of Paul being nearly killed by this hybrid animal. He couldn't see Paul surviving this monsters cock up inside of him. He was feeling the helplessness and pain from the hybrids holds on him. He knew he was nothing more then a rag doll to this brute, but he was muscled, and in shape and couldn't defend himself, what could Paul do. He failed protecting Paul. What could he do to save Paul from whatever fate this crazy Craiglon had in store for him. Then his mind focused on the need for cum from the hybrid. It sickened him but not having it was much worse. He thought this must be how a drug addict felt when they needed their fix.

Well, you think on that John as the hybrid will play with you all night. Imagine Paul being forced to take that cock down his throat and up his ass. Hmmm, I wonder how long he would last?” Craiglon said as he was leaving John's cell.

Thomas picked up Paul and he and Jacob took him upstairs to the master bathroom. Jacob turned on the multi-headed shower and Thomas walked in holding Paul. Thomas let Paul stand with him holding on to Paul's arm pits as Jacob washed him down. Jacob took hold of Paula and rinsed him off while Thomas washed himself. When finished, they grabbed towels and dried off Paul and then themselves, taking turns holding on to Paul. Thomas lifted him in his arms and gently placed him on the bed. He laid down on the left side of Paul and Jacob on the right. They snuggled close towards each other and each put an arm over Paul's body. Paul had a great grin on his face and gave out a soft moan as they fell asleep.

Paul had a powerful dream about Stohl coming to visit. He also had this terrible nightmare about John. He woke in a sweat yelling out for John which woke both Thomas and Jacob.

What's wrong baby?” Thomas asked holding on to Paul.

I had a horrible nightmare about John,” Paul said shaking. “God I hope it was just from worrying and not a vision.”

Can I get you something?” Jacob asked rubbing Paul's back.

No, I'm okay thanks, how about we get back to snuggling and sleeping?” Paul said with a smile looking from Thomas to Jacob.

Sounds like a plan to me,” Thomas said as he laid back down and snuggled even closer to Paul, putting both an arm and a leg across Paul.

Jacob did the same and gently rubbed the forehead and hair of Paul.

Paul immediately dreamt of Stohl, needing to be picked up at the cave now. Paul knew it was not just a dream but an actual communication from Stohl.

I have to go pick someone up now,” Paul said as he sat up with some difficulty being held down with arms and legs of two muscled monsters.

What? You have to do what?” Thomas said groggily. “Baby, its the middle of the night. I didn't hear a phone, did you Jacob?”

No sure didn't. Just another dream Paul,” Jacob said hugging Paul.

No, you don't understand. I have to go now. You can't come either. I'll be just fine,” Paul said insistently as he scooted off the bed and began to dress.

I'm not letting you go anywhere by yourself,” Thomas said angrily. “I'm going with you.”

No you can't go Thomas, please, this is something I must do,” Paul said finishing getting dressed. “I'll explain things to you when I get back, promise.”

Jacob looked at Thomas and shrugged his shoulders. They could easily keep Paul from leaving, but neither one would do that. Paul wasn't a prisoner or captive. Thomas decided he would follow Paul in his SUV just like he always did. He would insure nobody touched a hair on Paul's head.

When Paul ran out of the house, Thomas hurriedly dressed and told Jacob he was going to follow Paul like always. He'd make sure Paul was safe. Jacob agreed it was a good idea and watched as Thomas flew down the stairs and peaked out the door to make sure Paul was pulling away. As soon as he saw Paul get close to the gate, he flew into his SUV, started it up and was behind Paul with his lights off. He would follow Paul at a further distance once they were on the street.

Paul drove straight for the hidden gateway and temple. It was more then a 3 hour drive, but he was pushing it. He couldn't understand why all of a sudden Stohl was coming back. Did something bad happen in the ancients world? Was he needed again? So many unanswered questions. He got angry that he hadn't used any spells to find out answers. It was too late for that right now. He knew Stohl would explain it all to him. John couldn't figure out where the hell Paul was going. They headed out in the middle of nowhere. Thomas shut off his lights once they were in the country, not wanting Paul to see him following him. Suddenly Paul turned onto this dirt road and that confused Thomas even more. There wasn't a train station or airport out this way, not even a private one. Thomas was lucky he kept a distance between himself and Paul as Paul suddenly jerked the car to the right, flew out of the car with the door wide open and then somehow, disappeared into thin air. Thomas panicked. Aliens? Where the hell could Paul have gone to. He walked all around for a number of yards trying to find a hole or something Paul fell down. Nothing. He started to feel pissed and helpless. How could he let this happen to Paul. Then, luckily, there was Paul, walking fast to his car, but talking to somebody very animated. Thomas couldn't see anyone and worried that now Paul was off a bit. Maybe something Craiglon was doing with his sorcery. Paul swung his car into a wide circle, avoiding Thomas' SUV. He was so distracted with Stohl that he didn't notice it. Stohl did but said nothing. He sensed this was one of the protectors Aurin told him about. Thomas got right behind Paul and figured out they were headed back to the house. When they reached the gate, Thomas turned on his lights and followed Paul to the door.

You followed me?” Paul said angrily.

Damn straight I did,” Thomas shot back. “What the hell was this all about? Who the hell were you talking to and how the fuck did you disappear?”

You weren't supposed to come with me,” Paul said with his hands on his hips.

No shit. Well I didn't COME with you, I followed you, so technically I did as you asked,” Thomas said with attitude.

That made Paul think. “Yeah, but still, you shouldn't have done that.”

Hell no, like I'd let you go flying out of here in the middle of the night without so much as a 'gotta get some milk or some shit' out of you? Fuck no, ain't ever gonna happen!” Thomas said sternly with his fists on his hips.

Damn, I'm sorry, but you didn't have to do that. Honest.” Paul said softly now. “Come inside and be ready for the shock of your life.”

Oh shit, now what? You pregnant or something?” Thomas said with a smirk.

Funny, real funny,” Paul said. “Come on in and you'll see. Just be prepared, I'm telling you.”

Paul went in the house, Thomas did notice that the door opened before Paul touched it. Weird shit for sure. Jacob came down and saw that Thomas was upset and looked confused.

Okay, both of you come into the living room and sit down. Promise me you will stay seated no matter what,” Paul said seriously.

They both sat down and Thomas lifted his right hand and said “I promise.”

Jacob looked at him weird but did the same thing.

Okay, I'll be right back, just keep on sitting and be ready,” Paul said as he ran upstairs.

You know, if I didn't know better, I'd swear Paul was on some acid or something. Wait till I tell you what I saw so far tonight,” Thomas said to Jacob.

Like what?” Jacob said curiously.

Paul just disapperaring, him talking to somebody when nobody was there, and then to top it all off, the fuckin door just opened before he touched it,” Thomas said in a hurry. “That's what!”

Jacob looked at him like he was seeing a madman. He actually didn't know what to say, knowing all about Thomas and how he'd never loose it like it seems he had now. Jacob knew something weird was going on. Maybe some sorcery care of Craiglon.

Paul flew back down the stair and had this amulet that glowed around his neck.

Okay, this is a magical amulet, stop smirking,” Paul said seriously. “Where you saw me disappear was the entrance to a hidden gateway to an ancient world. I know sorcery and had gone there a number of times. Creatures of myth live there like Minotaurs, Satyrs, Ogre's and Cyclops.”

Fuck, I knew it, he's on acid,” Thomas said. “Thing is, when did he take it and how did he get it!”

I'm not on acid,” Paul said seriously. “Okay, now I know you don't believe me, but you are about to shit yourself. Stohl here is a satyr, my guardian from the ancient world and he had come here for some reason and I need to know what that was. You can't see him because he has the ability to keep humans from seeing him unless and until I say it is okay. Now brace yourselves.”

Thomas and Jacob didn't know what to say. Thomas became worried that something was mentally wrong with Paul and maybe it was from all the fucking around they did in the jacuzzi.

Stohl, let them see you,” Paul said as he turned to his right.

Both Thomas and Jacob nearly ripped off the arms of the chairs and tipped them over backwards the minute Stohl appeared.

Hello, I'm Stohl, protector of Paul, our Great One, Savior of our world and sage to all our lands,” Stohl said smiling at Thomas and Jacob who were staring at him with their mouths wide open. “I am pleased to meet the protectors of Paul in this world.”

See, what did I tell you both?” Paul said with a smug look on his face and his arms crossed over his chest.

Thomas had super wide eyes and a very open mouth. His eyes kept blinking as he took in the massively muscled and huge body of a for real satyr. He thought he'd actually go mad or something. This couldn't be real.

I am real, come share some pleasure with me, I believe you call it hug and kiss,” Stohl said as he walked closer to Thomas and Jacob.

Thomas kept looking from Paul, to Stohl, and then Jacob and back again. Stohl smiled and reached out his hand to Thomas. Thomas hesitated but then put his arm out. Stohl easily pulled Thomas up out of the chair and against his body, giving Thomas a hug and then bending down and kissing him. Thomas was in shock, but his body loved the feel of the strength of Stohl. His cock was throbbing hard and showed he was impressed to say the least. Stohl turned to Jacob and did the same thing. Stohl's cock was hard as well now and leaking precum. He looked at Paul with a sad look on his face.

Okay, you can share pleasure with them,” Paul said with a smile, “just be gentle, remember they are human.”

Stohl smiled and turned back to Thomas and Jacob. Jacob was staring at Stohl's throbbing cock leaking precum like he'd never seen before. Stohl gently pulled Jacob closer to him, ran his finger across the tip of his cock, covering it in a thick layer of precum and pushed his finger in Jacob's mouth. Jacob's eyes went wide and he immediately was on his knees sucking as much of Stohl's cock as he could get into his mouth. The precum tasted so damn good and the pleasure tingling shooting through his body was unreal. He could feel it flowing from his mouth down to the rest of his body. Stohl turned to Thomas, lifted him up into his arms and began kissing him. Thomas responded like Jacob and moaned when Stohl pushed his tongue deep inside Thomas' mouth. Thomas couldn't keep his hands off of Stohl's arm and shoulder muscles. He never felt so small and helpless in his life and yet, it was such a turn on to be dominated. Stohl loward Thomas to the floor and with his hand on Thomas' head, got him on his knees. He then took the top of Thomas' head and moved it to his cock. Jacob moved off of it and worked on the massive satyr balls. One taste of Stohl's precum and Thomas was sucking on it as if he was starving. He and Jacob alternated between Stohl's cock and balls. Stohl was moaning and enjoying the attention of these 2 handsome humans. Paul came up behind Stohl and spread his cheeks apart and began to make love to Stohl's ass. Stohl let out a super loud moan and began panting. He put one hand on the side of Thomas' head and the other on Jacob's so that his cock was at both their mouths. He then yelled out and began shooting out thick huge loads of his cum which covered both their faces and filled both mouths. Both of them moaned and tried to take in all of Stohl's cum even though they couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up with how much was filling their mouths and covering their faces. Stohl reached around and pulled Paul away from his ass and up in his arms. He and Paul kissed hotly and Stohl told Paul how much he missed pleasuring with Paul. He slid Paul down and placed the tip of his cock on Paul's rosebud, gently pushing it in. Paul moaned and groaned as Stohl pushed the head of his massive cock inside Paul's ass. Since it was thickly covered in Stohl's cum, the weight of Paul's body helped him to slide down Stohl's cock. Stohl let Paul fall backwards so he could bend down and play with Paul's pecs and kiss him deeply with his tongue. When Paul's body began to shake and stiffen, Stohl took Paul by his hips and lifted him up off his cock and took all of Paul's cock and balls into his mouth. Paul shot a few loads of his cum into Stohl's mouth. Paul went limp. Stohl laid him down on the couch and lifted Thomas up, took in his cock and balls and quickly drained Thomas who he put on the couch next to Paul. Then he pulled Jacob up and did the same. He was in a pleasure high from all the human cum he ingested plus how Paul pleasured him on his cock. He wondered what it would be like with his cock up Thomas or Jacob. He would have to ask Paul if that would be safe and proper. Stohl looked at all 3 of them in pleasure highs on the couch, with smiles on their faces and soft moans coming out of their mouths. He knelt down and licked the leaking cocks of all 3 and managed to take another load of cum from each of them. Satisfied, he managed to sit on a love seat as he couldn't quite get his ass into a regular chair.

