Darkness and Light


Gay Fiction for adults only.  Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is
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Contains graphic sexual interaction between adult males. The following story contains erotic
homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.
This is a science fiction story of a modern day gay man, unhappy with his lot in life, who learns
the power of alchemy and sorcery.  The new knowledge, used by accident, enables him to become
the muscled sexy hunk he's always wanted to be and change his lot in life.  He learns time travel
to the time of Minotaur Ruler and Sorcerer Conquests /2 previous stories/ and experiences
pleasures and true desire.  Will he stay in the pre-history past or return thinking himself a god?
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Chapter 7, Changing

Dave wanted to keep Paul as his sex pet, but knew he'd eventually get into some deep trouble down the road, so he scooped Paul up from his bed and carried him into the shower.  Paul was in a drug and sex induced stooper, completely out of it.  The shock of the cold water made Paul start fighting, but he was no match for the power of Dave.  Dave kept telling him to calm down and get his shit together so he could go home.  It took almost 30 minutes for Paul to calm down and start coming down from his high, feeling worse with each minute of awareness.  It didn't help that Dave kept mentioning Steve and Tom and the bikers; that was like someone slapping him in the face, deep feelings of remorse and despair filled him.  He felt almost completely numb as Dave's muscled arms rubbed up and down his body and his cock took full advantage of Paul's condition deep inside Paul.  Dave figured "what the hell, get it while you can!"  Finally, after about an hour or so, Dave had cum inside Paul and Paul came, although he wasn't much into it like before.  All Paul could think about was how he almost forgot about Steve and Tom.  He vaguely remembered he made a fool of himself in the hospital when they visited Tom.  Paul cried as Dave finally pulled out of him, squeezed him tight and bit down on his neck while soaping his body up with his hands.  

"Thanks Dave, I think I can handle it now.  I just don't feel like much at the moment.  Actually I feel like a shit!" Paul sobbed.

"Hey now baby, don't you go feeling like that.  You needed to forget all that bad stuff for a while and daddy Dave took care of yah.  You had one hell of a good time I can tell yah, so nothing to fret about.  We'll get you all cleaned up, fed and back home so you can start livin your life again, better able to handle things.  Come on now, wash daddy Dave up and lets get some breakfast and then get you home!" Dave said, trying to sound gentle and caring, even though he knew he was going to miss having Paul all over him.

"Okay, I'm sorry.  Here, let me wash you now and we can get moving," Paul sobbed as he turned and began washing Dave's body.

As always, Dave got turned on again by Paul's rubbing his muscled body, but Paul did manage to avoid another round of heavy sex with Dave.  Dave didn't push it and both of them dried off, got dressed and headed down to the kitchen to fix breakfast.  Paul felt uncomfortable as there was very little conversation with Dave while they ate.  He couldn't even look at Dave as it just seemed to remind him of how awful he had been and selfish.  Paul didn't see things as everyone else, thinking he was taking advantage of Dave for his own selfish reasons, when in fact it was Dave who was taking full advantage of Paul with the help of drugs.  Dave took full advantage of Paul's weakened state and knew it.  Deep down there was some feeling for Paul, but Dave wasn't about to let himself go soft.  Paul went up to the bedroom they shared and picked up all of his clothes that he could find.  He looked around and as he did, flashbacks of the wild, hot, long sex romps he and Dave had flooded into his mind.  He had to get out of there as quick as he could.  He ran downstairs and told Dave he'd wait for him outside, he needed to get some air, he was feeling sick.

Dave took his time, finishing his coffee and toast, used the bathroom and then walked outside to see Paul sitting on the bottom of the steps, crying again.  He let out a deep sigh and shook his head as he walked down the stairs and rubbed the top of Paul's head.

"Come on baby, time to get you home!" Dave said softly.

Paul stood up, wiped his face in his arm and got into Dave's truck.  Dave put the radio volume up to make up for the lack of conversation while they drove.  Paul did a lot of sighing and sobbing, finally hugging the door and letting the rushing air assault his face.  Then, a strange thing started happening.  The closer they got to Paul's apartment, the more the amulet around his neck seemed to radiate warmth and give off like pulses of energy.  It was quite awhile since Paul had felt or paid attention to the amulet.  The more it activated, sensations of warmth and security started to flow throughout Paul's body and mind, pushing away the depression and grief.  Dave was somewhat confused when he finally looked over at Paul and saw him actually smiling as he held his amulet and looked out of the window.  Paul was still feeling somewhat liquid inside as they pulled up to his apartment.  He felt a twinge of sadness and guilt as he pictured Steve being taken away by the bikers.  He let out a deep sigh as Dave pulled the truck right up to the entrance.

"Looked like you were feeling better on the way here, huh baby? Now you just get your sexy ass up there and behave yourself.  Relax and don't worry about work or nothing like that... you can show up whenever you feel up to it," Dave said rubbing Paul's thigh.

"Thanks Dave.  I really appreciate that and all you did for me.  Don't worry; there isn't much I feel like doing at all, so behaving isn't going to be hard to do.  Thanks again and I'll get back to you when I plan on coming back to work.  You sure you don't want me to come in tomorrow or something?" Paul asked as he held his hand on top of Dave's while his other hand opened the door.

"No problem baby, no problem at all.  Nope, you need more time to chill and get back to yourself.  Don't worry, nothing going on that can't wait for you.  Besides, the way you work at that stuff, it could be 3 months of stuff piled up and you'll knock it out in one day.  Just rest, relax and get yourself feeling good.  Take care and think of your daddy Dave once in awhile!" Dave said as he squeezed Paul's thigh hard and leaned over, giving Dave a deep, wet kiss on his mouth.

Paul felt a spike of desire swelling inside and he caught himself just as he was about to wrap his arms around Dave's thick neck.  He slid out of the truck, smiled at Dave, noticing the hard on Dave had and the evil, sexy grin on his face.  Paul closed the door, waved and went into the building, up the stairs and started to cry as he walked toward the apartment door.  Once he found his key and walked in, he could smell the strong disinfectant that was used to clean up the mess left after the biker's attack.  As Paul looked around, things were out of place and the place seemed to be all wrong.  He felt a deep sadness when he thought about Steve not walking in the door after work or Tom.  It would be lonely and depressing, but he had to deal with it eventually.  His entire body started to shake and sweat; he was feeling withdrawal from the drugs Dave had him on.  Dave gave him some to ease his dependence on it, knowing full well that Paul would have a reaction from suddenly stopping.  Paul tried to shake it off, but it was starting to become a lost battle.  The longer he tried to fight off the feelings, the worse it seemed to get.  He tried to keep himself busy by putting the apartment back the way it was, but when he went into Tom's room, the stripped bed and broken lamps sent him into hysterics.  He was sobbing almost uncontrollably as he made the bed, cleaned up the broken lamp pieces and straightened out the pictures and knickknacks that Tom had all over.  By the time he made it out of Tom's room and headed towards his and Steve's room, he was almost completely out of control.  His muscles were cramping, he could hardly breath from crying and it was very hard to see.  Paul walked back into the kitchen and took the pills from the bag on the table, downing a few.  Within 10 minutes of sitting slumped in a chair, his muscles started to relax, his breathing calmed down and he didn't feel like crying anymore.  He was getting hornier by the minute, but at least the other feelings were leaving him.  Paul stood up and had to grab for the counter top to keep from falling over.  He laughed and pulled/pushed himself from the kitchen into the living room and collapsed on the couch.  He pulled one of the pillows to his face and was engulfed by the scent of Steve.  That made him hard and hornier, so he held the pillow tight to his face as he pulled his cock out of his shorts and jerked off, fantasizing about Steve and him making love.  Paul passed out right after he shot his load of cum all over his shirt and shorts, the pillow still on his face.

Tom took a cab from the hospital since he couldn't seem to get in touch with anyone.  He didn't even try to contact Paul after what he saw when Paul and Dave stopped by for their visit.  Tom was still pissed off about what happened to him and Steve and how Paul seemed to be wallowing in his own pleasures rather then working harder to try and find out where Steve was.  He slowly got out of the cab, paid the driver and made his way upstairs to the apartment, not knowing what he'd find once inside.  When he opened the door, he was surprised to see the place cleaned and almost back to how it was before the biker invasion.  As he made his way towards his bedroom, he spotted Paul on the couch, legs spread out and cock showing.  He could see from the look of Paul that he was on drugs still, not even bothering to clean up his cum.  Tom shook his head and went into his room, really pissed off, already making plans on how he was going to tell Paul off.  As he looked around his room, he noticed it too was all cleaned and things were back to normal.  He felt bad about what he was thinking about Paul, knowing it had to have been Paul that cleaned everything up and put things back in place.  Tired from his journey from the hospital, he decided it best to just take a nap and gain some strength back before seeing about Paul.  As Tom laid on his bed waiting for the pills to kick in, he gave a lot of thought to how Paul changed and how much Dave must have influenced Paul.  Tom knew how much Paul felt for Steve and also how gullible and vulnerable Paul was, easy pickings for the likes of Dave.  He would have to help Paul get straight and back to himself.  The thought lingered some before he fell asleep, exhausted.

Tom woke up, took a shower and decided he was thirsty.  He went into the kitchen and noticed Paul was still spread out on the couch, with a pillow on top of his chest, held tight in his arms.  After getting himself some juice from the fridge, Tom walked into the living room and sat in the big side chair next to Paul.  He sat there, watching Paul breath, noticing his pained look and slow breathing.  He found himself brushing the hair from Paul's forehead with his fingers as he softly started calling Paul's name.  Paul heard Tom calling his name and thought he was dreaming.  He jumped up into a sitting position and rubbed his face hard as he shook his head.  He opened his eyes when he heard Tom laughing.

