Darkness and Light




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Chapter 8, Revelations


Can I help you officers?” Steve managed to get out after clearing his throat.

Oh, great, you are awake. Yes sir, I'm detective Gordon, this is detective Smitherin, and officer Jones. We'd like to ask you about what happened to you. Any information you can give us will help us to find the perpetrators of what was obviously a brutal assault, kidnapping and battery. If you feel up to it, please tell us as much as you can remember.”

Just as detective Gordon finished his intro, the nurse walked in, bringing Steve some juice, Jell-O and pudding.

Hope you boys don't mind Steve talking with a mouth full!” she laughed as she set up the tray and adjusted Steve so he could eat.

Oh thanks, I was getting a bit hungry and thirsty. If its okay, could I please have some coffee and milk?” Steve asked with a smile.

I can bring you the milk, but I'm afraid you aren't ready for coffee just yet. The caffeine wouldn't sit well with your meds I'm afraid. I'll make sure you get lots of juice, water and Jell-O. How's that?”

Sure, I understand, thanks,” Steve said meekly.

Whenever you feel ready,” detective Gordon said.

Steve started telling the detectives as much as he could remember about his ordeal. He remembered the one who caused it all was named Sam, and that he met him at the gym. Steve told them the name of the gym and where it was located, Dave was the owner.

Wow, you know you are about 50 miles away from that town!” officer Jones said.

What? 50 miles? Holy shit!” Steve exclaimed. “Oh sorry, forgot a lady was present!”

Not to worry honey, I've heard much worse,” the nurse reassured Steve.

After a good laugh all around, Steve continued with his story, remembering being attacked and abused in the apartment, vaguely remembering being in some sort of vehicle and sexually used by the biker gang. He remembered feeling he was being fed steroids and other drugs that really made him horny and then describing the monster he was forced to fight. He stopped and asked the nurse to leave the room, since he was embarrassed at what he next remembered. After the nurse left, Steve told them about the fight and how he finally passed out while being used by the monster guy. The detectives were totally taken aback by Steve's story. They never heard anything like that happening before, especially in their town. They asked Steve for descriptions of the bikers and Sam. Steve told them as much as he could remember about how they looked.

If you don't mind, would you please get in touch with Paul and Tom, my room mates and let them know where I am and that I'm okay?” Steve asked politely.

Oh sure, no problem at all. We're going to contact your home town police department and have them check out the gym and talk to the owner, Dave, I think you said was his name. We'll be sure to let them know to contact Paul and Tom and let know about where you are and that you are okay,” detective Gordon said patting Steve's foot. “I have to tell yah, I'm a bit in shock by your story. It's not anything about the gay parts, but the animal brutality. In this day and age, you'd never even imagine such a thing is possible.”

Tell me about it!” Steve laughed and then shook his head as tears fell down his cheeks.

Hey now, I know its hard to think about it all, but you are okay now and we're gonna do out best to catch those sick bastards before they strike again. “You just relax and get better. Not to worry.”

Thank you” was all Steve managed to get out.

As the officers were leaving the room, the nurse came back in to check on Steve.

I'm sure that wasn't at all pleasant, Steve. Would you like a pill to help you relax and nap a bit?” the nurse asked rubbing her hand on Steve's forehead.

It wasn't pleasant for sure. If its okay, yeah, I think I'd like the pill, thanks,” Steve said wiping the tears from his cheeks.

Paul woke up and after getting his morning woody taken care of by Stohl and in turn taking care of Stohl, he decided it was time to get back.

Oh shit!” Paul exclaimed," I don't have any clothes that will fit me! How the hell am I going to get back home?”

You have cloth on you Paul,” Stohl said very confused," what else would you need?”

No Stohl, you don't understand. I need clothes like I wore when you first saw me. Here, like these,” Paul said all nervous as he pulled out an outfit from his backpack.

Well I'm not sure how I can help you,” Stohl said somewhat still confused. “Since you cast the invisible spell on me, I suppose I could try and find someone else who has clothes that would fit you.”

That's a great idea Stohl. I can point out a tent where one of the big guys is sleeping. You can sneak in there and bring me back an outfit, socks and shoes if he has another pair. I can leave a note that I headed back to the university to tell them details of the dig. Yeah, they'd never suspect,” Paul said excitedly.

He pulled Stohl to the tent opening and showed him which tent to look in. Paul watched nervously as Stohl did as instructed. Stohl found the student Paul was talking about and saw how big he was. He knew his clothes would more then cover Paul, even though he didn't see the need. He took shorts, a shirt, socks and shoes and headed back to Paul's tent. Paul laughed hysterically when he saw Stohl coming back holding the clothes, knowing that if anybody happened by, all they'd see was some neatly folded clothes floating across the camp.

Paul quickly grabbed the clothes from Stohl and started to laugh as he put them on. Yes they were big, too big actually, well, except for the shirt since Paul's shoulders and arms were so large now. He looked around the tent and found some rope he used as a belt to hold the shorts up. The shoes were a bit wide, but close enough. Paul finished writing the note and included instructions on how the team was to finish cataloguing the dig and pack up all the items found.

Paul had Stohl help him pack up his entire tent and load it all into his truck. Paul was very careful wrapping up the scrolls and insuring they were secured inside, in the back on the floor. Stohl was almost in total shock as Paul drove the Jeep, laughing when Stohl kept asking where the horses were.

