Darkness and Light

Gay Science Fiction for adults only.  Contains graphic sexual interaction between adult males.
This is a science fiction story of a modern day gay man, unhappy with his lot in life, who learns the power of alchemy and sorcery.  

Chapter 3 Frustrations

Paul felt like a new man after his hot experience with Steve.  He couldn't wait until his shift was finished so he could meet up with Steve and get another taste of this cute, hot muscle stud.  He was sort of in a daze as he was finishing his walk-around and didn't notice Dave watching him from a doorway.  Dave noticed the change in Paul and at first he thought Paul had adjusted very well to the place.  The closer Dave looked at Paul, he started to notice some strange things about Paul, like how he seemed in another world and daydreaming.  Then Dave noticed the damp spot on Paul's crotch, put it all together and figured Paul got lucky.  Course from how Dave was thinking, somebody beat him to breaking in Paul.  He still wasn't quite sure about Paul and didn't want to intimidate him into any fun and games.  Dave liked it when these smaller guys became dependant on him and he could easily be their hero.  He thought of Paul wanting and needing his protection ever since he first laid eyes on him.  Sal was fun, but Sal was more of a versatile type of guy and Dave liked his boys to be true bottoms.  Besides, Paul had a much cuter ass then Sal had, although Sal's wasn't all that bad.  Paul began to think how he could see just what Paul liked and if he even played on the same team.  Dave had very strict standards about whom he played with and who was hands off.  Straight guys were generally in the hands off category, unless of course they initiated something with Dave; that being a rare event indeed.  Anyway, Dave chuckled to himself thinking back to the last time a straight guy was so intimidated by Dave's size and muscle that he asked Dave to let him worship his body.  The memory started Dave's cock to stir.  His cock seemed to be egged on as he watched Paul's bubble butt ass cheeks move while he strolled down the hallway.

Dave got an idea.  He had a very close and dear friend known around as Bigbear.  Jack was his name and he was indeed a very, very big, hairy, muscled bear.  Jack stood over 6'7" and weighed in around 300lbs, all muscle and hair.  Dave always teased Jack that if he didn't shave his head and let it grow out, he could get a great job as sasquatch in some movie, no costume needed.   Jack was rough and got off intimidating guys, making them do things for him and trying to get them off without him trying hard at all.  Dave and Jack went way back to college days and had great times together now and again in bed.  Dave decided to have Jack put a little of his expertise into his figuring out Paul.  If anybody could get to just what Paul was made of and liked, it would be Jack.  Of course Dave knew he would have to get Jack to promise not to be to hard on Paul, since he knew Jack really got off breaking down straight guys; Jack called it turning.

Steve saw Dave standing in the hallway, looking like he was in deep thought about something.  He walked up to Dave and patted him on his abs.

"Hey big guy! Hope somebody hasn't gotten you off to a bad day or anything!" Steve joked.

Dave flinched slightly, always keeping control of course and smiled.  "Hey Steve, how's it going? Hope your workout is paying off like you wanted it to.  Sure looks like it is to me, lookin really good there Steve!  Nope, nobody would dare mess up my day, especially with how good I feel having my new assistant on the job.  Great kid, you'll have to meet him.  His name is Paul."

"Thanks Dave, it means a lot to me that you noticed an improvement.  Paul, yeah, I've met him.  Nice kid for sure.  Looks like he's going to be a great assistant for you, congratulations!" Steve said, shaking Dave's massive hand.

Dave patted Steve on the shoulder and smiled.  He watched Steve walk down the hallway, noticing what he thought was a slight bounce in Steve's walk.  Dave figured Steve really liked Dave noticing his improved muscle development.  Dave gave a quick thought of someday playing with Steve, grunted a bit and went off looking for Jack.

Steve went directly to the weight room and began running through some routines to put some heavy work into his back and legs.  He figured it would be a good way to pass the time until Paul finished working and hopefully would come looking for him.  He also knew that the back and leg area was one of the easiest to see someone working out.  He didn't want to risk Paul not seeing him.  Steve didn't want to rush into anything with Paul and would keep it as mutual pleasure sessions just as he told Paul.  Steve decided he would look out for Paul without his knowledge, just to be certain none of the jerks at the club did anything dumb, which they normally did to newbie's.   He didn't want Paul to think he was being over protective or that he thought Paul couldn't handle himself.  

Paul finished his rounds, met some of the other staff and was satisfied he had taken care of things in the locker room, showers and steam room.  Towels were stacked and all used towels were placed in holding bins.  He went to the office and finished off some paperwork Dave left on his desk.  He smiled thinking again of Steve and how he saved him from that jerk Jocko.  Since he was only 10 minutes away from ending his shift, he decided it was okay to head over to the weight room where he was sure he'd find Steve.  There were more muscle gods in the weight room now then when he made his rounds before.  He took his time, being more careful not to stare to obviously as he walked around looking for Steve.  He couldn't help being thrilled and in awe at the amount and mass of muscle filling the room.  The smells of sweat and testosterone were almost overpowering.  He got chills from the symphony of groans, grunts and yells that moved about the room as the gods went through their rituals.  He spotted Steve and moved quickly to him.

"Wow, I wouldn't ever guess it was possible for your body to look so hot and pumped bigger in such a short time!" Paul said with a great big smile as he approached Steve who was pushing up a huge amount of weight with his legs.

"You ain't seen nothing yet sweet pea.  Just you wait until you see what my special muscle can do for you!" Steve laughed out after finishing his rep.  "How's that for timing? You finished work just as I finished my workout!"

"Great! I'm really glad I didn't cause you to cut short your routine.  Can't have the hottest guy in the place loose any of that muscle just to party with me!" Paul laughed.

Steve laughed and looked around.  He motioned for Paul to come closer as he began to reset the weights.  "We best not get to sexy in our talk here, otherwise you might end up with more shit.  Don't want any of the guys to know we're having fun, you know what I mean?"

"Got it, good thinking" Paul whispered.  Speaking up, he said "Hey Steve, how about I buy you dinner as a thank you?  I'd really be pleased if I could."

Steve smiled and then said, "Sure thing Paul, it's not big deal really, it was the right thing to do.  But, I'll be happy to have you buy me dinner.  Let me get cleaned up and I'll meet you at Rosey's Diner, know where that is?"

"Great! Yep, I sure do.  I'll change and head on out.  I might stop at a book store I noticed was near there if that's okay.  I shouldn't be to long.  It's right on the same block as Rosey's, so maybe you should look in to see if I'm still there, okay?" Paul asked with a questioning look on his face.

"That'll be great.  You know, I've wanted to check out that bookstore myself.  Looks like they have a great variety in there.  I love old book stores." Steve said as he wiped himself with a towel, shook Paul's hand and headed to the locker room.

"Okay, swell.  I'll just find Dave and let him know I'm leaving and I'll be off after I change.  See you there!" Paul said as he headed in the opposite direction.

Paul looked around and asked a few customers if they had seen Dave.  He was told Dave was heading to the massage area.  Paul headed that way and since it was past the office, he stopped in there to change.  As he finished changing, he heard the door open.  He moved himself around so he could look past the door and spotted Dave.

"Hey boss.  Just finished my shift so I'm heading out if it's okay?  I'm pretty sure I did the tasks you gave to me and all the computer work is completed.  I left it on your desk for you to check.  Oh, and I filed the copies of the member sheets that I input into the system.  I figured it out by looking at the files.  Hope that is okay?" Paul asked, jumping around trying to get his pants on.

