Darkness and Light

Gay Science Fiction for adults only.  Contains graphic sexual interaction between adult males.
This is a science fiction story of a modern day gay man, unhappy with his lot in life, who learns the power of alchemy and sorcery.  

Chapter 2 On the Job

Paul had one hell of a night.  He can't remember when he'd jerked off so much since he first discovered his cock.  The interaction and physical contact with his new boss Dave pushed him over the edge.  Dave was a true muscle god in Paul's eyes, perfect match for his fantasy bear.  He didn't allow himself to think about it happening for real, he figured Dave was straight and even if he wasn't, Paul certainly wasn't what he liked.  Didn't matter to Paul, much, since he already made up his mind that the saying was correct, don't mix business and pleasure.

Paul was in a great mood as he went to the university to finalize his schedule and work out some details about field trips already placed on the schedule.  He would bring the information to the club with him and hope that Dave could see his way around it.  Dave already said it wasn't a problem, but Paul knew that might have just been a pretext to get him to accept the job.  Dave might have been in a bind with Sal leaving, but he also knew Paul needed the job too.  He was glad the registration and scheduling for under grads was not happening for a few days as that was always hectic and chaotic.  He laughed to himself thinking about his days as an undergrad, fighting the mob for classes he needed.  Paul thought it more a right of passage of an undergrad; some sick practical joke the university cartel developed to weed out the weak of heart.  He noticed a jock type registering for grad classes in anthropology, Paul's chosen field.  It seemed strange to Paul, as most jock types went for phys ed or education related advanced degrees.  Paul liked the look of the guy, thinking he might be quite the playmate, very well built, a junior version of Dave.  Yep, Paul could see how this guy would "grow up" to look close to Dave.  Maybe this guy looks like Dave did at that age.  Paul laughed at his dwelling on those thoughts and finally got to work with the schedule aide.  As he sat down, he couldn't help but to take another glance at the jock.  He blushed as the jock looked in his direction, noticed Paul staring at him and then smiled a great big, gorgeous smile at Paul.  Paul returned the smile and shook his head in acknowledgment even though it was now glowing a bright red.  Paul made a mental note to be more careful from now on.

Even though it took most of the morning to finish the schedules, he was pleasantly surprised at how painless it had been.  He decided to catch a light lunch before heading off to the club.  As he left the registration center, he remembered that there was a neat, clean, simple restaurant a few blocks away, perfect for a light lunch.  He took his time walking there, taking in the beauty of the landscaping and the not-to-bad eye candy now and then passing him by.  He entered the restaurant and asked for a booth near the window, which he was promptly taken to by a sweet sounding girl.  He pulled open the menu and began to view the light lunch options when he heard someone very close to him.

"Hey, how about that?  I saw you at the registration didn't I? You are into anthropology too huh?  That's cool. Mind if I sit down and share the booth with you?" the voice went on and on.

Paul looked up a bit confused and then he caught a good view of the hunk standing over him and blabbing on and on.  It was the young-Dave jock he was admiring at scheduling.  Paul could feel his face burning already as he was totally blown away by the look of this guy.

"ummmmm, no, no problem at all.  Sure thing, that's right, we did see each other this morning.  I'm Paul by the way, Paul Hubert" Paul sort of rambled.

"What are the odds? Damn that is so cool.  Oh, shit, I'm slow, my name is Jim, Jim Blogdom," Jim sort of blurted out.

Paul's initial impression was that Jim was a nice guy and hot as hell, but didn't fit what Paul considered the mold of an anthropologist.  Jim plopped himself down in the booth, pushing the table closer to Paul.

"Hope you don't mind Paul, guys like me need a little bit more room then the average bear!!" Jim laughed as he pushed the table.

"No problem Jim, I understand.  You sure look like you are an active guy huh? Football I'd guess," Paul said as he tried to adjust the table a bit so he could breath.

"Damn, you are sure good.  Yep, football and wrestling.  I wouldn't have been able to graduate without the scholarships I accepted.  They even worked out something special for me to work as a coach assistant for the university teams and get full tuition covered for my masters.  Pretty cool huh?" Jim said as he snatched the menu from Paul and began looking it over.

"Help yourself to the menu Jim! I already picked out what I wanted anyway!" Paul said somewhat perturbed.

"Shit, I didn't do that, did I?" Jim sort of blurted out. "I'm sorry guy. Just guess I got to excited that I saw you here and we were both going to be working on the same stuff."

Paul sort of laughed, thinking that was just about what he'd come to expect from a jock, even though this one was super hot and indeed, from what Paul could make out, was well on his way to being one hell of a monster bear.  "No problem Jim, none at all."

"So how are you going to make ends meet? I'm lucky, like I said, I have the assistant coaching to help me out, and I do help out on odd handy man jobs now and again when I can squeeze them in, but don't think I'll have much time for that anymore" Jim said as he began slurping up the soup the waitress had brought to the booth.

"I'm kind of lucky with that myself.  A friend of mine is transferring to a university out east and I ended up taking his job at the Sparta Health Club" Paul told him.

"No shit! WOW, that is so cool.  I've always wanted to check out that place, but its way, way out of my league.  Heard that it IS the place for the professional builders to train.  Boy, sure would love a job there!" Jim said excitedly.

"Yeah, I'm heading there after lunch.  The manager is really nice and he is willing to work around my schedule.  I thought it'd be really tough with the field trips, but he doesn't have a problem with it" Paul said, just wanting to throw something out that might make Jim jealous.