He smiled looking at them, especially Paul. He truly missed being with him. It felt good being around him again. When the three of them started to stir, he asked Paul if there was fruit and some water he could have as he was hungry and thirsty. Jacob jumped up and ran to the kitchen, coming back with a whole huge bowl of fruit and a pitcher of water. Paul smiled at how Jacob so quickly wanted to please Stohl.

You enjoy my body size Thomas?” Stohl ask noticing how Thomas was watching every movement of Stohl's muscles.

Yes, I sure do. I thought I was something, but not anymore,” Thomas said like in a dream.

Come, feel and do what you will be pleasured by,” Stohl said with a smile, “it is fine. I am honored you admire me so.”

Thomas went over to where Stohl was sitting and Stohl immediately began to flex one arm then the other, then his pecs, then his thighs. Thomas was all over Stohl, feeling, kissing and rubbing as much as he could. Stohl laughed and was actually thrilled a human felt so about him.

Okay, so while you are eating and being worked over, you must tell me why you are here,” Paul said with a smile, enjoying the obvious pleasure Thomas was having.

Aurin sent me, or rather agreed with me that you needed me here. Also, I am to take Thomas and Jacob back to the ancient place for their protection. They actually feel deeply for you and are your human protectors. You must know that. They like you are under the constant threat from a new sorcerer named Craiglon. He was selected and studied under the Emperor Jeral at an early age. He will be a true test for you and John,” Stohl said softly.

Thomas and Jacob were shocked to hear Stohl talk about them and Craiglon. They both just flopped down on the floor, legs crossed under them and listened to Stohl.

What does Thomas and Jacob have to do with this Craiglon and more importantly what does Craiglon have to do with my John?” Paul said nervously.

It seems that Craiglon was sent here when Irr was Emperor, along with hybrids to attempt to capture you and bring you back to Irr. Your causing the Empire to collapse and scatter, angered him and since he has sorcery skills is intent on reestablishing the empire with him as Emperor. He will use you to get what he wants and you will be forced to obey him in order to protect John,” Stohl said softly knowing Paul was getting very nervous and upset. “Thomas and Jacob were originally in his service, unwillingly after a time, only willing to be hired for the monetary compensation offered some time before being hired by John for your protection.. Craiglon uses his sorcery and the hybrids as weapons to keep those he wishes to serve him in his power. They both became taken with you and John and Thomas actually loves you as does Jacob. They are in grave danger since their feelings and actions would alert Craiglon to what has happened and he will punish them or possibly kill them. In either case, they would suffer greatly and would beg for death. Your friend Dave and his friend Jack have already been taken by Craiglon and are already in his power after being subjected to the hybrids torture and nectar. You need to know all this to fully appreciate the danger and the power of this Craiglon. Use your amulet and incantations to see and feel Thomas and Jacob's intents and feelings. They have been under the threat of torture by the hybrids or worse from Craiglon.”

Paul had tears running down his face as he listened and looked at both Thomas and Jacob. He grabbed his glowing amulet and closed his eyes, an incantation coming from his lips, pulled from his memory. He felt the love and protection they felt for him, especially Thomas who would die for him. He knew what Stohl had told them was true and they were indeed in grave danger. It was hard to believe Craiglon was able to take control over Jack and more so Dave. Yet, Paul knew the power of the hybrid nectar on humans, though not as powerful as the full demigod's, still, very powerful. He tried to get a vision of John in his mind but was not able to do so, since Craiglon's arena and cell area's were deep underground and covered with thick lead, in addition to a powerful spell to keep all other seers from viewing what was happening.

Paul, I know you have to hate me now, but what Stohl has just told you is all true. Working for Craiglon was just that, a job at first. Once part of his group, there was no leaving. He made that clear every time a new group of hires came in. We were all showed what hybrids do to humans and I'm not talking sex,” Thomas said with a look that shouted his remorse. “Craiglon set the whole trip thing up for John and made sure Jacob and I were hired to be your guards. Craiglon threatened us with most severe punishments if anything happened to you. I don't know about Jacob, but I for one didn't fully understand what was happening until Craiglon let me know when I turned in my report about your safety and routine. On my cock and balls Paul, I had no idea before then what it was all about. I thought he was just some rich kinky bastard with the hots for you or John or both of you.”

Your cock and balls?” Paul said with raised eye brows and very curious.

Yeah, can't say on my mother's grave since I haven't a clue if she is in one or not,” Thomas said sheepishly.

Paul looked at Stohl and then at Jacob and finally at Thomas who looked as if he had just killed someone he cared about. Paul saw what was in his heart and knew Stohl spoke the truth and so did Thomas. He couldn't help but to giggle the more he thought of “on my cock and balls.”

Thomas heard him giggling and finally looked at Paul's face. He wasn't sure at first why Paul was giggling.

That's another thing I love about you muscle head,” Paul laughed calling Thomas his favorite nick name for Steve. “Honest to a fault when it matters and some of the weirdest lines I've ever heard!”

Paul walked up to Thomas who was now kneeling on the floor, knelt down in front of him and wrapped his arms around Thomas' neck, pulling him down and giving him a sweet, tender kiss. Thomas couldn't figure out why he had tears coming out of his eyes and why he felt his heart pounding and about to leap out of his head.

I am not angry with you or Jacob, nor do I hate either of you,” Paul said softly, reaching out to take Jacob's hand. “With my own skills in sorcery, I can see what is in your hearts and that you are telling me the truth. I know it isn't your doing and think fate had an awful lot to do with you coming into my life.”

Before anyone knew what was happening, Thomas had his arms wrapped around Paul so very tight, jumped up and spun around and around, kissing Paul over and over again.

Hey, bad enough this Craiglon wants to get me, now you're trying to crush the life out of me?” Paul laughed.

Oh, I'm sorry, did I hurt you?” Thomas said with a look of total horror on his face as he stopped dead and held Paul away from him in the air, looking up and down his body to see if there was any blood or anything.

So you see, he truly does have you in his heart,” Stohl laughed. “It is good to see a human caring so much for you Great One.”

Stohl, remember the rules, here just Paul,” Paul said seriously.

Yes Gr... Paul,” Stohl said with his head down.

Okay, so I gotta ask, how is it this guy, loving as he is and all, can just say something to you and you just about fall on your face,” Jacob asked.

I met Paul at the temple where I was waiting for the Great One who was to come save the ancient's land from the terrible evils of Jeral. Before Jeral, there were no hybrids, only demigods. My king Aurin knew what had to happen and sent me to guard the scrolls that the Great One would have to use to prove who he was and then to protect him in this world until I brought him back to the ancients land.. I didn't believe Paul was he, but I was wrong. I saw him use the scrolls for so many powerful things, including completely changing how he looked. He was not the tall, muscled man you now see before you when I first met him. Part of my sworn duty was to serve and protect Paul no matter what. It is a great honor to be the protector and servant of the Great One as he is known by us. It is only through his kindness and love that I am allowed to stand and talk freely, as he has the right to make me keep silent and on my knees. It is our way. You have nothing even close to how important Paul is to our world. All the demigods and hybrids know what he did and the sacrifice he paid to save our world from total evil. Our gods look very favorably on him and help him with his powers. Our gods live on God's Fire mountain, a most sacred place few have ever visited and lived. One human became a demigod for his love of a minotaur. It is difficult for me to tell you all I should so that you would understand,” Stohl said letting his head hang down feeling inadequate.

You have explained it very well Stohl,” Paul said with a smile. “Come let me hug and kiss you in gratitude for what you have told them.”

Thomas tried hard to understand as did Jacob. Yet it was still a hard thing to understand seeing this full fledged massive satyr acting like a scared puppy around Paul. They both could see how Stohl would have very little problem squishing Paul and probably not even break a sweat beating them to a pulp.

So, how are we to deal with all this?” Paul finally asked, arranging Thomas so he could sit on his lap.

I am not certain Paul, Aurin did not tell me all, just what I had to know,” Stohl said sitting down across from Paul and Thomas, holding Paul's hand. “I would think if I am allowed, that you have the power to receive guidance from your amulet, book and spells. All I know for certain is the fight coming and that I must take Thomas and Jacob back to our land.”

Okay, now just stop right there,” Thomas said loudly. “There is no fuckin way I'm leaving Paul now, ain't gonna happen, no way in hell.”

You are my knight in sexy skin,” Paul smiled touching Thomas' cheek. “Aurin would not have insisted it be this way unless he not only saw a danger to you and Jacob, but one for me as well. I could not deal with you, Jacob and John being tortured by Craiglon. I know all about hybrids and what they are capable of doing, believe me. No, it has to be as Aurin said. I will meditate and consult my scrolls to find out what I must do.”

But...” Thomas started until Paul put his finger on Thomas' lips.

If I have to cast a spell on both of you to put you totally under Stohl's power, I will, whether you like it or not,” Paul admonished both of them. “You don't fully understand what's happening here. I know you will slowly understand when you are safe with Aurin, Klir, Jerd and Tork. You will be among satyrs, ogres, minotaurs, cyclops, and a great mixture of hybrids, all part of my family there. It has to be this way for reasons you cannot understand right now. So please, don't make this any harder on me then it already is.”

Stohl gave Paul a small smile showing him how well he handled Thomas.

Well, if that's what you REALLY want, then I suppose it'll have to be that way,” Thomas said with a pout. “Besides, I don't want to be out of it in any fashion, I want to know what's happening and be in as much control of myself as I can be, no hokus pokus thank you!”

Jacob and Stohl burst out laughing first and then Paul joined them, ruffling the hair on Thomas' head. It was completely out of character for Thomas to act like this, the ever forceful, in control, Mr. Macho Supreme at all times. He couldn't figure out why he was acting like this either, knowing it wasn't how is always had been up until now. Why did he feel so overprotective of Paul? Why did he want to cry when Paul kissed him? Why was he even thinking about these things?

So, when and how is this all going to happen?” Jacob asked. “I know Craiglon is going to call Paul in the morning and let him talk to John. Or John will call, I'm not sure. I do know John will be completely hooked on that hybrid gunk and will be like a heroin addict missing his fix real easy. Is there anything you need to know from us about what little we know about Craiglon?”

I don't know just yet, but will by morning,” Paul said. “I'm guessing that you will have to leave with Stohl before I meet up with Craiglon, otherwise he will know something is wrong.”

I'm not sure how he would, but okay if you say so,” Jacob said.

