Darkness and Light


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Chapter 15, Power of Faith

Paul had to admit that so far Craiglon was impressive with his abilities. He was by no means Jeral, but having been tutored by him, he was indeed a good student from what Paul noticed. Thinking about it, of course he'd have to be good to assemble the thug army, wealth and power that he amassed while in Paul's time on earth, obviously unnoticed by any of Paul's powers, but then again, it wasn't like he was looking out for it. Paul thought that once Jeral's empire collapsed and all his hybrid soldiers dispersed that would be the end of it. He had to chuckle a little at how naive he actually was, so unable it would seem to thing the worst.

Paul looked over at the ogre holding John on a beast and shook his head, reminding himself he had to remain calm now. The sight of that hybrid playing with John's body disgusted him. Just one spell and that ogre hybrid would be a babbling idiot, well, more so then he actually was to Paul. No, Paul thought about it and knew it wasn't the hybrids fault. They were leftovers from another sick bastards try for power that eventually cost him his life and saw to it that it all would fall to ruin. Irr although sexually controlling of Narbo was in no way capable of following in Jeral's place. Narbo on the other hand might have been able to keep things together and even turn the empire into a kinder, gentler power, but no one will ever know now. He wondered what became of Nabor, just remembering his powerful spell erased all the knowledge of spells Narbo had learned from Jeral in addition to wiping away any feelings of loyalty or need for the last emperor Irr, the usurper actually. Irr was never meant to become emperor, he only took that away from Narbo, Jeral's heir through Narbo's physical need for Irr's nectar and ooze. Irr being a boarmen, knew of using any advantage he could to gain as much power as possible. What more power could one have then to become the emperor of a vast, wealthy empire, built by someone else. Unfortunately for him, boarmen barbarism and cruelty wasn't quite the traits needed to run the empire. He would have eventually been taken down if his cruelty continued. No matter, it was all gone and it would be interesting to see how Craiglon intended to reestablish what he and the gods dismantled. No, not dismantled, destroyed. /see Sorcerer Conquest for reference/

Aurin had Jerd and Stohl go around looking for specific herbs and plants he needed for the ritual he had to perform. None of them knew what it was all about, but knew to trust in the knowledge of Aurin. He had dealing many a time with the gods, important ones here at God's Fire. All of his interactions with the gods was now legendary so no one from the ancient lands questioned him when it came to the gods will.

It is important you understand what is happening,” Aurin told Thomas and Jacob. “I will perform a ritual to get guidance from the gods as to what they want us to do and how to accomplish our tasks. Some will more then likely seem very strange to you both, but you must follow my direction exactly. Failure to do so could and will most likely result in your death, and not from any of us but directly from the gods. The former Emperor Jeral, in his quest for power and glory heard of the changing of Kag, Tork's mate, from a human into a demigod. He desired that same gift, thinking he had a right to it and no gods were going to keep him from becoming a demigod, ending up as immortal. I never could seem to grasp why humans have this strange desire to become immortals. With Kag I understood it since it was because of his love for Tork and his wish to remain his mate for all eternity. It wasn't selfish in any way, more of seeking a way to make Tork happy for his eternal life. That probably was the reason the gods granted Kag's wish, even making Tork and he face a number of trials and tests to show the love they had towards each other and that neither had any motives other then that love. Yes, Kag was human, just like you are, captured by Tork and originally made to be his sex slave. It was and sometimes is a custom of these lands that should a human come into the lands of the demigods uninvited, they were fair prey to the demigods. Quite a few would be used for pleasure and kept alive as long as was possible and then either eat them or leave them as food for wolves.”

Damn, that seems kind of harsh!” Thomas said with a concerned look.

Harsh? Well, I suppose in your world yes, but here, no. I know you realize how much the demigod ooze and nectar affect humans and may have guessed at how much human ooze and nectar is loved by demigods,” Aurin said patiently. “Humans from these lands know not to go into lands known to belong to demigods. Most foolish enough to violate that known law are either boastful and proud foolish warriors or greedy merchants seeking treasure.”

Suppose its like feeling bad for some idiot that tromps around in a mine field knowing its full of deadly mines,” Jacob said thoughtfully.

Mines are these explosive bad things meant to stop a vehicle or just kill or maim a human, mostly soldiers in a war,” Thomas explained seeing Aurin's confusion at the term.

Ah, I see, another unnecessary cruelty humans feel the need to have,” Aurin said shaking his head. “I can well imagine the number of innocents that have lost their life because of such things. So, things here are different then in your world, but yet if you give deep thought to it all, not much difference when it involves humans I'm afraid. Demigods have rules given by the gods they must follow or face the judgment of the gods, which I assure you is swift and in some cases deadly. Demigods live like immortals because they go into a deep sleep time which rejuvenates their bodies. Any serious injury is repaired, any limb lost is replaced, they return to the prime of their lives, a gift from the gods for obedience. Failure to obey the rules of the gods sometimes means parts of the rejuvenation do not occur or longer times between deep sleeps, making the lives of the demigod quite miserable I can tell you. A week demigod is easy prey to a demigod in contention for more territory or even just for their pleasures. A good number of demigods are not what you would call nice by any means. The majority are loners and have learned the need for strength, cunning and fighting skills to keep what they have as possession or their lands. It is the way for most. Satyrs and now the tribes of hybrids freed from Jeral's tyranny, have banded together, formed large tribes, help one another, are kind unless dealt with treacherously, and willing to fight with others for what is good and fair. The satyrs were the only demigods that had that tradition until the Great One established the new way for the hybrids. Even some of the boarmen who are very fierce and what even we consider barbaric, have adapted those new rules. Until now it has made for a very pleasant time in these lands.”

Wow, Paul sure has had an impact on your lives huh?” Thomas said thoughtfully. “So is that why all of you call him the Great One?”

Yes and no,” Aurin said with a smile. “The gods gave us prophecy concerning a terrible evil that will spread in the land and that from another time, a human from a long line of a human descendants would come and make things right, making all our lives change for the better. It turns out that somehow the gods eons ago singled out one family to fill the roll of our Great One whenever the need came for them to do so. Things back in your times were set in motion when needed to locate and prepare the one that would be sent here to fill the role as the Great One. Paul as it turns out is the only one that even I know of for eons of your earth time that has ever came here to make things right per the wishes of the gods. I can tell you that your Paul, our Great One, has very powerful abilities in sorcery and it is all tempered by his loving great heart. The gods have blessed him more then any other of his lineage because of this. He paid a heavy price loosing his former mate Steve at the hands of a horrid demigod who these lands. Had the gods not intervened to help Paul after the evil creature caused Steven's death as revenge for Paul helping us free ourselves from its power over us, things would have been very different. Paul became full of rage and hate that had very little means to escape. The gods intervened and helped him get his great heart back and even grant him a peace to replace the emptiness of loosing Steve.”

Jacob and Thomas were fascinated by all that Aurin told them. They had no idea how important Paul was to these demigods and the impact he has had on their lives. They began to understand what Paul meant to them and why they honored both of them as protectors of Paul in Paul's world. Of course it made both of them feel somewhat guilty that their initial encounters with John and Paul were at the instruction of Craiglon and were anything but honorable.

I can see from the looks you both have on your faces a hint of guilt,” Aurin said pulling both of them into a hug. You need not feel so. It happened as it had to happen. Your feelings for Paul and John would not have been as strong as they are unless you got to know them intimately and saw the magic of Paul and John's love for each other. Having pleasures opened up your hearts and minds to important things and the development of your love for them. It is all as it was meant to be.”

Klir was listening to all of what Aurin was telling Thomas and Jacob. He pulled both of them to his body and kissed them, one then the other, letting them get their pleasures from free access to all of his body.

No Klir, you may not pleasure with them now,” Aurin said sternly. “None of us may pleasure until we return from God's Fire with the tasks from the gods. When the others return with the herbs and plants, you will guide them to a fast flowing stream that runs to that side of the mountain. There, you will all purify yourselves by washing in the fast flowing waters. I will then join you and then I will anoint us before we climb the mountain to the top, outside the cave of the gods.”

“Hey, so what are we supposed to do while you guys do all that?” Thomas asked.

You will be with us for it all,” Aurin said seriously. “The gods demand your presence along with ours. You are protectors of the Great One and as such have roles to play in what must happen. If your hearts are pure as I know they are for your feelings for the Great One and his mate John, then all will be well. If not, then there is nothing anyone can do for you as the gods will take their vengeance out upon you. But do not worry, I know that will not happen. The gods already know of your pure feelings of love for the Great One and his mate, so nothing bad will befall you.”

Oh man, great,” Thomas said all worried. “What's behind door number 2? Shit, I don't even know what these feelings are I have, all I know is I'd kill anyone who even looked at Paul the wrong way.”

Yeah, and I'm that way for John as well,” Jacob said sadly. “I guess since neither one of us had experienced any kind of love as you call it before, we don't know what our feelings are, other then they are something strange to us and we aren't quite sure how to deal with them.”

Yeah, that's it for sure,” Thomas said sadly. “Don't think either of us had any family or knew of them. Life was lonely and we only knew or thought we knew how to survive and make our lives comfortable while putting fear into the hearts of anyone thinking of crossing us. Don't think I ever thought of having a family and all that, never knew what that was all about before.”

For sure,” Jacob sighed. “Before living with Paul and John, I never knew two people could feel like they did for one another. It seemed corny at first but then I found myself feeling jealous that I never had that with anyone. I watched, listened and whenever I could became a part of that love they shared and damn if I didn't love it myself.”

You see, it had to happen just as it did,” Aurin said smiling at them.

