Darkness and Light

Gay Science Fiction for adults only.  Contains graphic sexual interaction between adult males.
This is a science fiction story of a modern day gay man, unhappy with his lot in life, who learns the power of alchemy and sorcery.  

Chapter 4 Found Out

Paul headed back to his apartment, still sweating after the incident with Jack, BigBear.  He couldn't get over that he actually was touching that muscle monster bear.  He had to admit to himself that if he had been held and unable to escape, he would gladly do anything Jack wanted him to do.  Jack was just to damn close to his fantasy bear from his dreams.  He'd have to be careful how much he told Steve about how close he came to worshiping Jack completely, not sure how Steve would take it, even though they were under the agreement of "no strings" and he only just met Steve really.  As he was heading home, he suddenly felt drawn to the old book store where he purchased the 2 ancient books.  He just couldn't resist and had to head there, no two ways about it.  He thought of Steve calling, but knew Steve would be awhile at the club working out, so if he made it quick, he wouldn't miss him.

Paul found the desire to get to the book store building stronger and stronger as he got closer to the store.  It wasn't exactly on the way to his apartment, but wasn't all that much out of the way anyway.  Besides, his blood was still pumping hot and heavy after Jack and the quick walk would help to calm him down, hopefully.  Paul reached the store and saw the clerk behind the counter, looking at him and smiling.  

"Welcome sir! I was expecting you.  No doubt you have some questions?" the clerk said before Paul could say anything.

"Thank you! Yes, I do indeed it seems.  First off, I have no idea why I had to come to the store, now!  I haven't really had the chance to explore the books in much detail, but I did scan them and think I can use the smaller to help me learn the language of the larger book.  Am I correct in my assumptions?" Paul said, moving to the counter and leaning on it.

"As you say, Master Paul.  Very astute if I may say.  You are obviously chosen for superb reasons.  The books will come to your aid in your times of need.  Don't ignore your deep internal feelings.  Follow them with regards to the knowledge and power contained in the books.  Should you require further assistance, feel free to return.  I am your humble servant and will do what I can to assist.  Free your mind of preconceptions and don't rule out the possibility of knowledge and power contained in the books.  You and they have been joined for a reason and you must see this through to the end" the clerk said very seriously.

"I don't know what to say!  For some reason I feel relief and infused with some strange power for some reason, yet I haven't done anything yet with the books.  I will try to do as you say.  It won't be easy for me to free my mind of preconceptions and possibilities of things I find illogical, but I'm sure I can.  I just seem to have more distractions as of late, but I'm sure I can put them aside when I study the books" Paul said, looking at the clerk who seemed to be studying his face, never blinking his eyes.

"You are going through trials designed to help you put your faith into the power of the books.  Use them freely, they will come to your aide.  I cannot direct you more then that now, but feel confident you will see their value, very soon.  Yes, very soon indeed.  Take this trinket I found as a gift from me.  Oh yes, I insist.  The books have waited ages for you and things are as they are destined to be.  This trinket will aide you in your path through the knowledge and power of the books.  It will guard you from things meant to harm.  Go, begin your quest.  Have faith in what you learn young master!" the clerk said.

"Thank you again.  I will do as you say.  Hopefully I will not be a disappointment or failure," Paul said, bowing, not really knowing why he said that and what it meant.  

When Paul raised his head, the clerk was gone.  Paul looked around, scratched his head and suddenly remembered Steve.  He left the store and rushed home, looking now and again at the amulet the clerk gave him.  It looked ancient and had a rugged beauty to it.  It seemed to have special symbols on it and what looked like a carving of some sort of strange beast.  He quickly reached his apartment and first thing he did was to check the answering machine to see if he missed Steve's call.  No messages so Steve hadn't called just yet and he might have time to freshen up.  He pealed off his clothes and put the amulet on top of the books.  His cock was still leaking after his hands-on fantasy with Jack.  While taking a shower, Paul started to jerk off, but stopped, deciding to save it all for when Steve came over.  Poor Steve was going to be in for one hell of a draining tonight.

Paul picked what he thought was his sexiest lounge shorts and silk pull over shirt and dressed.  He took the towel and started drying his hair as he walked to the living room, sat in his side chair and picked up the amulet.  As he was carefully studying it, he noticed that a spot that got wet from his dripping head indicated the amulet needed to be cleaned.  Paul smiled, thinking the clerk must have made a mistake and it wasn't as Paul originally thought, a recently created amulet, but was indeed old, very old.  Paul went and got alcohol and some ammonia from under the kitchen sink and carefully began cleaning the amulet.  The more he cleaned, the shinier it became.  Paul was amazed at the sheen in the amulet and decided he needed to wear it, since it was just to good to leave sitting in a box on his dresser.  
When Paul took off his gold chain and put the amulet on, he could swear there was some sort of electrical flash that went from the amulet, around the chain and back into the amulet.  He put on the amulet and chain and felt a rush of energy run throughout his body.  He looked in the mirror and saw the shocked look on his face then laughed at himself, thinking he was just imagining it all.    Sitting back down, he started going through the smaller book and started to seriously get into it, noticing that it seemed much easier this time then when he last went through the book.  He found himself able to understand more and more of the words and phrases, as he concentrated and fondled the amulet.  He didn't even realize he was running his fingers over the amulet; it just seemed like something that he had to do while he was into that book.

The phone ringing startled him.  He looked around the room, unsure of himself for some reason, then realized it was the phone ringing.  It was Steve, making sure it was still okay that he came over.  Paul laughed and told him he better since he needed to feel the power of Steve's "special" muscle.  Steve gave a loud, sexy, naughty laugh and said he was almost there.  He picked up Italian beef and fries and a bottle of wine to go along with it.  Paul laughed and said he didn't know that was the kind of food a muscle guy ate.  Steve told him he was going to pay for that remark and hung up.  Paul went through the apartment, making sure it was neat and nothing was left out of place.  It seemed important that he make a good impression on Steve, even though it was a "no strings" arrangement.

Paul went down to the parking lot, realizing that Steve didn't know his apartment number, at least he didn't remember telling Steve.  Sure enough, he came out of the building and there was Steve, looking confused and turning around.  

"I'm sorry, such a putz.  I never told you what apartment number and you don't even know my last name!" Paul said laughingly, walking towards Steve, arms open.

"You know hot stuff, I didn't even think about that until I parked.  I thought you were just trying to get rid of me in a weird way or something!" Steve said, lifting Paul up in his arms.

Paul felt strange, here he was taller then Steve but yet felt like a small guy when wrapped in the muscled arms of Steve.  "Ouch! I DO break you know!"

"Oh, sorry, don't realize my own strength sometimes.  Especially when I'm starving and horny!" Steve said, biting Paul's chest.

They made it up to Paul's apartment and as soon as Steve put the bags on the counter, he turned around, grabbed Paul back in his arms, moved to the couch and fell down on top of Paul.  

"Now, I need some appetizers here.  I think your tongue and lips will do for starters!" Steve said as he began kissing Paul.

"mmmmmmmmffffffffffffffffmmmm" was all that Paul could manage to get out as he melted into Steve's embrace and kisses.

Steve kept it up until he felt Paul's cock bulging and begin to push hard on his thigh.  He broke off the kiss and smiled down at Paul, knowing he had accomplished his goal, to get Paul in the mood.

