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David Nearly 13

Part 7

Angelo whose heart was beating at nearly twice its normal rate from the kiss the boy had given him had all sorts of emotions coursing through his body. He'd heard David whisper Michael, and trying to keep his voice calm asked?

"Who's Michael?"

The boy was silent for a minute, as the question registered on his mind, then responded, "Don't you know?"

"Not really, the only Michael I knew was at the home and he's still there."

"What home are you talking about?"

"Where I've lived since my parents were killed when I was about eight."

"Oh I'm sorry Angelo," and the boy realized that he was confronted by one of two choices. First Angelo had no recollection of ever having been an Angel, or that Angelo was not Michael, but that was highly unlikely if he was to go along with his feelings.

His thoughts were interrupted by Angelo asking, "So who's Michael you didn't say?"

"Umm someone I met a few weeks back."

Well what about Michael," Angelo enquired as he continued to walk along with the boy still on his back, at the same time a bit concerned that the boy had been involved with another male in the same age range as himself.

His thoughts were interrupted by the boy saying, "Angelo could you put me down please."

"Why, something wrong?" he responded.

"Nothing wrong I want to talk to you."

"Cant you talk while you're on my back."

"Yeah I suppose so," and the boy hesitated before putting his mouth next to Angelo's ear and saying, "You're Michael"

The older boy stopped walking momentarily then as he continued walking asked, "How did you come by that conclusion?"

"When I kissed you."

Angelo knew he had to be tactful when talking to the boy, as he'd learnt from previous experiences that David was very sensitive and the slightest thing could upset him, "Yes well that was very nice David, but are you sure you can tell from just one kiss that Michael and I are one and the same person."

The boy now pulled himself up so that once again the side of his face was resting against that of Angelo's, "That's all it took," he said, "To confirm my first suspicions when we first met. Remember last night when I came to your bed. I couldn't sleep; it was because I was trying to remember where I'd seen you before, and when I kissed you just now it confirmed it."

"Confirmed what?"

"That even if you don't remember I do, you're Michael, and we first met about a month ago."

Angelo swivelled his head and staring into the boys very serious hazel eyes said, "Yes I think you're right you'd better get down David, so we can talk."



The boy released his hold around the older boy's neck and slid down to the ground. Angelo turned and gazed down at his young companion, then putting an arm around David guided him to the river bank and sat down pulling the younger boy down to sit beside him.

He paused for a minute then asked, "Okay tell me all about when we supposedly met a month ago."

And David went into detail how he and Michael had met and who Michael was, and how when he left he said "He'd be back but wasn't sure when, and when he did come back he wasn't sure if they would remember," pausing for a moment the boy took Angelo's hand and held it saying, "But I did. From the moment I saw you I just had this feeling that you were Michael. Your face has changed slightly but your eyes are still the same and the moment I kissed you I knew you were Michael."


Angelo was silent for a moment his mind reeling from what the boy had just told him, and if it were true a month ago according to the boy he'd been a spiritual being, which even his name coincidentally enough in English meant Angel seem to corroborate the boy's story.

His thoughts were interrupted by the younger boys voice asking? "Angelo do you believe me, or do you think I'm making it all up?"

He turned his head to look at his young companion sitting beside him and smiled saying, "I'm not sure what to believe. The story you just told me is so way out, and yet it has a ring of truth about it that just makes me think you're not lying. The only problem is I can't recall anything about what you just told me I have flashes at the edges of my mind about your face but nothing I can hold on to."

"It's okay Angelo I can remember for both of us."


The older boy laughed then getting to his feet said well if we don't get to the village and hand over the grocery list soon I will be a memory when I get the sack."

David also rose to his feet and they headed for the village. As they walked along the river bank the younger boy was silent his head bowed as if in thought.

Angelo noticing the boys silence asked, "What's on your mind?"

"Umm nothing much," the boy answered, "okay I'd better tell you."

"Now what?" Angelo enquired, "more revelations."