Just then, Jerd and Stohl returned with the things Aurin needed. Aurin directed them to remove all their clothing, even though it was just loin clothes for the demigods, and what they had to do to purify themselves in the river. He reminded them that they were not allowed to pleasure with each other until they all returned from the top of God's Fire. He told them he would join them very soon in the river and then they would begin the climb to the top of the mountain. They headed towards the river per Aurin's direction and Aurin began his ritual, reciting incantations and prayers as he started a fire and burnt the herbs and plants in a specific order. He used a large broad leaf to mix together the ashes, removed his clothing, well loincloth, and headed to the river. When he arrived, he saw them all standing in the river, waiting for him, already finished with the purification rite. Aurin put the leaf down, entered the river and performed the rite himself. Then he picked up the leaf, used his thumb to take up ashes and draw a symbol on each of their foreheads. He told them to not touch the symbol as it was very important for the rite to work properly.

We leave now for the top of God's Fire,” Aurin said sternly. “Thomas and Jacob, you must do exactly as instructed when we are at the top in the presence of the cave of the gods entrance. Klir will take up Thomas and Jerd with take up Jacob as we climb to the top. I will lead and Stohl will follow to insure no one slips and falls. It will all seem very frightening to you Thomas and Jacob the closer we get to the top, but you must not fear. Remember what I told you and keep in mind this is necessary to help and protect the Great One and John, insure the Great One gets the power and spells needed to defeat Craiglon and return safely to their home, with both of you.”

Both Thomas and Jacob although suddenly nervous which was another strange thing for them to feel, another new thing for sure, but felt safer once Klir and Jerd had them latched on to the front of their bodies. Thomas kept thinking how Aurin said no pleasuring until they came back down, but damn it was going to be really tough not to get off feeling the muscles of Klir flexing and moving right up against his whole body. Jacob was thinking the exact same thought about Jerd's body and his. Both of them began to appreciate the difficulty in climbing to the top of the mountain. The sides were no longer semi smooth, they were ragged, sharp shards of shiny black rock, almost like coal but way harder. Thomas noticed how cut up the feet and legs of Aurin were getting the higher they climbed.

The caravan soon approached what looked like some old ruin, walls mostly torn down, a statue or two partially standing and fallen down walls and fences.

Ah, finally we arrive,” Craiglon said loudly. “Paul, this once was the magnificent castle of the great Emperor Jeral, which he liked to refer to as the farm. Course it did not look as it does now thanks to your meddling which of course we will soon rectify. I have fond memories of the place and all the magnificent structures and the like. Many a muscled warrior called this home and proudly so.”

Meddling? Craiglon please,” Paul laughed. “It was the arrogance of Jeral, Narbo and Irr that destroyed this place, not me. The gods were not amused I assure you.”

Still you continue in your disrespect Paul,” Craiglon fumed. “I tell you now, I will not remain tolerant of your disrespect much longer. If you have no care for the well being of John, then so be it, it is on your head, not mine. As for the gods, you take on too much importance on their behalf. I doubt seriously if they had any concern about the happenings of the humans or even the demigods for that matter. If they did, they certainly would not have allowed Jeral to create a new bread of hybrids now would they? I think not. We will set up camp here, under the cover of those trees and near the small lake that is over in that direction. I want guards placed around the area facing towards the village, if it is even there anymore. No one or no thing is allowed to come within 30 feet of this place, do you all understand?”

The aides and lead guards bowed and began shouting orders. The boarmen were given spears and spread apart with instructions to stop anyone or thing that came close to them. Craiglon called over one of his guards and directed him to take another towards the village to see what was happening there. He told them to change into peasant clothing so as not to cause anyone to notice them. He knew the sight of big burly men dressed in the style of Jeral's warriors would cause a stir among the natives. Craiglon instructed another aide to see to it that Paul, his cyclops, the ogre and John were kept inside their tents and that the hybrids were to “entertain” both of them. In addition, he wanted one of the boarmen to join him in his tent as it had been ages since he had the experience of pleasuring with one of those beasts. The aide bowed and went about performing his assigned tasks.

As ordered, Paul and John were shoved inside their tent by their keepers, the ogre and the cyclops hybrids. Before Paul had a chance to examine the setup inside of the tent, the cyclops had him forcefully stripped and then while held up off the ground was having his body assaulted. The same was happening to John, except John no longer fought off the ogre as it was his pleasure high on legs. Paul on the other hand found nothing appealing in being mauled unwillingly by the hybrid cyclops even though it was massive, muscled and unbelievably hung. Yes its nectar and ooze were something most would find desirable, but Paul did not, especially knowing the addictive nature of it when it is taken lots of times in short periods of time. As the cyclops was beginning to produce loads of his ooze, precum, Paul recited the spell that made the beast completely forget what it was going to do and just sat down. Paul had it play with it self, appreciating the irony of that twist of events. He did the same to the ogre working John over. He told John to help himself to just enough ooze to keep him feeling good but not enough to turn into an overdose. The ogre happily produced loads of ooze as it jerked itself off, seeing John's attention as a bonus. Paul used the peace to look outside the tent carefully and take in what he could of the camp. He found a quiet corner of the tent and went into a trance to communicate as it were to his sorcery scrolls and notes to stock up on spells he may have to use.

The higher they climbed to the top of God's Fire mountain, the louder the thunder became and the brighter the flashes of lightening. Thomas noticed it wasn't your run of the mill lightening either. He never saw lightening the colors he was seeing. The wind was picking up as well, almost like they were heading right into a powerful storm cell or something. He kept noticing how ripped up and bloody Klir's feet, legs, hands and arms were getting as well as the knee joints, hands and arms of Jerd, Stohl and Aurin. Being satyr, they didn't have “normal” feet, but large hoofs and somewhat skinny shins. The hoofs were large and solid, obviously sharp and would be dangerous in a fight to be sure. Klir on the other hand, being an ogre didn't have the benefit of hoofs. He had large thick feet and powerful legs, as well as thick, large hands, fingers and arms. Both Thomas and Jacob kept watching how much more the damage was getting to all of them, well not Thomas or Jacob since they were being basically carried. Jacob felt grateful he didn't have to claw his way all the way to the top, knowing it would probably shred his skin much worse then it was doing to Klir, Stohl, Jerd and Aurin. Finally, they all reached the top. Klir, Jerd, Stohl and Aurin looked and sounded exhausted. Thomas looked around and saw all manner of colored crystal like rocks scattered about, looking like they were shattered at some point. Aurin noticed his attention to the stones.

Do not touch any of them other then to walk over them to another location,” Aurin warned. “They like everything else here belong to the gods and they are very protective of what belongs to them.”

Good you told me,” Thomas said. “Had this crazy idea that one of each color would make a nice gift for Paul when we see him.”

A kind thought from your heart Thomas,” Aurin said with a smile. “But, you would never leave the top of this mountain with them. Come, we must go towards the cave entrance on our hands and knees, heads bowed down until I tell you all to stop. No one is to go before me. No matter what happens or seems to happen to me, you must not attempt to come to my assistance for any reason. Nothing will happen to me to damage me in any way. We are here at the instruction of the gods so we are safe, fear not Thomas and Jacob.”

Both Thomas and Jacob had very wide eyes and this feeling they were not really used to having that we would call fear. They had the sense to know they were in a world not using the rules of their world and were dealing with beings way more powerful then they could imagine. Whatever or whoever these gods are, they were nothing to be messed with. Both of them went up what most people would describe as massive, brutish and scary guys, but it never phased them. Their training and physical conditioning gave them the confidence to always come out on top. Both were very intelligent and never went into a situation without knowing the lay of the land. This didn't fit any of the rules or training they had. Feeling small and at the mercy of monstrous beings even though it excited them both sexually, still, they were not in control at all. Neither had any clue as to how they could overcome an attack or win a fight with any of the demigods they met so far. Hell, the hybrids were unbeatable in their book. But man oh man, the sex with these guys was over the top. Thomas just couldn't understand how Paul could just leave this place, knowing that Paul was so into very big, muscled hairy guys. Damn, they seemed to be all over the place here.

They followed Aurin's lead and got down on their hands and knees, heads down slowly moving forward. Thomas noticed that Aurin's hands and arms were like healed, no sign of the cuts and bleeding. He quickly looked at Klir and he also had no signs of bleeding or cuts. Wow, this was getting so creepy in a way. Well, Aurin moved slowly and kept reciting something, getting louder as they came closer to the mouth of a cave. Thomas while keeping his head down managed to catch a quick glance at the cave and quickly moved his eyes to look down at the ground when he saw shooting flames of blue, green, white and red blasting out of the cave. The rumbling suddenly got more ferocious and the lightening as well. When they were just about at the mouth of the cave, Aurin stopped. Without turning around he yelled out very loud.

Stay here, do not go further. Thomas you will not be punished for not following the instructions, but there will not be a next time. I go to the mouth of the cave to get instructions from the gods as to what all our tasks are and how we are to complete them. Wait here as you are.”

Thomas gulped and just kept shaking his head for being dumb enough to think these gods wouldn't have noticed him sneaking a peak. Unreal to say the least. Yeah, now it began to make sense why all the demigods obeyed the will of these gods, he sure will from now on.

Aurin lifted his upper body so that he was moving forward on his knees and then he was lifted up into the air and moved right to the entrance of the cave. The thunder became deafening to Thomas and Jacob. Klir and Stohl gently rubbed their backs to reassure them all was well, just as if they were children. Thomas wanted to sneak a peak to see what was going on with Aurin, but decided that would be stupid. Jacob didn't even have a thought of sneaking any peak as he already came to the conclusion that you do as these god guys say if you know what's good for you, or else.

Thomas, Jacob, come forward,” Aurin said in a strange voice.

Both of them froze. Thomas kept went over and over quickly in his mind to make sure he didn't sneak any peak. Jacob felt fear again, a strange feeling for him.

Fear not, it is a wish of the gods,” Aurin said louder in that strange voice.