"Oh my GOD! You're home! Why didn't you call me to pick you up? How did you get home?" Paul started firing off question after question.

"Easy there, doesn't matter, I'm home.  Question is, what's up with you and how come you look like shit!" Tom said with a serious look.

"Oh, damn, I'm sorry.  Dave decided I needed to get back to reality now and he brought me home.  It broke my heart when I came in and saw the mess those guys left and cried like a baby thinking about you and Steve while I tried to put things back.  I couldn't stand it anymore and took some of the pills Dave left for me.  Must have passed out.  Tom, I know I've been stupid and selfish, but I just couldn't handle what happened.  It's like all my fault and there isn't anything I can do to make up for it.  If it wasn't for me, the bikers wouldn't have done this and taken Steve," Paul sobbed.

"Hey, hey, stop it.  It's not your fault.  Shit happens for whatever reason and you aren't responsible for what those fuck heads did.  Steve wouldn't even think of blaming you, I know for a fact.  I don't put any blame on you either.  So you just stop that crap right now.  The important thing for us both is finding Steve.  You need to get your shit together and stop doing those fuckin drugs Dave gave to you.  You realize he was only using you to get his rocks off right? Don't think for a minute that Dave was just being fatherly, that ain't Dave," Tom lectured.

"See, I've been an idiot and selfish, only thinking of my pain and guilt.  Fuck.  Maybe if I wasn't so fucked up Steve would be home!" Paul cried.

"Okay, enough of that shit.  Yeah, you were an idiot and selfish, but so are we all.  Get over it and stop beating yourself up over it.  That shit isn't going to help you, Steve or me.  Tell you what, you and I are going to work on getting you back to yourself and then we'll work on finding Steve.  Maybe you should use those magical books of yours to help you get yourself together.  Kind of pointless to just jump into that now with the condition we're both in, so we need to get our shit together first.  Deal?" Tom said holding on to Paul's shoulders.

"Deal, you're right.  I'll do whatever you think best.  I just get so down when I think about Steve.  God how I want him here!" Paul said trying hard to keep himself from getting hysterical.

Tom moved next to Paul on the couch and pulled him into his chest, wrapping his muscled arms around Paul.  Paul snuggled his face into Tom's hard pecs and hugged Tom as they both cried.  Paul could feel the amulet around his neck getting warm.  He felt really stupid that he didn't think to study the books for spells to help him and Steve.  He somehow knew he would find what he needed through them.  Feeling better and getting himself composed, Paul looked up at Tom and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you.  How about I get us dinner and you stretch out and rest some," Paul said softly.

"Your welcome! Sure, that sounds like a good idea.  Feeling kind of weak still.  Damn I can't wait to work out and get this body back into shape! All this laying around is taking a toll on me!" Tom laughed.

After they ate dinner, Paul set up the couch with pillows and made sure Tom was comfortable, handing him the remote.  He settled down in the side chair with his books and started searching for anything that might help him.  Tom snuck in some looks at Paul, noticing the glow in the amulet and the look of total concentration on Paul's face.  He smiled to himself as he thought he could see why Steve was so taken with Paul.  Tom didn't fully believe in the power of whatever Paul was doing with those things, even though he heard from Steve how Paul used spells to help him out.  It didn't matter to Tom, as long as Steve was happy and not hurt by Paul.

The amulet guided Paul again.  He found himself directed by that unknown power to spells that would make him stronger and his body would be helped in purging the effects of the drugs from it.  He also found one that he used, without Tom's permission, to make Tom relax and have a strength building deep sleep.  Paul smiled as he looked over at Tom after mumbling the incantation.  Tom was completely relaxed and obviously in a deep sleep.  Paul took the remote from him and covered him with a blanket, knowing Tom would be out for a while.  Paul could feel his own body reacting to the spell.  Before long, he had to go to the bathroom and pee like he hadn't in ages.  He knew it was the spell working, flushing the drugs from his body.  He felt a sense of relief and exhilaration afterwards.  When he returned to his chair, he looked for and found the spell to dream about Steve, where he was and what he was thinking.  Paul stretched out and relaxed, soon dreaming.  He felt the presence of Steve but it was all dark.  He suddenly knew Steve was in a coma but thankfully in no pain.  His mind and Steve's seemed to be able to hear each other's thoughts.  Both of them felt the power of their love for each other and both knew things would work out fine.  Paul seemed to push out his energy to help Steve's body heal.  Both knew somehow Steve would wake and they would end up back together.

When Paul woke up, Tom was still sleeping soundly; his skin seemed to have a very healthy tone.  Paul felt much better and went into the kitchen and began to make them breakfast.  He turned on the TV and decided he needed to catch up on the news.  As he was busy getting breakfast together, Tom walked into the kitchen smiling, walked up behind Paul and wrapped his arms around Paul's waist.  

"Morning honey! Smells good!" Tom said nibbling on Paul's neck.

"Okay hot stuff! Never mind that sexy talk! Get yourself showered and back out here so I can feed you!" Paul laughed as he wiggled in Tom's grip.

"Boy, fella can't even get some attention around here!" Tom joked.

"Tom, you know I think the world of you and we've had some great sex, but I wouldn't feel right just now especially after what Dave did with me.  I feel somewhat dirty even though I know the drugs pushed me into letting him use me.  I can't honestly say that I didn't want him to either and that I know is bad.  Anyway, you know I feel affection for you and always will, but right now, I'm sorry, I can't let myself seek out pleasures while Steve is still missing and may be suffering.  That make any sense?" Paul said as tears came down his cheek.

Tom felt horrible and grabbed Paul into a hug as he kissed him on his forehead, softly telling Paul "now baby, its okay.  I'm sorry you took my kidding that way.  I really feel awful you did.  Look, nobody here is sitting in judgment of you or of what you do.  I only want to see you happy and healthy and with Steve again, that's all.  Maybe some day things will get back to how they were and we can all enjoy each other like before.  Until then, I understand and promise, I won't push you to do anything.  All you have to do is let me know if I put you on the spot or anything and I promise I'll back off.  Steve will come back to you, I know it.  Okay, now I'm going to shower and you're going to feed me!"

Paul smiled and hugged Tom.  He felt a little bit better about himself, glad that Tom wasn't judging what he did with Dave.  He knew that if he really wanted to, he could have stopped Dave, but for some reason he didn't and to make things worse, he actually enjoyed it.  Dave was big, muscled and always in charge and that appealed to Paul.  Besides, Dave was the closest to his dream bear.  He never hid his fantasy from Steve and was always honest about things like that with Steve.  Steve always told him that he wanted Paul as is, no conditions and no changes expected.  Paul smiled to himself as he thought of his long conversations about things with Steve.  

"Hey, dreamer boy!" Tom startled Paul as he came into the kitchen and saw Paul deep in thought.  "Is my breakfast ready yet?"

"Yeah, sure is, now sit down and eat like a good muscled boy!" Paul laughed.

"You know what I was thinking while I was in the shower? Maybe you ought to go on one of those field trips you like, sort of get you away from here for a while and keep your mind occupied on other things.  Doing stuff like that always seems to help me think a bit more clearly when I have troubles.  I think you should go do that!" Tom said as he gobbled down his breakfast.

"I didn't even think of that! That's a great idea Tom! Thanks.  I think I'll head off to the University and make the arrangements today.  I never really got to finish the last dig I was on.  Yeah, that's a great idea," Paul said with a big smile.

"There yah go! Dig, dig, dig! Get yourself all dirty and sweaty and things will settle down in your head, you'll see!" Tom laughed.

"Yep, I'm doing it.  Sure you don't mind? Hate to leave you high and dry with you still recovering," Paul said seriously.

"Nawh, don't you worry about me, I'm fine.  I need to get my ass in gear and get back into shape.  All that laying around screwed up my whole routine and workout schedule.  I'll be really busy and cranky until I get back in shape, so you'll be doing yourself a favor not being here while that happens!  Steve used to always avoid me when I would charge into a new routine, so you just go on ahead and get all dirty!" Tom laughed.

"Deal.  Okay, I'm going to clean up and then head out if you don't mind!" Paul said seriously.

"You don't have to clean up, I can do that, just get going!" Tom said as he stood up and began to clean up the table.

"Nope, leave it.  I made the mess and I'll clean it.  Besides, it'll take me awhile to work up a proposal and find the chairman of the department.  Go on, just relax and go do whatever you feel like doing!" Paul said pushing Tom towards his room.

Tom laughed and shook his head as he let Paul steer him towards his room.  If he wanted to, even in the shape he was in, he could easily have stopped Paul in his tracks, but he didn't feel like it and besides, it was sort of funny.  Tom was glad Paul was taking his suggestion seriously and was going to get involved in some academic work.  It made Tom feel better that the field trip would get Paul away from Dave and the apartment, lessening the chance of Paul coming under Dave's control again.

Paul quickly got down to work and modified his previous proposal for a dig.  He headed to the University and was surprised how excited he was feeling about a field trip.  It turned out that the chairman of the department was looking for an advanced student to lead a field trip he had organized while Paul was recovering.  He was thrilled when Paul walked in and gave him his proposal.  The success of Paul's last field trip did wonders to boost the confidence and reputation of Paul in the department.  The chairman even upped the credit values of the field trip to make sure Paul would lead the expedition.  All the arrangements were already in place, so they both agreed the field trip would head off to the site in 2 days.  