Believe me, he'll know. He IS a sorcerer and being one myself, I'm sure he can pick up any changes in your thoughts. He'll know for sure that Thomas wants to protect me at all costs as I have to assume you do also.”

Yeah, I do, sorry I just haven't been as close to you as Thomas obviously is,” Jacob said sadly. “Maybe even a bit jealous, but that has nothing to do with our problem.”

“You should all try and get some sleep while I do my homework,” Paul said patting Thomas on the thigh.

I'll stay up with you if its okay,” Thomas said sheepishly. “I couldn't sleep now anyway.”

Yeah, me too,” Jacob said.

Come, I will hold you Jacob, maybe you will sleep some then,” Stohl said with his arms open to Jacob.

Jacob smiled and moved on to Stohl's lap, sighing as Stohl wrapped his muscled, hairy arms around him and laid back on the couch edge.

There's plenty of room on Stohl if you want to snuggle up with them,” Paul said to Thomas.

Nawwwhhh, I'd much rather stay this close to you while I still can if its okay with you,” Thomas said kissing Paul's shoulder and giving him a squeeze.

Its more then okay with me,” Paul said softly, giving Thomas a kiss. “Just no questions or butting in when I'm doing stuff!”

Promise!” Thomas said raising his right hand in the air. “The lips are zipped and the hands are locked in upright position!”
Paul laughed and got up, went upstairs bringing down his book and a pile of scrolls. Thomas met him at the bottom of the stairs and took the scrolls from Paul and followed him to the love seat. Paul patted the cushion on the love seat for Thomas to sprawl out and then he piled on the scrolls between his legs and got up on top of Thomas like he was a bunch of supporting pillows. Thomas had the biggest smile on his face as he leaned in and kissed the back of Paul's neck.

He silently watched in awe as Paul went to work, checking things on scrolls, then his book and holding that amulet in his hand. He was amazed watching it pulse with energy as it got super bright, then dim, then brighter again, over and over again, all in sync with Paul's incantations from the scrolls. He didn't realize it, but Paul did cast a spell so that both Thomas and Jacob went sound asleep. It was just Stohl and he awake. Finally, just before dawn, Paul pushed the scrolls away and turned around, stretching out on top of Thomas, playing with the hair on his pecs and his scruff on his face. He smiled thinking of the wonderful pleasures he and Thomas had. The ones with Jacob were fun, but nothing like it was with Thomas. Thomas reminded him so much of John they could be identical twins, except Thomas was a bit more muscled and slightly taller. Both were his all time dream muscled bears he's thought of since he was 13. He snuggled into Thomas' pecs and Thomas wrapped his arms around Paul, kissing his forehead and then a few snores.

Well, my new friend John, how did we sleep?” Craiglon said sarcastically knowing the night of sheer torture John endured. “Now I hope the hybrid didn't hurt you very much, you know how big boys get carried away playing I'm sure.”

The hybrid let John finally get a good dose of his nectar but down his throat and up his ass, but then cut John off suddenly, slowly sending John's body into a panic. “Very soon now I'm going to bring you upstairs and put you in touch with Paul,” Craiglon said holding tight to John's jaw, his face right in John's face. “You are going to tell him he has to come to you now, you need him and are in some trouble. You will read the directions you will be given on a pad of paper and that is all you will say. Do you understand?”

Yes, I understand, I will do it, just please, let me taste the nectar again?” John pleaded.

In due time John, in due time,” Craiglon laughed. “If your Paul behaves himself and does as he's commanded, you will indeed have all the nectar you desire.”

Craiglon turned John's head so that he was staring directly at the leaking cock of the hybrid. He licked his lips uncontrollably and whined. Craiglon got up, and left the cell, laughing loudly all the way down the hallway. He told his aide he wanted Dave and Jack to be ready to greet Paul when he arrived. He wanted them naked and oiled up, muscles flexed to the max. He wanted Paul to truly appreciate the power Craiglon had.

Okay, time for some breakfast and then its lights, camera, action,” Paul said loudly, waking Jacob and Thomas. “Time's a wastin you sleepy heads.”

Oh man, did I fall asleep on you?” Thomas said sitting up and rubbing his face. “Awh shit, I was supposed to be up with you all night!”

Its okay muscle head, really,” Paul laughed as he kissed his forehead. “Besides, I put a spell on both of you to make you sleep.”

What? Now you were NOT supposed to do that!” Thomas said as he shot up off the love seat.

Hey, did I promise or anything?” Paul said with a slight smile.

Well, no, but you should have had me to hold on to you and stuff,” Thomas said sadly.

Thomas, please don't be angry,” Paul said holding his face in his hands. “I needed to concentrate on my tasks and you being awake would have been more of a distraction then I needed. So now what I need is to have a nice shower with a certain muscle head.”

Okay, breakfast it is,” Jacob said as he stood up and stretched, amazed at how comfortable he was all wrapped up in Stohl's arms and on his body. “You know, I got to get me one of those after all this.”

Paul and Stohl laughed as Paul headed to the bathroom to shower and freshen up. He took Thomas' hand and pulled him upstairs with him so they could be together a bit longer. Stohl stood behind Jacob as he began making breakfast which made Jacob smile.

Hey, after I get this going, hows about you and me take a nice hot shower?” Jacob said to Stohl.

Yes, that would be a good thing Jacob,” Stohl said with a big smile. “Human shower is a good thing I know.”

Did Stohl find Paul yet? Is Paul safe?,” Klir said all excited and nervous.

Yes, he is with Paul and his earth protectors. They will be arriving soon and we must quickly make them know of our world and our rules,” Aurin said with a smile, somehow with a warm heart seeing and hearing how devoted Klir, Jerd and Stohl were to Paul.

You come now, master waits,” the ogre hybrid ordered after going into John's cell.

He pushed John out of the cell and made him stumble in the hallway, directing John to where Craiglon was waiting. When John came out of the door to the down stair dungeon, he tried his best to shield his eyes from the bright sunlight that was filling the room he was pushed into.

Ah, good morning John. I trust you had a good night?” Craiglon said sarcastically. “No, this will not do. Take him into the bathroom and clean him up. Get him something clean to wear. I don't want Paul to think we are barbaric!”

Dave and Jack were standing on the side, eyes blinking fast, not believing that the smelly, dirty muscled hunk in front of them was Paul's John. They knew John was a well regarded and known surgeon, very wealthy, in extremely good condition and health and therefore couldn't possibly be this guy. Craiglon walked over to Dave and Jack and smiled as he ran his fingers up and down the front and backs of their bodies.

Yes, most impressive I must say. I think I will enjoy having you both around as playthings once things are as they should be,” Craiglon said with an evil smile. “I'm very certain you will both be very entertaining.”

Neither Dave nor Jack knew what to say. All they knew now was that Craiglon was the boss, powerful and able to make sure they got that great hybrid cum they now were hooked on. They already experienced the pain of having it withheld and the physical pain of being playthings of the hybrids. They had no idea why John would be there and why Craiglon was mentioning their Paully. No matter, they had their fill of that nectar stuff and all was good.

John was brought back into the room, cleaned up and looking more like his self.

There's the man of the hour! Come, you must be famished after all that romping around with my hybrids,” Craiglon said, motioning for his aide to put John in a chair at a table, with a place setting already there, filled with fruit, bacon, scrambled eggs, a large orange juice and coffee. “I do hope this meets with your approval John.”

Paul and Thomas finished an intense play time in the shower, dried off, changed and came downstairs where Stohl and Jacob were already started on breakfast. Paul tried his best to stay as calm as he could, even calling on the aide of some spells. He felt better holding on to the amulet as it gave off a special heat to him and pulsed with light in sync with Paul's heartbeat.

Soon Paul, it will all begin soon,” Stohl said as he moved behind Paul, wrapped his arms around Paul's chest from behind and kissed his head. “I'm certain you did indeed find the spells and incantations you will need. I will leave with Thomas and Jacob as soon as you hear from John and get instructions on how to find this Craiglon.”

You read my mind Stohl, thank you,” Paul said patting Stohl's forearm. “You both might need some basic toiletries, though I didn't have any but it may make you feel more at ease. Everything you really need will be there at Tork's den if I know Aurin at all. Prepare yourselves for a trip into another world where all the creatures of myth and legend really do exist. There aren't many flying insects there so you won't have to worry about walking around with you mouths open all the time, which believe me, you will do. Oh, and you should be prepared for lots, and I do mean lots of pleasuring – sex. The demigods love it especially with humans. You felt the reaction you had from Stohl's fluids, well, its double that for them with human fluids, cum especially which they call nectar. You won't be eating meat for the most part, mostly plants and fish. I think you both will have the time of your lives there.”

My kind of place, LOTS of sex,” Thomas said with a big grin on his face.

They all laughed and Paul smacked Thomas on the top of his head.

Suddenly, the telephone rang. It startled all of them, except for Stohl. Paul looked at Stohl, then Thomas then Jacob. Jacob got up and answered the telephone as would be normal.

Hello John, its really good to hear your voice, everything going well?” Jacob said with a sad look on his face as he could hear the difference in John's voice.

Oh sure, hold on, I'll go up and get him, hang on,” Jacob said as he put the phone on hold. “Its John and he doesn't sound the same. You best prepare yourself Paul since I know if I noticed the change in his voice, you will for sure. Remember, you know nothing of what is happening only that he is at a conference.”

Paul gasped, grabbed on tight to Thomas' forearm and shuddered. He took several deep breaths, shook his body a few times and picked up the telephone.

John? Finally you lunkhead, I've been frantic with worry,” Paul said. “Is everything going good? How's all that hybrid stuff going? Do they like you?”

Hey my life, I sure do miss you,” John said with tears forming in his eyes finally hearing Paul's voice. “Paul, listen, this is important. I can't explain things fully on the phone, but you must take down these directions and follow them to the letter, its very important baby. Don't panic and don't get hurt coming here. I'm okay and can't wait to see you and kiss you and hold you. I miss you so damn much lover.”

I love and miss you my dear sweet lover. I'm a bit nervous over what you just said but okay, I'll get a pen and paper and then you can tell me what the directions are,” Paul said actually shaking. “Okay, I'm ready, go ahead.”

John gave Paul the directions to Craiglon's mansion 3 times to be certain Paul had it right. He told Paul that he was to come alone, not mention anything to Jacob and pretend it was just a routine day. Paul said he understood and told John he was going to change and then leave the house.

See you so very soon my lover,” Paul said making the sound of a kiss in the phone.

When he hung up, he just flopped down in a chair and burst into tears. Thomas grabbed hold of him and lifted him up and into his lap, his arms holding Paul tight against his chest.

Oh my god, you wouldn't believe how bad he sounds. That wasn't my John on the phone. Well it was him but not THE him. I can't imagine what that animal did to him,” Paul said getting more angry then sad.

Careful Paul, I know you are getting pissed but for John's safety, you don't want to go in there magic guns a blazing,” Thomas said seriously. “Craiglon will know something isn't right if you immediately react like you are up to date on the whole scene. He's going to expect you to get all emotional when you see John and confused about why he is there and not at the conference. You have to play the dumb blond Paul, its important!”