Paul was in such a rush to get back to the apartment and have Tom see how he changed and then get him to go with to find Steve. After a grueling 20 hour drive, Paul pulled into the parking lot of the apartment. He took the scrolls himself and told Stohl to bring all the rest of the stuff up to the apartment. Stohl was fixated by the buildings, cars and people all around. Paul ran up the stairs and knocked hard on the door of the apartment. No one answered. Paul started to go into a panic until he remembered there was a key hidden under the mat on the floor. He checked and sure enough, the key was there. Paul opened the door and went inside, calling out for Tom. He checked Tom's room and saw that all was in order, but no Tom. He helped Stohl move things into his room and checked in the fridge, taking out some leftovers and a few bottles of water. He told Stohl to sit and eat.

Stohl was still amazed by all of the furniture and appliances. Paul laughed at Stohl's reaction when Paul turned on the TV. Again, like in the camp, Stohl looked around the TV to see where the people entered. While Stohl tried some of the food, he stuck with mostly the water, amazed that he could actually see it while he drank. Paul went into the living room on the chair with his books and scrolls and began looking for whatever would help him find Steve.

Paul was so wrapped up in the scrolls, that he didn't hear the door opening and see Tom walk in. Tom stopped dead in his tracks, noticing the muscled hunk in the living room. Stohl immediately ran to stand in front of Paul, ready to protect him from this human. Tom walked into the doorway of the living room.

Hey, WHO the fuck are you and what are you doing here?” Tom shouted.

Tom! Thank GOD you are okay!” Paul shouted as he jumped up, initially forgetting how he has now changed. “Tom, its me, Paully. Honest, its me!”

Fuck you say. You ain't Paully! What did you do to him and how do you know my name and his?” Tom bellowed now ready to beat the truth out of this stud.

Stohl, no, its okay, he's not a threat. Move away and do not interfere!” Paul shouted to Stohl, sensing that Stohl was about to take Tom down hard and fast.

Stohl looked at Paul with a questioning look, but obeyed his master.

Tom, honest to God, its me, Paully,” Paul said softly. “This is all part of the spells I found while on the dig I was at. Remember? You suggested I go out and dig to clear my head and get all that shit Dave fed me out of my system. Honest, it IS me!”

Paully? How can that be?” Tom said like he had the wind kicked out of him.

Paul showed Tom the amulet and his book, told Tom about Sam and Steve and all things he could think of that only he would know. When he was certain Tom finally started to believe it was him, he slowly walked up to Tom and wrapped his arms around him and gave him a kiss. Somehow, that finally convinced Tom it was indeed Paully, finally registering the voice and the things only Paully could know.

How in the hell did you manage to turn yourself into such a fucking awesome hunk? Not that you weren't one before, but you know what I mean!” Tom said as he checked Paul's body as if he needed to be sure it wasn't a vision or something.

The spells and I had help from Stohl, a satyr who was waiting for me to discover the sacred place. Yes, a satyr. Now if you promise not to totally freak out, I'll introduce you!” Paul said holding on to Tom's arms.

Satyr? You mean like in mythology shit? Great, you change with all this hocus pocus and loose your marbles. Okay, I'll play along,” Tom said sure Paully was totally nutso.

Stohl, I allow you to be seen by Tom, my friend. Remember he has never seen anything like you before and may have a strange reaction. He is a close friend and no harm is to come to him,” Paul said somberly looking towards the couch.

Tom looked around to see who the hell Paully was talking to and then started to hyperventilate as Stohl came into view in all his magnificent glory.

Tom, I want you to meet my guardian and servant, Stohl, keeper of the sacred scrolls and protector of the sacred temple,” Paul said as he waved Stohl forward.

Stohl came forward slowly, smiling. He gently stroked Tom's cheek and chest and said, “It is an honor for me to meet a close friend of my master. If you so desire, I will gladly provide you with pleasures if it is permitted!”

Tom slowly looked Stohl up and down and finally carefully reached out and felt Stohl's pec, abs, face and head, tracing his fingers along Stohl's horns.

He's excellent at giving pleasures Tom and its a really good way to get to know him. He won't hurt you in any way and I think you might really enjoy him!” Paul said giggling.

Uh huh?” was all that Tom could manage.

Stohl, why don't you let Tom feel your pleasures so he and you can become good friends,” Paul said softly as he gently stroked Stohl and Tom's cheeks.

Stohl didn't need more encouragement as he liked the way Tom looked, being tall, muscled and for a human, handsome. Stohl gently pulled Tom's shirt up and in a lightening fast motion, had Tom's pant's down. He slowly moved his fingers up and down Tom's muscled body, admiring his muscles and how well they fit his body. He lifted Tom's right arm and placed Tom's hand on his pecs. Tom seemed go with a desire and used both his hands to feel and knead Stohl's ample pecs and shoulders. Stohl seemed to purr and put his hands on the small of Tom's back and pulled him closer, turned his head and started to lick and kiss Tom. Tom's mouth opened and he was soon kissing Stohl passionately. Stohl's cock got very hard and was leaking precum more and more. He reached down and caught a good glob of it on his finger and placed the finger in Tom's mouth. Tom's eyes got bigger and he got this expression of pleasure and then desire. Tom went to his knees and put the head of Stohl's cock into his mouth and used a hand to squeeze and pull up and down Stohl's shaft to get as much of his precum as he could. The more he took the deeper his passion became. Both Stohl and Paul knew what was happening and that Tom could not resist.

Paul went back to his book and scrolls, staying close to Stohl and Tom, just in case things got a bit too much for Tom. The last thing Paul wanted was for Tom to be hurt in any way.

Stohl looked at Paul with a look that was asking permission to give Tom pleasures. Paul smiled and whispered “gently my friend,” which Stohl understood.

