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David Nearly 13

Part 6

He stood staring at the door that had just shut and wondering what was that all about, and why did he get those strange sensations passing through him when the boy had kissed him on the forehead. Yes he'd been friendly with other boys and had even got quite close with some of them who he had known over the years at the home, but none had made him feel like David had.

He climbed into his bed and put the light out and with his mind going over the events of the day he slowly slid towards the edges of unconsciousness.

He didn't here the door open or the sound of feet tip-toeing across the carpeted floor. The first he knew of someone in his room came with the bed covers being lifted and a body sliding into his bed. Startled his eyes flew open, and his hand automatically flicking the light on. He squinted as his eyes were temporarily hurt by the light; he quickly looked down at the form lying beside him to see a blonde haired hazel eyed boy staring at him.

"David what the Hell are you doing in my bed." Angelo yelled a bit concerned.

"Shoosh not so loud, you'll have the rest of the house running in here."

"Alright but you didn't answer my question."

"I'm sorry Angelo," the younger boy said, snuggling up to his older companion, "I just couldn't sleep my mind was going round in circles trying to remember where I had met you before. I knew if I stayed in my bed I'd never get to sleep so I came in here."

"Bloody Hell, David, if anyone were to go into your room and see it empty there'd be a right ruckus," Angelo said, as he shifted his position and moved the boy so that he could rest his head on half the pillow, "And if they found you in my bed I'd be dead."

"No problem, nobody comes into my room after I've wished everybody goodnight," David said throwing a leg over the lower part of Angelo's body and moving his head from the pillow to the older boy's shoulder, "Unless of course I'm sick, and I'm not sick."

"You making yourself comfy?" Angelo asked sarcastically, which was totally lost on the boy as he responded with a, "Yes."

There was a brief silence broken by David requesting Angelo to put his hand under his T-shirt and rub his back. The moment that Angelo's hand started to rub his back David's body seem to spasm and he squeezed himself tighter into the older boy's body.

Within five minutes the boy slept, Angelo continued to rub his back knowing the boy was sleeping but reluctant to lose contact with the boy's naked flesh on his hand.

Half an hour later with the boy still soundly asleep Angelo slowly untangled himself from David and got out of the bed went to the door and opened it. Moving around to the boy's side he gently scooped the boy into his arms and carried him out of the room. When he arrived at the boy's room he managed to open the door and carried the boy to his bed. Thankfully when leaving the bed David had thrown the covers back so he was able to lay the boy on to the sheet and gently pull the covers over him. After kissing the David on the forehead and stroking the blonde head Angelo made his way back to his room and eventually after much mind searching slept.

He was up again by 7.30am, he made his way to the en-suite and after his morning ablutions returned to his room to dress. By 8.00am he made his way down to the kitchen to find a tall white-haired man pouring boiling water into a cup and presumed he was making a cup of tea.

"Ah you must be Angelo Granger?" the man enquired. Then he furrowed his eyebrows and stared at the boys face as if he was trying to remember something

"Yes sir, Mr Jennings employed me yesterday afternoon."

"Its not sir it's Rupert," the butler said still gazing into the boys face questioningly, then continued saying, "And when you've had your breakfast you can go to Master David's room. That's the second door when you turn left at the top of the stairs. Before entering knock on the door lightly if he's awake he'll ask you to enter if not you can enter quietly. Master David will most probably still be asleep seeing that he was put to bed rather late last night," and Rupert looked at Angelo over the top of his spectacles and smiled, and continued saying, "He's normally quite tidy but there are times when he leaves his clothes lying about. Pick up any dirty underwear if he's left them on the floor, then check the clothes basket and see how full it is and bring them down to be washed.."

Rupert took a sip of his tea then continued, "Now help yourself to whatever you want for your breakfast don't be shy take as much as you wish."

"Thank you Rupert," Angelo said, walking further into the kitchen and getting a cereal bowl he filled it with flakes from a box on the kitchen table, adding milk and sugar he then sat down to consume his breakfast.

After his cereal and a couple of eggs on toast washed down with a cup of tea, he excused himself from Rupert's presence and made his way to David's room.

When he stood outside the room he knocked gently as instructed by Rupert and waited. He didn't hear a voice giving him permission to enter so quietly opened the door and made his way inside. He looked toward the bed and from the light filtering through the curtains could see the boys head his hair all mussed up as he lay sleeping.

As Rupert stated David's room was quite tidy for a boy of his age. He could see that the boys had left his underwear from yesterday on the chair. He started to move around the room checking to see if any other garments had been left lying around.

He stooped to retrieve the boy's socks which were on the floor the other side of the bed and as he did so a body landed on his back and a pair of arms were around his neck and a voice he recognized from last night saying , "Morning Angelo."

He managed to get out a "Morning David." As the boys arms were constricting his vocal chords. He loosened the boy's arms from his neck slightly making it more comfortable for him to speak. "You've been awake since I knocked."

