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David Nearly 13


. Part 2

He unravelled the boy from around his body and set him down on the ground, "So what do you do in the evenings David."

"Not a lot as I don't normally have anyone to play with, but now we can do whatever you want. Like going for a walk down to the village or when it gets darker looking for glow worms or try and catch some fireflies"

"Okay but you'll have to show me I haven't had a lot of experience in catching Fireflies or glow worms."

"The glow worms are no problem you have to look for them on the ground but the fireflies are much harder to catch, but the speed you say that you can move at Michael, it will be easy peasy for you."

"Yes I suppose so."

"Oh by the way I told Rupert about you."

"What did he have to say?"

"He didn't believe me at first thought I was making it up, but when I told him about not being able to find your heartbeat and you admitting you were an alien then he started to get worried, and was thinking about calling the police. I told him not to, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be having my supper and talking to him, and in any case if he did call the police you'd just disappear and he'd look a right fool, and I wouldn't back his story."

"Thanks David for siding with me, so he's alright with us camping out together."

"Yes, he'll bring my hot drink down to the tent at about 9.00pm Oh and I told him to make you one as well. You should try our hot chocolate I'm sure you'll like it, and if you don't you can always throw it in the river."

"Alright David I'll give it a try, come on lets go for this walk to the village, and when it gets dark we can hunt for glow worms and fireflies."

"Okay," and the boy took Michael by the hand and led him along the river bank.


The simple act of taking him by the hand was sending feelings coursing through his body in the same manner as when he combed the boy's hair. The contact of the boy's hand in his was giving him emotions that brought him the utmost contentment that was nearly on a par to that when in the presence of the Supreme Being.

They walked hand in hand till the boy stopped and jerked him to a halt as well.

"Give me a piggy back Michael."

"Umm I'm sorry I don't have one, I don't know what they are."

David started laughing then said haltingly through his laughter, "It's not something you own Michael it's carrying me on your back we call it a piggy back ride

"Oh I see, alright climb up."

"No you've got to hunch down then when I've wrapped my arms around your neck you straighten up. Then when you're standing I can wrap my legs around your body, and you can put your hands under my thighs to support me."

He hunched down and the boy did the necessary as he straightened the boy's legs wrapped around his waist and he grasped the boy's thighs with his hands. Walking hand in hand with David was thrilling having the boy on his back and stuck to him like a leech was a hundred times better.

"How do we get to the village David?"

"There's a bridge about half a mile up river you can't see it from here it's around the bend. We can cross over and go to the village I need to buy some bars of chocolate I've run out."


They continued the walk and the boy leaned forward and put his cheek against his then gently rubbed them together. His senses were becoming overloaded with the emotions coursing through his body."


"What's happening Boss?"

"Okay Michael or would you prefer I call you by your known name."

"Michael is good."

"Alright then listen. The only contact you've had with humans is when they are ready to expire and you drain their life forces or as they call it their souls and return them to me. Now you're experiencing a different type of contact with a human. This is physical involvement and companionship. The boy is lonely he has parents who although they love him they've forgotten how to show that love and have placed the importance of their work above that of their child. Your appearance is like a prayer that he's been saying for many, many months and with your appearance to him it seems like his prayers have been answered."

"So what are these feelings?"

"David has been lacking companionship from the day he was born, he has never had anyone his own age to play with and with you he's just found that company he has desired for many years, and what you're feeling is the emotions that the boy is sending through to you, they are feelings of happiness and love at having you with him. He's also at an age when his body is going through some major changes as he starts his journey through to adulthood, and David can get quite amorous at times.

You know that since the time when I had to chastise Lucifer and his followers I placed a ban on all spiritual beings from having any physical involvement with humans in any form whatsoever. In your case I lifted that block so that you can experience the feelings that your young friend is having. You can now sense and feel the emotions that are coursing through David's body and which he is transmitting through to you, and if you wish you are at liberty to reciprocate those feelings to the boy."

"You set this up Boss?"

"Just say I umm pulled a few strings."

"What else have you got lined up for me?"

"Wait and see."


Suddenly the boy started to squirm on his back, "Uh Michael can you put me down please."

Not wanting to loose the presence of the boys closeness he asked, "Why are you uncomfortable?"