Yeah, I agree,” Jacob said rubbing his hand on Paul's back. “Thomas and I are in the business of dealing with stuff like this. Well not quite like this, but you know what I mean. Terrorists, kidnappers, murderers, the whole ball of wax of the nice guys you never want to know or meet. They are all the same, smelling a rat super quick if things aren't as they imagined or expected based on their study of the victim, in this case you.”

They speak well Paul,” Stohl said. “It would be wise to heed their advice.”

You are right, I know, just have to get this anger out of my system before I get there,” Paul said smacking his face into Thomas' chest. “Well, I best get going before anything more happens to John. You stay safe and I'll see you on the other side I'm sure. Hey, that's sounds like its from some movie or something!!”

The more I think about it, the more I feel I need to follow you and help out if I can,” Thomas said thoughtfully.

No, ain't gonna happen,” Paul said seriously. “I'm not going to be distracted trying to keep tabs on you and John. You are going with Stohl just like Aurin said. He is wise and can see into things others can't. No discussion, no change of plans.”

But...” Thomas never got to finish his thoughts as Paul cast a spell that put him into a trance and under the control of Stohl.

I'm good, no problem here,” Jacob blurted out with very wide open eyes. “Damn, you are good at that shit huh?”

Yeah, had some practice you might say,” Paul smiled. “Okay, we're all out of here. Jacob, you drive Thomas' SUV, Stohl will direct you. I'm on my way to that Craiglon's place per the instructions. Might be safer if you waited about 10 minutes until after I'm gone, just to make sure none of his goons are out front, watching. Sure they'll be very suspicious of another vehicle leaving and going the opposite way.”

Good thinking,” Thomas said. “I'd be willing to bet that if you check out your rear view mirror once you start down the street, you'll see if not one but two SUV's pulling out of parking spots or driveways behind you.”

Okay, I'm out of here,” Paul said giving Thomas, Jacob and Stohl kisses.

Be careful Great One,” Stohl said suddenly realizing he broke Paul's name rule.

You and I will talk about that one later,” Paul said with a small smile. “I forgive you my big protector, just keep these two safe.”

Have no fear Paul, I will do as ordered,” Stohl said seriously. “Willingly I must add.”

Paul smiled, touched Thomas one more time, put on his jacket, took up his keys and headed out the door. Stohl and Jacob watched through the window until they saw the automatic gate close. Just as Jacob said, Paul checked his rear view mirror and sure enough, 3 black SUV's pulled out of parking spots behind him. He smiled and thought how these guys play by some goofy book, like no body will notice them. He drove carefully, purposely pulling over now and again to check on the directions. He thought it best to cast a spell to make his amulet invisible, just in case Craiglon decided to rip it off. Not only would the spell make it invisible, but insure no one but Paul could remove it from around his neck. He also put a wall of protection around himself to prevent Craiglon from using a spell to control him somehow.

We leave now,” Stohl said matter of factually.

Jacob took his and Thomas' duffel bags with their “things” and Stohl told Thomas to follow him to the vehicle. Jacob was amazed at how that trance stuff was working on Thomas. He'd never guess anyone could so easily take control of Thomas, not even Paul. Stohl got into the back seat with Thomas and Jacob got into the drivers seat and off they went.

Okay big guy, which way?” Jacob said stopping right outside the open gate.

Stohl looked around, closed his eyes and then pointed. Jacob took off in the direction Stohl pointed, which happened to be in the opposite direction Paul went. Jacob was getting a bit nervous as he didn't think the place they were going was this far. Stohl put his arm in front of Jacob and pointed to the left. Jacob was confused as there was only a very poor dirt road, but did what Stohl obviously wanted.

Go slow now this way,” Stohl said pointing to the right after driving a bit down the rough dirt road.

Hope you know where you are going big guy,” Jacob said nervously. “Doesn't look like there's anything out this way, but okay.”

Suddenly, Jacob saw this really big boulder in front of them and slammed on the brakes.

You go, keep going,” Stohl said.

There's a fuckin boulder in front of us,” Jacob shouted.

Go, you move vehicle now,” Stohl said loudly.

Oh well, guess this is as good a way to buy it as any other I guess,” Jacob said, stepping on the gas pedal and closing his eyes.

Nothing happened. No bang, no jolt, nothing. He opened his eyes and saw a narrow dirt trail that led towards what looked like some sort of shrine.

We stop there,” Stohl said pointing again.

Jacob again followed directions. Stohl got out of the SUV, pulling Thomas with him. Jacob got out, took the bags and followed Stohl. Stohl walked right into the opening of the shrine. Jacob's mouth was wide open as he entered the shrine and saw what looked like a raging inferno right in front of them.

Come, we go to ancients land,” Stohl said walking right towards the flames.

Hell no, I ain't getting cooked, no way,” Jacob said already backing away.

Stohl looked at him, wrapped one arm around Thomas' waist and scooped up Jacob in the other and walked quickly threw the flames. Jacob screamed out, but then realized he wasn't feeling any pain and the flames didn't seem to be hot at all. Suddenly, they were in what obviously was some sort of woodland. The air was really clean and fresh. Jacob took in a deep breath as Stohl gently put him down. Suddenly, there was a loud sound of big, really big somethings making their way through the brush.

Oh great, now we have to deal with a herd of some damn monster things I guess,” Jacob said nervously.

Stohl looked at him and laughed. “No herd, just friends of Paul.”

Jacob's mouth was wide open as well as his eyes when suddenly the biggest thing he has ever seen came out of the brush, followed by another and then an even bigger version of Stohl.

Welcome protectors of Paul,” Aurin said as he first hugged Jacob, who was in shock and then Thomas. “We will do all we can to keep you safe and ready for Paul's return. Stohl, once again, you have made me proud, performing your duties as instructed.”

Stohl bowed down, got on one knee and kissed Aurin's hand.

Come, share our pleasure as thanks for protecting the Great One,” Klir said with his best smile as he lumbered up to Jacob and Thomas.

Jacob had the most terrified look on his face and Thomas was still under Paul's spell.

Easy Klir, you are frightening them,” Kag said softly. “You must pardon his excitement. Ogre's are like that, especially when hit with any emotion. Klir is the Great One's protector here, I'm sorry, Paul's. He and Paul are bonded. My name is Kag and I am mate to Tork, Minotaur and Ruler of this land we are in. This is Aurin and this is Jerd.”

Pleasure,” was all Jacob could get out still with huge eyes and an open mouth.

Aurin, you must take the Great One's spell off of Thomas,” Stohl said. “The Great One felt it best to insure Thomas did not go after him as a protector would.”

Yes, of course,” Aurin laughed. “Now Jacob, do not be worried as all here will always protect and nourish you and Thomas. We all know of and feel grateful for your protection of the Great One. I know you were under the powers of Craiglon to begin with, but have since turned your protection of John and the Great One into something special and important to you both. So we are truly grateful and offer you the fullest hospitality of our world to you. Now come, we will go to Tork's den and feast and pleasure.”

Okay,” was again all Jacob could get out. “You just might want to hold off on taking off Paul's spell from Thomas until we're at that Tork's place. I think he will freak out and run or something otherwise. You guys are something else to see, so much of a mind blowing thing, you know?”

I think I understand,” Kag said with a laugh. “Aurin, hold off on removing the spell. Let's just get to Tork's den first. Then we'll ease Thomas into introductions.”

Good thinking,” Aurin said laughing.

Without any warning, Klir easily scooped up Jacob and had him sitting on his shoulders. Jerd did the same with Thomas and Stohl picked up their bags. They all headed to Tork's den. Jacob was amazed at the size of Klir and how muscled and powerful he looked. He wasn't anything pretty that's for sure and if you ran into him in a dark alley or even a mall, you'd shit yourself. It seemed to Jacob that even his fingers were muscled. He couldn't help but to touch them and the tops of Klir's hands which were across his thighs. Klir smiled sensing Jacob liked his powerful body and was paying good attention to it. They soon reached Tork's den and Stohl, Kag and Aurin went inside with Thomas and Jacob.

Come, refresh yourselves,” Kag said directing Jacob to a table covered in fruits, what looked like beer and veggies.

Is that beer?” Jacob said amazed.

Yes, a specialty of the boarmen,” Aurin laughed. “I believe you will like it. Now, lets get Thomas comfortable and remove the spell shall we?”

Kag moved Thomas to his and Tork's massive fur covered bed, lifted him up and gently placed him on the edge. He sat down next to Thomas and kept an arm around Thomas' shoulders. Aurin lifted his arms up and recited some words that Jacob didn't understand. Suddenly, Thomas was shaking his head and rubbing his eyes. Stohl had moved in front of him and knelt down so Thomas would see someone familiar. Thomas smiled when he saw Stohl.

Welcome to our world Thomas,” Kag said with a big smile. “I am Kag, mate to Tork, Minotaur Ruler of these lands. This is Aurin, sage and king of the satyrs. You were placed under a spell by the Great One, Paul, so that you would not go against his wishes and would end up here as planned, safe under our protection.”

Is Paul safe? How did I get here? Where the hell is here?” Thomas said getting agitated and angry.

Paul is well and all is well, Thomas,” Aurin said walking up next to Stohl.

It is as the Great One wished for your protection Thomas, do not be angry or upset,” Stohl said touching the side of Thomas' head.

I should be with him making sure he is safe,” Thomas said with worry.

Noble saying protector Thomas, but not as it would have been,” Aurin said sadly. “You and Jacob are no match for the powers of Craiglon, no matter how physically powerful you are. You would not be anything more then more pawns for Craiglon to use against Paul and that would not serve any good purpose. You are where Paul wished you to be and will see him soon, I promise you. We all are concerned and will do all we are able to help and protect Paul, the Great One. This is a task he must see through and the gods will come to his aid, fear not. Now, you must refresh yourself, accept our hospitality and allow us to show our gratitude for your protection of the Great One.”

There was just something fatherly and wise in Aurin's voice and what he said. Thomas knew he spoke the truth, just his emotions taking control when it came to Paul's safety. Not something he understood just yet since it wasn't part of who he was so far in life, but he knew Paul was a good one in his life and he felt a strong desire to protect and please Paul. He never worried about anyone like this in his whole life. Now this, these creatures from mythology are in front of him and his mind was having a hard time taking it all in right now.

Come, refresh, eat, drink and then we will introduce you to all the family of Tork and protectors in the service of the Great One,” Kag said taking Thomas by the hand and leading him to the table of food and drink.

Its all good Thomas,” Jacob said with a big smile. “You have to taste this boarmen beer, you'll love it. Don't think we have it back home.”

Thomas smiled, reassured to see and hear Jacob. He stopped dead in his tracks when Klir walked in. Thomas had the same reaction Jacob did, very wide eyes and wide, wide open mouth.

That's Klir, sworn and bonded protector of Paul here,” Jacob said with a smile. “Ain't he just he biggest hunk of muscle you ever saw? Guess he's an ogre or something like that. Man, he carried me on his shoulders like I was a little kid or something, great guy!”

Klir laughed, scooped up Thomas in his arms and kissed him. “You Thomas are someone special to the Great One and therefore to me also. Do not be afraid as we all are protectors of the Great One and most grateful you are a protector of him in your world. Come, you must meet the rest and then we will feast and pleasure!”

Thomas smiled, not able to take his eyes off of the massive muscled body holding him. Klir smiled and remembered a bicep pose Paul showed him that he liked. Klir moved Thomas slightly to one side of his chest and struck the pose, watching Thomas' face. Thomas gasped and instinctively reached out, feeling the massive bicep with both his hands.