"Well sort of, it's about after you or I should say Michael left. I was really miserable and Rupert noticed right away and questioned me. He knew about Michael being an Angel but when I told him that the moment I'd seen Michael's face I'd just fallen in love with him, and now that he'd left I really missed him something terrible. Rupert at first thought I was being silly and that I was mixing up love with friendship, but when I told him about my feelings for Michael and what had happened when I had kissed him then he believed me. He soon had me feeling better by telling me that Michael being what he was would never lie and just to be patient that he'd return as soon as he could." Looking up at the older boy to gauge his reaction to what he was saying and not seeing any emotion on Angelo's face David finished with, "So you see Rupert knows how I felt about Michael."



Angelo was quiet recalling how Rupert had looked at him when they had first met in the kitchen and now after what David had told him, was wondering if like the boy, Rupert also suspected him of being Michael.

Putting his thoughts to one side and glancing at the boy walking at his side said, "After we get back from the village I think we'll have some talking to do," and taking the boy's hand so as to reassure him asked, "do you think we should include Rupert in the discussion seeing as he knows everything about you and Michael."

"Yes that would be a good idea, but can we wait till after tea mum and dad will be going out to a meeting then, so we'll have an empty house and no likelihood of being overheard by my parents."

"Okay after tea, and to make the time go quicker you can watch part 1 of Lord of the Rings this afternoon."

"Aren't you going to watch it as well?"

"Only if there's no work to be done."

"I'll tell Rupert to let you off for the afternoon."

"No David, that's not fair. You no Rupert will give into you, and I was hired to help him because of his age and watching movies is not really earning my keep."

"Sorry Angelo, okay if you have work I'll watch it on my own



They continued their way to the village and to the local supermarket. After placing their grocery order they made their way over to the DVD section and instead of renting the DVD's David ended up buying a 3 in1 DVD of L.O.T.R.

On the way back David forgot all about playing skipping stones he wanted to get back to the house as soon as possible to watch the DVD.


On entering the house they immediately heard the boy's mother calling for them, so with Angelo at his side David entered the kitchen where his mother and father were waiting.

"Ah there you both are," she said on their entering the room, "We're just about to eat so get a plate each and bring it over here and I'll serve. The boys did as requested and the four of them were soon sitting eating their lunch.

"Is Rupert having his afternoon nap?" the boy asked through a mouthful of food."

"Yes his mother responded, "and David how many more times must I to tell you not to talk with your mouth full, it's the height of bad manners."

The boy gulped and swallowed a mouthful of food "Sorry mum," then looked across the table at Angelo who was smiling at his being reprimanded.

"If Rupert is having his nap you won't have anything to do till he wakes Angelo so you can watch the movie with me."

"He's already told me what I have to do when I get back from the village, and that's to make a laundry list as the launderers will be picking it up on Monday."

"You can always do it tomorrow Angelo, just leave it and we can watch L.O.T.R."

"No David, I have to do it after I've finished eating and helping with the dishes."

"Good for you Angelo," Mr Jennings said butting into the conversation, "don't give into him. Rupert lets him get away with just about anything and waits on him hand and foot."

"He does not dad," the boy responded indignantly, "he won't buy me fireworks on Guy Fawkes Nights and wouldn't take me to see Die Hard 4 or Transformers when other kids were going in to see them, we ended up going in to see Harry Potter."

"Yes but he gives in to you on nearly everything else."

"No he treats me just the same as he treated you when you were my age, actually Rupert told me you were a right handful when you were young and very hard to control."

Mr Jennings spluttered a bit then mumbled, "I'll have to have a word with Rupert."

"He'll only tell you off dad, so don't bother."

Peter Jennings mumbled under his breath and continued with his food.


He'd finished helping the kitchen staff with the dishes, and had now just finalised making the list for the laundry to be collected on Monday.

It had been nearly an hour since David had gone to watch his DVD and he was on the verge of going to keep the boy company when Rupert walked into the kitchen

They greeted each other and Angelo decided that now was a good time to discuss with Rupert the relationship that had developed between David and Michael.


As the elderly man put the kettle on Angelo asked if it was possible to have a talk with him.

Rupert seeing the concerned look on the boy's face said, "Certainly, would you like a cup of tea as well Angelo while we talk."