"Boy do I need to do something special for Sal.  Shit! I can't believe you did all that and didn't even need to find me and ask a bunch of questions.  I am really impressed Paul.  I walked around and noticed you had picked up and made sure things were in good order.  You bet it's okay if you take off.  I just can't get over that.  First day and already he's got it knocked out!" Dave said, shaking his head as he scratched it.  He had a big smile on his face as he sat on the edge of Paul's desk, waiting for him to finish dressing.

"You know if you want, you can use the facilities whenever you want.  The whole club is available, no problem.  You can use the showers, pool, weights, machines, whatever you'd like.  It's all fine with me boy.  I like to see my boys happy and healthy Paul.  So you feel free.  Thanks for taking the job and I'm sure pleased with you already!" Dave said, patting Paul on the head as he came out of Dave's office.

"Now you're embarrassing me Dave!  It wasn't a big deal really.  I just hope I'm doing things like you like them done.  Thank YOU for hiring me.  This will sure help me out a lot.  Okay, I'm out of here.  See you tomorrow." Paul said as he smiled at Dave and headed out the door.

Dave couldn't help it, his cock twitched as he patted Paul on the head and Paul moved so close to him.  He moved over to his desk and picked up the telephone.  He dialed the receptionist and asked if Bigbear had showed up yet.  He waited for the receptionist to check and when he was told "not yet", he asked to be paged when he did come in.  He hung up the phone and smiled.  He knew Jack would gladly do him the favor and get to the bottom of which way Paul swung.  Yep, he was very anxious to see for sure and his cock throbbed in agreement.

Paul headed down towards Rosie's and the bookstore.  He had a happy step to his walk thinking of the fun he'd already had with Steve and what was likely to happen tonight.  It would be so close to Paul's fantasies except that Steve wasn't taller then him, but he sure was a muscled god.  He was thinking of how he got Jocko to back down like a knight in shining armor coming to his rescue.  Before he knew it, he was at the bookstore.  He browsed the window and decided to go in and explore it in detail.  As he opened the door and walked in, he felt a strange chill run up and down his back, the bell over the door announcing his arrival.  A very old, thin man came out of a room behind the desk area and slowly moved towards Paul.  He stopped about 10 feet from Paul and looked him over.

"We don't carry any pornography you know!" the squeaky voice of the man said.  "If you're looking for that trash, you best head down further to that trash store on 12th."

Paul smiled and stifled a laugh, not wanting to seem disrespectful.  "Oh no sir, I most certainly am not looking for any of that.  I'm working on my masters degree in anthropology, your bookstore caught my eye and I thought I might find some interesting no longer published books here."

"Ah, so you are a gentlemen and a scholar I see! Welcome sir, welcome.  It isn't very often that we get visited by the likes of you sir.  Come, feel free to browse and if you need some assistance, please, feel free to call me!" the old clerk said most sincerely.

"Why thank you kind sir.  I assure you, I truly appreciate your kind offer and rest assured, I will call upon your generously offered services should I need assistance!" Paul said seriously, deciding to play along with the Victorian formality.  

The clerk slowly returned to the room and Paul slowly started looking at the books on the shelves, tables and floor.  There were such a huge variety of books on just about every subject imaginable.  Paul was most impressed and he hadn't even moved from the front of the store.  He slowly moved down an aisle, thinking it best to get the layout and arrangements before digging in more seriously.  He quickly noticed that as he went further to the rear, the older the publications were.  He couldn't believe how far back some of the books went and the subject matter was so diverse, much more material on ancient civilizations, myths, legends and sorcery then he'd ever seen in any one collection.  He browsed a few books here and there, getting totally absorbed in them.  He seemed to be drawn to the far corner of the store.  He slowly walked through the last isle and found himself running his hand over the books on the shelf as he walked by.  He stopped and felt he needed to take a very old looking book from the shelf and when he opened it, he was amazed at the strange type of writing in the book.  He went to the front of the book and discovered it was an attempt at translations of an ancient scroll set that seemed to be notations by a sorcerer on ancient rituals and spells.  The original author that was attempting the translations didn't get very far but spent his lifetime trying to make an exact copy of the scrolls which was the major content of this book.  There was very little information about the publisher, but there were several maps and descriptions of the location the scroll was found.  Paul knew he had to have this book.   Something in it was calling out to him and he was drawn to have it in his possession.  He took the book and held it close to his chest, quickly looking around for anything else that might be related.  He found something that dealt in ancient alphabets and magical translations which he picked up and took with him.  He was heading back towards the front of the store when he noticed the shape of a very muscled man standing near the front of the store, the daylight surrounding his frame, making it difficult to see anything other then his shape and outline.  

He had a very confused look on his face as he got closer to the image standing there.  His face lit up in a bright smile as he heard Steve's voice.

"I almost left the store.  Who were you meeting back in the corner hot stuff? Got yourself a new playmate already?" Steve joked, a big smile on his face with his eyebrows trying to look concerned.

"Oh right, that's it.  Yeah, the owner's lover got me to the back of the store and wanted to have his way with me.  Luckily he had to nap before he got to business!" Paul said laughingly.

"I knew it.  Just knew that was gonna happen.  Oh well, you'll just have to put him off until I have my way with you.  After all, I was first you know!" Steve said, moving his arms out and slightly bent, flexing his biceps with ease to emphasize his point.

"Show off.  Let me pay for these books and we can head over to Rosie's.  I wouldn't want you to shrivel up or anything like that!" Paul said, making a silly face as he used the very tips of his fingers to squeeze just the tops of Steve's biceps.

Paul went to the corner, wondering how he would get the attention of the old book store clerk or owner when out of the back room came the man.  Paul was a bit startled, it seeming like the man knew he was ready to buy something.

"I pray sir you found something to your liking?" the old man said with what Paul took as a smile on his face.

"Indeed I have kind sir, thank you.  I find your selection to be most appealing and astounding to say the least.  I found these two magnificent texts and wonder if I can purchase them" Paul said, putting the books on the counter top.

"Ah, I see you have excellent taste sir.  Most assuredly, you may purchase these gems.  There is only one condition that is placed on the purchase of these ancient publications.  You must promise to sell them back to this store should you decided at some time in the future to no longer keep them in your possession.  Would you be averse to abiding by that pledge?" the man asked most seriously.

"I assure you kind sir, I willingly would and do make such a pledge.  If I ever, no matter how unlikely, decide to release these gems from my possessions, I will use all the resources at my disposal to return them to you.  And, going further, I will insure I incorporate the same into my last will and testament so that should I be unable to honor the pledge due to my demise, my estate will insure the pledge is honored to the fullest!" Paul said, bowing slightly to the man.

"That will not be necessary, I assure you sir.  Your pledge is sufficient.  Normally, the gems you have selected would be available for purchase at a cost of $10,000, but fear not, I see by your reaction to the normal price you do not have the means to spend that amount, so I will temporarily part with them for $50, if that is agreeable to you sir!" the man said.

"I couldn't do that.  It would seem to be an insult to your fine establishment and kindness for me to take advantage of your good nature!" Paul gasped, knowing the books were well worth the normal cost.

"No, no, kind sir.  I assure you.  This is as it must be.  You and the gems are to be together, it is decided.  You have made your pledge, so it is but an extended loan so to speak.  It is fair and honorable, I assure you!" the man said.  "Oh, I knew I forgot to mention something.  We do accept VISA or MASTERCARD!"

Paul could hear Steve laughing away behind him.  Paul reached back and tried to signal Steve to behave.  He was having a hard enough time himself keeping a straight face.  The deal just presented to him seemed unreal and a deal he just couldn't pass up.