With a smile on his face, Stohl reached down and pulled Tom up, holding him under Tom's armpits. As he lifted Tom who didn't want to release Stohl's cock, Stohl used the magic of his tongue to taste and tingle just about every inch of Tom's body. By the time Stohl started lowering Tom, Tom was moaning and pleading with Stohl to take him and to let him taste more of Stohl. Stohl stopped lowering Tom when Tom's face was even with his pecs. He wrapped his arms around Tom and held him tight while licking, kissing and nibbling on Tom's face and neck. Tom began to lick, bite and suck on each of Stohl's nips as he massaged his pecs. Stohl wanted to taste Tom's elixir and decided to take some. He lifted Tom's body, kissed him deeply before laying him down on the floor. Tom tried to move to take Stohl's cock but Stohl just used one hand on Tom's abs to hold him down as he moved over and round Tom, positioning his cock over Tom's head. Stohl slowly stooped down, his cock in perfect position for Tom's mouth. Tom wasted no time in grabbing Stohl's cock and return to milking it. Stohl put his hands under Tom's ass cheeks and lifted. His tongue lapped up Tom's cock and balls, bathing them in saliva. His tongue then reached behind Tom's balls and into Tom's ass, making Tom gasp. Stohl let his tongue explore the inside of Tom's ass which made Tom get rock hard. Stohl slurped up Tom's cock and balls and began sucking, chewing and massaging them with his tongue. It didn't take long at all for Tom's body to start jerking as Stohl began draining Tom of his cum. When Stohl was sure Tom was drained, for now, he released Tom's cock and balls and said “yummm.”

Paul looked up and laughed, never having heard Stohl say that. He winked at Stohl and went back to searching for the spells to find Steve's location.

Tom was totally spent, exhausted from being drained and the effect of Stohl's precum on his body. Stohl moved and laid down on the floor, pulling Tom's body into his arms and body, gently rubbing, kissing and licking. Tom regained some strength and smiled at Stohl, reaching around his body and lifting himself on top of Stohl. He reached behind him and started stroking Stohl's cock, making sure it was covered in precum. He moved himself up and back, moving his body down until the tip of Stohl's cock was at his rosebud. Stohl knew that his precum would make Tom's ass feel good and ease the pain of Stohl's cock moving inside. He reached up and held Tom's hips in his hands and gently pushed down just enough so his cock was squirting his precum on and inside Tom's rosebud. Tom could feel the pleasure spreading from his ass and his rosebud start to pucker, allowing more of Stohl's cock head to move inside. It would be a slow process, making certain that Tom felt no discomfort, only pleasure. Tom began moaning and his body began reacting to the deeper penetration and the effect of Stohl's precum. Tom wanted to force his body down on Stohl's cock, taking it in completely, which was an impossibility as Tom was not going to be able to handle all of Stohl's cock just yet; not for a long, long time and lots of practice. Stohl increased his grip on Tom's hips to control Tom's movements. It was a rare feeling for Tom, being controlled and he liked it. Somehow, this gorgeously muscled and powerful creature was more pleasurable then anything Tom has experienced in his life. Nothing existed now except Stohl's pleasure.

When Stohl had gotten almost half of his cock into Tom's ass, he started pulsing his cock which drove Tom absolutely crazy. He pulled himself up and used his tongue to pleasure Tom, moving it in and out and thick and small, tickling the back of Tom's throat. Tom grabbed on to Stohl's biceps and squeezed and kneaded them. His ass muscles started to squeeze tight onto Stohl's cock. Stohl moved Tom's body slowly up and down on his cock, closely watching Tom's facial expressions for any sign of pain or discomfort. Being fucked by Stohl was a totally unreal experience for Tom. He panted and gasped and pleaded for more. The action of Tom's ass muscles on Stohl's cock moved Stohl over the edge and he held Tom tight as his cock exploded inside of Tom's ass. The effect of Stohl's cum on Tom was immediate; pure ecstasy and a sexual high he has never known. When Stohl shot most of his cum inside Tom, he slowly pulled Tom off of his cock, moved Tom in between his thighs and held his cock to Tom's mouth. Tom began to lick and then suck the residual cum from Stohl's cock and then got as much of the head of the cock into his mouth, Stohl rewarding him with a few more loads of cum. Tom felt delirious and didn't want to let go of Stohl's cock again. Stohl pulled him up across his body, moving him so he had access to Tom's ass. Stohl used his tongue to swirl around his cum inside Tom's ass and take out the excess. Tom passed out right after he shot another load of cum. Stohl licked up all of Tom's cum and laid Tom down on top of his body, wrapped his arms over Tom and enjoyed the pleasure feelings. Stohl knew he had given Tom great pleasure and that he did not hurt Tom in any way, which he knew pleased Paul.

Paul looked at Stohl and Tom and knew, this was going to be the start of a whole new way of living for Tom, Steve, Stohl and himself. He smiled and sighed as he stretched out next to Stohl's body. Stohl moved his arm to pull Paul's body tight into his body and held Paul in place with his hand on Paul's ass.

Paul and Stohl were startled when the telephone started ringing. Stohl had no idea what it was and Paul just didn't expect a phone call. He calmed Stohl down and said it was just a notice from a communication device. Stohl got that look of total amazement as he partially lifted his body to keep an eye on Paul as he answered the phone.

Hello?” Paul said, not sure who would be calling.

Hello, this is officer Delay. We received a telephone call from a detective in the Morgan Police Department. Do you know someone named Steve?”

STEVE, OH MY GOD, where is he? Is he okay? Where is Morgan..” Paul started rattling off.

Whoa bud. Morgan is about 50 miles or so north of here and yes he is doing fine from what I heard. Say, is what happened to him part of what happened to Paul?” officer Delay asked.

Yes, it is. The guys that brutalized Paul are the ones that kidnapped Steve. Steve is Paul's roommate. It should all be in the police report,” Paul said nervously.