Paul was all excited when he returned to the apartment, but Tom wasn't home.  He organized his equipment and clothes so that all he had to do was load it into the truck and head off.  He then sat on the couch and began to go through his ancient books, almost as if they were calling to him.  The amulet and the book somehow guided him to a special section of the book he hadn't studied before.  As he translated the text, it became clear to him that he was being given instructions on locating a secret temple crypt that contained scrolls of spells he would need.  He wasn't quite sure why he would need them, but he knew from past experience not to question the directives of the ancient books, especially when the amulet glowed and warmed his chest, which it seemed to do whenever he came across a spell or information he needed.  His mind drifted as he relaxed on the couch, his thoughts started to center on Steve.  He remembered the incantations to send healing to Steve and didn't even realize he was reciting them as his eyes began to close.

Steve was in a coma, still feeling the presence of Paul.  Suddenly, his world became bright; he could see himself in a beautiful place, bright blue skies and puffy bright white clouds; tall soft deep green grass and blooming wild flowers as far as the eye could see.  He took a deep breath and filled his lungs with the sweet, fresh air.  As he turned his head to look to his side, he saw the flowing water of a big stream, white caps forming as the water rushed over the varied rocks, making a comforting sound as it sped downstream.  Suddenly, he felt a presence there with him.  At first it was just gentle touches of fingers moving over his entire body and what felt like gentle kisses.  He couldn't see anyone, but he could feel them being there.  He blinked his eyes and rubbed them with his hands and then he saw them.  They were the most beautiful looking men, seemingly floating in air, hands moving all over his body, caressing him gently, stroking his skin.  Steve felt himself smile, as his body seemed to melt into a strange feeling of pleasure and complete relaxation as the creatures continued their caresses.  He tried straining his eyes to see their faces and finally he saw them.  It was 3 Paul's; all the same, all giving him loving smiles and their eyes seemed to radiate love and concern.  Steve felt so secure and comforted and quickly his body gave into the attention of the Paul's, sensations of pleasure building gently over his entire body as if gentle waves guided by a soft wind.  He was taking long deep breaths as the kissing and caressing seemed to increase somehow.  Steve could hear Paul's gentle, soft voice telling him to heal and be well as he felt Paul's lips kissing his lips.  Then Steve felt his cock enveloped inside Paul's ass while Paul was holding his head in his lap and kissing him gently but passionately and another Paul was exploring every inch of Steve's body with his lips and fingers.  Steve was completely taken over by the pleasure sensations and the energy filling his body by the 3 Paul's.  

The nurse on duty ran into Steve's room as the alarms on his monitors started going off.  She quickly started to review the heart rate, pulse, breathing cycles and other data the machines were collecting.  The readings were different, closer to what one would expect on a perfectly healthy male with a tremendous physique like Steve's.  She quickly became confused.  As she reached over to see if he was hot or sweaty, she finally noticed Steve's face.  The nurse saw a soft, sweet smile with an expression of pleasure like she'd never seen before.  Steve's color was extremely healthy and his breathing machine was struggling to keep up with the deep breaths and timing of them that Steve's body was taking.   She pulled open Steve's eyelids and saw he was still in a coma, but obviously something was happening.  As the doctor came in and started listening to the nurse's report as he examined Steve's muscles, he noticed a change.  They weren't mushy or soft as when he was admitted.  Most of the large bruises were faded, his muscle tone was drastically improved and by the color of his skin, his circulation was almost normal.  The doctor was just as stumped as the nurse.  She made sure the doctor noticed the expression on Steve's face.  The doctor smiled and lifted the sheet covering Steve.  The nurse couldn't help but to blush as they both saw Steve's cock standing tall, oozing precum and throbbing.  They couldn't help but to admire the sight for a few minutes before covering Steve up and resetting the machines.  The doctor told the nurse she should be prepared to give Steve a good bath in the morning as he was obviously going to be experiencing several orgasms during the night based on what they saw.  She giggled and the thought did cross her mind that it seemed such a waste; she would love to take a ride on this stud's cock.

Paul woke, startled by his face hitting the floor as his body rolled off the couch.  It took him a bit to wake up, realizing he had fell sound asleep on the couch the night before.  He felt rested, refreshed and had a warm feeling that he somehow had helped Steve.  After spending some time thinking of Steve, he got himself off the floor and headed to the shower; he had a field trip to get busy on.  Since his truck was already packed with all he would need, he picked up some notes he had made from the ancient books and took off.  He was almost at his truck when he had this strong desire to return to the apartment to get his ancient books.  The amulet he wore seemed to pulse glow and he felt he was being pushed back towards the entrance to the building.  Knowing how important it was to pay attention to the feelings he received that were easily associated to the books, he ran back to retrieve the books.  As soon as he held them in his arms, he felt calm and knew he was now ready.  He always felt excited when starting a field trip; the thrill of finding new material and for him, new scrolls and spells, pumped him up like nothing else, well, maybe with the exception of being with Steve.  It took him over 15 hours to finally reach the designated site where undergrads had already set up working tents and were now working on living quarters.  Paul's entire persona seemed to change as he left his vehicle and took charge.  Dave, Steve and Tom would have been amazed at the change; Paul was confident, authoritative and the subject matter expert on the field trip and it all showed.  After checking in and inspecting the progress of the teams, Paul went on an inspection walk around the designated dig site.  He had some assistants re-align the dig site markings, again based on feelings that seemed to guide him.  By the time he finished his inspection he was completely exhausted.  Luckily, the living quarters were assembled and ready for use.  He grabbed a sandwich and iced tea as a meal and felt he had to lie on the cot.  He fell asleep as soon as he stretched out on the cot.  He began dreaming of strange encounters while working the dig; strange creatures; shooting lights and frightening sounds.  When he jumped up, startled by a part of his dream, it was already sunrise of the next day.  After freshening up he joined the rest of the dig teams for a working breakfast.  Assignments were given out along with detailed instructions for how to record and classify anything found.  There were 4 teams of 8 students given specific sections of the dig to work.  Paul informed them that he would work alone on another area away from the main dig site, which seemed strange to some of the students until the team leaders, most of whom were on previous trips with Paul told them that was how he always worked.  

Paul issued some last minute instructions before heading off to the area he knew he alone could explore.  He was confident the teams would find artifacts that would make the trip a success.  None of it made sense to Paul based on his education and study.  There was no other evidence found to date that would explain what has been found at this site; no record of any ancient settlement, civilization or migration, but it was here nonetheless.  His first finds threw the entire archeology community into turmoil and thrilled the administrators and financial backers of the university.  None of the experts could possibly deal with the existence of another dimension and their refusal to admit to that possibility kept them in the dark.  Paul found himself loosing interest in the logic or lack of it, knowing that his ancient book guide was all that mattered.  He knew he was on a quest he didn't understand but had to complete, no matter what.  Paul noticed that as he got closer to the area he was going to work on, the amulet he wore began to hum and pulsate; slowly at first but with increased intensity the closer he got to his destination.    As he approached the area, he noticed that there was a deep indentation in the ground, almost like a washout from a flash flood, but much deeper then anything he had seen before.  The entire area was a mix of hilly sparse forest and the beginning of the desert, lots of boulders, rocks and sand that seemed to be slowly swallowing up the land.  As he looked down into the gully, he noticed a rock formation that looked like a cave entrance.  He slid himself down the walls of the gully and slowly approached the formation.  His amulet was now glowing brightly and gave off a steady hum.  Paul put on his thick gloves and began moving the smaller rocks away from what he figured was an entrance to some sort of cave.  It took him some time to remove enough of the rocks so he could get the upper part of his body into the opening of the cave, if that was what it actually was.  Paul had on a tool belt that included a powerful light, hammers and chisels.  He laid down and slowly pushed his upper body into the dark opening and turned on his light.  As he swung the light around, he knew it was indeed a cave and that the floor sloped downward in stages.  He stopped moving the light when he noticed markings in the rock that formed the ceiling and walls of the cave.  He started to push himself in further and suddenly heard a loud roar like sound as a blast of something hit him and pushed him completely out of the cave.  It stunned Paul and he had a time trying to catch his breath.  After checking himself to make sure he wasn't injured, he returned to the cave entrance and tried to enter it again.  He was thrown again from the cave, this time with more force.  Paul checked his clothing and knew he hadn't been blown out of the cave by any gas explosion or any type of explosion at all; no charring or burns anywhere.  As he got up and started to head back to the cave entrance for another try, he had a very strong feeling that he needed to consult his ancient books.  Paul had them in his back pack and found a good spot to sit and see what he could find in the books.  He held his amulet in his left hand and as always, his right hand seemed to know how many pages to turn before coming to the information he needed.  Paul began to examine the text and had to used the newer, smaller book to help translate the ancient text.  

