Darkness and Light


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Chapter 9, Temptations

Steve was so happy and relieved after spending the entire day with Paul and his protector Stohl. He couldn't get over how Paul had been changed physically, but did know he still loved Steve and nothing that truly mattered in Paul's heart or soul had changed. He kept thinking about how he would want to change, like Paul did. He knew one thing for sure, he'd have to at least be taller then Paul and he was sure Paul wouldn't object. With Stohl, Steve felt he didn't have to worry about Paul's safety anymore. He didn't know of any human being he'd met that could stand up to Stohl. Besides, all he had to do was show himself and they'd shit and head off as fast as they could. The vision of that made Steve laugh so much it really started hurting. His nurse wasn't pleased, well so she pretended. It was wonderful to see him in such good spirits after he was visited by Paul.

Paul and Stohl headed back to town. He had to work on a special spell so that the people that counted at the University wouldn't notice or feel any major change had occurred as far as Paul's looks. He didn't need to deal with their shock and millions of questions, besides, how could he explain the change? Tell them about the spells and incantations? No, he knew deep down he now had a sacred duty to protect all that he had found and learned. He knew now that it was no chance meeting that got him into the spell book and amulet, it was as it had to be and he was chosen to be the one to fulfill whatever destiny he was given. The guys at the gym would be no problem since they hardly noticed him other then to boost their egos putting on supposedly hidden posing exhibitions as they were getting dressed or undressed when Paul was around. He gawked and they loved it, knowing at one person fully worshiped their bodies and appreciated the result of all their hard work. He wasn't so sure about Dave. He'd have to come clean with some story, but was sure Dave would quickly forget about how or why it happened as long as he could play with the new Paul. He thought Dave would be thrilled and excited but then again, he was no longer the small, regular kid that Dave lorded over and used as he wished. He would have to have a spell ready just in case. He didn't need lots of trouble from Dave of all people.

When Paul got back to the apartment he was pretty drained but felt lucky he had Stohl with him who kept him awake by his never ending series of questions. It seemed to Paul that every question he answered, Stohl came up with 2 more. Tom wasn't home so Paul and Stohl just unloaded the truck, showered and crashed. Paul planned on having a super busy day at the University and at the gym. He knew he had to make it clear to Stohl that nobody they would be meeting with was a danger to Paul and Stohl was not to be overprotective. Paul could certainly handle himself now and there was no need for Stohl to be that protective around humans.

In the morning Paul and Stohl had breakfast and Paul went over the spell he needed for the University several times. He knew he couldn't show up at the University in sweats and a T, so he stopped at a Big and Tall store, picked up several shirts and slacks and more sweats, gym shorts and muscle T's. He changed at the store and headed straight to the University. His mentor and adviser was thrilled to see Paul and congratulate him on the tremendous find. They talked about what his dig's finds might mean and how it might change history itself. The mentor tried to convince Paul to lead another dig to see if there were more items to be found, but Paul declined leaving with the idea that he might return to the dig site at some point, but just not now. Satisfied that the spell had worked perfectly and that his mentor was extremely pleased, Paul headed to the gym.

Once outside the gym employee entrance, Paul again reminded Stohl that he was not to be overprotective and not interfere in any way no matter what was happening inside the gym. Stohl didn't like it but had no choice but to obey Paul's orders. Paul was actually surprised his pass still worked. He headed straight back to Dave's office and knocked on the door. Dave yelled in his rough, gravely voice to come in.

“Hi Dave, did yah miss me?” Paul said with a big smile.

“Miss you? Who the hell are you?” Dave bellowed as he stood up, flexing his muscles.

“Its me, Paul!” Paul said.

“My ass you're Paul,” Dave said loudly. “My Paully don't have a body like yours and is no where as big as you.”

“I know its hard to believe, but honestly Dave, its me, Paul,” Paul said calmly. “Remember how you took care of me and helped me get through loosing Steve? Or how about what happened with JIMBO? Or the fun times we had in your office and shower?”

Paul went through a number of things no one but Paul could know. Dave listened carefully, obviously shocked at what he was hearing and the hot muscled stud that was standing in front of his desk.

“Paully? Baby boy, is that really you?” Dave stammered. “How in the hell did you manage to get taller, super developed and muscled out? Did you find some great drug that changed you?”

“Yep, its me Dave,” Paul laughed. “No, no drug, just an ancient ritual that a friend used on me. Kind of freaked me out too, but I ain't complaining.”

“No shit!” Dave laughed as he walked around his desk and hugged Paul, having a real hard time lifting him off the ground like he used to do. “Damn son, you are solid and hot as hell I tell yeah!”

“Thanks Dave, something told me you'd appreciate the new me?” Paul laughed. “Hope this doesn't change anything between us?”

“Fuck no!” Dave said as he began feeling Paul's muscles. “You gotta put on a private posing show for me Paully! I just can't get over how perfect your body is.”

Paul put on his sexy smile and took off his shirt, slowly going into a very sexy posing routine showing off his arms, chest, abs and back. He then slipped off his pants and shoes, showing off his rock hard thighs and calves. Dave's mouth was open the whole time. He couldn't help himself and started feeling and licking as many of Paul's muscles as he could. Paul accommodated Dave by slowing down his posing giving Dave a flex on each muscle he licked and felt. Dave quickly noticed the large cock and balls pushing out in Paul's undershorts and slid those down. He was amazed at the size increase and how beautifully shaped Paul's cock and balls were now. He stayed on his knees and just about worshiped Paul's cock and balls. He eventually worked his way up Paul's body, kissing, nibbling and licking, until he was standing with his muscled arms around Paul's chest, but unable to touch his hands by at least 12”.

“Damn baby boy, you have changed and I for one love it!” Dave said in his sexy deep baritone voice. “You got me so fuckin horny how I feel like I'm gonna explode if I don't get my cock inside that hot ass of yours.”

“Well, we're going to have to take care of that for sure,” Paul said in a sexy voice. “Its not like we haven't done this before, just changed a bit. So any time you're ready big guy, I'm up for it.”

Dave didn't waste a minute. He had his clothes stripped off and was pulling Paul to his couch. He told Paul to get into a doggy position on the couch and he began playing with Paul's bubble butt, hard muscled ass cheeks. Dave squeezed, rubbed, slapped and bit, loving the feel of Paul's muscles and the flexing he did. Dave grabbed hold of Paul's ass cheeks and slowly began licking the back of his scrotum, moving slowly up Paul's ass and back down again, stopping to pay particular attention to Paul's pulsing rosebud. Each time he spent more time there, using his tongue to rim Paul, pushing his tongue further and further inside. Paul was moaning from pleasure. Dave covered his hand with saliva and began slow stroking Paul's cock from base to head as he slid one finger inside of Paul's ass and slowly moved it around and wiggled it gently. When he put in 2 fingers, Paul groaned loudly, his body pushing back and forth toward Dave. Dave got 3 fingers inside Paul and slowly twisted his hand around.

“Give it to me daddy!” Paul shouted.

Dave smiled and wrapped his hands around Paul, tweaking his nipples and rubbing his pecs and abs. He began sliding his body forward and back over Paul's backside, his hands gently working over Paul. His cock slid over Paul's ass crack again and again, like a slow torture to Paul. Finally, Dave moved just the right way so that his cock head pushed against Paul's rosebud and moved inside. Paul gasped and shook his head violently as Dave moved slowly in and out, pushing his cock in deeper and deeper and then pulling it out. Paul couldn't stand the torture and wanted Dave's fat cock inside of his ass so he pushed his body back, making Dave's cock plunge completely inside. Paul wasn't satisfied until he felt Dave's pubes pushing against his ass. Paul flexed his abs and ass slowly, making Dave gasp and swear. Paul was in control now, grabbing Dave's cock tight as he pushed back and releasing his grip as he pulled forward. Dave's hands rubbed, massaged, dug into Paul's back muscles, his shoulders and arms. He bent down and bit and kissed Paul's back and neck, not caring that Paul was in control. It felt so damn good and like nothing he had felt before. Dave didn't last very long and screamed out as his cock fired round after round of cum inside Paul. Paul wanted more so he kept up his squeezing and releasing of Dave's cock, just giving Dave enough time to get through his orgasm. Paul pulled off of Dave and told him to lay down on the couch. Dave did as Paul said and Paul straddled him, taking away Dave's breath as he plunged his body down, swallowing Dave's entire cock inside his ass. Dave screamed out a load of profanities and deep rubbed Paul's thighs, abs and chest. Paul leaned down and began nibbling on Dave's neck and kissing his lips. Paul made sure that every time Dave was looking at his body, he flexed his muscles in rhythm with his movements up and down Dave's cock. He even did a posing routine with his arms, chest and abs. Dave loved it and loved what Paul was doing to his cock. He knew he was going to shoot another big load but wanted Paul to cover him in his cum. Paul began stroking his cock and moving his ass around, forcing Dave's cock to massage and poke his pleasure button. He reached down and grabbed Dave's hand, putting it on his cock. Dave began stroking Paul's cock. He moved his other hand on to the cock also and loved Paul's reaction. His body was almost moving like some belly dancer, his hands behind his head and his arms flexing away. Paul as well as Dave were drenched in sweat making their bodies shine. When Paul began panting, Dave increased the pressure of his hands and speed of his strokes. Paul's entire body tensed, jerked and cum began shooting like out of a volcano, landing all over Dave's body and head. When Paul began cumming, his ass and abs squeezed super tight and seemed to pulse on Dave's cock which set him into an orgasm. Paul seemed to cum forever, something that amazed Dave even more. Dave couldn't take anymore and pulled Paul down on to his body and began a tongue duel with Paul and then slowed it to a passionate make out session.

“Damn baby,” Dave whispered between quick breaths. “You are one hell of a fuck! Holy shit is all I can say.”

“Glad you think so daddy,” Paul laughed. “Think we both better hit the shower.”

“In a minute. You feel too damn good to let go of just yet,” Dave said.

“You got it Dave,” Paul whispered as he nibbled in Dave's ear and kissed his lips a few times.

Stohl was watching closely the entire time, not liking the slaps Dave did on Paul's ass cheeks, but since it seemed his master enjoyed it, he stayed calm. Stohl had a raging hard on from watching the sex between Dave and Paul, hoping his master would take pity on him and let him please him also. Dave and Paul went into Dave's private shower and washed each other.

“Hey baby boy,” Dave said with an evil grin. “How about you fucking me? Ain't let nobody do that in a long, long time.”

“If that's what will please you, sure thing,” Paul said, sending a mental message to Stohl to put his cock inside Paul once he was inside Dave's ass.

Paul turned Dave around, grabbed his wrists and held them tight and spread up and out. Without any warning, he pushed his cock inside Dave, causing Dave to swear and yell at first and then moan and groan. Stohl stood behind Paul against the wall and slowly moved his cock covered in precum inside Paul's ass. The feeling for Paul was like heaven. He let Stohl control the rhythm of the fucking as Stohl made sure that when Paul was pushing into Dave, he was pulling out of Paul. Paul loved it as did Dave and Stohl. Paul made it last as long as it took for Stohl to fill him with his cum before he filled Dave. Dave was totally blown away by the fuck Paul gave him. Paul released Dave's wrists, wrapped his arms around Dave's body and gently bit and kissed Dave's neck and ears. Dave just about melted in Paul's arms.