I'm sure it is, but I didn't have a chance to pull the file and put it all together. As soon as I got the call, I wanted to get Steve's message to Paul and to someone he's really concerned about, Paul,” officer Delay stated.

That's me, I'm Paul!,” Paul said excitedly, knowing that his sweet Steve was worried about him.

Oh good, I was afraid Paul was going to tell me you were missing. I'll be sure to let them know you are okay and at the apartment, if that's okay with you?” Delay asked.

Oh god yes, please. Can you tell me what hospital Steve is in. I'd like to at least talk to him to let him know Paul and I are fine,” Paul said all bubbly, “I'd love hear his voice and all.”

I'm sure he'll get some needed relief just hearing from you and knowing you are okay. If you got a pen and paper, I'll give you the information I have on the hospital and telephone number. I'm sure they can hook you up to his room phone,” Delay said. “Oh and is Tom okay? He and I work out at the gym a lot and I know what he was going through. I know he was really worried about you for a long time. Glad things seem to be getting back to normal. Can I talk to him?”

Uhhh, well, he's pretty much out of it right now, napping,” Steve stumbled as he looked over at Stohl and Tom snuggled tight in Stohl's arms with a really silly and goofy smile on his face. “I'll be sure to let him know you called and the great news about Steve, unless of course you want me to wake him up?”

No, please don't, its okay,” Delay said. “I know if Tom is napping he needed it real bad. Don't wake him. I'd appreciate it if you would let him know we talked and all. I'll try and get in touch with him later on, official business for the ongoing investigation and all.”

Paul carefully wrote down the name of the hospital and telephone number. He thanked Delay and promised to let Tom know all about the great news. Paul was so excited with the news that he did a sort of dance, singing out “yes yes yes” and “thank you thank you.” Stohl was totally confused now, after hearing Paul talking into a strange devise like someone in there was talking back to him, and now this strange ritual. He wondered if that was what all humans now had to do whenever they finish the talking to the strange device.

Paul caught the look on Stohl's face and fell on the floor laughing, trying to imagine what Stohl was thinking. He got himself under control which wasn't easy since he felt so giddy and thrilled. He wiped the tears from his eyes from laughing so hard and went over to Stohl, stooped down and held Stohl's face in his hands as he kissed his nose and tried his best to explain the telephone conversation to Stohl as best he could. He couldn't help loosing it again when Stohl asked him if everyone did that singing and dance ritual whenever they talked on this phone. Stohl didn't understand what was making Paul so happy, but he was glad whatever it was made him that way.

Paul dialed the hospital phone number and asked for Steve's room. It seemed to take a bit longer then he expected when finally a woman's voice came on the line.

I'm sorry, this is the floor nurse. The doctor hasn't okayed a telephone in Steve's room just yet. Are you family?”

No, I'm his life partner, Paul. I know he wants to talk to me since I just heard a message from him that a police officer relayed. Who's his doctor and how do I get in touch with him?” Paul said impatiently.

Oh how wonderful! You're his Paul. He's been so worried about your safety. He actually wanted to get up and go look for you as soon as he got his wits about him coming out of his coma. Honey, I'm going to put you on hold and get a phone plugged into his room right now, so don't you go nowhere okay? Oh man he's gonna float right up off that bed when he hears your voice. Just hold on darlin okay?”

You bet I will. Thank you so much. I feel better already knowing he has such great care with a nurse like you, thank you!” Paul said with an obvious smile in his voice.

While he waited and listened to that awful canned music stuff, he suddenly got all nervous. What would Steve's reaction be when he saw the changed Paul? How did the whole nightmare affect him since it was really his fault it happened. Sam was after him in the first place. Paul really started to get nervous when he heard the phone click.

Hello? This is Steve, who's this?” Steve said in his now raspy hoarse voice.

Steve sweet heart, my muscle head, its me, Paul, your partner in life!” Paul said as he broke into tears.

Paul? MY PAUL?” Steve said all excited, sitting straight up in the bed with a smile so big the nurse thought his face would crack.

Yes sweet heart, your Paul. I'm so sorry baby, its all my fault you got hurt. That bastard Sam was after me and took it out on you!,” Paul said now sobbing.

Hey, now you just cut that shit out. Sam was stalking the apartment watching everything we were doing. I just thank God you weren't there when that sick fuck came looking for you. It scares the crap out of me just thinking of what would have happened to you,” Steve said, himself sobbing. “Are you okay? Where are you?”

I'm fine lover. I'm calling from the apartment. I just came back from being on another digging. All is well baby, are you okay? I did my best to send you as much love and healing I could,” Paul said trying to calm down, knowing it wasn't a good thing to get Steve all upset.

I know Paul, I know you were in my head with me, protecting me, loving me, making my body heal and bringing me back. I know sweet Paul, I know. I may not have fully believed in your spells and that amulet before, but believe me, I sure as hell do now,” Steve said with a laugh.

Yes lover, I was there. Every time I dreamt, I was with you, doing what I could to help you as best I could. I'm so happy you remember and actually realized it was me and not just a dream,” Paul said happily.

No, I know it wasn't a dream. I actually felt you. I smelled you. I felt you. There's no way I could have dreamt all that. I know you saved me and I feel so blessed having now felt deep in my soul your love,” Steve said trying to make his voice sound sexy.

God how I love you Steve. My whole life turned inside out when I heard you were kidnapped. You know what? I don't think its a good thing to talk about all that bad stuff just yet. Let's hold off on that until you are fully recovered and we are in each other's arms, okay?” Paul said seriously.

Anything you want baby. I can't tell you how great it is to hear you call me muscle head again!” Steve laughed.

See, it just fits somehow huh?” Paul laughed. “Hey, how about I put Paul on the line so he can talk to you?”