Klir and Stohl grabbed them by their pits and lifted them up, telling them to just go to Aurin. Both weren't all that sure and when they looked at the mouth of the cave and saw Aurin hanging in the air in the midst of all the blasts of colored fire, they froze. Aurin turned to them with a gentle smile, put forward his arms and pointed at them. Suddenly both were moving forward to him whether they wanted to or not. Both felt a wash of calm and peace flow up and down their body, removing the strange feeling of fear. When they reached Aurin, Aurin put on hand on the top of Thomas' head and the other on Jacobs. Suddenly it seemed like a scifi movie as images and voices flooded their mind but yet they felt at ease and even grateful. A wash of power rushed from their heads to their toes. They felt stronger, more confident and at peace. Aurin moved to a large bowl across from the entrance to the cave, released Thomas and Jacob's heads, reached into the bowl that was filled with big shiny and glowing pieces of crystals of different colors. He pulled out two red and two green gems. Thomas and Jacob just held out their left arms without being told and Aurin placed a red gem on each arm. The gems seemed to get burning hot and then melted into their skin. Aurin did the same with the green gems and the same thing happened. Both were aware of what was happening, felt the burning but it didn't seem to bother them as the pain left almost as soon as it came.

You have been accepted by the gods,” Aurin said. “The gems are their protection to you in order to keep you safe from spells of Craiglon, power of hybrids and give you courage when needed. You have pleased the gods by your love of the Great One and are rewarded. Return to the others.”

For some reason both Thomas and Jacob bowed, walked backwards still bowing until they were with Klir, Stohl and Jerd.

Klir, Jerd, Stohl, come forward,” Aurin called.

The three of them immediately did as ordered without hesitation. Klir was here before and went through a special process with Paul. Jerd and Stohl just obeyed without question. The same thing happened to them with gems, except they received an additional one, a blue stone. Thomas and Jacob didn't hear what Aurin said to them afterward but they did the same as Thomas and Jacob, bowing and moving backwards to where Thomas and Jacob were waiting. They were now allowed to watch Aurin at the entrance of the cave. They saw him lifted again into the air, arms and legs spread wide and he was right in the middle of those blasts of colored fire, but not hurt at all. All of them did notice that somehow Aurin seemed younger then before. Then, what looked like a huge snake of lightening curled around Aurin's body, gently, like it was massaging it. Aurin was obviously in pleasure and then he began shooting his nectar out, huge loads of it which were absorbed by the lightening. Seemed to Thomas the gods like pleasuring like everyone else here did. Suddenly, Thomas was pulled forward towards Aurin, his arms and legs flew out to the sides and another lightening which was blue wrapped around his body. He threw his head back from the feelings of pleasure he was having like never before. It felt like hundreds of hands and lips were working every inch of his body and inside his ass as well. This was so over the top for normal sex and he knew it. He began shooting his cum, more then he ever shot before and he knew it. The pleasure seared throughout his entire body, like every single cell was cumming. The lightening absorbed all of his cum. When it was finished, he heard in his head that yes, pleasure was indeed a good thing. The lightening gently placed him down on the ground. There was no way Thomas could lift himself and walk for now. His entire body was still in the throws of orgasm, like it was never going to end. Jacob, Klir, Jerd and Stohl watched in amazement as Thomas' body slowly moved with moans, groans and obvious pleasure. Thomas was even licking his lips and slowly rubbing his hands on his head and body, very sensuously. Something Jacob couldn't picture Thomas ever doing before. Aurin was also released but he seemed to be able to handle the pleasuring better then Thomas. He had this satisfied, happy and fulfilled look on his face as he walked to Thomas, gently lifted him up in his arms and pulled him close into his body.

Thomas, you have received a rare gift from the gods,” Aurin said softly giving Thomas a kiss on his forehead. “The gods have pleasured with you and are very pleased with you. Be very grateful.”

All Thomas could do was smile as he began to slowly snuggled and rub into Aurin's hairy, muscled body. Aurin handed Thomas over to Klir. Klir held him gently but firmly to his body, slowly moving his hand up and down Thomas' body and kissing him. Thomas just kept moaning, groaning and wiggling slowly which made all of them smile, knowing he had to be in an unbelievable pleasure high. Klir, Jerd and Stohl knew he was pleasured by the gods, something even they never experienced. All three instantly developed a love and respect for Thomas surpassing what they felt before. Jacob felt happy for Thomas, seeing his reaction. It was an orgasm that wasn't stopping. A true dream come true for anyone.

The guards returned from the village and told Craiglon that the village was indeed still there, merchants seemed to be plying their trade as before and that they saw three of the Octarians of Jeral were in the village, seemed to be in charge of all the goings on. Craiglon was thrilled with the news. He went back to his tent, came out in a little bit with a skin of wine.

Take this to the Octarians and tell them it is a very rare and delicious wine they had to try,” Craiglon instructed. “Once they take a sip, you will notice a blank stare on their faces. Direct them back here carefully so as to not raise any suspicion.”

Craiglon had used his cum and the same spell he learned from Jeral that he used on the boarmen, making them obedient to his will. Once the Octarians are in the camp, Craiglon will see to bonding them to him alone and resurect their memories of former duties. They were the drill sergeants of the army, leaders, enforcers and protectors of the emperor. This will make things much easier then he originally thought.

The guards returned to the village and invited the three former Octarians to join them for a meal and share a special wine. Two of the three agreed immediately, but the third didn't seem interested. Once the other two convinced him this might be worth a lot of money he finally agreed. They all met at a local pub. The guards ordered meals for all of them and after sharing drink and the meal, they brought up the wine skin with the special potion from Craiglon. They even looked around to insure no one was watching them, adding to the interest of the Octarians. Each one took at least a sip of the wine and then wanted more. The guards didn't see any harm in giving them more then the sip Craiglon said was needed, so they agreed and let the Octarians have a full cup of the potion. The guards noticed that after two sip of the potion, just like Craiglon told them each of them developed this blank expression and stared out to no where. The guards kept mentioning the name Craiglon to them and the Octarians kept repeating it. The guards began to laugh as they directed the Octarians out of the pub, giving the impression they were great friends celebrating one thing or another, not unusual. Once outside the pub, the guards herded the Octarians down the road to the farm and the waiting Craiglon. When they entered the camp which was completely set up and functioning, they went straight to Craiglon's tent. Craiglon was ready for them and already had three goblets of a more potent potion, his cum and wine. He handed each of them a goblet as he kept reciting an incantation. He told them to drink all of the contents of the goblet which they did without question.

I, Craiglon, your new master and emperor, demand your complete servitude, obedience and a constant desire to please me in what ever manner I state. You will pay me homage and while sleeping tonight, all memories of your former duties will return.”

The Octarians suddenly fell to their knees and began kissing Craiglon's feet and legs. He directed them to his cock and balls and without hesitating, they did indeed do as Craiglon stated. The other guards were completely amazed at how easily Craiglon had just taken over the free will of these three, who were very tall, muscled and kept themselves in perfect shape.

Take them to an open tent and pleasure with them, you and they certainly deserve it,” Craiglon said happily. “You will pleasure with these men as I wish you too and you will pleasure them in any way they say.”

The guards opened the flap to exit the tent with huge smiles across their faces as they escorted the Octarians to an empty tent.

Craiglon summoned one of the guards outside his tent.

Bring me the sorcerer Paul,” Craiglon ordered. “If he resists going with you, have the ogre begin to squeeze John until he screams in agony. I will no longer tolerate his insolence.”

The guards went to Paul's tent and were surprised to see the ogre and cylops hybrids sleeping and not with Paul or John in their grasps.

You are summoned by Craiglon,” a guard said sternly. “You will come with us now.”

Summoned is it? Well, go tell his royal nobody that summons only work in the justice system back were we all came from,” Paul said sarcastically.

Without hesitation, the guard kicked at the foot of the ogre and told him Craiglon wanted John lifted and squeezed until he screams for mercy. The ogre hybrid immediately stood up, pulled John off the ground and against his body, slammed his massive arms around John and began to squeeze. John fought for a very little time before he began to scream out as the hybrid kept squeezing tighter and harder, making John's mind think every bone in his chest and back were going to be crushed.

Stop it, just stop it now,” Paul screamed at the ogre. “I'll go with these guys, just stop hurting John.”

Carry him behind us to the tent of Craiglon,” one guard ordered.

The ogre shook his head and followed the guards and Paul to Craiglon's tent.

Well, I see you did accept my invitation,” Craiglon said sarcastically. “I see you didn't wish to respond immediately to what I ordered so poor John had to pay the price it seems. As I stated before, your choice Paul.”

Message received and understood,” Paul said angrily. “Just don't order that brute to harm John again.”

Oh, so now beside insulting me you think you can direct me in any way?” Craiglon fumed. “Ogre, hold John in your hands by his head up off the ground and squeeze your arms together, like you are squeezing a melon to make it pop. Seems his so called lover is having a hard time understanding the position he is in and how little patience I now have for his insolence.”

No, stop please,” Paul pleaded. “I'm sorry, I'll do as you say.”

Continue ogre,” Craiglon ordered. “You need to clearly understand I am serious and demand your respect and obedience without question or hesitation. See how John is screaming out in pain as his head is being squeezed as if it were in a vice. Defy me again and the ogre will continue until John is bleeding from his eyes and nose. Maybe then you will finally understand.”

Paul couldn't help but to fall to his knees and beg Craiglon to have the ogre stop. John's body was thrashing about like a fish on a hook and he was screaming loudly, obviously in a tremendous amount of pain from the pressure the massive ogre hybrid was placing on his entire head. Craiglon had a sick smile on his face as he watched Paul's reaction to the screams of agony from John. It reassured him to know his method of keeping Paul doing his bidding was indeed the safety of John.

Stop now ogre, fill him with your nectar and pleasure him well,” Craiglon ordered, waving the ogre and guards out of his tent.

Now Paul, so happy all that unnecessary brutality is over with, but you left me with little choice,” Craiglon said with a sick smile on his face. “Come, sit here and refresh yourself with fruit, wine, sweets. I'm sure you must be very hungry by now.”