"Okay, Let's eat!" Steve said, jumping up off of Paul.

"THAT was one hell of an appetizer.  DAMN!" Paul said, getting pulled off of the couch by Steve.

Jack followed Dave to his office, needing to have some serious fun; his fun with Paul had gotten him all hot and the thought of getting a new worshiping sex slave got extremely appealing for some reason.  Jack felt it was time; he was tired of playing the shark and wanted something more permanent now.  When Dave closed the door to his office and locked it, he turned around to see Jack standing there in his full muscle bear glory, posing for him in his most sexual way.  Dave slowly removed his clothing without taking his eye off of Jack.  Being old, close friends, they had shared pleasures many a time, but not all that often lately and both needed and liked the rough sex they could have with each other, not worrying about being gentle and hurting a trick.  Both let out a sound that came very close to a guttural growl of a grisly bear.  Dave slapped his hands hard on to the muscles of Jack and dug in deep as he began exploring the flexing, bulging muscles Jack offered.  Dave licked Jack's face and body as Jack encouraged him to bite harder and dig in deeper.  Jack stooped down somewhat, wrapped his massive arms around Dave's huge chest and arms, locking them tightly behind his back.  He lifted Dave until his mouth could attack Dave's pecs and nipples.  Dave growled and yelled out as he felt Jack's mouth ravage his pecs and nipples which were now rock hard and super sensitive.  Dave's cock was ramming hard into Jack's abs and he could feel Jack's monster cock pushing hard against the soft spot under his balls.  Dave struggled and managed to free an arm, wrapping it around Jack's head.  Jack opened his mouth and bit into and licked hard Dave's arm pit as Jack slid one arm down and grabbed Dave's balls, kneading them roughly.  

They lost their balance and fell to the floor, rolling around like two wild animals, legs trying to catch the opponent, hands digging hard into each other's muscles.  Jack leveraged himself on top, his height and weight giving him an advantage.  He managed to get Dave's hands pulled above Dave's head, his legs locking over Dave's thighs.  As he stretched out his body, it pulled Dave's body tight, Jack ramming his slick, hard cock up and down Dave's abs, his ass cheeks squeezing and sliding up and down Dave's cock.  Jack leaned down and his tongue attacked Dave's mouth, their tongues fighting like it was a duel to the death.  Jack pulled away from Dave and slid his body up, his cock forced into Dave's waiting mouth.  Dave sucked it in hard and deep, making Jack yell out and gasp.  Jack reached back and grabbed Dave's throbbing cock, stroking it hard and slow.  Jack pulled his cock out of Dave's mouth and in one quick motion, turned around and slid his ass over Dave's mouth.  He leaned down, grabbing Dave's thighs in his hands and pushed them far apart as his mouth devoured Dave's cock completely.  He groaned, yelled a muffled sounds as he moved his head deep and fast on Dave's cock, driving Dave wild with pleasure.  After awhile, Jack pulled Dave's legs up and wrapped them under his arms, grabbed Dave's ass cheeks and pulled them apart as he kneaded them hard.  Jack held his tongue out and made it hard, driving it into Dave's ass.  Dave yelling out and sucking hard on Jack's ass made Jack go wild.  They kept it up for some time and then Jack moved off of Dave, powered him over on his stomach and pulled his hips up, ramming his cock completely inside Dave's ass.  Dave clamped his ass tight, making Jack bellow out in pleasure and pain.  Jack wrapped his arms tight around Dave's body and squeezed hard as his hips began ramming his cock in and out of Dave's ass.  It didn't take Jack long to bellow out as he began shooting load after load of hot cum deep inside Dave.  Dave felt the hot cum inside him and clamped his ass muscles tight on Jack's cock as he continued to ram it in and out.  Dave bellowed out as he began shooting his cum.  Jack released Dave after licking, kissing and biting his neck and back.  He flipped Dave over and while Dave's cock was still leaking cum and yet still hard, straddled Dave's hips and knelt down, grabbed Dave's cock and shoved his ass down completely swallowing Dave's cock in his ass. He clamped his ass muscles tight as he began bouncing up and down on Dave's cock, kneading Dave's pecs and abs.  Dave was soon meeting Jack's motions by ramming his hips up on Jack's downward trek.  They were both completely covered in sweat, looking like they were in a pool.  Finally after some time screaming at each other and kissing roughly, both started shooting another load of cum.  Jack fell down on top of Dave and they kissed passionately, slowly catching their breath and relaxing their bodies.

"Been a long time Jack.  Sure missed that.  Forgot just how fuckin good you are!" Dave said in a sexy low growl.

"That it has Dave.  We have to get together more often.  I sure miss your hot ass!" Jack said, kissing Dave gently and hugging him in his arms.  "It was good wasn't it?"

"Not going to hear any complaints from me Jack.  So how are things going for real for yah?" Dave asked gently nibbling on Jack's shoulder and neck.

"Going good, thanks.  Seem to be thinking more about my life and what I really want in it now that I'm older and realize it.  Yeah, don't look at me like that.  I finally woke up and realized I ain't no 20 year old no more.  Think I need something more then easy pickins when I get horny.  It would be really nice to have someone there all the time whenever I want.  Starting to hate waking up to strangers all the time or alone," Jack said seriously.

"Oh man, now I know you sure did think heavy thoughts buddy.  Well, can't say that I haven't thought the same thing for some time.  This whole tough intimidating attitude shit gets to me now and again.  Think I'm really tired of it.  Like you said, it would be nice to have a someone there all the time, just for me.  Yeah, I know where you're coming from!" Dave said just as serious. "Okay, now you big softie, tell me about what you think about my boy Paul!"

"Shit, I sure was hungry" Paul said as he finished his beef sandwich and fries.

"So I noticed.  I thought you were going to try and take mine too!" Steve laughed.  "Hey, I didn't notice that thing around your neck before.  Is that new?"

"Yeah, kinda cool huh?  I stopped at the bookstore before I came home and that nice guy there gave it to me.  He told me some neat stuff about the books.  Made it sound like it was meant to be that the books and I get together.  Neat huh?" Paul said all excited, showing the amulet to Steve.

"That sure looks like an old design.  Any idea what it means or anything?  Why did the guy give it to you?" Steve asked.

"I'm not really sure, but I do know that it seems I understand the writings in the book better when I hold it in my fingers.  Weird, but shit, it works.  I actually understood it much better then before, that's for sure.  Hey, I'm not going to question it if it works.  I already know the big book has spells in it.  The bookstore guy said they will help me out and stuff.  Maybe I should find one that will get me a muscle god body like yours.  Course, I don't know what effect it would have on my mind and all.  I'm not sure you can have both going for yah!" Paul said with a serious look.

Steve got a serious look on his face and then looked mad as he scooped up Paul in his arms and held him over his shoulder as he started spanking his ass cheek with his hand.  "I know that was a cut you cute smart ass.  You're gonna pay for that!"