Paul went over the text several times, making certain he understood what it was telling him.  The text directed him to several other areas of the book that he knew contained spells.  The text told him that there was a "guardian" of the crypt and that unless it was pacified and made to serve him, it would not allow anyone to pass into the cave.  Paul concentrated on studying the spells and incantantions before returning to the cave entrance.  He looked around and found a gnarled piece of wood that would make a perfect staff.  He ran the amulet up and down the staff, reciting a spell.  The amulet glowed brightly and eventually so did the staff.  Something told Paul he was ready to approach the guardian now and he went back to enter the cave.  He moved the staff around the entrance as he shouted an incantation and the remaining stones that blocked the cave entrance moved, leaving a large opening he could walk into.  When he entered the cave, he stopped and held the staff up with his right hand and held on to his amulet as he recited an incantation over and over again.  Slowly, something like a smokey vail began to appear directly behind the markings on the wall and ceiling of the cave, like a force field of some sort of energy.  Then, Paul could see a figure begin to appear behind the vail.  The creature looked like something from mythology, part man and part animal, hoofed feet and thick hairy legs, strong large muscled body and horns curving backwards, almost like a mountain goat's.  The creature seemed to be mesmerized by what Paul was doing .  Paul continued his ritual and noticed the force field begin to fade.  The creature seemed to be startled and began moving about and making very aggressive sounds and movements like it was going to charge.  Paul increased the volume of his incantations and held the staff hard in his stiff arm.  Something told him to point the end of the staff at the creature and he obeyed.  Suddenly, it seemed like a bolt of light flew from the staff directly into the creature who was knocked to the floor screaming.  Paul stopped his incantation, shocked by what he just witnessed.  The creature looked around and glared at Paul as it began moving to stand up.  It still seemed hostile and Paul quickly continued with the incantation and pointed the staff at the creature again.  A repeat of the same happened and this time the creature was thrown to the ground and pushed farther from the markings on the ceiling and walls.  Paul then noticed that there was some sort of amulet on the ground where the creature originally was standing.  He moved towards it and the creature bellowed out as it started to move quickly towards Paul.  Paul pointed the staff at the creature again and shouted out some strange words which caused the light to shoot out of the staff and knock the creature down and push it further from the amulet.  Paul repeated the process a few more times until he was sure he could get to the amulet on the ground; something told him that was the key to bringing the creature under his control.  Sure enough, as soon as Paul reached the amulet and picked it up, the creature seemed to change its demeanor so that it no longer seemed threatening.  The creature actually said something to Paul, which he didn't understand.  Paul moved backwards towards the entrance to the cave and knelt down to consult his ancient books.  When the creature started to stand, Paul pointed the staff at it and that quickly made the creature raise his arms into the air as he sat down.  Paul understood the meaning of that movement and did not shout out the incantation that caused the light to shoot out of the staff.  When the creature saw Paul lower the staff to the ground, it moved into a kneeling position and bowed down.  Paul quickly searched the book and wasn't surprised when he found a spell to make the creature understand him.  Paul stood, recited the spell as he pointed the staff at the creature.

"You have broken the protection of the cave and have the power of the krellin in your hands oh great sorcerer.  I am now your servant and submit to your mercy!" Paul heard the creature say.

"You understand me?" Paul asked in shock.

"Yes great one.  I beg you to make my end quick and that you do not send me into torments!" the creature said.

"What's the krellin?" Paul asked.

"It is the amulet you hold in your hand great one.  Surely you know this.  Test me all you wish, I am your servant!" the creature whined.

"Wait, I need to absorb all this.  First off, my name is Paul.  What is your name?" Paul said still in shock.

"I am honored great one Paul.  I am called Stohl, a guardian by punishment, a former member of the tribe of Satyr Aurin!" Stohl said softly and with great respect.

"Satyr? Did you say Satyr?" Paul gasped.

"Yes great one Paul.  Please do not send me to endless torment!" Stohl cried.

"Stohl, don't worry, I'm not sending you into any such a thing and I'm not going to hurt you in any way, unless of course you intend to harm me!" Paul said trying to calm Stohl.

"Oh NO! Great one Paul I would never be able to harm you.  I am your servant now.  You have complete control over my existence now.  I would defend you and protect you now.  You control my existence and fate.  The moment you took the krellin into your hand, my fate was sealed, the term of my guardianship ended and I became yours!" Stohl explained.

"This is just to much to handle.  I need to calm down and think through this carefully.  Come close to me and let me see what you look like.  Just stay a distance from me, I'm not sure I completely trust you just yet," Paul said seriously.

Stohl looked at Paul and stood up as best he could.  He was taller then the entrance of the cave height.  Paul moved out of the cave and sat on a flat topped rock, keeping the staff on his thigh, pointed towards Stohl.  As Stohl came out of the cave, his eyes focused on Paul, he stretched out his arms and stood his full height.  Paul gasped as he saw the 7' over 300 lbs of muscle and fur standing at the entrance of the cave.  Stohl had a rugged, chiseled face with strong features, large curved horns coming from his forehead, sweeping back like a mountain goat.  His upper body was thick with muscle and hair, which got thicker as it reached his hips and legs.  He had a loincloth that bulged outward, obviously covering a huge package.  His thick legs supported his massive size and he had thick, hard hoofs instead of feet and toes.  The hair on his head was thick and seemed a mix of black and white.  Paul rubbed his eyes just to be sure he wasn't hallucinating.  

"Sit Stohl.  This amulet I wear and these ancient books have guided me here.  I'm not sure why just yet, but I know they are guiding me for some purpose.  You aren't supposed to be real.  There are no satyr's in my world.  There are myths, but no proof of any existing has ever been found.  I don't even know what you were guarding or why.  Are you hungry or thirsty? What do you eat? Shit, how the hell am I going to explain you to the teams? Damn, how the hell am I going to be able to hide you? Shit!!!" Paul babbled.

"Calm great one Paul.  All things will become clear to you in time.  I can be a guide and help to you.  What I was guarding is powerful and cannot be used by just anyone.  I know you are a human and humans do not usually have access to the knowledge and power of sorcery, but you have been chosen.  You will come to see and understand all that you need.  If you wish to hide me from others, you have the power with the krellin to keep me from anyone's site.  I would like to taste of water and plants again if you would allow me this favor.  I can help you in your quest great one.  Calm, be not distressed," Stohl said calmly showing great concern at Paul's being upset.

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's just that all this is a bit much to take in all at one time.  I started getting used to the strange things the amulet and books have allowed me to do, but now with YOU here, I'm having a hard time understanding it all.  So you say I can make you invisible to others by using this krellin thingy huh? Okay, how does that work exactly? What do I need to do? Oh, sure you can have water and whatever, I'm sorry, so rude of me.  Here, take this and have a drink, there's water inside, help yourself," Paul said as he calmed down, feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed.

"You are indeed kind and great, oh great one Paul.  Thank you.  I will explain what you must do" Stohl said as he took the canteen from Paul.

Stohl almost emptied the entire canteen before he began explaining the ritual to Paul that would make him invisible to all but Paul.  Paul followed the instructions only after making certain that it would not harm Stohl in any way and he would still be able to eat and feel things.  Stohl was amazed at the concern and kindness of Paul.  He began to see why the powers selected this human to access the powers of the ancients.  Stohl also noticed that Paul was deeply troubled about something; whatever it was, it was punishing him in his heart.  Stohl slowly got Paul to tell him what it was that troubled him as he continued drinking and began eating what few plants were around the area.  Paul explained what happened to Steve and how he felt it was all his fault.  Stohl told Paul how it really wasn't his fault and that he needed to free his heart of the guilt as it would interfere with his mission, whatever it was that the ancients wanted him to achieve.  As they talked, Paul began to feel close to Stohl, which he thought odd since Stohl wasn't human or anything.  Paul became more trusting and open with Stohl as they talked.  Soon, Stohl was sitting next to Paul, sensing that Paul was no longer afraid or unsure of him.  Stohl began to feel a desire for pleasing Paul, especially since he was his new master and was so kind and generous.

"You sure are muscled and hairy, Stohl.  I like that very much by the way.  I am gay and like men in case you didn't understand that from what I told you of Steve," Paul said blushing, as he carefully looked Stohl's body over.

"Oh yes great one, I know your desires.  I'm glad you are happy about liking men over women.  It is as things are in my world.  Immortals rarely have female companions, as they are rare and only available for providing offspring.  In my species, only a select few are worthy of producing offspring, not like the humans way.  So my form pleases you?" Stohl asked with a smile.

"Wow, that's kinda cool.  Figures, I would be born into the wrong world!" Paul said laughing nervously.  "Yes, I am very pleased by your form as you put it, even though the hoofs and horns will take some getting used to!" Paul laughed again.

"Come master, let me give you pleasure and show you my gratitude for your kindness.  I am yours by right now and you can do whatever it is that pleases you anyway" Stohl said as he stretched out his arms and legs as he flexed his muscles for Paul.

"Now wait a minute.  I can't be your master and own you or anything.  It's against the law here.  Besides, I have strong feelings about individual dignity and all that.  I don't feel it is anyone's right to own or control another.  Even if you're not human, it doesn't matter.  So please stop with the master and great one stuff.  I'm Paul and that's all," Paul said firmly as he shifted his legs and hips around trying to hide his hardening cock.

"But you are not bound by your laws in my world master.  I'm sorry, Paul. When you deal in the world of the ancients, you are bound by their laws and customs, which you will learn.  I will obey you and not call you great one or master in your world, but I must tell you that in my world, I am bound by my life to honor you in such a manner.  Now come, I can see that you like my form and wish to be pleasured by it, so come, do not be afraid, I am yours" Stohl said as he smiled softly at Paul and motioned for him to come to him.

Paul couldn't help himself.  He felt drawn into the arms of Stohl.  Paul slowly moved closer to Stohl and began to move his fingers over the muscles and through the thick hair of Stohl.  He felt the horns and hoofed legs as well as the arms, chest and abs of Stohl.  Stohl let Paul explore his body on his terms, not wanting to startle or frighten Paul.  As Paul moved closer to Stohl, Stohl gently moved his hand under Paul and positioned him on top of Stohl's abs.  Paul's eyes told Stohl how pleased Paul was feeling Stohl's muscles and hair.  When Paul stretched down to feel Stohl's arms and back, Stohl began to gently lick Paul's neck and ears.  Paul thought he would melt as the sensations of Stohl's tongue flicking on his neck and ear sent shivers up and down his entire body.  Stohl's fingers were carefully removing every piece of clothing on Paul.  Paul was so intent on Stohl's body and hair that he didn't pay much attention to Stohl removing his clothes.  Paul felt the pulsing and throbbing of Stohl's large, thick cock against his thigh.  He began to feel a liquid smearing his thigh and knee.  When he looked down he saw a flood of precum flowing from Stohl's cock.  Paul reached down, gently moving his hand down Stohl's cock and over his thick, hairy balls.  Stohl moaned as Paul's gentle touch moved down his cock.