"Wow, that IS sooooo cool.  Lucky guy.  They are shits when it comes to that with the coaches.  Of course they know they haven't much choice with me if they want me to continue my education.  If they wouldn't have adapted their thinking to my needs, I sure would have gone elsewhere," Jim said very seriously.

Paul couldn't help notice the cute wrinkling of Jim's eyebrows and forehead when he tried being serious.  Paul couldn't help himself from beginning to imagine what Jim's body looked like.  He could tell from the way his shirt hugged his chest and arms that he had pecs to die for and monster biceps.  He knew he was a bear by the hair peaking out of his collar and the thick bushes that covered his arms and fingers.  Paul just nibbled on his salad and sandwich as he pretended to listen to Jim when he was actually taking in every inch of Jim's chest and arms, paying particular attention to the way Jim's pecs moved as he spoke.

"Wow, I'm not sure I even remember eating lunch!" Jim blurted out as he smacked Paul on his upper arm.  "I hope we have a few classes together, that would be so cool.  You have to get me in to the Sparta some day just so I can drool over the facilities!"

"What? Oh, yeah, for sure.  Maybe we'll see each other or share classes.  That would be nice.  I'll have to see if I am allowed to bring anyone into the club, but the way the boss is, I'd guess he'd let me if I asked" Paul said very calmly, secretly hoping he'd see lots of Jim.

"Well, buddy, you take care and great meeting you.  Stay safe and if I can help you in any way, I'd be happy to.  Never know when a guy like you might need some muscle to kick some jerks ass around!" Jim said, laughing and shaking his arm as it was pulled tight around Paul's shoulder.

What is it with these guys?  Dave pats him on his head and holds on to his shoulders and now Jim does the same thing, minus the pat on the head.

"You too and thanks for the offer! I'm sure I won't need anything like that, haven't yet anyway.  See you around.  It was nice meeting you Jim!" Paul said moving around and taking Jim's hand in a handshake.

"Later my man!" Jim said as he took his bill, paid and left the restaurant.

Paul took a deep breath and grabbed another gulp of water.  He sure must have fell into muscle heaven.  First the club, then Dave and now Jim.  He wasn't sure about Jim, thought he would be the type to pulverize Paul if he knew he was gay.  Oh well, wouldn't make a difference anyway since neither is sharing a room or even lives in the same building.  Paul took his time heading to the bus stop.  He could take one bus from the university area to the club.  Worked the same from his apartment.  He never bothered to buy a car since he always had good public transportation to use.  When he needed to go long distances, he would rent one or take a cab.  Paul figured it was cheaper then car payments, insurance and gas.  He saw the bus coming down the street and headed to the bus stop.

Paul walked around the back of the club to the employees entrance.  He wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do since Dave and Sal hadn't gotten him an ID or anything and Sal forgot to tell him the code to open the door.  He looked around and spotted a phone with a directory imbedded in the wall next to the phone.  He found the number for the manager's office and punched it in.  It rang and rang.  Paul thought that maybe Dave was in the weight room or something.  He felt stupid just standing there with a phone hanging from his ear.  He figured he had to just be patient and eventually Dave would pick up.  Finally after what seemed like 15 rings, a really gruff voice was on the other end.

"Yeah, WHAT?!!?" Dave blurted out in his most forceful, aggravated voice.

"Uhhhhh. Sorry Dave, this is Paul.  I don't have an ID and I have no clue what the code is to let me inside," Paul said in a very meek voice.

"Oh SHIT!! I'm sorry Paul, my fault.  Hold on a sec and I'll get you inside" Dave sputtered and hung up the phone.

Paul looked at the phone like he could see Dave or something, totally unsure if Dave was pissed at him or just aggravated he had to answer the phone.  He soon had his answer as Dave was at the door, pulled it opened and pulled Paul inside.  Paul was awestruck again as Dave was shirtless and had on a tight pair of gym shorts.

"Damn kid, I'm so sorry.  I forgot to make sure Sal gave you the ID and the secret number.  Damn." Dave blurted out as he pulled Paul close to him with his arm across Paul's shoulder and began walking towards his office.

"No problem Dave, I feel stupid bothering you like that.  Did I mess up a workout?" Paul said meekly.

"Oh hell no kid.  No such a thing.  I was just goofin off.  Lucky I came into the outer office area, otherwise I wouldn't have heard the phone.  Don't you feel bad about it at all, it's my fault and that's that!" Dave said very seriously, then laughed and patted Paul on the head.

"I have my schedule with me, thought maybe you'd like to go over it and we could work out my schedule here" Paul said, holding his class schedule out.

"You just mark off on my desk calendar, that big one hanging on the wall next to my desk, the days you can't be here with a 'NO PAUL' in red and that's fine with me.  I told you I was flexible and I meant it.  I know your field trips are important to you.  You'll just have to fill me in on what you did when you come back.  Anytime you need time off other then the 'NO PAUL's on the calendar, you just let me know, okay?" Dave said, hugging Paul tight to him again and again as they walked.

"You're just to great Dave.  I really appreciate what you're willing to put up with.  I will do my best not to let you down!" Paul said, blushing and smiling at the same time.

"Damn straight you won't let me down, kiddo.  Dave would not like that much at all!" Dave said very sternly as he stopped them dead in their tracks and grabbed Paul by his shoulders in his massive hands.