Paul pretended to struggle and yell a silly "hellllpppp" as Steve headed towards the bedroom.  He flopped Paul down on the bed and held him down as he pulled off Paul's pants, pulled Paul on to his thigh and started to spank him.  Steve let his hand smack down on Paul's ass cheek, kneed it some and then squeezes it before doing it again.  Paul tried reaching around and protecting his ass cheek, but Steve was able to move his hand away as he slapped down on Paul's ass cheek.  Steve slapped a few more times and then easily moved Paul around to a sitting position on his lap.  Paul looked angry until Steve kissed his eyes, cheeks, nose and chin.  Paul smiled and moved his hands under Steve's open shirt, gently feeling Steve's pecs which he began flexing for Paul.  Paul pushed Steve backwards so his back was on the bed and he moved Steve's arms to his sides, taking off his shirt and then slowly took off his pants.  Paul licked and kissed Steve from head to toe, slowly.  Steve slowly began flexing his muscles for Paul and let Paul completely worship his entire body.  Steve's cock was leaking precum and throbbing when Paul stopped and removed the rest of his clothes.  He reached into a draw of the nightstand and took out a bottle of scented oil, put some on his hands and began rubbing Steve's body slowly.  Steve would pull Paul tight into his body, slowly kiss Paul passionately as he moved Paul's body over his oiled body.  When Paul finished, both of their bodies were shining from the oil.  Steve took over and maneuvered Paul into a position on his back, his hips resting on Steve's thighs as his hands moved up and down Paul's body.  Paul was moaning and groaning, his tongue lashing out trying to lick any part of Steve he could reach.  

Steve grabbed Paul's face in his hand and stared at Paul, their eyes locked on each other as Steve moved his cock into Paul's ass.  Paul grimaced and hissed as Steve's cock slid in further and further until Steve's pubes were rubbing against Paul's ass cheeks.  Steve released Paul's face and slowly moved his arms so that his hands glided up and down Paul's entire body, enveloping his cock, stroking it and then returning back up again as his hips slowly moved his cock in and out of Paul's ass.  It didn't take Paul long to start moaning and groaning, the pleasure was so intense.  Steve pinched Paul's nipples every other movement down his body, which made Paul gasp.  Steve was taking his time, enjoying the feeling of Paul's hot, wet ass muscles pulsing as his cock moved in and out.  Paul's gasps and moans got louder and louder after 15 minutes of the exquisite torture of Steve.  When Paul started yelling he was going to cum, Steve pulled Paul towards him and passionately kissed Paul as Paul shot load after load of cum all over his chest and abs.  Paul was gasping as Steve moved their bodies around so that Steve was spooning Paul, his cock still deep inside Paul's ass.  He pulled Paul's head back so his tongue could lick Paul's ear and neck.  Steve continued to slowly move his cock in and out of Paul.  After 10 minutes of slow fucking, wrapped in Steve's muscled arms, his body muscles slowly flexing all along Paul's body, Paul began to shoot another load of cum, his entire body going into a spasm of pleasure which set off Steve.  Steve squeezed tight as he bit into Paul's shoulder, his cock exploding inside Paul, load after load of cum rushing into Paul's insides.  Steve held Paul tight and both of them fell asleep in that position, the sweat of their bodies making slurping sounds as they moved.

Steve and Paul slept for an hour before Steve woke.  He kissed Paul's shoulder, back and neck as his hands massaged Paul's chest and abs.  Paul woke, stretching his body backwards as Steve's hands moved up and down his body.  Paul told Steve they should shower and get comfy.  Paul pulled away from Steve's grasp and walking around the bed, grabbed Steve by the hand and pulled him towards the bathroom.  They both got into the tub and Steve kept holding and kissing Paul as Paul tried to get the shower going.  They continued to kiss each other as they slowly rubbed soapy lather over each other's bodies.  Paul shut down the shower and stepped out of the tub, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around Steve's neck as he pulled him in for a kiss.  Paul took the towel he had and began to dry off Steve's legs and feet.  

"Okay, I don't think I can handle another hot session with you baby just yet.  What say you show me your old books and stuff, huh?" Steve said pulling Paul up from nibbling on his thighs.

"Oh, alright party pooper.  Come on, just make sure your hot ass is nice and dry so you don't leave big water stains on my couch!" Paul teased.

They took their towels with and laid them on the couch as Paul took the books and lay down between Steve's legs.
Paul opened the smaller book and then the larger book.  He showed Steve the way he was working on the translation while holding on to the amulet.  

"Is this cool or what? I am sure there are some magical spells in the book.  Who knows? Maybe I can use them to help us sometime or at least help me against those jerks in the club!" Paul said.

"Hey, I don't think you should mess around with any of that stuff until and unless you know what the hell you're getting yourself into.  Sounds a bit creepy to me right now.  I'd hate to come over some day and have a new pet frog or something!" Steve said holding Paul tight.

"Oh right, that's good.  What, you got something against frogs?" Paul said looking back at Steve over his shoulder.

"No, nothing against frogs.  Except fucking would be kind of tricky," Steve said making a frog croaking sound in Paul's ear.

Paul laughed and showed Steve more of the larger book.  The artwork was really different.  They spent hours looking through it and finally Steve yawned and stretched.  Paul felt the stretch and realized they had been going through the books for hours.  It was late and Paul knew Steve was tired.

"How about you stay here tonight? I sure would love to have you as my blanket tonight!" Paul said as he turned around and lay on top of Steve, kissing him gently.

"You serious? You really want me to stay over? Rmember, no strings and all!" Steve said somewhat seriously, not wanting to put any pressure on Paul.

"No strings and all.  I promise, I won't highjack you to Vegas and get us married while you're under some evil spell!" Paul said, biting on Steve's chin.

"Okay, okay.  I guess I could" Steve said acting as if he was being forced into something.

Paul put this big surprise look on his face and started tickling Steve.  Steve was laughing hard and finally picked Paul up and stood up off the couch, holding Paul up and away from him.  He threw Paul over his shoulder and slapped his ass cheeks as he walked around the apartment shutting off lights.  He moved into the bedroom, pulled back the covers and flopped Paul down.  Steve lay down and stretched out.  He smiled at Paul and told him his blanket was ready.  Paul cuddled into Steve's armpit and Steve kissed him passionately, holding him tight.  They both fell sound asleep with smiles on their faces.  Paul woke to the gentle rays of sunlight warming his face and the feeling of Steve's kisses on his neck and ear while Steve's cock was slowly moving in and out of his ass.

"Wow, now this is what I call a GOOD morning!" Paul purred.

Steve gently bit on his ear and said in a very soft, sexy voice "You like that hot baby? I'm glad cause I sure as hell do.  I could get used to using you as my alarm clock."

Paul laughed and groaned and moaned, the pleasure of feeling was intense as his body was caressed and held tight against the rippling muscles of Steve, relaxed and still power seemed to flow from them.  Steve reached his hand down and grabbed Paul's cock gently and began to stroke it in rhythm with his thrusts.  Paul gasped and cried out several times, finally giving in to the demand of his balls to release.  His body tensed and began jerking as his cock shot out his cum, his ass muscles tight around Steve's cock sending Steve over the edge, biting down hard on Paul's back and squeezing him tight.  Both yelled and gasped as the rush of their orgasms flowed between them as if they were joined completely.  Steve moved his body enough to pull Paul's face to meet his, their mouths locking into passionate kisses, tongues dueling for dominance.  They finally settled down, letting their bodies relax from the intensity of their orgasms, Steve turning Paul around and gently kissing his lips as he held Paul tight.  Paul finally got Steve to let him up so he could make breakfast for them, ordering Steve out of bed and into the shower.  