“Fuck that was something else baby boy,” Dave said between deep breaths. “I gotta have me some of that more often!”

“Its yours when you want it daddy!” Paul laughed.

“So, are you back for awhile? Want your job back?” Dave asked.

“Yeah, I'll be here for awhile, but I can't really say for how long,” Paul said seriously. “I made a great find for the University and they're pushing me to go back and find more, so who knows. Right now, I'd like getting back to my old job and stuff.”

“You got it, no problem at all baby boy,” Dave said as he turned around and grabbed Paul's face in his hands and kissed him passionately. “Damn I'm so glad you're back. Totally blown away by your new look, but I ain't complaining at all!”

They finished up in the shower, dried off and Dave gave Paul a T and gym shorts that would fit him, along with socks and gym shoes. Paul said he had some in his car, but Dave insisted.

“Oh, we got some new customers in since you left,” Dave said. “Some are real bad asses, but most are older and easy going.”

“Glad to hear business is good,” Paul said.

“Okay, come on, lets do the rounds,” Dave laughed as he gave Paul's ass a slap. “We got work to do!”

Paul laughed but Stohl didn't. Paul mentally reminded Stohl of his orders and Stohl again said he will obey Paul's wishes. They went through the weight rooms and machine rooms, sauna and steam rooms and locker areas. Paul caught sight of a few really big guys he didn't remember seeing before at both the weights and steam room. They were impressive and rugged looking and most were super hairy which turned Paul on for sure. Dave left Paul to take care of the fancy clients in the other part of the club. Paul got his supplies and began wiping off the machines and benches. He couldn't help but notice the stares and glances he was getting. One of the really big rough looking guys even went so far as to rub his crotch as he did single dumbbell curls. Paul surely noticed the outline of a very long, super thick cock inside the man's shorts as well as the thick hair sticking out over his gym shirt, on his arms and legs. Paul stared as he wiped, probably not even paying attention that his tongue was licking his lips. He finally snapped out of it and finished cleaning the weight room. He moved on to the sauna and steam rooms. He normally would open the doors, check if anybody was inside and if not, wipe down the benches. He did that on the first of 3 steam rooms. When he opened the door on the 2nd steam room, there was one of the big rough guys, sprawled out on a bench, one leg bent at the knee and the other down, exposing his thick fat cock. He also had a thick fur covered body, but not as thick and long as the weight guy. This one had a full beard and long hair pulled back into a pony tail. When Paul opened the door, the man lifted his head and used his one arm to keep him up. He looked slowly over Paul's entire body and licked his lips and then smiled.

“New here aren't you?” the man said.

“Actually no, I've worked here awhile,” Paul said. “Been away for school.”

“School huh? Like what?” the man said as he got into a sitting position, not pulling his towel around his waist and keeping his legs spread out wide, his long, thick dick and low handing balls dangling in full sight.

“I'm in archeology, working on my Masters,” Paul said not taking his eyes off the man's equipment. “Been away at a dig site.”

“Wow, sounds interesting. Find anything?” the man asked.

“Yes, we did as a matter of fact,” Paul said. “Quite a good find. Nothing expected like what we found. Guess it'd be considered a major find.”

“Hmmm. See anything you really like?” the man said with a smile.

“Uhhhh, yeah, but I don't think the manager would appreciate me giving more service to customers then what they paid for,” Paul said with a sexy smile.

“I see, but you know the saying the customer is always right don't you?” the man said as he moved up to a higher bench and began slow stroking his cock.

“Yeah, I know that saying,” Paul stammered, licking his lips without realizing it again.

“Come on over here and lets see if we can negotiate a new membership benefit,” the man said a very sexy voice.

Paul couldn't seem to help himself. He slowly moved towards the man, knelt down and began fondling the man's balls and cock. He leaned over and slowly rubbed his face up and down the man's furry chest and abs, nipping at the man's nipples. The man reached out with his thick meaty arm, put his hand on the back of Paul's head and gently moved it forward towards his cock. Paul's tongue slowly licked at the tip of the man's cock and then all around the head. He gently sucked in the top half of the man's cock head and licked. The man's hand put more pressure on Paul's head as he moaned. Paul suddenly opened his mouth wide, plunged his head down and deep throat-ed the man's cock, closing his mouth and making guttural noises as his throat massaged the man's entire cock. The man gasped and jerked and then had both hands on the back of Paul's head, slowly pulling and pushing Paul's head so that his cock was fucking Paul's throat. Neither one of them noticed that the really huge guy that was on the weights came into the steam room. He stood behind Paul watching what they were doing. He reached his big hands out and took hold of Paul's ass cheeks, hard kneading them. He knelt down, pulled Paul's shorts down, put his hard kneading hold on Paul's ass cheeks and began tongue fucking Paul's ass. Paul let out several garbled moans and groans. This big guy not only had a thick fat long cock, but a very long, thick and strong tongue. Paul was amazed at what this guy could do with the tip of his tongue deep inside Paul's ass. The big guy behind Paul stood up and lined up the tip of his rock hard cock with Paul's rosebud. Paul could feel it was really, really wide and he remembered how long it looked. He quickly cast a spell to make his ass able to take the mans killer cock with pleasure and not pain. The man reached an arm around Paul's waist and with the other hand, grabbed on to Paul's cock. He actually lifted Paul's body off the ground on to his throbbing cock, moving Paul's muscled body with one arm, pushing his cock in and out of Paul's ass, slowly moving in more and more of it. Paul's hands were going wild over the man's body he was sucking who was in another world, his head back leaning on the wall and his mouth open with a huge smile, moaning and groaning as Paul's throat massaged his entire cock. Paul was truly amazed when the big man's cock was fully inside of him and was holding him up off of the ground since the one hand was stroking his cock and the other was deep kneading and massaging Paul's pecs and abs. The guy even moved his hand over Paul's thighs. When he wanted more feeling, he would just wrap his arm back around Paul's waist and move him up and down his cock. He must have been getting really excited, especially as Paul did his massage of the guys cock with his abs and ass muscles. That made the guy really work over Paul's pecs and abs as his hips began thrusting long and deep in and out of Paul's ass. His really big hand felt great as it stroked Paul's cock sometimes slowly and with little pressure and hard and tight at other times. Then Paul felt the man he was sucking off, pull his head tight to his pubes and his body jerked as he shot load after load of cum deep inside Paul's throat. Paul sucked hard up and down the cock, making sure he emptied the man's balls. The man moved Paul's head off of his cock and his arms just flopped to the bench. Seeing that Paul was no longer sucking the other man, the guy fucking Paul used his one arm to pull Paul to his body. His free hand took Paul's chin and turned it. He began kissing and using his tongue in amazing ways in Paul's mouth and all over his face and neck. He then latched on to one of Paul's pecs and his thumb and index finger began pinching and rolling Paul's nipple. He increased the pressure of his arm around Paul's body and lifted him up and released him, the weight of Paul's body forcing him to slide back down on the man's cock. Paul could feel the cock inside him throb and swell. He knew the man was close to orgasm so he intensified his massaging of the man's cock. The man responded by stroking Paul's cock faster and harder. Both of them came at the same time, both bodies jerking and flexing as the man's cock began filling Paul's insides with cum and Paul's cum shot all over the man seemingly passed out on the bench. The man bit hard into Paul's neck which seemed to be a real turn on for Paul. For some reason it felt extremely sexy and pleasing to be manhandled by a big brute of a man like the one that just fucked him. Stohl made a mental note to fuck Paul just like this the next time he wanted pleasure, since he felt the strong feelings of pleasure Paul was giving off.

The man easily moved Paul around with his cock still imbedded deep inside Paul, so they were chest to chest, face to face. He had his arms at the top and bottom of Paul's back, kneading gently.

“You are one sexy fucker,” the man said in a very deep gravely voice. “That has to be the best fuck I've ever had and believe me, I've had quite a few.”

“Same goes for you big man,” Paul said. “Name is Paul by the way, I work here.”

“Great to meet you Paul, I'm John, Big John they call me,” John said as he gently kissed Paul several times on the lips.

“Well, I can certainly see why they call you Big John!” Paul laughed.

“Hey, now don't go hurtin my feelin's,” John said pretending he was hurt.

“No, I sure wouldn't do that, not in my nature John,” Paul smiled. “Thanks for the fun time. I really, really enjoyed that.”

“Well, we'll just have to see if we can do some repeat performances,” John said. “Like to be sure to get it just right and that takes lots of practice.”

Paul laughed and kissed John while hugging him around his neck. “I best be getting back to work. Don't want Dave getting angry!”

“Dave won't bother you none. I'm way bigger then he is and he sure as hell don't scare me non. Ain't a man alive that's ever scared me,” John boasted.

“Me and Dave go back some and are good friends, John, so that was really an inside joke,” Paul said seriously.

“Oh, okay then. Well you just keep in mind that if anybody, and I mean anybody gives you any kind of shit, you let me know and it'll be settled fast,” John said as he squeezed Paul tight in his arms.

“Thanks John, that's super nice of you,” Paul said. “Case you haven't noticed, I'm no skinny weakling myself.”

“Yeah, I noticed, but not to hurt your feelings, Big John swallows you up easily sweet thing,” John said with a proud look on his face.

“No hurt feelings at all John, fact is fact,” Paul laughed. “Its nice to know you would do that for me, especially since I just met you.”

“Yeah, you did, I did, but it was one fucking intimate, intense meeting!” John laughed.

“That it was for sure,” Paul laughed.

“Okay, suppose I can't just keep you like this all day and maybe all night huh?” John said with a sad look on his face.

“Sorry, no you can't. As much as I'd really like that, I don't think its a good idea right now,” Paul said sadly.

“Well sweet thing, you just remember Big John really like you and loves feeling you in his arms and this cock of mine deep inside your belly. Its here for yah whenever you feel the need or want,” John said sweetly as he kissed Paul tenderly.

“That has to be the sexiest, sweetest thing anybody has ever said to me John, thank you,” Paul said. “You best believe I'll keep that in mind.”

John gave Paul another tight squeeze and more kisses before slowly lifting him off of his cock and setting him down. Paul reached around John's waist and squeezed as he bit into John's abs. John reached down and took Paul's head in his hands and gave Paul a very passionate, long deep kiss.

“Later sweet thing,” John said as he turned Paul around and slapped his ass.

Paul laughed and almost killed himself as his shorts were around his one ankle. John reached one arm out and easily held Paul up. They both laughed and John helped Paul put his shirt and shorts back on and stole a few more kisses.

Paul felt really good as he headed back to the locker rooms to finish cleaning. It surprised him that he felt so good and how he really did like playing with John. Then, a twinge of guilt hit him as an image of Steve came into his mind. Paul felt confused and ashamed all at the same time. He loved Steve but also had started to have feelings for John, even though he really didn't know him. He passed it off as just really great sex and decided that was all it was. He picked up all the towels and washed down the showers and the locker room floors and benches. Dave came in and checked to see if all was well with Paul and then said he was heading out for the day. Paul knew what needed to be done in the office and told Dave not to worry. As Paul was about to leave the locker room, two really brutish looking guys walked in and blocked Paul's way.

They were really big, tall and thick built, no fancy muscle, just thick hard muscle from either power lifting or super hard work. One was uglier then the other and both had these strange looking eyes.

“So, this is the one,” one of the brutes said. “Nice pretty one too.”

