Chapter 5 Adjusting

Paul's eyes opened as Steve's body slowly stretched out under him.  They were still on the couch from last night, Paul savoring the feeling of Steve's muscles stretch, flex and relax.  He nuzzled his face in Steve's neck and without fully waking, Steve's arm rubbed Paul's back and ass and then pulled him into his body.  Paul couldn't help but smile as Steve's hard cock was pulsing on his abs.  Paul's cock was nicely held between Steve's massive thigh muscles.  Paul sighed, smiling and thinking this was just so wonderful.  Then, his mind quickly filled with the horror of yesterday, Big Bear Jack humiliating Steve and using Paul as his sex toy.  Paul felt guilty since in his mind, Jack was the physical presence of his fantasy muscle bear of his dreams.  Before taking the job at the health spa, his sex life wasn't very exciting, rarely taking up offers at the bar he liked hanging at since most of the guys there weren't muscled bears.  Oh he took the rare offer for a romp with a bigger hairy guy, but no real muscle gods, those lived in his mind, until recently that is.  

His eyes moved downward and he spotted the ancient books he was reading before he fell asleep.  He remembered finding a spell that would seem to enable him to give Steve the power and cunning he needed to fight off Jack.  He wasn't sure Steve would go along with him trying out the spell on him, so after much thought and lots of nudging from Steve's hard cock, he decided he would just do the spell thing and not tell Steve.  If it worked, that would be super, if not, no harm done.  He would just have to make certain he was not responsible for Steve getting humiliated by Jack again.  He would not risk Steve getting hurt, so he would try as best he could to keep Steve away from Jack, especially when Paul was working.  He knew Steve didn't want any commitment between them yet and wasn't looking at pushing any obligations his way, but still, the way it looked right now, Steve was changing his mind without any pressure from Paul.  Yep, he was going to follow his gut feelings and use the spell on Steve without his knowledge.  The spell didn't say the recipient needed to know or give permission, so that would mean it was fine to just "do it" without feeling guilty or anything.

"Boy, he doesn't even bother to carry me into his bedroom and sleep comfy in a nice big bed, just leaves me scrunched up on this couch, crushing my cock and getting my thighs all sticky with his precum!" Steve said in a gravely, sexy voice.

"Well, good morning to you muscle head! You were sleeping so soundly and looked so comfortable, I didn't want to disturb you.  Besides, you looked like a great mattress to me, so I slept on top of you all night," Paul mumbled as his hands held Steve tight and he turned his head to nibble on Steve's neck.

"Oh great, now he's gonna play vampire! Maybe I need to keep you distracted from those old books or something.  I think they're turning you into some sort of creature or something!" Steve said, moving his fingers to tickle Paul's ribs.

"STOP! No tickling!" Paul yelled, laughing more and more as Steve's fingers attacked his ribs and his legs locked tight around Paul's ass.

Steve loved the feeling of Paul's body wriggling on top of him.  He loved it even more when Paul pushed himself up with his arms on Steve's pecs and then kissed him passionately.  Steve's fingers immediately moved to hold Paul's sides, before moving around to envelope him with his arms.  After a long, hot passionate kiss, Paul pushed himself up again, smiled down at Steve and slid his ass up higher on Steve's abs, reached behind him and held Steve's precum soaked cock until he slid down, his ass swallowing Steve's cock head.  Steve gasped and arched his hips as Paul's ass muscles squeezed and rubbed on the cock head and top of Steve's cock shaft. Paul loved the look of pleasured pain on Steve's face, his eyes closed tight, his mouth open and groaning, his breathing long and slow.  Paul used his hands to massage and squeeze Steve's pecs as he slid his ass further on Steve's cock.  He would stop every now and then, let his ass muscles massage Steve's cock and then move his ass down farther to swallow more of Steve's cock.  By the time he felt Steve's pubes brushing up against his ass cheeks, Steve was moaning and groaning, starting to sweat, almost panting instead of breathing.

"Oh GOD baby!  You sweet sexy baby! Yeah! That's it! FUCK that feels so good!" Steve kept moaning.

Paul reached his hand back and started rubbing, pulling and kneading Steve's balls.  That got Steve's hips to jerk up harder and faster so that his cock was ramming hard deep into Paul.  Paul closed his eyes and his face turned up towards the ceiling as his entire body jerked up and down from the force of Steve's hip thrusts.  Both were groaning, panting and covered in sweat.  Steve moved his hand to hold tight Paul's cock not wanting Paul to cum just yet.  Steve opened his eyes and watched Paul's body reflect the ecstasy he was feeling.  Paul had that pleasure pain look on his face and Steve loved it.  Steve's body tensed, his hips jerked up high and held as his cock exploded inside Paul with load after load of cum.  Paul looked down at Steve with a pleading look and kept saying "let me, please let me cum!"

Steve smiled when Paul begged him and used his other hand to grab on to the back of Paul's ass cheek and push him forward, his mouth taking in all of Paul's cock.  He released his other hand that was holding Paul's cock tight and grabbed Paul's other ass cheek tight.  Steve pushed Paul's cock deep into his throat and moved his throat and mouth to tighten and clench Paul's cock as his tongue slid wildly underneath it.  Steve gasped, his eyes went wide and he grabbed Steve's head in his hands as he shot load after load of cum down Steve's throat.  Steve didn't let Paul loose until he was sure he drained every last drop of Paul's cum from his cock and balls.  Paul's body was jerking and shaking wildly when Steve slid him backwards, used his hands to push himself up and get in a sitting position on the couch.  He pulled Paul roughly into his arms and his teeth, lips, and tongue attacked Paul's neck.  Paul squeezed his arms around Steve's head and loved the feelings.

"Okay, now that I had breakfast, do you think I can finally get up and shower?" Steve said as he nuzzled his nose against Paul's.

"You can do anything you wish muscle head.  Anything!" Paul moaned as he tried to lower himself onto Steve's body again.

"OH NO YOU DON'T! No more of that for right now! I expect some coffee, juice and eggs waiting for me when I finish in the shower sexy! Now off you go and get crackin!" Steve laughed as he got up off the couch, lifting Paul up and swatting him on his ass cheek with his hand.

"Slave driver!" Paul said after a few "OUCH!"

"Just teasing you hot sexy baby.  Come on in with me, okay? Be nice to wash you up!" Steve said, licking Paul's shoulder.

"Oh boy, round 2 already!" Paul laughed as he took Steve's hand and pulled him into the bathroom.

"Stop your bitchen hot stuff, you love it, can't fool me!" Steve said smacking Paul's ass cheeks.

"Bitchen is it? Well, if that's how you feel about it, okay, fine.  SHIT! I have to hurry up here! I forgot I have classes today! Damn! Now see what you did to me? Gets me all horny and needing and then torture!" Paul said excitedly.

"Oh oh, already it starts! Honeymoon is over!" Steve said seriously, washing down Paul quickly.

"Honeymoon? SHIT! I must have missed something big!" Paul said somewhat confused.

"There you go again.  Baby hot stuff you just HAVE to lighten up! I'm playing with you goofy! Now don't get your nose all scrunched up and all that you do! Chill!" Steve said holding Paul's chin in his hand.

Paul looked at Steve questioningly, but knew there were some pretty heavy feelings building between him and Steve.  Steve was probably just trying in a joking way to ease up on things, taking away the seriousness of how they were both feeling.  Oh well, nothing to do about it now, had to hurry up and get his butt in gear and not be late for his first day of classes.

Paul rushed through dressing and getting his backpack filled.  He ran into the kitchen to get coffee going for Steve, but found Steve standing there, naked, holding a cup of coffee in one hand and milk in the other.  

"Cream and sugar?" Steve said batting his eyes.

"Just milk thanks, you are such a great guy for a muscle head!" Paul said as he kissed Steve's nose and took the coffee cup.

"Yeah, I know.  The world is just so lucky I'm in it alright! Hey, when you're good your good!" Steve said seriously.  "You know, this is the nicest morning I've had in ages! Guess I could get used to this hot baby.  Better watch yourself or you just might end up with more then you wished for!"

"Oh, oh.  Now it's getting deep in here!  I have to run sweet guy.  Have a great day at work.  Be nice and don't pick on any tall guys, okay? I'm working at the club after school, so I won't be home until late.  OH! I almost forgot.  Close your eyes and stand still!" Paul said as he hurriedly put the coffee down and used his fingers to close Steve's eyes.

"Now what? This better not hurt or anything.  I can get pretty nasty when cornered you know! Please don't hurt me" Steve mocked.

Paul shook his head and frown, but being in a rush, he closed his eyes, put his hands on Steve's head so his thumbs were on Steve's eyes. He almost panicked since he wasn't sure he would remember the whole spell.   He felt the amulet on his neck tingle and get warm and suddenly he remembered the spell exactly as it was in the ancient book.  He recited the strange words at least 5 times and licked Steve's forehead and chin in between each recitation.  

"Talk about kinky shit! Hot stuff baby what the hell are you doing?" Steve asked trying to move away from Paul's grip.

"Shush and be still.  Don't worry, it's an old blessing to keep you safe and ward off warts!" Paul said as he finished and then gave Steve a hard, passionate, wet kiss.

"Wow, no more warts.  You are just full of neat surprises! Oh, and you think you're going to get away with kissing me like that and just run away now?" Steve said chasing Paul towards the door.

"Not now, gotta run.  Maybe I'll see you at the club later huh? No pressure, no strings remember.  Just thought I'd let you know it's great with me so you don't feel like you're pushing me or anything! Later, have a great day muscle head!" Paul almost sang as he squeezed Steve's pec and then went out the apartment door.

"You're gonna pay for that! Pay real good you know!" Steve shouted after opening the door.  "Don't worry, I'll lock up for you.  Don't get any detentions or anything!"

Steve watched Paul head down the stairs and across the parking lot with a big smile on his face.  He knew he was hooked big time.  Paul was a special catch that he wasn't just going to push away.  Something felt good and right and not to be squandered like so many other relationships he's had.  Nope, this hot cutie was a keeper.  No strings of course, right!

Paul made it to the campus with plenty of time before his first class.  He found the classroom and looked for a place to sit and review the syllabus and books.  He found a nearby bench in the shade, sat down and pulled out his book and papers.  He had to force himself to concentrate as Steve kept popping into his mind.  He didn't notice the large jock approaching him.  

"Well shit! Looky here! Here's my buddy Paul! Hey, were we supposed to do some work before the class or something?" Jim said as he squished himself right up against Paul and wrapped his big muscled arm around Paul's back.

"Jim! Hey there guy! No, just going over the syllabus and stuff so I have an idea what the professor is going to cover and all, that's it.  How have you been?" Paul said, trying to slide over but unable to move from Jim's grasp.

"Great, just great.  Hey, you still working at the spa? You just have to get me into there buddy.  I've wanted to see that place for ages! Here there are some great massive builders that train there so it's got to be something good huh?" Jim said squeezing Paul tighter.  "Say, I meant to ask you before.  Would you mind if I leaned on you for help with this stuff if I get lost?  You sure seem to know your way around all this and all, so would you mind?"

"Well, I think I'd be glad to help you out sometimes.  Can't commit to all the time, but I'm sure I can manage to make some time available for you if you need it.  As far as the spa, sure, I'll check with my boss and make sure there isn't a problem then I'll let you know, okay?" Paul said, still trying to move away from Jim's grip.

"Oh man, you're the best! I really appreciate it Paul.  I was hoping I wasn't wrong about you! Well, I'm going to pick up some juice before the class starts.  I'll see you inside huh?" Jim said as he stood up and patted Paul on the back.

"Sure thing!" Paul said trying to fake a smile.

Paul watched Jim head off, watching his hard muscled bubble butt flex and move with each step.  He could see the hard calf and lower thigh muscles on Jim's legs since Jim was wearing shorts.  The shirt he was wearing wasn't tight, but the material seemed to catch on his broad back muscles very nicely.  His huge arms were stretching the opening of the sleeve part of the shirt.  Yep, Jim was hot, but something told Paul he was going to be a pain in the ass.  He smiled when he thought of how Steve would react to coming over and finding Jim at his apartment.  He made a mental note to tell Steve about Jim so there would be no misunderstanding.

