Darkness and Light


Gay Fiction  for adults only.  Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental.  Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.

Contains graphic sexual interaction between adult males. The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.

This is a science fiction story of a modern day gay man, unhappy with his lot in life, who learns the power of alchemy and sorcery.  The new knowledge, used by accident, enables him to become the muscled sexy hunk he's always wanted to be and change his lot in life.  He learns time travel to the time of Minotaur Ruler and Sorcerer Conquests /2 previous stories/ and experiences pleasures and true desire.  Will he stay in the pre-history past or return thinking himself a god?

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Chapter 6, Field Trip

Paul laughed as he saw Steve running out of the club, a look of embarrassment on his face, trying desperately to get his jacket on.  Paul thought Steve looked so cute and helpless sometimes, a hot muscled uncoordinated sweet guy.  Yep, that's what Paul thought as he started laughing.

"Sure, go ahead, laugh at me sexy.  You weren't the one laying on the floor of the locker room having a spasm attack with all the guys watching! Thanks! What's so funny anyway?" Steve said trying to look angry.

"You, silly muscle head! You look so cute jumping and running trying to get your jacket on, blushing and all!" Paul laughed.

"Cute? CUTE he says! All this muscle, oozing with sex and lust and he calls me CUTE!" Steve said as he lifted Paul up in the air and shook him gently.

"Hey! Put me down you muscle head! If Dave sees you, you'll be sorry!" Paul laughed, gently stroking his fingers against Steve's face.

"Oh, so now you got the big guy watchin your back huh? Okay, I know when I'm outclassed!" Steve said, putting Paul down as he hung his head looking dejected.

"Now, now muscle head.  There's only one special guy in my mind and that be you I'm afraid.  Now behave yourself and lets get some dinner before you take me to buy a truck!" Paul said holding Steve's face in his hands and shaking it back and forth.

Steve laughed and kissed Paul quickly before opening the door to his truck for Paul.  They headed off to their favorite place near the bookstore.  Neither one of them noticed Sam the biker sitting on his bike watching their every move.  Sam wasn't about to forget about what Dave did to him all because of that prick tease Paul.  Paul was going to pay and pay good for fuckin with an biker.  Nobody gets away with disrespecting him or any of his brothers.  

After dinner, Steve took Paul to a friend of his that sells used cars.  They picked out a truck for Paul that Paul thought was just perfect.  Steve's friend assured him that it was a good runner with lots of years ahead of it.  Paul was thrilled he finally had his own wheels.  Steve suggested they head back to his apartment to let Tom know Paul was moving in for sure and figuring out how they would arrange things.  There was plenty of room for Paul and his stuff.  Steve suggested they put Paul's furniture into the 3rd bedroom, as he would be sleeping in Steve's room.  Paul laughed and said he only had a few pieces of furniture as most of his apartment furniture came with the apartment.  When they got to the apartment, Tom was finishing up his dinner.

"Hey you sexy thing!" Tom said as he broke into a big sexy smile when he saw Paul following Steve inside.

"Hey yourself you hot sex god!" Paul laughed as he walked over to Tom and wrapped his arms around Tom's head, giving him a big, wet kiss on the mouth.

"OOOOOHHHHH Doggy! Somebody sure knows how to greet a fella!" Tom laughed as he smacked Paul on his ass.

"Hey you two! Don't get carried away!" Steve said trying to look serious.  "I sure as hell hope this kind a shit don't go on every fucking day!  I don't think I want you alone with Tom after seeing this shit!  Oh, yeah, that's right, Paul lives here now.  Oh well, guess I'll have to just hire a bouncer to protect my interests!"

"WHAT?!!! YOU SERIOUS?" Tom jumped up taking Paul into his arms and lifting him up into the air as he spun around.  "No shit? You're actually gonna move in with this midget muscle?"

"Hey! Let's not get nasty here!" Steve said.

"Midget muscle? I kinda like that. Almost as good as muscle head!" Paul laughed.  "Yep, just couldn't resist the smooth operator there.  Hope it's okay with you and all!"

"Okay with me? You got to kidding! Sexpot, I just might give up being bi with you around! Come on, I have to give you a real warm welcome home now!" Tom said as he still held Paul up in his arms and began nibbling on Paul's abs as he headed toward his room.

"Woooohhhh there buckaroo! Where the fuck you think you're goin with my filly? He ain't no community property you know! Hello! He's MY boyfriend!" Steve said as he quickly moved in front of the doorway to Tom's room.

"Okay, okay, just thought I'd show Paul how welcome he is.  Damn Paul, midget M sure seems to be a bit touchy about you havin fun huh?" Tom teased.

"Probably roomie nerves is all!" Paul laughed.

Steve charged at Tom and Paul and all 3 were horsing around and rolling, tickling and kissing on the floor.  It didn't take very long for things to move right along and the clothes were off and all 3 were moaning and groaning, having a good welcoming sex romp right there on the floor of the kitchen.  They moved into the living room after all 3 had satisfied their urges, Tom getting them all beers.  They sat on the floor, snuggled close to each other with Paul in the middle, deciding where Paul's things would go.  Paul couldn't believe how lucky he was to be moving in with Steve and Tom.  It would be really nice not to be alone anymore and yet he knew they would respect his need for privacy and space, as he would respect their need for the same.  If they had looked out the window of the living room, they would have seen Sam, sitting on his bike, watching, and biding his time.  He waited there until he saw Steve walk past the window.  Sam now knew which apartment was Steve's.  Revenge was going to be really sweet.

By the end of the week, thanks to Steve and Tom's pushing and insisting, Paul moved in.  Between the 2 trucks and 3 guys, they finished moving Paul in within 4 hours.  Paul's landlady wasn't upset that Paul was moving as she figured that might happen renting to a college man.  Paul refused to take the security deposit back, which pleased her even more.  Tom told Paul that if Steve was any bubblier he was going to float off into space.  Steve was so happy that Paul moved in and he would be with him every night.  He knew Paul and Dave would mess around at times, but that was okay, he trusted Paul completely and understood he was taking him as is, no conditions.  He could understand how Paul would have a hard time refusing Dave anything and knew Dave would not try to take Paul away from him.  Steve believed Paul completely when he said the feelings he had for Dave were not the same as he had for him.  Besides, with all that happened so far at the spa to Paul, it made Steve feel better there was somebody that would protect Paul while he was there.  Steve wouldn't have to worry about Paul being abused anymore.  Nobody would mess with Paul now that they knew Paul was Dave's boy.

The following week, Paul was handed his schedule for field expeditions.  He was thrilled that he was granted permissions to explore areas he had submitted, which the old book had somehow identified.  Everything that involved the books and stone he wore had been to his benefit, so he was not about to question the dig sites.  A few undergrads would be part of his team and he would be in charge of the field expedition.  He was even given a grant of money to cover the equipment and travel expenses of the trip.  Paul was so excited when he headed to the spa.  He was a bit worried that Dave would object to the few weeks he would need to be off, but hoped Dave would keep to his word about Paul's schedule.  When he walked into Dave's office, Dave noticed how excited and happy Paul was.

"Hey, there's my boy! Looks like somebody got something good!" Dave laughed.

"Hey Dave.  Yeah, I sure did.  Not sure you'll be happy about it, but here goes." Paul sputtered, suddenly loosing the bubbly, excited look for a serious, worried one.

Paul laid out the schedule and information about the field expedition on Dave's desk.  He went into detail explanations of how important it was for him to do good on the expedition and how he was in charge of a group.  Dave cut him off, loosing interest in what Paul was going on about.

"Okay, okay.  You don't have to explain all that stuff to me sexy boy.  What's the bottom line? How long are you going to be gone and how much are you gonna do for daddy before you go?" Dave asked as he pulled Paul onto his lap and started nibbling on Paul's neck.

"Well, it will be at least 3 weeks, maybe 4.  I'm not sure just yet since a lot depends on what happens on the dig.  I know I'm asking for a lot from you Dave, but I'm willing to do whatever daddy wants me to do to make up for all the inconvenience I'm causing!" Paul said, trying hard not to melt in Dave's grasp.

"Hey sexy boy, daddy told you when you started, you're schedule is going to be just fine no matter what.  Dave's a man of his word.  I'll miss the shit out of you for sure, and the work will pile up, but daddy knows you'll knock it all off right when you come back.  The rest is no big deal, I can manage.  Now, you mark out your stuff on my calendar so I know what's happening.  You got any fish or birds that need feeding while you're gone?" Dave asked, undoing Paul's clothes as he continued nibbling on Paul's neck.

"No, nothing like that, besides, I moved in with Steve," Paul moaned not even realizing what he just said.

Dave pulled Paul away from his body and held him tight as he looked serious and said, " Steve? You moved in with Steve?"