Paul went pale and began to really sweat.  He figured Dave was about to let him know physically who was the boss.

"JEEEZZZ Kid.  Lighten up with me will yah? I'm playing with yah!" Dave said, laughing as he wrapped his arms tight around Paul and lifted him into the air.  "I'm not going to beat the shit out of you Paul.  Never will happen, I promise you.  Don't take all this that seriously okay?"

"I'm sorry, guess I'm just not used to being around you power guys.  Makes me feel like a real wimp!" Paul laughed, still hanging in the air in Dave's grip.

"Hey, don't let me hear that again from you.  Nobody better ever tell you that you are a wimp around me kid.  I'll show them who a wimp is and it ain't me.  You might not have rolling muscles all over your body, but you are smarter and more thoughtful then most guys around here will ever be.  You work for Dave now and Dave don't have no wimps around him, you hear?" Dave said, in a very serious tone, very close to Paul's face.

Again, Dave could swear he felt a nice hard cock rubbing against his abs as he held Paul.  He would have to think of a way to find out for sure if Paul liked to play without scaring him half to death.  Dave knew for sure that he intimidated Paul and the other guys would too.  He would have to keep an eye on the other guys and how they treated Paul.  Nobody was going to mess with his boy.  Yeah, Dave was going to make Paul his boy.  He sure was a cute one Dave thought, and smart too.

"Thanks Dave, I really appreciate that and will keep that in mind.  Now can you put me down so we can get me an ID and code so I don't have to bother you?  Might be a good idea to let me know what you'd like for me to do today!" Paul said, the quiver in his voice.

"Oh, I'm sorry Pauly, I just get very protective of my boys and you ARE my boy.  You're younger then me and therefore you are a boy to me.  Just my weird way.  Might just want to get used to it, I tend to get very physical when I'm happy or concerned.  Guess it comes from having a very touchy-feely family growing up" Dave said as he gently put Paul back down.  "Oh shit, I got sweat all over your clothes.  Damn.  Well, we'll get you a uniform anyway.  Don't want you getting your clothes messed up working around here.  Besides, the other staff will know you work here that way.  Everybody except the managers wear sort of like uniforms here.  Nothing fancy, but identifiable."

"Don't worry about the sweat Dave.  Doesn't bother me.  Easy to wash clothing anyway, no damage done.  Hey, that's great.  Sal didn't mention that to me.  Sure will save on trying to figure out what I have to wear everyday huh?" Paul said, trying to make light of the situation and hopefully take attention away from the tent building in his pants.

"Come on kid, let's get you settled and start the party huh?" Dave said, putting his arm across Paul's shoulders and guiding him into his office. "Welcome home Pauly!"

Paul cringed at being called Pauly.  He hadn't been called that since high school by his best friend.  Oh well, guess he just best get used to it since he isn't about to tell Dave not to call him by that name.  It wasn't a big deal, although it did seem strange coming from a guy like Dave.  Besides, it did wonders for his fantasy to be handled like a rag doll by Dave.  He knew it would never be like this anywhere else or with anyone else, but somehow, it fit with Dave.  He was a soft hearted sweet heart underneath that hulking mass of muscle, Paul was certain.  

When they got into the office, Dave told Paul to fix up the desk outside his office any way he wanted and to help himself to any supplies he needed.  He showed Paul the storage closet and supplies, pulling out a blank ID and rummaged around until he found the boxes of gym uniforms.  He asked Paul what size he wore and pulled out a few shirts and shorts that he handed to Paul.  He pulled out a package of jock straps and handed those to Paul.  That of course caused Paul to turn a bright shade of red which Dave caught and smiled to himself over, thinking it was cute and a positive sign.  Dave showed Paul how to set up the ID info and had him update the computer file with the information and gave him the code to open the back entrance door.  Dave was just to swipe his card when he showed up and when he left so that the payroll department had all the info on the hours he worked.  Dave told Paul to change into his uniform in his office bathroom if he'd like and he'll set up stuff for Paul to work on.

Paul went into Dave's office and found the bathroom.  The door wouldn't close so he figured it was no big deal and began to strip.  Dave walked into his office and sat on the edge of his desk, watching Paul change.  He liked what he saw, Paul's ass, legs and back.  He wasn't a muscled guy, but not a skinny guy either.  His muscles looked toned and exercised.  Dave smiled, confirming in his mind that Paul was indeed cute.  Paul dressed and turned to find a place for his clothes, noticing Dave smiling and looking right at him.

"Oh, I'm sorry.  I couldn't seem to get the door closed and figured it wasn't a big deal for me to just go on and change" Paul said a bit nervously, again turning a slight shade of red.

"Hell no, kid.  Not a big deal at all.  We're all men here, so what the hell eh? That door always gives me a problem too.  Have to give it a good kick in the right spot to get it to close! Looks like you do some exercising huh Pauly?" Dave said in a really sexy voice.

"Oh for sure, I try my best to keep myself in shape.  I like to run and bike, hit the light weights and do some Ti Chi just about every day" Paul said, redder then before.

"Well, we're going to put some real muscle on you Pauly, no charge of course!" Dave laughed, getting up from the edge of his desk and again pulling Paul to him by wrapping his arm across Paul's shoulder.

"That'll be super.  Free is good!" Paul laughed, glad the jock strap was holding down his cock better then his briefs had.