"No thank you Rupert," and taking a seat he waited at the table for Rupert to make his tea and bring it over and take a seat as well.

"So what's on your mind son, not thinking of leaving the job already are you?" he said smiling hoping to put the boy at ease.

"No definitely not," Angelo blurted out. "Actually I told David that we'd have this talk together the three of us after his parents go out this evening, but on this particular point I thought it would be better that just you and I talked."

"Alright Angelo now you really have got my Interest, go ahead and say what you have to."

"It's about David's involvement with Michael."

"Ah I see, and what has Davey told you?" the butler asked using the boy's pet name.

Everything even about how you told him that Michael would never lie and would come back."

"So what is it you wanted to know if Davey has told you everything?"

"Well umm uh."

"Come on Angelo spit it out I'm not about to bite you."

"Uh okay. Isn't David a bit young to be talking about falling in love, and also with a male a few years older than himself."

"Does it bother you Angelo."

"No not at all, I was just thinking that does he really know about love I've never had a relationship so I can't really form an opinion, but I thought you knowing David intimately would be able to tell me if he really is in love with Michael or if it's just infatuation."

"I can't be a hundred percent sure Angelo, but knowing Davey I would say that if he said its love it's not far off that mark. And as for falling for another male you forget Angelo it wasn't a man but a Spiritual Being or an Angel, as we call them."

"Umm but Rupert he's now saying that I'm Michael," the boy said worriedly.

"Well you do have a strong resemblance to Michael so I can see why he'd think that," Rupert said, getting up from his chair and making his way over to the kettle

"You sure you won't have a cup of tea?"

"No thanks Rupert, but it's not only because of my looks that he says I'm Michael."

"Oh then what else makes Davey think that you're Michael?" the butler asked walking back to the table with his second cup of tea in his hand, and sitting down again

And Angelo related to Rupert what had taken place when giving David a piggy back ride.

"So what did you feel when Davey kissed you?" Rupert asked staring at the boy intently

"It's hard to describe, I've never before been in any kind of relationship so when his lips touched mine it was like a bolt of electricity going through me."

"So you weren't upset in anyway by Davey's actions."

"No, but I don't know Rupert he's so young what does he really know about love and relationships."

The older man was silent for a bit then getting to his feet and with his head bowed he paced around the room in thought till eventually turning to the boy sitting at the table said, "I'm sure David for all his youth is well aware of the implications of what he said when he told me that he loved Michael. Whether he would have said it if Michael had been a human I'm unable to answer it. But in your case Angelo, although you are supposedly human to all intent and purposes, and as far as Davey is concerned you are a reincarnation of Michael." Rupert walked over to Angelo and standing behind him and placing his hands on the boy's shoulders continued, "So when he kissed you and the realization came to him as to whom you were, to him it was simple. Michael had kept his promise and returned as you."

The boy was silent as he heard Rupert's words ringing in his ears then swivelling in the chair dislodging the man's hands from his shoulder and looking up at him asked, "What am I supposed to do?"

"Nothing Angelo, let your own feelings guide you, and later this evening as Davey suggested we'll sit down and discuss the matter. Now go and keep him company or do whatever else you wish, you don't have any other tasks to fulfil at the moment.



He left Rupert drinking his second cup of tea and made his way to the drawing room. At the door he suddenly had a change of mind and made his way upstairs to his room. Inside he removed his shoes and coat and lay down on the bed with his hands behind his head.

His mind went over the discussion he'd had with Rupert and all that it implied. He couldn't fathom the reasons that had attracted him to the boy from the moment they had met, but the fact that he was made him question his purpose for coming to this household for employment and being accepted without any references. David, just made him feel so wanted, the boy was so open he held nothing back so you were never in any doubt as to what his feelings were towards you.

He had his eyes closed as his mind went over everything that had happened to him since his arrival at the this house, and as so often happens when ones mind is mulling over the events of the day and the body is tired he slept.



The boy knocked softly on the door and getting no response opened it and poked his head around to see Angelo lying on his back hands behind his head sleeping.