Paul got all red with embarrassment as he suddenly realized he just told Dave who his boyfriend was and that he now lived with him. Paul had no idea that Dave already knew about Steve.  Paul let his down, his chin resting on his now bare chest, held tight in Dave's grip.  "Yeah, Steve" Paul whispered.

Dave bust out laughing and grabbed Paul's head in his hand, giving Paul a long, deep tongue, wet kiss. "It's okay baby boy! Honest! Steve is a good guy and will treat you right.  Daddy's happy for you.  Good choice.  Is he going to be okay with our arrangement?"

Paul felt a rush of relief.  He grabbed Dave's big head in his hands and kissed Dave.  "He's fine with it.  God you are so good to me.  I don't know why I felt like I shouldn't tell you about Steve, probably cause it isn't good to get involved with customers and all that stuff.  Anyway, thank you again.  It means a lot to me that you think highly of Steve.  He is a good guy for sure!"

"Hey baby boy, this ain't no accounting firm or big time firm.  You don't have to worry about messing around with the customers here! Shit, they'd scoop you up in a heartbeat if they could!  No such rules here, so you just get that worry out of your sexy head.  Now come on, Daddy wants to help you celebrate!" Dave said in almost a growl.

Paul looked at Dave's face and saw the lust in Dave's eyes.  Paul began to knead and feel Dave's muscles as he began licking Dave's face and neck.  Dave pulled his shirt off and spread out his arms as he flexed for Paul, letting him take in all of Dave's massive chest, arms and shoulders.  Dave loved it when Paul worshiped his body and Paul knew it.  Paul took his time, forcing everything else out of his mind so he could give Dave the best worshipping he ever got.  Paul undid the tie on Dave's gym sweat pants as he moved his mouth up and down Dave's hard, ripped abs.  Dave slowly stood up, holding on to Paul's shoulders easily with his hands, slowly letting Paul continue his licking, kissing and nibbling on Dave's abs, slowly letting Paul slide down his body.  Paul made sure to take in all of Dave's thighs and balls with his mouth and tongue before his adoration of Dave's cock.  Dave was panting, growling and moaning, holding his neck with his hands; fingers laced together to stop himself from lifting Paul off the ground and impale him on his throbbing cock.  Paul took his time, savoring every lick and nibble, catching every drop of precum that started flowing out of Dave's cock.    Dave had his muscles so tight and flexed that they started trembling.  Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore and he reached down, grabbed Paul under his armpits and slid him up his body until Paul's cock was in his mouth.  Dave ravaged Paul's cock, getting Paul to moan loudly, his entire body shaking from the sensations of Dave's hot mouth and tongue on his cock and balls.  It didn't take Paul very long at all to begin shooting his cum into Dave's mouth.  Dave sucked hard and squeezed Paul's cock with his clenched lips, up and down the shaft, draining Paul of all his cum.  Dave bit and licked up and down Paul's body, holding him up with one hand as his other hand pulled off Paul's pants and shoes.  He moved Paul around and switched his hands to grip Paul by his hips before burying his tongue deep inside Paul's ass.  Paul couldn't help moaning and begging Dave to take him as Dave's thick tongue pushed in and out of his ass, the tip flicking up, down and around as it was inside Paul's ass.  Dave moved one hand down to grab Paul's leg at the knee and holding Paul on an angle, moved his body towards Dave's cock, Dave's cock entering Paul's ass on an angle.  Paul jerked, screamed and pleaded with Dave to give him more and Dave did just that.  He used a combination of thrusting his hips and moving his arms forward and back while holding Paul up to ram his cock in and out of Paul's ass.  Both Paul and Dave were yelling out from the intense pleasure they both were feeling.  Dave's entire body jerked and all his muscles flexed, pulling Paul's body tight as he shot load after load of his cum deep inside Paul.  That sent Paul over the edge and his cum shot across the room in blasts.  Paul was totally exhausted, but Dave had the desire for more.  He kept Paul impaled on his still rock hard cock and moved over to his couch.  He laid down on his back and kept Paul on top of him, turned around and facing him.  Paul was more like a noodle in Dave's hands he was so exhausted, but it didn't matter to Dave.  Dave kept his grip on Paul and moved him up and down his cock.  He then scooted up on the couch, bending his legs so that Paul's back was resting against the top of Dave's thighs.  Both of their bodies were slick with sweat and Dave's cum leaking out of Paul's ass supplied more then enough lube for Dave to easily slide Paul's body up and down his thighs.  Dave began to play with Paul's cock and balls and rub his hand up and down Paul's body.  Paul slowly regained some of his senses and used his legs to help move his body up and down Dave's cock.  Dave kept grumbling and growling, as he talked dirty to Paul.  Paul's entire body was alive with excitement and need again; the rough talk and being manhandled by Dave, watching Dave's muscles flex and bulge, shiny with sweat was such a great turn on for Paul.  He was living his old favorite daydream and nighttime dream about his monster bear using him.  It didn't change his feelings at all for Steve, this was different, the realization of a long, long time fantasy.  Dave made it last for at least an hour before he finally shot his load of cum.  His entire body tensed, he did a crunch move wrapped his arms tight around Paul and almost choked Paul with the force of his kiss.  Paul swore Dave's tongue was rubbing the back of his tonsils.  Dave finally collapsed back on the couch, pulling Paul down on top of him, holding him tight against his body.  Paul came again too, as the movement of his body and cock against the muscles of Dave's abs and chest pushed him over the edge.  Dave's hug on Paul's body made it seem like Dave's entire body was jerking Paul off.  Paul bit into Dave's pec as he came and then passed out, completely spent.  Dave finally relaxed and rubbed his hands up and down Paul's back.  He started talking to Paul but then realized Paul was not awake.  Dave laughed and let Paul sleep on him, taking advantage of having Paul on his body longer then usual which was just fine with Dave.

Half of Paul's work shift was over before he finally woke and took a shower with Dave.  They washed each other and Dave wanted to rub Paul down, but Paul knew it would mean another exhausting session, so he convinced Dave he needed to do some work before he left.  Dave pretended to spank Paul over his knees, which ended up with him kneading Paul's ass cheeks and using his finger to stimulate Paul's ass.  Paul did manage to get off of Dave and eventually make it out of Dave's office.  Paul finished off his work whistling and humming, his body still giving up chills and funny, neat feelings after the super sessions with Dave.  He didn't know how he could manage, but he was also thinking of having a long, long session with Steve tonight.  He knew Steve would be sad over the field expedition since it meant Paul would be gone for at least 3 weeks or more.  Paul felt bad and knew he would have to make it up to Steve.  He'd have to make sure they had some nights together before he left that would make Steve feel better.

When Paul got back to the apartment, he realized he was alone, Steve and Tom were both still at work.  He decided to study his ancient book of spells and the notebooks again.  Just as before, the amulet he wore glowed as he went through the pages.  Paul noticed it seemed to glow brighter and warmer when he got to pages that would help him with the dig.  He picked up on the pattern and using both the ancient book and the notes jotted down his own notes without giving it all much thought.  By the time he heard the telephone ringing, he had written several pages of detailed notes about locations to dig while on the field expedition and incantations he would need to use.  He thought it funny there was also a protection spell that was jotted down, with Steve's name written along the side in big, bold letters.  That gave him a chill as he got up and picked up the phone.  It was Tom who told him he would be in late, he had a hot date after work and wouldn't be around for dinner.  Paul made sure to tease Tom about the hot date and how jealous he was going to be all night.  Paul thought about it and smiled, he would make Steve dinner, a nice intimate dinner just for the 2 of them.  He'd be sure it would be a very romantic evening for Steve, which of course would make it easier to tell him of the field expedition.

When Steve came home, he could smell the wonderful aromas coming from inside the apartment.  He opened the door slowly, closing his eyes and taking in long deep breaths.

"Honey, I'm home!" he called out. "Damn whatever you're cooking sure smells like heaven!"

Paul didn't answer him.  Steve opened his eyes and noticed the apartment was mostly dark with some candles burning here and there all over the apartment.  He walked slowly into the living room and saw Paul laying on the couch, naked, holding up a glass of wine for Steve and the sexiest look he could come up with on his face.  Steve growled and immediately stripped.  He crawled over to Paul on the couch and started nibbling on Paul's toes, slowly working his way up to Paul's lips.  He kissed Paul passionately and yet very gently as he took the glass of wine from Paul.  

"Welcome home my gorgeous, sweet muscle head.  God I missed you.  Hope you don't mind I decided we were going to have a romantic sex dinner evening.  Tom has a hot date and won't be in till late, so we won't be disturbed.  What do you say? Game?" Paul whispered as he licked and nibbled on Steve's ear.