“Excuse me guys, I got some work to do if you don't mind,” Paul said seriously.

“Yes, we too have work to do,” the biggest one said. “You are our work.”

“Now hold on guys, don't want no trouble, just let me pass and we'll forget all about this okay?” Paul said.

“No pass, no forget,” the big one said. “Want amulet and scrolls. Take you too.”

“Master, these are not humans,” Stohl said as he forced himself to appear. “They are evil ones sent from the past to take what is yours.”

“Silence sheep man,” the older one snarled. “We will have what we wish and you can not stop us.”

Both Stohl and Paul got into a defensive stance and the evil ones laughed. The bigger one lashed out with his fist and sent Paul flying across the locker room, slamming hard into a row of lockers, putting a dent in a few. Stohl attacked the smaller one and they quickly became embroiled in a vicious fight. The big one went towards Paul and lifted him off the floor by his throat, holding him high off the ground. He ripped off Paul's shorts and after giving Paul and evil smile, swallowed Paul's cock and balls into his mouth. His tongue was rough and split from what Paul could feel and his rough handling of Paul's cock and balls was starting to get Paul excited. He knew if he allowed himself to cum, the evil one would easily defeat him. Something in his mind let him know that the evil one intended to drain Paul completely, making him super weak and unable to function. Paul intoned a quick strength spell and kicked hard several times at the evil one. The thing let go of Paul's throat and grabbed his stomach as the kicks did some damage. Stohl was beating the other one into submission or at least unconsciousness when Paul yelled out the words to a powerful spell that made the evil ones weak and hardly able to stand.

“Leave here and know the next time you try to take what is not for you to take, you will pay a very heavy price,” Paul said sternly and with great authority.

Stohl was even taken aback by Paul's voice and mannerism. He felt proud of Paul and knew he was being helped and protected by the ancient ones.

“Now go and leave my lands,” Paul bellowed.

The two of them growled but kept low as then slowly moved out of the locker room. They knew Paul had power and it would not be an easy task to overpower him. The bigger one, now wanted Paul more then ever for himself. Paul was just about the only human he met that he wanted for his pleasure. The task itself was not as important as tasting all that Paul had to give and more.

Stohl checked on Paul before becoming invisible again as he heard someone coming fast to the locker room. Paul was rubbing his throat and the back of his head, wondering where that voice and command came from, as the locker room door flew open and there came Big John and the other guy from the steam room.

“You okay? What the fuck happened in here?” John said concerned as he rushed to Paul and began checking him for cuts or broken bones.

“I'm okay John, thanks,” Paul said with a smile. “Just a couple of dumb assholes who thought I was an easy mark.”

“Shit, did you hit those lockers and leave those dents?” the other man asked as he rubbed his hands over the dented lockers.

“Yeah, the big guy kinda surprised me and managed to throw me at them,” Paul laughed.

“Oh, I'm Barney by the way,” Barney said grabbing Paul's hand and shaking it. “Didn't have a chance to thank you for the best blow job I've had in my life.”

“High I'm Paul and you are very welcome,” Paul laughed.

“Okay, you come on over here on my lap and let me check out your back and shoulders,” John said seriously. “From the look of those lockers, you hit hard and that could mean lots of damage to your body. I know about damaged bodies, I'm an Orthopedic Surgeon, so you just get over here!”

“An Orthopedic Surgeon, damn,” Paul said as he went over to John and let him lift him to his lap. “I'm not gonna get a big bill for this am I?”

Barney laughed and said, “See, everybody thinks you guys gouge em!”

“Okay, okay, funny Barney,” John said. “Like you Dermatologists don't!”

“Holy shit, two high brow docs,” Paul said trying to look serious.

“Don't know about high brow, but yeah. And no you won't get any bill,” John said as he pinched the top of Paul's ass cheek. “Now lean forward and slowly move your arms around in a big circle.”

John made Paul go through all sorts of movements and gently felt all over Paul's back and shoulders. When he was satisfied Paul wasn't damaged at all, he lifted Paul off of his knee and spun him around, holding him at arms length with his big hands on Paul's shoulders.

“How come you didn't yell for help?” John said with an angry look on his face. “I told you I'd be there if you were in trouble and I meant it.”

“It happened way to fast to yell for help, John,” Paul said. “Besides, you wouldn't have heard me if you were still in the steam room, now would you?”

“He's got a good point there John,” Barney said.

“Yeah, maybe, but still,” John said frustrated. “Just don't you forget it sweet thing. Where's your cell phone? I want you to have my number just in case.”

Paul laughed and took them to the office to get his cell phone. He handed it to John and John added his name, address and phone numbers, private and office. Barney took the phone and added his information, telling Paul he never knows when he might need a good Dermatologist. John gave him a funny look and almost knocked him over when he punched Barney in his arm.

“Barney, I got dibs and don't you try and horn in,” John said seriously. “He's a good kid and doesn't need the likes of you messing his life up.”

“Oh, thanks for that. Like I'm gonna do anything to hurt him?” Barney said defensively. “It might just surprise you, but I'm not a bad person John and you should know that after all these years.”

“Okay, I'm sorry Barn, but there's just something special about Paul that puts me on the defensive,” John said.

“Hey guys, now lets not get bad ass with each other over little old me,” Paul laughed. “There's plenty to go around you know!”

Both John and Barney got a super hard laugh out of that comment after looking at each other with a confused look.

“And he's got a good sense of humor too!” John laughed.

“Well fellas, thanks again for both the great romp and the concern,” Paul said as he gave them both a hug and kiss. “I've got to get home and get some work done. Hope I'll see you both again.”

John put his hands on Paul's waist and lifted him up so they were face to face. He gave Paul a very sensual, passionate bunch of long kisses and then kissed him on his nose.

“Stay safe sweet thing,” John said softly. “You're special to me and I already know I really like you and not just for the sex.”

“Thanks again John,” Paul said as he stole a few more kisses. “You are special to me too and I know I really do like you.”

John kissed Paul on the forehead and put him down, turned him around towards the locker in the office and smacked Paul's ass again. They all laughed and the big guys left the office. Paul slowly got dressed thinking about Big John and Barney like they were sent to him as protection and support. Then that nagging vision of Steve popped back into his head and again he felt depressed and angry at himself, since he knew there was a bit more involved with his feelings for John then just great sex. He slowly got dressed and had a very deep conversation with Stohl about how he was feeling and what was with those evil ones. Stohl told him that they were sent from the ancient times to find the amulet and scrolls and eliminate Paul from having the power they gave. It was all written long ago and had to happen as it was unfolding. Paul didn't understand it all but knew Stohl was telling him the truth, no matter how far out it seemed. He was surprised that there were powerful sorcerers trying to grab the power for themselves. He knew he would have to study the scrolls more carefully to find out what his mission was and why he was chosen.

When they got back to the apartment, Paul started supper and sprawled out on the couch thinking about all that Stohl and he talked about. Tom came home and was very happy to see Paul and Stohl home. They all kissed and hugged and Tom asked all kinds of questions about Steve. Paul told him that Steve needed lots of rehab and the medical staff felt it would be better for him, easier to concentrate on working hard, if Paul wasn't there. He planned on visits, but agreed with them that Steve really had to concentrate on rehab in order to get back his strength and stamina. Tom agreed with him and was grateful Paul did spend time with Steve. Paul told Tom that he offered a changing to Steve to become whatever he wished. Paul laughed and said that for one thing, Steve would want to be taller and bigger then Paul. He made a joke about how short muscle heads always think lifting will stretch them out so they can be real big people. Stohl was confused by that and they both had to explain to Stohl that there wasn't anything in the human world that could make a grown man taller, just bigger muscles. Stohl really got confused when they tried to convince him that humans don't use magic in the current times. Stohl couldn't see the reason or value in not using magic. They both laughed and decided it was pointless to try and convince Stohl. After dinner and things were cleaned up, Tom asked Paul if he wanted to mess around. Paul laughed since Tom flipped his eye brows like one of the Marx brothers.

“No, you goof, thanks,” Paul laughed. “But I'm sure Stohl wouldn't mind playing around, would you Stohl?”

“Oh no Paul, I wouldn't mind at all,” Stohl said excitedly. “I enjoy giving pleasures to Master Tom.”

“That's Tom, no master,” Tom laughed. “You got to get used to that Stohl or I'm gonna have to start calling you horny.”

Paul looked at Tom and then at the confused look on Stohl's face before bursting out laughing.

“You guys are just too funny. I have to study so you guys go ahead and have fun,” Paul said as he gave both of them a kiss. “Oh and Stohl, you have to tell Tom about the evil ones after you two pleasure enough. Have a fun night, see you two in the morning.”

“Evil ones?” Tom asked.

“Never mind for now, just go play,” Paul laughed.

Paul held the amulet tight in his hand and repeated over and over a spell to help him find what he needed to know and what his purpose was in all this. He felt this wave of calmness and relief fill him completely and then he just relaxed and let his hands find the scrolls he needed to study. The noise coming from Tom's room was totally blocked out from Paul as was all other sounds that could be distractions. As he read chapter after chapter from the scrolls, he came to know that he had a destiny to save the ancient world from an evil sorcerer who if he wasn't defeated would change the entire course of human history. The ancient races like satyrs, minotaurs and ogres lived in the ancient times, like another dimension from the rest of humanity, with the exception of a small group of humans that would live out their lives and constantly repopulate the ancients dimension for balance and purpose. He came from a line of humans descended from a human that was placed into the normal earth dimension ruled by humans as a safeguard and secret weapon of sorts should the need ever arise. The time in the ancient world was right for a descendant to return to the ancient world and fortify the good sorcerers and shamans in a battle with the evil one. There were things kept from Paul and for good reason, but those things didn't much matter to him now, at this time. He now knew that somehow a sorcerer from the ancient time foresaw what would happen to Paul and did what he could to keep him protected. It was no accident that he was given the amulet and scrolls; found the sacred portal and ended up with Stohl as his protector. It was written that he would learn to use his powers more and more, but only for good and to foil evil in whatever form it took. The evil ones were going to use any means they could to gain power over Paul, since they could not use the magic and power themselves. Paul would be the only one to have use of it and it could only be used in future by his descendants. He would indeed meet someone who he would have children with, but his true love would be another like him. All of his descendants would have protection from evil and all would be guided to the right path for their health, safety and welfare. They would want for nothing, generation after generation, to insure there would always be one available to return to the ancient times when needed. At some point, Paul fell asleep, having vivid dreams about the ancient world, its creatures and fights with the evil ones.

Tom and Stohl found him covered in scrolls and in a very deep sleep. Stohl told Tom that it wasn't for them to wake Paul as he was receiving a dream of prophecy and he needed to finish it before waking. They left him alone and made their own breakfast before Tom left for work. Stohl positioned himself on the floor so that he could see Paul from the corner of his eye and watch the entrance from the corner of the other eye. He was on alert and guard, now knowing the evil ones have entered Paul's dimension and were after him. He knew of ogres and how mean and vicious they could be, especially when they saw some benefit to them from it. Human cum and precum was like an elixir to creatures from the ancient times only surpassed by the elixir of minotaurs. He himself had experienced it with Paul and Paul with him, so it wasn't just some vague old tale, it was indeed true.