"Here, use this locker to keep your stuff in.  You can put a lock on it if you'd like, but nobody else is allowed here inside my office and I don't make it a habit of snoopin around" Dave said as he directed Paul to the double lockers set in the corner of Dave's office.

Paul opened up the locker Dave was pointing to and put his clothes inside, using the hangers that were inside, obviously a touch Sal had left.  Dave watched as Paul carefully straightened out his clothes as he hung them inside the locker.  He was fascinated at how neat and organized Paul seemed.

"Okay, let's get you working kid.  I put a pile of paper work on your desk that needs to be put into the computer system.  If you need help, just put it on the side and I'll work it out with you later.  After that, you can go to the weight room and check to be certain there are fresh towels around and the chalk shakers are full.  Just do a general walk through and make sure the showers and locker rooms are clean and not all messy.  If they are, use the phone on the wall to call maintenance and tell them to send someone to mop up or whatever.  If you need towels, same deal, call the laundry and they'll send somebody over with towels.  You don't do cleaning up or anything like that.  If you want to, that's fine, but you're not expected to do that sort of thing.  We have people on staff to take care of that.  You're just going through the areas making sure it's kept nice for the customers.  They get a bit testy if they don't have towels or things are a mess." Paul explained.  "I'm going to do some last minute stuff in here and then hit the sauna and whirlpool area.  Oh yeah, you are welcome to use any of the facilities you'd like when you'd like.  I'm not fussy about that at all.  I figure I can trust you not to goof off when there's something you need to do, so just feel free.  When you feel like it, I'll be happy to help you out on the machines and weights so we can get that cute body pumped, okay?"

"Wow, much more then okay Dave.  Thanks.  That would really be great." Paul said a bit more calm.

"Okay, off yah go.  If you feel like putting in a few extra hours before your classes and stuff start, it's fine with me," Dave said as he gently patted Paul on his head.

Paul blushed, smiled and went to his space to dive into the stuff Dave gave him to work on.  Paul whizzed through it easily and only had one paper he wasn't quite sure what was required.  He put a not on it and left it in the middle of his desk.  He went to the files and looked through a few of the folders and saw papers that matched the ones he worked on in the folders, so he filed all the papers away.  He was pleased with himself and relieved that so far, it was a super job, easier then he imagined.  He was glad he wasn't expected to be a janitor too, much better then he thought for sure.

Dave was long gone from his office, having patted Paul on his head and given him a warm smile as he left.  Paul put his ID on the chain Dave gave him and put it around his neck.  He took a deep breath and headed out to the weight room.  When he got there, his breathing stopped as he looked around and saw nothing but rippling masses of muscle pumping weights, machines and walking on treadmills and stair steppers.  He could smell the sweat and testesteron in the air.  It was fag heaven he thought.  He carefully walked around looking for the chalk shakers Dave mentioned and figured they would be by the weights.  Sure enough, he saw them and inspected every one.  As he was midway in his inspection, this shaved headed muscle god yelled out to him and said he needed chalk.  Paul took the full shaker he just inspected and walked over to the guy.  The god just seemed to smirk at Paul, maybe because his mouth was open and he was staring, and grabbed the shaker.  He shook it in his hand and pushed out his other hand back to Paul who took the shaker.  The god purposely, Paul thought, dusted his hands together so that the dust flew towards Paul.  Paul choked and coughed, hazard of having your mouth hang open around chalk.  The god smirked again and flexed his pecs and thighs at Paul and turned, bending down and lifting this monstrous set of weights.

"Don't let that ass get to you, he's a real jerk" someone said behind Paul.

Paul turned around and saw this short muscled god standing behind him with a very warm smile on his face.  

"Hi, I'm Steve.  Guess you're the new assistant Dave said he hired, welcome!"

"Hi, I'm Paul.  Yep, I'm Dave's new assistant.  I feel dumb letting myself get set up like that.  No harm done" Paul said, trying not to let his eyes get any bigger as he watched Steve's body seem to flex from top to bottom effortlessly.

"I know it is very hard not to be blown away by all this muscle, but you'll soon get used to it and won't even bother to look, hang in there." Steve said gently as he smiled at Paul.

"Thanks, yeah, it is something else alright.  Talk about making a guy feel inadequate!" Paul blurted out.

Steve laughed and shook his head.  "You're gonna do okay here Paul.  Just don't let these jerks get to yah. Nice meeting you, hope to see more of you!"

"Super meeting you Steve and thanks.  I feel much better now and don't feel as intimidated as I felt before.  Mind you I'm STILL intimidated and feel inadequate!" Paul said laughingly.

"Yep, I like you, you're okay Paul.  Later!" Steve said as he walked past Paul and patted him on the shoulder.

Paul dusted himself off and continued his inspection of the weight area, taking his time, catching as much of the workouts going on as he could.  One was more stunning then the other.  Some smiled and nodded their heads at Paul as he walked by, but most ignored him completely.  He gradually was getting numb from the jolt of the scents and sights in the weight room, and his interaction with Steve was really sexy he thought.  Paul headed to the locker room to check that out.  He walked in, moving out of the way of a few monsters obviously psyc'd up, ready to hit the weights hard.  There were a few guys coming out who were almost like him body wise, but still muscled.  Paul laughed to himself thinking amateurs.  He did pick out some of the really big guys who were obviously VERY muscled, but not sculpted like the body builders.  Paul figured they were the heavy lifters that Dave and Sal talked about.  For the most part, they were nice, nodding a hello to him and smiling at least when he said hello.