While they were eating breakfast the phone rang.  Paul answered it with a very curious look on his face since he never received many calls especially early in the morning.  Steve looked concerned, thinking that maybe something was wrong with someone in Paul's family, even though he had no clue if Paul had any family or not.  

"Hey, morning Dave.  No you didn't wake me, I was up already.  Just having breakfast now.  Uh huh? Oh sure, that would be good.  I'm starting up with classes tomorrow so I'm sure I could use the extra money.  Oh wow, that's awful generous of you!  No problem, I should be able to get there within 2 hours if that's okay? Great, see you later then, bye!"

"Dave wants you to work today? Wow, he must be desperate if he calls you direct at home!" Steve said to Paul.

"Yeah, he does.  Guess a few guys called in and he's kind of in a bind.  I wasn't planning on it, but hell, he's giving me triple time for a few hours worth of work, if you want to call it that.  The money will help out a lot.  Hope you don't mind I agreed to go in?" Paul said rubbing his hand gently on Steve's forearm.

"Hell no baby.  It's cool.  No problem at all.  Gives me added incentive to work out today.  That way I can seduce you into that closet again and you'll get good money for fucking around with me!" Steve laughed.

"Oh right.  I don't think so muscle head.  Not that I would mind at all, but Dave will probably be there and with 2 guys down, I'm sure he'll be more visible then he normally is.  I wouldn't want to loose my job, even though the payoff with you in the closet might be worth it! Nawwwh, I'll just have to hold out until after work I guess.  Think you can deny yourself of my attention for a few hours?" Paul laughed as he tilted his head teasing Steve.

"Great, I'm pushed aside for used towels being picked up.  Oh well, I should have known messing around with a brainiac would just be trouble and grief.  I guess I'll just have to wear 2 jock straps to keep my cock from ripping through my shorts when I see your ass cheeks as you bend over to pick stuff up.  Yeah, I guess I could hold out until later!" Steve said acting hurt and forlorn.

Steve and Paul joked back and forth as they finished breakfast and Paul got dressed.  Steve told Paul he'd meet him later at the club after he went home and got some things done.  Steve grabbed Paul in a bear hug and refused to let him down until Paul kissed him.  Steve put Paul down and slapped him on his ass before heading back to his apartment.  Steve was whistling as he left, thinking that he may just have to rethink that "no strings" part of their arrangement.  He really was feeling great with Paul and loved sleeping with him.  He liked waking up with Paul right there and in his arms.  He'd have to work on that a bit more and feel out Paul to see how he felt.

Dave gave Jack a call to let him know that Paul was indeed coming in to work at the club.  He and Jack worked it out so that Jack could work on Paul again, maybe pushing him to the edge.  Dave didn't really need any help at the club since being Sunday; it was hardly used, at least the weight lifting area and locker rooms.  Most of the Sunday activity was on the other side of the club with the pools and other activities.  Dave's cock twitched as he thought of finally having Paul as a playmate.

When Paul showed up at Dave's office, Dave was waiting for him, purposely without his shirt on, just wearing his tight shorts and covered in sweat from working out.  He noticed Paul was having a hard time trying not to stare at Dave's body, which pleased Dave.  He moved around Paul, making sure he brushed close against him as Paul changed and Dave told him what he needed to take care of today.  Dave wanted Paul to stick to the weight and locker rooms and he would handle the rest.  Dave told Paul it shouldn't be to bad since Sunday is usually slow.  Paul was really having a hard time trying not to stare at Dave, but he couldn't help it.  Dave's body was hard to ignore, especially when he was covered in sweat and his fur was somewhat matted and seemed to emphasize the muscle mass of his pecs, shoulders, back, arms and abs.  Dave had a hard time not pushing it with Paul, smiling as he saw Paul's nervousness and the sweat starting to flow on Paul.  Dave did his usual pat on Paul's head as he thanked him for helping him out and left the office.

Paul went into the weight room and saw there was only one serious lifter there.  From the look of him, he was just about finished with his routine.  The weight room had towels and wipes strewn all over so Paul got the cart and started making his rounds, picking up.  He went into the locker room and straightened that out, checked the showers and refilled the soap machines that were almost empty.  As he was leaving the locker room, Jack was coming in.  Jack smiled when he saw Paul, loving the look on Paul's face as Jack came towards him.

"Hey Paul! Got you working today huh? That's cool.  How you doing?" Jack said, purposely making Paul back up as there was no way Paul could go around Jack.  

"Hey Jack.  Yep, Dave's got me working today.  I don't mind though.  Always great to be here and paid for it on top of it all!" Paul said, his voice betraying his nervousness.  

Jack put his arm around Paul's shoulders, pulling him with him as he headed to the back row of lockers.  He went all the way to the closed end of the grouping, putting his bag on the end of the bench.  He pulled open a locker as he continued talking to Paul and started taking off his clothes.  Paul gulped and tried looking all around, anything not to stare at Jack's huge, hairy, monster bear muscled body.  Jack then stood with his arms stretched out to the back and side row of top lockers, effectively pinning Paul in the corner. Jack had only his jock strap on which he wore to the club.

"Paul, you look kind of tense.  Everything going okay for you?" Jack said, looking concerned.

"Oh, no, I'm fine thanks," Paul managed to get out, his eyes moving from one bulging bicep to another and then at flexing hairy muscled pecs moving slowly, bulging at each contraction.

Putting his massive hands on Paul's shoulders and beginning to knead them with his fingers Jack said "Nonsense boy.  I can feel the tension in you.  Say, I owe you a favor.  You helped me out last time and I told you I'd return the favor.  Now's as good a time as any!"

Before Paul could protest or get away, Jack had Paul held tight by the arms at his shoulders and pulled him easily towards the bench.  He moved Paul down so that he was lying on the bench.  

"Now just relax boy.  I think you'll like this.  Let's get your shirt and pants off so I can let my fingers work out that tension you got going!" Jack said, already pulling Paul's shirt off.  

Paul was totally flustered and intimidated, not knowing what he should do.  Jack easily straddled the bench and Paul, his massive thighs pushed up against Paul's legs that he had just dangling from the bench.  In effect, Paul's legs were now pinned down between the bench and Jack's legs.  Jack smiled down with what looked like an evil grin to Paul, put his fingers together and cracked his knuckles.  He wiggled his fingers and began to knead and massage Paul's body.  Paul had no control at all and his cock began to leak as it hardened.  Jack was, after all, exactly like the monster bear of Paul's dreams and fantasy.  Jack kept telling Paul to just relax and go with it.  It didn't take very long for Jack to have Paul as loose as heated putty.  When Jack's hands moved down to Paul's abs and hips, Paul's eyes went wide open and he tried to sit up.  Jack just looked serious and put his finger on the middle of Paul's forehead and easily pushed Paul back down, telling him to just relax.  Jack knew just how to move his fingers and hands, of course including quite a show of his bulging mass of muscles flexing and exaggerating his movements.  Jack turned around so that he was facing away from Paul's face.  He noticed the tent in Paul's underwear as he straddled Paul's body, his hands working on Paul's thighs and calves.  Paul was staring at the massive, bowling ball ass cheeks of Jack, covered in thick hair.  His ass cheeks seemed to flex in a rhythm, another show Jack was putting on.  Paul's mouth watered at the sight of Jack's hairy thighs and ass, gasping as Jack moved his ass closer to Paul's face as he bent down to get at Paul's feet.  Jack could have easily reached them without moving, but he wanted to tease Paul completely.