Steve was still very weak, exhausted after each rehab session, but yet gaining strength with each one. His rest was deep and refreshing, giving him the inner strength he needed to push himself past any pains or weakness. This past night, he had an extremely vivid dream about him and Paul. He saw how he had been changed, standing 6'6”, 300 lbs of thick muscle, now taller and heavier then Paul and his protector and lover. He could see all of his body including his thick, long cock and low hanging balls that looked like plum tomatoes. He was tanned and making passionate love to Paul who was like putty in his hands. They were in a very strange place and he saw creatures all around as if they were in some science fiction movie with ogres, satyrs, minotaurs and other creatures he couldn't recognize. It seemed that life there was simple and back to nature. It made him feel warm and happy and he could actually feel how deeply Paul loved him. When he woke, he felt like he should have been back in that strange place, as if he just woke from a nap. He was completely refreshed and stronger then the previous day. Rehab seemed much easier today then it did yesterday. It would be a slow process, but he knew it would be worth it and he would be with Paul again.

It was Friday, so Paul took a quick shower and grabbed a quick breakfast once he woke from his deep sleep. He had to get to work since he needed to finish up the office paperwork and update all the files for Dave. He was hoping he would run into Big John again. He was planning on visiting Steve next weekend, but was free this entire weekend. He and Stohl left the apartment and headed to the gym. Paul already had his muscle shirt and gym shorts on, ready to do his job. He quickly got to work at the computer and easily updated all the information into the system, correcting mistakes Dave had made when he tried doing it. He filed all the forms and applications and set a pile of past due memberships on Dave's desk with a note so he knew what they were. Just as he started closing down the PC, Dave came into the office.

“Holy shit, will yah look at this!” Dave said beaming. “One day back and its like nothing was out of place or needing to be worked on! Paully, you are something else for sure. Come here and give your daddy a big kiss and hug.”

Paul laughed and went into Dave's outstretched arms. Dave held him tight and just about choked Paul with his tongue. Paul could feel Dave's hard on through his shorts, so he slowly rubbed his thigh against Dave's crotch. Dave growled and soon they were on the floor, naked and grabbing, kissing, licking, biting just about every part of each others body as they could. Dave ate out Paul's ass and flipped him over, mounting him missionary style. He fucked like he was possessed. His body was pressed tight on Paul's, holding Paul's cock in between their abs which quickly became slick with sweat and the harder Dave fucked Paul, the more their abs rippled, adding to the sensations on Paul's cock. Dave was biting and sucking on Paul's pecs and nips, biting and sucking on his neck and giving him hard deep tongued kisses, which all became more violent as he got closer and closer to orgasm. When Dave started to cum, he squeezed Paul so tight that if Paul wasn't changed, he would have had crushed ribs. Paul used his ass and abs to milk every drop of cum from Dave's cock. Dave went completely limp on top of Paul, exhausted from the intense fucking. Paul held Dave close and let him bask in the glow of his orgasm. He slowly moved Dave off of him and saw that Dave was sound asleep. Paul laughed, but felt strange since he didn't cum. Now he was horny and he hoped more then ever to meet up with John.

Paul covered Dave up with a sheet and headed to the supply closet to begin his work in the gym. He noticed there was a large load of towels that were sitting in the washer. He opened it and could tell they were washed, just not put into the dryer. He moved them into the dryer and turned it on. As he turned, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He turned and didn't see anyone, not thinking much about it. The gym was still pretty empty so he just thought a customer scooted from the showers to his locker. Paul put together his cleaning supplies on the cleaning cart and started pushing it towards the locker room entrance. Something hit him from behind and knocked him to the ground. He remembered Stohl wanted to relieve himself and he told him it was fine. Paul had no protection. He rolled over and straddling him was the big ogre, actually drooling. It flopped down on Paul and pulled his head up by his hair and began pounding Paul's head like his fist was a hammer. Paul saw stars and got very groggy. The ogre stood up and grabbed Paul by his ankles and pulled him up so he was hanging from his feet. His body was held high and then he was smashed against the hard beam that was next to one locker wall. His shorts were already pulled off and he felt the drool of the ogre running down his abs.

“Now I take. Now you will belong to me,” the ogre said excitedly.

Before Paul could say anything, his mouth shot open with a gasp as the ogre again took in his entire cock and balls and began sucking and roughly moving his strange shaped tongue all over them. It was both intense and painful at the same time. Since Paul was already horny and didn't cum when he was fucked by Dave, it didn't take much of the ogres attack to force him to release his built up cum. As his precum leaked into the ogres mouth, the ogre groaned and moaned, his mouth moving madly and sucking stronger. Paul felt his cum as it moved through his cock. Once it started shooting into the ogres mouth, the ogre started sucking harder and harder. Paul thought he was going to suck his balls right through his cock. The ogre didn't stop until nothing more was coming out of Paul's cock. The ogre moved his mouth off of Paul's cock and balls.

“Good, so good. All mine,” the ogre repeated over and over.

Then Paul felt the ogres weird tongue moving around his balls, between his ass cheeks and then force its way into his ass. It seemed to not only be split, but somehow it was able to grow in width and length at will. When it hit Paul's pleasure spot, somehow it knew by Paul's reaction and the precum that started flowing from Paul's cock. The tongue went wild and Paul's cock reacted. It was soon rock hard and his balls seemed to have readied themselves for another blast. In seconds the ogre had Paul's cock and balls back in its mouth and went wild again. Paul tried fighting it off, but was taken in more and more by the sensations. Then the ogre did something strange. It released Paul's cock and balls, held Paul with only one hand as it took out its thick, fat cock and began to squeeze and stroke it. Precum started to flow and it was dripping on Paul's chin and lips. The ogre bit Paul's thigh which made him open his mouth, allowing big globs of the ogres precum to fall into Paul's mouth. Paul immediately felt the tingling and hot sensations run from his mouth to the rest of his body. His tongue seemed to involuntarily lick out, trying to get to the tip of the ogres cock. The ogre squeezed and stroked more, letting more globs of his precum to fall into Paul's mouth. When he saw that Paul wanted more of it, he pulled Paul up higher and let his cock move inside Paul's mouth. Paul started licking and sucking to try and get as much of the stuff as he could handle. His mind wanted him to drown in it since the feelings were intense and extremely pleasurable. The ogre got his cock deep into Paul's mouth and partially in his throat before he grabbed Paul's ankle again and devoured Paul's cock and balls. He started to fuck Paul's mouth with his cock and not gently at all. Paul was gasping, chocking and fighting for breath but he didn't care. He wanted that elixir and that's all that mattered now. The ogre got Paul to cum 2 times before he began filling Paul's mouth and throat with his huge loads of cum. The sensations were tremendous with the ogres cum compared to his precum. Paul sucked and sucked, wanting more and more. He could feel himself getting weaker and weaker as he was drained so many times, but the tingling and heat spreading now were like he was in a constant super orgasm.

Just then, the ogre dropped Paul as Stohl slammed him hard in his back with a charge, his head down, his horns smashing into the ogres back. The ogre yelled out and turned to face his enemy. Stohl took advantage of the ogres cock and balls hanging out and kicked out with his hoofed foot. The ogre gasped, doubled over and fell to the floor, holding his crotch tight. Stohl got in a bunch of hard kicks before picking up Paul and making sure he was not hurt. He could see from Paul's reaction and the smell of ogre cum on his breath that he had gotten a large load of ogre cum in him and was in an extreme pleasure high. He whispered to Paul that he could fight the feeling and had to fight it. As luck would have it, Big John came into the locker room and saw the cleaning cart in the aisle.

“Hey, is that my sugar baby?” John said in a loud voice. “Paul, you okay?”

Stohl went invisible and draped Paul's body over a bench. When John got closer, he saw the legs of the ogre sticking out, with him moaning and clutching tight at his balls. Then John spotted Paul laying across the bench, his pants pulled down and his cock and balls looked really red and swollen.

“Paul, Paul, what happened,” John said as he ran to Paul and gently picked him up, holding him in his arms like a baby. “What did that fucker do to you sweet thing?”

Paul opened his eyes and saw the face of John through a blur. He reached his hand up and gently stroked John's bearded face and put this weird looking smile on his face. John put Paul gently down on the bench and turned to the ogre.

“I just bet you're the asshole that tried to hurt Paul before,” John bellowed as he took several kicks to the ogres cock and balls. “I ought to pound you into ground meat for that.”

Instead, John grabbed hold of the ogre's ankle and dragged him out of the locker room to the back door, opened the door and lifted the ogre by his ass and arm and threw him out. He slammed the door and ran back to Paul.

“Paul, talk to me,” John said nervously. “Tell me what that perv did to you?”

John could see that Paul was acting like he was on a drug and that his cock and balls were swollen and probably sore. He could smell the ogres cum on Paul and in his breath, although he didn't know what it was since it didn't smell like human cum at all. The only thing he could think of was to get Paul into the shower and try to get him to sober up. He stripped naked and took all of Paul's clothes off, lifted Paul and put him over his broad shoulder, walked into a shower stall and turned on the water. When he could feel it was a good temperature, he gently lowered Paul off of his shoulder and turned him around so Paul was resting against the front of John's body. John began to wash Paul a number of times, even holding Paul by his jaw, forcing it open so that the spray of water could rinse out his mouth. Paul choked a few times and finally seemed to begin coming back around. The more water John forced into Paul the more awake Paul seemed to get. Stohl sent messages to Paul that he needed to get John's cum into him and even his piss to flush out the ogre's cum. Paul finally understood and reached his arms up and behind, holding John's face.

“Paul are you okay now?”, John asked. “What can I do to help you?”

“I need you John, I need you now,” Paul said in a raspy voice. “Its the only way to flush out the scum inside me. I must have you John.”

John didn't fully understand. He planned on getting Paul to the ER and having all manner of tests run to see what that scumbag gave Paul. He didn't know why, but he suddenly felt that he had to listen to Paul and do as he asked, if he truly wanted to help Paul. Stohl was working extremely hard to mentally motivate John into doing what had to be done. He finally decided to do whatever Paul asked of him and he turned Paul around, held him in his arms and went to kiss him.

“No, you can't. If you taste it you will come under its spell and be lost,” Paul whispered. “Just let me suck you off and help me John.”

John was surprised but figured Paul had some idea how to help himself somehow and he ought to do what Paul asked. He gently lowered Paul down his body until Paul was on his knees and then John slid his back down so Paul could easily get his mouth on John's long, thick cock. John was startled when Paul seemed to lunge at his cock and had it in his mouth and down his throat in seconds. Since the ogres cum was in Paul's system, his saliva was enough to get John's cock tingling and feeling like never before. It gave John great pleasure surges as Paul devoured his cock and was force fucking himself on John's monster cock. John was beside himself, not having had a blow job in years and never like the one Paul was giving him. He tried hard to hold back his orgasm, but soon he lost the battle. He moaned and yelled and his body jerked and spasm'd as Paul sucked every drop of cum out of him.

John expected Paul to pull off, but instead he kept it up, even more powerful then before. John first tried to move Paul off of him, but Paul had his feet braced against the wall and with John's body in an awkward position he felt he couldn't force Paul off without hurting him. He tried telling Paul that if he didn't pull off soon, he was going to get a huge load of piss in him. That didn't seem to stop Paul at all, if anything, his attack got stronger and his tongue moved wildly over John's sensitive cock head. John tried to hold it back but it was no use. He could feel his bladder let go and the stream of hot piss shooting down into Paul's stomach. He knew it wouldn't hurt Paul, but it still seemed raunchy to him and something he would never, ever even think about doing with Paul. John felt bad as it seemed his pissing wasn't stopping. Stohl was mentally telling John it was okay, a good thing and that it would save Paul.