"Umm no, but Umm I need to get down please it's Oh gosh I've got a stiffy."

"What's that?"

"I'll explain later just let me down

"Is it that lump I can fell on my back."

"I'm sorry Michael, really I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it and you don't have to get down unless of course you want to I like having you so close."

"If you're not bothered by it then I'll stay on your back," and the boy squeezed himself tighter into his older companion's body, at the same time nuzzling their faces together."

They walked in silence for a while, till Michael asked, "What happens when you get a stiffy."

"Umm it's a bit hard to explain if you don't know anything about the reproduction system of humans. I didn't know till a year ago when I learnt about it in biology lessons. My teacher explained most of it, and I've also been reading some books on the subject."

"So can't you explain it to me if you've learnt about it?"

"Umm I, okay before we go to bed I'll try and explain it to you," just then they rounded the bend in the river and the bridge came into view, "There's the bridge Michael we can cross there and make our way into the village. If you're tired of carrying me you can put me down."

"No you hardly weigh anything we'll carry on like this," he was reluctant to let go of his young charge."

They continued their journey with the boy happier than he had been in a long time, and Michael, was the companion that he'd been waiting for like forever. Someone to talk to and to play with, and when he needed it to snuggle up to, and he gave his friend another squeeze with his arms and rubbed their faces together, with his stiffy still rubbing into Michael's back.

With the boy's guidance he eventually stood outside the local mini supermarket and reluctantly had to set the boy down so that they could enter the store. Five minutes later they were back out again with the chocolates that the boy needed.

"Do you want me to give you a piggy back again David?"

"No I had better walk I can get some exercise, and we can do some stone skipping on the way back."

"Alright explain it to me."

"Oh yeah I forgot you're an alien," and the boy proceeded to explain stone skipping, and telling Michael that his record was four."

"When they crossed back over the river David hunted around for flat stones and showing Michael the kind to look for. When they'd collected a few stones each, the boy said that he'd go first to show the man how to do it. He walked to the edge of the river bank pulled back his arm hunkered down a bit and let fly. His stone flew out of his hand hitting the surface of the water then bouncing off it did it three times before settling into the water.

Turning to his friend the boy said, "Okay Michael that's how you do it now you have a go."

Following the boys example he let fly with his stone. It flashed across the river a blur skipping over the water till it slammed into the bank on the other side."

"Wo! That's incredible I think that was like fifteen skips and it would have been more if the river were broader. Well that's the end of that, no chance of me beating you."

"Sorry David did I spoil the game."

"No you were brilliant, I just wish I could take you up to a lake and see how many skips you can do."

Putting an arm around the boy he said, "How about when we get around the bend in the river the straight bit is about 400m long I can skip a stone along it instead of across."

"Yeah Michael that will be brilliant, " the boy wriggled free from Michaels arm then grabbing his hand started pulling him along saying, "Come on hurry up I want to see how many you can do"

They rounded the bend in the river and stopped, David released Michael's hand, "Okay here's the straight bit Michael now have a go," he said.

Michael selected one of the stones he'd collected, moved right to the edge of the river bank hunkered down some pulled his arm and watched by the boy he let it rip. The stone flew across the water skipping along. It went at such speed that the boy's eyes opened in astonishment, as he watched the stone fly down the length of the river till he saw a mound of mud fly into the air as the stone crashed into the bank 400m away as the river again curved around to the right.

"Oh gosh! That must be a world record Michael, go on throw another one," and he complied with the boy's wishes, but this time using his mind he made the stone when reaching the bend turn around and return back towards them then jump out of the water and land at the boy's feet.

David overawed and dumbfounded by what he'd just seen bent down and picked up the stone. He looked at it then putting it in his pocket said, "That was magic, I'm keeping this stone forever," then taking the man by the hand said, "Come on Michael lets get back to the camp, we can sit and talk till Rupert brings the hot chocolate."

He let David lead him by the hand absolutely captivated by the boy's acceptance of him and by the way the boy now wanted to include him in every aspect of his life.

They reached the gate that led into the garden and the boy did the necessary unlocking it then locking it when they were in.

Once inside the tent before sitting down on the air mattress the boy put his bars of chocolate that he bought away. Then coming over to where Michael sat plonked himself down beside the man.

