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David Nearly 13

Part 4

He lay on his side looking at the figure curled up beside him. One of the boy's legs was thrown across the lower part of his body and the boy's right arm was wrapped around his chest.

He'd removed David from off his body during the night and placed the boy on the mattress beside him after he was certain that the boy was sleeping soundly. He stroked the blond head that lay inches from his face, the boy mumbled and slowly opened his eyes, his face breaking into a smile on seeing Michael looking at him.

"Good morning David, did you sleep well?"

"Yeah," the boy pulled himself tighter into his companion's body and squeezing tightly saying, "Don't suppose you could send me to sleep again could you?"

"Yes I could, but I think you've slept long enough, and I'm sure Rupert must be getting your breakfast ready by now."

"Shhhhhhhrimps!" the boy muttered, lifting his head from Michael's chest where it had been buried, oh well, I suppose I'd better get up. "I wish I could swim,

"What's the reason, David?"

"I wouldn't have to go up to the house to shower before breakfast, I could go for a swim in the river."

"Well, you can come in with me David; there won't be any chance of you drowning with me holding you."

"Oh man that would be brilliant, come on then." and the boy was up in flash and grabbing a towel, he ripped his nightwear off and wrapped the towel around his waist then addressing the man said, "I don't have any swim shorts Michael it's alright if I swim in the nude."

"I don't have any either, so we'll both be naked."

"Okay, here's a towel for you," the boy said, throwing one across to the man.

Michael wrapped the towel around his waist and made his apparel disappear, leaving him naked except for the towel."

"I wish I could do that," the boy said grinning.

They made their way out of the tent and down to the river bank. At the edge of the bank, David removed his towel then naked sat on the grassy bank and slid down to the water's edge. He submerged his foot into the water and immediately drew it back out again letting out a yell, "Yikes that's bloody cold."

Michael laughed at the boy's antics removed his towel took hold of the boy and had them both in the water in a second.

The water wasn't cold at all, he was lying on top of Michael who was floating on his back in mid stream.

The boy couldn't believe that the water which at one moment had been freezing was now just a fraction below body heat or so it felt, and he realized that most probably Michael was instrumental in causing it. He lay content on top of his friend as they moved through the water without any effort on the man's part.

"Umm Michael, I umm need to pee, could you move me off you so I can do it."

The man complied with the boy's wishes and supported him while he relieved himself, when he'd finished, he placed him back as he was before.

"Michael umm," the boy said, looking down at the man, "You umm haven't got uh umm a Oh gosh, you haven't got a thingy."

"I'm an Angel David, we don't have thingy's, or as you said before reproductive organs."

The boy smiled "Oh yeah, I should have known,"

"Does it worry you David?

"No, actually it looks quite neat," he pecked the man on the lips then rested his head on Michaels shoulder as they glided through the water.

Ten minutes later they came out of the water, the boy picked up his towel where he'd left it to dry himself off, and noticed that he was completely dry.

Laughing, David turned to the man and jumped on top of him wrapping his arms and legs around him saying, "You dried us off."

Enveloping the boy in his arms to support him, he said, "Yes I thought it would save a bit of time."

"I don't suppose you could slap some clothes on me Michael, could you?"

"I could, but I won't; it will make you lazy, now jump down and let's get back to the tent where you can get dressed."

They stood naked under the trees; the boy still in the man's arms. He didn't move at the man's request but stayed with his arms locked around Michael's neck. Then leaning forward with his eyes closed, brought their lips together. As they kissed, the boy's loins became aroused as he squeezed their bodies even tighter together. The emotions emanating from the boy crashed through Michael's being and with the sheer ecstasy of the feelings, he lifted them off the ground till they were floating amongst the lower branches of the trees. David opened his eyes and smiled on seeing where they were.

"Michael," he whispered.

The man opened his eyes, "Yes David,"

"Can we fly back to the tent?"

He smiled and brought them back down to earth, "No, we walk"

"Okay," and the boy unravelled himself from the man and dropped to the ground.

He started walking towards the tent, then stopped until the man caught up and was beside him and asked "What happened?"

"What do you mean David?"

"You know," the boy said holding the man's hand and continuing his way toward the tent, pulling the man along, "Like floating in the air is an everyday thing for you, but not for me."

"You caused that."

"Me what did I do?"

"You kissed me."

"Yeah but, umm cripes is that what a kiss can do to you."

"It's what you do to me, and you're lucky that I was able to control my emotions to a certain extent; if I hadn't we would have ended up in space."

"Oh man, why did you control yourself I'd have loved being in space."

The man laughed as he followed this precocious boy who had utterly captivated him.

They reached the tent and David went towards where his clothes were to dress, then turning, asked Michael, who had already clad himself, "Can you make my penis disappear so I can be like you."

"You want me to get into trouble? If I did that, I'd be in pooh up to my eyebrows, and you wouldn't see me for dust."

"Oh crikey Michael, I'm sorry I don't want anything to happen to you because of me."