Paul went into the classroom and was relieved it was a lecture hall with comfy looking seats.  He hated being stuck in smaller desks.  Before he could spread his stuff out, Jim was there, sitting himself down right next to Paul.  He smiled, said some remarks that Paul thought were dumb, but he pretended to laugh at them.  Paul was distracted throughout most of the class as Jim kept making remarks, leaning forward on to the seat in front and seemed to be flexing his arms and pecs and then put his legs out and exercised them while the lecture went on.  Paul didn't see Jim watching Paul stare at him from the corner of his eye.  He smiled, always feeling great when some guy was impressed with his body.  Broads were okay, but nothing turned him on more then a guy appreciating his muscles.  He couldn't wait until Paul would get him inside the gym.  He could get a lot of pointers and routines down from watching the big guns work out routines.  He liked Paul in his own way.  Yeah, he would use him however it struck his fancy, but he knew Paul would love it.

Paul was disappointed that he and Jim had 3 classes out of 4 he registered to take together.  Oh well, could be worse Paul thought and Jim was great eye candy.  Paul had a hard time getting Jim to understand that he wasn't taking a lunch since his classes were back to back and then he was heading to work.  He worked out that schedule so that he could work and still have plenty of time to study and do research if needed.  Besides, the classes only were running Monday through Wednesday, so he had the rest of the week to do his studying.  Jim reluctantly gave in and reminded Paul about getting him into the gym.   Paul headed off to the gym thinking about having Steve help him pick out a car so he wouldn't have to rely on the bus to get around.  He walked the 3 blocks from the bus stop to the gym.  The outside always impressed Paul and he always walked all the way around the building to get to the employee entrance.  

He went into Dave's office, knocked and when he got no reply, he walked in, opened his locker up and started to change.  He wondered if things would settle down with Jack soon.  He figured Jack was probably working so at least there would be no danger of running into him for a few hours anyway.  Jack sat down at his desk and got working on the papers Dave left on his desk for entry into the computer system.  He was nearly finished when the door opened and Dave walked in, all sweaty and obviously fresh from working out.  

"Hey, there's my boy! How you feeling?  No damage done I hope? Things okay with you little buddy?" Dave said as he hugged Paul's body to his body pulling Paul and his chair.

"Hey Dave.  Everything is fine thanks.  I really want to thank you for being so kind and nice to me yesterday.  It meant a lot to me!" Paul said trying to wiggle out of Dave's grip.

"Nawh, no big deal.  I told you nobody messes with my boy here! Hope you didn't mind me comforting you the way I did? I sure liked it.  You know you are a sexy baby don't you?  I'm not surprised Jack went a little far, you sure get the mouth watering I'll tell yah!" Dave said as he held Paul's chin in his massive fingers.

Paul blushed and wasn't sure what to say, not wanting to come on to Dave or to hurt his feelings either.  

"Thanks Dave.  I sure don't feel I'm like that, but not stupid enough to ignore a great compliment like that coming from a guy like you!" Paul said.

Paul wasn't ready for Dave lifting him up and holding his head tight with his hand as his other hand held his ass cheeks tight to Dave's body.  Dave pushed his lips against Paul's and gave him a deep, wet, hard kiss, his tongue almost tickling the back of Paul's throat.  Paul's cock went hard real fast and that made Dave smile as he felt Paul's cock pushing hard into his abs.  

"I'll have to make sure to take care of your little problem for you later on huh baby?  Course that means you're going to have to help me with my big problem!" Dave said laughing as he forced Paul's hand onto his hard cock.

Paul blushed even more as his hard cock betrayed his deep down desire to be fucked by Dave.  He felt guilty at the same time thinking about Steve, but kept telling himself that there were no strings attached with Steve and that is how Steve wanted it.

"I guess I'll just have to see to that won't I?" Paul finally got the nerve to say.

Dave smiled and laughed as he hugged Paul tight, making sure to hard squeeze Paul's ass cheeks as he bit down on Paul's neck.

"I'm gonna hold you to that sweet boy.  You sure know how to make your boss all horny and hot for you! Now get back to work so we can finish up our little discussion here sooner!" Dave said as he put Paul back into his chair and pushed him back towards the computer keyboard.

Paul was still blushing and a bit uncomfortable as his cock was pulsing and his ass cheeks still felt like Dave's huge hands were kneading them.  Paul just couldn't believe Dave was so nice to him and didn't mind that Paul was gay.  Paul assumed Dave just liked having smaller guys to play with now and again since most women would be intimidated by his size.  Dave did his usual pat on top of Paul's head as he started whistling and walked back into his office to shower and change.  Before he got into the shower, he remembered he wanted Paul to straighten up the locker area since Paul seemed to do such a nice job of it.  He yelled out to Paul who yelled back that he'd take care of it.  Dave chuckled, feeling good he was going to have him a piece of Paul again and how lucky a find it was having Paul work for him.  He decided he would have to have a good talk with Jack now to make sure Jack understood he could play with Paul but was never to hurt him no matter what.  Dave would make sure he was protected from any mistreatment or abuse by any of the muscle lunks in the club.  Yeah, he'd be a big daddy to Paul, make sure Paul was kept happy and had any kind of fun he wanted.

Paul finished the paperwork and rechecked it all before getting up and filing it away.  He saw that Dave left papers on top of the filing cabinet, not knowing where he should file them.  Paul smiled seeing how Dave looked as he tried to figure out Paul's filing system.  Paul made a mental note to teach Dave how simple it was.  Paul made one last check of the desk and cabinet and once satisfied all was finished, he headed out to the locker room to finish that off.  Then he remembered about Jim wanting to come into the club, so he opened Dave's door and heard the shower running.  He yelled out to Dave that he needed to ask him a favor later on if it was okay and Dave said no problem, he'd catch up with him in a bit.

Paul headed to the locker room and was surprised by the number of big guys that were into heavy workouts at this time of day.  Paul thought they had to be really serious about it since it was only afternoon.  Maybe they all worked nights or something.  Paul took his time going through the weight room, pretending to adjust some of the machines across from the free weight area as he slowly made his way to the locker room.  He wasn't going to let this magnificent show of muscle and sweat go by without taking in as much as he could.  His cock was still demanding attention after Dave's welcome and now it was leaking precum to remind Paul it wasn't getting enough attention.  When he finally made it to the locker room, he was flushed, his skin was all hot and his breathing was a bit fast.  His head was spinning with the images of all that mass of sweaty muscle flexing, bulging and rippling in all different shapes and sizes, mostly from huge to gigantic! He felt he was one lucky guy.  He decided to head for the far end of the locker room to start there and work his way to the front.  He saw why Dave asked him to take care of it as there were towels and lockers completely mess up, definitely not how one would expect a classy spa to keep things.  He pulled over a wheeled cart and started picking up towels, wiping down lockers and closing them.  He heard some lockers opening and heavy breathing, figuring some guys just came in for their workouts.  Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a very large, hairy, tattooed guy walking by on his way to the showers.  Paul turned and looked at the guy who looked extremely rough, hard thick muscles covered in hair and wild tats with big rings in his nipples and ears, a very large PA in his cock head and it looked like some studs in his balls.  Paul never saw that much piercing and tats on anyone before.  He was fascinated at the look of the tats, some sort of mixture of oriental symbols and trashy looking things.  The guy definitely looked like a biker to Paul or somebody who maybe spent a good deal of time in prison.  He remembered watching a special on life in high security prisons and this guy looked like he could be a star of a movie about that.  The guy turned his head, feeling Paul's stare.  He gave Paul a wicked looking smile, smirked and then went into a shower.  Paul snapped himself out of it, remember how that got him into so much trouble before with Jocko and Jack.  

"Great, here I go again being stupid.  Like I didn't learn any lesson from the last 2 experiences I had doing that! What an asshole!" Steve thought out loud.

He jumped and stumbled as he heard this booming, throaty voice say "Who the fuck you calling an asshole you little fuck?  You talking to me dickhead?"

"No, no I'm sorry.  I was talking to myself is all.  I sure wouldn't call you anything like that!" Paul quickly said, the panic in his face and eyes.

"Yourself huh? Like I'm stupid or something? I'm supposed to believe you, you little fuck!" the monster boomed as he moved quickly towards Paul.

"Honest, I was. I mean I didn't.  I was talking to myself cause I fucked up and called myself an asshole because I did it again is all!" Paul tried desperately to explain as the big guy grabbed him by the shirt under his chin and pulled upwards.

"Well, asshole, I guess I should punish you for fucking up then huh?  What are you some sort of new benefit of the club here?  Personal ass licker and cock sucker or are you a freebie fuck punk?  I saw you checking me out major when I went past you.  You like what you saw there fuckin asshole?" the biker yelled as he moved closer, making Paul bend over backwards.

"Please, I am Dave's assistant, Paul, and I would never insult a customer of the spa.  Please don't think I was not showing you respect or anything sir.  I would not have said anything out loud if I knew you were near!" Paul said in a shaky voice.

"Well now Pauly, I'm Sam and I think you need to get punished for fuckin up whatever you fucked up and maybe reinforce the fact to you that YOU are an asshole!" Sam said angrily.

"Oh please Sam, just forget the whole thing okay?  I apologize if you think I was saying anything like that to you! Please, just let me finish my job and get out of the locker room okay?" Paul pleaded.

Sam just laughed and shook his head letting Paul know his answer was NO.  He pushed Paul down hard to the floor and told him to strip or else he would rip off his clothes for him.  Paul knew from the look in Sam's eyes that he was very serious, so Paul quickly began taking off his shirt.  He looked up at Sam who shouted "ALL of em!"  Paul quickly slid his shorts and jock strap off.  No sooner had he slid them off of his feet then Sam grabbed Paul by the hair and pulled him on to the bench, pushing him down on his back.  He straddled Paul's body and smacked him hard in the face a number of times with his cock, his PA hurting as it hit Paul's skin.  Sam grabbed Paul by the hair again and lifted his head, pushed it hard into his balls and told him to lick.  Paul licked as fast as he could, even though the studs in Sam's ball sack felt strange on his tongue.  Sam never made it into the shower as his crotch had a heavy musky scent and his body was still covered in sweat.

"That's a good asshole boy.  Lick them nuts clean.  Then you can clean my ass before you lick my tats dry.  You like that fucker don't you? I saw you checkin me out!" Sam yelled at Paul, spit hitting Paul's head.

Sam reached for Paul's face with both hands and squeezed as he forced Paul's mouth open.  He pulled up a huge load of phlegm from his throat and spit it into Paul's mouth.  Paul thought he was going to throw up.  Sam screamed at him to swallow it.  Sam laughed as Paul's expression told him how gross Paul thought that was.  Sam pushed Paul's head back down to the bench and quickly put his ass over Paul's mouth, pulling wide his ass cheeks so his rank ass was totally exposed and on Paul's mouth.  "Eat it fucker!" Sam screamed.  Paul thought for sure he would puke if his tongue touched that ass and he started to gag.  

"You're gonna pay for that fuckin asshole!" Sam said as he turned himself around and returned his ass to Paul's mouth.

Sam grabbed Paul's cock and balls in one hand, yanked them up hard and held them tight.  He then screamed at Paul to eat his ass and when Paul didn't do it, Sam started to slap hard on Paul's cock and balls with Sam screaming, "EAT IT!" with each slap.  Paul screamed out again and again but began to lick Sam's rank asshole.  When he did, Sam stopped slapping his cock and balls.  Paul kept licking and gagging, trying hard not to breathe through his nose so he couldn't smell.  He thought Sam was going to rip his cock and balls off his body as he kept his tight hold of them, pulling Paul's ass up off the bench with his grip on them.  Paul heard Sam say, "Let's see what we got here" as he felt Sam's fingers pushing open Paul's ass.  Paul squirmed by stopped when Sam tightened his grip on his cock and balls and pulled up higher.  Paul could swear he heard laughs and comments being made from behind but wasn't sure since Sam's ass just about covered his entire head.  Just as Paul felt Sam start to push what felt like 3 fingers into his rosebud, he felt a jerk of his cock and balls forward and saw Sam go flying off of his face, heading straight for the row of lockers.  Then he heard Dave's booming voice screaming all sorts of obsenities at Sam and the other guys who had gathered around the locker bay he and Sam were in.