"Game? ME? You've got to be kidding! I'd have to be a dead man to pass up on this! If you were flopped on the couch, watching TV with a beer in your hand and old raggedy clothes on, smothered with car oil, I'd still be game!  It's so damn good to come home and have you here for me.  I keep thinking I'm gonna wake up one minute and it'll all be over with.  Can't tell you how great you make me feel you sexy love bug!" Steve whispered as he kissed and nibbled on Paul's face, ears and neck.

"Damn you sexy muscle stud! Okay, come on, drink your wine and I'll wash your hot body up and rub you down so you're all nice and relaxed for dinner.  How's that sound?" Paul said softly as he gently stroked his fingers across Steve's rock hard pecs.

"Oh man, I can sure get used to being treated like this!" Steve purred.

"So I take that as a yes then? Come on, let's get you all cleaned up and relaxed", Paul said as he gulped down his wine and took Steve by the hand toward the bathroom.

Steve couldn't take his eyes off of Paul as he followed him like a puppy dog into the bathroom.  Paul turned on the shower, made sure it was just right and gently guided Steve under the water.  He used a soft scented relaxation soap that he knew made the skin tingle as it was rinsed off.  He slowly washed Steve from head to toe, not letting him do anything, just stand there and be pampered.  When he finished washing Steve's entire body, he turned off the shower and had Steve spread eagle against the wall.  Paul poured a rich spicy sandalwood oil over Steve's shoulders letting it flow down the front and back of Steve's entire body.  Paul then began at the back of Steve's neck and slowly rubbed the scented oil deep into Steve's muscles, gently kneading them as he moved around.  When Paul had the entire back of Steve's body rubbed, he moved Steve around, making Steve keep his arms up on 2 sidewalls in the shower to balance himself.  Paul then slowly began to rub in the oil into all the muscles on the front of Steve, including his arms.  Paul kneaded them firm but yet gently, making sure to get as much stimulation into each muscle group.  He loved the feel of the muscles as they responded to his gentle kneading.  Steve's moans and groans of pleasure kept a smile on Paul's face as he worked on Steve.  As he worked on a muscle, the oil would absorb and he would move on.  After a few minutes of being absorbed, the oil scent spread softly and a relaxing gentle heat spread through every muscle Paul rubbed.  By the time he finished with Steve's toes, Steve was having a really hard time standing up as he muscles had completely relaxed.  It was an experience Steve couldn't believe.  His muscles never felt like that before.  There was a deep calmness and sense of peace that seemed to spread throughout Steve.  Of course he didn't know it was also part of the spell that Paul was working for Steve's well-being and protection.  Paul kept the massage of Steve's cock and balls till last.  He poured a large amount of the oil into his one hand and then rubbed them together quickly, like he was building some friction warmth in his hands.  Steve let out a long, deep sigh and moan as the hot oil covered hands enveloped his balls and then his cock, slowly kneading and stroking and pulling.  Steve never felt such pleasure and wanted to kiss Paul and hold him tight.  Paul gently scolded Steve telling him to keep his hands on the walls so he didn't fall over.  Steve was amazed that his breathing got heavier and faster as the pleasure of his cock and balls being kneaded increased, but yet his muscles stayed relaxed, not tensing up and flexing, as they always seemed to when he was having sex.  It was another new experience for Steve.  His cock felt like it became granite, so hard and throbbing with each touch.  His balls were feeling sensations like never before.  Then he felt the warmth of Paul's mouth and throat on his cock and he let out a loud moan and groan as the cum seemed to just flow out of his cock into Paul's throat.  Paul sucked gently, draining Steve of his cum.  Steve though he would melt away, his entire body so relaxed and such pleasure coursing through his veins.

"There, now my muscle god is ready to eat!" Paul said proudly as he admired Steve's entire body.  

"Eat? After that you want me to eat? All I want to do is hold you and make love to you.  I don't want to eat!" Steve said in a moan.

"Nope, gotta make sure my baby had a nice full tummy so he has the energy to fuck my brains out!" Paul laughed.  "Now come on, let me help you.  If you want, I'll feed you sexy muscle god!"

"No baby, I can handle that, I think! Fuck your brains out you said? I don't know lover, after what you just did to me, I'm not sure I could handle that.  Feel like my muscles are going to melt right off of my bones right now.  Damn that feels so fuckin good.  Where the hell did you learn to do that?" Steve managed to get out as Paul helped him out of the bathroom and into the living room.

"Oh, just one of the benefits of reading a lot.  See the kind of things you can learn from books? Won't see that on the Discovery Channel!" Paul teased.

"I gotta get me some of those books.  Damn!" Steve laughed.]

Neither one of them noticed the dark, evil eyes watching them through the window of the apartment.  Sam wanted to see what Steve and Paul were doing.  He snickered as he watched them, careful not to get to close to the window, well hidden in a thick bunch of bushes and small trees.  He had his night vision binoculars that gave him a full view of what was going on in the living room and part of the kitchen.  He couldn't help himself after awhile, pulling out his throbbing cock and jerking himself off as he watched Paul giving pleasures to Steve.  He wanted Paul now more then ever, as his personal sex slave.  His anger and thirst for revenge grew as he watched and imagined he was the one Paul was worshiping and giving pleasure.  Steve would pay for having played with Sam's slave.

Paul was surprised at how well Steve took the news of the field expedition.  He knew how important it was to Paul and that it was part of his education.  Steve wasn't about to become petty and interfere with something so important to Paul.  He let Paul know that he knew he would miss him terribly, but wished him success and knew he was going to do good.  Paul's feelings for Steve went ever so deep after that night.  He realized how much Steve cared for him and that he really meant it when he said he wanted Paul "as is" and didn't want to change anything.  Paul knew that Steve was a rare find.  The next week, Steve helped Paul get ready for the trip.  Steve enjoyed how excited and intense Paul got when he tried to explain about the expedition and what he hoped to find.  Steve knew the scrolls and that amulet gave Paul some sort of weird powers, but he wasn't about to question them anymore since he had first hand evidence of how well things worked out.

Dave made sure he took full advantage of Paul's guilt about being away for weeks.  He used Paul every chance he could, always leaving Paul exhausted and wanting more.  Dave was really happy how things worked out.  He would take things to another level when Paul got back; Paul had such a way about how he worshiped Dave that sent Dave's ego sky high.  Dave knew he was big and that lots of guys lusted after him, but Paul was unique and he knew it.  As long as Steve wasn't going to interfere in Dave's pleasure, things would be, as Dave wanted them.  No commitments, no changes to his lifestyle, just complete satisfaction when it came to sex.  Dave had plans on getting Paul's body bulkier and packed with more hard muscle.  He would mold Paul into the gym jock he had in his mind, adding to the perfection of the arrangement.  Dave would join his good buddy Jack in some weekend sex romps, entertainment provided for by the once macho and mean Jim, a gift from Paul to Jack.  Jack was allowed to go to classes and complete whatever he needed to keep up his degree program, but the rest of his life belonged to Jack.  Jack had trained Jim well.  Jim feared Jack and yet at the same time worshiped him.  The spell that Paul cast on both Jack and Jim was reinforced with every sexual contact they had, which was at least 3 times a day.  Jim had put on some weight and most of that was muscle, thanks to Jack's training program.  Jack was happy he had someone and Jim adjusted and was becoming happy that he was always in the presence of a huge, muscled bear, automatically getting him the respect of the other muscled gods in the spa.  It was an environment that stimulated and pleased Jim, the fulfillment of a long time secret desire.  Dave helped convince Jack that it was important for Jim to go on the field expedition as part of his degree.  Jack wasn't pleased, but felt better when he found out that Paul was in charge of the expedition.  

Steve helped pack Paul's gear into his truck.  They were both tired from the long night of saying goodbye.  Paul promised Steve he would be careful and Steve promised he wouldn't pick up any new roommate while Paul was gone.  Tom promised to look after Steve for Paul.  Paul was sad as he got into the truck but thrilled at the same time that he was finally going to be part of a field expedition.  He hoped the sites the ancient spell book revealed to him proved to be exceptional.  He didn't know exactly what to expect, but felt strongly that the books wouldn't disappoint.  When Paul reached the airport, the other students were already there, waiting for Paul.  Arrangements were already made for them to be flown to a field near the dig site and transportation was waiting for them.  Paul surprised himself at how organized and calm he became as he directed the loading of the equipment.  Everything was going according to schedule, no hitches at all.  The flight was uneventful, full of excited conversations about the dig.  When they arrived at the airfield, they all helped move the equipment and supplies from the plane to the waiting trucks.  The area was dry and very hilly, with outcroppings of large boulders and small mountains, eroded by time, wind and water.  There were pockets of forests here and there, a strange site to all of them, sort of like a mix of various environments.  When they reached the dig site, Paul got his bearings and called all the students together.  They were given detailed maps of the dig site and paired together by 2's assigned specific areas to dig.  Jim was paired with Paul as his assistant.  Paul then assigned 4 students to set up the tents and camp as the others were assigned to mark off the boundaries of the dig site.  By late evening, camp was set up, the dig site was marked off and everyone was tired.  Paul set up the schedules for meals and conferences, ad hoc meetings several times a day to report on the progress of the dig and share anything found.  They were expecting to locate remnants of an ancient civilization thought to be located at the dig site.  Any artifacts found would be catalogued, tested and identified as part of the post-dig debriefing.  All the records of the dig and the debriefing would be used as the groups submission to the University.  They were all very serious about the dig as it was a major portion of their degree requirement.  