He entered the room softly closing the door behind him then walked over and gently lowered himself to sit on the bed, then kicking off his shoes lay beside the sleeping form. He lay on his side studying the face that slept before him and knew in his heart that this was Michael and although Angelo had no recollection of their previous meeting he was not about to let that deter him from letting his feelings be known. He rose and leaned over the sleeping form then slowly lowered his face to bring their lips together.

The moment David's lips touched his Angelo awoke; it took him but an instant to realize that it was the David whose lips were pressing against his. He removed his hands from behind his head and wrapped his arms around the boy gently pressing him into his body as he relished the kiss, and with the realization that he indeed loved the boy.

Angelo rolled over till the boy lay under him then breaking the kiss lifted his head and looked down at a blonde haired hazel-eyed boy.

"Guess what?" he enquired of the face that looked back at him with a smile on its lips.

"No idea, tell me" the young boy said.

"You have to have at least one guess."

"Umm, you liked the kiss."

"Well sort of."

"You can't sort of like a kiss, either you like it or you don't."

Angelo heard the indignant tone in David's voice, "Okay I liked the kiss but that's not it so guess again."

"I'm not guessing any more, so you're just going to have to tell me."

Angelo smiled and lowered his face and kissed the younger boy on the end of the nose saying, "I love you."

David threw his arms around the older boy's neck and laughing pulled him down squeezing him into his body at the same time saying.

"I knew it, I knew it," and then squeezed even harder.


The three of them sat in the drawing room talking for over an hour. Rupert mainly listened to the two boys expressing how they felt about each other.

Now he stood and paced around the room collecting his thoughts then facing the two boys who were sitting together on the settee he cleared his throat and said,

"Firstly," looking at David, "your parents will have to be informed as to the situation between the two of you." David about to object was silenced by Rupert just by a glance. The boy who had more or less been raised by Rupert knew that look and kept quiet.

"Neither of you have to worry about that. I'll be the one to tell them the story that started when they were in Athens, and what is unfolding now today in this house."

He walked over to one of the armchairs and lowered himself into it then continuing said, "Like you David I help raise your father so I'm sure that he'll give ear to what I have to say, and your parents knowing that I'm not one for flights of fancy will I hope believe what I have to tell them."

David rose from his seat and went over to Rupert and climbed onto his lap, and planting a kiss on his cheek said, "Thanks Rupert don't know what I'd do without you."

Rupert smiled, "You know your father used to say the self same thing when he was your age and in trouble and waiting for me to get him out of it. Now I want you and Angelo out of the house tomorrow when I talk to your parents. I'll get Angelo to take you into the village on some errand or the other and I don't want you back for at least a couple of hours, understood."

"Yes Rupert." The boys chorused with David getting up from Rupert's lap and making his way back to sit alongside Angelo.




"Rupert do you really expect us to believe this Cock and Bull story of David and Angelo, AKA Michael." Peter Jennings ranted the next day as he paced around the room after listening to Rupert telling him of his son's involvement with Angelo.

"Milord will you pleas sit down so that I can ask you a few questions which I cant do with you pacing around like a wounded tiger."

Earl Peter Jennings looked at his butler then walked over to his chair and sat down. He knew from boyhood that when Rupert used that tone of voice he was not one to be argued with.

Firstly Milord."

"Oh for God's sake Rupert don't be so bloody formal."

"Alright Peter, but I do wish you'd learn to control your language."

"Sorry Rupert."

The butler looked over the top of his spectacles at his employer, "Humph! Yes quite." Then getting to his feet he stood in front of Earl Peter Jennings.

"Peter how long had that advertisement for and aide for me been running in the Hazeldene Gazette before Angelo answered it?"

"Umm about a month."

"And before Angelo were there any other applicants' for the position."


"Don't you find that a bit strange that nobody applied for the position to work for a member of the aristocracy?"

"Now that you mention it Rupert yes, I hadn't even thought of it." Peter Jennings said looking over at his wife.

"Good, now can you tell me why you engaged Angelo to be my aide?"

"Umm because he applied for the job and I thought he'd be a suitable person for it."