"NOBODY fucks with my boy! NOBODY! You assholes better learn a lesson here cause if I catch any one of you fuckers laying a hand on my boy I'll rip their arm out of their socket and fuck em with it!" Dave screamed as he charged past Paul and started smashing Sam's entire body hard into the lockers.

When Dave felt that Sam was sufficiently limp, he dragged him from the lockers, lifted him and slammed him hard on his back to the bench.  He then looped his little finger into Sam's PA and started pulling backwards and up.  Sam started screaming and pleading with Dave as Dave kept screaming he was going to rip the fuckin thing out to teach Sam a lesson.  Sam tried to punch out at Dave but was weakened by being slammed into the lockers and on to the bench.  Sam moved his foot off the floor and slammed his gym shoed foot hard on the chest of Sam and pulled harder on the PA.  Sam screamed and began begging and pleading with Dave not to rip his cock apart.  Paul finally got himself together and quickly went to Dave and quietly asked him to please not do that to Sam, he was sure Sam would never do anything like that again.

Dave was in a rage and wanted to do some damage to Sam.  He barely heard Paul, but knew he was there, felt his hands on his arms and started to mellow from the sound of his voice.  Dave looked at Paul, his face a very scary feroucious beast look, the scariest thing Paul had ever seen.  The look on Paul's face showed his terror and made Dave start to calm down.  

"I should rip the fucker off of this scum bag fucking with you like that.  He doesn't deserve to have a cock after pulling that shit on you!" Dave snarled at Paul, giving Sam's PA another jerk up and back.

"Please Dave, don't do this.  I'm not hurt and I'll survive for sure.  Let's not make things worse and maybe get out of control over this okay? Please, for me?" Paul said softly and quietly, not wanting the other guys to hear him.

Dave looked down at Sam and then at the other guys standing around, all with a look of shock and awe on their faces.  Dave guessed they all got the message loud and clear now and would stay clear of Paul.  He looked down at Sam and kicked his foot hard into Sam's chest.

"You're so fuckin lucky this kid isn't like me or you, cause if he was, you wouldn't have a dick now fuck head.  Nobody fucks with my boy, ever.  If I ever see you give him a nasty look I'll punch your face in so bad nobody will know who the fuck you were.  I'll ram a fucking lead pipe up your sorry ass until it pops out of your stinking mouth you fucked up slime.  Now get the fuck out of here and don't you EVER come near Paul again!" Dave growled right in Sam's face.

Dave let go of Sam's PA and Sam's hands quickly reached for it and cupped around it, his stomach and chest heaving up and down as his breathing was very hard and quick.  Sam looked at Dave and then at Paul.  He shook his head telling Dave he understood and gave Paul a very sincere look before whispering "Sorry!"

Dave put his hand on Paul's shoulder and moved him out of the locker bay and out of the locker room.  When they hit the hallway, Dave reached down and lifted Paul up in his arms and carried him back to his office.  He put Paul down on top of his desk and started to check Paul's entire body carefully for bruises or marks.  Paul kept saying he was fine and just wanted to shower to get the stink of Sam off of him.  Dave undressed Paul and carried him into the shower.  He turned on the water nice and hot and started to wash Paul off.

"Dave, it's okay, I can do it, honest, I'm fine!" Paul kept saying but knew Dave was ignoring him.

Dave just kept washing Paul's body over and over again, helping him to calm down his insides which were still full of rage.  He finally started to get gentle and then washed Paul's face off and his entire head as if Paul was touched by some filthy animal or something.

"Shush sweet baby boy.  I need to calm down and this helps me.  You poor sweet kid.  Lucky for that fucker you said something to me, otherwise I'd probably be in jail right now for him bleeding to death from his ripped off cock!" Dave said, the anger building in him again.

"It's okay Dave, honest.  Please don't stay angry like this.  I'm fine and not even bruised I don't think.  Maybe a little sore but no big deal really.  You saved me again Dave and I owe you big time.  Thank you again for rescuing me from Sam" Paul said as he gently stroke Dave's face.

Dave turned his face to look at Paul and Paul couldn't resist, leaning forward, putting his hands on Dave's cheeks and giving him a kiss.  Dave let out a deep breath and scooped Paul up in his arms, lifting him off of the floor and locked his mouth on Paul's, kissing him passionately.  Paul moaned and wrapped his arms around Dave's neck as Dave moved them out of the shower, water dripping all over the floor, soaking Dave's shirt and pants.  Paul hung tight around Dave's neck as Dave pulled his clothes off, ripping his shirt apart to get it off of his body.  His hands went up and down Paul's sides as his tongue tried to fill Paul's mouth and throat.  Paul wrapped his legs around Dave's waist and squeezed with all his might, which didn't faze Dave at all, but he felt the pressure and that just added to his excitement.  His cock was rock hard and leaking precum like a faucet.  Paul managed to break free of the kiss and started to lick and bite at the muscles of Dave's neck and shoulders.  

"You like daddies big muscles don't you baby?" Dave growled.

"Oh yeah daddy I do.  I like them very much.  Let me worship them daddy.  Let me worship you my savior!" Paul moaned, unable to stop his mouth and body from demanding Dave's pleasure.

"All for you sweet baby, all for you.  All daddies muscles are all for you.  Have at em sweet baby, show daddy how much you like them!" Dave growled as he slid Paul down and started to pose and flex for Paul as Paul licked, kissed, bit and kneaded every muscle on Dave's body.

Dave thought he was going to cum just from the worshiping Paul was doing to his entire body.  Nobody had ever done that for Dave and he loved it.  He felt powerful, appreciated, wanted and adored.  Dave was mesmerized by watching Paul's adoration of his entire body, driven to give Paul all he wanted and more.  When Paul's tongue began to caress and adore his cock and balls, Dave hissed and used all his might to keep from shooting a huge load of cum all over Paul's face.  He tried to pull Paul up and off of his cock but Paul pushed his mouth farther on Dave's cock until his entire cock was swallowed into Paul's mouth and throat.  Paul began moving his throat muscles and tongue as he sucked and licked, sending Dave into a frenzied need to fill Paul with his cum.  He put his hands on Paul's head and held it tight into him as his cock erupted, sending hot, thick streams of cum down Paul's throat.  If Paul had Dave's cock in just his mouth, he wouldn't have been able to keep the cum in or swallow it fast enough, Dave was shooting that much.  When he felt completely drained he forcefully pulled Paul up with his hands under Paul's armpits and smothered Paul's mouth with his tongue and lips.  He moved over to the cot and laid down, putting Paul on his side and lying down behind Paul, slid his still throbbing and wet cock into Paul's ass, wrapping his entire body around Paul's, holding him tight and moving him slowly up and down his cock.  Dave groaned and growled as his teeth, lips and tongue worked on Paul's neck and mouth.  Paul thought he was going to be totally absorbed into Dave's massive muscled body Dave had him held so tight.  Paul moaned and shouted out in pleasure as his body was being completely massaged by Dave's muscles flexing and bulging.  Dave moved Paul's body around without taking his cock out of Paul so that he was still completely wrapped around Paul's body, but was now on top of Paul.  Paul's cock was almost crushed on top of the flexing and wave action of Dave's abs as he slowly slid up and down Paul's body.  To Paul, it felt like Dave's body was jerking off his cock and the feeling was magnificent.  Paul just started screaming out "Oh Daddy take me" over and over again as Dave kept growling obscenities, sweet words and calling Paul his sweet baby.  Paul's mind was reeling with sensations, pleasure and desire.  His body started jerking wildly and then his cock erupted, his hot cum filing the area between their bodies.  Dave felt the hot cum spreading and Paul's body jerking which set his cock off, erupting a huge amount of cum again, pushed farther by the tightening of Paul's sphincter around his cock and Paul's insides seemed to tighten around his entire cock.  Dave could feel Paul's heartbeat on the tip of his cock head.  He arched his body a bit so he could passionately kiss and bite Paul.  Paul was exhausted and drained but very happy and pleasured to the extreme.  

He didn't care if he was just being used by Dave and knew this was something different then sex with Steve.  He would never feel this with Steve since Steve was shorter then Paul, but Dave was 6'5" and over 320lbs of muscle.  This was pure fantasy and pleasure he would find nowhere else and that was fine.  The feelings he had when he was with Steve were stronger, but the pleasures didn't come close.  He wasn't sure if he could ever give this up, at least not Dave.  This was more potent then his wildest dreams, even though Dave wasn't really a bear.  He had some hair, but nowhere near what Jack had and even less then Jim.  Suddenly Paul felt guilty and sluttish.  Here he was moving forward in a relationship with Steve and he's thinking about Dave, Jim and Jack.  No strings was all he kept thinking as he was dragged back into his present reality by Dave licking his body of his cum and kneading his legs and back with his huge fingers.

"That was just fantastic baby.  The best I've ever had in my life!" Dave said as he moved to his side, turning Paul's body to face his and kissing Paul's face.  "You know daddy is gonna want this often baby.  You set something in motion here that went way past what I was hoping for.  You are definitely something else you sweet hot baby.  You're mine!" Dave said, pulling Paul tight into his body.

"Dave, it was something else and super special and I hope we do this often for sure, but you have to understand that I am with someone who is very special to me and I can't just give him up.  Please don't get angry or feel hurt or anything.  I want to spend time with you whenever I can and all, but I can't close out the rest of my life!" Paul said sadly.

Dave got a serious look on his face and didn't say anything for a little while.  Paul started to get nervous, thinking that Dave was going to go into a rage again. Dave saw the near panic look building in Paul's expression and decided to set things straight for Paul.

"Baby, relax.  I'm not askin you to move in with me or nothing like that.  Yeah, it would be nice if daddy needs a boost outside of our time here you'd be willing and able to help me out, but I'm not telling you that I own you outside of the world of this gym.  I've had arrangements with other boys who worked for me and it always worked out fine.  So you and your boyfriend don't have to worry about daddy pushin anybody out of your life.  Got me? This gym is a part of my life but not my whole life.  I sure as hell won't be completely faithful in just being with you baby.  Don't work that way with Daddy Dave.  There's this world here and the other world out there and what daddy wants from you is only in this world, unless like I say daddy needs that boost you give me.  Now, are you okay with that arrangement or not?" Dave said still looking serious.

Paul had to think about what Dave just said and digest it.  This was something he never thought about and was an interesting way of putting a relationship in perspective.  Overall, Paul couldn't come up with any good reason it wouldn't work and would have to deal with Dave needing a "boost" as he put it, outside of Paul's time at the gym.  

"I'm sorry.  I guess I wasn't thinking 'outside the box'.  I have to admit that even with my guilt at times of being with you while knowing my boyfriend is moving our relationship into something more then just sex, I still would not be able to easily forget what I've experienced with you. AND, probably more importantly, I want more.  So taking it as you explained it to me, I'd have to say PLEASE, be my daddy Dave.  Me for my part will make sure my boyfriend knows we have something special in the world of this gym and occasionally outside of the gym, but it has no bearing on my relationship with him.  He'll have to understand that is how I have to have it.  I'm willing to risk his not understanding it but I know he will be okay with it.  So, yeah daddy, in this world here, I'm yours and more then willing to help you out as you put it whenever I can.  You have to know that I think of you as a god come down from Mt. Olympus that would make Hercules blush with envy at your magnificent body.  I relish the feel of you power and domination of me and yet how gentle and caring you can be to me.  Is that a good understanding of what you expect and want?" Paul said meekly.