We will pleasure later Thomas,” Klir said nuzzling Thomas' head. “It pleases me you like my power. It is all here for your pleasure now.”

Klir slid Thomas slowly down his body, flexing his pecs and abs along the way. He was also impressed by the obvious muscle development of Thomas and Jacob. He felt a special liking for Thomas as he felt the affection he and Paul had for each other and how much Thomas felt for Paul. They all laid around the table, drinking and eating, Kag explaining what the plants were and what use they had. Aurin explained about the boarmen beer and tried his best to describe the boarmen.

You will also meet and see many varied hybrids here, all former slaves of the emperor Jeral and Irr, predecessors to Craiglon,” Aurin said sadly.

Oh we know about hybrids, believe you me,” Jacob said. “Craiglon uses then as his secret weapon to insure loyalty of his guys. I think he has only 3 of them, an ogre, a satyr one and a cyclops. He uses them for sport, pitting them against big muscled and tough humans who never have a chance and then lets the hybrids use them as much as they wish.”

Sad and so not pleasing to the gods for sure,” Kag said thoughtfully. “But, the ones here are not like those, well at least not how they act. They are happy, free and also owe much of their lives now to the Great One who basically set them free from their former bondage.”

Come, I wish for you to meet Tork, my mate, Minotaur Ruler of these lands and your host,” Kag said happily. “You best prepare yourselves for what you are about to see. Tork is a real live minotaur, not a made up human by any means. You need to know he is kind, generous, protective and loyal to a fault, so please, have no fear of him, or any of the others you will meet.”

Hey, after seeing what I've seen so far, no need to worry there Kag,” Thomas said taking a very big mouth full of boarmen beer.

Aurin, Klir, Kag all burst out laughing at the expression on Thomas' face when he said that. Kag led them out to the pool often used for guests to share pleasures and relax. It was the closest they had to a jacuzzi with swirling water, soothing to sore muscles and stimulating for sex.

Paul turned into a long driveway as per the instruction, noticing the SUV's were still behind him. He came upon a large gate with a guard shack on one side of it. The guard looked at Paul, picked up a telephone and then pushed a button so the gates began to open. Paul smiled and waved at the guard as he began to drive through, but then slammed on his brakes and rolled down his window.

You might want to let the clowns that have been following me they need to watch more spy movies if they want to get tailing down pat,” Paul said seriously before rolling up his window and hitting the gas.

He drove down another long, winding driveway until he came around a curve and as the shrubs and trees gave way, this opulent, massive estate house came into view. He would have sworn it was an updated version of the White House. He thought that Craiglon had to be some big egomaniac if nothing else as this was so over the top. A case in point of how not to go un-noticed for sure. Before he even stopped the car in front of the main entrance, 4 or 5 really huge brutes came out of the door and stood waiting for him on the entry steps. Another super huge guy came up to the car, motioned for Paul to open his door, pulled open the door and motioned for Paul to exit the vehicle.

On behalf of your host and my lord Craiglon, I welcome you to his humble home,” the brute said in a scratchy gravely deep voice.

Oh yeah, I'm sure big guy,” Paul said purposely running his hand across the crotch of the greeter. “Oh gosh, did I just do that? Sorry, got this thing for really big burly guys.”

The guy's eyes said it all and he tried desperately to clear his throat and regain his composure as Paul just totally blew away his confidence. Paul headed up the stairs, checking out each one of the brutes as he went. When he reached the door, all the brutes were confused and not sure how to react to Paul's being so forward and not scared. They most certainly were not ready for what just happened.

Ah, so finally we get to meet,” Craiglon bubbled as he moved towards Paul with his hand outstretch ready to shake Paul's hand. “I have been so looking forward to this meeting, you have no idea.”

Yes, as a matter of fact I do have some what of an idea, now where's my John and why have you kidnapped him?” Paul said rather rudely, looking past Craiglon, ignoring his outstretched hand.

My, we haven't even been introduced really and already you show no respect,” Craiglon said sarcastically. “I am Craiglon by the way, apprentice to the late Emperor Jeral and Irr, heir to the Empire of Jeral, in case you were wondering.”

Great, you have delusions of grandeur, not a very promising personality trait I must say,” Paul said with a smirk. “Now, where the hell is my John?”

Spirit and feisty, I like that actually,” Craiglon said as he moved to the side, over exaggerating a motion of bowing to his side and showing the way to a double door. “You John is this way.”

Paul pushed open the doors and nearly fell down when he caught sight of John. He saw the bloodshot eyes, the shakes, the entire look of a junky waiting for his needed fix. Then he was shocked to see Dave and Jack, standing to the side with sad looks on their faces, just in skimpy speedos and all greased up. Paul ran to John who was sitting in a chair, knelt down between his open legs and squeezed him tight into a hug and laid a whole bunch of kisses on his face and head.

Oh my lover, I am so happy to see you are okay and alive,” Paul began to cry. “Did these assholes cause you a lot of pain and worry? Not to worry baby, it will be okay soon.”

Paul, is that you Paul?” John said trying to focus on Paul's face. “Oh god Paul, I'm so sorry I fell into this trap. You have to listen to him and do as he says otherwise you'll never see me again and I'll never be able to hold you again or kiss you or make love to you. Please Paul, for your safety do what he asks.”

Paul was lucky his face was buried into John's otherwise Craiglon would have seen the pure hatred and lust for blood in Paul's eyes and all over his face.

You see, your John is well and I have made certain he was well cared for,” Craiglon said.

Yeah, I can see how well you cared for him you sick bastard,” Paul cursed. “Like I don't know he was made to become a plaything for hybrids? Like I haven't see what overdoses of their cum does to humans? You have gone way to far Craigy, way to far. Now I suggest you get any thoughts of keeping John or me here out of your sick mind. Its over sicko.”

No, I don't think so Paul. That's not how this works,” Craiglon said with some pent up anger in his voice at being so disrespected. “You see, I am the one who has what John needs now to survive and not become a blabbering idiot. How this works is you do as I wish and John is kept happy and alive. I hope you can grasp that for his sake. I will become the new emperor, since you so stupidly ended the reign of Irr. I with your assistance will return all things to the way they should be with me as the new Emperor and you as my faithful henchman sorcerer. You see, its so very simple really. You end up with John and I end up with an empire. Very straight forward you see.”

What? Are you that much out of your fuckin mind?” Paul shouted as he stood up and turned towards Craiglon with a look of pure fury. “I can't do that Craigy, even if I decided I should. The gods control all of that, not me and not you. Have you forgotten how they dealt with Jeral and his arrogance? Let me remind you. They fried his ass and then Irr's ass in a flash.”

Yes, well that remains to be seen. They would not have had the ability to do all that if it weren't for you being their gullible lackey. None of it would have happened except for you being a part of the equation. It isn't very difficult to figure that out my dear Paul. In either case, you have a decision to make. Do as I command or John won't see the setting of the sun today.”

Craiglon was really upset and pissed at the amount of disrespect Paul dared to show him. He had to leave the room before he exploded. He waved over to Dave and Jack to do what they were instructed to do. Both Dave and Jack, walked up to Paul and began flexing as they talked.

Paully, you need to really do as he says for John's sake. You can see what he's been able to do so far and it will only get worse, believe me,” Dave said.

Yeah Paul, Dave is telling it to you straight,” Jack chimed in, flexing to beat the band.

Look guys, you can relax the muscle show, I know you are under the influence of hybrid cum as well, so can it,” Paul said patting both of them on the cheeks. “Whatever your new boss told you to do, save it, ain't gonna work,” Paul said with a smile. “I'm not falling for it and I'm not horny right now.”

Neither Dave nor Jack knew what to do now that Paul told them that their show was pointless. Dave was actually impressed that Paul was able to resist the show he and Jack put on, especially knowing how Paul was so into super big hairy bears like he and especially Jack were. He also figured out that Paul was super pissed off at what happened to John and that was most on his mind, nothing else now.

Please Paul, I beg you,” John said shaking and falling to his knees in front of Paul, holding tight on to his waist. “I can't bare the thought of not seeing you or touching you or kissing you again. I know I'm not how you saw me when I left, I know that and I'm sorry I couldn't fight them off. You know all about that hybrid stuff and have to know how I feel. If I thought we could get out of here alive it wouldn't matter cause I know you'd stay with me and love me until I was over it and back to myself, but that isn't how it looks baby, not at all.”

Paul had tears streaming down his cheeks. He knelt down with John, grabbed on to his neck and kissed him gently.

Shhhh, its gonna be okay lover,” Paul said. “I promise you that it will be okay, don't worry. I'll do whatever I have to do to keep you safe and out of pain my love. I can't loose you like I did Steve. I couldn't survive going through that again.”

The memory of how Paul was when he came back without Steve flashed through Dave's mind. He took advantage of the situation but eventually got a conscience and took Paul back to his former lovers room mate for help. Maybe this was fate giving him punishment for that selfish act. Just then, the doors Craiglon stormed in through burst open and Craiglon came stomping back into the room.

Well? Have you come to your senses or do I throw Johnny boy here to the hybrids and see how much he can suffer before they rip him piece by tiny piece apart, making certain he last a very long time before death finally rescues him?” Craiglon yelled. “Tell me your decision now or he goes to the hybrids.”

Paul kissed John's head and stood up tall and straight, wiping the tears from his face.

Okay, you win, I'll do what you want as long as John is kept with me and is kept well,” Paul shouted. “Anything bad happens to him from now on and all bets are off. You don't know what vengeance is Craiglon, but you will learn if anything bad happens to John, so you best make sure he's happy, well and with me. That's the deal.”

Not that I have any need to give you any sort of concession, but as an act of good faith, I agree,” Craiglon said. “I don't think I would have expected anything less from the supposed Great One. Come, my aide will show you to your quarters, I mean you and John's quarters. He must have the nectar of a hybrid daily or I can't be held responsible for the outcome if he does not do so. I will give you until tomorrow afternoon to be with your John before we leave for the ancient lands and begin our tasks.”

Craiglon motioned to his aide and the aide helped lift John up and guided Paul and him up the staircase to their room. Paul concentrated on John the entire time they walked up the stairs and down a hallway to their room. As soon as the aide finished showing Paul where everything was located and left the room, Paul helped John to the bed, took off John's clothes and examined every inch of him to be sure John didn't have any serious wounds. Paul could see the large bruises but knew those would soon heal, especially once they had access to the plants of the ancient land. He straddled John's waist and put one hand on his forehead and another over his heart, reciting an incantation to bring peace and a feeling of well being to John. John slowly seemed to relax and smiled at Paul. Paul leaned down kissing John gently.

I'm so sorry I failed in protecting you,” John began to cry.

Hey, none of that baby, you were no match for this guy,” Paul said with gentle kisses. “Now, hold me and let me feel safe in your arms again my lover.”

John smiled at Paul, wrapped his arms around Paul and turned to his side, pulling Paul tight into his body.

I've missed you so damn much,” John cried.

I've missed you too lover,” Paul cried. “Now just relax and feel my love for you.”

Paul used a spell he used on John when he was in the ancient land before, making John fall asleep and feel Paul's entire body making soft, sweet love to him, in addition to do as much healing as he was able.