Jack reached down and let his heavy balls out of his jock strap.  Paul gasped again when he saw those monsters hanging down, swaying close to his face, brushing against his chest.  Paul started to ask Jack to let him up but before he could get it all out, Jack bent his legs and Paul's face was engulfed under Jack's ass and balls.  The scent and feeling sent Paul into a panic because he knew he would do anything Jack asked or told him to do.  He was already taken, unable to resist anymore.  He couldn't help himself and it was almost a reflex action when his mouth opened and his full tongue began licking the base of Jack's ball sack and the area between the balls and his ass.  Jack laughed out loud and told Paul to do a good job for him.  Jack grabbed Paul's underwear and slid it off, his massive hand grabbing Paul's cock and balls, his middle finger pushing and rubbing between Paul's ass cheeks.  Jack moved some so that Paul's tongue worked on his rosebud and Paul gave him what he wanted, his hands grabbing hard on to Jack's ass cheeks, kneading and rubbing them as his tongue and mouth tried to devour Jack's ass.  Jack moved his fingers so that he had Paul's balls completely wrapped and his thumb and index finger closed tight around the base of Paul's cock.  He wet his fingers of his other hand with lots of saliva and began to play with Paul's cock.  His thumb and index finger moved around and up and down the head of Paul's throbbing cock.  Paul could feel Jack's fat, 10" cock leaking on his body as it moved.  Jack turned around after awhile and grabbed Paul's head in his hand, rubbing his leaking cock around Paul's face.

"You like that huh boy?  Got this thing for big, hot, hairy muscle bears do we?  Well you're gonna please this big bear for sure.  No turning back now boy.  Tell Jack how much you want him boy!" Jack growled at Paul.

Paul was getting delirious.  His senses were going wild; his entire body wanted Jack to take him.  Yes, Jack was right, he wanted Jack.  He kept moaning and groaning, pushing his fear of discovery out of his mind and letting his desire and need for Jack to take over.  He would have been begging for it except he couldn't talk since Jack's monster balls were moved over his mouth and then to his chin.  It seemed every time he wanted to say something, Jack would move his balls over Paul's open mouth.  Jack's cock rubbed and slapped all over Paul's face at the same time, his face getting covered with precum.  

"Hey, what the fuck do you think you're doing Jack?" Steve bellowed out as he saw Paul pinned on the bench and Jack slapping his face with his monster cock.

"Fuck off short shit.  I'm having me some fun here and this man pussy needs a real bear.  Look at him! He wants it real bad.  Look at his cock, its rock hard.  Besides, what the fuck is it to you?" Jack bellowed, grabbing Paul's head and pushing it hard into his crotch.

"You fuck.  Let him go.  You can't have him fuck head.  He's my guy!" Steve shouted as he moved to get Paul from Jack.

Jack let go of Paul's head and swung his arm fast, knocking Steve hard into the lockers.  He reached out and grabbed Steve by the shirt, lifted him off the ground and slammed him hard into the lockers again and again.

"Who's the fuck head now you shit.  So you want him for yourself huh?  That ain't gonna happen.  His pussy is mine" Jack shouted.

"Jack please, let Steve be and let me go.  No damage done.  You don't need to do this" Paul said as he tried to sit up.

Jack pushed Paul back down and put his knee on Paul's chest, slammed Steve into the lockers again and looked at Paul saying "You ain't callin shots here boy.  Stay put or I'll make you wish you did.  This fuck head is gonna learn he don't fuck with Jack!"

Steve was kicking out and trying to pull Jack's hand away.  Jack laughed as he slammed Steve hard across the shoulder and head with his arm flexed hard and tight.  Steve fell down and Jack slammed him again.  Jack moved away from the bench and kicked Steve hard in the side.  Steve yelled out in pain and Paul tried again to get up and help him.  Jack backhanded Paul, hitting him in his chest, bellowing at Paul to stay put.  Jack reached down and lifted Steve, ripped his shirt and pants off.  He pulled up Steve's arms, holding his wrist together pulled up above his head and began to slam his knee hard into Steve's abs and chest.  After doing that 5 times he let go of Steve's wrists and Steve fell to the floor, clutching his abs and chest.  Jack pulled Steve up off the ground and slammed his arm around Steve's head, cranking on a headlock.  He bellowed out as he jerked his body up and down, lifting Steve up off the ground every time he jerked up.  Steve's arms were trying to slam into Jack but it was useless.  Jack kept asking Steve is that was all he had and he would put more pressure on his headlock.  Jack released the hold and Steve fell to the ground, moaning and holding his head in his hands.  Steve knew he had to do something to slow Jack down otherwise he and Paul were going to be in big trouble.  Steve looked up at Jack out of the corner of his eye and say Jack was posing and flexing.  Thinking he might get in a good shot, Steve lunged towards Jack with his fists as hard as he could.  He caught Jack in the lower abs, making Jack make a sound that told Steve he had caught Jack by surprise.  He quickly pounded Jack's lower abs again and again until Jack suddenly had both of Steve's fists locked hard inside his hands.  Jack got a real evil look on his face and his arms bulged as he beared down, putting emense pressure on his crushing hold of Steve's hands.  Steve yelled out, his arm, shoulder, back and leg muscles bulging as he tried to use what strength he had left to push back and get off of his knees.  It didn't take Steve long to realize it was useless.  Jack's monster hands were like vice grips on his hands, his bones feeling like they were going to be completely crushed.  Jack twisted his hands and arms, enjoying the look and sound of Steve's agony.  Jack liked the look of Steve's muscled body reacting to his power.  Jack was really getting hot as he felt the strength of Steve leave his body with each twist and squeeze.  Paul was on his ass in the corner where he landed after Jack backhanded him.  He knew he would be hurt if he moved, so he just stayed put, knowing he couldn't do a thing to help Steve.  Finally releasing Steve's hands, Jack grabbed Steve's arm and pulled him up off the ground, lifting him by the arm up off the floor, slamming his body against the lockers.  

"Hey, look at this boy.  The short fuck likes this.  Check out his boner.  You really like this huh fucker?  Good, I can use another pleasure toy.  Maybe you'll fill that bill huh?" Jack said, licking Steve's pec and arm.

Steve tried to yell something at Jack, Paul could see the fury in Steve's eyes and face, but every time he started, Jack would swing his other arm hard across Steve's chest and abs and jerk his arm higher.  Jack then ripped off Steve's jock strap and grabbed Steve's hard cock and balls in his hand, squeezing until Steve screamed out and started gasping for air.  

"You had enough fucker?  You know who your master is now?" Jack bellowed as he continued to torture Steve's cock and balls.

Steve managed to scream out while catching some breath "Fuck you!"

"No shit head, I'm gonna be fucking you!" Jack bellowed as he released Steve's arm and held Steve up by his cock and balls.