"Very good and can you tell me Peter on what grounds you based that judgement?"

"Umm uh, he just seemed right for it."

"In other words you employed a person to work in your household without asking for any references or him having any experience working in service with a member of the aristocracy and no character checks being made."

"I umm, God! I don't know how that happened."

"Well I think that was just an oversight on Peter's part," Claudette Jennings said coming to her husbands defence.

Rupert turned his attention to Lady Jennings, "Then if it was an oversight on Peter's part what reason did you have for asking Angelo to be a companion for David?"

"Oh my goodness," Claudette Jennings exclaimed, putting a hand to her mouth, "whatever is going on here."

Well now maybe you will give more thought to the story I told you about David's meeting with Michael, while you were in Athens. And how when Michael left he said he'd return, and which in your son's mind he has in the form of Angelo."

Peter Jennings rose to his feet again and walked over to the window to look out into the garden. His mind was in a whirl, he just couldn't get his head around the fact that his son had fallen in love with to all intent and purposes a spiritual being.

He turned to face Rupert who was still standing in the middle of the room looking at him. "Is Angelo an Angel? He asked staring back at the man who had help raise him.

"No, not in his present form, he doesn't even recollect ever meeting David previously."

"So do you believe that the being named Michael that David met earlier was an Angel."

"I have no doubt about it."

"What do we do Rupert?"

"We or the two of you will talk to them laying out rules that you want them to comply with until David reaches his age of consent. At the moment I think David because of his age the attraction he has for Angelo is more on a platonic level but still very intense. I'm not sure but I think as he gets older sex may enter into the relationship. Next as David is your sole heir you need to have another child. It doesn't have to be straight away but if you see that David's relationship with Angelo, gets even more pronounced then I suggest it would be advisable to have a second child. That way it will ensure the title will stay in the family and not got to one of your cousins children. But that isn't the only reason for you having another child; I think David may not be with us for too many years."

"The Earl jumped to his feet, "What do you mean by that Rupert."

"I can't be certain but I think Angelo is here in answer to David's prayers but only for a limited time and when he returns he will take David with him."

Husband and wife stared each other in shock on hearing Rupert's words; they came together and embraced Claudette resting her head on her husband's shoulder.

With his wife still in his arms Peter Jennings turned his head to face his butler, "How sure are you Rupert."

"Not a hundred percent, but pretty sure Sir."

"When will the boys' be returning?"

"It shouldn't be long I told them to stay out for a couple of hours and it has just gone that."




He lay in his bed thinking over what had transpired over the last two days. How applying for a job and a twelve, no nearly thirteen-year-old boy had completely changed his life. His mind went over the day's events and the talk that he and David had, had with David's parents on their return from the village.

He smiled to himself when remembering the boy's indignation when Mr Jennings had asked if Angelo had done anything sexual to him, and his response of

"Angelo would never do anything like that unless I asked him, and in any case I hadn't even thought about it. I love him and just want to be with him all the time."

He leaned over and kissed the sleeping boy that lay beside him, his pure openness and innocence made Angelo realize that sexually he could never bring himself to instigate proceedings. If there were to be any sexual activity between them then it would have to be the boy sleeping at his side who would have to take the first steps.


He stroked the head that rested on his shoulder then gently squeezed out from under the boy. He stood by the bed looking down at the sleeping form then lifting David into his arms carried him back to his own bedroom. As he exited David's room Rupert was standing outside.

"Is he alright?" the man enquired.

"Yes, he was a bit put out about the talk his father gave him, and also asking him about any sexual acts that had taken place. But he's also glad that you brought everything out into the open."

"Alright Angelo you'd better get back to your room, I'll see you in the morning."

"Night Rupert," and Angelo made his way back to his bed which seemed less inviting now that David wasn't sleeping in it.


He lay thinking for a moment on what David's parents had said during there discussion about their feelings for one another. He was on the point of stretching his hand out to switch off the light when his bedroom door opened and a blonde haired 4ft 10 inch boy stood in the doorway looking very displeased.

"Why did you take me back to my room when I fell asleep, don't you want me sleeping with you?"