Come, it is time to meet our host,” Aurin said. “Be not afraid Thomas and Jacob, no have could possibly come to you from anyone here. Although many look fierce and terrible to humans, they are indeed protective, nourishing and kind. You will fully enjoy pleasures with these demigods and it is right to do so here in this world. Many of your rules and customs do not apply here. You will learn all this in time. Now remove those items of clothing you are wearing, they do not belong here and are out of place. You may if you wish wear what you call your underwear or shorts if you have them with you. Your clothes will be taken care of and made available when you are leaving.”

Thomas' eyes got big and he for some reason felt shy and inadequate around these massive studs. He looked at Jacob who was already half undressed and had this look like he was an excited teenager again, not the kill you with ease special forces guy he knew. He figured it wouldn't work out well at all if he didn't do as Aurin said, and besides, all these big guys were either nude or mostly nude so what the heck. He turned his head sideways and noticed Klir was staring at him, almost with a look of pure lust. Man that guy was huge. Craiglon's hybrids wouldn't stand a chance against him, or Jerd for sure. He removed his clothes just keeping on his shorts, turned to Klir and said, “Okay, ready when you are!”

Klir looked confused at first and then burst out laughing as he went right for Thomas, scooped him up with ease and almost crushed him in his arms against his chest. Stohl did the same with Jacob who was thrilled. They all walked the path to the pool and suddenly stopped.

Thomas, Jacob, let me introduce your host and the lord of these lands,” Kag said proudly. “This is Tork, Monitor ruler.”

Ahhhh, welcome to my den and lands Thomas and Jacob, protectors of the Great One,” Tork bellowed spreading out his massive arms out wide as he stood and walked towards them.

Klir had turned Thomas around holding him against his body with one arm across his chest and another over his hips and crotch. He bent down and whispered into Thomas' ear, “Do not fear, we can all sense it and there is no reason.”

Thomas and Jacob both froze with shock seeing a for real minotaur who was huge, bigger then the rest of them. Thomas thought Klir was super big, but Tork was monstrous to him. His mind was having a bad time trying to deal with all this. Jacob almost came in his shorts as he watched every muscle of Tork's flex and move as he came to them. All he could think of was books he read as a child about cyclops, ogres, monitors and unicorns. Here it was all real.

Before he knew what was happening, Thomas felt himself moved forward and then he felt the massive power of Tork's arms and chest as he was hugged and then began to be licked by the biggest tongue he'd ever seen.

Be careful Tork,” Kag laughed,” they are not demigods or hybrids but humans and you sometimes forget your strength.”

Oh, yes, I haven't hurt you have I?” Tork asked almost in a whisper if his voice wasn't so deep and carried so far.

Nuh uH,” was all Thomas could get out, completely in shock now.

Come, relax and let us all share our pleasures,” Tork laughed. “We owe you much for your protection and love for the Great One. Aurin has told us all about what you started out as and how you quickly went to become the Great One and his mate John's protectors.”

We really didn't do much of anything,” Jacob said completely taken with all the monstrous muscles around him.

Yes, you don't realize it but you have,” Aurin chimed in. “The Great One needed exactly what you gave to him Thomas and you as well Jacob. He was truly safe with both of you around. You cared and watched over him. Thomas, you especially made him extremely happy sharing your pleasures with him. He has a very special place in his heart for you now. Yes even now that he knows you were in the service of Craiglon. That does not matter as he knows your heart and mind now and feels your love and concern.”

Well, yeah, but what did we do? We ran away from the danger facing him now,” Thomas said almost with tears in his eyes.

No, you did not run away as you say,” Aurin said softly brushing his fingers along Thomas' face. “I and Paul forced Stohl to bring both of you here. Paul could not have dealt with Craiglon with the fear of not on John's life in danger, but yours as well. Too much of distraction for even the Great One. I saw in my meditations that it would be best to bring you both here, safe for now from Craiglon, taking that worry away from Paul. You will learn much now and we will do what we must to prepare and help the Great One however he and the gods determine.”

With that, Tork licked Thomas' body and easily removed Thomas' shorts. His hands began to fondle all of Thomas' body and his tongue moved into Thomas' mouth and he began to do that magical thing only minotaur's could do. Thomas couldn't help himself and his hands began to explore all of Tork he could reach. Tork smiled at Thomas and then lifted him up, his tongue lapping and sliding around and over Thomas' cock and balls, the tip sliding under and teasing his rosebud. Thomas gasped and panted and then screamed out in pure pleasure as his cock was sucked completely into Tork's mouth and Tork's tongue began fucking his ass. Thomas didn't last long at all and his body jerked and tensed as he yelled out and began shooting his loads of cum. Tork made sure every drop of Thomas' nectar was taken from him. Tork released his mouth from Thomas and lifted his head, bellowing in pleasure as the nectar began sending waves of pleasure into his chest and neck.

Klir slid Thomas away from Tork and Tork took Jacob into his body, working Jacob over just as he did Thomas. Klir kissed and massaged Thomas' body, paying special attention to Thomas' cock, balls and ass. Klir had a raging hard on and precum was flowing from his massive cock. He scooped up some with his finger and rubbed it on Thomas' lips and then pushed his finger gently into Thomas' mouth. Thomas' eyes almost bugged from his head as he tasted and felt the sensations from Klir's precum. He wanted more, much more. Klir smiled and sat up on a ledge spreading his legs wide open and putting Thomas down in between his legs. Thomas took his time taking in the size of Klir's cock and balls, the massive muscles of his thighs and how tight and powerful his abs were.

Take your pleasure Thomas, it is all here for you,” Klir said softly.

Thomas didn't need another invitation. He began actually making love to Klir's cock and balls. He couldn't manage to get more then the very tip of Klir's cock into his mouth, but he did his best, using his hands to stroke up and down and his tongue to work on the piss slit, sucking up all the precum flowing from Klir. The more he took in, the wilder the pleasure felt now spreading all through his body. It was like nothing he'd ever felt, even topping the sex he had with Paul the first time when it was truly raw sex. This was almost too much to handle even for him. He wanted to taste Klir's cum since his precum was doing such a wonderful number on his entire body, his cum had to be explosive pleasure. He used both hands to fondle and play with the massive ogre balls of Klir. Klir was giving soft moans of pleasure as he watched Thomas just about worship him. Thomas stretched out his arms and managed to play with Klir's pecs and nipples, well, Klir did bend down once he saw Thomas' hands searching and reaching for his chest. Klir was indeed pleased that Thomas, a powerfully built human, thought so much of his body. Then Thomas felt his legs and ass being lifted up and spread apart as Jerd began working on Thomas' ass cheeks and rosebud. Thomas gasped but then went right back to his worship of Klir. Jacob was going through the same thing with Stohl and Aurin who rarely participated in these pool pleasure sessions. Klir used his hands to guide Thomas' head to where he wanted to feel Thomas' tongue, lips and mouth. Soon, Klir began to pant and jerk slowly at first but then with some urgency. He lifted his head and bellowed out as he forced Thomas' mouth down on his piss slit. Thomas thought he was going to drown as super thick huge bursts of cum began to fill his mouth and throat. Klir had his head locked in place and he couldn't move at all. He didn't even hear Jerd telling Klir to let him breath. Klir realized what he was doing and let loose of Thomas' head. Thomas jerked his head up and sucked in a very large helping of air. His body began to spasm with pleasure as the cum he swallowed and was shot down into his stomach began to spread very deep pleasure throughout his body. Thomas went back to taking in as much of the explosion of ogre cum as he could. Then he felt his cock and balls swallowed by Jerk and being sucked and massaged with a very big tongue. As he took in more of Klir's cum and how insistant Jerd was for a load of Thomas' cum, he lost all control. His body was in charge, loving the sensations from the cum and the working over his ass, cock and balls were undergoing. He emptied his cum at least 2 more times before he couldn't handle any more and his body went limp.

Tork looked up from working on Jacob and laughed at the shocked expression on Klir's face. “You haven't killed him Klir, it is the human pleasure sleep. They react much stronger to our nectar then we and are not used to such pleasures.”

Oh, thank the gods,” Klir said as he was licking Thomas' head and body to get all of his cum that was covering it.

Jerd moved close to Klir, sandwiching Thomas' body between them. He had pleasured with Paul and knew he must take his time pleasuring his cock inside of Thomas' ass. He slid his body up and down, sliding Thomas' body up and down Klir's. Klir smiled and pulled Jerd's head into a passionate kiss. Jerd's cock was slowly pushing more and more in between Thomas' ass cheeks. Thomas began to moan and groan in pleasure as his entire body was being massaged by the muscles of Klir and Jerd. Finally, Jerd felt the tip of his cock move inside of Thomas' ass. His cock was flowing a river of precum, making Thomas' rosebud and insides flooded with it. It not only was a super lube but had the effect of giving the intestines a super dose of pleasure, causing them to expand and contract. Jerd's cock head slowly pushed past Thomas' rosebud and he waited some before he continued his invasion. Thomas' head was moving side to side and back with loud moans and yells as his ass was being filled. The feelings spread further as more of Jerd's cock made it inside of Thomas. Klir took Thomas' head in one hand and moved it so he had access to Thomas' mouth. He kissed and licked, pushing his tongue past Thomas' lips slowly, which also drove Thomas nuts. He bounced in and out of consciousness as the pleasure continued to mount. Jerd smiled as he felt Thomas' body move up and down the half of his cock inside of him. He continued his slow invasion making certain his precum was doing its job and he was not causing any damage to Thomas' insides. Jerd gently bit, licked and sucked on Thomas' neck, back and shoulders. Soon he was panting and his body jerking. Then, his body stiffened, his muscled flexed huge and he lifted his head and began to bellow loudly as his cock began to explode inside of Thomas. The force of the shooting cum inside of him woke Thomas from his pleasure stupor and he couldn't believe he was being fucked by a huge satyr but that it felt so damn good. He was never fucked until now and didn't care. The flood of cum was filling him and his body was going absolutely nuts with pleasure. He passed out again.

Jacob was having the time of his life having sex with Stohl. It was a very, very rare thing for him to be bested in size and muscle. He hadn't really had much of a chance to play with Thomas, but all that was forgotten now. He didn't know which part of Stohl to worship and explore first. Then, when Aurin came up behind him and sandwiched him in between them, he smiled, relishing the feelings he was sure Paul felt when he and Thomas had Paul sandwiched in the jacuzzi. Any and all inhibitions he might have had were gone. There was this feeling he had that anything pleasurable was okay and even desired here. These were the sexiest and wildest sex party guys he'd ever known. Stohl lifted him up into the air by holding him under his armpits. Then Aurin, took hold of his hips and lifted his back end up. While Stohl attacked his cock and balls, Aurin concentrated on the ass. Jacob was making sounds he didn't even know he could make as the pleasure of these 2 satyrs began driving him out of his mind with pleasure. Stohl slid down and Aurin stood up, lowered Jacob's ass down so that the tip of his leaking cock was right at his rosebud. Stohl had been expertly working on Jacob's cock and balls, managing to stop him from releasing his cum when he was just about to do so. Aurin's precum did its magic on Jacob's puckering rosebud, reacting to the flood of precum pushed up inside of him by Aurin's leaking cock. It only gave him a slight stabbing pain for a second before turning into the wildest feeling he's experienced as Aurin's cock pulsated, shrank and grew over and over as it snaked its length deep inside of Jacob. The last time Jacob was topped was in high school by a huge, rough, burly coach, never since then. Now, like Thomas, he didn't care that he was bottoming, nor did he care that a monstrous creature cock was doing wonders inside his body. Aurin and Stohl kept him on the edge for what seemed like hours before they began sharing their nectar with him as he exploded his inside of Stohl's mouth. He also reacted by passing out cold with a super big smile on his face and a long gasping drawn out moan of pleasure as he drifted off into some pleasure heaven.