"Don't worry about it nothing's going to happen to me, now get a move on, otherwise you'll have Rupert getting worried."

"Okay, I'm nearly ready," the boy said, pulling a lilac coloured T-shirt over his head. When he'd finished pulling it down, he walked over to the man with a comb in his hand saying, "Do my hair, please Michael."

The man took the comb from the boy and ran it through his hair till it was looking respectable.

With his hair done, he slipped his feet into his flip flops, and giving Michaels hand a tug, David said, "Let's go have breakfast, although I don't suppose you'll eat or drink anything."

"You suppose correctly."

"Then why did you drink the chocolate last night?"

"Because you wanted me to taste it, so I did."

"So you wouldn't want to taste Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, or bacon and eggs, would you?"

"Definitely not."

"Oh well, you don't know what you're missing," and man and boy made their way to the house.


"Yes Boss."

I've decided what to do about David."

"Okay, go ahead and tell me."

"Firstly, it will mean you giving up your Spiritual Entity for the period that you'll be on earth. You will be like any other normal human with all their faults and weaknesses. You will have no recollection of ever having been anything else other than a human male."

"How long for, Boss?"

"There's no point in telling you now, for as you know, time in our sense is beyond understanding to a human. If I told you ten years that would mean nothing to you now in your present state, a blink of an eye is like a hundred thousand years."

"Okay, so when I do return do I return to my normal duties?"

"That depends on how you feel, because both of you will be returning at the same time and you might just have different ideas by then."

"Alright, when will I be transformed?"

"I could do it later today, that would mean cutting your holiday short with the boy, but if you explain it to him that you will see him later, and you'll be staying indefinitely, I'm sure he won't mind you leaving so soon. Oh, just one other thing, the boy won't quite recognize you when he sees you the next time, but certain actions, when taken, will make him remember, and you maybe for that matter. Are you still willing to go ahead Michael?"

"Yes, Boss."

"You don't have to tell me when you're going to leave Michael, I already know."

The boy led the silent man into the house and to the dining room. He sat silently watching the boy partake of his breakfast, wondering how he would take it when he was told that he was going to leave today.

"You're very quiet Michael; is anything wrong?"

"No nothing, I was talking to the Supreme Being."

"Was it about me?" the boy asked, taking another mouthful of flakes.

"Sort of, but we'll talk about it when you've finished your breakfast, and not before."

"Okay Michael, would you like a cup of tea while you're waiting for me to finish."

"No thank you David, I'm quite alright as I am."

"Okay, I won't be too long can't wait to hear what you have to tell me."

Ten minutes later saw them making their way down the garden and through the gate to sit under the trees by the river bank.

Putting an arm around the boy and pulling him into his side, the man said, "I want you to listen to what I have to say without interruption, David. When I've finished, you can ask me whatever you want to and I'll answer to the best I can."

"The man paused, then taking a deep breath began, "You know yesterday I said I had been given a week to stay with you, well things have changed, and I have to leave today."

The boy spun around in the man's grasp, looking him in the eyes, but before he could utter his dissent, the man stopped him by saying. "I haven't finished yet, David," and then he continued, "But I will return, the only thing is, I can't give you a date, but I can tell you it won't be too long a wait and I will be staying indefinitely."

"You promise you'll come back, Michael."

"Yes, I promise, but I'm not too sure if I'll be the same as I am now."

The boy getting to his knees so that their faces were on a level, said, "I don't care if your not the same, as long as it's you, it will be okay," then leaning forward they brought their lips together and once again the depth of emotions passing between them carried them into a world of their own.

When they broke the kiss, the boy rested his forehead against that of the man's, then asked him. "Michael, will you let me see what you really look like?"

He was about to refuse when a voice in his head said, "Go ahead Michael, but don't let him see your full brilliance it would blind him permanently."

He sent his thoughts back to the Supreme Being, "Okay Boss, and Thanks for allowing me to do this."

As he stood, so he lifted David to his feet, then stepping away from the boy, he said, "Alright David, but only for a little while, now stay where you are," and Michael transformed himself.

The boy sucked in his breath at the light that floated in front of him, it was spherical and slightly smaller then a football with light emanating from it in all directions.

"Michael, you look beautiful."

"Thank you David, a voice spoke inside the boy's head, but I can't show you my full brilliance as it would damage your eyes."

"Cripes, and I thought this was bright, can I touch you, Michael?"

"Not really your hand would just pass through the ball of light. But stay where you are, and I'll come to you."

The ball of light moved forward towards the boy, and then at chest level it entered David's body.

"Aahhhh," the boy uttered, as feelings of absolute love coursed through his being and for a brief moment he experienced a little bit of Heaven, and then Michael was standing in front of him again.

He moved forward and wrapped his arms around Michael's waist, "When will you be leaving."


"Okay, you'd better do it now, otherwise the longer you stay the harder it will get."

The man unravelled the boy's arms from around his waist; he smiled said, "I love you David Nearly 13," stroked the boy's head and disappeared.


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