Paul sat where Craiglon pointed and took fruit and poured himself a glass of water, not wanting to give Craiglon any reason to tell the guard to have the ogre punish John some other horrible way.

See, isn't that better?” Craiglon said. “Now we can get down to the business at hand. I want you to find a spell in all these books and scrolls that will speed up the building of the castle, wall and temple as it was before you had it leveled. Workers will be brought here tomorrow and I expect to see lots of progress by days end. Do you understand what you are to do?”

Yes, I understand,” Paul said keeping his face downwards to keep Craiglon from seeing the rage building inside of him. “What am I supposed to do if there is no such spell in those scrolls and books?”

Oh, they are there to be sure,” Craiglon said seriously. “It seems for now at least that any spells thought to be harmless were ignored and left here. Powerful and frightening spells however seem to have been removed by someone. Fear now, we will get to the bottom of it all and retrieve what is rightfully mine now. The scrolls and books have been moved into the adjoining tent to mine, through that opening. You may go in there now and begin your search.”

Craiglon didn't wait for an answer but moved away from Paul to another table and got involved in some old scroll. Paul got up, moved into the adjoining tent and saw a great pile of scrolls and books all around the room. He stood there for some time, scratching his head as if he didn't know where to start, just in case he was being watched. He recited an incantation quietly as he was walking to the room and knew his amulet would direct him to the needed scroll or book. Paul was curious as to the content of the books as he knew all spells were normally on scrolls and not in books. When he took a book and opened it, he saw it wasn't like a book back home, but more like a diary, notes and commentaries by probably Jeral himself relating to spells, incantations, potions and the like. Some of it was very fascinating to Paul. Most of what he looked at did indeed seem to be as Craiglon stated, small, petty stuff, useful to a point, but nothing really to overpower or crush an enemy, stuff like that, just easy stuff basically. As he walked around the room, the amulet suddenly vibrated and heated up. Paul knew that what he needed was in the pile that he was standing in front of. He slowly lifted each scroll and book and quickly ignored anything that did not cause a reaction to his amulet. Suddenly, he felt the vibrations and heat of the amulet, which was still invisible to all but Paul, and opened up the scroll. He saw it was actually a spell that would cause the building of anything you wished without human labor, putting the spell on the instruments needed to accomplish the task, like stone, brick, mortar, wire fencing, bushes, whatever was needed. He smiled knowing this would be so very easy, surely Craiglon would even be impressed. Paul went back to the opening to Craiglon's tent and asked if there were any drawings of the castle and temple around. Craiglon looked confused and then smiled.

Of course, how on earth could I expect you to insure something is reconstructed if you have no idea what it looked like in the first place,” Craiglon said. “I keep forgetting that you never came to the farm so therefore you don't really know. Well, lets see here, I do believe there are drawings and plans Jeral made that were used to build the castle and the temple. Thinking about that, it isn't necessary to build it with as many rooms as the former had. I'd prefer more open and larger quarters myself rather then making look like some hotel. I don't see the need for the number of floors the original had either. Impractical actually, so we'll just keep it at three levels rather then five. Now lets see, ah yes, here we are. These are the drawings with dimensions it seems for both the castle and the temple. The temple by the way was built to the memory of Jeral's love and his spiritual father. He bore a deep passionate love for both of them and at least he died knowing his curse on the man that killed them along with his entire family, came to pass. He was eaten alive by wolves.”

Lovely,” was all Paul said.

He took up the drawing and some reference diaries which spelled out the materials used and where it was taken from originally. Paul used a spell to see if any of the material originally used was still around the farm or if it needed to brought here. He was pleased to find out that most of the stones used for the castle were indeed still there, although strewn all about the area. Some of the temple materials were also around, but lots of it was taken by treasure hunters and local theifs. He stepped outside of the tent and cast a spell to mark off the layout of the main castle structure. A sparkling dust began to move along the ground, finishing when the foudation of the castle was marked. Paul used one of the new spells to collect and stack the original stones back into place, have the morter used to hold them in place mixed and ready to perform its duties as stones were put into place. Luckily, all of the tents of the camp were on the opposite side of the farm, away from where the original buildings stood. Paul smiled as he saw stone after stone coming from here and there, in the exact order they were originally laid come into place and mortar applied before the next stone arrived. None of this was happening slowly either, it was as if super fast forward was happening on a dvd. Paul was amuzed and didn't forget to offer up a prayer of thanksgiving to the gods for their assistance. By morning, Craiglon was woken by some sort of disturbance in the camp. He came out of his tent and saw all the guards standing, pointing in one direction with looks of shock and amazement. He walked around his tent to see what they were carrying on about and his mouth dropped open and his eyes grew bigger as he saw the entire castle standing there. The inside wasn't finished and part of the roof was missing, but still, there it was in all its glory. Paul was sitting on a stump, eating a mellon, enjoying the happenings in the camp.

Well Paul,” Craiglon said as he walked up to Paul,” I see you have gone much farther then I asked. I am duly impressed with what you accomplished.”

Thank you,” Paul said politely. “The inside needs to be worked on by those workers you said were coming and the part of the roof needs to be rebuilt as the materials were stolen from the site. Much of what was the temple seems to have also been taken so I was unable to rebuild that from the original material, but I'm fairly sure I can work around that if you provide the materials needed. It will be in the same shape and size as the original, however the materials used will of course be different.”

Wonderful, just wonderful,” Craiglon bubbled as he walked up and down the main castle wall and entrance. “Yes, that is perfectly logical about the temple and I will see to it that the needed material is brought here. Meanwhile, there were also barracks over in that direction where the soldiers stayed and training buildings as well. Hopefully those plans are also available. I'm sure you'll check for them Paul. Well, you certainly deserve a rest I'd say. So you go spend time with John and make him happy.”

Paul did a little bow and headed off to his tent to attend to John. He had already cast a spell to take away all of John's pain and put him into a deep healing sleep. He'd have to conjur up some of the plants he remembered for pain, muscle development and the like. He was sure John and he would both benefit from those. He mentally thanked Aurin for teaching him all about such things.

As happened before, when their business at God's Fire was completed, a pathway seemed to just appear where there wasn't one before, at least not one Jacob noticed anyway which meant they didn't have to climb down the rugged face of the mountain like going up. The trip back to their camp was very quick using the path and nothing was disturbed at all. Jacob didn't know Aurin had put a spell on the camp that would have prevented anyone from taking their belongings. It was almost like a force field of sorts. It obviously worked or no one passed by that was able to break through it at least. “Come, let up was and refresh in the river and share pleasures in celebration of our accepted appeal to the gods for help stopping Craiglon and protecting the Great One and John,” Aurin said happily.

Sounds good to me,” Jacob said happily. “But hey, what about Thomas. He'll drown if he goes into the river the way he is right now.”

Fear not,” Klir said with a smile. “I will protect him and make certain he is refreshed and receives much pleasure.”

Stohl, Jerd and Aurin all laughed as they all headed back to the river.

You see,” Stohl said, “just as Aurin said, no harm would come to Thomas or yourself. Klir will protect Thomas with his life now, as would we all.”

Wow, I just hope I'm not going to wake up real soon from this dream I'm having,” Jacob said with a laugh.

Here, let me prove to you it is no dream,” Jerd said as he lifted Jacob up, sucked down his cock and balls as they walked and played inside his ass with his finger.

Jacob just melted in his grip and let the pleasure go on its merry way. He was not going to fight any of it at all now. Yep, pleasure is good for sure he thought as Jerd got him to empty his nectar down Jerd's throat. As they were enjoying themselves in the river, suddenly there was a thundering sound coming towards them. Jacob was nervous as to him it sounded like a herd of buffalo on the stampede. He looked at Aurin, Klir, Jerd and Stohl to see if they were concerned, but no, Aurin actually looked quite pleased.

Ah, that sound tells me Tork, Kag and the satyr guards have arrived with the beasts,” Aurin said happily. “We did have to perform the pilgrimage to God's Fire, but we can ride back to Tork's lair comfortably.”

It is a good thing for sure,” Stohl laughed. “Jacob you will get to ride on a beast. I think you will like that.”

A beast?” Jacob said curiously, knowing they had weird names for things here.

Yes indeed,” Aurin said. “You see, one of Jeral's first experiments in the realm of new creatures was to create what was a combination of bull and horse, resulting in the beasts. When we were attacked at one point, a spell was cast to make them bond to Tork and Cytis. When the hybrids formed their tribes, a good number of them had beasts who migrated to them when the empire collapsed. They are a perfect animal for both the demigods and hybrids due to our size. Humans always seemed to have a difficult time controlling them. They look fierce but are actually very gentle and totally devoted to Tork and Cytis. Come, let us greet them.”

They all left the river and headed back to their camp. Sure enough, there was Tork, Kag, and a number of very huge satyrs, which Jacob figured were the guards Aurin mentioned. Fierce looks didn't begin to describe the beasts. They like everyone else here it seemed were huge, rippling with muscles even. They did look somewhat like a fierce bull, yet there was quite a bit difference in them. For sure, the demigods didn't look small on them in any way. Tork and Kag slid off of their beasts and came with open arms to the group.

Aurin, have things gone well at God's Fire?” Tork asked as he lifted each one off the ground into a hug and lick.

Yes, indeed it has,” Aurin said laughing. “Something new never before experienced as far as my knowledge also happened. Thomas as you can see is still in the pleasure sleep from it all. The gods themselves pleasured with Thomas. It was truly something to see. And besides that, all of them, including Thomas and Jacob received gems of protection and power which the gods embedded into their arms. I have no knowledge of that happening before either! The gods are indeed in support of Paul and will not allow the evil empire to resurrect. Craiglon will be stopped completely by them by the power the gods will use through the Great One. All will be well. There will be some difficulty and possibly some pain, but things will end well.”

Pleasured with the gods?” Kag and Tork both said at the same time with shock.