The smells from the locker room were almost overwhelming.  His cock jerked from the scents.  You couldn't miss the testosterone, sweat and body odor as you entered the room.  The steam from the showers made the entire locker room seem steamy and humid.  The further in Paul went, the cooler it seemed to get.  He noticed there was a large fan blower in front of a large air pipe, probably from the air unit.  Paul stopped to get his bearings and locate the areas towels were kept.  He slowly turned, looking carefully to see if he could spot shelves or something with towels sticking out.  As he was slowly turning and looking, he heard somebody saying something.

"Hey, cutie pie, like what you see? Come on over here and I'll let you see it up close!" a gruff voice blurted out.  

Paul jumped a bit, startled by the voice and the comment being made.  He turned his attention to the bench between a grouping of lockers and saw this hulking brute walking towards him with a very evil look on his face.

"Yeah, you cutie pie.  Here, come over here with me.  I'll make sure you get a real close up view of this beef" the hulk said.

"What? I think you got it all wrong.  I work here and I'm trying to find the towel stocks and inspect the area to see if all is orderly.  I'm just doing my job" Paul sputtered as the guy already had his hands over Paul's biceps and hand lifted him up, carrying him into the locker grouping area.  

"Yeah, right pretty boy.  I saw you checking out the beef.  Here, now you can get a nice close up look and feel of it.  If you do nice, maybe even a taste" the brute said as he moved Paul up against the back corner of lockers, making it impossible for Paul to get away.

The guy pushed his body up against Paul's, keeping him off the ground but held tight.  Paul couldn't help it, his cock was rock hard and he was hoping his jock strap didn't move letting his cock jump out.  The guy was obviously just out of the showers as he was totally wet from head to toe.  He had a shaved head but his body was covered by a thick, heavy coat of hair, jet black and dripping wet.  He moved his arm, putting his bicep over Paul's face and was slowly rubbing it around Paul's face.

"There baby, cutie pie boy like that? Yah want to feel more beef? Jocko will take good care of you cutie pie.  Maybe even let you lick him dry.  Huh? You think you'd like that cutie pie?" Jocko taunted.

Paul made all sorts of muffled sounds, his mouth blocked by the flexing bicep of Jocko across his entire face.  Without warning, Jocko moved slightly, letting Paul slide down his body until Paul's face was level with his thick muscled, hairy pecs.  Jocko moved his arms behind Paul's head and began to flex his pecs, forcing Paul's face deep into his chest.

"Go ahead baby, show Jocko how much you like his beef.  The hair get you all excited little man? Yeah, Jocko will show you how a real man is cutie pie.  Maybe we should go into the showers and get serious here huh?  I'll get you a real good look at this prime beef baby boy!" Jocko rumbled in his deep sexy, gruff voice.

Paul forced his face up between flexes of Jocko's pecs and yelled out "Stop, I'm only doing my job.  I wasn't doing anything wrong.  Dave told me what I had to do!" Paul spit it out quickly in between his face being accosted by those wet, thickly muscled hairy pecs.  He knew if this didn't stop soon, he'd shoot a load and be in real trouble.

"Oh yeah, Jocko believes that cutie pie.  You, work with Dave? Ain't gonna happen.  Nice try baby, no sale" Jocko barked.

Jocko moved Paul's face so his mouth was on Jocko's left nipple and he held it there with his left arm wrapped tight around Paul's head.  He reached down and grabbed the right ass cheek of Paul and began to squeeze and knead it with his right hand.  Paul had one hell of a time not nibbling, sucking and kissing the nipple of Jocko, but he knew if he did anything to encourage this brute he would be in deep shit.

"Come on cutie pie, take that nice pec into your mouth and taste it.  Do a nice job on it and Jocko will be easier on you cutie pie.  You got Jocko all hot and bothered now cutie pie.  Baby boy, you're gonna give Jocko some nice relief" Jocko said right at Paul's ear as his tongue moved around the inside of Paul's ear.  

Paul was loosing the battle and knew he couldn't hold out much longer.  This guy knew what he was doing and knew he had total control over Paul.  All Paul could think of doing was think of something awful and not fight Jocko.  Maybe the lack of fight in Paul would make Jocko loose interest.

"Yeah baby, that's better, come on, let Jocko feel that sweet mouth on my tit.  Come on baby boy, you don't want Jocko to get rough with you do you?" Jocko threatened.

"Jocko, put him down now!" a voice boomed.  

Jocko let go of Paul and turned around.  Steve was standing there, pumped and ready to take Jocko apart.  Jocko was taller, but Steve had him on muscle.  Jocko wasn't the type to test himself against somebody who might beat him.

"I caught the fag checking out the beef and thought I'd let him sample it real close.  What? You want some of him Stevo?" Jocko barked.

"Stupid, that's Paul, Dave's new assistant.  I don't think you want Dave to find out about this and have to teach you manners or how to treat his boy now do you?" Steve spit out, getting real close to Jocko.

"Hey, it's cool man, I didn't hurt him!  I didn't know he was Dave's boy.  Honest.  No harm done!" Jocko said nervously.

Paul was on the ground, breathing heavy, trying to wipe the sweat and water off of his face.  He heard the exchange and without thinking blurted out "I told the jerk I was Dave's assistant and just doing my job!".

Jocko turned around and if looks could kill, Paul would be dead and buried.  