"Not quite," the boy said in his ear, "When you opened the door and came in I became fully awake."

"Okay could you get off my back I have work to do."

"Nope." The boy said quite emphatically, "Your first job is to carry me to the bathroom."

"David, will you behave yourself and get down."

"If you don't take me to the loo I'll pee on your back."

Angelo stood up with David still clinging to him now with the boys legs wrapped around his waist. He walked to the bed with the boy on his back then sat on it saying. "Okay now hop off."

"No you've got to take me to the loo, it's only that door over there it's not far.

Angelo without warning lay back on the bed pinning the boy under him, but not with his full weight. "Now are you going to let go or do you want me to squash you?"

"Hey, this feel nice," the boy said laughing, "I don't mind you lying on top of me."

Angelo relaxed and let more of his weight press down on the boy.

"Ugh ," he heard the boy grunt, "Get off you're bloody heavy," David yelled."

"Are you going to behave and let me get on with my work?"

"Yeah, Yeah," the boy agreed, "but get off will you."

Angelo straightened then stood up looking down at the boy who hadn't moved and was still lying on his back on the bed.

"You okay?" Angelo enquired.

David didn't answer just lay silent then slowly got to his feet and made his way towards the door to the bathroom.

Angelo moved towards the boy and holding his shoulder said, "David I'm sorry did I hurt you,"

The boy looked at him with watery eyes saying, "I only wanted you to give me a ride to the bathroom," and shrugged off the older boy's hand

Angelo realized that he'd boobed where the boy was concerned and had to make amends and quickly, he grabbed the boy and lifted him into his arms and carried him to the bathroom door then opening it walked in. Smiling he looked down at the boy lying in his arms saying, "What do you desire of me now Master David."

The boy's sad mood had changed he smiled saying "It's not Master David, David will do fine. I suppose you'd better put me down, and you'd better get downstairs Rupert must be wondering what's happened to you."

Doing as the boy requested he brushed the boys head saying, "See you in a bit," then moved into the bedroom to pick up the dirty clothes and make his way back to the kitchen.

Entering the kitchen with a bundle of dirty clothes in his hands he stopped in his tracks on seeing David's parents with Rupert, sitting at the kitchen table having their breakfast.

"Good morning Angelo," they chorused.

He responded to their greeting and when he'd finished Rupert told him to take the clothes through to the utility room and put them in the washer. He walked across the kitchen and through the door at the far end and into the room placing the clothes in the washer as requested. He returned to where Rupert sat and said,

"The machine you have is exactly the same as the one we had at the home do you want me to start the wash?"

"Alright Angelo, then when you've completed your morning duties we have to make a list of groceries we need to buy today."

Then turning to Mr & Mrs Jennings asked, "When will Milord and Lady be leaving for Beijing."

"Oh for God's sake Rupert don't be so formal in front of the boy, I've already told him to address us as Mr and Mrs Jennings. Now we'll leave on Wednesday afternoon and spend the night at the airport hotel, as our flight is at 9.30am.and we should be back two weeks later."

"Very well sir are there any special instructions regarding Lord David, ahem I mean Davey while you're away?"

"Yes Rupert," Mr Jennings blurted out, "Don't spoil him."

Angelo wanted to laugh when he saw the look of indignation on Rupert's face but managed to stifle it and headed for the utility room to start the wash.

He suddenly realized that he had been taken in to work for members of the aristocracy. As he was attending to the wash Rupert entered the room saying,

"When you've finished your duties this morning Angelo I've had a change of plan, I'll want you to go to the village with the order list for the weekly groceries.

You might have to take Lord David um I mean David with you he normally likes to get out."

Alright Rupert, Umm do you mind telling me what title Mr Jennings has."

"His real title is Earl of Wessex and David as his heir is addressed as Lord David on formal occasions or when we have other nobility visiting. This is not their normal residence it's one of the houses they own. The Earls country seat is going through some major repairs and renovation so we're staying here for the next year. "

He was just about to ask Rupert if that is how he would have to address Mr Jennings and the boy on the formal occasions and when they had visitors at the house when they heard a yell from upstairs.

"Rupeeeeeeeeert," followed by "what have you done with my flip flops?"

Rupert left the utility room and headed for the bottom of the stairs and calling up to the boy said, "They're down here in the kitchen I washed them last night as they were rather dirty from you wearing them in the garden."

There was silence for a second then the boy appeared at the top of the stairs, "Thanks Rupert, what's for breakfast," he enquired coming down the stairs barefooted then stopping two steps from the bottom and planting a kiss on Rupert's forehead.

"Whatever you want Davey."

"Crunchy nut flakes and toast and marmalade will do, but no the thick bitter stuff you eat, I want the sweet marmalade," and without a pause asked, "are we going to the village later?"

"Angelo is going with the list to place the delivery order, if you wish you can accompany him, as for that marmalade you want on your toast is not fit for human consumption."