"That is most kind of you.  Very well then, here is my VISA.  I can't tell you how pleased I am to now have these gems as you call them in my possession.  I will take special care to see they are kept in good condition," Paul said, giving the man his VISA card.

The man processed the purchase on the card, handed Paul the receipt to sign and wrapped up the books in a thick brown paper and tied them with white string.  Paul smiled, remembering that he saw this method of packaging purchases in old movies.  He kept slapping his hand back behind him as Steve kept grabbing his ass.  

"There we are sir, thank you for your patronage and please honor us with your return on a frequent basis.  We look forward to a long and mutually satisfactory relationship.  Good day sir.  And sir, if I might be so bold.  The genetlman friend of yours that seems to have some difficulty in keeping still seems to have some designs on you, your bum in particular.  I'd be careful of him if I were you!" the man said leaning over towards Paul and almost whispering.

"I shall keep that in mind, kind sir.  Thank you for your kindness and I apologize for this ones lack of good manners!" Paul said, turning around and pushing Steve towards the door.

"Did he say bum? Okay, where is your bum and I want to design somehitng on it.  That sounds so nasty.  Do I have a bum you can design on ? " Steve kept going on and on as Paul pushed him towards the door and tried to put his hand over Steve's mouth after he pushed his package into Steve's hands.

When they left the store and headed down the street to Rosie's, both were laughing hysterically.  

"I can't believe that conversation I just heard.  GOD, you can be such a nerd!" Steve laughed.

"Nerd? Listen muscle head, you have to show old guys like that some respect in order to keep them happy.  Look what a deal I just got because I was so nice to him.  Two books worth over $10,000 for $50! I mean SHIT, where can you get a deal like that nowadays?" Paul said, trying to stop laughing.  "I can't wait to get those gems home and really explore what they contain."

"Oh, so you're more interested in them and your bum design then me showing you what my good muscle can do for you huh?" Steve said looking extremely hurt.

"NO.  Now don't be all sensitive and all that.  After you redesign my bum, THEN I'll get into these babies!" Paul laughed.  "Don't worry my muscled hero.  I will devote all my attention to you and only you during our buming!"

They both laughed and laughed, kidding back and forth over the store owner's conversation with Paul.  Steve did admit that he was most impressed with how Paul managed to not only keep a straight face, but respond to the man with what seemed like proper Victorian responses.  Paul told Steve he was just jealous because he had no clue what was being discussed between 2 intellectuals.  Steve grabbed Paul's head in a headlock and made Paul take it back.  Paul quickly did and they entered Rosie's all worn out from laughing and goofing around.  When they sat down and Steve went to the bathroom, Paul took the package with his books and held them, knowing he had a great find there and something special and wonderful would come from today's experience.

Jack came to the club and the receptionist told him that Dave would like to speak to him.  He gave Dave a call and after teasing back and forth, he agreed to meet Dave in the weight room.  Dave and Jack slammed each other back and forth in their shoulders before bear hugging each other, laughing and teasing each other about their age.  Dave started telling Jack about Paul and how he was itching to get real friendly with him, but wasn't quite sure just yet how Paul would feel about that.  He told Jack his idea of him being bait to see if he could determine if Paul would be interested in a muscle jock like him or not.  He didn't want to ruin anything since he already knew Paul was the best employee he ever had so far and not someone he wanted to loose.  He knew Paul would make his life much easier at work and that was a good thing.  Jack smiled and evil smile and told Dave he'd be more then happy to check it out.  Dave told him to stop by his office so he could show Jack a picture of Paul, and Paul's schedule for the next few weeks.  Jack told Dave he would not promise not to take advantage of the situation if it turned out Paul was interested.  He'd be careful not to hurt him or scare the shit out of him, but wasn't about to miss out on some fresh meat.  Dave wasn't quite sure that was a good idea, but he knew Jack was a man of his word and Paul wasn't really in much danger.  The only danger would be Paul being so taken with Jack that he would ignore Dave's advances.  Oh well, it was worth the risk to at least know.  It would make like so much easier for Dave and more relaxed if Paul was indeed turned on by muscled guys.  It's always nice to have a handy stress reliever around who also is great to have around.

After Rosie's, Steve and Paul headed over to Steve's apartment.  His roomy wasn't home and Steve wasted no time taking his clothes off and stripping Paul.  Paul tried to pretend to fight Steve off, but he had no chance against Steve.  Steve carried Paul around like a rag doll even though Steve was shorter then Paul.  Steve headed straight to his bedroom, Paul over his shoulder with Steve holding him firm by his ass cheeks.  When he reached the bed, he turned around, put his hands on Paul's hips and pushed him away and up as he flopped down on his back.  He scooted up on the bed until he was right in the middle, holding Paul up in the air.  Paul was reaching down, holding and feeling the biceps of Steve and his bulging pecs.  

"You like those?  Wanna have a closer look at them guns?" Steve said in a sexy voice.

"Let me at em!" Paul yelled, licking his lips.

"Ooooh, a tiger huh?" Steve said laughing as he slowly lowered Paul.

He purposely was slow in bringing Paul down so Paul could have his fill of feeling Steve's arms and pecs.  Steve liked the attention Paul was paying to his body.  He teased Paul by lowering him almost on top of him and just when Paul was moving his mouth to kiss and lick Steve's massively pumped pecs, he straightend out his arms sending Paul back up into the air.  Paul kept complaining and moaning that it wasn't nice or fair and Steve started lowering him again, just to repeat the whole thing over again.   Finally after asking Paul if he wanted them, Steve lowered Paul on top of his body, put his hands behind his head and flexed, pumping up his biceps.  Paul was having a field day feeling, kissing, licking and biting Steve's arms.  Steve let Paul worship both of his arms before moving Paul quickly on his back and wrapped his arms over Paul's face, his biceps in full reach of Paul's mouth.  Paul wasted no time in taking full advantage of them being right there, trying to ravage them with his mouth, tongue and hands.  Steve moved Paul on to the bed on his back and moved his body over Paul's, his arms along Paul's head and his legs holding Paul's legs between his.  He braced his upper body with his forearms and hands and his lower body with his knees, lowered himself onto Paul's body till he could feel his body putting pressure on Paul's body.  Steve then began to flex and cause his muscles and body to ripple from top to bottom and back over Paul's entire body.  Paul gasped and went wild, trying to take in all of Steve's body as he could, his cock was rock hard, leaking large amounts of precum, being massaged with Steve's abs and cock and his own abs.  Paul was panting in pleasure and trying desperately to kiss and lick and bite Steve.  

"Yeah baby, you like that huh?  How about we start showing you what my best muscle can do for you?" Steve said, passionately kissing Paul, making Paul gasp for air between Steve's tongue ravaging his mouth.

Paul found himself quickly begging Steve for it, begging Steve to fill him up with his cock and cum.  Steve smiled, knowing Paul was ready for round 1.  Steve used his legs to push Paul's legs apart and told Paul to use his legs to lift his ass off the bed.  As soon as Paul did, Steve adjusted himself so his cock was easily sliding up and down Paul's ass crack.  Paul could feel Steve's cock coating his entire ass with precum, lubing him up.  It was also covering Steve's cock completely.  Steve humped his body so that Paul's body arched up, his cock head finding it's mark and easily sliding into Paul's ass.  Paul gasped and groaned, hissed from the pain of Steve's fat cock head pushing past his sphincter, but that quickly left his body as he felt the muscles of Steve return to flexing and rippling, now with the addition of Steve's cock going further in and out of his ass.  The sensation made Paul think he would pass out from feeling so much stimulation.    All Steve kept saying was "yeah" over and over, louder and louder as his rippling and flexing increased slowly in speed and his cock seemed to be building up to ramming speed as it went in and out of Paul.  Paul starting shooting load after load of cum from his cock, unable to hold off any longer.  Steve seemed to take forever, which didn't bother Paul at all.  Finally, Steve moved his lower body so his knees moved under Paul and Paul's ass was up off the bed, on Steve's thighs.  Steve now was ramming his entire cock in and out of Paul's ass.  He moved his hand and began to hard rub Paul's abs and chest, spreading Paul's cum all over his body.  Then Steve started breathing heavier and he bent his head down, grabbed hard onto Paul's shoulders and began wildly licking Paul's cum off his body and biting Paul's chest and abs as he shot thick streams of cum deep inside Paul.  Steve moved his legs after his breathing settled down, wrapping his arms around Paul and pulling him over on top of him as he flopped down on his back.  Steve let his arms fall outward and his abs and chest heaved up and down with his deep breathing.