Tork then took Jacob from Stohl and Aurin and Kag took Thomas from Klir and Jerd. It was their turn to share pleasures with them. Both Tork and Kag took their time actually making a sort of love to each of them, getting them to build up their supply of nectar and have them experience an even higher level of pleasure. It would be late the following day before either Thomas or Jacob stirred from a deep sound pleasure sleep.

We will have to bring them to God's Fire tomorrow,” Aurin told the others. “There is a ritual we must perform that will aide the Great One in defeating Craiglon and saving John. We cannot allow the Great One to suffer the loss of another mate as he did with Steve. The gods will assist us in this task as they view Craiglon as a heretic and not worthy of living in our world. He has abused his gifts and caused was too much anguish upon the humans of the Great One's world. They will not stand by and watch what fate may decide. They will not let him gain the power Jeral had and he will not succeed.”

It is good to hear all this Aurin,” Klir said. “Would that they might have ended all this when it first started.”

Yes, it is easy to think so, but we are not to question such things. It is in the dealings of the gods that such things occur and always with some meaning or reason behind them,” Aurin said sternly. “I can see myself how if things had not gone the way they did, there would not have been the great gathering of the hybrids and the Great One would never have became mated with John. We cannot begin to understand and must just serve their will as we always have.”

Yes, you are right, I am sorry,” Klir said with some guilt. “I feel so honored that we were able to share pleasures with the Great One's protectors from his world.”

That was indeed a rare event,” Aurin said. “They will remain as protectors of the Great One for the remainder of his life. They will return with him and John several times and will joyfully be part of our extended family. It will be well, fear not.”

While I am gone, I want you to get in contact with Thomas and Jacob. They are to remain at John's house to insure nothing happens to its contents, as it all belongs to me now,” Craiglon told his aide. “Are all the preparation completed as I instructed for our journey to the ancient world?”

Yes Emperor, all is as you wished,” his aide said with a bow.

Now, we shouldn't jump ahead of ourselves just yet,” Craiglon said obviously pleased with his aides comment. “You will most certainly be rewarded for your loyal service to me. I will see to it.”

The reward is always in serving you my Emperor,” the aide said again with a deep bow.

I am so going to get used to that title very quickly I'm afraid,” Craiglon laughed as he patted the shoulder of his aide. “Come, get Paul and John ready. I wish to leave within the hour.”

The aide rousted Dave and Jack from their room and had the ogre hybrid brought up. The 4 of them went to Paul's room and burst right in, no knocking at all.

You will prepare yourself to leave within the hour,” the aide ordered. “These will see to it you are washed and dressed per the Emperor's wishes.”

Emperor? Has Jeral or Irr returned from the grave? Oh, that's right, Irr was a demigod boarmen, so he didn't actually die. Surprised Craiglon didn't show him off yesterday,” Paul said purposely to anger the aide.

The Emperor Craiglon does not like being kept waiting,” the aide said stiffly, as he turned to Dave, Jack and the ogre. “See to it they are washed and dressed and then brought downstairs.”

The aide stomped out the door and Paul gave Dave and Jack a smirk.

Look Paully, just do as he says, okay? We don't want to do anything to hurt you or John, but I can't say that for this guy,” Dave said as he pointed to the ogre.

The ogre moved closer to the bed where John was sitting up. He reached down, took his monster cock in his hand and began slow stroking it so that its precum began to flow. The sight of that got John going. He jumped off of the bed, knelt in front of the ogre and began suckling the ogre's cock head to lap up as much of its precum as he could. Paul tried to pull him away, but John just groaned and kept pushing Paul away.

John, baby, please,” Paul cried as he tried and tried to move John away from the ogre.

Its no use Paully, that's how it is,” Jack said sadly. “We all are hooked and its not a pretty thing for sure. Its a super powerful drug.”

That's for sure,” Dave agreed. “Now please, just wash up and get dressed so we can do what Craiglon ordered. If not, then the ogre will do it for you and we will be forced to do likewise. Sorry Paully.”

Paul gave them both a most hateful look. “Don't ever call me Paully again.”

Paul stomped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He called for John but John didn't budge until the ogre walked towards the bathroom and shower. Paul was so pissed off at how they humiliated John, making him nothing more then a hybrid cum junky. He knew exactly what it did and knew only with the help of Aurin, Tork and Klir could he hope to flush all that out of John's system and let him get back to himself again. The ogre pushed John away from his cock towards the running shower.

Wash now,” was all the ogre said.

John just about cried and whined as he wanted more but knew he had to do as told if he wanted to get more. Paul didn't know how to react, knowing it wasn't John's fault at all. He felt so bad that because of him John had to suffer through this.

Paul quickly cast a spell to help him hold his temper and think straight. It was important that he keep his whits about him now, picking up on any flaw in Craiglon's plan. Besides, he knew instinctively that Craiglon enjoyed seeing Paul flustered and angry, knowing he was wasting energy foolishly and at the control of his captor. After showering and getting dressed, Dave, Jack and the ogre moved Paul and John down to the open large room where Paul first saw John. All sorts of people were going here and there, carrying things crated up out to waiting vehicles. It all seemed so rehearsed and planned to Paul. No chaos whatsoever.

Ah, my newest friend finally has arrived,” Craiglon said with a very sour smile and tone to his voice. “I trust you and John had a restful night as you will definitely need the rest. I plan on you taking care of some initial bothersome distractions before we move on to the major tasks that need be done at the compound of Jeral. I do hope your reputation with socery proves accurate and that you are capable of performing at a satisfactory level. If not, oh well, John will die as a toy for the hybrids and you will not be so lucky I'm afraid. I have very little tolerance for the failure of anyone in my service. Alright, lets move into my future shall we?”

Arrogant, boastful and unsure of himself,” Paul said softly, just loud enough for Craiglon to hear him. “Great way for someone who wants to step into the shoes of Jeral to start off.”

Craiglon turned, red faced and furious. If Paul wasn't so central to his plans of reestablishing the empire, he would be rolling on the ground in great agony now. Paul maintained his own sour smile, his eyebrows lifted in fake surprise at the quick reaction of Craiglon. Craiglon was even more furious as he saw Paul was actually mocking him. He'd have to deal with that once they settled in the ancients land, but for now, he called over Jack and Dave and took out his rage on them. Both were rolling around on the floor in agony, bleeding from their nose and mouths as Craiglon beat them with his home made sceptor.

Remove this scum and let the remaining guards know these 2 are their toys now, have fun,” Craiglon said with a very hateful and angry look at Paul while giving out his instructions.

Craiglon turned and stomped out of the mansion, Paul and John not so gently pushed to follow him. There were a number of guards, very large and mean looking around Paul and John and they were followed by the hybrids. John kept looking back at the ogre who purposely was rubbing the covering of his crotch, wet with his precum. It was as if John could smell the liquid. Paul held on to John's arm, pulling him forward.

Don't look at them baby, it only makes it worse,” Paul said kissing John on his cheek. “I know its hard, but you have to try John.”

John looked at Paul with a worried questioning look but then his features relaxed and he gave Paul a slight smile, turned his head forward and squeezed Paul's hand. Paul wanted so bad to get John to Aurin so that they could removed the dependance of the hybrid fluids from John and let him heal. He knew it would take some time yet, but still, it did give him hope. All he had to do was keep Craiglon unaware of his full power and do what harmless things the idiot demanded. That should keep John safe for now.

Paul and John were put in a large dark van, with 2 hybrids and 3 guards. They were arranged so that the ogre was next to John and the cyclops was next to Paul. As soon as John was buckled in, the ogre pulled out his cock and began to slow stroke it. Paul could see John begin to shake and sweat as he smelled and then saw the ogre's cock begin to leak. The ogre smiled and put one hand on the back of John's head and pushed his face down onto his cock. John took in the head of that cock and gave out a sigh of relief as his mouth was now being filled with ogre precum. The cyclops had a sick smile on his face and he quickly reacted when Paul tried to stop the ogre from giving his cock to John. Paul had the cyclops hand on the back of his neck, squeezing hard as the cyclops shook his head to indicate Paul was not going to stop anything. The cyclops hybrid purposely moved his other hand in between Paul's legs and started to hard massage Paul's cock and balls. Paul shook and jerked hard, trying to loose the grip of the cyclops on his neck and move his thighs together tight, but it was all futile. When the cyclops felt Paul stop fighting, it leaned over, licked the side of Paul's face and said, “Soon, we play, you like.”

A shiver when up Paul's spine at the thought of this hybrid “playing” with him. He had to make sure that didn't get to happen. He calmed himself down, even spreading his thighs wider to accommodate the huge hand of the cyclops hybrid, closed his eyes and said an incantation to allow him to search his sorcery resources and find a spell to make the hybrid forget whatever it was going to do, effectively stopping it from getting the chance to “play” with Paul. He'd use it also for John, but knew he couldn't do that now as there was no way to get John off of his dependance on the hybrid's fluids.

When Thomas and Jacob woke up, they were in a massive bed covered in all sorts of furs. They still felt so damn good and the memory of what happened the day before seemed to cause those feelings to come back.

Wow, do you believe what we got into?” Jacob said stretching out with his hands behind his head.

Yeah, I know. If I was Paul I'd stay right here with these guys,” Thomas said doing the same. “If Paul would have told us about this place I know I'd be looking for his drug source and kill the shit.”

Yeah, you probably would,” Jacob laughed.

Ah, you are both awake,” Stohl said happily. “I hope you slept well?”

That's putting it mildly for sure,” Thomas laughed.

Come, we will eat and then leave for God's Fire mountain,” Stohl said seriously, “the residence of our gods.”

Why are we going there? Shouldn't we be getting ready to smash Craiglon and his stooges to get Paul and John back to safety?” Thomas said seriously.

In time, we all will I'm sure,” Stohl said rubbing his hand up and down Thomas' arm. “Aurin knows what must be done and our part in how it must be done according to the wishes of the gods. We will know soon fear not. You and Jacob are not ready to do anything that might make Paul and John safe just yet. You would still be in danger and powerless against Craiglon.”

I guess we just have to wait and see huh?” Thomas said sadly.

Thomas, don't worry, these guys aren't going to let anything bad happen to Paul and John,” Jacob said with his hand on Thomas' shoulder. “This Aurin is smart and knows how shit works here. He knew about Craiglon and stuff and he sent Stohl here to help, so have some faith in them.”

Yeah, you are right for sure,” Thomas said looking from Jacob to Stohl. “Its just that I want so bad to protect Paul from anything or anyone who might hurt him in the slightest way.”

You are not alone in that Thomas,” Stohl said hugging Thomas. “We all feel that way for the Great One, not because we have to but because we have a deep love for him. He saved our world from evil you could not even comprehend. Think of the vile evil that came up with a way to breed demigods and humans just to have a fierce and mean army to subjugate and conquer helpless people and even demigods. The Great One stopped all of it and yet had enough mercy and kindness in his heart to get the hybrids to form their own villages with their own kind, living at peace with others and ready to defend this land for the right to remain free. The Great One did all that and more. So you are not alone feeling the love and need to keep him protected.”