"Taste of my fluid Paul.  It is known to have a very pleasant effect on humans, as yours has on my kind.  Taste and see if is true!" Stohl said gently.

Paul looked at Stohl to see if he was joking with him, but he didn't see that in Stohl's expression; instead he saw a pleading look, a look of need.  Paul wrapped his hand around the thick, throbbing cock as far as his fingers could, not able to fully close his hand around it.  He squeezed gently as he moved his hand up the shaft, forcing gobs of the precum to flow out of Stohl's cock.  He ran his entire hand into the puddle of precum and moved his hand to his mouth.  He smelled the thick goop and was surprised how sweet it smelled, almost like almond extract.  He flicked his tongue into his hand and took a quick taste.  It was sweet and did actually taste like almond extract.  He started to notice that his tongue began to tingle and his mouth watered.  The taste seemed to spread quickly through his mouth and he felt a rush of pleasure.  Before Paul knew it, he was licking all of the goop from his hand.  Stohl smiled and gently moved Paul's body down towards his cock.  Paul took hold of Stohl's cock with both hands and put his mouth over the tip of Stohl's cock, his hands running up and down the cock, milking as much of the precum from it as he could, while his tongue roamed around the entire head of Stohl's cock, inside the foreskin that covered it.  Stohl moaned in pleasure as Paul was taking his precum.  

"It does seem to give you pleasure, does it not?  My elixir will be even a greater treat.  Take your fill Paul.  May I begin to give you pleasures?" Stohl said gently as his fingers began kneading and rubbing gently on Paul's ass and back.

"Oh man this stuff is so great! Please, give me whatever you want.  I never felt like this before.  I have to have more.  Yes, let me have your elixir Stohl.  Take whatever it is you wish from me," Paul mumbled as he continued trying to devour Stohl's cock.

Stohl didn't need any further information.  He pulled Paul's body around and lifted him up by his knees so that he could have full access to Paul's crotch and ass.  He spread out Paul's legs and began to lick and kiss at Paul's cock, balls and ass.  Paul groaned and moaned in pleasure and began to take more and more of Stohl's cock into his mouth.  His mouth was so stretched, but he didn't care, he wanted all of it.  Stohl's tongue was like some magical sex machine on Paul's body.  The enhanced pleasure Paul was feeling because of the effect of Stohl's precum, heightened and expanded every sensation of Stohl's touch and tongue.  Paul couldn't control himself; his body started shaking as he starting shooting loads of cum into Stohl's mouth.  Stohl moaned and swallowed Paul's entire cock and his balls, licking and sucking and stimulating to get all of Paul's cum.  Stohl's tongue began to ravage Paul's ass after he was certain that Paul was not going to give up any more cum.  Cum was an elixir to Stohl.  He felt a rush of pleasure and began to feel more desire to pleasure Paul as the effects of the human's cum spread throughout his body.  Stohl reached down with one hand and held Paul's head to keep his cock deep into Paul's throat as he began shooting loads of cum into Paul.  There was so much of it that it started coming out of Paul's nose and out around Stohl's cock even though Paul was sucking and swallowing as fast and as much as he could.  Paul's body started jerking and he was choking, unable to breath between the thick cock pushed into the opening of his throat and the flood of cum that seemed to keep coming.  Stohl realized that Paul was having trouble and pulled Paul's head off of his cock.  Paul choked violently, gasping for breath.  Stohl felt bad that he had hurt Paul and was trying to move Paul around so that he could see Paul's face and help him to breath.  Paul latched on tight to the thick fur covering Stohl's thighs and even while coughing, started licking and sucking up every bit of Stohl's cum he could.  Stohl realized what Paul was doing and laughed, returning to exploring Paul's ass with his tongue.  Paul seemed to be in a frenzy, choking, coughing, as he madly licked and sucked on Stohl, wanting more of his elixir.

"Patience Paul, there will be much more.  I do not wish to see you in distress.  Come, let me help you feel more pleasures!" Stohl said as he moved Paul's body around so they were face to face.

Paul seemed to fight Stohl at first, but then he let go of his grip on Stohl's thighs.  When his face was at Stohl's, he wrapped his arms tight around Stohl's neck and began to passionately kiss Stohl.  Stohl's tongue began to ravage Paul's mouth as Stohl's hands kneaded Paul's entire body.  Stohl started to sit up while still holding Paul tight, moving his still hard cock to Paul's ass, which Stohl had lubricated with his saliva and stretched with his tongue.  Paul stiffened as the fat head of Stohl's cock moved inside him.  The initial shock and pain was quickly removed, as the precum of Stohl seemed to force Paul's sphincter to relax and pulsate.  Paul would have been shocked that his ass accommodated Stohl's thick cock so easily, but he didn't care right now.  All he knew is that he wanted as much of Stohl's elixir as he could and his body was telling him that this was the way to get his fill.  Stohl continued licking, kissing and nibbling on Paul's body as he gently moved Paul up and down his cock.  Paul's cock was rubbing up and down Stohl's ab muscles, already covered by a thick layer of his precum and Paul's sweat.  When Paul felt the thick head rub against his prostrate, he began shouting out in pleasure as he starting shooting cum on Stohl.  His ass muscles tensed and released wildly which started Stohl's cock to throb, get fatter and then he started filling Paul's insides with his cum.  The effect was unbelievable to Paul.  He could feel the cum shooting inside him, the thick cock throbbing and jerking; the cum sending ripples of pleasure spreading throughout Paul's body; increasing as more and more of Stohl's cum flowed inside him.  He reached such a height of pleasure that he lost consciousness.  Stohl felt Paul's body go limp even though it was jerking.  He moved Paul away from his body to see if Paul was okay and realized that Paul had passed out.  He licked Paul's body of his sweat and cum and pulled him tight into his body, knowing that Paul was in the throws of a pleasure high, the result of his elixir.  He felt good that he was able to please Paul so easily.  Stohl wrapped his arms tight around Paul and lay down content, his cock still inside Paul.  He knew he was going to continue taking his new master to new heights of pleasure before long.

The pleasures running all through Paul's body were addicting and beyond anything Paul had experienced before.  When he finally regained consciousness, it took him awhile to realize he was lying on top of a satyr, hugely muscled and hairy at that, with a monstrous cock inside him.  He groaned and moaned as the waves of pleasure pulsed.

"What the hell happened to me?" Paul mumbled as he looked into the smiling face of Stohl.

"Your body reacted to my elixir I believe.  I haven't had experience with humans, but I have heard that is how they typically react at first.  Maybe I shouldn't have filled you so much, I'm sorry.  Are you well? Do you wish me to remove myself from you?" Stohl asked concerned.

"NO!!! GOD NO!!! Don't you DARE take that hot, fuckrod out of me!!" Paul almost screamed as he hugged Stohl's neck tight and began kissing his entire face over and over.  "I want more; I have to have more! Christ this is so damn good! Thank you Stohl for giving me your pleasure.  I have NEVER felt anything like this my entire life! Man what a gift you are!" Paul said excitedly.

"Oh, well then I would guess that you are pleased with my giving you pleasure! I was afraid you were not being pleasured correctly" Stohl managed to say softly as he started reacting to Paul's kisses and touch.

"Are you kidding me? DAMN! I love it! Please give me more!" Paul pleaded.

Stohl smiled with relief and continued his pleasuring of Paul.  It went on for hours with Paul feasting on Stohl's elixir flooding his body numerous times.  He lost count of the number of times he shot his cum all over Stohl's body and Stohl licked him clean.  Finally, when Paul could no longer respond any longer, Stohl felt he had given Paul as much pleasure as he could handle.  He thought it was strange how little humans could take of pleasure, but felt good that he had indeed taken his new master to inexperienced levels of pleasure.  Paul slept a deep, relaxed sleep held tight in the arms of Stohl.  

Paul finally woke, his entire body feeling refreshed and invigorated.  He smiled at Stohl who woke as soon as he felt Paul move.  While Paul stretched out his arms and legs, Stohl licked his body and ran his hands all up and down Paul's back and ass.  He gently moved his hips up and down, sending waves of pleasure into Paul as his cock was still inside.

"I don't think I could handle another round of your pleasures Stohl! That was just the best ever! I better check in at the dig command post before they come looking for me.  Then you're going to have to teach me what I need to know to accomplish whatever it is that the ancient ones want of me.  I know everything I've experienced up to this point since I got the books and amulet was to get me to this point.  You must be my guide and helper.  So, I'll set things up at camp and return so that my task can begin" Paul said with authority.

"As you wish Paul.  Yes, the ancients must have something planned for you and we must follow their desires.  I must go with you though as I am never to leave your presence ever again.  It is my duty to keep you safe and protected always.  I can see by your expression that you are worried, but you should not be, great one.  As I told you, with the krellin, you have the power to make me unseen by other humans.  I will go with you and protect you.  You do not know what evil things will be sent to test you or destroy you.  Yes, I'm certain they will come; it is always the way.  You will come to know these things soon.  Besides, I am so curious to see more of human ways.  I have never been in the presence of humans before and have been locked as guardian of the temple for eons.  I would love to see the sky and earth again!" Stohl said gently.