John was not expecting his cock to get so hard again but it did and again Paul worked over it like he had some sort of sexual magic in him. John didn't hold back this time and fully got into the sensations and his desire to fill Paul with his cum if that's what he needed. It was a bit of time before he unloaded again, but he felt it was another big one that Paul sucked every drop out of him. Paul released his mouth from John's cock and stayed in a kneeling position, staring at his abused cock, waiting for something to happen. It finally did when he began pissing on the floor of the shower. John could smell the strange odor which didn't smell like normal piss at all. Paul seemed to piss on and on as if there was a hose in him connected to a water spigot. Finally Paul let out a very deep, long sigh. He gave John a loving look, stood up and John's legs slid out, his ass down on the floor. He was smiling but drained and exhausted. Paul straddled his legs and sat on John's lap, wrapped his arms around John's neck and nuzzled his face. He held on tight to John and John wrapped his arms around Paul and kept him close and tight, telling him it was going to fine now.

Once Paul recovered his senses, he took John's face in his hands, kissed John's eyes and nose and then passionately kissed his mouth. John seemed to just melt, taking in the sweet feelings Paul's kisses always seemed to give him. Paul's kisses and ass were all John had been thinking about since he first met him in the steam room. John managed to stand up and turn the water off still holding Paul against his body with one arm. He grabbed a few towels and began to wipe Paul down. Paul grabbed some and started drying off John.

“Okay sweet thing,” John said softly. “Are you going to tell me what just happened?”

Paul kissed John again and told John the guy was a looney who ingested some chemical that made his cum completely desirable and whoever got it inside them would want more and more. He also said the guy had this thing about draining muscled guys of their cum, making them weak and he felt under his power. He knew somehow that the only way to break the effect was to take in someone else's cum and as much piss as they could to flush out the chemical from their system. John wondered why he never heard of any sort of chemical that could do that, but felt Paul was being honest with him and somehow knew how to counter the effects.

“I guess I should finish my job cleaning up and go home and rest,” Paul said sadly.

“Oh no you are not,” John said sternly. “I don't have any patients or surgery on Friday's and had no plans for today or this weekend, so you are coming over to my place and I'm going to fuck you silly so you forget about that jerk.”

“Oh, I couldn't impose on you John,” Paul said seriously.

“Hey, you do know that I can just hold you over my shoulder and get you into my SUV and to my house whether you want to or not, don't you?” John asked with a silly look on his face.

“Yeah, I know you could, but I also know you wouldn't do that,” Paul laughed.

“Okay, so you figured me out somewhat,” John laughed. “But I really would love to have you over for the weekend. Who knows, maybe I can help you more or at least you will be safe. I really would like that Paul, honestly.”

“Well, if you're sure I'm not screwing up your plans,” Paul said.

“Nope, no plans up until now and now it seems I finally will have at least a weekend with someone I really want to be with,” John said as he kissed Paul.

“Okay, but you have to promise me that if something comes up, you will let me know and I'll leave you alone,” Paul said seriously. “Deal?”

“Deal,” John laughed. “Believe me, nothing will come up that could possibly get me away from you this weekend.”

Paul went back to the office and left Dave a note about not feeling well and leaving early. He met John in the parking lot and decided it would be best if he follow John back to his house rather then leaving his truck in the lot over the weekend. Paul was really impressed as they drove through John's neighborhood. Very exclusive and wealthy people certainly lived there. When they pull up to a big rock wall and wroth iron gate, Paul was totally blown away. They went through the gates around a driveway that passed fountains and gorgeous flower beds and trees that hid the house itself from view. The house seemed to spread out forever and the outside was cut white stone with cut glass windows. John pulled to a stop past the main doors and got out of his SUV. He pointed to a spot next to his SUV for Paul to park his truck. Stohl was equally impressed, thinking John's house was a small castle. He wasn't happy with the huge front yard, feeling it would be much harder to guard then the apartment was. He was relieved when John told Paul that the entire place was rigged with security devices and alarms and that nobody was going to be able to sneak up to the house without them knowing about it. The complex itself had armed security guards who were mostly ex-Marines or Special Forces who were paid a super salary and given free housing. John said they were great guys and super protective of the residents. Stohl wasn't quite sure what all that meant, but it did make him feel much better. John unlocked the main double doors and invited Paul in. Paul saw it was very tastefully and expensively decorated, yet simple and masculine. John led them straight back and opened up very large sliding doors that opened up to a partially covered patio that wrapped around a curved swimming pool, including waterfall and jacuzzi. A cabana was on each side along with a large bar and grill, tables and chairs and all sorts of lounge chairs around the pool.

“Wow,” Paul gasped taking it all in. “This is really beautiful.”

“Its okay,” John said with a blush. “Maybe a bit over the top, but a surgeon is expected to entertain and impress for some reason. I'm not into all that, but figured what the hell, I make damn good money and I might as well have nice things. Hey, if you're lonely you might as well be depressed with nice stuff!”

“How could you be lonely or depressed,” Paul said holding John's hand.

“Easy sweet thing, very easy,” John said sadly. “Not to many guys feel comfortable around me because I'm so damned big. Being a jock doesn't help either. I'm not into super femme guys at all and most of the guys I thought were nice and into me, were just after my money and what I could do for them. Sure it would be easy to wow a young guy just flexing and showing off my body, but to me it made me feel cheap and a liar since all I'd want was sex.”

“I see,” Paul said giving John a kiss on his cheek. “I've known guys like that, although it wasn't for my money, that's for sure. I suppose I can understand how you felt and how you could be lonely. Material things just don't keep you happy for long. You can only buy so many toys to fill the void. Well, if it means anything, I'm not after anything John, just being here with you or at a shack at some hick lake would be just as good. Its you I like and feel safe around.”

“Now see why I call you sweet thing?” John said picking up Paul in his arms and kissing him. “You seem honest, hard working, educated and pretty damn sure of yourself and I really like having sex with you. Yeah I admit it, at first that's all I thought about when I saw you walk into the weight room and watched me curl, but then something changed after you and I fucked in the steam room. You made me feel so great and it all seemed so natural and innocent. It was such a hot turn on and something inside me felt different and I wanted to be around you.”

“Oh oh, don't tell me I've bewitched you!” Paul laughed. “I honestly didn't mean to.”

“Yeah, I guess you did,” John smiled. “But I ain't complaining at all! Now how about you get comfy, I'll change and we can have lunch and then relax in the jacuzzi. It'll help your muscles relax after what you went through.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Paul smiled. “Uh, one problem though. I don't have anything to get comfy in. No clothes!”

“So what's not comfy about au-natural?” John said with a silly smile. “If you insist on wearing some clothes, there's a whole bunch in the bedroom over there, find something you like and wear it, or just take a robe you like. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and at ease.”

“Okay, think I'll check it out if you don't mind,” Paul said.

John went to his room and changed, yelled out to Paul about his truck and license plates as he was already on the phone with security. John put on a very skimpy robe and went into the kitchen to make them lunch. He put together a salad, some fruit and wine which he spread out at one of the tables on the patio. He put thick cushions on the chairs and opened up a few umbrellas to give them shade. Paul thought about putting on pants and a shirt, but settled on a skimpy robe. He laughed when he went out to the patio and saw that John was wearing a very similar robe.

“Boy, he's even got good taste,” John joked. “Good choice, it suites you very well.”

“Likewise big guy!” Paul laughed.

They sat down and enjoyed a good conversation while eating lunch. Paul insisted on cleaning up and John started up the jacuzzi. When Paul came out, John was already in it and his legs and arms were spread out wide. Paul got in and got his knees on both sides of John and kissed him passionately, thanking him for saving him and being so nice to him. It didn't take much at all for John's cock to be fully inside Paul and Paul slowly moving up and down it as John gently kissed, licked and nibbled on Paul's neck, chest and abs. He ran his hands slowly over Paul's body and at times held Paul's ass cheeks in his hands and massaged them. It was a long, slow, passionate fuck that both of them fully enjoyed. John had already set up 2 wine glasses and a bottle of wine. As he poured them wine, Paul moved over to sit next to John. John handed him a glass and with his free hand, wrapped it around Paul's shoulder which Paul snuggled into. Paul thought about it hard and long and finally decided to feel John out since he wanted to tell John the truth about himself. Paul remembered a spell that would keep John calm and let him know Paul was telling the truth. He slowly got into the subject of magic and spells, ancient beings and magical lands. John liked all of that himself, always wishing he lived in those times. He always felt he would be a great warrior with his size and muscles. Its one of the main reasons he got into weight training and rough sports. It all seemed so natural for him. He made it through medical school on scholarships and grants but always went back to heavy weight training for comfort and challenges. Paul began telling John about his life, his discovered purpose, the amulet and scrolls. John was fascinated and wanted to know more. When he talked about a satyr protector, John wasn't sure, but knew Paul was telling him the truth. Paul asked him if he could handle seeing one live, in person and John said he wished it were true.

“Stohl, reveal yourself,” Paul said in a loud voice.

John couldn't believe his eyes when there, standing across from them came this huge shape that solidified into a for real satyr.

“Holy fuck,” John kept saying. “Is he really real?”

“Go see for yourself,” Paul said. “John this is my guardian Stohl. Stohl you already know this is John.”
“He knows who I am?” John asked confused.

“He's been close to me all the time,” Paul said. “Well except when the ogre attacked me. Stohl was busy relieving himself.”

John looked at Paul like he was crazy.

“Its true master John,” Stohl said sadly. “I failed in my duty to protect Paul. I should be punished for that, but Paul doesn't believe in such things.”

Paul saw that John was still unsure, so he stood up, took John by the hand and led him to Stohl. He put John's hand on Stohl's chest so he could feel him breathing and feel the warmth of his body. John was very big, but Stohl was bigger. John lost his fear and felt just about every inch of Stohl's body, mostly his head and horns. He marveled at Stohl's muscled body and the beauty of his cock and balls. Stohl offered to let John taste his precum and cum, but Paul decided that could wait for a bit. He explained to John that the precum and cum of a satyr had quite an effect on the pleasure high of humans, lasting much longer then any feelings one could get from great sex.

“If he makes you uncomfortable, I can have him go invisible again,” Paul said.

“No, please, don't do that,” John said. “I love it. They are real. You have no idea how great that makes me feel.”

“Well, outside of Stohl here and the 2 ogres I met, I don't think there are any others in our dimension,” Paul explained.

“You have to tell me all about that,” John just about giggled.

“We have the whole weekend,” Paul laughed.

“Is that the amulet you talked about that you're wearing?” John asked pointing to the amulet on the leather strip around Paul's neck.

“Yep, that's it,” Paul said. “Want to see what it can do?”

“Hell yeah, I mean please show me,” John bubbled.

“Okay, tell me a feeling you'd like to have and I'll see what we can do,” Paul said. “Oh, and don't tell me, just think about it.”

John got a serious look on his face as he began thinking what would be a good test to see if the amulet really did give Paul magical powers. He put on a small smile on his face once he settled on the perfect feeling.