Oh man, yeah. Is he okay?” Steve asked concerned.

Yes, he is just fine. Wait, I'll wake him and put him on the line,” Paul said happily.

Paul hurried to Stohl and Tom, pulled Stohl's arms off of Tom and started calling his name and shaking his shoulders. Tom finally turned towards Paul, sliding off of Stohl's body, his ass hitting the floor as he started to giggle. Paul smiled and told him that Steve was on the phone and wanted to talk to him. Tom's eyes got wide and he did a few hard blinks before jumping up and kissing Paul on the head as he went to the phone.

What the hell you pullin here? Finally came to your senses and decided to let us know where you're hiding eh?” Tom teased.

Oh man its so great to hear your voice Tom. I'm fine and on the road to recovery. You doing okay? I know those fucks messed you up pretty bad,” Steve said seriously.

Hey, takes more then a bunch of fruity bikers to take me down!” Tom laughed. “I'm fine, not to worry. How you doin? When you going to be able to come home? I'm sure Paul is already to jump into the truck and haul your ass back here where it belongs!”

You are a sick bastard! But man do I love yah. I'm so damn happy to hear your voice and Paul's. I don't think I'm in any condition just yet to have my ass hauled off, but I like the idea!” Steve laughed, looking over at the nurse who was shaking her head in a big NO.

Well, I'm not sure what Paul is planning, but I know I won't be able to get time off for at least another week and then only for a few days. Already took time off when I was in the hospital, but I'm sure we can figure something out,” Tom said. “Well muscle head, I'll let you get back on with Paul. Sure you want to talk to him more then me!”

Thanks Tom. We'll talk again I'm sure. Keep an eye on Paul for me would yah? I still worry about him yah know,” Steve said.

Well, I don't think you need to worry at all now Steve,” Tom said looking at Paul who had his finger on his lips letting Tom know he shouldn't say anything to Steve about his change. “Uh, okay, here's Paully!”

Tom handed Paul the phone with a wink and a smile, almost running over to Stohl and wrapping his arms around Stohl's neck, nibbling on his lips.

Hey baby, don't want to tire you out all at once,” Paul said.

Nah, don't worry baby. I feel so damn good now. Hey, what did Tom mean I didn't need to worry about you now?” Steve asked.

Oh you know Tom, probably thinks I've buffed up a bit and got a good tan from the dig,” Paul lied.

Oh man, buffed up and a tan huh? Hot damn!” Steve said sexually.

Never you mind muscle head. That's the last thing you need to be thinking of right now. Probably if they checked your blood pressure, they'd knock you out cause it'd be so high!” Paul lectured. “You behave yourself or they'll never let you come home!”

Okay, I'll TRY,” Steve said sounding like he was just told he couldn't stay home from school.

Damn, I wish I could leave right now to come see you in the hospital. Maybe I'll figure out a way to sneak over for the weekend. Have to take care of business with the University on the dig and make sure Dave didn't fire me!,” Paul said knowing he needed time to work out how he'd work out Steve seeing him changed. He knew he needed time to use the scrolls and amulet to come up with an answer to his dilemma.

I understand and its all good baby. When you can will be fine. It would be great to hold and kiss you but I understand and can wait. Besides, I was just informed before you called that they're going to start me on a really intense rehab program to get my body back in shape and want to run a battery of tests to be sure nothing internal was damaged. If you can make it this weekend that'll be great. If not, don't let it worry you at all. We can still talk on the phone and as long as I can hear your voice, I'm good!” Steve said calmly.

Paul could sense that Steve was being honest and wasn't holding anything back.

Okay lover, you get some rest now and we'll talk later, okay? You call me whenever you feel like it during the night and I'll be here. As a matter of fact, I'm going to get a cell phone that I'll give you the number for so you can talk to me whenever you want, okay?” Paul said softly.

Deal. Stay safe for me baby, I love you,” Steve said.

I love you too muscle head. You behave and do as your told,” Paul said.

Later baby,” Steve said as he handed the phone to the nurse who was busy wiping tears from her face.

Paul hung up the phone and stood holding the amulet, thinking and saying a spell to fill Steve with warm loving feelings. He knew he didn't have to, but felt adding to what he knew Steve was feeling couldn't hurt.

Paul went to the chair and flopped down, deep in thought.

Stohl, we have a problem!” Paul said as he looked at Stohl, busy messing around with Tom who wanted to play again.

Okay you two, go to your room. I need to think seriously right now,” Paul said sternly with a slight smile on his face.

Our room?” Stohl said confused again.

Tom will show you,” Paul said laughing. “Tom, why don't you show Stohl your room, and bed.”

Bed, yeah, good idea,” Tom said smiling. He took Stohl by the hand and dragged him towards his room.

Stohl looked at Paul with a confused look again.

Its okay Stohl, its a good thing. Tom will take you to his bed and you can pleasure all you guys want,” Paul said with a laugh.

Stohl smiled and wrapped his arms around Tom's waist, lifting him up off the floor. Tom laughed and just pointed the way. Paul was glad he heard the door to Tom's room close, knowing what Stohl and Tom were going to be doing all night.

Paul got something to drink and went back to the living room, sprawled out on the sofa, held his amulet in one hand and his book in another. He closed his eyes as he started to think up different scenarios of how Steve might react to Paul's change. If Tom was a problem he couldn't imagine what Steve would feel. He hoped he would get an answer if he held on to the amulet and thought deep and hard.

Steve had tears running down his cheeks when he hung up with Paul. He was so relieved to know both he and Tom were well and nothing bad had happened to them, but, he was also expecting to have to argue with Paul about rushing over to see him. In the back of his mind, he had this idea that if the roles were reversed, no one would be able to stop him from holding Paul in his arms, making sure himself that all was well and letting Paul know how much he loved him. That really seemed to be the issue he couldn't get past in his mind.