"Well, I suppose if no one can see you but me.  If it pleases you then it is the least I can do for my new partner," Paul said as he smiled and stroke Stohl's face.

"You are most gracious and kind Paul, calling me partner.  I have never been honored in such a way before.  I am most grateful," Stohl said beaming a smile of pleasure.

Paul kissed Stohl and slowly moved to stand up, his insides protesting over the removal of Stohl's throbbing cock from his insides.  As Stohl's cock moved further and further out of Paul, it deposited globs of precum and leftover cum inside Paul, making Paul moan in pleasure as the elixir was absorbed into his system.  Finally free of Stohl's cock, Paul stretched, grabbed all his clothes and got dressed. Stohl told Paul what to do with the krellin to make Stohl invisible to others.  Paul did as Stohl instructed even though he had his doubts as he could see Stohl clearly when he finished the ritual.  Paul and Stohl headed back to the base camp of the dig.  Stohl was amazed at the site of tests and vehicles and all the humans around with funny attire.  Paul kept looking at Stohl and the other members of the team, amazed that they obviously could not see Stohl.  

"Hey, here's our fearless leader! We were just about to organize a recovery party to go out and find you!" one of the team members said jokingly as he approached Paul.  

Paul had to shake his head and make movements of his arms in a strange way to keep Stohl from grabbing the guy.  Stohl wasn't sure of his intentions and was doing his job protecting Paul.  The team member looked at Paul funny before patting him on the shoulder and shaking his hand.

"So what have you found so far? Must be pretty good if it kept you out all night!" the team guy asked.

"Yeah, sort of got carried away out there.  Made some pretty interesting finds that will require more of my attention though.  How about the rest of the dig? Find anything of note yet?" Paul asked.

"Shit yeah, a whole site worth.  You sure as shit know how to pick a site Paul! The University is going to shit when they see what we bring back.  My guess is that we could keep digging around this site for years and not run out of discoveries.  I had part of the alpha team stop digging and get busy cataloguing the stuff.  Otherwise we'd never keep up."

"Boy, I'm glad to hear that," Paul said, knowing the dig would be successful. "Good thinking on the A team.  We want to be certain we follow full dig protocols so nothing is overlooked.  I'm going to freshen up and get more supplies before I return to my find."

"So what did you find? You sure look pleased I can tell you! It has to be something good!" the team member asked.

"A temple I think, but I'm not quite sure just yet.  I don't want anyone else there just yet just so I can carefully monitor and explore without anything being messed up.  I'll come back and take part of the teams with me once I'm comfortable with what I have," Paul explained as he walked towards his tent.

"This is fascinating Paul! I have never seen things like this before! What are those wonders with the dark rings holding them up?" Stohl asked excitedly.

"Oh, those are cars and trucks.  Vehicles.  Things that we use to transport us around," Paul said laughing.

"Vehicles? Like carts and oxen?" Stohl asked confused.

"Yeah, I guess you could say they're like carts and oxen.  I'll have to take you for a spin in one!" Paul laughed.

"Spin? You wish to twirl me around?" Stohl asked confused.

"No, its just a saying. I meant I would take you for a trip in one, a ride.  Just so you can experience what riding in one is like!" Paul laughed.

"Where are your guards? Warriors? The humans I see around aren't either I think.  Do the guards stay out of your camp?" Stohl asked seriously.

"Oh no Stohl.  There are no guards or warriors here.  We don't really have a need for them.  Everyone here are University students.  We do this as part of our education.  A University is a place humans go to seek knowledge and hopefully advance in society.  All of education and study is organized in our society.  What we're doing here is an archeological dig; we uncover artifacts and treasures from ancient civilizations to gain knowledge of how they lived and what their society was like. I'm sure all of this stuff is really hard for you to understand, so if you want to know about anything, just ask!" Paul said as he gently stroked Stohl's cheek.

"No guards or warriors? Strange.  Good thing I am with you.  You would not fair well if an ogre or minotaur attacked," Stohl said seriously.

"Oh Stohl, you are so cute and funny! There are no such things in this world.  They are long gone and are considered a myth in my world," Paul said in between hardy laughs.

"Myths? Long gone? I find that hard to believe.  They are immortals and could not have just died.  They have to be here somewhere in your world!" Stohl said seriously.

"Nope, fraid not.  Myths are legends, old stories about creatures and things from ancient times.  Most of them have no proof they ever existed, but the stories of them have been passed down through the ages both by word and in writings.  Course you are solid proof positive that there is truth to a lot of myths, but with luck, nobody will ever know about it except for me!" Paul said trying to be serious.

"They are somewhere, I'm certain.  I will watch over you and your camp.  We can use the amulet and krellin to protect you!" Stohl said nervously as he looked around.

Paul wanted to hug him but knew it would attract attention.  It would look like he was hugging air and the teams would think he lost it.  He moved quickly to his tent.  As soon as he and Stohl were inside, Paul startled Stohl as he threw his arms around Stohl's neck and gave him a deep, passionate kiss.  Stohl quickly wrapped his muscled arms around Paul, returning the passion of his kisses.  When Paul felt Stohl's massive cock poking at his ass between his legs, he stopped kissing Stohl and began to push himself away even though he was held fast in Stohl's arms.

"I'm sorry Stohl, I just felt the need to kiss you and let you know how much I think of you!" Paul said sheepishly.

"Nothing to be sorry for Paul.  Your pleasure is part of my duty and you have made it a true privilege.  Let me share my pleasure with you now," Stohl said softly as he began licking and nibbling on Paul's neck.

"Oh god, no we can't.  I'll never be able to do what I have to do.  Once I feel your pleasures, everything else just doesn't matter.  No, we can't.  Once we are back in the temple, I promise.  No, not promise, want!" Paul said before giving Stohl another passionate kiss and Stohl released him.

Stohl examined everything inside Paul's tent. He was especially taken with the portable TV.  Paul started it up and laughed hysterically when Stohl moved around it to try and find the miniature figures trapped inside.  Paul did his best to explain things to Stohl, but knew it was almost useless since there was no common point of understanding when it came to technology for Stohl.  Whenever he could, Paul used comparisons with ancient items, but there wasn't anything available to explain some of the technologies.  When Paul had a backpack filled with supplies, Stohl automatically took it so that he could carry it for Paul.  Paul explained to Stohl that he couldn't do that as it would freak out the other humans to see a backpack float around behind Paul.  Stohl tried to argue with Paul, but finally gave in to his wishes.  

When Paul and Stohl returned to the cave, Stohl began to explain to Paul what was kept inside the temple.  Paul began to mark things in the temple he knew would be okay to share with the dig team and what he would keep to himself.  There were all sorts of implements, chalices, bowls and urns used in some sort of sacrifice and an almost hidden area that Stohl said was a sanctuary, a most sacred place.  It was there that Stohl showed Paul the ancient scrolls, wrapped carefully in animal hides, kept preserved in marble like urns.  When Paul came close to the urns, the amulet he wore began to glow brighter and brighter, enough light to brighten up the room as if sunlight was flooding in through a window.  Paul knew from the light of the amulet and the rhythmic sound it started making that these were what he needed to see and study.  Stohl carefully opened an urn and withdrew the scrolls inside, said some incantation and uncovered them.  He held up a scroll and knelt down, using his entire body as a lectern for Paul.  Paul was surprised at the amount of reverence Stohl was showing these scrolls and knew he was to show the same amount of reverence for them.  When Paul first started looking at the writings, it didn't make any sense to him.  Some of it was familiar from the books he had, but most of it wasn't.  Stohl told him to use the krellin to read the scrolls.  Paul lifted the device and sure enough, he understood the scrolls writings.  He was amazed to find out that they were the key to various spells and incantations for bodily change, travel to the ancient's time and other secrets hinted at in his original books.  Paul asked Stohl if there was a way to hide the sanctuary and special parts of the temple from others and Stohl told him it was easy to do with the krellin and spells to put up a barrier that would look and feel like the stone of the cave to keep it hidden.  Paul was relieved and decided to have Stohl move things he was willing to be taken as part of the dig to areas of the temple that would be open to the teams.  Paul showed Stohl how to bury them so they looked like they were originally in the new spots.  Stohl felt proud and good about Paul's respect and care for the sacred places.  He knew the ancients selected him well.

Paul began his selection of items to be moved, carefully noting the position they were in when he found them and taking notes of how they were to be placed in their new resting place.  As he was moving about, Stohl was following him closely.  Stohl waited until Paul was standing still, deep in thought about some object before he moved up against Paul's back and wrapped his arms around Paul, his already hard penis pushed between Paul's thighs and poking out.  Paul gave out a deep groan as Stohl's tongue and lips ravaged his neck and ears.  Stohl's hands began massaging and probing all of Paul's body, carefully removing all of Paul's clothing as his tongue and lips sent waves of pleasure chills shoot throughout Paul's entire body.  Stohl's cock was drooling precum, which he insured was covering all of Paul's ass and his entire cock as he controlled its movements.  Paul threw his arms up and back, holding tight to Stohl's head as he moaned and groaned louder and louder.  As Stohl's cock head began pushing against Paul's rosebud, Stohl's tongue found Paul's mouth and began to push both deep inside Paul.  Paul gasped at the lightning bolt of pleasure that began filling him as Stohl's throbbing and slick cock began penetrating him, the massive amounts of precum causing spasms of pleasure to spread outward from Paul's intestines.  It didn't take long at all for Paul's throbbing cock to explode, as the pleasures were too much for his body to contain.  Stohl felt the shudder of Paul's body and moved his hand around the head of Paul's cock to catch as much of Paul's cum as he could.  Even though Stohl's hand was massive, Paul's cum overflowed and seemed to be in a frenzied state of constant explosion.  Stohl finally pinched off the base of Paul's cock until he could drink and lick the huge amount of cum in his hand.  As soon as he licked the last of it he returned his hand to surround Paul's cock head and moved his other hand to Paul's balls, which he kneaded and massaged.  The effect of Paul's cum set Stohl into a pleasure frenzy causing his cock to expand as it exploded cum deep inside Paul.  Paul screamed out in a fit of pleasure before passing out.  The entire process repeated itself a few times before Paul begged Stohl to release him and let him rest.  Stohl smiled and gently turned Paul around on his still throbbing and rigid cock.  He wrapped his arms tight around Paul and carefully lay down on the floor of the temple, holding Paul's head tight against his massive pecs.  Paul still moaned, sighed and shivered with pleasure as he snuggled into Stohl's muscled, hairy body and fell into a deep pleasure sleep.