Paul and Jim shared a tent as they were paired together.  Paul wasn't worried about Jim anymore, knowing that Jack broke him and that he was under the spell Paul cast.  Jim surprised Paul by apologizing for what he did to Paul when they first met.  Paul smiled; knowing Jim had no idea his entire life now was a punishment he was given for what he did.  It didn't seem to Paul that Jim had much of a problem with it all.  He talked most of the night about his god Jack and how great it was to be with such a giant muscled bear.  

"You know, I just can't believe how much of an asshole I was to you.  I guess I was just protecting my image and all, afraid that someone would see through my macho routine and realize that I was gay myself.  Pretty hard to just go with that lifestyle for me, but I wouldn't give up my life with Jack now.  You know, if you want, I can take care of you whenever you feel the need, sure Jack wouldn't mind," Jim said seriously.

"That's okay, thanks for the offer though! Boy, you sure have changed, haven't you? You were really bad news before Jim, sorry to say.  You had quite the nasty mean streak in you.  Glad to see that you've changed and are happy!" Paul said laughing.

"Don't I know it! Yeah, Jack took care of that for sure.  Kinda hard to put on that mean, macho, hard guy thing when you are around Jack.  All that just seemed to melt away after the first weekend I spent with Jack.  Glad he made me move in with him.  I can't imagine what life would be like without him now.  Funny thing is, I don't miss any of my old life at all.  Think there are a few pissed off babes out there that don't know what happened, but that's fine.  It's just Jack now!" Jim said.

"Well, I'm glad for you.  Jack is sure intense to say the least.  He seems to have mellowed some since you came into his life," Paul said sheepishly.

"Thanks bud.  Jack is that, intense! But, he really is a great guy.  He takes care of me like I was some sort of infant sometimes.  Sure as hell knows how to please a guy, that's for sure.  When he does that flex thing with his body, it just makes me weak in the knees.  Funny, I'd never have admitted that before.  Yeah, life is good now.  Okay, guess if you don't need me to take care of you, its time for lights out.  Thanks for being a friend Paul.  Jack wouldn't have let me go on the trip if it wasn't for you and Dave.  See yah in the morning, here's hoping for a great find!" Jim said as he rolled over in his cot and pulled the covers up over his muscled body.

"Night Jim.  Glad you could make the trip.  Sure we'll hit it good!" Paul said as he turned down the light and snuggled into his cot, imagining he was lying with Steve.

The next few days were very exciting for the entire expedition.  The teams uncovered artifact after artifact.  Guided by the ancient books, Paul found a small chamber that he and Jim concentrated on.  Jim was very excited at the find as the chamber contained the most intact pieces found at the dig.  Paul knew from his notes that there would be special scrolls located in the chamber that he had to keep for himself.  The exploration of the chamber was by the book areas plotted out and marked.  Paul wasn't exactly sure how he would find the special scrolls, but knew the amulet and his notes would guide him.  When Paul walked towards the back of the chamber, he noticed a lump in the ground, which was an odd shape.  As he got closer to the lump, his amulet started glowing and getting very warm.  He knew then that he had found the scrolls he was looking for.  Luckily, it was in an area far away from the section he and Jim were digging.  Paul sent Jim back to the camp with what they had already found and reminded him to carefully label and document each item before coming back.  Paul knew that would take Jim some time, more then enough to allow Paul to retrieve the scrolls.  As soon as Jim left the chamber, Paul headed for the lump in the ground.  He carefully used his brush and small shovel trowel and sure enough, the form of a thick hide and a strange metal started to appear.  The scroll wasn't very large lengthwise, but it was thick.  It was resting in a nest like grouping of some sort of plants, used to preserve it he guessed.  Paul carefully took the scroll out of the ground; being careful to recite the words of the prayer the ancient book gave to him.  Paul could feel the power of the scroll in his hands and his amulet turned into a bright blue color and sent tingles throughout his chest.  He carefully put the scroll and the plant nest into his backpack and then filled in the hole and packed it down, moving a few rocks over it so it wasn't noticeable that something was dug up.  Paul couldn't wait to examine the scroll, but knew if Jim or any of the others spotted it, he would have to include it in the catalogue of the dig, loosing it to the University.  He would have to bide his time and wait until it was safe.

It was on the fourth day after Paul left for the field trip that Sam became concerned and angry that he had not seen Paul coming and going.  He watched through the windows again and only saw Steve, alone.  Every day his anger increased and finally he had to do something about it.  He waited until Steve had been home for a few hours and knew it was near the time Steve would go to bed.  Sam went to the door of the apartment and pounded on the door, yelling for Steve to open the fuckin door.  Sam didn't know that Tom lived with Steve and Paul; otherwise he wouldn't have come alone.  Tom opened the door and Sam was shocked when he saw Tom, all 6'2", 290lbs of heavy muscled hunk.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Tom yelled out as he glared at Sam.

"I know this guy" Steve said as he came to Tom's side at the doorway. "He's from the gym, one of the guys that tried to fuck up Paul if I remember right!"

"Oh, so you're one of those ass wipes that messed with our Paul huh? What do you want fuck head?" Tom growled, tensing his muscles ready to strike.

"What the fuck did you do with him? Where's he at?  I want to see him fuck wads!" Sam blurted out, trying to look around and behind Tom and Steve.

"Hey, what the fuck is it to you where Paul is.  He ain't no friend of yours!" Steve yelled angrily.

"Yeah, fuck off you dirt bag before I fuck you up good.  I aught to anyway for fuckin with Paul!" Tom sneered.

"Fuck you!" Sam yelled as he punched at Tom and tried to kick at Steve.

Tom and Steve both reacted quickly, pounding on Sam as they pushed him down the hallway towards the door of the building.  They got hit a few times, Steve ending up with a split lip and bruises on his pecs, and Tom with some bruises on his thigh and cheek, but Sam got the worst of it before they managed to grab him and toss him out into the grass outside the building.

"It ain't over yet you fuckin queers! You're gonna pay and pay good for messin with me!" Sam yelled as he stumbled away towards his bike.

"Hey, fuck brains, stay the fuck away from here.  Next time I'll make sure the cops clamp your sorry ass into jail if you bother us or Paul again!" Tom yelled.

"Can you believe that asshole?" Steve said as he tried to calm down. "What the fuck was that about anyway?  Why'd he want to know where Paul was?  How'd he know Paul wasn't here!"

"You know what! I bet that slime was stalking Paul all this time.  Wouldn't surprise me if he was watching through the windows and stuff.  You better make sure you close the blinds and curtains from now on when you and Paul are in the living room.  Sounds like this crackpot is sick enough to do shit like that.  I'm gonna ask my buddies on the police force what we can do about him.  I'd bet he has a record and would be put away good if he got arrested" Tom said as he put his arm around Steve's shoulder and they walked back into the apartment.

Sam wasted no time; he was in a rage.  He went to the hangout of his biker gang buddies and told them he needed their help to take care of a couple of guys that fucked with him.  Well, being half drunk by now and always up for some sick fun, 6 of the guys agreed to go with Sam and take care of things.  They rode their bikes to the apartment complex and pulled into the parking lot with the engines off.  Sam told them to wait until the lights in the bedrooms were off for a while, so they could catch the guys just as they were drifting off to sleep.  It was already a few hours since Sam confronted Tom and Steve, and he knew from watching the apartment all this time that Steve would be going to bed.  Sure enough, as they planned what they would do, they watched the light in Tom's bedroom go off and then within 10 minutes, the light in Steve's room went off.  They waited about 30 minutes to make sure they were both just about asleep, taking the opportunity to get in a few drinks of bourbon and a few beers.  Sam decided it was time to take them down and he led the group into the building and to the apartment.  Not wanting to wake all the neighbors and have the cops on their ass quickly, they used some tools one of them had to open the door to the apartment quietly.  Sam pointed to Tom's bedroom and had 3 of the guy's head there as he and 3 guys headed for Steve's room.  They opened the door quietly and one guy went on each side of the bed while another stood at the foot of the bed.  The guy at the foot of the bed signaled to the other 2 who jumped on the bed, grabbing the arms of their victims and locking them inside their legs while the guy at the foot of the bed jumped up and sat on the knees of the victim.