Dave held his serious look for a little bit, enjoying the look of near panic still on Paul's face.  He grabbed Paul hard and held him tight as he stared hard into his eyes.  Paul just about stopped breathing, thinking he really pissed Dave off and was about to pay for it with his life.  Dave let a smile cross his face right before he quickly moved towards Paul and held him even tighter as he passionately kissed Paul.  Paul managed a deep sigh and finally started to breath as Dave wrapped his body around Paul, kissing him passionately and gently rubbing his hands all over Paul's body.

"Does that answer your question baby?" Dave finally said after releasing Paul from his kiss and grip.

Taking a deep breath and shaking his head to recover from the passionate kiss he just got from Dave, Paul looked up at Dave and brushed his face with his hand and said "Boy does it ever daddy.  Does it ever!"

Dave laughed and kissed Paul on his forehead.  He picked Paul up off of the cot and carried him back into the shower and stretched out his body while giving Paul a sexy smile.  Paul quickly picked up on the not so subtle hint and began to slowly wash Dave's body like it was the most precious work of delicate art in the world.  Dave closed his eyes and sighed, picking up very quickly that Paul was again worshiping him and it wasn't fake at all.  Dave felt good, really good, his desire for Paul confirmed and validated.  Paul found himself blocking out all but the look and feel of Dave's muscled body. Dave couldn't believe his cock was reacting as it was.  Here he had already had the 2 most intense, forceful orgasms of his life and it was hard, wanting yet one more.  Paul did not let the opportunity to pleasure Dave pass.  He gently stroked Dave's cock as he kissed and licked the cock head, making sure to take in every drop of precum that surfaced as his hands stroke upward.  Dave growled as he watched Paul's adoration of his cock and felt the rush of power that came from watching another man actually worshiping your cock and body as if nothing else in the world mattered or existed.  Paul increased the actions of his mouth, teeth and tongue on Dave's cock, slowly getting to the point of taking it deeper and deeper down into his mouth and towards his throat.  Dave's hands gently stroke Paul's head as he encouraged Paul to show him how much he wanted to please his daddy.  Paul took Dave over the top and as Dave was about to erupt, he grabbed the back of Paul's head and held it tight to his body.  Paul managed to pull back when the eruptions started to subside so he could taste and savor the taste of Dave's cum.  When Dave finally started to recover from the explosive eruption, he reached down, lifted Paul up by holding on to his shoulders and kissed him, licking his cum that was in Paul's mouth.  Dave looked at Paul and before Paul could move he spun Paul around so his head was towards the floor of the shower and devoured Paul's cock and balls into his mouth.  His tongue ravaged Paul's cock and balls and Paul grabbed on to Dave's hips as he sucked in Dave's one ball while his cock was being drained by Dave.  Paul's orgasm was so intense when he finally was finished, his hands fell down towards the floor, his entire body limp and hanging down like a slab of beef on a hook.  Dave gently turned Paul around and carried him out of the shower, dried him off as he held him on his lap.  Paul woke feeling Dave drying him with a towel, smiling down at him.  

"Boy, you sure know how to take your daddy to another world for sure.  I think that's about all I can take for awhile sweet baby.  Let's get you dressed and headed off to home huh?" Dave said gently as he kissed Paul's forehead.

Paul smiled, realizing how big and rough Dave was and looked who was really a gentle giant with him at least.  He didn't want his time with Dave to end, but knew it had to and that there would be other times.

"I think I'll finish up what I'm supposed to do here before I head off if you don't mind," Paul said as he got off of Dave's lap and used another towel to finish drying himself off and then started drying Dave.

"You are something else for sure my sweet baby boy.  Okay, I won't argue with you.  I won't forget this either.  I don't think I've trusted any other employee I've had like I do you Paul.  You can come and go as you please and not worry about keeping your job.  That's my confidence in you baby boy.  Daddy is pleased and happy as can be with you boy.  So you go on and do what you want to do" Dave said softly as he smacked Paul's ass cheek gently.

Paul kissed Dave and got himself dressed before heading off to finish cleaning up the locker room and maybe running into Steve.  Course he had no idea what time it was and was shocked when he looked at the clock on his desk and it was early evening already.  He and Dave had been at it for hours!  Dave got into the locker room and wasn't surprised it was still a mess.  He got on the house phone and called for maintenance to get down there and help.  While waiting, he kept filling the cart with towels and wiping down empty lockers.  While he was finishing one of the larger bays of lockers, he felt someone's hand smack him on his ass cheek.  Paul jumped up and turned around to see Steve standing there with an evil grin on his face.

"Sorry, just couldn't resist.  You should be careful where you aim that hot sexy butt of yours sweet sexy thing!" Steve said sheepishly.

"STEVE! You're lucky nobody saw that!" Paul said blushing, pretending to be upset.

"Oh now come on baby.  You know I wouldn't do anything to get you into trouble, well at least not HERE!" Steve said with a wink.

"Muscle head you are incorrigible.  I like that in a muscle head though so I guess its a good thing!" Paul said as he poked his finger into Steve's exposed belly button.  

They continued their small talk as Steve was drying himself off after finishing his workout and showering.  Neither of them noticed Jack standing at the opening of the locker bay they were in, taking in the whole scene.

"Now ain't that just the cutest thing.  A shrimp muscle wannabe and a hot sexy guy giggling in a mans locker room!" Jack said laughing.

Both Steve and Paul were startled and quickly turned around to see Jack with just a towel wrapped around his waist heading straight for them.

"Here yah go sexy boy, here's a real man for yah.  Come on don't be shy.  Big Bear is ready to show you what a real muscle god can do for yah!" Jack sneered as he pulled open his towel and moved closer to Paul, ignoring Steve.

"Back off Jack, leave Paul alone.  He's not any of your concern and doesn't want you.  Just back off and go find somebody else to bully!" Steve said, his muscles tensing.

"Oh, looky here.  Shrimp muscle wants to keep sexy for himself huh? Well boy, that ain't gonna happen.  Big Bear wants him and I don't see anybody here that can stop me from getting what I want.  Come here sexy, Big Bear will let you play with his cock before it warms your innards!" Jack said in a mean voice.

"Jack, please, just leave me alone okay? I don't want to have anything to do with you.  Please, don't do this again" Paul pleaded, hoping to persuade Jack to leave them alone.

"That ain't gonna happen sexy boy.  Jack wants you and you will be begging Jack to let you play with this hot, muscled hairy giant of a body.  You know you want it bad, I can see it in the way you look at my body.  Come on, you got a real man waitin on you boy.  Don't make Jack come take you!" Jack growled.

Steve moved in front of Paul and took a very defensive stand as he said calmly, "Jack just back off and leave Paul alone.  He doesn't want you and I'm not about to let you take him against his will!"

"Oh, now I'm worried shrimpo.  Maybe Jack will take you for a sex toy huh?  Yeah, I can have some great fun making you beg and squirm.  Sure that would turn on sexy here.  He'd be begging me to let him get off watching you getting fucked by me.  Yeah, I think Jack will take both of you for fun.  I could use a shrimpo muscle for rough play!" Jack said as he dropped his towel and flexed and posed before moving fast at Steve.

Paul knew the spell was cast and Steve would not fall to Jack.  He could already feel the amulet on his neck get warmer and warmer as if it was pulling in the tension in the room.  Jack went to grab at Steve but Steve moved quicker and slammed Jack hard in the abs.  Jack wasn't ready for that and bent over, the air nearly knocked out of his lungs.  He shouted, swore and turned around, swinging his monster arm at Steve.  Again Steve ducked quickly, and hit Jack hard with his whole body on Jack's leg, popping out Jack's knee.  Jack screamed out in pain and fell to his knees, his hands grabbing his damaged knee.  

"I'll fuckin kill you for that!" Jack screamed at Steve and tried to stand up, but his leg wouldn't hold his weight and he fell back down to the floor, his arms keeping him from falling completely down.  

He swung his arm back hard and managed to catch Steve's side, sending Steve flying towards the lockers behind him.  Jack couldn't take advantage of it though since he couldn't move fast or get off of his knees.  Steve recovered quickly and used a karate type kick move, actually several of them to weaken Jack.  Jack couldn't believe this shrimp was beating him.  Steve couldn't believe he was taking down Jack either.  Steve had no idea how he managed to survive this long in a fight with Jack.  Paul knew why, but he wasn't about to tell anybody.  He was amazed at how well the spell was working as he watched the impossible, Steve bettering Jack, especially since Steve was no fighter.

Steve somehow saw the opening and jumped on Jack's back, wrapping his arm under Jack's chin and his other hand locked to it his hand on top of Jack's head.  Steve put on the pressure, shaking Jack's head and upper body as he squeezed harder and harder, his arm muscles bulging tremendously.  Jack's fingers grabbed on to Steve's arm to try and pull them off of him, but he couldn't.  Jack couldn't believe Steve's arms would not give to the strength of his arms, there was just no way!  It shocked Steve as well, but soon the effects of the sleeper hold started to show as Jack seemed to get weaker and weaker.  Sure enough, Jack resisted less and less and his arms flopped around as Steve continued to jerk him back and forth.  

"I think you can let go now Steve.  Looks like he's out!" Paul said sheepishly.

Steve looked at Paul and wasn't sure he heard him.  "WHAT?" was all Steve managed to get out as all his strength and energy was in the hold he had on Jack.

"He's out! Cold. Honest.  It's okay, just let him go" Paul said louder.

Steve looked at Paul in shock but let go of Jack.  He watched as if it were slow motion Jack's body slump down on his heels and then fell back against Steve's legs and body.  Steve moved backwards slowly and Jack's bodies moved lower and lower until his head hit the floor.  Steve looked at Paul with a shocked look and then reached down, lifted Jack's arm and let it go.  Jack's arm just fell to the floor like a cut limb.  Steve was panting, his body was drenched in sweat, and his side started to show a bruise from the one shot Jack managed to get in.  Jack was indeed out and Steve beat him!

"FUCK! How the hell did THAT happen?" Steve finally yelled out.  

"It was the will of the gods!" Paul blurted out and bust out laughing.

"It's not funny dufus! It's scary as shit.  There is NO WAY I should be able to take this monster down, just NO WAY.  I'm strong but not anywhere close to the league Jack is in.  He knew it and I knew it.  This just can't happen!" Steve said holding side as the pain started to register.

"Well, I don't know about that, but Jack is out, you put him out and there is no way to deny that.  You might feel better if you poke your finger in his pecs a bit just to get it into your muscle head that he IS out and you PUT him out!" Paul said sarcastically.

"Okay, okay.  So I did it.  That just can't happen! I know, I know, it did, but it can't!" Steve kept mumbling.

"Come on, don't let it get to you champ.  I'm sure we'll all wake up and find out that it was just wishful thinking!" Paul said as he walked over to Steve and kissed him on the cheek.

Steve turned his head looking at Paul and smiled.  He grabbed Paul's head in his hands and passionately kissed him until Paul finally pushed him backwards.

"Okay champ.  Time to get you cleaned up and us out of here.  I'll even buy you dinner after this.  My knight in shinning towel! You are my hero!" Paul said a bit giddy.

"You got yourself a deal sexpot.  I think it would be a good idea not to be here gloating when Jack wakes up.  Oh wait, I can't leave him with his knee popped like that.  I'll pull it back into place.  He'll be sore, real sore, but not crippled.  I can't leave him like that!" Steve said as he moved Jack around, pulling out his damaged leg and stepping over it, wrapped his arms tight around Jack's calf and jerked hard.

Paul heard the pop sound and winced, imagining what pain that would be especially if Jack were not out.  Steve shook his head as he moved Jack's head back and forth and poked at his pecs, just making sure Jack was indeed out.  He kept shaking his head as he trotted off to the showers.  Paul took a bundle of towels and rolled them up, making a pillow for Jack's head.  He took a few more towels and covered up Jack's crotch.  When Steve came back to dress, he laughed at Paul.  Jack looked like he was a sleeping baby in bed, his hair wrapped in a towel as well as his waist.  Paul even wrapped Jack's damaged knee in a towel like it was bandaged.  Steve finished dressing, still laughing and shaking his head.  He put his arm around Paul's shoulder and they left the locker room.  They walked to Dave's office and Paul told Steve he'd meet him in the parking lot if that was okay.  Steve agreed and headed to his truck as Paul went into the office and changed.  He didn't see Dave there but felt he needed to leave a note for Dave telling him that Jack was out cold and would have a very sore knee for awhile since Steve had won in a fight in the locker room and Dave might want to check to make sure Jack was okay. He remembered that he was going to ask Dave if he could bring Jim to the gym but didn't get the chance, so he wrote another note about that.