"Oh boy, that was sweet, really sweet.  How's that for round 1 Paul? Was it good for you?" Steve said, moving his hand to rub Paul's head.

"Round ONE! Christ, are you trying to kill me? SHIT!" Paul yelled, lifting his shoulders up so he could look down at Steve's face. "Was it good for ME? He asks.  Fuck.  What do you think muscle head?"

"I'll take that as a yes.  Yeah, round one.  Got a problem with that smart ass?" Steve said, wrapping his arms around Paul's head and squeezing him into his pecs.

"No, no problems at all.  Damn Steve that was the most awesome sex I've ever had.  You sure weren't kidding when you said I'd be impressed with your best muscle.  That cock of yours should be registered as a weapon!" Paul said, trying to push himself up.

"Come here you little weakling" Steve said, pulling Paul up so his face was even with Steve's.  

Steve grabbed the back of Paul's head and held him tight as he kissed him passionately.  Paul held so tight to Steve's face as he tried his best to let Steve know how much he liked what they just did.  Steve pulled Paul to the side and began rubbing Paul's body as he kept kissing him and held him with his arm behind his back.  Steve had no problem manipulating Paul however he wished.  It didn't take very long for Paul's cock to be hard again, leaking precum.  Steve played with it some and then without warning, put his hand in the middle of Paul's chest and grabbed Paul's ass cheeks with his other hand as he lifted Paul's ass up and his mouth swallowed Paul's cock.  Paul gasped and yelled out in pleasure, not expecting Steve to do that.  When Steve felt Paul's cock was hard enough and ready to start round two, he released Paul's ass, keeping his hand on Paul's chest, straddled Paul's waist and held Paul's cock at the base as he pushed his ass down on it until he felt Paul's pubes.  Paul thought his eyes were going to fly out of his head.  Here he was, with his cock deep inside this muscled god who just fucked him almost into oblivion.  Steve started slowly rocking and then began a posing like routine over Paul, flexing his shoulders, pecs, lats, biceps, forearms, every muscle that he could on his upper body.  Paul couldn't think what he wanted to touch, it was so hard to pick and impossible to touch it all with the movement of Steve on his cock.  Steve somehow to Paul's great pleasure knew how to flex and ripple his ass muscles around Paul's cock.  It was a totally mind blowing experience for Paul.  Steve smiled down at Paul and watched carefully how Paul's body was reacting.  As soon as it seemed Paul was going to cum, Steve stopped moving around and just slowly slid his hands up and down his own cock.  Paul finally caught on to what Steve was doing and started begging Steve to let him cum.  Steve would just smile, shake his head "no" and continue with the routine.  Steve reached out and took Paul's hands and put them on his cock.  Paul wasted no time in stroking it, Steve telling him when to slow down and when to put more pressure on.  Steve was in control and Paul didn't argue.  Paul was in heaven again.  Finally, Steve put his hands on Paul's pecs, squeezing his nipples and rubbing his open hands up and down as his ass moved faster and faster.  Then Steve grabbed Paul by the hair and pulled his head up as he madly jerked his own cock, his ass squeezing and releasing like mad on Paul's cock.  Steve started to shoot, his cum hitting Paul in his face and mouth which started Paul's cock to erupt to the hard squeeze of Steve's ass muscles as they pumped up and down his cock.  Paul licked his face trying to get all of Steve's cum into his mouth, but it was all over his face and sliding down.  Steve watched Paul and leaned down, holding Paul's head in his hands as he licked his cum from all of Paul's face.  When he was finished, he deep kissed Paul and fell down on top of Paul.  Paul's tongue was going mad over Steve's pecs which were pushed into his face.

They must have fallen asleep for a bit because they were both startled by the pounding on Steve's bedroom door.  They both looked towards the door and saw Steve's roomy standing in the doorway, smiling a broad smile, naked, jerking off a very fat 9" cock.  Paul couldn't believe what he saw as Steve's roomy was huge.  He was taller then Paul and that made him look bigger then Steve muscle wise.  Steve actually had more muscle mass, but his roomy just carried it differently making him look huge.  He had a shaved head and a light dusting of hair covering his chest, abs and legs.  He had a very well trimmed bush around his cock and down to the sides of his balls.  His balls were very low hangers and big from what Paul could see.

"Can anybody come play?" he asked as he stood there, slowly stroking his cock.

"Tom, meet Paul. Paul meet Tom.  Yeah, anybody can play, jump into the pool!" Steve said, making the quick introductions, giving Tom a big smile.  "Oh, oh, shit, looks like my hot fuck just saw something he really likes!"

Paul tried to punch Steve, but before he could, Steve had grabbed his wrists and held them tight.  Tom wasted no time and walked over to the bed and rubbed his hands up and down Steve's back and front.  He leaned down and just about swallowed Paul's mouth and gagged him with his tongue.  When he came up for air he just growled out "nice to met cha!"

Steve laughed and told him to quit goofin off and get into the pool.  Paul couldn't believe what was happening.  Tom somehow got up on the bed, standing over Paul's head and stooped down, pushing his ass over Paul's mouth and pushing Steve's mouth onto his cock as he grabbed Steve's head with both hands.  Paul wasn't about to let this dream come true pass on without fully taking advantage of it all.  He began to work over Tom's ass, as Steve worked on Tom's cock.    Before Paul knew it, Steve and Tom switched places, except Tom was jammed up against Paul's ass, his monster cock sticking up between Paul's legs, pushed against his balls and cock.  Tom let his saliva fall on to his cock and he grabbed his cock and Paul's cock and began to jerk them off as he bent over and sucked off Steve's cock.  Steve sat upright, moaning in pleasure at what Paul's tongue was doing to his ass.  Tom smiled down at Paul, buried under Steve's powerful ass and holding on to Paul's legs under his knees, lifted Paul up and slid his cock to the opening of Paul's ass.  He slowly let the weight of Paul's body push his ass down, letting Tom's cock slide in.  Paul gasped and jerked his head up, making Steve open his eyes.  He saw Tom was starting to fuck Paul and he moved some, pulled Paul up by his shoulders until Paul's head was resting on his lap.  