Steve began feeling a mix of pleasure and pain as he gradually started to wake.  The nurse was almost finished giving him a full body bath after taking off all the leads to the various monitors he was hooked up to and the tubes from his nose and mouth.  She planned on removing the catheder once Steve was awake, not wanting him to soil his bed if he remained unconscious.  As the doctor predicted, even with the cathider in him, he was a mess when she checked on him in the morning.  His cum had just about filled the tube before backing up somehow around the tube and leaking out.  As she finished washing and drying Steve's legs, she looked up and saw Steve's head moving and heard him moaning.  His eyes slowly started opening, blinking wildly as the bright sunshine in the room partially blinded him.  

"Easy guy, you're in a hospital and I'm just about finished bathing you.  You were in pretty bad shape but are almost ready to go now.  It seems your excellent physical condition saved you from not making it.  I don't know your name or anything, but stay calm and we'll get the rest of this uncomfortable stuff off of you and rub you down good with lotion," she said gently as she gently stroked Steve's forehead.

Steve opened his eyes wider, blinking, as he started to cough.

"Don't worry, its normal.  You will have a sore throat for a bit, I just took out the tubes from the resperator.  All that nasty stuff seems to always accumulate when you have that tube in your lungs for any time.  Perfectly normal so don't panic.  Here's a pan and rag you can use to spit it into.  Would you like to sit up now?" the nurse smiled, holding a small pan and towel by Steve's mouth.

Steve tried talking but all that came out was a hoarse sound and more coughing.  He decided it was easier to just shake his head to let her know he wanted to sit up.  He started pulling himself into a sitting position, but the nurse held him down.

"Easy tiger! I'll move the bed.  You're not strong enough to move around all that much just yet.  You just came out of a coma of at least 10 days as far as we know, so your sexy muscles are going to be uncooperative for a bit.  Just let me do it.  I'll get you some nice ice water to sip which will help clear out your throat and sooth is some.  Hold on," the nurse said seriously.

Steve was having a hard time taking all this in.  The last thing he seemed to remember was being fucked by some monster.  The whole ordeal wasn't clear in his mind just yet.  He felt like he needed to find someone, but it was all still blurry to him mentally.  

"There we go.  Okay are you comfy? Well, lets get you into a fresh new gown.  Let me help you lean forward so I can rub down your back with lotion, okay? Think you can hold on to your legs while I rub your back?" the nurse asked softly.

Steve made a hoarse sound, coughed and sipped some ice water as he shook his head and reached his arms out to grab on to his legs as the nurse helped him lift his shoulders forward.  It was sort of hard to get his muscles moving, but once he did with the nurse's help, it seemed his strength was slowly coming back.  His hands and arms felt all tingly like they fell asleep.  He sighed as he finally was in position and the nurse began spreading a thick layer of body lotion on his back.

"Feels good? I'm glad.  You're doing just great.  Tingly fingers and arms huh? That's normal.  You keep moving your muscles around slowly and they'll come back.  There, okay, lay back and I'll do your legs," the nurse instructed.

Steve let his head fall back and he closed his eyes as he felt the nurse's fingers kneading his leg muscles as she rubbed in the lotion.  It felt good, but it seemed strange all at the same time.  His head moved quickly and his eyes shot open very wide as he felt a tug on the catheter in his penis.

"There, its out! Sorry I didn't warn you, but I've found that its best to just quickly remove that without warning.  Keeps you from clamping down or focusing on its removal.  Sure it isn't pleasant, but now its out.  I'll give you a urinal to keep between your legs for a bit just in case.  I'm sorry to laugh, but the look on your face was just priceless!" the nurse said laughing.

"Thanks I think!" Steve managed to get out as he couldn't help smiling.

"How nice! The first words you spoke were thanking me! I'm really feeling privileged!" the nurse laughed. "Okay, you're set for now.  Would you like to have some jello and juice? You can't have solid stuff just yet, but soon.  I'll let the doctor know you're up; sure he'll be in here soon.  Now you just keep this buzzer close by and push the button if you need anything.  Here's the TV controller.  Comfy? Good. I'll be back with some juice and jello for you," the nurse said before wheeling the cart away from the bed that held all the tubes and stuff she took out of Steve.

Steve moved his body around until he felt comfortable and then began flipping through the channels on the TV.  He didn't realize that he had began flipping through all the channels over and over as his mind wandered, giving him flash backs to what happened to him and images of a guy that made his heart beat faster.  Steve's eyes widened and he sat up stiff as the word "Paul" came out of his mouth.  He started to cry as he said it over and over again.  The nurse came back in with a tray loaded with juice and jellow.

"Hey, hey, what's all this?" she asked seriously as she put the tray down and sat on Steve's bed, putting her hands on his shoulders.

"I know who I am and what happened to me.  I have to get in touch with Paul.  God I hope they didn't hurt him!" Steve blurted out in a panic.

"Now just you calm down.  Easy. You don't need to hyperventilate or anything.  You have to take it easy and go slow.  I'll get you a pen and paper and you can write down who you want us to contact.  I'm sure the police are going to want to talk with you too.  Just you relax and calm down.  The doctor is going to be here soon and we don't want him knocking you out because you're hysterical or anything, now do we!" the nurse said as she hugged Steve.

"But I have to know! How long did you say I was here? Oh my GOD! Poor Paul has to be frantic! I have to get in touch with him!" Steve blurted out.

"You will, now just take a deep breath and control it.  Oh, doctor, you're here.  Our boy is awake and as you can see, moving around very well!" the nurse said as the doctor came to Steve's bedside, picked up his arm and took his pulse.

"Get the blood pressure cuff on him now.  Just you calm down young man.  You just came out of a coma and your body isn't ready just yet to cope with to much excitement.  You're pulse is way to high and I'm going to have to give you something to relax.  Just take deep breaths," the doctor said seriously.

"But I need to find Paul! You don't understand! They may have Paul! I have to find him!" Steve kept saying getting more and more animated.

The nurse took his blood pressure and told the doctor what it was.  He told her to try and get Steve to relax as he left the room

"I don't even know your name!" the nurse said, trying to stroke Steve's face gently.

"Steve, my name is Steve.  Please, get me a phone, I HAVE to find Paul!" Steve said getting more agitated.

The doctor came back into the room, holding something in his hand.  He walked up to Steve, grabbed his arm and gave Steve an injection.

"There, that should help you to relax young man!" the doctor said.

"Steve.  His name is Steve, doctor!" the nurse said adjusting Steve's pillows.

"Steve eh? Well then, Steve, you just let the medicine take over and relax.  Don't you worry about your friend Paul, the police have been notified and they are on their way to get the details from you.  The injection I just gave you won't knock you out or anything, just calm you down," the doctor said seriously.

Both the nurse and doctor smiled as they saw Steve's muscles start to relax and his expression change from one of panic to calm.  Steve couldn't fight it at all and found himself breathing slower and calming down.  The nurse got him to drink some juice and eat some jello, telling Steve he needed to start eating and drinking to get his strength back.  Steve wanted to jump out of bed and run out of the hospital to find Paul, but he knew he wouldn't be able to get very far in his current state.  Besides, he finally realized he didn't know where he was or anything.  He started asking the nurse questions so he could figure out where he was and how much they knew about what happened to him.

Paul woke up, startled and trying desperately to catch his breath.  Stohl was immediately all over Paul, trying to determine what was happening or what had happened to set Paul into a massive panic like attack.  Stohl managed to calm Paul enough to get him to breath normal.

"What is it? What has happened?" Stohl asked calmly as he held tight to Paul, wrapping his body around Paul.

"Steve! It's Steve.  He's awake and worried about me.  I saw the whole thing Stohl.  I don't know how that is possible, but I just KNOW he's awake and will be fine.  He's almost all healed and desperate since he thinks the bikers got me too.  I have to go back and find him.  I have to Stohl!" Paul said excited, becoming hyper again and trying to free himself from Stohl's grasp.

"Calm great one.  Calm.  Your deep concern and love for Steve has been amplified by the amulet and spells that you said you used to help heal and find Steve.  You will be able to find him easily and already know he is well and healing.  Calm," Stohl spoke in a reassuring and gentle but yet strong voice as he licked and kissed Paul.

"I'm sorry Stohl.  It was just like lightning struck me.  I was so relaxed and happy after you shared your pleasures with me.  I was dreaming of our pleasures when all of a sudden I was dreaming about Steve, in a hospital and began to feel what he felt and then I was watching a nurse helping him adjust to being awake and then his panic when he remembered it all and me.  Oh Stohl, I can't tell you how that felt; the emotion he felt when he remembered our love and how much I meant to him.  It was so strong, he felt such desperation and agony when he realized I wasn't there and the bikers might have taken me also or killed me.  I have to find him.  I have to now!" Paul sobbed.