"Yeah that's really brilliant I'll like going to the village with Angelo," and the boy hopped down the last couple of stairs then looking over his shoulder at Rupert he said, "your marmalade sucks." And continued making his way to the kitchen.

Rupert didn't respond to the boy's remark only smiled and followed him into the kitchen to see him greet his parents with a morning kiss then seat himself at the table.

Angelo walked back into the kitchen after setting the washing machine to be greeted with, "Hi Angelo from the boy," and before he could respond the boy was saying, "It's wicked you taking me down to village later I'm really looking forward to it," and without hesitating and turning to his father, "Dad, can I rent some DVD's."

"Which ones?" his father asked.

"Lord of the Rings 1, 2, &, 3."

"Alright go ahead."

"Thanks dad," and the boy was filling his mouth with a spoonful of cereal, and at the same time trying to smile at Angelo.


By noon Angelo was given the grocery list and with David by his side headed for the front door to make his way to the village.

"Not that way," David said, pulling the older boy's hand, "Through the garden and along the river bank is a lot shorter, come on," and he guided Angelo through the house and conservatory into the garden. As they walked down the garden so a constant stream of words flowed out of the younger boy's mouth, which told anyone who happened to be observing him that the boy was extremely happy to have a companion by his side nearer his own age.

"The fence on either side of the garden is electrified Angelo but it's only switched on at night," the boy informed his older companion, and they proceeded down the garden till reaching the lower half the boy pointed out a square light green patch of grass where something had rested on it, "And that's where I had my tent during the holidays," then turning to Angelo who was walking slightly behind him, "Do you like camping?"

"I've never been, but I'm sure I would."

They reached the gate at the end of the garden and David produced a key from around his neck and opened the lock on the gate and then locked it again behind them, and with Angelo at his side he walked the few feet to the river bank stopped and stared out over the water till Angelo asked, "Anything wrong David," his words brought the boy back from his thoughts who smiled and said, "No nothing's wrong just trying to remember something but it's always seems to be just out of reach of my mind," then grabbing Angelo's hand said, "Come lets get to the village.

They walked along the river bank talking till David suddenly said, "Hey, I know we can play skipping stones till we get to the bridge, come on Angelo look for some flat stones." The boy was darting around picking up stones some of which he discarded as not suitable enough, others he handed to Angelo to hold while he looked for more. When they had a reasonable collection of missiles David said, "You want to go first Angelo."

"Okay," the older boy replied, and made his way down to the edge of the bank and let fly with his first stone. He got the angle all wrong and the stone just hit the water and sunk immediately. "Blast, that was total crap," he blurted out and David was killing himself laughing.

"Alright smarty pants you have a go," the older boy said grinning being infected by the younger boy's laughter.

David still giggling went to the waters edge and let rip with his stone which bounced along the water four times before sinking.

He scrambled up the bank and jumping yelled, "Yeah," and punched the air with his fist, "I equalled my record, now you have a go Angelo and skim it along the water like I did," he said to the older boy, who was getting as much pleasure just watching his young companion as the boy did skipping his stones.

"Alright Lord David," he said smiling "I obey your every command."

Before the older boy could walk to the edge of the bank David yelled, "That's not bloody funny I wasn't ordering you." And the boy turned and started to make his way back to the garden gate.

Angelo quickly realized that what he'd said in fun was not looked upon in that manner by the boy, he dashed after David and before he could open the gate stopped him from doing so then kneeling in front of the boy so that their faces were on a level, "I'm sorry David I only said that in fun I didn't realize that it made you feel bad."

The boy looked into the startling green eyes saying, "I don't ever want you calling me Lord or Master not even in fun, to you I'm David, nothing else."

"Okay David, now should we get going to the village and we can do some more skipping stones on the way back."

"Alright but you've got to give me a piggy back to the bridge."

"What, is that my punishment."

The boy leaned forward resting his forehead on the older boy's, "No, I'd never punish you for anything just want a piggy back ride."

Angelo turned around presenting his back to the boy, "Okay David hop on," and before he knew it a pair of arms were around his neck and legs around his waist he straightened clasping the boy's thighs and asked, "Which way to the village."

The boy put his mouth close to Angelo's ear saying, "Upriver," then proceeded to rub the side of is face against that of the older boy's.

The feelings that coursed through his body as the boy nuzzled up to the side of his face started to make Angelo feel a bit uncomfortable. He had never in his life imagined that another boy could stir such feelings inside of him.

His thoughts were invaded by David's voice whispering in his ear, "Do you like me Angelo, or are you being nice because you're afraid of losing your job?"

"What do you think David?"

"I think you like me I can feel it in you, but I'll soon know," and using his hand David turned Angelo's face sideways and brought there lips together.

The moment he did there was a flash of understanding hurtling through David's mind, and the memories he been trying to bring to the surface since first seeing Angelo, were now there for him to recall. He broke the kiss and with the awesome discovery of Angelo's true identity the boy his voice barely audible whispered.



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