Steve and Paul spent the night together again after having a nice dinner and a bottle of wine to celebrate Steve's victory over Jack.  Paul decided to keep the spell a secret since it worked and there was no real reason to tell Steve now.  He made Steve let him baby his bruised side and insisted Steve behave himself since he was injured.  Of course Steve ignored Paul and got him moaning and screaming out in pleasure until they both passed out after being exhausted and drained.  Paul thought it was strange that he was able to cum again after his sessions with Dave.  He fell asleep without being able to figure that one out.

The next day it was a repeat of the previous morning with Paul rushing out, afraid he would be late for classes.  Steve teased him but made sure Paul got on the road in enough time.  Steve locked up the apartment and decided he needed to go to his apartment and change before heading off to work.  He laughed at himself as he thought it would be easier if he moved in with Paul or got Paul to just move in with him.  Paul liked Steve's roommate Tom and Steve was sure Paul would like the better apartment and more room.  He decided he would talk with Steve about doing just that.

Jim was already waiting for Paul on the bench they met yesterday morning.  Jim had some juice and fruit for Paul and went on and on about this and that, Paul not paying much attention to details as he was still thinking about Steve, Dave and Jack.  The rest of the morning went as the previous day with Jim purposely using every opportunity to show off his powerful muscles in front of Paul and catch Paul watching him.  Jim asked Paul if he had the chance to ask his boss about him coming to the gym and Paul told him it would be fine, no problem.  Jim got all excited and hugged Paul he was so excited.  Paul was taken by complete surprise being locked in those muscled arms and lifted off the ground as easily as if he were a 10 year old.  Jim saw Paul's surprised look and quickly put Paul down, apologizing for getting a bit to comfortable around Paul.  Paul ignored it mostly and told Jim he could come to the gym today if he wanted.  Paul almost did it again, but this time Paul was ready and moved himself away from Jim before he could grab him.  Paul and Jim both laughed at Paul's quick movements.  Paul told Jim to come to the employee entrance after 2 and he would let him in and give him the grand tour.  He also thought it would be a good idea to check with Dave just to be sure it was okay.

Paul was in Dave's office changing when Dave opened the door to his office and came in.  He smiled at Paul and quickly had him locked in his arms, kissing, licking and biting Paul's face, neck and shoulders.  

"Damn boy.  I missed you so damn much last night.  You sure did a number for your daddy.  You okay? I read your note about Jack and went to check it out.  Damn, he sure was hurtin.  He was more pissed and embarrassed that Steveo beat his ass so bad.  He sure lost some confidence in that deal.  I'm sure he won't be botherin you from now on baby! Good thing for you Steveo was around to protect you.  Jack can be one hell of bastard when he sets his mind to it.  Can't say I feel sorry for him either.  He's in much better shape then he would have been if I caught him fuckin with my sweet baby boy.  Told you, nobody fucks with my sweet boy" Dave said between kisses, nibbles and licks.

"Yeah, I know.  It was really lucky for me Steve was there.  I can't believe he beat Jack, but I'm sure grateful he did.  I don't think I could handle being played with by Jack again.  Once was more then enough.  Shame too.  He is such a hot monster bear.  He could have anybody he wanted if he wasn't so scary and mean.  Oh well, what's done is done.  So you're not mad at me then?" Paul asked.

"Mad at you sweet baby? No way.  Why would you think that? Shit no.  I'm glad you're okay and nothing bad happened to you.  Just feel bad I wasn't there to kick Jack's ass good!" Dave said as he lowered Paul to his feet and started rubbing his hands on Paul's crotch and up his ass.

Paul had a hard time talking as Dave's hands quickly made Paul's body turn to putty.  Dave smiled, knowing he had Paul ready for some fun.  Dave told Paul to take Dave's clothes off slowly and show him how he liked each part he uncovered.  Paul quickly obliged, loving the opportunity to play with Dave's muscles.  They played Dave's game until Dave was totally nude, hard as a rock and needing Paul's attention even more.  One thing led to another and Paul was held up with his arms wrapped around Dave's neck as Dave's cock was up his ass, Dave's arms moving Paul up and down.  Paul started licking, biting and kneading hard into Dave's pecs, shoulders and arms, making Dave go wild as he yelled for Paul to feel his daddy good.  Paul was in another world as he felt Dave's huge cock pushing hard deep inside him.  Paul could swear that Dave's cock was pushing up on the bottom of his heart.  Dave swore he was too as he could feel the beating of Paul's heart on the entire head of his cock.  Dave came 2 times inside Paul and Paul covered his and Dave's abs with his cum which Dave quickly licked off.  Dave sat down on the chair, put his arms behind his head with Paul still on his lap, rubbing and kneading his muscles.  Dave smiled at Paul and forced a passionate kiss every now and then.  

"Okay sweet baby.  Daddy has got to get some things done and so do you.  Time to do some work baby!" Dave said gently.

"Oh, I forgot.  Is it okay with you if a jock in my classes comes to use the gym?  He really is all excited about it cause he said there are some true muscle gods working out here and he would love to follow their routines for himself.  He's pretty buff and muscled, a real jock for sure.  Hope you won't mind daddy, will you?" Paul with a pleading voice.

"Fuck no, it's no problem sweet baby.  You go on ahead and show him around.  He's welcome to work out and whatever he wants, as long as he doesn't cause any problem with the serious lifters.  Most of them don't like being bothered by groupies or hot shots that think they're good.  So if you make sure he understands that, it isn't a problem at all.  Glad to help you out!" Dave said as he lifted Paul from his lap and growled as he pretended to chew on Paul's cock and balls which he had in his mouth.

Paul gasped and then looked at Dave with disappointment as Dave released his grip on him and slapped him on his ass cheeks as Dave turned around and headed into the shower.  Paul laughed and finished changing.  He finished the work that was on his desk and saw it was nearly 2, time to wait for Jim.  When Paul got to the back door, Jim was already standing there, fidgeting around, holding a big gym bag as he kept trying to see inside the windows of the employee entrance.  He smiled and moved quick to Paul when he saw the door open and Paul smiled at him.  

"Welcome, come on in.  I checked with my boss Dave and he's fine with you using the gym.  Only conditions are you can't bother the serious lifters since they hate being bothered.  Cause any trouble with them and you're out.  Can you deal with that?" Paul asked Jim seriously.

"Oh shit yeah, no problem.  I will be a good boy, honest" Jim laughed as he crossed his heart. "I just want to see their workouts and copy what they do myself.  I'll be happier then shit if I can do that."

"Okay then, come on in.  I'll arrange for you to get a card that will let you come in this entrance any time you'd like.  Come on, lets get you a tour and then set up in the locker room" Paul said as he patted Jim on the back, heading off to tour the spa.

When they finally made it to the weight room and locker room, Jim was like a kid in a candy store.  His eyes were big and he took in everything, every machine, every weight setup and every muscle god doing their routine.  Paul thought his eyes were going to pop out when they went into the locker room and shower area.  Jim was very impressed with the gym.  He kept thanking Paul for getting him in.  He asked if he could work out and Paul told him to go on ahead and do it.  Jim kept on Paul to get him to work out with him, at least just this time.  Paul agreed and sat on the bench as Jim put his bag in a locker and then changed into his workout outfit of a baggy muscle wife beater, satiny shorts and white gym shoes.  Paul kept a conversation going as Jim changed, noticing the nicely fur covered muscles of Jim's body.  Jim would fit in very well with the muscle gods.  Paul had a hard time imagining Jim getting any bigger.  Jim's body was very pleasing to look at and being a really hairy bear made it even better.  Jim noticed Paul taking in his body as he changed, purposely turning and flexing different muscles as they talked and he changed to see if Paul took it in.  Paul and Jim used machines at first to give Jim a chance at picking up tips from the muscle god routines going on in the free weight area.  Jim then got Paul to spot him as he copied the routines he decided he would use for now.  He told Paul it would just be a starter as he knew the more he picked up, the more varied his routine would be.  He would use the best of the lot.  Paul of course used lighter weights then Jim, but kept up with Jim's pace.  Jim was impressed and kept adjusting his cock in his jock strap as working out always got him hard and the muscle gods working out around them didn't hurt either.  Finally Jim said he was finished and wanted to head into the shower.  Paul suggested hitting the steam room first and then the Jacuzzi, figuring Jim might as well do it all and then he could determine what he might want to do in the future.  Jim thought that was a cool idea and they headed off to the steam room after leaving their clothes in their lockers.  Paul had a towel wrapped around his waist and Jim just held it loosely.  Paul liked the look of Jim's hair wet and matted over his shining muscled body.  Both were covered with sweat when they went into the steam room and were completely drenched when they used the cool shower and then went into the Jacuzzi.  Paul loved the feel of the rushing, rolling water over his body, sneaking looks at Jim's upper body as he flexed and moved his arms around as he shifted his position in the tub to get the water to massage different parts of his body.  Paul didn't even pay attention to the fact that he had a raging hard on when they left the Jacuzzi and went to the showers.  Jim noticed and smirked.

When they got into the showers, Jim purposely left his curtain open as he soaped up his body, asking Paul question after question so Paul would leave his curtain open and have to see his body.  Jim knew Paul was checking out his body and he had a very hard cock aching for relief.  Jim moved into Paul's shower stall and started moving himself hard against Paul as he grabbed Paul's ass cheeks hard and kneaded them.  Paul was taken by complete surprise and asked Jim what he thought he was doing.  Jim told Paul he knew he wanted him since he's been checking out his body since they met.  Jim told Paul he was horny and was going to get relief with Paul.  Paul tried to get out of the shower stall and that's when Jim got rough.  Jim quickly had Paul held in front of his body, his hand holding Paul's mouth shut and his other hand moving hard up and down Paul's body.  

"Don't yell out or anything Paul.  I don't want to hurt you more then I need to, I like it rough by the way.  So you just close your eyes and feel what you've been looking for since we met.  Course if you fight me, that'll get me even hotter.  Like I said, I like it rough.  I knew you were a fag the minute I spotted you and once you showed me how much you liked what you saw, I knew I could use you for sex.  I date girls but like to dominate a man.  Can't get that rush with a woman like you can with a man.  It's even better when they're hot like you are stud, so just keep your mouth shut and enjoy what I'm gonna do to you," Jim said into Paul's ear as he bit it and forced his tongue deep inside Paul's ear.

Paul tried to struggle and shout, but Jim was to strong and big for him and Jim's hand across his mouth was like an iron grip of some gag device.  Jim kept encouraging Paul to fight him.  Paul could feel Jim's thick 8" cock pushing roughly into his ass cheeks and then in between them.  Paul had no warning as Jim shoved his cock hard fully into Paul's ass.  Paul gasped and yelled in Jim's hand as Jim's body forced him hard against the wall and started ramming him full force.  Jim kept that up for awhile and then he moved his hand from Paul's mouth to his throat, gripped it tight and yanked his cock out of Paul's ass.  He spun Paul around and grabbed one of Paul's legs up, angled his body and rammed his cock back in Paul's ass.  He let go of Paul's throat just long enough to lift up Paul's other leg on to his hip as he spread his legs wide and had Paul balanced with his head and neck against the wall of the shower.  Before Paul could catch his breath and scream out, Jim had his hand back around Paul's throat and started ramming his cock in and out of Paul again.  Jim pounded Paul's chest and abs with his other hand and dug in his fingers under Paul's chin, pushing up and back so that Paul couldn't open his mouth at all.  Jim bit Paul's nipples hard and chewed on his pecs, grunting and swearing and calling Paul all sorts of names.  Finally Jim rammed his cock in harder and deeper as Paul could feel his hot cum shooting inside him.  Jim let go of Paul's chin and let him slide down to the shower floor on his knees as he grabbed the sides of Paul's head and forced his mouth open.  He rammed his cock into Paul's mouth and told him to clean it off good.  Paul had no choice and did as he was told.  Jim held Paul's head tight to his pubes and kept talking dirty to Paul as Paul sucked and licked Jim's cock.  Paul started to chock and gag when he felt hot liquid filling his mouth and throat, knowing that Jim was pissing in his throat.  