Steve started playing with Paul's nipples and pecs and he told Tom to show Paul what he's got.  Paul's mouth dropped open as he watched Tom pump up his muscles and put on a display of poses and massive rippling muscle for Paul.  Steve slapped out at Tom's chest and arms and Tom grabbed him by the back of his neck and ravaged Steve's mouth with his tongue.  Tom smiled as he started pounding in and out of Paul's ass and saw how much Paul appreciated his muscles.  Tom moved his hands on the sides of Paul's waist and lifted him up against his body, wrapped his arms around Paul and started flexing and moving his entire body up and down, moving Paul's in the opposite direction.  Paul moaned, yelled and bit Tom, his cock being worked over by Tom's body movement and his own.  Paul could feel Tom's monster cock deep inside him and the feeling was driving him wild.  Tom let Paul down as Steve moved so Paul could lay on the bed.  Steve stood, turned and straddled Paul's chest.  He knelt down, pinning Paul's shoulders and arms under his legs and pushed his cock deep into Paul's throat.  Paul sucked wildly as he was fucked harder by Tom.  Paul's hands were all over Steve's body, as far as he could reach.  He felt Tom's cock throbbing and getting bigger if that was possible, and then felt the hot cum filling his insides as Tom squeezed him tight on to his cock.  Steve then started shooting his cum down Paul's throat.  That was all it took and Paul's cock started shooting cum up Steve's back.  When all three were finally able to breath again, Tom moved Steve forward and licked Paul's cum from his back.  Steve fell down face forward on the bed.  Tom leaned his body down, wrapped his arms around Paul and kissed him deeply.  When Tom's cock finally went soft, he moved his lower body so he was laying down on top of Paul.  Paul was already sleeping with a huge smile on his face.  

It was nearly 2 am when Paul woke.  He was unable to move being pinned somehow between Steve and Tom.  Here he was, sandwiched between 2 massive muscle gods.  He didn't want to forget this for the rest of his life.  He started to squirm to try and get out from under the mass of muscles.  Steve woke and asked him what was wrong.  Paul told him he had to go piss and get back home.  Steve said he wasn't going home until morning and there was no discussion about it either.  Tom moaned, rolled over some and just said "yeah" before starting to snore.  Paul went to the bathroom and looked out towards the bed.  He saw Steve was sitting up, waiting for Paul to come back to bed.  Paul just shook his head and headed back to the bed.  Steve pulled Paul into the bed and swallowed him with his arms and body.  Then Tom rolled over and swallowed both of them with his.  Paul smiled and let his hands take full advantage of the muscle he was buried under as he fell fast asleep.

Paul finally woke around 7.  He was being held tight by Tom and Steve wasn't in bed.  He looked around and saw Steve coming back into the bedroom from the kitchen.  "Hey, you guys gonna sleep all damn day?"

Tom moaned and rolled over, setting Paul free.  Paul got up, went to the bathroom.  Steve came to the door and handed him a toothbrush, towel and gave him a kiss.  Paul showered and brushed his teeth, went into the bedroom and found his clothes.  He couldn't help but smile as he remembered all the fun they had last night.  He couldn't believe they got him off 3 or 4 times.  That was totally unreal for Paul.  He even pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.  Steve caught Paul pinching himself and laughed.  

"Ain't no dream hot cakes.   Come on, I made you coffee or you can have tea or me!" Steve said, hugging Paul.

"Fuck.  I feel like I was used by a whole football team!" Paul said with a great big smile on his face.

"Yeah, and you loved every sexy minute of it too hot bum!  Fuck I haven't had that much fun in ages.  We didn't hurt you or anything Paul did we?" Steve said very concerned.

"Nope, not to worry.  If any of that was painful, I'm really into it now.  I can't believe last night.  Steve, it was the best sex I've ever had.  You are just to much.  And your roomy Tom, FUCK what a hottie" Paul said sitting down at the table.

"Yeah, he's hot, but he's bi.  He doesn't pass up a chance to play much, but he doesn't go hunting for it either.  You'd be surprised how tired you get of guys just trying to get you to fuck them or let them slobber all over your body and then leaving without even asking your name.  It wears off real quick I tell yah.  Course, you have to take advantage of a good thing when it comes your way, like you for example!" Steve said, flexing for Paul.

"Oh shit, please don't start that again, I can't survive it now.  That's really something what you said.  I couldn't imagine being that cold or shallow.  Me, I've been fantacizing most of my life for last night.  Just how wonderful you were at the gym was more then I dreamed would ever happen.  I know there's more to you then your body, but I can't help how excited and horny your body makes me.  Guys like Jocko scare me off and that is different.  I guess I do pay attention to the personality, the real guy under those gorgeous muscles.  I never thought about it!" Paul said.

"You're the farthest person from shallow I've ever met Paul.  You're a great guy and actually genuine and nice.  I picked up on that the minute I saw you and how you reacted after the Jocko shit.  If you like, we can play whenever you'd like.  I sure would like it.  I hope you won't end up being a stranger or anything.  We don't have to do anything either, just hang maybe.  I know I'd really like that." Steve said, holding Paul's chin in his fingers and kisses him on his forehead.

"Damn Steve, that is so sweet.  I doubt you're going to get rid of me very easily now.  I'm glad we met and I understand there is no commitment or anything, just buds and playmates.  That's fine.  I can't really get into any kind of heavy relationship right now anyway.  School is going to take up a lot of my time and I will be traveling now and again.  Stuff that doesn't make for fair treatment in a relationship." Paul said.

"See, honest, thoughtful and considerate.  Great traits hot stuff.  Yep, no strings.  Just know I'm here for you and you are welcome whenever you feel the need bud.  I mean it.  I'll help you out at the gym too, kind of cover your back and get you into training.  Got to beef up hot stuff.  You'd be a real killer with some definition and bulk.  Not that I'm pushing you to change or anything, just offering!" Steve said holding his hands up.

"Thanks Steve, I really appreciate that.  I fully plan on taking you up on the offer.  Dave said I'm welcome to use all the facilities whenever I like and I plan on it.  It'll be great to have a personal trainer to keep me from making an ass of myself there.  I feel so intimidated by those guys.  It would be nice to some day be free of that." Paul said, looking down, kind of sad.

"Hey, hot stuff you don't need to feel that way.  I understand muscle can intimidate, but only if you let it.  You'll see, we'll work on that as well as the bod.  We're gonna make you a real killer bud.  They'll all be droolin to get into your ass!" Steve said, squeezing his hand around Paul's bicep.

"Okay, okay.  Whatever will please you.  Shit, I have to get my ass in gear and get home.  I have things to do and luckily I don't have to work today.  When do you hit the gym so I know when to look for you?" Paul said.

"I'm there just about every day.  Not to worry baby, I'll find yah.  We can set up a regular dinner or lunch or whatever you'd like.  Maybe even a slumber party every other day maybe?" Steve said with an innocent pleading look on his face.

"Oh yeah, like I'd survive a slumber party every other day.  Don't think so muscle head!" Paul said laughing and looking like his arms would fall to the floor.

"Okay hot stuff.  Just think about it and we'll talk later, okay? Hey, I'll drop you off at home, so at least I know where you live in case I have to come get you!" Steve said.

"That would be great.  I have no clue where I am to get home.  Turn me around and all bets are off.  Great thing for an anthropologist to have, no sense of direction!" Paul laughed.

Paul noticed his wrapped package with the books he purchased on the table.  He felt drawn to the package.  He reached over and pulled the package close to his chest and for some reason, closed his eyes and took several deep breaths.

"Wow, that's a first.  I never saw anybody caress books before, well except for the first few porn mags I had when I was a kid!" Steve said, watching Paul.

"What? Oh, sorry.  I don't know what it is, but these books seem to almost speak to me.  Like they're becoming part of me or something.  Strange.  I can't wait to open them up and spend some time really studying them.  Who knows, might even help me pick where I'll do my field work!" Paul said, smiling at Steve with a somewhat guilty look.

"That's okay hot stuff.  You can caress anything you'd like with me around.  I'll smash to a pulp anybody that says one word about it, unless of course it's like really funny!" Steve teased.

"Oh great.  Selective protection.  That's original.  I bet you work for the government!" Paul teased back.