"Now how was I to know the kid was telling the truth Stevo? You know how them fags can be.  They'll say anything to save their ass once they get caught!" Jocko said to Steve.

"Look Jocko, you aren't a cop and this ain't no B movie either.  Get out of my way and let me take care of Paul before Dave shows up" Steve said, pushing past Jocko and lifting Paul up, helping him walk out of the locker grouping.

"You okay Paul?" Steve said, holding Paul up with Paul's arm around his neck and his arm behind Paul's back and holding him under his armpit.

"Yeah, thanks Steve.  I'm so embarrassed I want to crawl under a rock.  I couldn't do a thing to stop it from getting out of hand.  I told him I was just doing my job, what Dave told me to do and he wouldn't believe me" Paul quietly muttered, trying hard to slow his breathing down.

"Don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong at all.  Jocko is one of the assholes you need to watch out for.  He won't give you any more shit now that he knows you work for Dave.  Dave would kick the shit out of him and then throw him out of the club if he knew what he did or tried to do. Sure you're okay? Not hurt anywhere?" Steve said calmly and in a gentle tone of voice.

"No, I'm fine, just need to slow down my breathing is all, thanks Steve for coming to the rescue!" Paul said squeezing his arm a little around Steve's shoulder.

"Not a problem Paul.  Here, we'll set you down on this bench.  Nobody is around here and I'll get you some towels so you can dry off at least," Steve said, putting Paul down on the bench.

"Great, I was looking for the towel things when I got into trouble.  NOW I see them!" Paul said as he laughed, coughed and tried again to slow down his breathing.

Steve came back with 3 towels and handed one to Paul, put one across his lap and began to wipe Paul's head with the other towel.  Paul kept his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of being dried off by a muscle god.

"Feels better huh?" Steve said gently.

"Yeah, feels real nice.  Way better then having a hairy pec rubbing all over your face or a bicep flexing all over it!" Paul laughed.

"Shame he did that.  Don't think all the guys are like that Paul, they're not.  You'll soon spot the bad news guys and steer clear of them.  Course you know there are a lot of guys that would have paid real good money to have that done to them!" Steve joked.

"Oh, thanks, that makes me feel much better.  Now I know I was getting an expensive thrill for free!" Paul laughed.

"You're okay Paul.  I really like you.  Not many guys would have gone through what you just did and come back so quick and be okay!" Steve said, rubbing his hand through Paul's hair.

Paul looked up at Steve with the look of a puppy wanting to be taken home.  Steve looked down at Paul and kept a gentle smile on his face.  Steve slowed down rubbing his hand through Paul's hair and began to gently wipe the wetness from Paul's neck.  

"Would you like to take a little break and let me see if I can make up for Jocko's stupid stunt?" Steve said very quietly.

"You don't have to do anything more Steve, honest.  You have been more then kind and saved me big time" Paul said nervously, knowing that if pushed a little more, he'd do whatever Steve asked.

"I didn't say I had to, Paul, I want to.  Do you want me to or should I just leave you alone?  Unless I'm reading you wrong, I'd say you and I have the same taste in pleasure.  Guess you'd say we're family huh? If I got it wrong, tell me and I'll walk away, no harm done, still friends" Steve said very close to Paul's ear.

"That obvious huh?" Paul tried to smile, but it was washed away with his desire and need.

"Come on, I know where we can take a break.  One that refreshes huh?" Steve smiled, pulling Paul up gently by his arms and putting his arm across Paul's shoulders.

Paul leaned his head onto Steve's shoulder, even though he had to really bend it to get it there since Steve was a few inches shorter then Paul.  That didn't matter at all to Paul, since Steve was over 10 feet tall in his eyes, his hero.  Steve took him to a small room in a hallway between the locker room and the pool area.  As soon as the door closed, Steve put his hands under Paul's armpits, lifted him slowly up in the air, and put him over his shoulder.  His hands were constantly moving gently but firmly up and down Paul's body as he slipped Paul's pants off and his jock strap down.  He slid them off of his body and then slid Paul slowly down, pulling off his shirt as he reached the floor.  Paul was standing there naked, except for his socks and gym shoes.  He blushed from head to toe, but his cock said how he felt inside, it was throbbing and leaking pre-cum.  Steve smiled gently, put his hand on Paul's chin and pulled his face slowly down to his, letting his tongue gently circle the lips of Paul.  Paul's tongue came out to meet Steve's and both moaned as the tongues slowly did battle with each other.  Steve pushed his tongue deep inside Paul's mouth and Paul moaned loudly, hugging Steve's body tighter and tighter.  Steve wrapped his arms around Paul and slowly began to flex his muscles, letting Paul's body feel the bulging and relaxing of his arms, chest and abs.  Paul's cock was throbbing between their bodies, reacting violently to the rippling of Steve's abs.  Paul never felt anything like what he was feeling now, those beautiful muscles rippling up and down his body, Steve's arms caressing him so sweetly as they flexed.  Paul thought of it as a sexy dance, in total rhythm and most pleasurable.  

Steve slowly moved his arms so his hands once again were under Paul's armpits and he slowly lifted Paul up into the air as his tongue explored Paul's neck, shoulders, pecs and abs.  When Steve reached the lower abs, Paul groaned so loud, Steve stopped and asked him if he wanted more.  Paul began to beg Steve and ask him if he couldn't worship him.  Steve told him in time.  Steve lifted Paul higher and his tongue lapped under and around Paul's balls, making Paul's entire body shudder.  Paul opened his eyes and looked down at the magnificent sight of Steve's bulging arms and chest, flexed so hard, holding him up in the air as Steve's mouth worked on his body.  Paul groaned and moaned and let his head fall back and his eyes close as he savored the moment.  Steve brought Paul down again and once more, put his tongue deep into Paul's mouth.  Paul would have fell to the ground he was so relaxed and under Steve's total control.  