"Yeah faggot. Drink my piss you pig.  You love it fuckin faggot.  Yeah, I'm gonna like our fun and games.  You're gonna do this for me whenever I want if you don't want me to beat the fuck out of your faggot ass.  Do I need to give you a sample pig?" Jim said angrily.

"No, no.  Please, just let me go.  No more, please" Paul gasped as he started to vomit up Jim's piss.

"Don't ever do that again fuckin pig.  You take my piss and thank me for it. Next time I'll kick your faggot ass real good if you pull a shot like that.  You understand me pig?" Jim hissed.

"Yes, I understand Paul managed to get out.

"Fuckin weak fag" Jim said as he pushed Paul into the wall hard making sure his head hit the tiled wall hard.  "See you tomorrow, same time, same place.  Don't make me look for you!"

Jim left Paul in the shower, choking, gagging, and crying.  He couldn't believe how mean and awful Jim was to him after coming across so nice.  Paul heard about shits like Jim and was always glad he never ran into one.  Now he knew.  His body felt like he was raped.  His insides hurt and he felt dirty and sore.  He thought about going to Dave, but figured that would be bad as Dave would probably kill Jim for what he did and even though he started to feel hatred for Jim, he couldn't live with his death on his hands.  Then the thought came to him.  He would find a spell in the book and use it against Jim.  The amulet seemed to get warmer the more he thought of it and the idea grew in his mind.  Paul got out of the shower, dried off and went straight to Dave's office.  He was glad Dave wasn't there since he was bruised, sore and his lip was bleeding on and off.  His head hurt and he could feel a bump on the back of his head.  He changed quickly and left the gym.  When he got to his apartment, he wasted no time, went straight for the ancient books and looked for a spell that would fit.  He was amazed that it was right there, on the page he turned to when he opened the book.  It was a spell to make someone burn with desire for another.  At first it didn't seem to fit, but then he thought of Jack.  Jack wasn't as mean as Jim, but he would definitely be a great punishment for Jim.  There was no way Jim could fight off Jack and Jack would control him quickly.  Yes, that was it.  He would use the spell and watch Jim be taken down by Jack.

Jim went back to the gym since he had to be near Jack in order to cast the spell.  Somehow he knew Jack would be at the gym and he would set it up so that Jack was there tomorrow when Jim came to the gym.  He would introduce Jack to Jim and let the spell do its work.  Sure enough, Jack was in the locker room, slowly getting changed with a brace on his knee.  When he saw Paul coming towards him, he seemed to have a look of panic and looked around to see if he could move somewhere else.

"What the fuck do you want?" Jack snarled as Paul stood near him.

"Jack, I'm sorry you got hurt, I really am.  I wouldn't wish that on you ever, that's not me.  Anyway, I want to make it up to you and would like you to meet somebody here tomorrow who is really interested in meeting you.  He's hot, muscled and tall, a real life jock.  I think you'll like him and would like you to consider it a peace offering from me to you" Paul explained.

Jack looked at Paul like he was a lunatic.  "Let me get this straight.  You want to offer me somebody to make up for what happened to me yesterday?"

"Yep, that's the gist of it.  No tricks, no catches.  You can do what you want once you meet him. Deal?" Paul asked.

"Okay, guess I'll bite.  I warn you Paul.  You better not be fucking with me.  I am not someone to take being made a fool sitting down.  One way or another I'll get you alone and you'll regret fucking with me!" Jack snarled.

"Fine.  I'm not fucking with you or doing anything that will disrespect you, honest.  You'll see eventually that I am not like that.  I'll see you here tomorrow.  Can you be here around 2?" Paul asked.

"Yeah, 2 it is.  Remember, don't be fucking with me Paul!" Jack said with an evil smile.

"Great.  I'm sure you won't be disappointed Jack, I just know you won't!" Paul said.  

Jack looked at Paul like he was picking dinner off of a menu.  Little did he know that what Paul was mumbling quietly was a spell that would be finished tomorrow.  

Paul went back to his apartment, removed his clothes quickly and got into the shower.  He still felt dirty, used and cheap.  He checked out his body in the mirror and saw bruises starting to show.  His head was sore and he remembered the bump that grew on the back of his head.  Then he got worried as he remembered he hadn't seen Steve yet and something told him that Steve was going to be over soon.  Sure enough, he no sooner got out of the shower and his phone rang.  He picked it up and heard Steve's voice somewhat concerned since he didn't see Paul at the gym.  

"Oh damn, I'm sorry.  I was there but had to leave," Paul said. "No, don't worry, I'm fine, nothing to worry about, honest.  Oh? What do you want to talk about? Why can't you tell me now? Okay, Okay, don't get all pissey.  Sure, you can come over tonight, you cooking? Beef sandwiches are fine with me.  Good, see you then!"

Paul was wondering what Steve had to talk to him about.  He sounded pretty serious about it and did get somewhat sensitive when he questioned him about it, so who knows.  God, hope he didn't find out about the spell somehow.  Then as he walked back into the bathroom he looked in the mirror and just let out a loud "SHIT!"  Hearing Steve's voice totally made him forget about his banged up body.  He knew Steve was going to see the bruises and Paul was definitely going to be saying "OUCH!" an awful lot during the night with Steve, which was a give.  He thought about calling Steve to say he got sick and not to come over, but Paul knew that would just make Steve come over faster in a panic.  Paul knew that the "no strings" idea with Steve wasn't working out very well for Steve as he was showing many, many strings already wrapped around Paul.  Paul laughed thinking about that.  Oh well, now what was he to tell Steve.  After pouring a glass of wine and sitting in his favorite comfy chair sipping the wine, holding the amulet and thinking about what to tell Steve, he decided that the only thing he could do was tell Steve the truth.  He'd have to tell Steve how he planned to get his revenge, otherwise Steve would go gunning for Jim and might end up getting hurt.  Steve was really powerful and muscled for sure, but he didn't have the nasty, evil streak inside him like Jim or Jack.  Paul noticed that once he decided to tell Steve the truth and was rehearsing it over in his mind, the amulet seemed to get warm in his hand, like it was telling him it approved of his decision to tell the truth.  Paul thought that was really something weird, but then again, finding and using spells wasn't exactly every day normal either.  Paul laughed until he really digested what happened so far and felt a chill run through his spine.  The spell on Steve that actually worked, the finding of the spells he needed right off, the quick decision to punish Jim by a spell, yep, all that added up to a whole bunch of unnatural changes that have come into Paul's life; not to mention Dave, Jack and his job at the gym along with the trips to the book store, the clerk there and the books.  He was startled out of his thoughts by a hard knocking on the door.

Paul went to the door after putting on a sweatshirt and shorts.  

"Who's there?" Paul asked.

"Who's there? What, are you expecting a bus load of guys to come fuck your ass now? Jeeez, leave him alone for a few hours and he's got his dance card filled!" Steve was yelling.

Paul opened the door laughing and Steve walked right past him.  "The sandwiches might be cold, so I figured we'd put them in the oven for 10 minutes and warm them up, okay?"

"Oh, yeah, fine.  Hello to you too! So where's the rest of the bus?" Paul asked looking back out the door to the hallway.

"Funny, REAL funny you sexy hot butt.  I just BET you'd be thrilled if it was a whole football team! And what was with that who's there stuff?" Steve said as he messed with the oven.

"I'm sorry, I didn't think it would be you so quick after I just talked to you" Paul said going into the kitchen to check on Steve.

"What? Just talked to me? That was over an hour and a half ago.  What have you been smoking?" Steve said as he grabbed Paul's face with both hands and pulled down under his eyes with his thumbs.

"Funny yourself.  I must have been day dreaming big time or took a quick nap.  Seemed like I just talked to you.  Well, I might as well get this over with.  Think you better sit down on the couch and get comfy.  Promise me you won't go ballistic or anything, okay?" Paul said seriously.

"FUCK! I knew it.  You're gonna dump me.  Okay, who is it? What did I do wrong? Right, like I can't make a list myself, I know.  I've let you down so damn many times already " Steve went on.

"Stop! I'm not going to dump you, at least not before getting dinner out of you! You didn't do anything wrong, ever so just knock that shit off.  Something happened today that I have to tell you about" Paul said very seriously.  "Now just come on and sit on the couch.  Want some wine or something stronger? I know I do," Paul said as he opened a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Southern Comfort and 2 small glasses.

"Southern Comfort? Damn, this has got to be something for sure! Yeah, I think I better join you" Steve said as he followed Paul into the living room and on to the couch.

"Wait, before you break my heart or something, I want a kiss and hug!" Steve said as he wrapped his arms around Paul tight, to kiss him.

"OWWWWWWHHHHH!" Paul screamed.

Steve let go of Paul as if he was a burning log.  "What's the matter? God, did I hurt you? Oh shit, that's just great.  Here I fuck up and now I'm causing you more pain.  SHIT!"

"No, no, no.  Just go easy okay?" Paul said as he grabbed Steve's head in his ahnds and gave him a passionate kiss and wrapped his arms around Steve's neck.  "Now don't squeeze hard okay? EASY! Please!"

"Baby what's wrong? What's going on?" Steve said very concerned.

Paul gently pushed Steve down on the couch and poured them both some Southern Comfort.  

"Okay, now promise me you won't go nusto on me!" Paul said, standing over Steve.

"I promise! Honest," Steve said with a desperate look on his face.

Paul put down his glass and took off his sweatshirt.  He could tell by the look on Steve's face that he noticed the bruises.  Steve started to get a very angry look on his face and was about to get up when Paul put his hands on Steve's shoulders and kept him sitting.  Paul moved himself so he was kneeling, straddling Steve's hips, his ass cheeks resting on Steve's bulging thighs.  He put his hands on Steve's shoulders and started telling Steve about Jim and what he did to him at the gym.  Paul kept putting his hand over Steve's mouth whenever Steve was starting to shout or yell something.  Paul asked him to just listen until he finished the whole story.  Steve's eyes were big and showed building anger as Paul told him all of it.  Finally he got to then end and reached back to take a drink.

"I'll kill the fuckin asshole.  You're not going back to the gym alone tomorrow.  I'll take off of work and pick you up at school. You point out the jag off and I'll know what to do when he shows up at the gym.  That slime ball piece of shit.  FUCK!" Steve went on and on.

He suddenly stopped, looked up at Paul and got tears in his eyes.  "Oh poor baby, sweet baby Paul" he said as he gently pulled Paul into a hug and started kissing his face then his bruises that were on the front of his body.  "I'm sorry, I should have made sure you're okay before going off like a dumb asshole.  Are you alright? Come here and let me cradle you safe in my arms baby, come on."

Paul moved himself so he was sitting across Steve's thighs and Steve held him close, holding Paul's head on his chest and his arm wrapped around Paul's waist.  He kept kissing Paul's head and kept saying "my poor sweet baby" as he gently rubbed his hands on Paul.

"You're just so sweet to me Steve.  Tahnk you for not going off to much.  Honest, I'm okay now.  I feel dirty still and cheap and used, but I'll be fine now that you have me safe.  I have to go to the gym tomorrow.  I won't get hurt, I promise you that.  If things start to go south, I'll be able to get to Dave and Jim will be history in more ways then one."

"But what if you can't get to Dave? What if fucker Jim gets even rougher with you? How can that fucker be so mean and cruel, using you like that? I've known quite a few slime balls over my time but he is the worst ever.  I don't know how you can be so calm now? I know I couldn't be.  I'm still upset with what happened to you at Jack's hands. Oh baby, why won't you let me protect you?" Steve said as he gently cuddled Paul.