Steve rushed up to Paul and locked his head in a head lock as he brushed his knuckles on the top of Paul's head.  He let go of the headlock, reached down and jerked Paul up by holding him under his armpits, looked in his eyes and then kissed him deeply and passionately.

"Just so you don't forget about me between now and when I see you tonight!" Steve said, smiling and then kissing Paul on the forehead again.

Paul just smiled, thinking that if he didn't know any better, he'd swear Steve was already starting to break his own rule of no strings or commitments.  He didn't mind.  His head was still spinning whenever he thought of his sex with Steve and then with Tom.  Steve put on a sweat shirt and opened the door, bowing down and swishing his arm from Paul to the open doorway.

"Your carriage awaits my lord!" Steve said.

"Thank you my man servant.  Remind me to increase your ration!" Paul said as he bowed and walked through the doorway with his nose up in the air.

Steve slapped Paul on the ass and wrapped his arms around Paul's waist, lifting him up and carrying him towards the car.  Paul was laughing so hard he almost dropped the book package.  He could only tell Steve his address and what was around his apartment building.  He honestly didn't know his way around the town yet and since he had no car, he never explored much.  Steve laughed and figured out where Paul lived.  He made sure to point out how they were going and in which direction, so maybe Paul would know hot to get to Steve's place.  Steve wasn't worried, since he knew Paul would know how to get to work at the spa and he could always meet Paul there.  When they pulled up in the parking lot in front of Paul's apartment building, Paul asked Steve if he wanted to come up for awhile.  Steve smiled, thought about it and said he would like to but best not, otherwise Paul would never be able to do anything the rest of the day.  Steve would keep  him very occupied and he didn't want to wear Paul out just yet.  Paul laughed and thanked him again for a fantastic time.  He looked around and quickly leaned into Steve and gave him a kiss.  Steve laughed as he saw the blush in Paul grow.  That was one of the things Steve came to really like about Paul, his boyish innocents sometimes.  He was genuine and good.  Paul got out of the car and hugging his book package to his chest headed up to his apartment.

Once inside, he flopped down on his bed, thinking again of the time he had with Steve and Tom.  He would have liked to get to know Tom better, but was sure there would be more time for that as he knew he was going to be spending time with Steve, no question about that.  He took off his clothes, went into the shower and when he finished, put on his soft, favorite old T and shorts, picked up the wrapped books and sat in the old couch in his living room.  He turned on the FM stereo and began to unwrap the package.  He examined the binding of the books carefully, knowing they were very old and real leather, probably hand made and tooled.  The art work was primitive but yet appealing in some way.  He opened up the translation and scroll copy first, slowly paging through, scanning it and taking in all the intricate patterns of the ancient words.  He was fascinated by the look of the letters and words.  He read a few lines of the beginning translations of the author and started to see a pattern emerge from the script.  He couldn't explain why to anyone who asked, but somehow, he began to quickly pick up the translation of the text, verifying it in the authors translation.  He even was sure he caught some errors made by the original transcriber.  He opened the second book on ancient languages and text and somehow found parts that fit with the ancient scroll book.  He decided to stick with the smaller book to get a full grasp of the ancient alphabet and words before going back to study the large scroll transcription.  He seemed to loose all sense of time and basic needs, like how hungry he was from not eating since dinner the previous night.  He finally took a break and looked at the clock and it shocked him to realize he was studying the books for 4 hours already and it didn't seem like it was more then a few minutes.  He went to the kitchen, made himself a sandwich and took a diet soda and headed back to the couch.  The phone rang and he picked it up, not knowing who might call him.  It was Dave and he wondered  if Paul would mind coming in for a few hours today since 2 guys didn't show up and he needed the help.  Paul was disappointed he wouldn't be able to spend more time with the books, but needed the money and didn't want to disappoint Dave.

Within and hour and a half, Paul was at the spa, ready to go.  He seemed to beam happiness which was because of his wonderful experience the night before.  He used his ID to get into the club and headed to Dave's office.  He went inside the office, then into Dave's office where his locker was and changed into the spa uniform.  As he was coming out of Dave's office, he ran into Dave.  Dave's face lit up when he saw Paul was there and already changed, ready to work.

"Christ you are something else.  Here I just talked to you and look at that.  You're here already and even in uniform.  Yep, I sure have to do something special for Sal now.  He got me a real gem for sure!" Dave said, patting Paul on the head as he always did.  "It shouldn't be a big deal today kid. Kind of slow actually.  I just need you to make sure the locker room and weight room are kept tidy and the housekeeping nuts keep them stocked with towels and stuff.  Don't want anyone bitching to the spa manager that we keep an untidy ship now do we?"

"No problem boss.  Consider it done.  Do you have any time in mind for me to work?  I'd kind of like to know so I can plan out how I'll move around my schedule for today," Paul said somewhat sheepishly.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry.  Why didn't you tell me you had plans.  It would have been okay.  Now look, you just tell me when you need to do something and that's not a problem with me.  Don't you be afraid to talk to me kid.  I take care of my boys and that goes double for you!  If you could stick around for say 3 hours, that would be just great.  I'll fix up the time card to get you 5 hours of time to make up for the last minute stuff, okay?" Dave said wrapping his huge arm around Paul's shoulders.

"Wow, that would be so great boss.  Thank you a whole lot.  That sure will help my bankroll!" Paul said happier now that he would be paid for 5 hours and only have to work 3.  It was worth the inconvenience.  Besides, all he really wanted to do was study the books more and do some laundry.  Nothing he couldn't do after work.

Paul headed to the weight room and locker room.  He noticed as he walked through there were only a few guys around, but the place was really a mess.  He started to pick up towels and wipes that were all over the place, throwing them into a large cart he pulled along.  He noticed that there was a really big guy way off in the corner of the weight room that he hadn't gotten to yet.  The closer Paul got to where the guy was, the more he noticed the size of the guy.  It was Jack, aka Bigbear, at 6'7" and over 300lbs of hairy muscle.  He was wearing a lifter wife beater and long muscle pants that were stuck to his body from the amount of sweat he produced.  The hair on his arms, shoulders and back was matted down and sopping wet, completely drenched in sweat.  As Paul got closer, he found himself staring at the giant bear as he was picking up the towels and wipes.  He half heartedly was wiping down some of the benches, even though they had dried hours ago, but it was something to do so he could watch the giant in action.  Jack was doing some very heavy lifting, making loud grunting sounds and then almost bellowing out an animal sound as he hoisted the weight up in the air above his head.  To Paul he looked like a giant holding up the world.  The movement and bulging of his muscles as he powered the weight up and down was mesmerizing to Paul.  Jack caught a glimpse of Paul in the mirror he was in front of.  He knew that it was indeed Paul, the guy his good bud Dave wanted him to scope out.  Jack's first impression was that Paul was cute, obviously not a body builder or jock, but no slouch either.  He could see why Dave wanted to know for sure about this kid as he wouldn't mind having him for a worship sex slave either.  Jack knew Dave wouldn't do that, but he sure would.  This was going to be fun for Jack.

He lowered the weight and purposely struck several poses in front of the mirror to emphasize the size of his shoulder, back and arm muscles.  The glean of sweat and matted hair seemed to emphasize the size and contours.  He thought he put on a pretty good display and when he took a quick look in the mirror at Paul, he saw the dropped jaw and big eyes on Paul that said WOW.  Jack liked that.  The kid knew good power and muscle when he saw it and obviously appreciated it.  He wiped the sweat from his forehead with his hand and then wiped his hand in his pants.  He did a quick look around and when he was eye to eye with Paul he yelled out "can I get some fresh towels over here?"