Steve tried to scream out but nothing came out of his open mouth.  Jack finally let go and Steve hit the ground like a rock.  Jack pulled Steve up and slammed him onto the bench, stomach first.  Jack smiled and then slammed Steve with his arm across Steve's back over and over again.  Jack grabbed onto Steve's ass cheek and squeezed as he twisted and pulled.  He did the same with the other ass cheek and then slammed Steve's back again and again.  Paul couldn't believe the abuse Steve was taking.  Jack sat down on the bench and pulled Steve across his knee.  He pushed down on Steve's neck and thigh, bending him like a bow across his knee.  Steve gasped and tried grabbing something to hold on to so he could ease the pain and pressure, but Jack's legs were so long that Steve couldn't reach the floor with his hands or feet.  Jack asked Steve again and again as he jerked his arms down over and over.  Finally, Steve couldn't take anymore and screamed out "YOU! You are my master!"

"Yeah boy, you know I am," Jack said as he slapped Steve hard on his stretched abs.  "Maybe we should give you a little reward to tide you over until I can get to you huh?"

Jack started playing with Steve's cock and balls.  Steve's body was jerking and his abs were heaving as the combination of pain and pleasure started to take over.  Jack kept calling him names and asking him if he liked it as he played, kneading, stroking and rubbing Steve's cock and balls.  When Jack thought Steve was going to cum, he squeezed the base of Steve's cock hard until he calmed down and then started playing again.  Jack then covered his middle finger with saliva and pushed it deep into Steve's ass.  Steve gasped from the pain.  Jack roughly moved his finger in and out and around as he started stroking Steve's cock again.  Steve's entire body stiffened and shook as Jack's finger rubbing hard on his prostate and his hand stroking on his cock pushed him over the edge.  He shot load after load of cum.  Jack didn't remove his finger until he felt Steve couldn't come any more.  Jack laughed and put Steve back on the bench, straddled him and stooped down, his ass covering Steve's face.  

"Eat it fuck head! And YOU, boy, get your sweet ass over here.  Bear wants to play!" Jack bellowed.

Paul moved out of the corner, shaking in fear, not knowing if Jack was going to kill him or what.  Jack grabbed Paul's head and pushed him down to his cock.  Paul grabbed the cock and started licking and kissing the fat head, covered in precum.  Jack screamed at Paul to open his mouth and he began to push his head down onto his cock.  Paul felt like his mouth was being ripped apart.  Jack only let the head into Paul's mouth and screamed at him to use his tongue and suck.  Paul did the best he could.  Jack moaned and started moving Paul's head up and down the head of his cock.  He screamed at Steve to eat more and harder, punching him in his crotch if he didn't do as he was ordered.  Jack seemed to almost scream as his body tensed and he pushed down on Paul's head, his cock exploding with huge loads of cum into Paul's mouth and throat.  Even though Paul's mouth was full of Jack's fat cock, cum oozed out from his mouth, down his chin and back on Jack's cock.  He gagged because he wasn't able to swallow the amount of cum Jack shot into his mouth.  Jack grabbed Paul under the armpits and lifted him up, putting Paul's legs on each side of his hips.  He licked Paul's face hard and then rammed his tongue in and round the inside of Paul's mouth.  He held Paul tight and close as Paul felt the cum covered cock push against his ass.  Paul tried to scream out but Jack's tongue and mouth kept him from that.  Paul thought he was being ripped apart as the head of Jack's cock slid into his ass.  Jack kept up the pressure, forcing Paul's body slowly down his cock until his pubes were smashed against Paul's ass cheeks.  Only then did Jack release his grip on Paul and move his mouth off of Paul's.  Paul gasped and grimaced as every slight movement made him feel like Jack's cock was going to push out through his throat and his ass was going to completely rip wide open.

Paul opened his eyes and saw Jack staring at him with a grin on his face.  Jack lifted his arms, putting his hands behind his head and started to flex for Paul.  

"Go ahead boy, feel the power of this bear.  I know you want to taste me.  Have at it, it's all yours now!" Jack said in a very deep, sexy voice.

Paul couldn't hesitate, he dove into Jack's chest, his mouth and tongue trying to taste and feel every inch of Jack as his hands ran all over Jack's biceps, forearms, shoulders and pecs.  Jack laughed and encouraged Paul, knowing that he had Paul in his power now. Jack moved off of Steve, ordering Steve to sit behind Paul and watch him ride Jack's cock.  Steve moved slowly, bruised and in pain, feeling humiliated.  Steve watched Jack put on his flex show for Paul and Paul going wild on Jack's body and arms.  He felt angry, but knew there was no way Paul could stop even if he really wanted to without being hurt bad by Jack.  Paul screamed out as Jack put his hands on his hips and started moving him up and down Jack's cock.  He moved Paul slowly at first until Paul stopped screaming and started moaning and panting.  Jack picked up the pace, growling, licking Paul and biting into his neck and shoulder.  He laughed when Paul shot a load of cum on him.  It took some time before Jack tensed, wrapped his massive arms tight around Paul and pushed his tongue deep into Paul's mouth as his cock exploded inside Paul.  Paul felt the hot cum filling his insides, setting him off again.  When Jack finally pulled out of him, Paul was completely limp and unable to move on his own.  Jack made Steve clean off his cock with his mouth and tongue.  He told Steve to get his shit and leave.  Steve slowly did as he was ordered, gathering his stuff and headed out of the locker room.  He dressed himself and headed home.

Jack lifted Paul, threw him over his shoulder and headed for the showers.  Once there, he put Paul down and turned on the water, making Paul wake up.  He ordered Paul to wash him and then he washed Paul's body when Paul was finished with his.  He told Paul to get towels and head back to the locker to worship his bear more.  Paul felt like he would die if he had to ride that monster cock again, but knew he couldn't fight Jack off.  After Paul dried off and then dried off Jack, Jack made him rub his entire body down with oil, licking and kissing every part before he rubbed in the oil.  As he was working on Jack's back, Dave came into the locker room.  He stood so he could watch Paul worshiping Jack's body, his cock getting rock hard and he couldn't help rubbing it.  Jack lifted Paul by his arms and ravaged Paul's mouth again.  He put Paul down and told him he was doing a good job and more was to come.  Jack dressed and left the locker area, leaving Paul there naked and shaking.  He saw Dave was there and whispered to Dave that Paul was a wild fuck for sure, a natural born muscle bear slave if he ever saw one.  Dave slapped him on the back and thanked him, slowly walking over to the lockers where Paul was standing.

Paul was sobbing, his hands holding his head as he sat on the bench.  Dave came up to him and put his hand on Paul's shoulder.  Paul jumped and blurted out "no more please!"  When he saw it was Dave, he broke down and started crying and shaking.

"Hey, hey, what's the matter boy?  What happened to you?  Hey, come on, you can tell me!" Dave said gently as he slowly rubbed his hand over Paul's shoulders.

"I fucked up I guess.  Jack Big Bear got me going and got rough.  Steve tried to help me and got the shit kicked out of him because of it.  I think I should just quit.  I don't think I can handle these muscle guys.  I should have told you that I'm gay, but I didn't think it would make any difference, but I was wrong!" Paul kept babbling on and on as he cried.

Dave pulled him up into his arms and gently hugged him, stroking his back and head, telling him it was okay and he didn't do anything bad.  "You want me to fuck up Jack? I'll gladly do it for you baby! Nobody fucks with my boy!"