The satyr warriors, which Aurin referred to as guards, also had a look of total shock and disbelief on their faces, even though they knew Aurin would not tell an untruth.

Yes it did happen as Aurin stated,” Klir said holding up Thomas so they could all see his body still moving in great pleasure while he slept. His moans and groans along with that special pleasure smile confirmed he was in a pleasure sleep, a very deep one.

Tork was holding Jacob and rubbing his body as they talked. Jacob was busy exploring all of Tork's massive body, happy as can be. When he was manhandled even though it was indeed very gently by these massive demigods, he felt like a young boy again, able to explore ancient heroes muscled bodies. He loved Hercules, Atlas, Machiste and the rest of them. They were the reason he became so serious about exercise, strength and fighting skills.

That is wonderful Aurin,” Kag said hugging Aurin. “It is good to know the gods will keep the Great One protected and help him fight Craiglon. I would hate to think how our world would be affected by the evil empire coming back. The humans would suffer the most I know.”

Yes, that is very true,” Aurin said seriously.

So do we go and rescue Paul and John now?” Jacob asked.

No, we do not Jacob,” Aurin laughed. “Things have to take a certain path in order for all of this to end well. There can be no other sorcerers hiding or going back to your time as Craiglon did. I would think he will have a plan to do just that, not wanting to give up his empire in your world.”

Makes sense,” Jacob said thoughtfully as he even stopped his exploration of Tork's body. “I know I sure wouldn't give up what Craiglon has back home. He has power, riches, control and influence that rarely if ever happens to one man.”

So he is that powerful in your world?” Kag asked.

Yeah, he is for sure,” Jacob said. “He pretty much has an army of brutes, nasty types in my world, imprinted by him who make sure any others he deals with stay in line with his wishes. These are the worst of the worst of the brutes mostly in my world. Not much respect for human life and formerly independent guys who cared for no one and took whatever they could force from weaker people. Craiglon has a knack for finding them and turning them into his devoted army.”

Much like Jeral did with his army,” Kag said. “Besides the hybrids, he started out with mercenaries, very brutal who would go from kingdom to kingdom, village to village and enter into the service of whoever paid the most. They had free reign to do what they wished as long as they fought for their keeper. They were all large, powerful and mean humans, skilled in the warrior trade. A family who had a warrior member was feared and honored at the same time. They were an entire class, only below kings. All feared them. Jeral did as you said Craiglon did, probably a learned skill while under the tutor ledge of Jeral.”

Yeah, sure sounds like that,” Jacob said. “Just so you know, neither Thomas or I were fully like that. Sure, we were independent and willing to put our skills as fighters to work for money, but never taking advantage of poor or weak people. Most of the people we did deal with weren't very nice, so it made our jobs easier.”

That is because both you and Thomas do have a good heart,” Aurin said.

Jacob blushed actually, another new thing he never did before. Tork laughed seeing him blush and licked his body, then remembering what Paul and Steve liked, he flexed his free arm for Jacob. Jacob gasped and couldn't take his hands from the arm. He and Thomas both had massive bodies, super developed and pumped, but nothing close to Tork, or Klir, or Stohl, or any of the demigods he's met.

Come, let us return to my lair and celebrate your success and the blessing of the gods with a feast and entertainment,” Tork said with a bellow.

All of the others laughed and shouted their agreement in Tork's plans. Klir got up on a beast, gently cradling Thomas in his arm. Aurin watched him as he ever so gently got up on the beast while not disturbing Thomas in any way. Tork got on a beast, reached down to Jacob and pulled him easily up on the beast, in front of his thighs, keeping one hand around Jacob's waist. He smiled as Jacob felt up and down his forearm as it was across the front of his body. He could actually feel the monstrous cock and balls of Tork against his ass cheeks.

Here Jacob, you may be more at ease this way,” Tork said softly as he lifted Jacob up and spun him around so that Jacob was facing Tork's body.

Tork felt very proud when he heard Jacob actually gasp as he tried to find the best spot for his hands on Tork's body. Tork kept his one arm around Jacob, the biggest and safest seat belt Jacob ever wore on a vehicle.

It would seem Jacob is quite taken with Tork,” Jerd said to Kag.

Doesn't surprise me at all,” Kag laughed. “It would be a strange human indeed who wasn't taken by the size, strength and power of Tork.”

Especially his best muscle,” Stohl laughed.

The others all broke out into a hardy laugh, knowing Stohl was referring to Tork's cock.

Craiglon couldn't contain his excitement at the success Paul had causing the castle to be rebuilt. He was impressed with Paul's sorcery abilities for sure, far surpassing what he expected. He felt it would be much easier to reestablish the empire with him as emperor now that Paul was cooperating. While Craiglon thought Paul was resting after his full night of work and enjoying his time with John, Paul was in fact in deep trance consulting his sorcery reference materials and then leaving like an open channel for either Aurin and/or the gods themselves. He had a sense of something happening that involved the gods and Aurin but didn't quite know what that was just yet. He felt the overwhelming rush of power and protection he recognized as coming from the gods themselves, so he knew Aurin performed some ritual, maybe even climbing God's Fire to converse with the gods. He had no idea at that point concerning what happened to Thomas. He had it in his mind that Thomas and Jacob were now safe under the protection of Tork and Klir and knowing both of them, doubted anyone or anything would even come close to harming either of them.

Paul laid next to John and held him close, putting him into a safe, restful, healing sleep. He himself suddenly felt very tired and snuggled up close to John, falling asleep very quickly. He immediately began dreaming about Thomas, Aurin, Klir, Jacob, Jerd and Stohl. He could see them at the top of God's Fire and felt how pleased the gods were with all of them. He then saw and partially felt the gods actually pleasuring with Thomas which he never imagined could happen. He had a warm, pleasant feeling knowing that the gods themselves were pleased with Thomas and Jacob, even giving them something very special by having stones of protection and power absorbed into their forearms. He couldn't get over the amazing sense of utter pleasure he could partially feel Thomas going through. It made him happy that even the gods seemed to think Thomas was a sexy hunk. He woke after awhile with a raging hard on and the need to make love to John. He began to make out passionately with John, after he used a spell to give John back his senses and feelings. John instantly responded as if nothing changed between them. For now, he was free of the addiction of the hybrid nectar and wanted to show Paul how much he missed him and loved him. Paul had tears flowing from his eyes most of the time he and John were pleasing each other. All thoughts of anger and rage left him as John entered him and began his usual sensual, slow rhythm in and out of Paul while kissing him gently and nibbling on his ears, neck and shoulders. When Paul closed his eyes he swore they were back at home in their bedroom again. He kept opening his eyes and looking into John's eyes, just to be sure it was indeed real all they were feeling.

Craiglon did indeed have the largest of the boarmen brought to his tent. He felt he should celebrate and what better way then to share pleasures with one of these brutal beasts. Memories of past experiences while studying under Jeral flooded back into his mind when the boarmen entered his tent.

Come boarmen,” Craiglon said with an evil smile, “show your emperor how much you wish to pleasure with him.”

With that, the boarmen snorted, lifted his head and gave out a strangely deep squeal that for some reason seemed almost sexy to Craiglon. The boarmen's cock was instantly hard and actually drooling precum, or ooze as they called it in this world.

You like boarmen take you?” the boarmen said in a husky voice.

Yes, indeed I do,” Craiglon said with a big smile.

The boarmen wasted no time, going quickly over to Craiglon, coating a finger in the drooling ooze from his cock and pushed it into Craiglon's mouth. Craiglon gasped, as the full effect of demigod ooze shot electricity throughout his body. His cock became rock hard and throbbed, his breathing turned to panting and he actually gasped as the boarmen snatched him up in his thick, powerful arms and began to rape his mouth with its tongue. The grunting and growling of the boarmen was a real turn on to Craiglon. He didn't even object then the boarmen slid him roughly down to his knees and wiped his ooze covered cock all over Craiglon's face, before pushing the head inside his mouth. Craiglon suckled like a new born, wanting more and more of that magical fluid. The hybrids were good, but not anywhere near as potent and powerful as the real deal. Craiglon screamed out when the boarmen lifted him high into the air and sucked in his full cock and balls, working them over roughly with his tongue, not stopping until he was given what he wanted, a mouth full of human nectar. That seemed to put the boarmen into a sexual frenzy as he threw Craiglon down on the bedding, ripped off what little clothing he had left on and began to rape Craiglon's ass with his tongue. It didn't take long for Craiglon to beg for the boarmen to fuck him, fill him with his nectar as many times as he could. The boarmen laughed as he knew he needed no invitation from a human. If he wanted to take pleasure with a human, he took it whether they were willing or not, especially once he got into a sexual frenzy like he was now in. The boarmen flipped Craiglon over on his stomach, laid down on top of him, began to bite into his neck and shoulders as he pushed his throbbing cock past Craiglon's ass cheeks and through his rosebud, the ooze making the muscles throb and spread open, almost trying to suck in the thick, fat cock. Craiglon was grunting, panting, groaning in desire, wanting to have that monster cock deep inside of him. The boarmen was not about to deny Craiglon, not that he even paid attention to Craiglon's pleadings. Once the head of its cock was inside of Craiglon, the boarmen squealed loudly as it began to pump it deeper and deeper, moving in and out of Craiglon's stretched and throbbing ass, with each thrust. Craiglon was completely covered in sweat and boarmen drool, but he didn't care about any of that right now. The flood of ooze inside of him was taking him to a super high level of pleasure, pleasure feelings he missed so much while he was stuck in modern times. Craiglon actually lost consciousness a few times as the boarmen filled him with his nectar at least three times, before rolling over and turning Craiglon around on his cock, his thighs spread wide and he was sitting up, Craiglon riding up and down the monster cock like a madman. When Craiglon began to shoot his cum, the boarmen lifted him off of his cock, devoured Craiglon's cock, sucked him dry and then placed him back on his cock. Craiglon had no idea how long the pleasure session lasted as he finally stopped waking up from going unconscious. His body was dealing with the flood of demigod ooze and nectar, pushing him into a super pleasure high. When Craiglon finally woke, he pushed his body up off the chest and abs of the sleeping boarmen, dug his fingers into the pecs of the beast and shook his ass back and forth, the boarmen's cock still inside him, still rock hard.