“Ready?” Paul asked, already knowing what John was thinking of.

“Yep, let it rip!” John said happily.

“Okay,” Paul said as he closed his eyes, held the amulet and it started to pulsate light, getting stronger and brighter.

That alone amazed John, but when he suddenly got chills and then his skin started to turn blue, he was totally freaked out. He had thought that a good test would be to feel like he was in Antarctica, especially since it was in the 90's and sunny, with a very slight breeze. He shivered and finally jumped into the jacuzzi to try and get warm. Then he held his breath as suddenly, a thin coating of ice formed over the entire jacuzzi surface. He could feel the ice pushed against his skin. He looked at Paul with a look of shear panic. Paul quickly reversed the spell to make John feel all warm and relaxed.

“That is so damn amazing!” John laughed. “I really wanted to believe you, but figured you might be putting me on, so what I wanted to feel seemed impossible. Yet there I was, turning blue from sub-zero cold and sitting in a jacuzzi with solid ice over it. Un-fucking believable!”

“Okay, enough with the magic stuff,” Paul said. “Are you okay now?”

“Yeah, I feel all warm and relaxed,” John said happily. “I'm sure you had something to do with that!”

“Yep, I sure did,” Paul said. “I didn't want you to stay in panic mode and totally freak out. That was really a parlor trick and not a real example of the power the amulet has, but good enough to convince you all of what I told you is real.”

Paul sat on John's lap again and Stohl joined them in the jacuzzi. Stohl was fascinated with the fast swirling water and the force of the bubbly jets. Paul then began telling John about Dave, Steve and Tom, all that happened to them since Paul came into town and how Steve was now in rehab after what the bikers did to him. John got sad when Paul told him about Steve, but knew if it wasn't in the cards for him to have Paul, then it just wasn't going to happen. Paul picked up on his mental sadness and beginning depression at the thought of not being able to have Paul a part of his everyday life. Paul cast a spell to ease John's mind, letting him feel that Paul would always be a part of John's life and that some day, they might actually become partners and full lovers. John began to feel better, thinking that any time he had Paul in his life was a good time and that he should cherish it. Paul didn't really know where the idea about someday being partners came from, since he only thought about Steve that way and couldn't imagine life without Steve. John began to know what life was like for Paul and how much he loved big, muscled, hairy guys. It wasn't really like he was intentionally being unfaithful since he was open and honest with whoever he was with, like Steve being okay with his relationship with Dave and Tom. It was like Paul's life was in transition for now and wouldn't settle down just quite yet. It was how Paul was and if you wanted him in your life, you just had to get used to it being that way. John came to grips with it and felt much better. They had a wonderful weekend together, including several 3 ways with Stohl. John couldn't believe the effect Stohl's precum and cum had on him. He even asked Paul if he could bottle it for use later on. Paul told him that whenever he really felt the need, he could just call Paul and they would be over for some special sex. John liked that idea and knew he could become addicted if he indulged too much. John was sad to see them leave, but knew he would see them again and again. He finally lost that feeling of being alone and knew he had someone special in his life now.

Paul and Stohl returned to a normal life once again, going to work every day and looking forward to the up-coming weekend so they could visit Steve. A few times while cleaning up in the weight room and machine room, Paul released the spell he cast to stop making his body irresistible to other men, just for fun. He was amazed at the effect it had on all these muscle jocks and wanna be's. He carried it to an extreme at one point since the temptation was just a bit too much and let a group he led into the locker room work over his entire body with their tongues and hands, as if he were some powerful pleasure lick they couldn't get enough of. He felt guilty afterward, but just couldn't help himself. He gave into temptation and knew it wasn't a good thing to do on his part and particularly not the reason he had the use of the amulet and spells. He paid a price for his transgression since the temptation became stronger and the fulfilling of his wild fantasies started to gain in importance along with the increased guilt. Stohl sensed his internal battle and without being asked, gave Paul some needed advice.

“You must not yield to the temptations to misuse your powers Paul,” Stohl said holding him by his shoulders. “All of these desires and feelings are tests to see if you can be truly worthy of the responsibility of your destiny. The more you give in, the weaker you become and you gradually become much easier prey for the evil ones. They will concentrate on your weaknesses and use those to get you under their power. There is no repentance once that happens, it is already to late. You would have chosen your fate and it would not be to fulfill your destiny. Think carefully and do not act foolishly. Use the power of the amulet to help you move past such things.”

“I know I've been stupid lately,” Paul said with his head down. “It is so easy to try the powers just for pleasure and how I end up feeling completely needed and wanted, even though I know its selfish and unfair to others. I know all that Stohl and yet I still fall into the trap of pleasure over purpose. I will do as you say and try to use the power of the amulet to guide me through this temptation. After the weekend with John, its as if I forgot about my love for Steve and how much he needs me now. That's not the normal Paul. I feel guilty and ashamed and I hate feeling that way. Remind me whether I want to hear it or not Stohl. You have my permission and in fact I order you to do so for my own benefit, understand?”

“Yes, I understand Paul,” Stohl said seriously. “You have come much to far to loose to the evil ones. Believe me when I tell you that you would not like what they would do to you. You would just be a trinket or tool for their ends, used up and kept weak and high on what seemed like pleasure, but they would take away all of your humanity and personality. You would be as a slave to their will and obey all they demanded just to have physical pleasure. Once that pleasure isn't working or won't work, you will still be kept alive and completely dependent on their whims, no free will, nothing to think of and nothing to look forward to. It is a fate worst then death Paul. I will obey your order and know there will be times you will become angry with me for doing so, but as you say, it is for your benefit.”

“Thank you Stohl for telling all this,” Paul said giving Stohl a gentle kiss.

On Friday, they left the gym early, got packed up, left Tom a note and headed out to visit with Steve. Paul wished John was with them, but knew his time with Steve now was important to Steve and if he really loved him, he would give Steve his full attention and show him his love. They stayed at the same motel. It felt good to have a swim in the pool before going to sleep. Paul sent out mental messages and images to Steve as he slept that were very romantic and tender. Paul did everything he could to make Steve know he was loved and wanted and needed to heal and gain his strength back.

The nurse came into Steve's room, saw the mess he made during the night, cum all over himself and the sheets.

“Let me guess,” she teased. “Paul is coming to visit, am I right?”

“Yeah, he is,” Steve blushed. “I'm really sorry for the mess. I don't know what happened, but I tell yah, whatever it was, it sure was great!”

The nurse laughed and pretended to spank Steve. She was actually thrilled to see Steve in such a great mood and the amount of cum he released indicated he was indeed getting healthier and regaining his strength. He was able to go into the bathroom on his own, shower and shave and change his clothes. He now wore cotton gym shorts and T's with white socks and slippers. She was amazed that Paul could have that much of an effect on Steve. Whatever the connection there was, it was a good thing for Steve.

Steve wanted to surprise Paul so he put on a hospital gown over himself and covered up with a blanket on the bed, with the back raised up and turned on the TV. He knew Paul was close so he turned his head towards the window and put on the most longing look he could.

Paul and Stohl entered the room and saw Steve looking out the window with such a sad, lonely look on his face. Paul's heart felt very heavy and he had tears forming in his eyes. Steve heard them enter the room and he saw the look on Paul's face. He held out his arms and opened them wide with a big smile on his face. Paul ran to the bed and just about jumped into Steve's arms.

“Hey, hey, what's with the tears and sad look lover,” Steve said gently as he kissed Paul's face and head. “What's the matter lover?”

“I feel so bad that you are laid up in bed,” Paul said with tears running down his face. “It isn't fair that you have to just lay here.”

Steve smiled after kissing Paul, slid off the bed and said “Okay, so how about we go for a nice walk?”

Paul looked confused and then realized Steve had played a joke on him. He saw Steve dressed and moving about without any problem.

“You are really, really bad Steve,” Paul said wiping his tears. “You had me so down and gloomy. That wasn't nice. Funny and great, but not very nice! I should have Stohl spank you!”

“Promise? Damn, I just be a spanking from a satyr would be something else,” Steve laughed as he went up to Stohl, wrapped his arms around Stohl's neck and pulled him down for a kiss.

“I could make certain it was very much something else Steve,” Stohl joked.

“Stohl, don't encourage him!” Paul laughed.

“Are you sure its okay for you to go out for a walk or whatever?” Paul said concerned.

“Oh yeah, it sure is,” Steve said happily. “Its a new part of my therapy and rehab to get out and walk, run and even do some weight training. Sure feels good I tell yah.”

“You would think so my sexy muscle head!” Paul laughed as he wrapped his arms around Steve, kissing him as he twirled around in a circle, making Steve's legs fly out.

“Hey sexy,” Steve laughed, “getting dizzy ain't part of all that!”

“Oh, sorry,” Paul said seriously. “I didn't hurt you did I?”

“Shit no, just flying around isn't in the program just yet,” Steve frowned.

They all laughed and headed outside. It was a beautiful day and it really felt good to Steve to be walking with Paul. He missed having him around and knew the end of his rehab was coming soon and then they could get back to their life.

“So, have you given any thought to what you would like to transform into?” Paul asked.

“Yeah, actually I have,” Steve said seriously. “I even dreamt of it. I want to be taller then you and more defined muscles, maybe even bigger then yours. Something about me being bigger and protecting you suddenly has become more important than it was before. Is that bad of me?”

Paul stopped in his tracks and spun Steve around, held him tight in his arms.

“Lover, anything you want is what you'll get,” Paul said seriously with kisses. “You have the right to determine what your body will look like and whatever it is will be perfectly fine with me. As a matter of fact, it will make me happy knowing you are happy and finally get your wish fulfilled.”

“Great. I was starting to think I was being selfish,” Steve said. “You know, like I had to do one better then you or something. Its just with you being so big and muscled now, I need to know I'm your man and protector. Its a macho thing I know, but I think I am somewhat macho!”

“That you are my muscle head,” Paul said with a big smile. “From the day I first met you, I fell in love with your macho self. You always made me feel protected, safe and secure and I love that feeling.”

“Good, then that's settled,” Steve said proudly. “I want what I just told you and as long as you agree, then its a done deal.”

They kissed and hugged and walked hand in hand. Steve told Paul all about his rehab and therapy and how he was going to be released very soon since his progress has been almost tripling with each day, surpassing the expectations of the therapists and doctors.

Paul was thrilled and they started making plans for what they would do after Steve was discharged. He was anxious to transform and visit the ancient world that Paul and Stohl had talked about. Paul promised he would make whatever arrangements were necessary to make it all happen soon. Steve acted like a little child at Christmas, all excited at his new look to be and seeing creatures he used to dream about as a child. It was all part of the ancients plan that Steve would accompany Paul into the ancient lands as he would play an important part in what was to happen. They spent the entire day, romping around in the fields and woods as if they were little kids. Stohl in particular enjoyed being in the open air and woods away from the noise and smells of living in a city. Humans were nice but their choice of living conditions wasn't pleasant at all. It all seemed like a big contradiction to Stohl, but he figured it was just the way of humans.

They spent the entire next day with Steve and Paul decided to head back that night. He knew he would have to start getting things in order so that once Steve was discharged, and transformed, they could go through the portal with Stohl to complete whatever tasks Paul now knew was his destiny.

Once they got back to the apartment, Paul got right into finding the scrolls he would need and began his study. The telephone rang and Paul was surprised to see it was John.