Tom tried to jump up but was held down.  He was groggy and swearing, not knowing what was happening.  The biker on his knees reached down and slapped him hard across his face and said "Now you're gonna learn what happens when you cross one of us you fucker!"  He then cocked his fist high up in the air and let it fly down hard and fast into Tom's cock and balls.  The other 2 began punching Tom in his abs and pecs and face.  The same was happening to Steve.  They put pillows over Tom and Steve's face to muffle the sounds of their yelling.  The pounding went on for a while, until both Tom and Steve were no longer trying to fight them off.  Both had swollen bloody faces and badly bruised bodies.  One of the bikers on Tom said he was really getting horny and decided he wanted to have more fun with Tom.  They released Tom and the biker grabbed Tom's arm, hooked it behind Tom's head and started punching him hard in the ribs while he bent down and started biting and sucking on Tom's nipple and pec.  The one on Tom's knees laughed and reached down, grabbing Tom's balls in his hand and began to squeeze, twist and pull as he punched at Tom's cock.  The 3rd guy felt left out and he grabbed Tom's other arm, pulled it out as he used his foot in Tom's armpit to add more pressure as he twisted and bent Tom's arm across his arm.  When Steve stopped struggling, the 3 bikers decided to have some good fun with him.  

"Cute muscled midget ain't he?" one said as he rubbed his hands up and down Steve's muscles.  

"Yeah, kinda is at that.  Maybe we should show this fuck the kind of fun he's missing out on!" the other laughed.

"Yeah, good idea.  Have at em boys.  Then when you're finished, I think we'll take this one with us and let the rest of the gang have at em!" Sam said, enjoying the site of Steve being punished.

The biker that was on Steve's knees stood up, pulled his jeans down and began to stroke his cock which was rock hard and thick.  He pulled up Steve's legs onto his shoulders and lined up his cock head with Steve's rosebud.  In one quick hard jerk, he pushed his cock head inside Steve.  Steve yelled out and tried to sit up, but the other 2 had him still pinned down.  

"Oh yeah, tight man pussy!" the one fucking Steve growled as he pushed in and out hard and then started slapping and punching at Steve's cock.

"Let's see if this fag gets into this!" another biker said as he moved from Steve's side and dropped his jeans before straddling Steve's head and putting his ass hard over Steve's mouth.  "Don't get no fuckin ideas midget! One false move with those teeth and you'll never see sunrise again!" he growled as he gave Steve's throat a punch.  

The other biker reached across Steve and took both his nipples into his fingers and started pinching, pulling and twisting.  Steve's body was jerking and twisting, covered in sweat and blood as the bikers had their fun.  

"Hey, well look at this! The midget like this!" the one fucking Steve said as precum was flying from Steve's hard cock as it was punched and slapped by the biker.

"Oh yeah, this fucker knows how to eat ass for sure! You guys gotta try this!" the biker rubbing his ass all over Steve's mouth and face laughed.

The biker that was punching Tom's ribs told the other guys to let him go.  He knelt down between Tom's spread wide legs and pulled Tom up into a sitting position by his hair.  He wrapped his hard muscled arms around Tom's ribs and locked his hands together tight behind his back.  He began to squeeze and shake Tom, in a bear hug.  Tom groaned and yelled out in pain as the damaged ribs the biker pounded before reacted to the pressure being applied. Another biker said he always wanted to do what he saw on wrestling and he got behind Tom's back and dug his fingers deep into the shoulder muscles of Tom and started pinching, twisting and pulling.  The 3rd biker laughed as he saw the look of pain on Tom's face and he got on the bed, lifted one of Tom's legs and started bending it, twisting it, clawing and punching.  Tom was being tortured.  The biker that had Tom in a bear hug cranked up the pressure as he shook harder and bit into Tom's neck, giving him a deep bloody hickey.  He kept it up until he finally heard what he was waiting for, the unmistakable sound of bone cracking.  He had cracked a few of Tom's ribs.  Once he was satisfied with that, he stood up, let his jeans fall down and knelt back down.  He lifted Tom's hips and guided his cock into Tom's ass.  He told the biker clawing at Tom's shoulders to lift Tom up and down so he was being fucked by the bikers cock.  They all laughed at the screams of pain from Tom as the weight of his body being pulled up by the clawed fingers in his shoulder muscles added to the pain of the fat, long cock in his ass.  

When they finally had all fucked and had their asses eaten by Tom and Steve, Tom had broken ribs, a broken leg, was bleeding from his nose, eyes, mouth and ass.  The bikers with Steve rolled Steve up in a sheet and one of them flopped Steve's body over their shoulder.  A few of the bikers went into Tom's room and pissed all over his body and bed.  They left the apartment with Steve and headed back for their hangout.

When they arrived at the hangout, Sam took a bottle of vodka and after Steve was unwrapped from the sheet, he had 2 guys hold Steve up by his arms.  Sam poured the vodka over Steve's head, waking him up and making him feel the burning sting in every wound he had.  Sam made an announcement that the muscle midget was available for fucking and sucking for $20.  There was soon a line formed with bikers holding their $20, rubbing their crotches, ready for some fun with a muscled guy.  Sam took great pleasure using his thumbs on the jaws of Steve to hold them open while a biker fucked his mouth with his cock.  Within a few hours, Steve was filled and covered with cum and piss, unconscious and left groaning on a bench.  Sam decided Steve should be strung out so that his muscles bulged and would be better viewed.  A few of the bikers set Steve up, tying him with rope so that his body was positioned forcing his muscles to bulge and flex.  They could lower him easily if a biker wanted to be sucked off or fuck Steve, which went on all night.  Sam would punch Steve's body in different spots just for fun, but only when Steve was conscious.   One of the bikers suggested that Sam should enter Steve into one of the underground sex fights to be held Friday.  Sam thought about it and thought it would be a good thing, punishment for Steve and money for Sam.  It was Wednesday, so Sam had time to get Steve cleaned up and ready to perform on Friday.  He had them take Steve down and they used a hose out back to wash Steve off.  He was tied to a pole in a backroom and given a dirty tarp and blanket to sleep on.  Steve was in pain and he didn't really come to his senses until early Friday morning.  Sam had spiked his water with steroids and other drugs to get Steve pumped up for the sex fights.  He knew that the drugs would make Steve hyper and ready for fighting.  He had to put on a good show of muscle for Sam to make money on the deal.  Steve might end up dead or broken, but it was okay, good justice as Sam saw it.

The neighbor that lived above Steve and Tom thought it was odd so much noise was coming from below.  He knew Steve and Tom and never had any problems with noise or any type of disturbance, feeling very safe and comfortable that both of the heavily muscled guys lived in his building.  At first he thought it was some sort of going away party for Paul, who he met once while he was moving in.  Then he remembered that Paul had already left for his field expedition.  He finally decided to call the police when he heard the loud blasting sounds of motorcycles roaring from the parking lot.  He looked out his window and saw the shilouettes of the bikers, one carrying a large sheet covered item over his shoulder.  He knew Steve and Tom didn't hang with bikers at all.  He decided to call it in as an assault so that the police would get there fast.  When he hung up his phone, he dressed quickly and headed downstairs to see if Steve and Tom were okay.  As he turned the corner of the stairwell, he slowed down when he noticed the door to Steve and Tom's apartment was open.  He carefully moved towards the door and was shocked when he peaked inside and saw the mess. He couldn't hear anything and thought it best to wait there until the police arrived.  There was no sound coming out of the apartment, as Tom was unconscious in his bedroom.  The police arrived very quickly and the neighbor told them what he heard and saw, giving them as detail a description of those he spotted from his window.  He also made it a point to tell them of the stable, respectful and honest personalities of Steve and Tom.  The officers carefully entered the apartment and took note of the trashed kitchen and living room.  One looked into Steve's room and saw the blood, piss an cum all over the trashed bed.  The other officer went to Tom's room and yelled out for his partner when he spotted Tom's unconscious, broken, bloody body tied to the bed.  They quickly called for backup and paramedics.  It wasn't very long before Tom was on his way to the hospital.  A crime scene team was dispatched to the apartment and descriptions of the bikers were broadcast on the police network.