Paul drifted off and quickly had another mind connection with Steve. It wasn't that surprising since he was fixated on Steve to begin with. Paul was overcome with a sense of sadness and deep disappointment, which he figured out was what Steve was feeling. He probed deeper and instantly knew what Steve was thinking and why he was feeling so badly, it was because of him, Paul not caring enough to rush into Steve's arms letting him know how much he loved him. Paul couldn't help but to cry, knowing after all Steve had gone through, it was Paul who was giving him the most pain. Paul willed Steve to hear him, his thoughts at least. He let Steve know he was worried that if his physical appearance had changed, Steve wouldn't accept it and wouldn't feel the same about Paul. Steve immediately had a thought of how no matter what Paul looked like, he would still love him, no matter what. Paul recited a calming, loving spell almost instantly, making Steve loose his depression and sadness.

Paul opened his eyes and shot up off the sofa and ran to Tom's room.

I know what I have to do now, right now,” Paul yelled, ignoring Tom's panting and yelling as he rode Stohl's cock as if he were in a rodeo.

I'm leaving, right now to go see Steve,” Paul cried.

Tom stopped and turned around, looking at Paul as if he was totally out of his mind.

Are you NUTS?”, Tom yelled. “Do you have any idea what one look at you would do to Steve right now? He just came out of a coma, fought for his life, worried sick about you and you just want to pop in on him and freak him out even more with how you have changed?”

I know what he is feeling, Tom,” Paul cried. “He is more devastated that I'm not rushing to see and be with him. For Christ sake he thinks I don't care for him or love him! I have to do this, for Steve's sake. He has to know I DO love him and he's all I want in life. If we love each other as much as we say we do, it won't matter.”

Well, I hope you know what the hell you are doing Paul,” Tom said seriously. “I mean it freaked me out totally and I'm not in Steve's condition. But, I guess you're the one with the risk, even though I think Steve has much more to loose and will know it.”

I have to take that chance. I'm packing up some things and after calling the University in the morning, I'm leaving to be with Steve. I don't know when I'll be back, but one way or another, I'll let you know,” Paul stated without reservation.

Oh, I'm sorry, didn't mean to interrupt your satyr therapy session!” Paul laughed as he backed towards the door, turned around, waved and said, “have a good night!”

Paul stayed still for a bit and then turned back around, still on Stohl's cock and said, “Now, where were we?”

You were going a bit fast in great pleasure...” Stohl started saying seriously.

No Stohl, it was just a figure of speech,” Tom laughed, seeing the odd look on Stohl's face. “Never mind, let's continue!”

When Tom was finally exhausted from playing with Stohl, he curled up on Stohl and fell sound asleep. Stohl didn't like the idea that he didn't have Paul within eyesight, so he slipped Tom off of him gently and got out of the bed. He smiled at Tom and then left the room, looking for Paul. Stohl found Paul stretched out on the sofa in the living room, surrounded by his spell books and holding tight to his amulet. Stohl took his protective position laying on the floor beneath Paul.

Paul woke with a start, having had a very vivid dream about Steve. He went to get up off of the sofa and startled Stohl and himself.

Stohl! WHAT are you doing laying there?” Paul yelled when he almost fell over while stepping on Stohl.

Sorry Paul, you know I have a sacred obligation to protect you at all times and lying down in front of you while you slept on the small bed was the best place I could be to protect you,” Stohl said with his head down.

Oh Stohl, I'm sorry,” Paul said giving Stohl a hug, “I just wasn't expecting you to be there. I thought you would be sleeping with Tom. Forgive me for yelling!”

I haven't displeased you?” Stohl asked sheepishly.

No,” Paul said kissing Stohl. “Again, I'm sorry. I woke up with a start since I was dreaming about Steve and seeing his hidden memories of what happened to him, so I totally forgot your duty to me. You have most certainly NOT displeased me. Now I need to shower, care to join me?”

Stohl smiled and Paul grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bathroom. Stohl was again amazed by things we just take for granted. The mirror startled him at first, but after Paul explained it to him and he opened the medicine cabinet up to see there wasn't another satyr inside, he just shook his head and started playing with the toilet flush, since Paul pissed and flushed and that fascinated Stohl. Paul gave up trying to explain the toilet to Stohl and just left it with Stohl's interpretation of a magical stream in a white bowl.

Paul undressed and started the shower. Stohl watched with great interest. Paul invited Stohl into the tub and closed the shower curtain as best he could considering his and Stohl's size. Stohl played with his finger on the shower curtain and the shower head. He kept looking up at the ceiling wondering how it was raining without clouds and no sky. Paul tried his best but just let Stohl think it was modern man magic.

Paul washed Stohl's body and handed Stohl the liquid soap so he could wash Paul. Stohl enjoyed his new task, getting carried away as he got Paul covered in soap and grabbed him in his arms, sliding him all over his body, laughing at the bubbles that formed all over Paul's body.

Paul finally got Stohl to stop and rinsed both of them off, shut off the shower and stepped out. Stohl inspected the tub to try and figure out where the rain went. Paul finally got him out of the tub and helped Stohl dry off with a towel. Paul had to explain that they couldn't go outside and let the sun dry them off because it wasn't allowed in modern times.

Paul got dressed and made breakfast. He called the University and talked to the Dean. The Dean was thrilled with the initial reports and the few object found he had a chance to examine. He congratulated Paul and told Paul to take his time and file his detail reports when he was ready. He knew the students from the dig would be taking some time in finishing the catalogues and site dig reports, so there was no real hurry for Paul to file his report. Paul thanked him and promised to get his reports in as soon as he could.