"Now, let's get you taken care of so you can enjoy it better!" Steve whispered in Paul's ear as his tongue circled, darted in and out of his ear.  

Before Paul could manage a response, Steve had him up against the wall and lifted up, Steve's one hand on his chest and the other under his balls and by his ass.  Next thing Paul felt was his entire cock being swallowed deep into Steve's throat.  The sensation almost made Paul pass out.  He began panting as Steve's throat seemed to caress and rub Paul's cock.  Then Paul lost it completely as Steve moved his head forward and back and began humming as his throat worked on Paul's cock.  Paul didn't make him wait long at all as on the fourth time Steve moved his head down, Paul's cock erupted, shooting load after load of cum deep down Steve's throat.  Steve moved his mouth so that he could suck more cum from Paul and taste it.  The bulk of the loads went straight down Steve's mouth.  He liked the taste of Paul's cum and told Paul that as soon as he finished draining it all from Paul's cock.

"There baby, much better huh? Now you feel like making Steve feel nice?" Steve whispered into Paul's ear after he deep throated Paul's mouth and shared the taste of his cum.  

Paul moaned and kept saying yes over and over again.  Steve smiled and kissed him again, held him tight in his arms and used his tongue to play with his ear.  His hand was down on Paul's ass cheeks, kneading and rubbing gently, his finger grazing Paul's rosebud every now and again.  Paul moved Steve against the wall, took his wrists and stretched his arms out to his sides shoulder level.  He slowly moved from Steve's neck, across his shoulders and arms, licking and kissing every inch.  Steve moaned at the obvious worship Paul was giving his body and the care Paul was giving to not miss one inch.  As Paul moved to a new part of Steve's body, he made certain to go back to kiss Steve on the lips, push his tongue deep inside Steve and let their tongues duel before moving on.  He spent some time on Steve's biceps and armpits as Steve moaned and seemed to like that very much.  When Paul made it to Steve's pecs and nipples, Paul had him moaning and groaning and begging like he did.  Paul made it down to Steve's navel, his abs rippling and moving up and down with his quick breaths.  Paul kept it up until he actually made it down to Steve's toes, lifting his foot onto his bent leg and sucking and licking every one before moving up to just below Steve's crotch.  Paul turned Steve around and went from top to bottom all over again, this time spending lots of time with Steve's ass cheeks pulled apart as his tongue explored and teased Steve's rosebud.  When Paul's tongue pushed inside of Steve's ass, Steve moaned so loud, Paul stopped.  Steve kept asking for more and bent over, pulled Paul back into his ass by grabbing the back of his head in his hand.  Paul smiled, he knew he found another spot Steve liked pleasured.  Paul put his hands on Steve's hips and turned him around.  Steve's uncut cock was right in Paul's face, covered in precum, leaking it with each throb.  Paul smiled as he looked up at Steve's face, Steve looking down at Paul, sweating and beginning to pant in anticipation.  Paul kept his eye contact with Steve as he let the tip of his tongue dance around the tip of Steve's cock and pushed gently into the piss slit.  Steve gasped and pushed his hips forward.  Paul moved his hands up and down Steve's abs as his tongue moved around the tip of Steve's cock, finding an opening under the foreskin.  As he gently chewed at the foreskin and his tongue did a slow dance around the entire cock head, Steve began panting and repeating "yes" over and over.  

Without warning, Steve reached down and grabbed Paul's head, forcing his cock deep inside Paul's throat.  Paul sucked and moved his throat to further drive Steve crazy with pleasure.  It didn't take long for Steve to gasp, pull Paul's head tight onto his cock and he bent over as his cock shot load after load of hot cum down Paul's throat.  Paul couldn't move, Steve had such a tight grip on his head.  Paul could feel the ab muscles of Steve tighten and flex and jerk as each load shot into his throat.  Then Steve pulled Paul up, deep throated him with his tongue and turned Steve around, pushed him down at the shoulders while keeping his hips against Steve.  Steve had his tongue deep inside Paul before Paul could figure out what was happening.  Steve was in control and it was fine with Paul.  He was now being used by a muscle god and it was heaven.  Steve wasn't a bear, but Paul didn't care at the moment.  Steve lubed Paul's ass with his tongue and saliva and then stood up, pulling Paul back up against his body, his finger of his right hand pushed inside Paul's ass, his other arm around Paul's chest, playing with his pec and nipple as Steve's mouth savaged Paul's neck.  

"You want me baby? Can I fuck you good? I want you bad Paul" Steve whispered into Paul's ear.

"I'm yours for the taking Steve.  I want you inside me.  Use me!" Paul moaned.

