David Nearly 13

Part 3

They finished their hot chocolate and the boy stood saying, "Leave the mugs on the table Michael, Rupert will come and collect them later," then grabbing an empty jam jar and taking the man by the hand led him outside into the garden.

The light from the conservatory cast a glow around the surrounding lawn and plants, but as they walked further down the garden so the light faded blocked out by the various shrubs and trees till at last it no longer had any effect on their passage down to the tent.

The boy still held onto Michael's hand as he led him through the garden saying, "I could lead you through here Michael with my eyes shut I know it so well."

The man didn't respond just smiled in the dark content to hold the boy's hand and be led by him.

"Keep your eyes peeled for glow worms Michael, and fireflies," the boy said over his shoulder, "You only get a few fireflies here in the garden, but they are heaps of them down by the river bank, we'll go there and catch some."

Suddenly the boy stopped and bending down lifted something from the ground then turning to the man and opening his hand showed him a glow worm nestling in the palm of his hand.

"There you go Michael that's a glow worm, then after letting the man scrutinize it he returned it to where he picked it up.

Eventually they came to the tent but the boy didn't stop he led them to the gate at the bottom of the garden. Letting go of the man's hand David opened the gate with his key then made their way to the river bank. He stopped by a bush that was near the trees that he'd been climbing earlier in the day and where he had fallen from.

"Okay Michael keep watch we should soon see some fire, oops there's one get it Michael, quick," and the man complying with the boy's wishes caught not just the one but four others in his hand. Opening the jam jar David said, "Put them inside the jar."

Michael did as he was told and the boy quickly put the lid back on the jar then held the jar up to see the light twinkling inside the jar. They watched the fireflies for about a minute then the boy opened the lid and let them out, and watched them disappear into the night.

Turning to the man he said, "It's not good to keep them too long I'm sure they get stressed out being cooped up in a jam jar."

"I quite agree with you David, let's go back to the tent and get ready for bed then we can have a long talk before you go to sleep."

"Okay Michael lets go," and the boy led the way back.

Surprised at the boy's instant agreement to return to the tent Michael followed him. He began to wonder why the boy was so agreeable to everything that he suggested so took a quick look inside his mind and in doing so he smiled at the reason.

"Okay boss how do I deal with a boy who's in love with me, and is scared to contradict anything I say in case I take offence and leave."

"Alright Michael, firstly don't read the boy's mind again if you're unsure of anything ask me, his mind is private."

"Sorry Boss."

"Don't be you were only trying to gain information. Now the boy as I told you earlier is experiencing some changes to his body externally and internally, and these changes are also sexual.

As you know all spiritual beings unlike humans are neither male nor female, and you have no concept of the feelings that take place in the human body when they become extremely attached to someone or as they say fall in love. So now I'll give you a taste of those feelings that they have when they get that special attachment towards another human, then also the feelings they have during their reproduction ritual."

Michael's eyes widened as the feelings crashed through his being, then his thoughts went through to his creator at the same time using an expression he'd picked up from the boy "Gosh! Now I know why you put a block on our physical involvement with humans that was incredible Boss."

"Alright Michael, now that I've given you the knowledge of how your young friend is feeling toward you, you can now return those feelings to him which will help to cement the friendship."

"Okay Boss will do."

"Here we are Michael," the boy said entering the tent and switching the portable light on and placing it by the air mattress. "I'll get changed then we can have a good chat. I haven't had a night-time chat with someone else before, this is going to be heaps of fun," the boy said thrilled to have a companion to share his tent for the night

David, like the previous time without any inhibitions divested himself of his clothing putting them away neatly then donning his nightwear turning he saw that Michael had already changed his attire into a replica of what he was wearing and was lying on his back on the air mattress."

"Umm, you'll have to get up for a minute Michael I have to put the covers and pillows for us to sleep on."

Michael floated above the air mattress then in a second the covers and pillows were on their bed for the night and he settled back on the mattress again

"That was bloody brilliant Michael," the boy said then jumped onto the mattress beside the man.

He lay still for a minute then rolled over again on top of Michael Lying full length on top of him. Folding his arms he placed them on Michael's chest then rested his chin on the back of his hands, and looked into his friend eyes saying,

"I love you Michael."

"I know, and I have to be honest with you David I read your mind when we were coming to the tent, and I was told by my Superior not to do it again. I hope you're not angry, and if it makes you feel better I love you too."

"Wo! You love me, do you really or are you just saying that to make me feel good."

He lifted his head off the pillow and pecked the boy on the lips letting the feelings that he'd felt emanate from the boy earlier in the day be reciprocated by him as he brushed their lips together.

The kiss was broken and the boy moved his hands and wrapped them around the man's neck at the same time bringing the side of his face to rest against Michaels.

"Oh wow Michael that felt incredible. Gosh I'm so lucky to have you for a best friend. Guess what?"


"I've got a stiffy again."

"Oh umm I'm sorry David."

"You don't have to be sorry it happens quite a lot and feel's kind of nice but it will go down after a while."

"Oh by the way David, "Michael said, "You don't have to tell me about the reproduction cycle I found out."

The boy with the side of his face still rubbing the man's face sighed in relief. "I'm glad you found out it would be kind of embarrassing to give you all the details, especially about how we sometimes relieve ourselves." Suddenly the boy lifted his head to look down at the man, "Umm you didn't sort of umm see anything in my mind about umm, umm, Oh Gosh!"

"About what David?"

"Umm about oh crikey, you know, what boys do when they get stiffy's sometimes."

"No David I didn't see anything like that, all I saw was that you loved me."

"Phew, that's good, and you won't be reading my mind again."

"No David I won't."