Okay, Stohl, that's all taken care of,” Paul said with relief, “now we can go see Steve.”

Stohl swallowed his 15th pancake loaded with syrup and finished off the quart of orange juice. It was all part of a wonderful feast for Stohl having never tasted anything close. Paul laughed at him and rubbed his head.

Would you like to take some fruit with us so you can finish eating?” Paul laughed.

Oh no Paul,” Stohl said excitedly, “I'm very full with nourishment and truly enjoy your food. It is much tastier then what I've been used to.”

That's good Stohl, although I'm not quite sure its good for you to eat so differently from what you are used to eating,” Paul said, “I don't want you to get sick!”

Oh no,” Stohl said seriously, “as long as it isn't a potent poison from a sorcerer, I wouldn't get sick. But if I did, it would be very easy for you to heal me with your powers.”

Paul shook his head with a smile on his face. He had to explain to Stohl that he had to carry his own bags since nobody else could see Stohl, it wouldn't look good to have a floating piece of luggage behind Paul. Stohl and Paul left the apartment after leaving a note for Tom.

It took a few hours of driving to get to the hospital. Time seemed to pass quickly as Paul had to constantly explain things to Stohl who was like a kid in a candy store, everything being new and wondrous. Paul explained to Stohl how important it was that no one see him and that he didn't do anything to make his presence known. Once Paul was sure Stohl understood, they got out of the truck and headed inside the hospital.

The hospital wasn't very big and it wasn't hard at all to find Steve's room. A nurse stopped Paul as he was walking down the hallway.

You wouldn't be a friend of Steve by any chance?” the nurse asked with a smile.

Yes, I am,” Paul said, “I'm Paul. I hope its okay that I came to see Steve. I talked to him and he sounded so depressed that I wasn't coming to see him, so I just had to come.”

I am just so glad you did,” the nurse said after giving Paul a hug. “I saw the look on Steve's face after he talked to you. He was very sad, but I'm sure he'll be over that as soon as he sees you. I have to admit, you aren't what I was expecting based on how Steve described you, but must have just been my missing something. He's in the room at the end of the hall, on the right. I'll make sure you two aren't disturbed for at least a few hours. He's had his meds and isn't scheduled for any for quite a bit. Thanks for coming Paul, I know it'll make Steve's healing go so much better now that you've come to him.”

Paul blushed and thanked her before walking at a quick pace to Steve's room. He slowly peaked in and saw Steve, laying on his side looking out the window. Paul could sense Steve's depression. Paul quietly walked over to Steve's bed, so that he was behind Steve's back. He put one hand on Steve's shoulder and gently brushed his hair off his forehead with the other.

It's good to see the muscle head resting,” Paul whispered as he bent over and kissed Steve's ear.

Steve jumped and tried to turn over, but Paul's grip on his shoulder stopped him from doing that and Paul's hand on his head didn't allow him to just turn his head.

Paul? Is that you Paul?” Steve said excitedly.

Paul quickly slid onto Steve's bed and wrapped his arm around Steve, his body pushed tight against Steve.

I need to see you and kiss you,” Steve pleaded. “I thought you weren't going to be able to come see me.”

I have to tell you something first,” Paul said softly, kissing Steve's neck. “I have to prepare you for how I look so you don't freak out or anything. I could use a spell, but I'd rather not do that to you. I have to know that no matter what, you love me.”

What's happened?” Steve started to panic. “Did those fucks mess you up bad or something?”

Paul could sense Steve's increased worry and agony, thinking something awful happened to Paul.

No, its nothing like that baby. I'll explain it all in detail later, but for now, I found powerful scrolls, a guide and guardian who showed me how I could change my body so it was what I always wished for, nothing more,” Paul explained softly. “It's still me, just way bigger and stronger. I know it sounds like I'm on drugs, but its true. Well, I guess I can't hold you away from me forever, so I might as well let you see what I look like now.”

Paul moved off Steve's bed and Steve slowly turned onto his back, carefully and slowly turning his head towards Paul.

Hey, who the fuck are you and what did you do to my Paully?” Steve said excitedly, trying to get out of bed.

Woahh there,” Paul said reaching for Steve and holding him down. “Baby, its me, your Paully. You'd think a smart muscle head like you would be able to know that!”

Paully? Its really you?” Steve said still in disbelief.

Yeah, it is really me,” Paul said with a big smile. “I know its not easy to take in all at once, but I couldn't stay away and let you think I didn't love you enough to run here to be with you.”

Tears were running down Paul's face as he watched the confused and terrified look on Steve's face as he tried to get his mind around what he knew in his heart was his Paully but his eyes didn't agree.

I need you to kiss me,” Steve said, “I'll know for sure when you do.”

Paul moved back on to Steve's bed and slowly started kissing Steve, building up to a passionate long kiss. He slowly moved his face away from Steve and looked at his face. Steve had his eyes closed and that same sexy smile on his face that Paul just loved from the start.

Do you believe me now muscle head?” Paul asked.

Well, nobody else ever called me that but you,” Steve said softly, “and nobody ever made me feel like you do when you kiss me, so yeah, I know it is you. I kind of need to know how this happened and if with your new body, you still need me?”

How can you say that?,” Paul said excitedly. “No one else has my heart and you should know that. I'm still me and I still need you muscle head, so just get any kind of thought like that out of that sexy head of yours.”

Steve laughed after a little bit, telling Paul that now he knew for sure it was him. He insisted Paul tell him all about how it was possible. Steve rarely interrupted as Paul told him what happened in detail, but he laughed when Paul told him about the Satyr guardian he had now.