Paul shook himself out of the stare and went over to the towel rack and picked up 4 towels and headed to Jack.  

"Here you go sir.  I hope 4 are enough!" Paul said as he moved his arms out towards Jack with the towels on top.

"Oh ghee, thanks kid.  I really didn't think anybody was working here today.  I appreciate that.  Say, are you new here? I don't remember seeing you around before" Jack said in his deep, gravely voice.

"Oh yes sir, I just started here.  I took Sal's place since he left for a school out east.  I'm here part time, working for Dave the manager.  My name is Paul, pleasure to meet you sir!" Paul said respectfully, even though he was having a very hard time taking his eyes off of Jack's massive arms and hairy body.

"Hey, nice to meet you Paul.  Name is Jack, they all call me Bigbear, cause I guess that's what I am huh?  Glad Dave has some good help again.  I know he was worried for awhile there.  Well, back to workin out!" Jack said cracking a partial smile at Paul as he flexed purposely.  

Paul blushed, smiled and went back to his cart and picking up the towels and wipes.  He still took his time and made sure he moved around so that he could always catch a glimpse of Jack working out.  This was the bear of his fantasies.  He could swear that somehow his subconscious picked this giant and put it in his dreams.  The only difference was Jack had a shaved head and some grey on his beard and chest hairs and his fantasy bear had a full wild bush of hair on his head and no grey hair.  Jack's voice sent chills down his spine since it was an exact from his dreams.  It was just to much of a coincidence for Paul.  Jack wasn't sure, but he thought Paul was moving slower and always had a view of Jack's work out.  Jack smiled, maybe we're getting somewhere here.  Paul finished picking up the weight room mess and on his way to the locker room, called housekeeping and gave the guy there a piece of his mind for not having someone there to clean up and refresh the towel bars.  The housekeeping guy started to get smart until Paul told him his name and then changed his tone very quick.  They knew Paul worked for Dave and they best not screw with him at all.  If Paul said something, it was just as if Dave did and you never wanted to go against Dave.

Paul moved into the locker room and let out a loud sigh when he saw what it looked like.  It was a good thing hardly anyone was there, because he was sure if it was somewhat crowded, they'd be bitching and complaining and maybe even looking for the manager.  It didn't look like an expensive spa at all, but more a high school locker room.  Paul just shrugged and started picking up and setting things right.  While he was half way through, Jack came into the locker room and noticed where Paul was at.  The locker he was using was close to where Paul was heading which would make it easier for Jack to give Paul something to drool over.  Jack walked slowly past Paul, making sounds like he was tired and without even looking at Paul, threw his towels into the cart Paul had.  Paul smiled as Jack went by, but noticed Jack hadn't even looked his way or noticed him.  He was slightly disappointed, but thought maybe it was a good thing as he would melt if the giant bear smiled at him.  He had to keep telling himself that he can't let them know he was hot for them or that they were his fantasies come true.  He might loose his job and he couldn't afford to do that now.  Nope, he had to control his desires and get relief with Steve, which was a really good thing as it was.  He said a quick pray of thanks for Steve and Tom.  Paul continued to work his way through the locker room.

Jack had gotten to his lock and stripped down completely, putting his drenched pants, jock strap and shirt in a plastic bag the club provides and slowly walked into the showers.  He purposely took a stall right by the entrance and left the curtain open so that if Jack got to the locker grouping directly across from the shower entrance, he would see Jack taking a shower.  Sure enough, as Jack slowly began to wash himself, he spotted Paul in the locker area.  Jack started singing some song just so Paul would look up and see him.  It worked.  Jack made it a point not to look directly at Paul, but could see Paul was watching him intently.  Jack bent over and washed his ass, legs and feet, turned around and soaped up his chest, abs and crotch, stroking his huge balls and cock.  Paul was already sweating, watching that mountain of hairy muscle lathered up and his matted hair soaking wet, laying on his skin.  Jack's cock was over 10" when hard and very fat around.  His balls looked like lemons held in a shopping sack.  His entire body was hairy, thick, rich black hair that even went up between his ass cheeks.  The only place he wasn't hairy was his head since he shaved it completely, the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet.  Not that you couldn't see his definition and bulging muscles.  It was thick alright, but not enough to look like some animal fur.  Somehow, it just went perfect with his body.  Paul couldn't wait to see what Jack looked like when he dried off.  He imagined the hair was soft and slightly curly, but not kinky at all.  Jack waited until Paul moved into the next locker grouping, which is where his locker was.  He finished his shower and slowly walked out, still singing to his locker.  He nodded at Paul when he walked passed him.  He picked up a towel he had on the bench and started to dry himself off.  He slowly rubbed his body with the towel completely and then dropped the towel, picked up another one and did it again.  Paul saw that he was right.  He could see that Jack's body hair was soft looking, somewhat straight and seemed to lighten up a bit so you couldn't miss the outlines of Jack's magnificent muscles.  Paul kept sneaking glances at Jack as he dried himself.  Paul had gotten the area up to where Jack was cleaned and needed to get past Jack to clean the rest.  He slowly made his way past Jack and started to pick up towels and close lockers, making sure there wasn't anything left in the lockers before closing the doors.  

"So you like working here Paul?" Jack suddenly asked Paul.

"Uh, yes sir.  I sure do.  Great facility and a great boss.  Couldn't ask for a better set up!" Paul said smiling.

Jack kept drying himself as if it was no big deal, even though he was concentrating on his crotch, even pulling the foreskin back on his cock to dry his cock head.  Paul almost gasped as he saw the foreskin pulled back and this huge mushroom, purple cock head glistened in the locker room light.  To Paul, it was the most beautiful cock he had ever seen, again, a mirror of his dream bear.  

"So tell me Paul, how come you're working here?  You seem like a really intelligent guy, a bit to good to be working a job like this!" Jack said, moving to dry his balls and thighs.

Paul swallowed so his voice wouldn't crack.  "I'm working on my masters in anthropology sir.  This job is perfect since the money isn't bad and Dave is completely flexible with my hours and schedule.  Most jobs don't deal with my kind of schedule.  Sometimes I have to go in the field for work and that means I'd be gone for weeks at a time.  Dave is fine with that, so I couldn't ask for a better deal!" Paul managed to get out.

"Anthropology huh? What kind of field stuff you do? Dig up bones?" Jack asked.

"Not just that, but anything to do with cultures and societies, like grave sites, pottery, writings, ceremonies, rituals, all that put together to learn about other cultures and society structures of the past" Paul said seriously.  "Most people might find that boring, but I really like that and find it fascinating.  Anyway, that's a good summary of it all!"

"Oh, I get it.  Okay.  Hey, if it's what floats your boat, then more power to yah," Jack said as he used another towel to dry his back, pulling back and forth on the ends, purposely slow so his arms bulged and rippled as well as his shoulders, pecs and forearms.

Paul couldn't help but notice and had to comment.  "I have to tell you sir, you have one of the most fabulously developed bodies I've seen.  You sure must have devoted a lot of hard work to get into that shape.  I sure admire you for that and have to compliment you on your development!"

"Like that huh? That's cool.  Nice of you to mention that.  I sure do put a lot of work into it, that's for sure. It's been like a mission I've had since I was a teenager.  When you're as tall as me, you can't be a skinny bean pole and amount to much, at least not where I grew up.  I used to wrestle for awhile and guess I got to good at it cause they asked me to move on!  Hell, I've done a whole lot of things in my life and I'm sure happy with how my body has turned out.  Not many guys take the time to let a guy know he has a great looking body and all.  Thanks Paul." Jack said in a very sexy, gravely voice.