Paul was so excited with his find and the results so far of the dig that he decided he would head off to the nearest town, 15 miles away, and call Steve to tell him how great things were going.  He couldn't easily take a good look at the scrolls he found with Jim and the others always around, so he decided to just keep it safe and hidden.  When Paul told Jim he was going into town to call Steve, Jim asked to go along since he wanted to touch base with Jack.  Paul knew Steve's schedule and timed his trip into town so that he would catch Steve around the time he got home from work.  By the time he tried calling, the apartment was closed up and all the crime scene staff were gone.  The phone rang and rang.

"Wow, that's weird.  I would have thought Steve was home by now.  Wonder if he decided to just go straight to the gym?" Paul wondered out loud.

"Yeah, you know how much into pumping up we are!" Jim laughed, including himself in the league of muscled jocks.  "Maybe you can call Dave and he'll get Steve to call you."

"That's an idea.  I'll try that after you talk to Jack. Might as well pick up something from the restaurant here for dinner while we're here.  Has to be better then the rations we've been eating!" Paul laughed.

When Jim was finished with his call to Jack, Paul gave Dave a call.  He was just about to give up on the call when Dave picked up the phone.

"Hello!" Dave barked in the phone.

"Hey Dave, this is Paul.  Sorry to bother you, but I was trying to get in touch with Steve and nobody seems to answer.  I was wondering if he was at the spa and if you wouldn't mind having him call me at this number in the next 20 minutes" Paul said sheepishly, knowing how he might have interfered with Dave's plans.

"Hey baby boy! Good to hear from you.  I haven't seen Steve here tonight, but I'll check registration for yah.  Things going good with your playing in the sandbox?" Dave teased.

"Yeah, just great actually.  The expedition is really a success, thanks.  Like the way you put it, sandbox playing!" Paul laughed.  "I really appreciate it Dave.  Hope you're doing okay and not pissed off yet that I'm not there doing work!"

"Hey, no problem baby.  Dave takes care of his boy, you know that.  Don't you worry about work here, it'll be here for you when you get back! Just you be careful and don't hurt that sexy bod of yours.  Hold on, let me get on the pc and see if Steve checked in yet," Dave laughed.

"I really appreciate it Dave" Paul said releaved.

"Well, doesn't look like Steve has swiped in.  I tell you what, I'll update his record with a note so that when he does check in, the attendant will let him know you called, okay?" Dave told Paul.

"That would be great, thanks.  Jim and I will stick around here for about 30 minutes, but I'm sure Steve will show up before we leave.  Thanks again.  I look forward to making it up to you when I get back!" Paul whispered so that Jim wouldn't hear.

"Oh you sexy baby boy.  You got yourself a deal.  Got me one hell of a boner just thinking about when you get back. Daddy is gonna keep you to that deal for sure! You just don't worry about things here, you'll be back sooner then you think.  Have fun digging in the sandbox and play nice!" Dave laughed and teased.

"Thanks Dave.  See you when I get back for sure.  Later!" Paul smiled as he hung up the phone. "If it's okay with you Jim, we'll just eat here and wait for Steve to call me back, okay?"

"Hey, no problem at all. Nice to be away from the dig site for awhile.  Can't wait for this to be history and I'll have the grade point I need," Jim said as he tried finding something  on the menu that caught his attention.

Sam had Steve hosed down with cold water and put into a van.  In order to get his muscles pumped and ready for show, he had 4 bikers in back with Steve, using blocks of concrete to put weight on the picnic table they made Steve hold up.  To make it more interesting and make Steve work hard they made sure Steve was standing on an turned over metal legged table that had the leg bottoms filed down into sharp points.  If Steve bent down to far, the spikes would poke into his body.  It wasn't easy at all, but the effects of the steroids and drugs fired Steve up.  Luckily for Steve it wasn't all that far of a drive to the sex fight site.  When they arrived, the bikers threw a bag over Steve's head and wrapped a dirty sheet on him so he couldn't see where they were and nobody could see what he looked like.  As soon as they made it into the basement of the abandoned factory, the bikers took Steve into a holding pen like room while Sam went to the operator of the fight to make arrangements.  He assured the operator that Steve was going to excite the crowd and put on a decent show. He also made it a point to make the operator understand that Steve wasn't doing this willingly and that if Steve lost, he was available as a "toy" for the other fighters for the night.  That little offering made the operator happy and he told Sam he was going to have one of his monsters take on Steve.

Steve could hear the roar and hoots of the crowd as the fights started.  From the sound of it, he knew this wasn't going to be anything like a normal wrestling or boxing match, especially when he heard guys yelling for a fighter to "rip them balls off a him!"  Steve could feel his adrenaline flowing and his muscles bulk and tense up.  By the time he was up to fight, his veins were bulging out of his hard, pumped muscles and he almost had a hard time walking.  He tried to imitate the bouncing around he saw fighters do, but it wasn't easy for him.  When he was pulled by a chain around his neck by Sam towards the ring, Steve had a shiver go up his spine.  He saw the place was dirty, dark and only the fighting area was lit up.  He could see some blood splattered on the sidewalls of the pit that was below ground level, probably from some old sunken tank that used to be in the basement, maybe an old furnace.  The floor was like a mixture of hard sand and clay, not really raked neatly, just sort of splattered around.  Sam took the chain off and pushed Steve into the pit.  Steve moved around not knowing where his opponent would be entering.  He heard a growling sound come from behind him and to the left.  He turned and moved backwards; unable to hide the hard inhale of air as he spotted this monster of a man lumbering towards the pit.  The guy had to be 6'7" tall and well over 375lbs or matted hairy muscle and fat.  The guy had a shaved head, fat pork chop sideburns and a twisted braid of hair that came off the top of his head.  He had very bushy eyebrows and scars mixed in all over his head, shoulders and legs.  This was one mean, scary guy.  Steve's only hope was that this giant wasn't in good shape and he could tire the guy out by moving around fast.  Both Steve and the monster only wore an old, leather jock strap that had rusted studs running along the seams of the cup.  Steve felt his body begin to sweat, as he started moving around, watching the monster carefully.  The monster jumped down into the pit and let out a deafening roar as he stretched his arms up and out and lifted his head towards the ceiling.  He lowered his head and licked his lips with a big, wet, fat tongue as he moved his right arm down and rubbed his crotch.  Steve knew what that meant and tried to get his mind to forget the threat.  The monster was told ahead of the match what the arrangement was with Steve and that he could play with Steve to put on a good show, but not to kill him.  Steve was the bonus entertainment of the fighters and they all liked to get some free sex when it was made available.  Most of them only had sex with another guy when they picked someone up and forced them to submit.  This would be a freebie, no effort on their part and no rules either.  The monster just happened to be in a good mood and assured the other fighters they would all have a great party with Steve as the main entertainment, a muscled fighter orgy.  

The sheet was ripped off of Steve's body and the whole arena was filled with catcalls and hoots.  Steve's body was impressive.  

"Hey, what the fuck! You give me a midget muscle man to fight? What am I supposed to do with him?" the monster bellowed.

"Fight!" the operator yelled through a bull horn.

