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By Darkthread

My thanks to Rubilacxe, who Dream Janus, author of The Breed, has introduced me to, and who has offered to edit!


Part Two

Out of the Frying pan...

Darren's Run home was uneventful, if very short. His home was 20 blocks from his school, which should be a fairly long walk, even at a good pace. Yet as he reached his doorstep, and heard his parents yelling at each other, he glanced at his watch, to behold the wonder that was...

"2 MINUTES? That can't be possible..." He murmured, but dismissed it, saying, `The watch is just broken, your not losing your mind."

"Darren, is that you? Get your sorry faggot ass in here, NOW!"

Darren's parents, Mark, a short, and fairly fat man, and Francine, a spider-like woman, were very high in the world's Top Ten Worst Parents Ever, ranking in at number 3, just below his grandparents, on both sides, to have raised the two of them. Mark was 45, a plumber, and a very uncouth gentleman. He wouldn't raise a finger to help Darren in anything, be it school, or the simply massive list of chores that Fran gave him. Francine, or Fran, as her "Friends" called her, was the most controlling person on the planet. So much so, that Darren was not allowed to own a computer or a television. The only one of either in the house was Marks TV, which he used to watch sports while he drank the money Darren made working as his assistant.

"Are you listening? Get in here NOW!" His father hollered for the second time. Through tears, Darren turned the handle, and opened the door to his home, or in this case, hell.

"Where is your report card, young man?" came a call from the kitchen.

"In my backpack, I will get it for you!"

"No, you shall start washing the windows, then the washrooms need cleaning, I will get it. You get to work," She bellowed. Thirty seconds later, a very loud shriek was heard, followed by,


"Young man, you have some explaining to do! I pay for your education, and this is how you repay me?

"Mom, I got straight 80's, just like you-"

"STRAIGHT 80'S? STRAIGHT 80'S? I told you, get straight 95's or you wouldn't get a computer, and because you failed so badly, no dinner for a month. You can feed yourself, if you can find any food!

In reality, Francine had asked for straight 80's. but she did not like to be talked back to, so she decided right there and then to make his life as much of a hell as possible.

"Also, you little failure of a fag, you are grounded for the summer, and your daily chores will be doubled. You will still, however, continue working for your father, and if I hear about you slacking off, you will be in so much more trouble, you can't even begin to imagine the punishments!" With a huff, she walked away.

Crushed and completely imprisoned within his own home, Darren simply lost it, and broke down. It started as a sob, but before long, he was crying like a child. Mark, the ass that he was, walked by the door to the room and started taunting.

"Aw, is the faggot sad? Poor little faggot boy, you want some help?" Darren didn't dare look up, and Mark was infuriated, "That's it, I'm gonna wup yer sorry ass."

"Do you wish to stop him?" a voice said to Darren

"Yes, but who are..."

"I believe I have told you not to dwell on it. If you wish to stop him, do exactly as I say. Clear your mind, and repeat these words..."

"I call to you, O darkest night,

Grant to me your wondrous might,

I call to you upon this hour,

Give to me your darkest power!"

As the voice and Darren said this in unison, Darren felt like something in him broke, and suddenly was looking at himself and his father, in their washroom.

"So this is what they mean when they say an "Out of Body experience! But if I am out here, who is in...," Darren was interrupted by an unearthly laughter which seemed to come from his body. He then saw his body somehow appear behind his father.

"What were you saying? Something about `I'm gonna wup yer ass!' or such?" He said, mimicking Mark's voice perfectly. "Well, here is a little tidbit of information for you, nobody is going to damage my " He was cut short as Mark's elbow connected with his jaw, which, if it was Darren, would have sent him spiraling. Then Darren saw something very disturbing. His body's eyes where BLACK. No iris, no whites, all black.

"You think `You' can hurt me? Ha,ha, ha, ha, that is simply hilarious. Well, I am bored, night-night jackass!" And with that, not-Darren, in Darren's body, raised a single hand, from which flew a very small, black object. It struck Mark in the head, and caused his body to seemingly liquefy, spiral into the tiny black object, and disappear.

"That stopped him, but you have to get out of this mess on your own, my pet."

With a shock, Darren reeled back to his own body, and was somewhat relieved. Then he heard Francine's high pitched call "Mark? Where are you?"


"See! I told you a Human couldn't possess that kind of power! Though how that... that... "Thing" got attached to him is beyond me."

"Yes, it would seem in our best interest to eliminate the possible contamination, wouldn't it?"

"Yes, by the writings of our order, Darren must be destroyed, along with that "Thing"


"No doubt that the Light ones are after me now that I have revealed myself, My only hope is to bring Darren to "Them", before the light finds me.

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