Beast, you are truly blessed by the gods,” Craiglon said as he had to marvel at the sexual stamina of these brutes.

He called in his guard and made him fuck him and piss inside of him, several times to flush out the boarmen nectar from inside of him. Craiglon knew full well how easily the boarmen could put him under his complete control by keeping him filled with his nectar. He had heard that was the cause of Irr, a boarmen, taking over as emperor, using his sexual prowess on Narbo, the chosen heir of Jeral. Narbo was a satyr on top of it all and even he was overwhelmed and easily mastered by Irr. He made a mental note about limiting the number of times he pleasured with a boarmen, even though he felt this boarmen brute was no where near as cunning or thinking as Irr. No matter, he'd have to control that none the less. When he finally left his tent in the morning, he was breathless when he saw how much progress had already been done to the farm. Not only was the castle exterior just as he wished it to be but the walls surrounding the farm and the thick vines covering the walls all were back. Minus the throngs of heavily muscled soldiers and hybrids, it at first glance did look as he remembered it. The temple was even almost complete minus some portions of the roof. The temple did look a bit different, but that was just fine with Craiglon, since he felt a little bit too much honor was given to Jeral's lover and foster father. He was a memory now as they were, so the temple should honor someone of his choosing, not Jeral's.

Paul had accomplished much with the assistance of the gods. Now that he began to learn of how Craiglon would be defeated, his spirits lifted and he lost those feelings of helplessness because of John. Paul actually prayed so very hard so that John would be kept safe and not have the fate his Steve had last time he was in this land.

You astound me Paul,” Craiglon said as he just walked into Paul's tent. “I would have never imagined you would have been able to accomplish what I have seen so far in one night no less. I am very pleased I must admit.”

Well, I'm glad to hear it,” Paul said holding back his hate. “Maybe you will pull your pets away from John now and leave us be in peace.”

Leave you and John in peace?” Craiglon said with a shocked look. “Paul, Paul, you just do not have the gift of vision I see. You and I have only just begun to use your abilities my boy. Possibly when the full empire is established, I may consider your request, but until then, I am no fool Paul as you should already know. No, I'm afraid one of the lessons I learned in your world was to never give up any advantage or hold you have over an adversary until you have gotten all you desired.”

I should have known you wouldn't be considerate and have any decency in your blood,” Paul hissed. “Don't you have any fear of what the gods themselves may do to your grandiose plans Craiglon? Need I remind you again what the fate of Jeral, Narbo and Irr had been?”

Silence you bleeding heart human,” Craiglon yelled. “Do not think that you are in any position to lecture me on any subject. You belong to me now and will do as I order. Or do I need to set up another demonstration of how much pain and suffering John will endure for your insolence?”

No, you most certainly do not,” Paul said lowering his head.

Much better, but I cannot let your trespass go without some measure of punishment,” Craiglon said with a sick smile.

You there, cyclops, I want you to take this human and pleasure him until he can no longer stand on his own. I wish to hear him moan and groan and scream out in both pleasure and pain,” Craiglon ordered. “Now beast, I wish to see all of that this instant!”

Paul backed up but wasn't fast enough to escape the forceful grip of the cyclops hand. Before he knew it he was stripped naked, his balls were being squeezed and his jaw was forced open by the fingers of the cyclops who was fucking his mouth with his long, thick slimy tongue. It made Paul gag, but he had to deal with it since with Craiglon there watching it all, he could not put any spell on the cyclops. Craiglon sat down on a bunch of pillows and helped himself to some of the fruit that was left for Paul and John. It really thrilled him to see the look of panic and pain growing on Paul's face as the cyclops began to pleasure him like the brute he was. The cyclops instantly had a raging hard on and ooze was flowing from his cock. Keeping his one hand on Paul's jaw to prevent him from closing it or biting, he lowered Paul so that he could put his leaking cock directly over the tilted and open mouth of Paul, filling it with his ooze to the point of Paul choking. It then grabbed Paul's throat and squeezed and released, forcing Paul to swallow all the ooze in his mouth if he wished to take in a breath. The ooze immediately began to have an effect on Paul. It was obvious his fight was leaving him rapidly now. The cyclops was now free to do whatever he wished to Paul's body and would periodically fill Paul's mouth again and again with his ooze, dragging Paul deeper and deeper into the pleasure and pain high from hybrid fluids. The cyclops held Paul by his ankles upside down and kept forcing his tongue in and out of Paul's ass, getting wider and wider with each thrust until it knew that it had reached Paul's pleasure spot inside his ass. It was fairly easy to tell as Paul's cock throbbed and his precum began to flow. The cyclops moved Paul closer to his body and roughly sucked in Paul's cocka nd balls and began to assault them with his tongue and mouth. Paul obviously had several orgasms based on the jerking and movement of his entire body before the cyclops moved him away from his body and let Paul fall head first to the ground. The cyclops wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and licked off any remains of Paul's fluids. It stretched out its arms and gave out an animal bellow, pleased with the reaction his body was having to this human's nectar. It reached down, pulled Paul up by his hips and lined up his cock with Paul's ass and slammed Paul right on it. Paul screamed as the thick, long fat cock was rammed inside of him, the head alone felt like a telephone pole was rammed inside of him. The quick flood of hybrid ooze that began to fill his ass took his mind off of the pain of being impaled, but that was replaced with the cramping and burning inside of his body. The cyclops stayed slightly bent over and held on to Paul's hips as it roughly moved Paul up and down his cock, slamming Paul's ass hard up against his pubes on the downward movement. Paul just screamed and screamed, his entire body flying around trying to get free of this monster. It used one hand to latch on to Paul's throat and pulled him tight up against his body as it began filling Paul with its nectar. It bucked into Paul quick and hard as one volley after another shot in. Paul stopped screaming and the pleasure and pain look took over his entire face. He was limp on the cock of the hybrid, but that didn't stop the cyclops at all. It wouldn't be satisfied until it had filled Paul at least 5 more times. It changed to another position after each orgasm, finally ending up laying on its side with Paul's back up against its body. It easily used its arms to moved Paul up and down its cock until it shot its final load. Paul looked like a wet rag in the hands of the cyclops.

Excellent, just the right punishment for such insolence,” Craiglon said as he got up clapping his hands.

He went up to Paul, bent down and took Paul's lower jaw in his hand.

Now, hopefully this little punishment will remain in your memory dear Paul,” Craiglon said in an evil voice. “I'd hate to have to enlist the services of a actual demigod like say a boarmen? I somehow think you would not enjoy that in the least. Leave him be and when he does wake up, drag him down to the pool and clean him up. Nothing quite like the stench of a hybrid used human.”

Craiglon left the tent and Paul had just enough sense to get a spell going that had the cyclops piss inside of him until all the nectar was flushed out. He then hand the cyclops take him to the pool over his shoulder and wash Paul, not quite what Craiglon had in mind, but the end result was the same. Paul used his spell to get the hybrid to know that it now owed its allegiance to Paul and when given orders by Craiglon to pleasure with Paul, it would act as if it was doing as Craiglon ordered, fake orgasm and never again let its nectar go inside of Paul's ass. So now he had one of the hybrids in his power, time to get the other one too. When back in the tent, Paul worked on the other hybrid and made it loyal to John and Paul, with a special need to protect and keep John well and happy, only giving him enough ooze and nectar to ease any discomfort John might have. He also was instructed how to fake orgasms just in case Craiglon had a sick desire to watch John get abused. Before the day was over, Paul had over half of Craiglon's guards under his power and even some of the boarmen. It was a start and he did have to be careful to insure none of them did anything to give it away that they no longer were under Craiglon's power.

Paul asked one of the guards under his power who the new guards were as they stood out from the others. He was told they were some of the Octarians created by Jeral, his top commanders and trainers of the emperor's army. Paul thought about it and decided he would change the loyalty of these men from Craiglon to himself. He had arranged for his controlled guard to bring one of the Octarians to the pool when Paul was alone there. Paul easily used the spells to switch the loyalty of the Ontarian. He carefully did it one at a time without incident. He had them obey commands of Craiglon but with some limits and conditions.

During his sleep, Paul had a dream from Aurin which gave him a spell from the gods that Paul was to use to move the destruction of Craiglon forward. Paul absorbed as it were mentally the spell and as soon as he woke, he repeated it over and over while holding tight to his amulet. Things would now go from bad to worse for Craiglon as his entire camp would be confused and perform tasks contrary to Craiglon's instructions.

When they returned to Tork's lair, Tork sent word to all the hybrid groups that a feast and celebration was going to be had celebrating the gods help in stopping another evil empire from coming into existence in their lands. Klir was laying with Thomas on a pile of furs, keeping watch to insure nothing bad was happening in his pleasure stupor. It took awhile but finally Thomas began to stir. Klir helped him sit up and answered as many of the questions he could that Thomas seemed to rattle off one after another. Then, taking him totally by surprise, Thomas grabbed Klir around the neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Klir quickly responded and before to long he and Thomas were deep into pleasuring. When they finished, Thomas said he was really hungry. Klir lifted Thomas up into his arms and walked him outside of the den. Tork and the others yelled and bellowed out cheers when they saw that Klir was holding an awake Thomas. Thomas was confused and didn't know what the commotion was about until Jacob hugged him and told him all that had happened after he went into a pleasure stupor. Thomas was wide eyed and then his face had a calm and fully satisfied look to it as the memory of his pleasuring with the gods returned.

I remember now,” Thomas laughed. “Those gods sure know how to sex up a guy.”