"We will Paul, fear not.  You have great powers at your disposal and finding Steve will be as easy as returning to your tent.  Fear not.  Come, let us finish what you need to do here and then we can return to your territory to find Steve," Stohl said calmly.

"Yes, you're right.  Why don't I have faith Stohl?  I'm still so weak.  I should seek an answer from the scrolls.  Maybe I'll be able to find the rock to anchor my faith in my mission, whatever that is," Paul said suddenly calm and in deep thought.

"As you say Paul.  You have been given the power to use the great powers.  You were given them for a reason and as a small child, need to learn not only how to use the powers, but what they're for and how they affect all life.  It is a great learning process you will see.  Consult the scrolls and open not only your mind but your heart to them, they will guide you!" Stohl said solemnly.

Paul kissed Stohl and then opened his ancient book, found a spell to use to bring peace and rest to Steve that he immediately recited along with sending more healing; then he returned to the new scrolls, finding the transformation spell as if something guided him to it.  Stohl smiled, recognizing the content of the scroll Paul was studying.  

"Use it great one.  Transform yourself into the human you always wished you were.  The ancients are guiding you, giving you a gift that you are intended to have and use.  Do not fear great one, it is as it must be," Stohl whispered.

Paul turned and looked at Stohl and felt reassured.  He trusted Stohl and new he wouldn't let anything harm him.  Paul felt a calm spread throughout his mind and body; felt infused with a purpose and direction.  He began reciting the incantations and picturing in his mind what he always wanted his body to be like.  He thought of being tall, heavily muscled, hairy and powerful.  As he concentrated harder and recited the incantations, his voice became deeper, louder and his recitation became louder and more emphatic.  His mind began to whirl with the images of his desired form and everything around him seemed to disappear into a thick, bright mist of energy.  Stohl had moved away from Paul and knelt down, bowing his upper body to the ground, reciting his own incantation of thanks and submission.  Suddenly there was a violent blast of light and energy that centered on Paul, blinding Stohl even though he was facing the floor of the temple and had his eyes closed.  He felt the blast of a heat wave and knew a great power was filling the temple, surely consuming Paul.  Stohl heard Paul shout out, but was unable to move to help Paul.  He heard great sobs and moans from Paul and then all was quiet, as if nothing happened.  Stohl slowly lifted his head and opened his eyes.  He gasped as he saw Paul, the new Paul, laying on the floor.  Stohl couldn't help himself; he had to rub his eyes to be sure it wasn't a vision and then quickly got up, ran over to Paul and ran his fingers gently over Paul's skin.  He could see Paul was breathing as if he was in a deep sleep with a calm expression on his face.  Paul was no longer the 5'11", 185lb in shape cute guy.  Stohl couldn't help himself as his cock hardened and began dripping large amounts of precum as he examined the new Paul, 6'4" at least and over 290lbs of hard muscle, covered in a nice coating of fur that was matted to his perfect body, Paul's sweat making his entire body shine.  Stohl had to touch the thick muscles that seemed to slowly flex and relax with each breath Paul took.  Paul's face was even changed, now more chiseled and even his cheeks seemed to have developed muscles.  He had a deep 5 o'clock shadow that Stohl knew was the outline of the most perfect beard he'd ever seen on a human.  Paul was indeed most desirable, much more so then he was before.  Stohl was straddling Paul's body, exploring the muscles of Paul's face and shoulders, his cock dripping precum on Paul's massive pecs and abs.  Paul slowly opened his eyes and saw the look of desire and awe of Stohl as well as feeling the hot precum that was running down his pecs and abs.

"Stohl? Did it work? Am I changed? Why are you dripping all over me?" Paul asked as he started to lift his head off the floor.

"Look at your body great one.  You are beautiful.  Powerful and worthy of the gifts.  You are so desirable and I must worship you," Stohl said as he began to lick and touch and feel Paul's body.

Paul started to laugh nervously, enjoying the feeling of Stohl's attention.  He managed to sit up enough to lick the precum flowing from Stohl's cock, feeling the rush of pleasure and something more then he felt before.  He glanced at his abs and stopped his licking of Stohl's cock head.  He moved quickly to stand up, almost knocking Stohl over as he started to take in the size of his legs, his cock and balls, his abs, his arms, his pecs.

"Stohl, it worked! Wow, do I look okay? I'm not a freak or anything am I?" Paul said excitedly as he began feeling his head and back, thinking that maybe he turned into a mythical creature or something.

"You are magnificent great one.  You fill me with desire like never before.  I must worship you great one.  I must have your pleasure!" Stohl said with a look like you'd think a drug addict has when he is about to score.

"Stohl? Of course you can have my pleasure.  I want your pleasure.  Why do you look like that? What's going on?" Paul asked feeling a little scared.

Before he got an answer, Stohl was on him, licking, kissing, kneading, touching every part of Paul's body.  The pleasure flowed throughout Paul's body and he began to do the same to Stohl.  Stohl grabbed Paul in a bear hug, like an animal in some mating frenzy, his cock actually shooting precum on Paul's abs, his tongue ravishing Paul's pecs, shoulders and neck.  Paul felt the animal lusts building and matched Stohl's actions, feeling an animalistic need for mating.  Stohl moved Paul's body up and got his cock between the hard glutes of Paul.  Paul used his arms to push himself down hard, Stohl's cock pushing deep inside Paul.  Paul yelled out, gasping and moaning from the feeling of Stohl's pulsing cock fill his insides.  It felt different then before, more intense and somehow, more of it was inside him.  Paul swore he felt the rough pubes of Stohl against his ass cheeks, but he knew that was impossible.  Little did Paul know that his new body did indeed take in all of Stohl's cock, easily adjusting to the girth and length.  Paul could feel it throb and grow fatter as Stohl started pumping Paul's body up and down as Paul's ass muscles squeezed and relaxed, caressing the full length of Stohl's cock.  Paul wrapped his legs tight around Stohl's waist and let himself fall backward, having no problem holding his body parallel to the ground.  Stohl smiled and moved his arms to hold Paul's back as he bent down and took Paul's throbbing cock into his mouth.  His tongue lavished Paul's balls as his mouth moved up and down Paul's cock.  Stohl had a special movement with his mouth that seemed to massage and knead Paul's cock as it moved up and down, his tongue somehow holding Paul's cock hard against the roof of his mouth, while the rest of his tongue was moving against Paul's balls.  Paul reached his arms towards Stohl's, grabbing on to his forearms, his head hanging down, mouth open, gasping and moaning in pleasure as he took all of Stohl's pleasures.  The size of Paul's cock made it possible for Stohl to go further with giving Paul pleasure.  The scent of Paul seemed to kick his animal lusts into high gear, sending him into a frenzy as if he was a great buck mating with his mate.  Paul screamed at the power of his orgasm, his muscles flexing and bulging which caused Stohl's cock to explode deep inside Paul.  Paul could feel the hot river of cum flowing inside him, the tingling and warmth flowing to the rest of his body.  His insides seemed to be milking every last drop of cum from Stohl, as Stohl was sucking every last drop of cum from Paul.  They seemed to explode over and over again until finally both were exhausted.  Stohl had to sit down before he collapsed.  He still was inside Paul and pulled him tight into his body as he passionately kissed Paul who returned the kiss just as passionately.  Finally, they both had to stop to catch their breath.

"Wow, that was the most intense sex I've ever had!" Paul said, licking Stohl's ear.

"Yes great one, you have changed.  I had no care for your safety.  I just knew I couldn't harm you as I worried before.  Your scent keeps me in a state of desire and need great one.  I must have more of you!" Stohl said as he started licking the sweat from Paul's face, neck and shoulders.

"Wait Stohl, let me see if the change did something besides changing my body.  I promise, I'll share more pleasure with you.  Let me just be sure, okay?" Paul said as he started moving himself off of Stohl's cock.

"Please don't deny me great one!" Stohl pleaded, trying to keep Paul in his grip.

"Stohl! I promise! Just let me check first, okay?" Paul said seriously.

Stohl looked into Paul's eyes and saw he was serious and knew he had to obey.  It wasn't easy for him as the desire was so strong, but he forced himself to release Paul.  Paul kissed Stohl before picking up the scroll he used and began to read.

"Oh boy, now I know what's happening.  Yes, there is another part of the changing that I need to take care of.  Seems that part of the change is to make me desirable and wanted by anyone who catches my scents.  I'll have to control that, otherwise I could be in big trouble.  Okay, I'll finish the spell and make sure you are not forced to have me," Paul said before reciting another incantation.

Stohl could feel the strong desire and need easing up and finally leave him as if he no longer had a fever.  He felt sad in away that the animal like desire was no longer there, but knew it had to be this way.

"I feel different now Paul, thank you.  I still wish you and I can share pleasure though.  Maybe more gently now?" Stohl said with a pleading look.

Paul laughed and went up to Stohl, began running his fingers on Stohl's chest and arms and then started licking Stohl's pecs.  Stohl began licking and kissing Paul and soon they were lying on the floor, locked in an embrace, enjoying each other's muscled bodies.  When they finally were spent and exhausted, Paul snuggled up against Stohl and sighed.

"So I look good huh?" Paul said softly.

"No Paul, you look like one of the demigods, not good.  Your Steve is going to be in shock I think, as will everyone else who knows you.  You will see once you see yourself in the waters.  Now rest and then we will go find your Steve," Stohl said as he squeezed Paul tighter into his body.

"Yes, we have to find my Steve," Paul whispered before falling sound asleep.