The monster bellowed as he flexed his massive, sweaty arms in Steve's direction before stomping towards him.  Steve managed to duck a wild swing of the monsters fist and managed to get in a kick to the monsters thigh and a few punches into his ribs.  The momentum of the monsters charge made him run into the wall of the pit which he punched hard as he screamed obscenities.  Steve ran towards him and managed to get a few punches into the lower back of the monster before he swung around to face Steve.  He charged again and Steve again managed to get out of the path while getting in a few more punches to the ribs.  He had not been touched yet and wasn't sure his punches did anything to the monster.  Steve made the mistake of repeating the exact same move in the same direction each time the monster charged at him, which the monster caught on to after the 4th charge.  When he charged at Steve again, he pivoted and changed his direction just enough to catch Steve on the side of his head with his clenched fist.  Steve staggard sideways feeling like he just got hit in the head with a hammer.  The monster wasted no time in pouncing on the stunned Steve.  He lifted his fists above his head and brought them down hard on Steve's head and shoulder.  When Steve started to fall towards the monster, he pushed Steve up against the wall of the pit and held him against it with his one hand tight around Steve's neck.  The monster grabbed Steve by his crotch and leaned hard against Steve as he slid Steve up the pit wall, scratching his back against the rough concrete wall.  When he was satisfied that Steve was high enough, he released his grip on Steve's crotch so he could start pounding on Steve's chest, abs, shoulder and thighs with his fist.  Each shot was hard and deliberate, making sure he hit every muscle above Steve's knees he could reach.  After pounding on Steve's body a number of times, he let Steve slide to the ground, grabbed one of Steve's arms and twisted hard while he pulled, whipping Steve across the pit into the wall on the opposite side.  Steve hit the wall with a thud and fell to his knees, his hands not knowing which muscle to rub as all of them were already throbbing.  The monster came up behind Steve and grabbed Steve's head in one hand and kicked hard into Steve's back, bellowing out after each kick.  He let Steve fall face first to the floor and then kicked Steve's head a few more times as well as the small of his back.  He reached down and lifted Steve off the ground under his armpits and smashed Steve's body, face first, into the pit wall.  Holding Steve's body up and against the wall with one hand on the back of Steve's neck, he used his forearms to pound on Steve's lower back over and over.  Steve tried to kick and push himself away from the wall, but the pounding was weakening him more and more with each hit.  Finally the monster released Steve who fell down to the ground, rolled in pain and reached back with his arms towards his back.  The monster grabbed the straps on Steve's jockstrap and ripped it off without much effort at all.  He reached down and grabbed Steve's cock and balls and used them to drag Steve into the middle of the pit.  He squeezed enough on Steve's balls to get Steve to scream out in pain and pant, trying desperately to catch his breath.  The monster then started to use different wrestling holds on Steve, staying with each hold until the body part he was punishing was useless to Steve and the muscle was turned to quivering jelly.  Satisfied that Steve was completely helpless, the monster enclosed Steve's head in his hands, pushing his thumbs into Steve's eyes.  Steve was screaming out in pain as the monster squeezed and lifted Steve to his feet.  He released his grip on Steve's head and as Steve's hands grabbed for his face, the monster stooped down and slammed his arms hard around Steve's waist into a bear hug, lifting Steve up off the ground.  Steve's body was like a ragdoll in the monsters grip.  He was being crushed as the monster squeezed, shook his body side to side, up and down.  The monster slid Steve's body up and down his body, flexing his arm and chest muscles to give Steve the most pain without breaking any bones, if he could help it.  He felt Steve's cock get hard as it was rubbed up and down his sweat covered belly.  He released Steve finally and yelled out to the crowd how excited Steve was about being loved by the monster.  Steve's body was slowly moving as he lay on the ground, on his back, his cock throbbing with each beat of his heart.  The monster grabbed one of Steve's ankles and lifted him up off the ground as he walked the full circle of the pit, displaying Steve's helpless body and hard bouncing cock to the crowd.  Once he was sure everyone had seen Steve, he moved to the center of the pit and began slapping hard at Steve's cock.  He kept it up until Steve shot a load of cum.  The monster laughed and then used his free hand to untie his jockstrap.  His 9", beer can thick cock and plumb sized balls flopped out.  He pulled Steve's hanging body into his and used it to rub his cock until it was rock hard and leaking precum.  He grabbed Steve's other ankle and spread Steve's legs wide apart and lifted Steve.  Moving his mouth on to Steve's ass, he forced his tongue into Steve's ass and started to chew Steve's ass as his tongue fucked Steve.  Once he was satisfied Steve's ass was wet enough, he lowered Steve down enough and forced his cock fully inside Steve's ass as Steve was upside down.  Steve, barely conscious, screamed out with a sickening yell from the pain.  The monster pushed his hips forward and used his arms to swing Steve up and down his cock, getting a rhythm to Steve's swing so that his hips thrust forward hard every time Steve's body came back towards the monsters body.  It took over 30 minutes for the monster to finally shoot his load of cum into Steve.  He then just let go of Steve and let the weight of Steve's body pull itself off of his cock.  Steve hit the pit floor with a thud.  Steve was no longer conscious.  The monster then straddled Steve's body, reached down and pushed his thumbs inbetween the joints of Steve's jaws, forcing Steve's mouth open.  He held Steve's upper body off of the ground and began to piss into Steve's mouth.  Finally he released Steve's head and let him fall hard to the ground, placed his foot over Steve's chest and again stretched out his arms up and wide, bellowing his victory over Steve.  Satisfied he had gotten enough of the crowds attention, he reached down and grabbed on of Steve's wrists and lifted Steve, letting his body flop over his shoulder.  He pulled himself up out of the pit and walked back to the fighters area where the other fighters were waiting.  Steve was passed around to each fighter and fucked in both his ass and mouth by all 12 of the fighters.  There was some mercy in the whole experience since Steve was unconscious most of the time he was being raped.  He was in bad shape, all of his muscled bruised and several tendons ripped.  He was bleeding internally and blood was coming out of his mouth and ass when the last fighter finished using him.  Steve didn't know it, but the spell Paul cast for his protection was the only thing keeping him alive.  Sam finally came into the fighter area with his biker pals to take Steve back to his place.  The fighters tried to get Sam to leave Steve as their toy, but he said he couldn't do that, just yet.  A few were starting to get nasty about Sam taking away their new toy when the operator came in and calmed things down.  He assured them that Sam would provide Steve or another player soon enough which Sam agreed to do.  The bikers wrapped Steve in the dirty sheet again and one of them flopped Steve's body over his shoulder.  On the way back to the hangout, one of the bikers told Sam they better get Steve looked at since he wasn't in very good shape.  Sam already had someone waiting at their place to take care of Steve and make sure he didn't die on them.  Steve was going to make Sam all sorts of money, which he had no intention of sharing with his buddies.

Paul was getting very worried that he had not heard from Steve.  He got Jim to wait that first time for over an hour before they headed back to the site.  Paul knew he couldn't just leave the dig until it was scheduled to end, especially since he was technically in charge of the project.  The credit of all the expedition members was involved and Paul was just to responsible to be the cause of the group failing.  Besides, the dig was turning up more and more items and the classification and cataloging of the items started keeping Paul busy most of the night, every night.  He was dying to study the special scrolls he had taken, but fought the temptation.  He wasn't about to loose them to the University.  He would wait until he got home and he and Steve could go through them together.  Finally, the full 3 weeks was completed and Paul notified the team that they were heading back.  Paul had to order a large truck to the site so they could transport the findings of the expedition back to the University.  There was no way for them to pack their equipment and the findings into the plane that was to fly them back.  All of the team was anxious to get back to their regular lives at this point, so packing up went quick and smoothly.  Paul looked around the airport for Steve when they returned.  He became depressed when he finally realized that Steve wasn't there to meet him.  He was angry and hurt when he got into his truck and speeded back to the apartment.

When Paul arrived and stormed into the apartment, he was stopped in his tracks when he walked into the kitchen and saw the partially cleaned up mess, police tape and finger print dust over everything.  He ran into his and Steve's bedroom and cried out when he saw the bloodied sheets and ties on the bedposts.  He heard a faint knock at the door and went running.  He was surprised to see the upstairs neighbor standing there with a very worried look on his face.

"I'm sorry Paul.  I heard you come in and wasn't sure you knew what happened.  I guess some bikers came in and beat up Steve and Tom.  Tom is in the hospital and they haven't found Steve as of yet.  I didn't know how to get in touch with you, otherwise I would have called you right away.  I think it happened the same day or the day after you left.  I'm really sorry Paul.  If there's anything I can do, please let me know!" the neighbor said as he patted Paul's arm.

"WHAT!?! OH MY GOD!" Paul shouted out as he fell on his rear to the floor. "Who would do such a thing? Why would they take Steve? I have to go see Tom.  I have to get to the police.  We have to find Steve!" Paul kept shouting as he began crying hysterically.

"Poor guy, just try and get yourself together.  I'll be right back.  Just let me get my stuff and get dressed and I'll take you to the hospital to see Tom.  I'm sure he'll be happy you're back!" the neighbor said hurriedly as he turned and ran back upstairs.  

Paul just sat there and cried.  He felt awful that he became angry with Steve and didn't even think about his safety once the whole time.  By the time the neighbor returned, Paul had gotten up off the floor and calmed himself down.  He needed to get as much information as he could from Tom before he could go over the scrolls he already owned to see what he could do to help Steve.  The neighbor got Paul into his car and drove him to the hospital.  Paul started crying again when he came into Tom's room and saw he was just about covered in casts and bandages.  Tom heard Paul crying and managed to get out in a hoarse voice "Is that you Paully?"

"It's me Tom.  What the hell happened? Who the hell did this to you guys?" Paul managed to get out as he moved to Tom's bed and held his hand. "What have they done to my Steve, Tom? Oh god, I should have been here to help!"

"Hey, calm down Paul.  There isn't anything you could have done.  Not with this bunch.  I'm pretty sure the guy who ran this show knew you and Steve.  I think his name was Sam, from the spa.  Guess he wanted you and was pissed off that you weren't there.  The fuck was stalking you and spying at us in the apartment.  The cops are looking for them and Steve.  Nobody has a clue and it doesn't seem any snitch is willing to cross Sam and his biker buds" Tom slowly said.