"No, please, I'll just quit.  I don't' want to be responsible for any more violence.  Please.  I'll just quit.  I'm such a weak idiot.  Why didn't I know I wouldn't be able to resist.  Poor Steve will hate me now!" Paul said as he calmed down, liking the feeling of Dave's embrace and comforting voice.

"Never you mind baby.  It's okay.  You're fine and doesn't look like you're hurt or anything, are you?" Dave said, gently wiping the tears off of Paul's cheeks.

"No, really sore ass, but no damage done I guess.  I'm not sure about Steve, but I'm okay.  GOD I'm so sorry Dave.  I should have told you!" Paul said still shaking.

Dave pulled Paul tight into a hug and held his head against his chest, smiling so Paul couldn't see, knowing he was going to have fun with Paul after all.  He owed Jack big time for this.  Dave gently kissed Paul's head and rubbed his back as he kept him in an embrace close against his rippled muscled body.  Paul seemed to melt slowly, his arms moving up and around Dave's neck, Dave's hand moving down to gently rub Paul's ass cheek.  Paul moaned as Dave gently pulled Paul's body up higher on his body, his lips slowly kissing Paul's neck and shoulder.  Paul moved his face to Dave's and kissed him gently.  Dave returned the kiss and smiled at Paul.  Paul felt himself relax and calm down.  Dave told Paul to pick up his clothes and he would take him back to his office to make sure he was okay.  When Paul picked up his clothes, Dave lifted him in his arms and used his chin to push Dave's head onto his shoulder.  Paul sighed and reached his arm around Dave's neck, holding tight to Dave.  Dave smiled to himself again, knowing Paul was going to do anything he asked and Jack was the bad guy, not him.  When they got into Dave's office, Dave locked the door and moved Paul to a cot in Dave's office.  Paul was going to start dressing, but Dave gently pulled the clothes out of Paul's hands.  He slowly moved his hands up and down Paul's body, telling him softly he wanted to be sure Paul wasn't hurt.  Then Dave started kissing Paul's entire body, making Paul moan and groan.  Paul began kissing, licking and feeling Dave's body.  He slid down Dave's shorts and massaged Dave's cock and balls.  Dave asked him if he was sure and Paul said "Please?"

"Oh baby, that's nice, yeah, show Dave how much you like his cock and balls. You like your daddy huh baby? Dave will make you feel all good again and we'll take away all the bad stuff bad bigbear did to my baby!" Dave said in his deep sexy voice as he gently stroked Paul's hair, as Paul adored his cock.

Dave reached down and easily got his hands on Paul's lower back and ass.  He gently massaged Paul's ass cheeks, feeling the leaking cum from Jack; he took some on his fingers and tasted it.  Yep, no doubt in his mind it was Jack's.  

"Fuck, I'm gonna kill that Jack.  He raped you didn't he? FUCK!" Dave pretended outrage.

Paul moved his mouth off of Dave's cock and looked up at him, wrapping his arms around Dave's waist and had a pleading look on his face with tears starting to come down his cheeks and said "No please Dave, it's okay, really.  Jack would probably take it out on Steve or me later on if you did anything.  Please don't do anything Dave, PLEASE?"

Dave reached down and lifted Paul off of the ground, holding him close and started kissing Paul's tear covered cheeks as he said, "No baby, I should kill the fucker.  But seeing how upset it seems to make you, I promise, I won't do anything to Jack.  I really want to, but you don't need to worry sweet thing, I will keep my promise to you!"

Paul tried to smile and wrapped his arms tight around Dave's neck, as Dave's lips and tongue gently ravaged his head, neck and shoulder.  Dave sat down on the cot and laid down, pulling Paul's body with him, Paul ending up on Dave's side, wrapped with Dave's muscled arms around him, Dave's legs wrapped tight around his lower body and legs.  Dave kissed Paul, licked his face and gently began rubbing Paul's body, moving his finger gently around the head of Paul's rock hard, leaking precum cock.  Paul started moaning and groaning at the tenderness of Dave's touch, the feel of Dave's muscles slowly rippling as he moved his face and arms.  Dave opened his legs and used his hand to spread Paul's legs apart, his hand stroking, kneading and rubbing Paul's crotch and ass.  Paul's moans got louder and started to sound like pleading.  Dave moved Paul on top of his body, gently sliding Paul up and down his body by holding his ass cheeks.  He flexed his pecs and abs for Paul as he kept kissing and licking Paul.  Paul's hands moved all over Dave's shoulder and chest, his fingers digging in as if he was holding on for his life.  Dave reached around Paul's ass and moved the tip of his cock at the opening of Paul's ass.  Paul's ass was still stretched out and leaking Jack's cum, so Dave's entire cock head easily slipped inside Paul.  Paul moaned and kissed Dave passionately.  Paul knew he shouldn't, but he felt he had to, every cell in his body wanted to be comforted by Dave's entire body.  Dave smiled and kissed Paul gently on his head, put his hands under Paul's armpits and lifted his upper body.  Paul was soon sitting on Dave's lap with Dave's arms around him, Dave's cock deep inside him.  It wasn't painful at all, especially after Jack.  Dave was moving Paul ever so slowly, making it feel like a sweet, tender caress deep inside him.  

Dave moved Paul backwards to look at him.  He smiled and asked Paul if he liked it and it was all right.  Paul groaned and moaned, his pleasure obvious on his face, his entire body told Dave it was fine.  Paul tried to smile and tell Dave it was better then fine, but Dave just laughed and began to passionately kiss Paul, his tongue going deep inside Paul's mouth.  He soon had Paul moving faster up and down his cock, Paul's muscles squeezing tight around Dave's cock making sure it didn't leave just yet.  Paul couldn't stand the feeling anymore, he had to give in to his cock and began yelling as he shot load after load of cum all over Dave's abs and chest.  Dave growled and began moving Paul faster up and down on his cock, squeezing his arms tighter.  Dave tensed and his entire body seemed to flex as his cock exploded inside Paul.  Paul felt like electricity was shooting throughout his body.  By the time Dave finally felt his cock softening, Paul was completely limp in his arms.  Dave bit down and sucked on the top of Paul's shoulder, leaving a deep purple hickey.  He smiled at his artwork; felt satisfied he had marked Paul as his.  He knew it would go away, but somehow it just felt right that he marked Paul as his.  Dave fell backwards, his cock still inside of Paul, his arms still holding Paul tight to his body.  They were both in a pleasure-induced sleep.

Paul woke up, feeling sore and very used.  He was lying on a cot inside Dave's office.  At first he was confused, but then all that happened flashed into his mind all at once.  He became frightened, thinking that Dave had gone to beat up Jack or worse.  Then he felt horrible, wondering what happened to Steve.  He knew it was all his fault that Steve tried to come to his rescue.  The only saving grace out of all the horror he experienced was Dave and how he made him feel safe and protected.  Strange Paul thought that Dave and Jack were really good friends, and yet Dave seemed to be all upset about what Jack did to him.  He found himself wishing Dave was in the locker room before Jack attacked him and Steve.  Paul decided he needed to get his shit together and go find Steve.  For some reason, he found the amulet he wore felt like it was hot and cold, like it was throbbing or something.  He held it in his hand and felt the extreme need to be with his ancient books.