“Hey hot stuff,” John said with his sexy voice. “How'd the trip go?”

“Hey sexy,” Paul beamed. “The trip was really good, thanks.”

“Steve doing okay? I'm sure you're hoping he is released soon,” John said.

“Yes, he's really improving. I noticed the huge difference in him since I saw him last time,” Paul bubbled. “Steve was happy to report he was told he was going to be released ahead of schedule since his progress was so amazing.”

“I suppose I shouldn't be somewhat sad,” John said almost in a whisper. “That isn't a good thing and I have no right to say that, I'm sorry.”

“John, don't be sorry. I understand, believe me I do,” Paul said sadly. “I'm so torn right now between you and Steve. I'm serious when I say there is a reason all things happen and all that I am going through, you, Steve, Tom, Dave, all of us are going through it as players in a much larger plan.”

“Yeah, I know that's what you believe, but it doesn't help much,” John said.

“Poor John, maybe I should come over and try to cheer you up?” Paul said.

“That would be nice, but bad all at the same time,” John said. “I just might not let you leave.”

“Sweet guy, thank you for saying that,” Paul smiled. “John, all I can ask of you is to be patient, have faith in me and all will work out.”

“That's sure asking an awful lot, but I'm willing to go the distance,” John said with pain in his voice. “I told you I'd settle for whatever you could give me and that's what I stand by.”

“God, I feel so bad. Nothing seems crystal clear anymore,” Paul said sadly. “I thought my life was pretty much set for me and then magic and ancient ones came into it and everything changed. I feel horrible that somehow I must have stolen your heart when Steve was still in my life. I wish things had not been this way, but I can't undo what has happened. I do have deep feelings for you John, but I can't just push Steve from my life.”

“Hey, now don't you go there,” John said. “We talked about all that and I somehow do understand. I just have the need to let you know how much I want you all to myself, that's all. If you say things will work out, then I have to believe you.”

“Thank you John, that really means a lot to me,” Paul said with tears running down his cheek.

“Well, I just wanted to hear your voice and make sure you were okay,” John said. “I'll let you go and head off to bed. Surgery in the morning.”

“Good night my sweet John,” Paul said. “Sweet dreams and all. Thanks for calling.”

Paul hung up the phone and cried. Stohl wrapped his arms around Paul and gently rocked him back and forth letting him cry until all the pent up emotion settled down.

“Why does it have to be this way? I can't stop loving Steve,” Paul sobbed. “And now I can't stop loving John either. How are things going to be okay? Are we going to be living as a 3 some? I wish I understood.”

“Paul, it is not for you to understand all things. Matters of the heart always seem to be kept in a haze, out of reach of your full understanding,” Stohl said gently. “If it is the intention of the ancients that you, John and Steve somehow get to live out your lives together, then whether you understand it or not, it will be so. Just know from your experiences so far, the ancients do not do things like humans, so humans could never fully understand the why.”

“I know you are right, Stohl, but it is still so hard,” Paul said.

“Do what you are being guided to do and things will slowly become clear,” Stohl said holding Paul by his shoulders. “Well, not completely clear to you as a human, but far more so then right now. Let your faith and knowledge of the way of the ancients grow and develop. Follow your destiny.”

Paul wrapped his arms around Stohl's neck and kissed him. He wiped the tears from his face and blew his nose. He held the amulet tight and began working with the scrolls. Then he thought it would be a good thing to cast a spell so that John's burden would be made easier as far as he was concerned. He did so, making sure John's thoughts of Paul always left him with a pleasant feeling and no trace of sadness. He wasn't forcing any emotion for Paul on to John, just enhancing any feelings John had or wanted. He felt it was the least he could do as a sign of his love for John.

Somehow, with the guidance of the amulet, Paul pieced together what he had to do in order to pass through the portal. He studied spells of protection. Spells that would keep Steve and he from freaking out when they met any creature so they always showed signs of respect and not fear or contempt. The were going to be the outsiders, aliens to the ancient ones and as such, it was important they offered no offense.

Tom came home late and was happy to see Paul and Stohl back. Paul told him all about the visit with Steve and that he would be coming home soon. Tom had all sorts of questions and Paul did his best to answer them. Paul thought he better prepare Tom for the transformation Steve would undergo and the journey they would take to the ancient ones. Tom initially thought Paul was just teasing him. He slowly realized Paul was very serious. Tom even looked at Stohl for confirmation, and Stohl just nodded his head in agreement with what Paul was saying.

“Hey, can I go with you guys?” Tom said like a little kid. “That would be so mind blowing to meet up with all those neat mythological guys.”

“No, Tom, I'm afraid that isn't possible,” Paul said hugging Tom. “It isn't for you to join us, I'm sorry. Bad things could happen to you and I couldn't let that happen. Keeping Steve safe and out of danger is more then enough for me to handle. Please don't be angry.”

“Oh, okay I guess. I'm not mad or anything, just thought it would be so cool,” Tom said with a sad look. “Oh well, maybe some other time? OR, maybe you could do some kind of hocus-pocus to show me what they really look like? Like a movie!”

Paul laughed and promised Tom that somehow he would figure out a way to let Tom see like a movie once he and Steve returned. Tom asked about Steve's transformation and told Paul he just knew Steve had to be bigger then Paul. It was all that macho stuff. Both of them had a good laugh when Stohl insisted they tell him what this macho stuff was all about. None of it made sense to Stohl, but then again little of what humans did seemed to have good reasons.

“So, anybody tired and heading off to bed?” Tom said with an evil grin as he looked at Stohl and moved his eyebrows up and down.

“I do not sleep Tom,” Stohl said seriously.

Paul and Tom laughed hard again. Paul told Stohl that it was Tom's way of asking him to his room for pleasure. Stohl got this happy look and quickly had Tom over his shoulder and headed off to Tom's bedroom.

“Damn, who'd a thunk I'd end up being some satyr's bitch,” Tom said slapping Stohl on his ass as he was marched to his room.

“Fate. That's what it is Tom, Fate!” Paul laughed watching them go into Tom's room and the door shut.

Paul already knew what Steve wanted to transform into, and didn't feel it was going to be much of a problem at all. There were some differences since he was doing the transformation and not Steve, but very soon the scrolls helped him figure the change in the ritual that would make it work. John it seemed was booked solid and only came to the gym one night. Paul had purposely delayed going home since he knew John would be there. Paul stayed behind a partial wall and some racks of equipment, watching John go through his routines. John was spectacular just standing still, but sweating and straining was material for a superb wet dream. By the end of John's routine, just about every vein on his arms, shoulders, chest, abs and thighs looked like they were going to explode. His muscled definition was nearly impossible to imagine. He stood wiping his face with a small towel, slowing down he breath. When he lowered the towel, he was very pleased to see Paul standing there, his shorts tented, with a very large wet spot.

“Hey sweet thing,” John said walking over towards Paul. “I didn't know you were standing there.”

“I was hiding. Didn't want to interfere in your routine,” Paul said still looking at John like he was in a trance. “I knew you were only going to be able to hit the gym once this week and I had to see you.”

John had his super sexy smile on, walked up to Paul put his hands under Paul's pits and lifted him up. He slowly and gently began kissing Paul. Paul wanted to feel the heat and sweat all over John's body, his veins, exploding muscles, all of it.

“I'm kind of stinky right now,” John smiled. “Don't want to get you all stinky.”

“I want to have your stinky on me,” Paul said hungrily. “I want to lick your sweat off of you and feel all of you.”

“Oh, I see,” John said with a stern look on his body, still holding Paul up. “Now I'm just a sex object huh? Well, lucky for you I'm in a mood not to mind. I could charge a lot of money for being able to lick and touch all this you know.”

“Do you take Visa?” Paul said licking his lips.

“Sexy, sweet smart ass,” John laughed. “For you I'm just running a tab.”

He pulled Paul to his body and gave him a very passionate kiss. He lowered Paul to the ground. Paul began to slowly lick John's forearm. John went into a very slow, sensual posing routine, allowing Paul to lick every bit of his body while he flexed and pumped. He loved hearing Paul moan and the feel of Paul's hands and tongue on his body. John had enough and picked Paul up, flopped him over his shoulder and headed off to the steam room. Once inside, John slowly pulled off Paul's shirt and shorts with his mouth, making sure to nibble along the way. Paul was jelly by the time John stripped, sat on the bench and put Paul on to his lap. He lined up the head of his cock with Paul's ass and let the weight of Paul's body push him down on his cock. Paul yelled out, but not as much from pain as from a feeling of ecstasy. John lifted his arms so his hands were behind his head. He flexed and pumped his biceps and pecs which Paul couldn't get enough of. It turned into raw sex, not a slow passionate love. Both of them needed it and both made certain they took all they needed. John moved one hand behind Paul's neck and his other hand went under Paul's ass cheek. He pulled Paul back by his neck and started pumping Paul up and down his cock. Paul felt he was being raped by some monstrous creature and it was heavenly. He needed and wanted this from John. It had to be something neither one of them would soon forget, almost a bonding rite between them. John filled Paul with his cum and kept going. Paul came 3 times before John finally wrapped Paul tight in his arms and held him hard down on his cock as he filled Paul again with his cum. John just about fell backwards when his body finally eased out of the frenzy of orgasm. Paul fell with John, both completely exhausted. John finally sat up, held Paul's face in his hands and passionately kissed him. Paul felt himself wishing John could fully absorb him. He felt a desire to become one with John, a feeling he hadn't experienced before. It was a feeling he would not easily forget. John felt exactly the same. He didn't want to let Paul go. Paul had to stay permanently mounted on his cock so he would always be with John, a part of him physically.

After staying in their bonding embrace and passionately kissing for more then an hour, John put his hands under Paul's armpits and lifted him off his cock.

“I suppose we should shower and head on out,” John said quietly.

“I don't want to John,” Paul cried. “I want to stay attached to you.”

“Yeah, me too, but you and I both know that isn't going to happen, not just yet,” John said with a tear in his eye. “I can only keep dreaming and praying that it will happen. But in the meantime, I have hope and know somehow we are bonded and nobody will ever be able to take that from us.”

Paul didn't want to let go of John's neck, but John easily lifted Paul on to his shoulder and walked them into the showers. They lovingly washed each other, each body part preceded and followed by a kiss. It seemed both of them wanted a complete memory of the feeling of every part of each others body. John dried Paul off, dried himself off and went to his locker. Paul followed like a sad puppy knowing he probably would not see John for some time after this, if at all. He quietly sat on the bench, tears flowing down his cheeks as he watched John dress. John never took his eyes off of Paul the whole time. When John was dressed, he closed his locker, lifted Paul so that Paul was standing on the bench and they were face to face. John gently kissed Paul and his forehead flopped down on to Paul's chest. Paul hugged John's head as tight as he could and kissed his head over and over. John finally lifted his head, his eyes filled with tears, wrapped his massive arms around Paul and they kissed passionately. John lifted Paul off the bench and sat him down, gave Paul one last kiss on his forehead and let his hand run through Paul's hair as John picked up his bag and slowly walked away. Paul started sobbing and crying. He couldn't control it no matter how hard he tried. Stohl felt his heart was breaking seeing the pain Paul and John were both experiencing. He knew there was nothing to be done. Fate had set the course for Paul and there was no changing it now.