Steve smiled, he heard what he wanted to hear and hoped for.  He wasted no time in bending Paul over and pushing his cock into Paul's ass.  Just the head at first, letting Paul feel it and get used to it.  Steve didn't have a thick huge cock, but it was 7" at least and a nice size thick.  Paul gasped when it went in and quickly began panting and begging Steve for it all.  Steve smile, took his time and slowly moved in and out of Paul's ass, each 3rd thrust deeper then the last.  Paul was begging for more and more.  Steve finally grabbed Paul's hips tight and rammed his entire cock into Paul.  Paul gasped and moaned, loving the feeling of Steve inside him.  Steve moved slowly in and out, holding Paul around his waist, on his hips and by his shoulders.  Steve knew how to drive Paul out of his mind with pleasure and take as much pleasure as he wished.  Steve knew Paul was his completely now.  It might just be for the moment, but he owned Paul.  Paul gasped and moaned as Steve pulled his cock out of his ass and turned him around.  He moved Paul back and Paul almost fell onto a large box in the room.  Steve reached down and put Paul's legs around his hips and told Paul to hold tight with them.  Steve slid his cock back into Paul as he lifted Paul off the box, impaling Paul onto his cock.  Paul screamed out "YES" as he felt himself pumped up and down Steve's cock, the shoulder muscles and arms of Steve feeling like they would explode they were so pumped.  Steve laid Paul down on the box again and keeping his cock inside Paul, lifted Paul's legs onto his shoulders, pulled Paul in tight and while bending down, began to bite on Paul's nipples and kiss him as he rammed his cock in and out of Paul's ass.  Paul couldn't help it and his cock began shooting loads of cum all over their bodies.  Steve straightened up, smiling a great smile as he continued ramming hard into Paul, loving the feeling of Paul's ass muscles clenching and releasing like mad around his cock.  He finally yelled out as his cock shot loads of cum deep into Paul.  Both were drenched in sweat and completely exhausted.  Steve leaned over Paul's body and gently kissed him before laying his head on Paul's shoulder, nuzzled into Paul's neck.  Paul wrapped his arms around Steve's back and held him in tight.  They both kissed and relaxed, basking in the shear joy and pleasure of the moment.

"Thanks, boy did I need that!" Steve said, giving Paul another kiss as his limp cock slid out of Paul.

"No, thank you.  You have no idea how much I needed and wanted that Steve.  You again saved me big time!" Paul said.

"Anytime Paul.  I mean it.  You can ask me anytime you want for some lovin and I'm your guy.  I understand, no strings attached and nothing expected in return, strictly pleasure and mutual admiration, deal?" Steve said, looking into Paul's eyes with a very warm sexy smile on his face.

"Same goes for you Steve.  I mean it.  Anytime, unless of course I end up with a brute that would hurt you if he knew!" Paul laughed.

"Hey, I'm a big boy and can handle myself pretty good.  If you find someone and tell me, you know I'll respect that and won't bother you again, except as close friends of course." Steve said, kissing Paul on the nose.

"Wow, where have you been all my life?" Paul said, stretching out and gently rubbing Steve's shoulders.

"Hey, better get you back in order here and on your way.  Don't want Dave to come looking for you and find you were taken advantage of by me.  I don't want that trouble!" Steve laughed, pulling Paul up as he stood up.

"Oh damn, totally forgot where I was.  Boy, you sure know how to take a guy to heaven Steve!" Paul laughed.

"Awwwhhh, that's sweet.  Thanks Paul.  Now no picking up Jocko anymore, understand?" Steve said as he poked Paul in the abs.

"Right, I think I learned my lesson there! Fear not!" Paul said as he dressed and straightened out his hair.

"Okay, time to finish my rounds I guess.  I should have asked someone where the towel things are before.  Maybe I wouldn't have gotten into trouble that way." Paul said with a sigh.

"Good idea.  Remember, you're new here and it will take awhile before you learn where all the stuff is at.  I'm sure you'll do fine babe.  If you get stuck, just ask and I'm sure it'll be just fine." Steve said, pulling Paul into his arms and kissing him passionately.  "Just something to keep me in your mind!"

"Like I'm going to forget you, right.  I don't think so Stevo.  I will probably take you up on your offer real soon, like maybe in 30 minutes?" Paul said jokingly.

"Tell you what.  If you want, we can go for a drink or something after you are off work.  You can come to my place or I can go to your place, wherever you'd be comfortable.  I have to warn you that I have a roomy that probably would want to join in the fun if he was around.  He's a great guy and bigger then me.  Course I don't know if I am ready to share you just yet!" Steve said seriously.

"Oh boy, now he thinks I'm a slut.  Well, I guess I could live up to that expectation.  You do have a knack for making me want to be one I'll tell yah!" Paul said.

"No, you know I don't' think that.  But, anyway, you think it over and let me know when you're off of work.  I'll be around and if you wish to find out more about me other then my great lovemaking skills and magnificent muscled body, then we'll go from there, deal?" Steve said jokingly.  "But I also meant it about no strings or anything.  I feel real strong about taking something like that seriously and it don't ever happen real quick.  So that's the deal!"

"Okay by me.  I'll respect your wishes.  Sounds good.  Let me see how the rest of my shift goes and I'll find you when I'm off.  Now give me another reminder of how great a sexy guy your are!" Paul said, putting his arms around Steve's shoulder and moving to kiss him.

Steve wrapped his arms tight around Paul and dipped down as he kissed Paul, his tongue attacking Paul's mouth and nearly his throat.  Paul thought he would pass out from the pressure of the hug and intensity of the kiss.  Steve straightened up and let Paul go, slapping him on his ass.

"Wow, now THAT was right on the mark. Damn you are good!" Paul said opening the door.

"Good? Shit, I'm GREAT!" Steve said as he smacked Paul on his ass again leaving the room.