Steve was hurting when he left the club.  He felt humiliated, betrayed and angry.  He got into his truck and couldn't help himself from bursting into tears, not from the physical pain, but from his guilt at leaving Paul and not being able to stop Jack.  He tried to tell himself that there were no strings with Paul, but couldn't seem to get his heart to believe that.  He wanted to go back in and rescue Paul, but knew that was impossible, Jack would probably hurt him more and worse yet, do something awful to Paul.  No, there was no way he could out muscle Jack.  He decided to drive over to Paul's place and wait for him there.  If Paul didn't show up then he would call the police and somehow get them to find Paul.  Steve parked the truck at Paul's apartment building and waited.  He dosed off and was startled when there was a soft knocking on the window of his truck.  He opened his eyes and there was Paul, crying and yet trying to smile, with this look of terror on his face.  Steve moved a quick as he could to open the door and grab Paul into his arms.

"I'm so sorry I failed you.  Are you okay? I know Jack hurt you bad baby, I'm so sorry!" Steve kept saying as he cried holding Paul close.

"Hey, you're the one that got hurt muscle head.  I'm okay, I'll live.  I'm sorry I got you into this mess.  I know it's all my fault Steve, GOD I'm so sorry!" Paul sobbed.

"Stop it, it isn't your fault.  It was Jack that is at fault, not you or me.  Damn right I tried to stop that fuckin animal.  I know we said no strings, but fuck, I couldn't help getting tangled up in a bunch with you Paul, just happened that way.  Lot of good I did you huh? Shit, I'm not worth much at all, can't even protect you!" Steve said holding Paul's head with his hands as he kissed his face.

"Come on in, let's get you fixed up and washed up.  Can't have my guy stinking up with muscle sweat.  I need to be held by you Steve, for a long time. Please?" Paul pleaded with Steve.

"Please you say? Fuck.  I let you take that animal's worst and you say please to me.  Come on baby, at least I can offer you some comfort in my arms if you want it from me.  Let's go up and get to bed!" Steve said to Paul as he kissed his head.

They went into Paul's apartment, holding hands all the way from the parking lot.  Steve tried joking by saying "ouch" every other step.  He laughed at Paul because he kept trying to gently hold on to Steve when he said that.  Steve had to convince him he was joking.  When they got into the apartment, Steve dropped his bag and began pulling off his clothes as he headed toward the bathroom to take a shower.  He stopped at the doorway to the bathroom and turned, expecting to see Paul right behind him, but Paul wasn't there, he was on the couch, holding his new books and that amulet on his neck.  

"Hey, baby, come on, take a shower with me.  I could sure use some help washing up this beat up body!" Steve yelled.

"Oh, I'm sorry babe.  I'll be there in a minute.  I just have to hold these a bit for some reason.  It's almost like some force was driving me to them.  I know I have to use them for something, I'm just now quite sure what yet.  Sure it'll come to me though.  Okay, I'm sorry.  Let's get a nice hot shower in and then we can get comfy" Paul said, putting down the books and walking towards Steve.

"Great, I get my ass kicked and he is hugging books!" Steve joked.

Paul stopped and had a very hurt look on his face.  Steve shook his head and walked up to Paul, kissed his head as he started taking Paul's clothes off.  

"You have to lighten up baby.  You're going to have a hard time of it not knowing I'm kidding all the time.  It's okay Paul, you can hug your books any time you feel the urge, except when I'm letting my special muscle do it's thing of course.  That would be awkward to say the least.  Kind of like those married couples where the old lady reads a mag while the horny husband humps away on her.  Don't think I could deal with that just yet!" Steve laughed.

"WHAT!!! You think I'd do that? Hey, did you just compare me to an old lady?" Paul looked very hurt.

Steve finished taking Paul's clothes off and stood looking at him.  He started to slowly kiss Paul's eyes, cheeks, nose, chin, ears and head.  Paul's hurt look melted away and he began to gently touch the bruises that were showing up all over Steve's body.  Steve pretended that they hurt an awful lot as he guided Paul into the shower.  As the hot water washed over their bodies, Steve couldn't help but moan as his muscles began to relax.  He knew he was going to be feeling some pain later but maybe Paul could help him be distracted.  Paul gently pushed Steve against the wall and began to gently soap up his entire body using a soft body wash glove.  Steve closed his eyes and enjoyed the attention and relaxing effect it had on him.  Paul turned Steve around and did his entire back side, kissing every bruise he saw before he gently washed Steve.  Paul washed himself after he moved Steve under the showerhead, putting his hands on the walls so he could relax as the water massaged his body.  Paul got Steve to get out of the shower so he could rinse himself off and then dry Steve and himself off.  Steve was totally relaxed and moving slow.  Paul got out of the shower and saw Steve leaning with his head down, his arms holding his body up on the sink.  Paul gently patted Steve dry with the towel and then took a bottle of expensive ointment he kept for sore muscles.  He put a generous amount in his hands and started to slowly rub it into Steve's back and shoulders.  Steve moaned and lifted his head, his face pointed towards the ceiling as he groaned and moaned.  Paul smiled, knowing it was making Steve's sore muscles feel better.  Paul put the lotion on Steve's arms, chest and abs.  When he finished, he pulled Steve from the bathroom by the hand, Steve pretending to walk like a zombie.   Paul got Steve to the couch, threw a bunch of pillows on the one corner of the couch and got Steve to lay down.  Steve let out a big sigh as he settled into the soft pillows and comfy couch cushions.  Paul picked up his books and situated himself between Steve's legs and sat down, leaning his back up against Steve's chest and abs.  

"Ah, all this to be ignored in favor of some old, dusty books!" Steve said.

Paul jerked his elbow back, hitting Steve in the ribs.  "Behave or I'll have to tickle you and you won't like that!"

"Okay, Okay, I give.  So, what are you going to check out in the book?" Steve asked.

"I'm not sure, but I know I have to do this.  The amulet won't stop throbbing and making me feel I need to use the books.  I just know I have to do this.  Be patient with me please?" Paul said softly, leaning his head back and reaching his arm around Steve's head so he could kiss him.

"Okay baby.  You hot guys are weird but cute as hell.  Go ahead and do what you need to baby.  I'm here with you now!" Steve said.

Paul reached around and pulled Steve's hands onto his abs and wiggled his butt into Steve.  Steve laughed and kissed Paul's neck, pulling him tight into his body.  Paul held the amulet with one hand and opened the large book, his hand turning pages.  He stopped when he got to the middle of the book and knew he had to read the passages there.  It didn't take him long to realize that it was a spell.  It seemed like his mind was being pulled into the book, nothing else mattered.  When he finally closed the book, he realized that Steve's breathing was slow and heavy, he was sound asleep.  Paul looked at the clock and gasped, figuring out that he was into the book for over 2 hours.  Poor Steve he thought.   He now knew what the spell was for and he would have to convince Steve to let him use it on him against Jack.  Paul put the book down and turned over, snuggling his head into Steve's gorgeous mounded pecs.  Steve moved his arm so that it was across Paul's back and his other hand was holding Paul's ass cheek.  Paul smiled, sighed and snuggled into Steve, quickly falling asleep.  Paul had the wildest dream of his life.  He saw a strange battle between Steve and Jack, with Jack unable to defeat Steve.  Steve was his hero, rescuing him from the monster Big Bear.