"We can have a look for glow worms and fireflies after we've had our hot chocolate, it should be dark enough by then," the boy said, "Gosh I forgot you haven't got any nightwear to sleep in."

"That's alright David; I can easily transform the clothes that I've got on into nightwear."

"You can?"

"Yes, as you would say easy peasy."

"Go on then show me."

"Umm, have you any nightwear to show me then I'll have an idea what they look like."

David went over to where his clothes were kept and took out a pair of navy blue night shorts and a pale blue T-shirt. Holding them up he showed them to Michael, saying, "These are what I wear."

Seconds later Michael was still sitting on the air mattress but now he was clad in exactly the same style and coloured nightwear that the boy had showed him.

The boy laughed saying "Now why can't I do that it would save a whole heap of time." then the boy got serious, "You're not an alien Michael are you."

"No, David I'm not."

"I thought so, aliens couldn't travel through space without some form of vehicle, can you tell me where you're from please?"

"Come here David."

The boy put his nightwear that he was still holding down then walked over to Michael and sat beside him leaning his body against that of the man's.

Michael put an arm around the boy and lifted him bodily and placed him between his outstretched legs then wrapped his arms around the boy and leaning forward he whispered in the boy's ear, "I'm an Angel, David."

Boy swivelled his head to look at his companion, "Are you the Archangel Michael?"

"No my name is Sammael but you can keep using Michael, it doesn't really matter."

"Why are you here?"

"Well you see every hundred years I get to have a day off, and I can go any place I want. I normally come down here by the river to relax for the day then head back at midnight. Only difference this time was a certain nearly thirteen-year-old boy fell in the river and I was told to save him."

"Who told you?"

"Who do you think we take our orders from?"

"Oh crikey you mean God."


David untangled himself from Michael's embrace then turning around and on his knees facing Michael said, "When you leave will you take me with you?"

"If you wish, but we still have another six days, and by then somebody up there might have a change of plan. Maybe when you say your prayers tonight you had better ask him he might tell you what he has planned for you."

"Okay Michael, I will." Then just as suddenly the boy changed the subject saying, "It should be nearly time for Rupert to bring the hot chocolate."

"I think we should go up to the house and get it ourselves," Michael said, getting up off the air mattress, "He's getting old so we should save him the trouble of bringing it to the tent."

"Good idea," and grabbing Michael by the hand said, "Come on I'll introduce you to Rupert I'm sure you'll like him, he's very prim and proper but also awfully polite," and the two of them made their way up the garden towards the house the boy leading the way.


As they reached the conservatory Rupert was just exiting it with a tray and a couple of mugs on it.

"It's alright Rupert," the boy called out, "We've come to the house to save you the trouble of bringing the chocolate down to the tent."

"Will Master David and his friend carry them down to the tent or would you like to sit in the conservatory and have your drinks?"

"Oh come off it Rupert don't be so formal there's only us around, this is my friend Michael,"

"Good evening si... I mean Michael."

"Good evening Rupert its nice to meet you David's been telling me about you."

David tugged Michael's arm breaking the conversation between the two men and getting Michael's attention, "Do you want to carry the drinks back to the tent or sit in the conservatory?"

"I think we can sit in the conservatory and have our drinks."

"Okay then," the boy agreed, and Rupert led them into the conservatory placing the drink on a small table.

Michael was shown to a recliner and when he was settled David instead of sitting in a separate chair came and sat beside Michael.

David noticed Rupert watching him sitting next to Michael, and as he brought the table with the drinks on it closer to the man and boy David said,

"Its okay Rupert, Michael's an Angel."

"I know Davey," he said, using the boy's pet name, then putting the table beside them he straightened saying, "If you'll excuse me I have to get the menu ready for the cook tomorrow so I'll take my leave of you both, goodnight Michael, goodnight Davey."

"Goodnight Rupert they both chorused together," then David asked "Did you tell him you were an Angel."

"Yes David."


When we came into the conservatory to put his mind at rest I spoke inside his head."

David picked up the mugs of chocolate giving one to Michael, and after first blowing on his for a bit he then took a slurp of his drink letting out an "aaahhhh," as he swallowed an relished the pleasure of his hot chocolate. Michael did as the boy copying his every move and David thought it was hilarious as he struggled to stop his laughter so he could take in more of his drink.

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