"Well, you sure have a right to be proud, that's for sure.  I best get moving here, have to finish up and make sure everything is as it should be.  Don't want to disappoint Dave my boss!" Paul said, still blushing from the hot flashes he started getting watching Jack shower and dry off.

"Oh, say, would you mind doing me a favor before you move on?  I have this cream I have to get on and have a hell of a time getting it in all the right places.  You think you could help me out?" Jack said, picking up a large jar of what looked like a clear ointment but jelly like.

"Well, I don't know, I really need to get finished.  But I guess it would be okay.  Not sure I'm supposed to do stuff like that, rules and all.  Don't think it'll be a big deal. Sure, I'll help you out.  What do I do?" Paul said, trying real hard not to drool.  He hoped his jockey shorts would keep his hard on from springing out, he knew touching Jack's body would really push it to the limits.

"Great, I appreciate that.  Well, I can't seem to get it right in the middle of my back and over my ass cheeks.  Then I can't seem to be able to get my sides right, the size of my arms won't let me I guess.  Sure would be great if you could do that for me!" Jack said holding out the jar.

Paul took the jar and looked at it, not sure how he was supposed to do it.  Jack told him to just scoop out a glob with 3 of his fingers and put it on his body and rub it in.  He said his hair gets in the way usually, but not to worry about it, just need to rub it in good.  Jack turned around and purposely spread his arms out far, reaching lockers on each side, straddled the bench and spread his legs out sideways, his ass cheeks bulging tight.  Paul scooped out a glob and put his fingers on the top, center of Jack's hairy back.  He shivered as he started to rub in the gel, his fingers feeling the hard ripped muscles that were bulging in Jack's shoulders and back since he had his arms pulled out tight.  Jack told him to just go ahead and rub, not to worry about hurting him.  Paul wanted to wrap his arms around Jack and beg him to let him lick every inch of Jack's body.  He knew he was close to being in real trouble and had to stop thinking like that.  He tried to make his mind flash back to Steve and Tom.  As he was rubbing the gel in, Jack moved his arms and did a pose to spread out his back.  Paul thought there were massive wings inside Jack's back the muscles were so big and wide.  Jack told him to stand on the bench to make it easier on him to reach and spread it around.  Paul got up on the bench and it was easier.  Jack let Paul rub his back muscles for awhile and then turned around, telling Jack he needed to do the sides for him.  Paul got off of the bench and put a glob of the gel on one side.  Jack told him it would be easier if he put a glob on the other side as well and rubbed them both in at the same time.  Paul did that and put the jar down as he moved both hands up and down the sides of Jack's body.  Jack did some movements to emphasize his muscles, making his muscles along his sides ripple and bulge.  Paul almost lost it, feeling the muscles moving and having his fingers massaging them, staring at the massive pecs covered in thick soft fur, Jack's nipples hard and sticking out from his hair.  Paul hadn't noticed, but Jack's cock was starting to get hard.  Jack was enjoying this, thinking of how much fun it would be to have Paul as his own worship slave, taking care of his needs whenever he wanted and showing Jack how much he appreciated and adored Jack's body.  When Paul finished, he finally noticed the waking monster between Jack's legs.  Jack smirked and turned around, telling Paul he needed to get the small of his back and the area above his ass cheeks.  Paul put the gel on and started to rub with both hands, kneading and rubbing until the gel seemed to be absorbed.  When he was doing the top of Jack's ass cheeks, Jack purposely would flex his ass muscles, making his ass cheeks tighten and bulge, movements Paul couldn't help but feel and notice.  Paul was sure he was going to loose it completely and shoot a load in his pants.  He was sure that if he were wearing a different color pants, his crotch would look like he pissed himself.

Jack turned around quickly and his hardening cock smacked Paul in the arm.  Paul jumped back and Jack smiled and said "Sorry about that.  Damn thing has a mind all its own!"

"No problem sir.  I understand.  Glad I could help" Paul said as he made himself breath slowly and put the jar down, moving away from Jack.

"Hey, what could I do for you now?" Jack asked Paul, putting his hand on Paul's shoulder.

"Nothing sir, honest.  I'm glad I was some help.  I really have to finish up and get moving here" Paul said and forced himself to turn and walk away.  He was thinking he wanted to tell Jack to rip his clothes off and fuck the life out of him, but he thought that would not be a good thing.

"Okay then Paul.  Next time I'll take care of you.  Thanks again and have a good day!" Jack said as he grabbed his cock and slowly started jerking off.  He smirked at Paul and slowly turned towards his open locker.

Paul had to get out of there fast.  He would have a hell of a time keeping himself from licking that monster cock.  He thought maybe Jack was doing that purposely.  Maybe Jack wanted to play with him or somehow knew he wanted to be taken by him.  Anyway, he had to move on and not delay otherwise he was lost.

As he was finishing up the last area, Steve came in.  He saw Paul and came over to where he was.  Steve saw Jack at his locker, jerking off and knew that wasn't a good thing.  When he reached Paul, he pretended to open a locker and set his stuff up.

Quietly, he whispered to Paul "Are you okay? You look a bit flushed.  Nothing bad happened with Bigbear did it?"

"No, but it sure came close.  Dave asked me to work a few hours and I couldn't say no.  Jack is a nice guy but good god he's a giant.  I'll have to tell you about it all later.  I have more to do and if you want, you can call me or just come over now that you know where I live.  If you're not busy that is, don't' want to make you feel obligated or anything!" Paul whispered as he continued to pick up towels and check lockers.

"Stop it hot stuff.  I told you I wanted to see you tonight.  You aren't making me feel obligated or anything.  Besides, I'm curious about your new books.  I'll call you when I'm ready to come over.  I'll pick up something for us to eat okay?" Steve said, snapping his towel at Paul.

Paul jumped out of the way and put his finger up to his lips.  "Okay, okay.  Call me before you are ready to come over.  Anything you pick up to eat will be just fine.  See you later!"

Paul pushed the cart to the pick up area and headed off to the massage area to finish up.  He stopped at a phone and told housekeeping about the sad state of the locker room and wanted somebody down there to pick up the cart and clean all the showers out.  

Jack headed for Dave's office and found him at his desk.  He told Dave what had happened and that Paul hadn't made any moves.  He said Paul was a good kid and Dave was lucky to have him as an assistant.  Dave asked him if he thought Paul might swing their way and Jack said he'd need more time to find out.  He started rubbing his crotch and told Dave that Paul had gotten him all hot and bothered.  Dave smiled and told Jack he might be able to take care of that for him.  Jack smiled and grabbed Dave by the back of his neck and kissed him hard on the lips.  Dave grabbed onto Jack's crotch and kneaded it, feeling the monster cock start to come to life.  Dave told Jack they could go into the sauna as nobody used it, Jack smiled and pulled Dave up out of his chair and they headed off to the sauna room.

Paul went into Dave's office and changed.  He saw that he was right about his underwear.  If he had been wearing another color of pants, everybody would have see the huge wet spot in front, thanks to his free flowing precum.  He knew Jack had set him off.  He couldn't believe that he had actually seen, met and touched the bear of his fantasy dreams.  It was almost to much for him to handle.  He wondered then if Jack knew how much he wanted to worship and adore him and he was only using Paul for amusement.  How would he have reacted if Jack pushed him further somehow and he lost control?  Oh well, he at least had the physical reincarnation of his bear and even if he could never be taken by him, it was going to be okay.  Poor Steve, he had no idea what he was in store for when he came over tonight.  Yep, it was going to be a really interesting night.