"Brilliant," and again the boy did like he had earlier change the subject by asking, "Can you lift up into the air with me lying on top of you Michael."

Doing as the boy asked he floated about a couple of feet above the mattress. The boy smiled then staring into the man's eyes slowly lowered his face to bring their lips together in a gentle kiss. The feelings that flowed through the boy and the spiritual being were like no other that either had experienced before. For a moment they were in a world of their own where only the two of them existed. The boy broke the kiss breathing heavily and said, "If I asked God to let you stay here with me do you think he would."

Michael still recovering from the intensity of the feelings that the boy had sent through to his being said, "I don't know David he's the only one who can answer that."

"Okay if he said yes, would you like to stay or would you get lonely for your other Angels."

"I'd stay with you forever David, but you must remember you won't be a little boy for long you'll grow and become a man and maybe want to marry and have children of your own."

The boy was silent for a while then his eyes brightened as he said, "Okay stay till I'm sixteen then we can both go back together."

Michael gently settled back down onto the mattress then wrapping his arms around the boy said, "Don't go making too many plans David, you have to wait and see what your creator has planned for you."

Again the boy was silent as he lay on top of his friend letting his mind revolve around the topic then again he lifted his head and looked into Michael's eyes,

"Is that why you came here, to take me back?"

"No David, I told you I was on my break our meeting was arranged by my Superior, and only he knows what will happen to you."

The boy lay his head down on the man's shoulder pressing himself into the man's body, "Any idea's what God has lined up for me Michael?"

"No David, depending on your actions sometimes he can have a change of plan, so just be patient I'm sure he'll let one of us know soon enough."

"Okay Michael, can you scratch my back please."

The Angel smiled at how quickly the boy could change the subject, then did what was requested of him with the boy giving instructions higher, lower, to the right a bit, to the left, yeah that's it right there, oh yes that brilliant, and then his voice faded as David slept.

He didn't move the boy from off his body but just lay there relishing the boy's presence as David lay sleeping on top of him and wishing he could experience the feelings again that he'd got when the boy had kissed him

Suddenly the boy stirred and awoke then realizing where he was said, "Oops forgot to say my prayers," and the boy rolled off the man's body onto his side of the bed and lay on his back. Lifting his hand he switched off the portable light then made the sign of the cross and brought his hands together to pray.

"Thanks God, for sending Sa, umm yikes! I've forgotten Michael's proper name anyway you know who I mean. I was really scared when I fell in the water, and when Michael came and saved me it was so awesome. When I recovered on the bank and saw his face I wanted him to be with me forever. I know he's one of your Angels, but you've got heaps of them so couldn't you just sort of let him stay here with me I'm sure you can do without him. Umm look after my mum and dad and keep them safe, and oh yeah thanks for telling Michael not to read my mind, but actually I don't mind if he did. Sorry for lying on my back and saying my prayers but I was kind of tired and didn't feel like kneeling downnnnn..." and the boy slept.

And the Almighty smiled as he looked down at the sleeping boy.

He had his arms around Michael's neck and he clung to him pressing his body into the man's. He could feel his stiffy pressing into Michael's back as he was carried by the man along the river bank. He nuzzled his face against Michael's who in turn swivelled his head and brought their lips together in the softest of touches.

With the kiss and the movement of the man's body on his erection the boy's feelings could not be contained and his semen erupted from his loins as he jerked uncontrollably against Michael's back.

He awoke from his dream and felt the stickiness in his night shorts. He looked around and in the first faint fingers of light that pierced the night sky he could just make out the outline of the man lying beside him. Quickly untangling himself from Michael he rolled clear embarrassed, and a bit ashamed at what had happened. He started to move off the mattress when he was stopped by a hand holding onto his arm, and the portable light coming on then he was pulled into Michael's arms.

"Don't worry about it David," the man said as he leaned forward pecking the boy on the lips, "You've been taught about all this and also read about it so you shouldn't feel ashamed about it.

I'm sorry Michael," the boy blurted out, "But I was dreaming about you when I did it and you're an Angel and all that, what is God going to think about it he'll think I'm really nasty and he might change his mind about me and take you ba..., " the boy was interrupted by the man placing a hand over his mouth saying.

"Shoosh David," and when the boy had quietened he took his hand from the boy's mouth. "You should know better David, God knows before hand what you're going to do. He knew about what happened just now ages ago."

"Yeah I suppose your right it was just so embarrassing when I woke up anyway I have to clean up."

"Clean up what David?"

"Umm the, wait a minute it's gone," and the boy moved his hand under the elasticized waistband of his shorts to feel his loins perfectly dry and clean. He pulled his hand out and rolling on top of the man and looking down at him said, "You cleaned me?"

"Yep, easy peasy."

The boy laughed and hugged his special friend, and lay where he was as slowly his eyelids drooped as the man rubbed his back and again he slept.

Michael was more than content to have the boy lying full length on top of him. He wrapped his arms around the boy so that he wouldn't be able to roll off.


"Yes Boss."

"So what do you think?"

"I couldn't believe the intensity of the feelings David had when he was snuggled against my body and having his dream."

"Yes, well we have a dilemma. The boy is clearly in love with you, so he will want to be in your company all the time, and working with you will be out of the question. His mind won't be on his job all he'll be thinking about is when he can get together with you again."

"But Boss he won't have those kind of feelings when he up there with us."

"Huh, seems I need to educate my spiritual beings. Don't ever underestimate the power of Love Michael. You felt the intensity of it this night when he kissed you remember it."

"Yes Boss."

"I'll talk to you later about what I have planned for David; it will also involve you having to agree to it. I won't order you, this time it will be your free and conscious decision."

" Okay Boss,"