John threw himself into his work and weight training, pushing himself harder then ever before, just to deal with the heart ache he felt. Paul did use a spell to easy the pain for John, but John wanted to feel the pain, it kept him close to Paul somehow. Paul made arrangements at the University, telling his department head he had family business that would take him out of the country for a time. The department head wasn't thrilled, but there still was more then enough from Paul's dig to keep the department and students busy. The results of that dig made the department feel they would do anything to keep Paul on board and happy.

Paul finished work on the transformation ritual and when Steve called to say he was ready to be picked up, Paul was ready. He had already bought several items of clothing and accessories that would match Steve's new size. He and Stohl would take Steve to the temple area to give him an opportunity to get used to his new body before using the portal to go to the ancients. Steve was like a little kid about to go on vacation for the first time. When Paul arrived, Steve was already sitting in the lobby, nervously looking at all the entrance doors so he wouldn't miss Paul. When he saw Paul and that smile, he ran to Paul and wrapped his arms around his waist actually lifting Paul off the ground as he was spun around.

“Hey, hey, I don't think you're supposed to be doing that just quite yet muscle head,” Paul laughed.

“I don't care,” Steve said happily. “I've waited so, so long for this moment and I fully intend to enjoy it.”

Not caring who was watching, Paul and Steve got in a very passionate kiss. Paul heard the long sigh Steve let out as they held on to each other.

“Okay, muscle head,” Paul said happily, “ are you ready to take on the new you?”

“Already? What, like NOW?” Steve said with a look of shock.

“Well, not right here, but yeah, sort of like now,” Paul laughed. “Come on, we spotted a perfect private place on the way over that looks like just the right spot. Its isolated, pretty and filled with mother nature.”

“Okay by me, I suppose,” Steve said somewhat nervously.

“I promise, it won't hurt,” Paul said directing Steve out the door. “If you don't like it or change your mind, that's okay. But I'm pretty sure you are not want to give it up once you see and feel it.”

Stohl leaned in close to Steve and quietly said, “You will like it, Master Steve, I can assure you.”

“Hey Stohl, glad to know you're still on duty!” Steve laughed.

“Yes, Master Steve, I am,” Stohl said seriously.

“It wasn't a criticism Stohl,” Paul laughed. “Steve was just teasing you. And remember, here it is Steve, not Master Steve.”
“I'm sorry Paul, I forget myself,” Stohl said sheepishly.

“Hey, don't be picking on my guy Stohl,” Steve laughed. “Me and him are gonna be really good buddies.”

Paul and Stohl laughed as they put Steve's bag into the trunk of the car and they headed off toward the spot Paul picked for the transformation. Steve slowly got out of the car and looked all around. The spot was beautiful and very private. He watched as Stohl appeared, Paul stripped and grabbed several scrolls from the trunk. Stohl walked over to Steve with a big smile on his face, put his arm across Steve's shoulders and gently prodded him in the direction they were to go. Steve wasn't quite sure what was going to happen, but if it was as Paul said, and he turned out even half as good as Paul, he'd be happy. He had no reason to not trust Paul. Paul smiled at Steve and gave him several hugs and kisses.

“Be calm Steve, its all going to be alright,” Paul reassured him. “You will feel some wild feeling, think your blinded by a bright light, feel like your body is exploding, but only for a second, and then you'll sleep. Stohl and I will be here when you wake. We even have a large mirror ready so you can see your transformation. It is very important you visualize your perfect body. Don't worry though, I have a mental image of what you wanted and will insure you end up looking just like that, unless you've changed your mine?”

“Hell no, just like I said,” Steve said nervously. “Okay, do your worst.”

Paul smiled. He had Stohl help Steve lye down on a mat and removed all of Steve's clothing. Paul held the amulet over Steve and began reciting the spell.

Steve felt a calm spread throughout his mind and body; felt infused with a purpose and direction. He heard Paul reciting the incantations and picturing in his mind what he always wanted his body to be like. He thought of being taller then Paul, heavily muscled, hairy and powerful. As he concentrated harder somehow he began recited the incantations along with Paul, his voice became deeper, louder and his recitation became louder and more emphatic. His mind began to whirl with the images of his desired form and everything around him seemed to disappear into a thick, bright mist of energy. Suddenly there was a violent blast of light and energy that centered on Steve. He felt the blast of a heat wave and knew a great power was filling the area, surely consuming Paul and Stohl. Paul heard great sobs and moans from Steve and then all was quiet, as if nothing happened. Paul was astonished. He had now witnessed the transformation himself, not just feeling it. Paul knelt down over Steve and ran his fingers gently over Steve's skin. He could see Steve was breathing as if he was in a deep sleep with a calm expression on his face. Steve was no longer a 5'9” 210lb muscle stud. Paul couldn't help himself as his cock hardened and began dripping large amounts of precum as he examined the new Steve, 6'6" at least and over 290lbs of hard muscle, covered in a nice coating of fur that was matted to his perfect body, Steve's sweat making his entire body shine. Paul had to touch the thick muscles that seemed to slowly flex and relax with each breath Steve took. Steve's face was even changed, now more chiseled and even his cheeks seemed to have developed muscles. He too had a deep 5 o'clock shadow that Paul knew was the outline of the most perfect beard, just like his. Steve was indeed more desirable, much more so then he was before. Paul was straddling Steve's body, exploring the muscles of Steve's face and shoulders, his cock dripping precum on Steve's massive pecs and abs. Steve slowly opened his eyes and saw the look of desire and awe of Paul as well as feeling the hot precum that was running down his pecs and abs.

"Paul? Did it work? Am I changed? Why are you dripping all over me?" Steve asked as he started to lift his head off the floor.

“Oh yeah, did it ever work,” Paul said with a look of complete lust. “You have to see yourself. You are exactly how you wanted to be.”

Steve started to laugh nervously, enjoying the feeling of Paul's attention, trying then to sit up and get to a mirror or something. He just had to see for himself.

“Whoa there hot stud,” Paul said holding Steve's shoulders down. “Take it easy. Don't want to bruise or hurt any of that sexy, hot body of yours. We'll get you up and about real soon. Give it a little bit of time so your mind learns how to deal with the new body it has.”

Steve glanced at his abs and legs as he slowly let Paul ease him back down. His legs were definitely much more developed then he remembered and way longer. His checked out his arms in total disbelief and then felt his torso, feeling the thick, well developed pecs and long abs.

“Oh My God Paul,” Steve said in shock. “It really did work, didn't it?”

“Yeah muscle head, it did, for real, no dreams here,” Paul laughed as he gave Steve a soft kiss.

“You look very desireable and powerful Steve,” Stohl said as his cock bounced up and down, dripping loads of precum.

“See, even Stohl is excited about the new you,” Paul laughed as he turned Steve's head in the direction of Stohl.

"Do I look okay? I'm not a freak or anything am I?" Steve said excitedly as he began feeling his head and back, thinking that maybe he turned into a mythical creature or something.

He reached up and held Paul's face in his hands and noticed how they just about enveloped Paul's head now. He just had to see for himself.

“I have to see, Paul, I have to,” Steve said with a look of panic on his face.

“Okay, just calm down,” Paul said seriously. “Stohl will get the mirror and I'll help you SLOWLY get up. Now its going to take a bit to get used to your new body, so just be patient, please?”

“Okay, I'm sorry,” Steve said with the most sweet longing look on his face. “Its just I've wished my whole life to be bigger and no matter how hard I wished, it never happened. Well up until now.”

“I understand Steve, I really do,” Paul said giving Steve another gentle kiss. “Remember, I went through the same thing myself, so I know exactly how you feel.”

Steve smiled and had tears in his eyes. He loved Paul more then ever. The anticipation was just about killing him. Not all that long ago, he was beat up, used as a sex toy and left for dead. Now he finally had his wish and was hopefully someone who other guys would think twice before messing with him. Now maybe, he could be Paul's protector.

Paul helped Steve slowly get up off the ground and steady on his feet. He helped him walk around a bit so he got used to the feel of his much larger body. It took Steve a few minutes to suddenly realize he was bigger and taller then Paul. He actually had to bend his head down to look Paul in the eyes. It started him to nearly hyperventilate. Paul laughed and gently rubbed his abs to try and keep him calm. Stohl had the mirror set up and Paul helped Steve towards it.

“Now, close your eyes and be ready for the biggest shock you've ever had,” Paul said.

They slowly walked around so that Steve was fully facing the mirror.

“Ready? Okay, open up your eyes,” Paul said as he moved behind Steve, holding on to his hips to keep him balanced.

Steve's eyes opened and then opened more and still more again. The look on his face told of the shock he was feeling and how much his mind didn't want to believe it was actually him in the mirror. Paul saw his hesitation and doubt, so he took hold of Steve's hand and ran it down the front of his body. Steve was panting and couldn't make up his mind if he was smiling or not. When his hand touched his now thicker and longer cock and low hanger balls, he actually gasped.

“Fuck I'm a hot looking stud,” Steve said with a gasp.

“That you are muscle head, that you are,” Paul laughed as he squeezed his arms around Steve's waist.

Steve kept feeling this part and that part of his new body, flexing this muscle then that muscle, slowly coming to terms with how he actually transformed. Not just into any big muscled guy, but the exact duplicate of what he saw in his mind, what he always wanted to look like. He smiled in the mirror at Paul holding on to his hips, turned around and wrapped his arms tight around Paul.

“How can I ever begin to thank you lover?” Steve said with tears in his eyes.

“Well, for starters, you could put me on all your insurance policies,” Paul said trying to look serious.

Steve poked him in the ribs, wrapped Paul into his arms and passionately kissed him. That evolved into a very slow, passionate and hot session of sex. After the 4th round, Stohl joined the couple and they all ended up completely exhausted and spent.

It was already dark when Paul and Steve finally woke up, still held tight in each other's embrace. Stohl was guarding them as usual and greeted them with a large smile.

“The change makes you both very pleased, I can tell,” Stohl said.

“Yes, that is putting it mildly,” Steve laughed as did Paul.

“Okay, now what? I have no clothes that will fit and I'm not sure what we are going to do now,” Steve said seriously.

“Not to worry,” Paul said. “I bought several items of clothing for you before I picked you up. We'll go home and you can have a few days to get your affairs in order so to speak since you're going to be gone for maybe a long time.”

“Does that mean you're gonna lock me up or something?” Steve said trying to look serious.

“No muscle head. We're going through a portal to the ancients. I have something I must do for them and you must accompany me,” Paul explained. “I have no way of knowing how long we'll be gone, so its best to prepare things for a long absence.”

“The ancients? Does that mean I get to see more satyrs, minotaurs and orgrey things?” Steve said like a little kid.

“Beings, not things,” Paul corrected. “And yes, you do get to see them, be with them, get to know them and maybe if you're a good boy, have sex with them.”

Steve looked shocked. Paul and Stohl looked at each other and laughed at Steve's expression.

“Sex with them?” Steve said slowly.

“Well yeah,” Paul said seriously. “Didn't seem to bother you to have sex with Stohl.”

“Yeah, you're right, it didn't did it,” Steve said like he just got it. “If they're anything like Stohl, you better watch me good, cause you just never know if I might run off with one of them.”

Paul smacked Steve lightly on his head. They all laughed and hugged and kissed. Steve's complete feeling of joy quickly spread to Stohl and Paul.