Everyone laughed and that started the feast off. There was loads of fruit, beer, juices, and plants being brought to the lair. A tournament of sorts began with paired off opponents attempting to wrestle their opponents to submission, the last 2 left would be offered for pleasure to Thomas and Jacob. Thomas was a real celebrity now since he is the only one known to have pleasured with the gods. Both Thomas and Jacob found the matches to be extremely sexy and intense. The sight of these monster muscled creatures squaring off against each other was breathtaking. Both Thomas and Jacob had a deep appreciation of muscled bodies, but these creatures went way past anything they ever saw before. Aurin was laying down and talking with both of them when suddenly, Thomas jumped up and asked seriously about Paul. Aurin calmed him down and told him that Paul was fine, working on the spells the gods gave him to confound Craiglon's still small army and camp, setting in motion the downfall of Craiglon. Thomas was relieved and got back to enjoying the feast completely.

Thomas, you and Jacob have the honor of pleasuring with the winners if you so choose,” Kag told them. “If one of you does not wish to pleasure with one, then they will continue the fight until only one is champion.”

I can't speak for Thomas, but I sure will,” Jacob said doing his best to hide his rock hard boner.

Well, damn, I sure ain't gonna keep out of this!,” Thomas said. “All this pleasuring sure is good for the ego I tell yah!”

All of them laughed, especially at Thomas' obvious interest in participating which his flopping leaking cock indicated. The contests lasted for hours, most of the guests already sprawled out after taking pleasure with each other and fully partaking in the available boarmen beer. When it finally came down to just 2 standing undefeated, Tork went to them, raised one arm of each into the air and proclaimed them honored winners to pleasure with Thomas and Jacob.

Well Thomas and Jacob, which will you choose for your pleasure companion for the night,” Thor bellowed happily. “It is a great honor for both of them to have the opportunity to pleasure guardians of the Great One.”

Standing there before Thomas and Jacob were 2 monstrous specimens. One was a warrior satyr, one of the biggest in the camp. The other was an equally huge boarmen hybrid. Both had their hair matted down from heavy sweating and it was fascinating to watch their abs flex and pulsate with every breath they took. They both positioned their bodies into what they thought was the best view of their flexed muscles, as word had spread about the strong like these humans had for big, hairy, powerful muscles.

Thomas went first and followed the instructions whispered in his ear by Klir, to slowly walk up the the chosen on and put both hands on their pecs. Thomas took his time looking from one to the other, but already knew it was going to be the satyr, hands down. Jacob went up to the hybrid and put his hands on the hybrids pecs. Both monsters lifted their heads up and bellowed out loudly, letting all know they were the chosen of the guardians of the Great One. The satyr and the hybrid looked down at Thomas and Jacob, smiled as the sweat poured from their faces, lifted them into their arms and walked off into the darkness. The champions took them to the river so they could wash their bodies and then more easily pleasure with the humans paying very close attention to the warning they were given by Tork and Kag about being gentle and always aware of any pain the humans may display. Humans were definitely not demigods or hybrids and had to be treated gently and with extreme caution.

Both ran up to the river, jumped high into the air and splashed down, releasing Thomas and Jacob just as they hit the water so their heavier bodies didn't pull the humans to far down. They quickly swam straight up and scooped the humans up in their hands, holding them high in the air as their bodies flew up and then released them again just as their hands touched the water top. Thomas and Jacob were almost in shock. Both agreed it felt like they imagined playing with orca whales in a take would feel like. They were laughing so very hard when this next time rather then scooping them up in their hands, the satyr and hybrid came up and sucked in the humans cock and balls into their mouths and they held them up by their hips. The feelings were superbly erotic and thrilling. The satyr had no problem taking 2 loads of Thomas' cum from him before heading to shore. The hybrid managed to move his long thick tongue up the ass of Jacob and sent Jacob into a monstrous orgasm. On shore, they moved away from each other and found thick grass areas to lay on. They both laid on their sides holding on arm under the human they had and examined every inch of their bodies. Both were very pleased that the humans although much smaller then they, were still heavily muscled which they found appealing. Each had their own way of pleasuring with Thomas and Jacob and none of them were disappointed in any way, other then feeling the night passed way to quick.

Thomas asked his satyr his name and the satyr said it was “Dole.” The hybrid boarmen was “Jomder.” Both were honored that the humans wanted to know their names. Thomas and Jacob engaged them in very animated and pleasing conversations, each learning about the others lives and experiences. Dole scooped up Thomas and nearly choked him to death with his tongue when Thomas asked if he could be friends with Dole and maybe pleasure more, like every day. Jomder's reaction to Jacob happening to ask basically the same thing was to scoop Jacob up into his arms nearly squeezing the breath out of him and licking his face until Jacob finally got him to stop. Thomas and Jacob now had friends and protectors in the ancients land. Both Dole and Jomder would protect Thomas and Jacob with their lives if needed in order to keep them safe, secured and happy. It was a sort of bonding of the ancient lands. Thomas suddenly thought about how much stamina sexually he seemed to have now and he thought it had to be because of pleasuring with those god guys, another bonus chalked up to him he laughed.

Craiglon became very irritated by the very loud commotion outside the new gates of the farm, which together with the walls all courtesy of Paul, no longer required the boarmen to stay outside the boundaries making certain no outsiders roamed in. Craiglon stomped towards the gate, yelling for an Octarian to get to the bottom of what the commotion was all about, as there was one standing inside the opened gate.

The merchants, my lord, are demanding payment for the materials they have provided and refuse to allow the boarmen to unload the carts with new materials,” the Octarian said while bowing to Craiglon.

What? Why haven't the merchants been paid?” Craiglon demanded from no one in particular. “Who was to see to this payment?”

I am not certain, my lord, it may have been one of your original guards, I cannot really say since I did not arrange it,” the Octarian said almost with an attitude.

You cannot say? What sort of idiocy is this? Are you Octarians supposed to be in charge of all the happenings at the farm?” Craiglon shouted very frustrated now that he had to get involved in trite details all of a sudden. “Where is my personal aide? I want him here immediately.”

The Octarian grabbed a guard and ordered him to find Craiglon's personal aide. The guard shrugged his shoulders and slowly went about, casually calling out loud for Craiglon's aide to report to the lord immediately. Craiglon's eyes went wide, not believing what he was seeing. The guard was given an order, actually shrugged and casually walked about shouting like an idiot for his aide. If Craiglon was a boiler, he'd have exploded he was so angry.

Well? Why are you standing here like another idiot and not beating that guard senseless for being so disrespectful and not scurrying about to follow my direct orders?” Craiglon yelled while he beat the Octarian over the back with a cord from his waist.

The Octarian was totally confused for some reason and didn't understand what Craiglon wanted him to do. He tried his best to dodge most of the blows but Craiglon was so angry he was now using his fists, knocking the Octarian to the ground.

Another Octarian was walking towards the gate and Craiglon ordered him to immediately find his aide.

And who might that be my lord?” the Octarian said with a confused look on his face. “I don't believe I actually met him, my lord.”

Craiglon began to beat him unmercifully. How could his Octarians not know who his personal aide was, it was unthinkable. Craiglon spotted one of his original guards and screamed at him to get his aide immediately. The guard looked at Craiglon very confused and asked if the aide was lost. Everyone close by stopped what they were doing and watched Craiglon launch and absolute fit of anger, stomping, screaming and lashing out at anyone near him. Then he stopped, looked in the direction of Paul's tent and said, “Its him, I just know it!”

Craiglon stomped to Paul's tent in a fit of rage. He stormed into the tent and screamed out for Paul.

I'm in here reading a number of scrolls my lord,” Paul said with a smile, knowing Craiglon was beginning to see the chaos spread in his compound.

Craiglon stormed into that part of the tent, slapped a scroll from Paul's hands and grabbed him by the collar of his garment.

What have you done you stupid, useless idiot?” Craiglon spit while screaming at Paul while shaking him very hard.

I have only done what you asked of me, no more!” Paul shouted back. “What is it exactly I'm supposed to have done?”

Chaos, you have spread chaos throughout my entire army, that's what and I know it could only have been done by you somehow,” Craiglon fumed.

What? And just how and when was I to do that when I've been busy building your castle, compound, barracks and temple? Not to mention studying pile after pile of scrolls. I have done nothing of the sort Craiglon so you maybe have bigger problems to deal with.”

Just what do you mean by that?” Craiglon fumed, not sure if he could believe Paul even though what he said did make sense.

If I didn't do anything, then who did? Have you thought about that?,” Paul said pushing Craiglon's hands from his tunic. “I'm not the only one in these lands that has some sorcery ability you know. There's Aurin the leader of the Satyr's, I'm sure there are some others that I was never aware of besides. I did warn you that you may just be running against the will of the gods themselves and THEY could be doing things to thwart your ambitious plans.”

Aurin, that old flee bag?” Craiglon laughed. “How could he possibly have the knowledge and ability to do anything to me?”

Well, for one, he took a very big supply of Jeral's scrolls. For another, he communes with the gods themselves. He took Jeral to God's Fire mountain and also helped that human Kag to become a demigod. So he most certainly does have the ability and knowledge to do plenty.”

Craiglon went silent. He never knew that much about Aurin and he was not really aware that Aurin communed with the gods themselves. He hadn't thought it worth spending any time planning for and he was now unsure what he could do about it anyway. He stomped out of Paul's tent, went to his own and tried one spell after another to put things back in order. That didn't seem to be going well at all. Then he tried one to see if he could find out who was causing all the confusion. That got him nothing more then a very intense headache, worse then a migraine. His aide finally entered his tent and was concerned when he saw Craiglon rolling on the ground, holding his head and screaming in pain.

My lord, what has happened to you?” his aide said as he ran to Craiglon and tried to help him up.

Craiglon just beat on him in frustration. The aide was now the recipient of Craiglon's rage. When the pain finally was going away, Craiglon gulped wine from the pitcher, not bothering to pour it into a cup. He rummaged through his work tables and found a few powders which he mixed together with the wine and gulped that down. It made him a bit dizzy, but at least the pain was under control.