Thomas and Jacob were shocked to hear what Stohl just told them. They had no idea that Paul, their Great One, did all that and was so revered and loved by all these creatures of lore. That was one powerful accomplishment for a regular human not even from this world. They had no idea yet about how the gods helped Paul, gave him huge amounts of knowledge and power or that he comes from a long line of humans, becoming this lands Great One when the need arose.

Come, we must go soon,” Stohl said lifting each one up and kissing them before putting them down and taking them by the hands as if they were kids to eat fruit, special plants and juices from strange fruit.

You must eat also of these plants,” Tork said as Thomas and Jacob began to eat the fruit. “One will keep you strong, another make you heal quickly and another will make your body grow hard muscle.”

Wow, they have the power shake stuff here too!” Thomas laughed.

Stohl shook his head and laughed. “Not the same, but better.”

Both Jacob and Thomas had surprised looks on their faces when Stohl said that. They followed Tork's instructions and discovered the plants didn't taste bad at all and after eating a good amount, they could actually feel a change happening to their body.

We must go now to God's Fire,” Aurin said as he came into Tork's den. “We have things to do that must happen very quickly in order to help Paul and John.”

No one knew what Aurin was talking about but the demigods knew Aurin did know and that's all that mattered. If it in any way protected or helped Paul then they would do it without question. When they finished, Klir put a number of sacks on his back, scooped up Thomas and tied him to his front.

Much easier this way, we travel fast now,” Klir said seeing the confused look on Thomas' face.

Jerd did the same with Jacob. Klir, Aurin, Stohl, Jerd and a few ogre, cyclops and boarmen hybrids started their journey to God's Fire mountain. Thomas could see why Klir was carrying him as there was no way he or Jacob could keep up with them at the pace they were going. Even his sprint runs didn't match the speed of these guys.

Paul kept his eyes closed ignoring the cyclops hybrid assault on his crotch. He opened his eyes and carefully followed where they were going to see if Craiglon was using the same portal as he did. So far, nothing looked at all familiar to Paul. Craiglon must have a different portal which would be a good thing as it would not be anywhere near Tork's lands, well hopefully at least. He watched as the bastard ogre hybrid held John's face to his cock, John sucking in its precum as if he were starving. The ogre would lift John's head to see if John still craved more and as he did, it would move John's head back down. Finally after a bit, when the ogre pulled up John's head, John's expression had changed. He had a look of complete peace and contentment, fully satisfied it seems with his fix of hybrid fluid. The ogre released John's head to move slowly side to side, up and down as if he were free floating in the air. All Paul could think of was at least John wasn't in pain and probably felt really good. That for now was a blessing since it meant he didn't have to worry about John being in pain or anything bad like that, not that being hooked on hybrid fluid wasn't a bad thing. At least it seemed like the hybrid was instructed to just give John enough to make him passive and happy but not enough to push him to an overdose, turning to poison in John's body. The caravan of vehicles was soon driving in a wooded area, on dirt roads, turning right then left the right again. No this was not the same portal Paul used for sure. The vehicles all parked in a row with Craiglon's and Paul's in the center. Craiglon stepped out of his vehicle with a very big smile on his face, walked forward a number of steps, lifted his hands into the air and obviously was chanting some incantation. Suddenly, the area in front of him turned into what looked like moving water just floating in the air. Craiglon turned, waved to his aides, indicating we were to all go through the portal. Paul and John were pulled from the van and pushed to the portal. The ogre lifted John up by his waist and walked in. The cyclops without any warning did the same to Paul. Paul looked around and knew they were now in the land of the ancients. He could feel the power of the gods begin to course through his veins, a feeling of immense power flooding his entire body and mind. Paul could feel the amulet still invisible on his neck pulse and get almost hot. He knew if it was visible, it would be beaming super bright light from it as it absorbed the gods power and will. He suddenly felt a wave of calm and confidence wash throughout his entire being. It was a sign the gods were with him and he could count on their help to stop Craiglon's madness. The entire group walked just a little way from the portal when a group of hybrids came forward holding ropes tied to the necks of the hybrid beasts Jeral made. They were loaded with the things Craiglon had brought with and then Paul, his cyclops hybrid, John and his ogre hybrid were seated on top of 2, Craiglon was on another in the lead and the remaining were carrying not only the cargo but also the guards that were brought over. Paul was surprised the beast were covered in that super bright red material Jeral had all his warriors and beasts wear. If he didn't know better, this looked like a convoy of goods that was common in Jeral's time. After a long while, the caravan stopped and orders were shouted. The beasts laid down and every one of the guards and hybrids took off their clothing, packed it away and put on clothing that fit with the ancient world style. The guards had on bright red loin cloths, shiny gold chest plates and helmets and now carried long spears and swords. The hybrids had long bright red loincloths, shoulder armour and fierce looking helmets of gold and red, carrying thick long spears that would frighten the most daring souldier of the land. Paul and John were forced to undress and put on slik like tops that went down past their asses and red cloaks outlined in fine gold. The human guards had gold sandals with shin guards and John and Paul had shoes that were more like slippers. Paul got a chill remembering all of this from before, as if it all just came back somehow even though he knew he destroyed the empire Jeral built and Irr abused. Craiglon of course had the finest of clothes, a brilliant red tunic, a gold robe and sandals. All that was missing was some sort of crown on his head.

The caravan got started again, heading to what was once the center of the empire, Jeral's compound. They must have crossed into the land of a group of boarmen as the caravan stopped and was blocked by the burly demigods.

You not come here,” the leader shouted to Craiglon.

I'm afraid I will go wherever I wish,” Craiglon said sternly. He lifted his arms wide, recited an incantation and the boarmen seemed to be placed in a trance.

Bring me the wine,” Craiglon ordered. He took a skin of wine, poured in some powder and then jerked himself off shooting his cum inside of the skin. He ordered a guard to give each of the boarmen a drink of the mixture as he yelled out an incantation.

Paul knew immediately what was happening. Craiglon had the incantation and the potion necessary to put the boarmen under his power, giving full allegiance to him, obeying him in all things. They were the first reruits in his army. Sure enough, one by one after taking a drink, they sniffed the air and moved towards Craiglon, bowing down on a knee and licked his foot, swearing their allegiance to him in all things. Craiglon laughed and then ordered the caravan to continue on its way. Paul was somewht surprised that Craiglon knew of the spell and potion. Then he remembered Stohl saying that Craiglon was an apprentice of Jeral's so of course he would know of such things. This was primary to Jeral's ability to build an army quickly. Take away the free will of anyone and put their abilities to work for him. They travel until it was sunset and orders were given to make camp. The newly recruited boarmen were instructed to set up tents for Craiglon and Paul and sentry fires around the camp. Of course they did as ordered and quickly. Paul and John along with their personal hybrids were ushered into their tent, food was brought in and they were told to sleep. The ogre of course played with John, teasing him and then allowing him to feed on its precum. This time though, when it felt aroused, it pulled John close and began to force its hard cock inside of John. Paul tried to yell for the ogre to stop but the cyclops hybrid grabbed Paul, covering his mouth with his hand and began to seriously fondle Paul's entire body. It scooped up a large load of its precum and forced it into Paul's mouth and all over his face. Paul felt the effect of the precum, memories of his sharing pleasure with hybrids from before flooded into his mind. His body suddenly wanted sex, lots of sex. Soon, the cyclops had him naked and lying next to it, while it worked on Paul's entire body with its hands and mouth. It played with Paul's ass and then put a good coating of its precum which was pooled on Paul's abs on a finger and pushed it into Paul's rosebud. Paul's body stiffened and he started to scream out in pain but then the pain stopped and he felt his ass feeling pleasure and pulsing as if trying to suck in a cock. The cyclops moved on top of Paul and up, pushing his leaking cock into Paul's mouth. Paul couldn't help himself it seemed as his mouth and tongue went to work on the thick cock. The cyclops then reached down, grabbed Paul by his neck, pulled him roughly up and had Paul's left leg up on its shoulder. It moved its cock up against Paul's rosebud, pushed a hand hard on Paul's abs to keep him from moving and then forced the massive cock inside of Paul. Paul gasped, had a hard time catching his breath, but did manage to do at least that. The cyclops wasted no time and began to fuck Paul seriously. It kept changing positions as if it was looking for just the right one. It found it obviously when it was laying behind Paul's back, Paul's leg held up, an arm holding Paul tight against its body and its cock pumping inside of Paul's ass like a piston. When Paul's body indicated to the cyclops he was about to shoot out his cum, its hand latched on to Paul's cock base and balls, squeezing tight, stopping Paul for shooting. The first time the cyclops filled Paul with its thick cum, Paul felt the burning, the cramping and then the shooting of pleasure electricity throughout his body. That happened at least 5 times before the cylops pulled out of Paul's ass, sat up and lifted Paul upside down by his legs and devoured Paul's cock and balls. It tortured Paul endlessly, until it was satisfied Paul would give it a good sized load of Paul's nectar. Paul thought his head would explode as his body shook and he began to shoot large amounts of his cum into the cyclop's mouth. The cyclops moaned as it began serious sucking to get every last drop out of Paul's cock and balls. Paul thought the beast would suck his balls out through his cock. Finally the cyclops let Paul loose, let him fall down on its crotch and legs, put a hand on the back of Paul's head and rubbed Paul's face all over its cock and balls. It pulled Paul up as it laid down, using one hand to hard massage Paul's abs, spreading out its cum inside of Paul. It had pushed the head of its cock back up Paul's ass to make certain none of its cum leaked out. Paul felt delirious and knew he had to do something to get back to his senses. He recited the spell to make the hybrid forget what it was going to do. When he saw the confused look on the cyclops's face, he moved off of the cock, worked on it some to stimulate it to piss, held the tip of the cock back at his ass and let the cyclops piss inside of him. He moved off of the cock and a flood of piss and cum shot out of Paul's ass, effectively cleaning the cyclops cum out of him. His body did absorb some, but not enough to begin a dependency on it. The cyclops was clueless and just laid down and slept. He looked over at John and saw the ogre was shooting its load of cum into John. Paul repeated the spell, got the ogre to piss inside of John and pull out its cock. A flood of cum and piss shot out of John's ass. John was already in a sort of pleasure stupor high, so he had no idea what was happening. Paul smiled, satisfied he thwarted Craiglon's obvious plan to hook Paul onto hybrid fluids.

Not stopping for more then a quick rest and refresh in a fast moving stream, meant they made it to God's Fire mountain in 2 days. Thomas and Jacob were really taken by the commotion going on at the top of the mountain.

Are you sure that isn't some volcano about to explode all over us?” Thomas asked a bit nervously.

No, no volcano Thomas I assure you,” Aurin laughed. “The gods themselves are the cause of the explosive lightening, thunder and loud rumblings you feel and hear. Worry not, you will not be buried or burnt alive by a lava flow.”

Thomas was sure Aurin was telling the truth, but still, it sure seemed like a volcano about to blow its top. Then again, he figured he shouldn't keep worrying about it since if it was a volcano going to blow, there's no way they could outrun that pyroclastic flow the science guys keep mentioning on shows about volcanoes. None of the others seemed to be concerned with it so guess it was okay then.