"Steve, you can't keep jumping in to save my ass every time some asshole decides to do something like this.  I know you think I'm helpless and weak, but I have to learn to fend for myself.  I can't hide or run away every time things happen to me.  I have to face them and deal with them.  It means the world to me that you want so bad to protect me and keep me safe, but that won't work in the real world sweet muscle head of mine, it just won't!" Paul said as he held Paul's face in his hands.

"Hey, that's my new goal in life by the way, whether you like it or not!  I know I can't always stop something like this when it happens, but I sure as shit can stop an ass wipe from trying it again and make him sorry he even tried.  Shit, I feel so damn useless.  Why can't you just quit?  You don't need to be around all these huge guys that can do shit like this to you.  Please baby, don't go anywhere near this Jim" Steve said.

"Steve, you know I can't just run.  I'm not about to drop my classes or loose my dream job because of Jim or Jack or anybody else that comes up.  Besides, I have a secret weapon!" Paul said smiling.

"Secret weapon? What? You found a ray gun to zap their asses or something?" Steve said with a funny voice.

"Nope, my books.  I found they are loaded with spells that can do all sorts of things I'd never be able to do on my own.  And I already know they work.  Going into that bookstore and meeting that clerk was no accident.  And, this amulet seems to help me too.  I can't explain it all to you, but believe me, it is real!" Paul said excitedly.

"Oh great, now he's gotten brain damage from being beaten up.  Shit, why do all the guys I get interested in go off the deep end? Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Steve said very aggravated.

"Hey, I'm not off the deep end by any means.  I'm quite educated, getting even more so and am not prone to bouts of delusion or fantasy.  I know what is real and what isn't in my life.  I can't explain it all, but I know enough not to close my mind to things I don't understand.  I'm trained for that.  I am serious about this all Steve," Paul said giving Steve a very concerned and determined look.

After looking carefully at Paul's face and eyes, Steve said, "You are serious aren't you.  Paul, you have to know I don't believe in any of that stuff.  I know you're not on any drugs or anything and I figured from what I've heard coming out of you that you are intelligent, inquisitive and honest to a fault, but that doesn't change how much danger you have faced and are facing in your life all of a sudden does it?"

"No, it doesn't, but I really believe things happen for a reason, even if we don't understand it or see what it is right away or ever.  I can't ignore what others see as coincidence or a fluke.  To me there is no such thing, it all happens to take us to a higher level of understanding and character.  That is what makes life so wonderful to me.  I'm not going to change now Steve, it's how I am and you have to accept me for who I am, as I am if you are even interested in me that much that is.  I shouldn't presume anything I know, but it seems we've gotten closer on a special level that goes beyond sex.  Maybe I've read things wrong, but I know how I feel and think you are fighting with the same feelings.  Now, if you can't take me how I am and what I believe in as part of me seriously, then maybe we should stop this now before we both get hurt" Paul said very seriously with tears forming in his eyes.

"Paul, sweet, sweet hot baby Paul.  Do you know what I wanted to talk to you about tonight? Remember I said I had to ask you something important? Well baby, yeah, I have been fighting feelings for you that just don't want to go away no matter what I tell myself.  I know I said 'no strings' so damn many times you were rolling your eyes at me and that is what I thought I wanted.  Well, I was wrong.  There are so damn many strings I have around you that I 'm surprised you can even move!  Yeah, I want to take all you are, as you are, seriously and with deep respect and care, deep care.  Anyway, I wanted and still do want you to move in with me.  I know you have your own place, but it seems I spend nights here with you now and don't see that changing anytime soon, unless you want it to.  Seemed to me that my place is bigger, more modern, no offense, and you could be very comfortable there.  You seem to get along great with Tom and I know he likes you a lot, maybe to much! But, I just want you as near to me as I can get you, without smothering you in any way.  You could be as free as you want, but have a nice warm body that is dying to stay wrapped around you as often as you want it. I won't stop you from playing with whoever strikes your fancy as long as I know you really want to do that and whoever it is won't hurt you in any way. So, yeah, I am more then willing to take you as you are and that includes what you believe in.  I respect you for all that and all that makes you who you are to me.  It's not just the sex which is the best I've had in my life, but how you make me feel when you're around me, even when we aren't talking or anything.  It's how my heart felt like it was ripped out when I couldn't save you from Jack and then how you made it all seem like it was your fault and not mine that I couldn't protect you.  I know I'm not your fantasy bear sweet baby, but until you find him, I'm willing to take the chance I can keep you happy and feel wanted, cause you are wanted, big time by me.  So, don't let me hear any more talk about stopping anything we have going here.  Unless you feel you want to and then I will respect your decision and still want to be friends.  So, there it is.  That's what I wanted to tell you," Steve said with a deep sigh as he watched Paul's face for reaction.

Paul couldn't take his eyes off of Steve.  Tears were rolling down his cheeks.  He finally couldn't hold in his emotions any more and started sobbing as he buried his face in Steve's neck as his arms squeezed tight around Steve.  Steve wasn't sure if that meant Paul liked what he said or not.  He started to fear that Paul was about to reject his offer and what Steve wanted.

"Okay, it's okay sweet baby, don't cry, I understand.  I shouldn't lay this on you with all you have happening to you now.  It isnt' fair and I'm an asshole.  I'm sorry, just forget what I said and we'll visit it down the road again if you want.  It's okay," Steve said as he fought the tears building in his eyes.

Paul pushed himself up from Steve and wiped his face with his arm before he clobbered Steve's head with it and said, "You are such a muscle head, I swear to God! YES I will move in with you.  How could I not?  I feel and want the same thing but was afraid I'd push you away if I said something like that.  Steve, you thickheaded muscle head! YES.  Now get into the kitchen and take our burnt sandwiches out, I'm hungry!" Paul said laughing through his tears.

"FUCK!" Steve said as he jumped up, placed Paul back down on the couch and ran into the kitchen.  He came back with 2 very warm sandwiches wrapped in paper that just started to turn brown.

He dumped them on the table and grabbed Paul into his arms and kissed every inch of his face as Paul tried to say something to him.  Finally Paul grabbed Steve's face in his hands and passionately kissed him as Steve moved himself down on the couch with Paul on top of his body.  They didn't have sex, but made very passionate love to each other.  Steve was very careful not to squeeze or get rough so he wouldn't hurt any of Paul's bruises.  Paul could feel Steve's caution and made sure he more then made up for Steve's caution.  They both were completely exhausted and satisfied when both had explosive orgasms and lay in each other's arms, gently kissing.

"Hungry yet?" Paul asked quietly.

"Oh baby, I'm always hungry for you!" Steve said as he kissed Paul's head.

"No, I mean for food muscle head! I think it's safe to eat the beef sandwiches now!" Paul laughed.

Steve laughed as Paul got up and got them something to drink.  Steve offered to go out and get fresh sandwiches, but Paul told him that it was fine; they'd survive eating the dead ones on the table.  Steve asked Paul to explain more about the spells he was talking about and Paul got very excited and animated as he gave Steve as detail an explanation as he could.  The final proof that Paul could give Steve to convince him he wasn't kidding about the power of the books and spells was telling him about the spell he used to protect him from Jack.  Steve was stunned.  He had been going over that again and again, trying to figure out how the hell he was able to best Jack.  He had no idea where he got the idea for taking out his knee and then do that sleeper hold thing.  Steve had a heavily muscled body for sure, but he wasn't into fighting or wrestling and never was.  He never watched it on television or went to any matches.  Now it hit him like a sledgehammer that Paul's spell was for real and worked.  Paul took the glass out of Steve's hand and pushed up his chin to close Steve's mouth as he took the plates into the kitchen, smiling as he went, knowing that Steve's mind was now going wild.

"A magic spell! Jeeez! Holy Fuck! A damn spell and it worked like a charm! Oh fuck!" was all that Steve managed to get out over and over.

"See, oh ye of little faith! And you thought I was loosing it.  Guess you'll think twice before doubting me huh?" Paul laughed as he kissed Steve's nose.

"No shit! Hey, show me some of this stuff.  Let me see your special books!" Steve said excitedly.

"Okay, come on, we can go through them while in bed, okay? I'm sore and tired and would like to snuggle if you don't mind" Paul said with a very sexy look on his face.

Steve laughed and it didn't take them long to get into bed and Paul to show Steve the spells in the large book and how he used the smaller book for aide in translation.  Steve was fascinated with the whole idea and marveled at how Paul could read and understand what looked like strange symbols and pictures to Steve.  Paul snuggled into Steve's armpit and was fast asleep in a short time.  Steve looked down at Paul and kissed him before putting the book down and turning off the light.  The next morning, Steve made Paul promise to be careful and not take any risks.  Paul told him he would be fine and he would wait at the gym for Steve so Steve could see how the spell worked.  Steve said he was going to leave work early so he could be at the gym by 2:30 at least.  He didn't want to miss seeing what Jack ended up doing with Jim.

Paul expected Jim to be waiting for him at the bench again, but there was no sign of Jim.  Paul made himself calm down and sat down, went over his notes for class and then went into the class when the door opened.  He took his favorite seat and got a chill when he heard Jim's voice.

"Thought I wasn't gonna show huh fuckin faggot? No chance.  You're gonna have a lot of fun at the gym today.  I've got some special plans for you pig.  I'm real horny and made sure I'm raunchy too.  I heard somewhere you faggots like that shit.  So I'm gonna make sure you get a real treat today. You better show up pig.  If I have to come looking for you, you'll regret it" Jim whispered in Paul's ear before biting it.

"Ouch!" Paul shouted, causing everyone in the class to look at them.

"Shut the fuck up fuckin faggot pig!" Jim whispered as he dug his fingers into Paul's thigh so no one would see.  "You're gonna pay for that shit too ass wipe.  Keep fuckin up like that.  I like being given an excuse to punish you!"

Paul rubbed his ear and leaned away from Jim as he just said "sorry" to everybody in the class.  By the time his classes were finished, any idea of guilt Paul felt was swept away by Jim's mean and demeaning attitude all day.  Paul started to look forward to see how Jack was going to like his new sex toy.  Paul headed straight for the gym and made sure he finished all the usual things Dave assigned to him.  He checked the computer system and saw that Jack was already there.  Paul went to the weight room and sure enough, Jack was in the middle of his work out, concentrating on his arms and chest from the look of it.  Paul's cock twitched as he saw the bulging muscles on Jack's chest and arms getting bigger and his veins looking as if they were going to pop out on their own.  Paul still saw it as such a waste that Jack was so mean and yet so hot.  He still felt like he would easily do whatever Jack asked him to do because of how much Jack matched his mental image of his fantasy bear.

Right on time, Jim was walking into the locker room, Paul waiting for him at the entrance.  Jim sneered at Paul and pushed him in front of him.  Paul moved towards the back bay of lockers and smiled as he turned and saw Jack sitting on the bench with only a towel rapped around his waist, looking very impatient.  

"Hey Big Bear.  How was the workout today?" Paul said very pleasantly.  

"Okay, what gives sexy boy? Where is this surprise for me?" Jack said as he stood up slowly.

Jim came up behind Paul and was just about to push Paul towards another bay when Paul stepped further into the bay and said "Jack, Big Bear, meet Jim," as he then quickly finished the spell when Paul came around the end locker.

Paul smiled as he moved his arm so his hand was pointing at Jim.  Jim stopped dead in his track, his eyes very wide in total amazement at the muscle monster standing there.  He looked as if he was going into shock.  Jack looked at Paul and then when he focused on Jim, he started to feel funny.  He wiped his face with his hand and took a hard look at Jim.  His cock went hard, leaking precum and throbbing, he started breathing faster and he had tingles running out from his crotch to the rest of his body.  He smiled at Jim and Paul could see the desire filing Jack's eyes.  He couldn't help but notice the monster cock of Jack pushing against the towel.  

Putting his hand out to shake Jim's hand, Jack said "Hey Jim, nice to meet you.  Come on don't be shy.  You look like you hit the weights yourself huh?"