Why haven't the merchants been paid?” Craiglon hissed, trying carefully not to go back into another fit of rage, maybe causing another exploding head.

They haven't my lord? I know the guards that have been dealing with them were given coin and gold to pay them and even pay in advance for supplies that are needed,” the aide said in a hurry, seeing the rage on Craiglon's face.

Well, idiot, they are outside the gates demanding payment and refuse to let the boarmen unload the materials they brought with them until they receive full payment for those as well,” Craiglon said really trying to stay somewhat calm. “Get to the bottom of this immediately and pay the merchants. How are we going to finish the preparations needed before we can assemble the army I need?”

I honestly wouldn't know my lord, but I will go immediately to pay the merchants and then find the guards that have been ordered to handle such things,” the aide said as he bowed and quickly left Craiglon's tent.

From the powders and wine, Craiglon had to lay down and was quickly sleeping, holding his head still. Paul was almost singing he was so thrilled that the spells were working even better then he thought they would. The confusion was spreading like the plague and not much of anything was being accomplished. Fights were breaking out between the guards and the boarmen and a few Octarians became the play things of some of the bigger boarmen. Yes, it was pure anarchy. By the time Craiglon woke from his nap, most of his compound would be in total disarray.

Craiglon was asleep until early in the evening. When he finally was able to get up and just about drown his face in water, he heard all sorts of commotion outside. He went to the entrance of his tent as his jaw just dropped. It was as if someone was throwing an orgy party except this one went all throughout the compound. The boarmen were just about killing the human guards and Octarians, fucking them wildly as they screamed out in pleasure, wanting more. This had to have been going on for some time for them to be hooked on the boarmen cum. He was totally at a loss. He tried to think quickly for a spell to even just make everyone freeze, but nothing seemed to come to mind. He just stood there and gawked in total disbelief. Suddenly the boarmen he used for pleasure before, stomped up to him and grabbed Craiglon by his crotch.

Get away from me you animal,” Craiglon screamed. “I'll have you castrated for this.”

You like play boarmen,” the boarmen said forcing Craiglon backwards into his tent holding him tight by his crotch.

No, get away and don't even think of messing with me,” Craiglon started yelling.

The boarmen just ripped off Craiglon's clothes, pushed him to his knees and rammed his super running with precum cock deep inside Craiglon's mouth, nearly ripping his jaw apart. Craiglon couldn't bite, scream, just make these mumble like sounds as the boarmen filled him up with his precum and held Craiglon's head tight to his cock. Craiglon could feel the sensations flowing more and more throughout his body from the boarmen fluid and despite his best effort, was slowly coming under its full power. The boarmen spun hims around, forced them to the ground and laid on top of Craiglon, locking his cock inside of Craiglon's mouth as the boarmen devoured Craiglon's cock and balls. By the time the boarmen was tongue fucking Craiglon's ass, Craiglon was hooked on the need for more and more of the boarmen fluids. The boarmen granted him his wish by just about drowning Craiglon with his cum, the nectar as it was known there. Craiglon if he had his senses still would feel like his stomach was going to blow up from the volume of nectar coming out of this demigod. That was super powerful, more so then the precum. Craiglon even passed out from how much pleasure was shooting up and down his body as more and more of the nectar was being absorbed. The boarmen then pulled his cock out of Craiglon's mouth, laid partially down with his back against a large support pole for the tent. He pulled Craiglon over to him, grabbed him by the armpits and with Craiglon facing towards him, impaled Craiglon on his cock. Lucky for Craiglon he wasn't conscious when that happened. From the tongue fucking by the boarmen's tongue which not only lubed the ass but stretched it out, the cock had no problem sliding deep inside. The boarmen moved Craiglon up and down hard and fast just to be certain his cock was fully locked inside Craiglon. The boarmen moved Craiglon up and down every now and then, waiting for Craiglon to come back to life. When Craiglon began to rock his head back and forth and moan, the boarmen began to pump Craiglon's body all the way up and then all the way down his super long, thick cock. The head of his cock swelled up so there was no way it was going to slide out until the boarmen was fully satisfied, which wouldn't happen anytime soon.

Paul walked around the compound just to be sure everyone was participating in the orgy. Those that didn't want to had no choice it seems and were forced into it in spite of their objections. The entire compound smelled of sex. When Paul looked inside Craiglon's tent, he smiled and told Craiglon to enjoy himself. Paul picked up some satchels, filled them with some supplies and brought them back to his tent. He had the cyclops carry the satchels and the ogre carry John. He had both completely under his control so they followed his every order without question. He headed out of the compound and although he wasn't quite sure where he was headed, he knew it was into the woods that boarded the demigod lands. When he got tired of walking he had the cyclops carry him. Once he was not walking, the hybrids took off at a very fast pace, putting a good distance between themselves and the compound. Paul decided they should rest finally. He kept repeating a message to Aurin as he drifted off to sleep to let him know they were out of the compound and headed hopefully towards Tork's lair. Aurin did indeed get the thoughts and quickly had Klir, Jerd and Stohl off on beasts to get to Paul and John. When the morning sun rose, Paul and his group went to a river they heard not far from where they were sleeping to wash and refresh. They ate some plants and fruit which Paul took from the compound and headed off again. They traveled very quickly the entire day and even some time during the night. Paul wanted to rest and didn't want the hybrids to wear out and John to be bounced around that much. The ogre willingly made sure John received just enough of his fluids to keep John calm and out of pain from withdrawal. John had been getting less and less of the nectar so that he could be weened from it completely. Paul knew once they were in Tork's lair, Aurin would know what to do to fully get John free of the hybrid nectar and ooze.

During the middle of the night, the hybrids jumped up and went into defensive mode. Something was coming towards them and it was big, loud and in a hurry. The hybrids moved Paul and John up against a very wide tree and stood directly in front of them. Whoever it was would have to get past them to get to Paul and John. Paul then heard the familiar voice of his protector Klir. He shouted to then so they would know their location. He told the hybrids it was fine, they were about to be rescued by friends. The hybrids weren't sure, but obeyed Paul's order to stand down. When the beasts came into view, the hybrids went back on the defensive. Klir slid down his beast before it stopped and ran towards Paul. The cyclops would have attacked him if Paul hadn't gotten past him and ran towards Klir. Klir scooped Paul up in his arms, kissing him just about over his entire body.

You are safe great one, I am much relieved,” Klir said laughing, pushing Paul away from him and up and then back in his arms.

Jerd and Stohl came after tying up the beasts and greeted Paul in the same way. Stohl picked up John and you'd think John was a newborn baby the way Stohl held him and gently stroked his head. Paul was so pleased and felt finally free from Craiglon's grip. He knew there wasn't anything Craiglon would be able to do to stop the chaos and free himself from the boarmen who now thought Craiglon was his very own human pleasure slave. All of his grandiose plans for starting up the evil empire would never happen. Paul also knew there wasn't anyone who was left that could learn the incantations and spells. Most of the scrolls Craiglon had in the tent were useless for the most part, but he didn't know that since he couldn't read the ancient language. The entire compound would dissolve into complete chaos. He felt a bit sorry for the guards that Craiglon brought with him, but then he figured they were getting what they deserved for putting so many through hell for Craiglon's ego.

They made it to Tork's lair the following night riding all day on the beasts. There was a large gathering of cheering hybrids, Tork, Kag Cytis, Sage and Aurin waiting with open arms. All knelt down and paid homage to the Great One for again putting things in their world back in accordance to the gods wishes. Tork took John into his arms and into his lair, gently putting him on their huge bed of furs. Aurin examined him and decided just what the treatment needed to be to get John back to normal. Thomas and Jacob came running out of the woods with their new friends Dole and Jomder. Thomas picked up Paul and spun him around, laughing and yelling like a goof. Paul laughed and kissed Thomas on his lips which made Thomas stop dead in his tracks.

Oh man Paully, I am so so sorry I had anything to do with Craiglon,” Thomas said with tears in his eyes.

Hey, its all okay now,” Paul said kissing his tears from his cheeks. “I know what he did to lure you into his circle. You didn't have to end up loving me like you do; that doesn't happen to evil people Thomas. Besides, the gods don't pleasure with just anybody you know!”

OH wow, you know about that?” Thomas blushed. “I have to admit, it'll be a miracle before anybody tops that session I tell yah.”

Everyone laughed and decided there was a need for a feast. The area all around Tork's lair became filled with hybrids and demigods celebrating the return of Paul and the end of Craiglon. Aurin suggested they thank the gods which everyone quickly began to do, very solemnly. Paul closed his eyes, his amulet appeared and it was brilliant. He lifted his hands spread out and in a loud voice told everyone the gods were very pleased with their homage and how sincere they thanked the gods. He told them the gods blessed them all with happiness and enhanced pleasuring. Well, that nearly started a riot. Paul laughed as he saw the entire area become a bigger orgy then in Craiglon's compound. This was different though, this was willingly sharing pleasures in thanksgiving to the gods for deliverance and for the Great One.

Paul was in no hurry to return to his time. He wanted to be certain John was completely cured from his addiction to hybrid nectar and Aurin was the only one he knew of that could make that happen. Thomas and Jacob didn't mind one bit as they were kept very busy with Dole and Jomder. Thomas told Paul he really had to think about going back. The life here was so different and more to his liking then back in their times. Jacob wasn't sure and was having a really hard time making up his mind about staying or going back. Paul reassured Jacob he had plenty of time before making a final decision and that whatever he decided would be okay. He was pretty sure Aurin and the others would not object to him returning if he changed his mind at some point. Either way, it was completely his choice.

So for now, the land of the ancients was back to being home to the demigods and hybrids living in peace with the humans bordering their lands. Paul and John were back together with John getting stronger each day. Thomas and Dole were becoming inseparable and Jacob was still troubled about his decision. Life would indeed move forward for all of them.