Okay, I know better then to question you and your spells,” Steve said with a smirk, “but a Satyr? Paully, now come on!”

Stohl, meet my lover Steve,” Paul to the corner over his shoulder.

Steve's eyes got bigger and bigger as Stohl's full body came into view. Stohl moved around to the window side of Steve's bed and took his hand and kissed it.

It's a great honor to meet the special love of my master,” Stohl said with a big smile as he bowed his head, making sure Steve would notice his horns.

Steve kept looking from Paul to Stohl as Paul just smiled and had his eyebrows up. Paul reached down and took Steve's hand and rubbed it up and down Stohl's body so Steve could know he wasn't hallucinating.

Holy shit!” Steve exclaimed as he used both his hands to touch and feel Stohl's body. Stohl had moved over Steve so it would be much easier for him to explore Stohl's body.

Are you pleased my master's lover?” Stohl asked as he gently stroked Steve's face with the back of his hand.

Yeah, I am, I think,” Steve stammered.

Stohl,” Paul said seriously, “this is Steve and I am Paul, not master or master's lover, okay?”

Yes Paul,” Stohl said sheepishly.

Paul moved in and held Steve's chin in his hand as he started to continue with the gentle and passionate kisses. Steve started feeling all of Paul's body and head, taking in the massive changes in Paul. Paul let him explore and answered every question Steve had. Finally when Steve seemed completely satisfied, he explained that no one other then Tom and he could see Stohl and it would stay that way. Paul could sense Steve's relief when he explained how Stohl was his guardian now and would not allow anyone to harm him. Paul picked up a thought from Steve as they talked and kissed and cuddled that he wished he could be as big as Paul was now. He felt bad enough before that Paul was taller then he was, but with his muscled bulk it seemed to even out, but now, all bets were off.

Paul told Steve that he could be transformed like Paul or anyway he wished if it was what he wanted. Steve asked all sorts of questions and decided that he needed to think about it before he made up his mind. He and Paul agreed that he would finish going through his physical therapy and be discharged from the hospital before they did anything to change things. They talked and laughed and seemed to try their best to catch up on all the passion for each other they missed out on since the event.

The nurse came into the room and Steve looked startled. He looked at the nurse and then at Stohl, back and forth, expecting her to either scream or faint when she say him. He was completely amazed when he realized she couldn't see Stohl at all. Paul laughed and just whispered, “told yah!”

Okay, hate to break this reunion up, but sexy boy here needs to eat,” the nurse said with a big smile.

Oh, well, I guess I could leave and get something myself,” Paul said somewhat disappointed.

No silly,” the nurse giggled, “I took the liberty of ordering up a tray for you as well, so you can just continue perking up our favorite patient.”

Oh, thank you so much”, Paul said as he helped her set up the bed table and bring in the trays.

Not a problem at all sweetie,” the nurse said, “of course he gets the healthy looking one and you have the regular yuck!”

They all laughed and after she quickly checked on Steve's vitals, patted Steve on his foot and left the room.

She sure is nice,” Paul said as he arranged Steve's bed and tray.

Yeah, she sure is,” Steve said. “She has been looking after me better then my mother ever did! I'm lucky she is my care nurse for sure.”

Paul shared his food with Stohl and Steve insisted Stohl have some of his Jell-O and fruit. Steve was totally taken by Stohl and talked as much to him as he did with Paul. Steve asked how long Paul was going to stay and was pleased he would be able to see him for at least a few days. Paul planned on staying in town at a motel and said he would get some details and recommendations from the nurse before she or he left.

The evening went way to fast for Steve, but he was getting really tired. The nurse came in and said he had to have his evening meds and a sleeping pill so he could get some rest. Paul agreed and helped her lecture Steve so he would behave and get some sleep. Paul promised to be back in the morning and would spend the whole day with Steve. Paul gave Steve more kisses and gentle hugs before tucking him in. He left Steve with a smile on his face. Paul knew Steve was relaxed and no longer depressed. Paul got a recommendation on a motel from the nurse and let him use the desk phone to reserve a room. Paul thanked her and made sure he wasn't interfering with Steve's treatment or recovery. She assured Paul that he was the best medicine Steve could have had to speed up his recovery.

Paul and Stohl left the hospital and found the motel without any problems. They had a suite and it was very comfortable and pleasant. Stohl showered with Paul and watched him begin a spell to be with and give pleasure to Steve. He set up the spell so that he and Stohl would give each other pleasure and it would be shared with Steve, Stohl being the proxy for Steve, since it wasn't possible just yet to physically pleasure with Steve.

Paul made the mental connection with Steve who was sound asleep. He and Stohl began to kiss and touch each other, all the feelings being shared by Steve. In Steve's mind, he was Stohl, making love to Paul, as if he was actually, physically there; every touch, feel and sensation. Paul's passion took over and Stohl reacted accordingly. Steve felt Paul's mouth on his cock and balls, his tongue on his ass and his hands fondling all of his body. He felt the pleasure he was giving to Paul as Stohl swallowed Paul's cock and balls, rimmed his ass and passionately kissed. He actually gasped when he felt his cock filling Paul's ass and the pleasure he felt as he saw Paul's loving every stroke in and out of his ass. His body was actually covered in sweat as he took Paul to the height of pleasure and held him and Paul there for the longest time. Finally, he could feel Paul's hot cum shooting up his abs and chest, even hitting his lips. He gasped and panted as he felt his cock exploding inside Paul, his cum shooting deep inside Paul's body. His bed was a mess, loaded with cum, but he was feeling complete pleasure and the love of his Paul. Steve, Paul and Stohl all were exhausted and deep in sleep. Tomorrow would be another adventure for Steve, knowing his lover and mate Paul was capable of making their world anything they wanted.