Tom went on to tell Paul all he could remember about what happened.  He didn't see them take Steve, but heard from the cops that were there that the neighbor saw them carrying somebody wrapped in sheets to their bikes.  Paul cried and gently hugged Tom as Tom told him all that they did to him.  Tom told Paul he couldn't help Steve and for that he felt awful.  Paul told Tom that he was sure Tom did as much as anyone could and that he wanted Tom to just get better and heal.  Tom asked Paul for a hug and gave Paul a surprise kiss, making Paul promise to visit him, as well as keep him informed of whatever was happening.  Paul left Tom, the neighbor taking him back to the apartment.  The neighbor offered to help Paul clean up the mess that was left, but Paul said he needed to do it himself.  Paul cried and cried as he cleaned up the entire apartment, washing everything and throwing out anything that was broken.  It was nearly 3 a.m. before he finished and he was exhausted.  He settled down in the living room and pulled out his old scroll book and reference book and began to look for anything that might help him find Steve.  He fell asleep on the couch with the books on his lap and slept until 11 the next morning.  He was somewhat startled when he woke and then it started to come to him.  He had a dream, more a nightmare, while he slept.  He saw what happened to Steve and saw the look of pleasure on Sam's face as his lover was suffering.  He saw Steve dirty and hurting, in pain and just barely alive.  He couldn't place where Steve was, but knew he was alive.  He looked down at the scroll book and saw the amulet was held tight inside the book.  He opened the book and read, amazed it was a spell he could use to turn the tables on Sam and get Steve free of his captors.

Paul immediately got all the details he could and cast the spells.  He had no way of knowing if they would work, but he put his entire being into casting them, fortified by the knowledge that it was his protection spell that kept Steve alive all this time.  When Paul finally stopped, he collapsed, completely exhausted from the energy he put into the spells.  Sam couldn't put his finger on what he was feeling, but he had this nagging thought about being in danger.  Steve on the other hand, felt almost a burning inside himself, a warm glowing feeling of healing and safety and intense feelings of the presence of Paul.  

Somehow, Sam didn't know how, his biker buddies found out about the money Sam had made off of Steve and how much more he was going to get.  They were all pissed off and out for blood when they realized he was keeping it from them and not sharing a penny.  They did all of the dirty work and grunt work without getting any of the profit.  They decided very quickly, as if guided by some force, to take Sam down and sell him off to the organizer of the fights, splitting the profit.  They also felt strongly for some reason that they had to get rid of Steve before they were found out by the police.  The bikers crashed into Sam's room and pounded him sensless, not even letting him try to explain why he hadn't shared the money.  Sam was soon unconscious, tied and thrown into the van along with Steve.  On the way to the abandoned factory, they pulled into an almost empty mall lot and pushed Steve's body out of the van.  A few of the mall customers that saw the dirty sheet bundle come out of the van thought it was terrible that people would dump their trash into the mall lot.  It took awhile before someone moved toward the dirty sheet clump and noticed a human hand sticking out of the sheet, quickly calling the paramedics and police.  The bikers made their deal with the operator of the sex fights and made quite a bundle on Sam.  They all decided it was to hot for them in the city, so they split up the money and went their separate ways.  Sam would spend what time he had left in the fight game and all his non-fighting time as a toy of the other fighters.

Paul decided after a few days to go back to work.  He felt somewhat better when he started telling Dave what had happened and was wrapped up in Dave's strong arms, being held gently and yet tight.  Dave had heard some of what happened and knew what a bad character Sam was.  He wasn't surprised that Sam did take Steve, figuring if he went to the sex fights, he would see Steve.  Dave avoided the whole scene as he felt it was all to seedy and dangerous, always feeling like he was looked at as a possible fighter based on his size and attitude.  Dave saw an opportunity to help Paul in his own way and to benefit from Paul's current state of mind.  Dave pulled out some drugs from his draw and made Paul take them.  Paul soon felt calm and starting feeling very high and horny.  Dave knew the drugs were working when Paul started licking and biting on Dave's chest, his hands kneading Dave's pecs and arms without Dave initiating anything.  Dave stripped down and took all of Paul's clothes off, carried Paul into the back office and laid down on the couch.  Dave just stretched out his arms and legs, exposing his entire body to Paul who quickly was all over Dave with his hands, mouth, and tongue.  Dave knew Paul was hooked and he was going to make sure Paul would forget about his pain.  After getting off several times and draining Paul of all his cum, Dave got Paul to dress him and himself.  He picked Paul up and flopped him over his massive shoulder, put Paul into his car and drove to his house.  Dave got Paul into his bedroom and stripped him down, gave him another hit of the drugs and made them some sandwiches to eat along with a few beers.  Paul couldn't think about anything other then feeling Dave inside him and all over him.  Everything else was blocked out and pushed far back into his mind thanks to the drugs.  Dave kept Paul as his sex toy for the rest of the week, only leaving the house once to check into the spa.  

Paul did manage to tell Dave after a few days that he had promised to visit Tom in the hospital.  Dave understood and helped Tom to get himself together somewhat, holding off on another dose of the drugs that day.  Dave had to drive Paul since Paul was rather uncoordinated and unsure of his movements.  All during the ride to the hospital, Dave had to hold Paul down so he wouldn't go for Dave's crotch or try to start kissing him.  It started to aggravate Dave halfway there, but then he realized he was the cause of it and couldn't help getting horny thinking about how much Paul wanted and needed him.  When they got to Tom's room, Dave tried to make it clear to Paul how important it was for Tom to see he was okay and nothing was changed.  Paul stole a kiss from Dave and kept feeling up his pecs and arms as Dave was lecturing him.  Dave laughed and stood behind Paul as he moved him towards Tom's bed, keeping one hand on Paul's ass, kneading it.  Tom was napping and woke when he felt Paul leaning over him and kissing his face.

"Hey, look who finally showed up! Where have you been Pauly? I started to get worried about you!" Tom said.

"I'm sorry, I know I'm bad.  Everything is just fine now, thanks to daddy Dave.  You getting better? They treating you good? Hey, has your girlfriend been here and taken care of you since you've been here?" Paul jokingly asked as his hands started to gently stroke Tom's abs.

"What are you doing? What the hell are you on Pauly? Stop doing that, okay? I'm hurting and on drugs that don't exactly make me want to play around, okay? What's gotten into you?" Tom said getting aggravated at what Paul was doing and how he sounded and looked.

"Don't worry Tom, Paul's okay.  Just on some happy stuff to keep him calm and not sick from worry about you and Steve.  Kinda got a side effect if you know what I mean!" Dave said, trying to defend Paul.

"Yeah hot stuff.  Don't you worry, Pauly is just fine!" Paul said, still touching Tom's body. "So how about it? You been well taken care of yet?"

"Stop it.  Stop it now Pauly.  Dave, what the fuck is he on?  What's happening about finding Steve? I've never seen Pauly this way and I know Steve wouldn't like it either!" Tom said getting more and more aggravated.

"Now, now Tommy.  Don't get yourself all worked up.  He'll be fine and they're doing all they can to find Steve.  Paul was starting to loose it when he came to me and I'm doing what I can to help the poor baby out.  He'll get better and back to normal soon.  Don't you worry.  Okay, come on Paul; let's get you home and fed.  Tom's had enough aggravation it sounds like and I'm sure it's not good for him.  Come on, say bye, bye and let daddy Dave take you home!" Dave said in his authoritative voice.

"Dave, I don't think it's a good thing for Paul to be doing drugs.  He's never done them and I don't understand why he'd have to be on them now.  He needs to keep focused on Steve and finding him.  I sure wish I was out of here, I'd make sure he got straight again!" Tom said angrily.

"Calm, Tommy, stay calm.  I promise, I'm okay and everything will get better.  Steve will be found soon and be back with me and you where he belongs.  Have faith" Paul whispered as he kissed Tom.

"Okay, that's enough, lets get out of here and let Tom get some rest," Dave said as he practically lifted Paul in his arms and away from Tom.

"Oh man, this is just getting worse every minute.  Please Dave, take care of Paul and keep him safe," Tom said with tears in his eyes.
Dave smiled, patted Tom on his leg and lifted Paul in one arm, taking him back to the car.  Dave let Paul have his way, touching, kissing and licking on Dave as they drove home.  Dave figured he was still doing what was right for Paul now and besides, a guy can't have enough of true worship when he finds it.

Steve was rushed to the hospital and quickly examined.  He went into surgery to mend a few of his torn ligaments and broken bones.  He was admitted and the police began their attempt to identify him.  He was in a coma and was unable to respond to any of the questions being asked by the medical team or the police.  Steve was healing and dreaming of Paul and their time together.  Steve somehow knew Paul did something with his magic to help him heal.  He didn't know he was in a coma or in a hospital, safe from his captors.  All that would come in time.  Time his body needed to get him on the road to full recovery.