Jim wasn't sure but was so in awe of Jack's build and size that he almost stumbled as he walked towards Jack and extended his hand to shake Jack's.  His hand was swallowed up by Jack's hand and Jack pulled him closer as he shook hands and patted Jim on the arm and chest.

"Yeah, I've tried to stay in shape, wrestling and lifting when I can.  I got to say you are one magnificent specimen of a man!  You have to have won a shit load of competitions with that sculptured body of the gods huh?" Jim managed to get out.

Paul watched with a smile as Jack took in as much of Jim as he could.  He even moved closer to pick up Jim's smell.  He kept shaking Jim's hand and touching his arm and chest as he pulled him farther back into the locker bay.

"Come on and use a locker over here Jim.  I sure would like to see what you got.   Feels like you're kind of impressive yourself!" Jack said finally getting Jim pulled to the end of the locker bay.

Jim laughed and his ego quickly kicked in.  He opened a locker as he kept making small talk with Jack who didn't take his eyes off of Jim for an instant, as if he was an x-ray machine scanning Jim's body.  Jim quickly took off his shirt, pants and shoes, put them in the locker and dug out his gym shorts and muscle wife beater out of his bag.

Jack grabbed Jim by the shoulders and spun him around, looking him up and down as his tongue licked his lips.

"Oh yeah, you are lookin good there baby.  Forget those shorts and shirt, let bear see all you got for him!" Jack said as he snatched the gym clothes out of Jim's hands.

Jim hand no clue what Jack was up to, but figured he liked his build and wanted to see Jim show it off.  He never looked down at Jack's towel which was pushed out by his fat, thick monster cock.  Jim smiled at Jack and began to pose with his biceps pumps.

"Oh yeah, daddy bear likes them.  Lets see how hard you got them!" Jack said as his hands grabbed on to Jim's biceps and started to squeeze them.  "Show Big Bear what you got boy.  Come on, give it to daddy bear!"

Jim was amazed at the power in Jack's monster hands that covered his biceps.  He smiled still as he thought Jack was encouraging him to give him more and was mesmerized by Jack's bulging arms and his pecs that seemed to pop up and down at will.  Jack had moved his hands on to Jim's shoulders, kneading them as he kept looking up and down Jim's body.

"Yeah, that's it! Show your Big Bear what you got for him!" Jack said as he moved one hand quickly and ripped off Jim's underwear.  

Jim looked like somebody shot him as he realized Jack just ripped off his underwear.  He looked down and really saw this time the tented bulge under Jack's towel.  "Hey, what the fuck! What are you doing you fuckin faggot?!"

Jack laughed and lifted Jim off the ground by his shoulders and moved his body up against Jim.  "Yeah, that's it, show daddy what you like baby.  Make daddy want you even more then he already does!"

Jim looked like he was going into shock.  He looked quickly at Paul and then started struggling as he felt Jack's tongue running up and down his body and over his face.  

"Fuck you even taste like candy! You like your Big Bear daddy huh? Yeah, I know you do baby.  Look at how hard that sexy cock of yours is. Here, suck out daddy's pit.  You like that huh. Yeah, go ahead baby, do it for your daddy bear.  Then I'll empty that sexy cock of yours and taste what you have for me!" Jack said as he put one hand on Jim's chest and lifting his arm, pushed his armpit into Jim's face.

Jim now really started struggling and obviously shouting but that was muffled by Jack's hairy armpit.  Jim couldn't move much with Jack holding him up by his chest and Jack's body pushed up against his.  Jack lifted his head and let out a loud moan as he shouted encouragement to Jim.  Paul had a raging hard on as he watched Jack take total control of Jim.  Jack moved away from Jim and Jim fell down to the floor on his knees, his face up against Jack's cock under the towel.

"I know you want daddy baby, but Big Bear has to taste you first" Jack said as he let his towel fall and rubbed his cock all over Jim's face.

Jack lifted Jim up off the ground by his armpits and licked Jim's body before sucking in his cock deep into his mouth.  Jim yelled out all sorts of obscenities at Jack and called him fucking faggot and pig, which just seemed to make Jack even hotter for Jim.  It didn't take long for Jim to stop screaming and start moaning.  Paul could tell Jim was about to loose it, knowing his cock had to be ready to explode from what Jack was doing to it.  Jim's eyes went wide as his body started shaking hard, Jack was growling and making sounds as Jim's cock was shooting loads of his cum into Jack's throat.

Jack drained Jim's cock and then put him into a bear hug as his mouth covered Jim's, pushing his tongue deep inside Jim's mouth and sharing Jim's cum with him.  Jim was gagging and started to fight Jack, which only made Jack hotter it seemed.

Paul felt arms wrap around his waist and hands rubbing his cock and balls.  He heard Steve say "I don't believe I'm seeing what I'm seeing.  That poor guy is this Jim fucker huh?"

"Yeah" Paul whispered as he moved his head back and kissed Steve rubbing his ass hard against Steve's hard cock.

Jack kept telling Jim how much that dirty talk turned him on and he started moving Jim's face all over his body, heading down towards his cock.   Jack had Jim's head held tight in his hand and held Jim's wrist tight as he moved Jim lower and lower down his body.  Jim was tiring, no match at all for Jack.  Jack put Jim's hand on his pec and rubbed Jim's face hard up and down his precum soaked cock.  Jim was trying to yell something out, but Jack's cock and balls covering his face muffled it.  Jack let go of Jim's wrist and used both hands to force open Jim's mouth.  He held his thumbs in the jaw joints on each side so Jim couldn't close his mouth as he kept pushing his cock in and out of Jim's mouth, deeper and deeper with each thrust.  Jim was soon gagging and coughing from the size of Jack's cock pushing into his throat.  Paul could see him struggling to breath as Jack got his cock all the way inside Jim's mouth.  Paul knew it was down Jim's throat just from the size of it.

"Yeah baby, get used to daddy's tool.  It's gonna feed you lots you sexy thing.  Daddy Big Bear likes his new toy big time.  You are one hot sexy boy toy!" Jack grumbled as he pulled his cock out, slapped it over Jim's face and rammed it back in again and again.

Jim finally did manage to learn to breath when Jack pulled his cock back out of his throat and then rammed it back in.  His swallowing and gagging tightened his throat around Jack's cock and that made Jack groan and moan.  Jack held on to Jim's head as he moved towards the bench and walked Jim's body up the bench.  Jim's throat and jaw were so sore he thought Jack broke them.  Jack kept one hand on Jim's jaw to make sure he didn't bite down and reached back with the other hand and started work on Jim's ass.  Paul and Steve could tell when Jack's fingers pushed into Jim's ass as his hips shot up and his eyes got bigger if that was even possible.  His attempt at screaming and yelling caused his throat to constrict around Jack's cock and vibrate.  Jack yelled, "FUCK" as he started filling Jim's stomach with his massive load of cum.

"There you are baby, feed on daddy's juice.  It's all yours now and there's more here for yah.  Man you have the tightest sexy ass.  Can't wait to treat you to a ride on your daddy's cock!" Jack said as he held Jim's shoulders down on the bench, leaned over and started fucking Jim's mouth with his tongue, spitting in it and kissing him hard again and again.

Jim was in shock and very weak.  His mind was just starting to register what was happening and that Jack considered him some sort of boy toy.  He was overwhelmed with Jack's power over him and knew he would have no chance fighting him.  He was trying to deal with the idea that somehow he liked being overpowered by this monster, a real power trip.  He wasn't sure how his plans to fuck with Paul got changed, but that no longer seemed to matter, as he knew he would not have control over what was going to happen to him now.  He wasn't sure how he went from being dominant to being dominated, but maybe this was just a fluke and things would be back to normal after he finally managed to get away from Jack.  Little did Jim know that Jack had no intention of letting Jim out of his sight until he knew without a doubt that Jim was his, mind and body.  He was already planning on taking Jim to his place for the rest of the week.  Jim would be moving in with Jack by the weekend, Jack had no doubt.  It was going to happen whether Jim agreed to or not.  Jack's entire being screamed out with ownership of Jim and he knew he had to keep him, completely.  He wouldn't be alone anymore.

Jack then looked up and smiled at Paul.  Jack looked at Steve and said, "You got yours and now I got mine!"

Jack picked up Jim and threw him over his shoulder as he held him by his ass cheek.  "Let's get into the shower baby, we should have fun in private.  Oh yeah, daddy is gonna take good care of his boy toy!"

Steve and Paul watched with big smiles on their faces as Jack carried Jim off to the showers.  Paul could just imagine what Jim was in store for and wished him well.  

"Well, I think Jack is a happy Big Bear now!" Paul said with a smug look on his face.

"You're evil, that's what you are, evil!" Steve said and laughed.  "How about we get you some dinner and figure out how we're going to get you moved in, okay? Not that I'm pushing or anything, but tonight would be good for a move, don't you think?"

"Oh, so that's what's known as 'not pushing' huh? I'll have to keep that in mind!  Sure, let me get changed and I'll meet you outside by your truck.  Which reminds me, I think I want to pick up a car or something so I don't have to bus it anymore.  Think you can help me pick one up? Nothing fancy or new, just something dependable and cheap! I'm only asking since I don't know a damn thing about cars and stuff.  Does that come under the expertise of muscle heads?" Paul said as he and Steve turned to leave the locker room.

"I think I can steer you in the right direction on that score.  Yep, just another facet of my all-knowing personality! So, does that mean we'll have another truck tonight to put your stuff in for the move?" Steve said excitedly.

"No, no move tonight macho man, lots of things to arrange and packing to do first.  Don't try that lonely puppy dog look on me, won't work.  I'm afraid there is no way we can move me out until the weekend, course that doesn't mean we can't take stuff every day until then.  And besides, I have to make some arrangement with the landlord, thing known as a lease.  Don't think he'll just wave bye-bye when I tell him I'm moving out!" Paul said tapping on Steve's pecs.

"Details, details.  Don't worry, I'll take Tom with me and we'll get the landlord to let you off the hook.  Sure between the 2 of us muscle heads he'll be glad to get rid of you!" Steve said striking a muscle pose.

"Uh, don't think so.  She's close to 70 years old and mean as a pit bull.  Don't think you guys would intimidate her.  She'd probably spank you both!" Paul laughed.

"A she and 70 years old huh? Hmmm, maybe she misses playing around with young bucks.  Tom is bi and sure he won't mind doing us a favor.  Might have to put a bag over her head, but we'll just have to see!" Steve said seriously.

"Don't even THINK about it.  You're doing no such thing to poor Tom.  I'm sure things will work out and if she isn't nice about it, I always have the spell book!" Paul said with an evil look.

"Oh Christ! Now everybody is gonna get zapped by the new wizard here.  Boy, are we all in for it!" Steve said pretending to crouch down.

"Funny, real funny muscle head.  How'd you like me to turn your sexy, hot head into a mass of bulgy muscle? Huh?" Paul said as he wiggled his fingers all around Steve's head.

"No, please great wizard, not the head!" Steve begged as he fell to his knees and started bowing.

"STEVE! Are you nuts? Get up off the ground and quit being a goof.  I'll meet you outside by your truck in 10 minutes.  Dinner better be good too! Or ELSE!" Paul said making a motion at Steve with his fingers.

Steve fell over and lay on the ground like he was knocked out.  Paul laughed and shook his head, turned and walked quickly towards Dave's office.  Steve opened his eyes after not hearing Paul say anything and saw a few of the guys looking down at him like he was really weird. "Yoga!" Steve said as he jumped up and shook his arms.  "Great Stuff!"

Dave smiled as he turned off the monitor.  He had been watching the entire episode from his security room.  He never showed Paul the room and no one other then the top management of the spa knew it existed.  Dave could watch just about any room in the spa except for the bathrooms and maintenance closets.  He enjoyed watching Jack take care of that guy Paul introduced him to and was glad he now knew for sure that Steve was obviously the boyfriend Paul had.  He could deal with that with no problem, as he really liked Steve.  Dave thought it would be a good idea to head down to the showers and invite Jack to bring his new boy toy to his office so Dave could help him break the guy in right.  He laughed as he started to think of how much fun this was going to be.