Angelo didn't answer instead he just lifted the bed clothes and indicated with his head for the David to come over. The boy needed no second invitation, he closed the door, and in a matter of seconds had his body wrapped around that of the older boy with his head buried in the crook of Angelo's neck.

As he stroked the boy's head Angelo said, "I thought that maybe your parents wouldn't like the idea of you spending the night in my bed."

The boy lifted his head and raised his body so he could look down into those vivid green eyes, "I suppose if I sleep with you they might think we're doing sex huh."

The older boy smiled at the way David put it, "Yeah that's why I took you back to your bed."

"Well I'm not doing anything sexy except get stiffies and that's all, but I can kiss you cant I?

"Yes I think kissing is allowed," and Angelo thought how long would this most loving boy be content with just kissing.

His thoughts were broken as David's face lowered and he felt the boy's lips brush against his. The moment that happened he was in another world, every time David brought there lips together the boy had this effect on him. He wrapped his arms around the slim diminutive figure and gently pulled him into his body as he was swept away with the passion of the union of their lips.

David broke the kiss and giggling said, "I got a stiffy again, and so have you."

Trying not to make not too much of an issue of it Angelo nonchalantly said, "Umm yes, now go to sleep."

"Okay," and David snuggled down against the older boy then mumbled "Night Angelo, but your stiffy is heaps bigger than mine."

He had to stifle a laugh, and pulled the younger boy closer into his body switched the light off and gradually drifted to sleep with David in his arms.





The phone rang and Angelo answered it, "Lord Jennings's residence, who may I ask is calling."

"Angelo you're beginning to sound as pompous as Rupert"

"Oh sorry Mrs J what can I do for you."

"Is David at hand?"

"No he's gone into town; he made it an excuse to use his car."

"Ah I see. Angelo, I want you to book two air tickets so that David and you can join us here. We won't be back in time for his eighteenth birthday so we would like him to celebrate it here with us in Istanbul."

"Okay Mrs J how soon do you wish us to be there?"

"Within the week would be alright."

"Okay, do you want to talk to Rupert at all?"

"No thank you Angelo, being pregnant and in this heat taxes ones stamina."

"Should I get David to call you back when he returns?"

"Not for at least an hour I'm going to take a nap. Bye Angelo we'll talk to you later."

"Bye Mrs J and regards to Mr Jennings" and Angelo hung up


He made his way into the library where Rupert was busy arranging books that David had not replaced after using them.

"Rupert, the Countess phoned and she wants David and I to join them in Istanbul as they won't be back for his eighteenth birthday. Which travel agent usually handles their bookings?"

"No travel agents Angelo, just phone the airline tell them who it's for, and when you want to travel. They'll have a couple of tickets delivered here by courier."

"Okay I'll wait till David gets back and we can sort out when to leave, I don't suppose you'd want to come."

"And who do you think is going to look after the Earls residence and keep the staff in line."

"Umm stupid question to ask. Anything you want us to bring back from Turkey for you?"

Rupert looked over the top of his spectacles at the young man who hadn't changed an iota in the last five years. "Just look after Davey."

"You don't have to ask me that Rupert, you know how we are."

"Yes I know, now go and phone that car maniac and get him to get back home so that you can organise your trip."



He gazed at the slim blond haired boy that lay beside him. David in the last five years had grown to 5ft 8ins but was still very slightly built and tipped the scales at

130pounds. He still looked very youthful and on many occasions had been mistaken for a fourteen-year-old. The boy catching Angelo staring at him smiled and rolled over to lay full length on top of him, "What's going on inside of that head of yours?"

"Nothing, can't a person look."

"No, I'd much prefer we make love."

Angelo smiled, the boy never talked about sex to him it was always love, and that's how it should be an expression of their commitment to one another.

It had been a very shy fourteen-year-old David who after much oohing and ahhing took the first steps an asked if they could make love for the first time. To the boy mutual masturbation with another person was as much an act of making love as any other form of sexual activity. Now he was no longer the shy fourteen-year-old, at nearly eighteen David had come to be quite an accomplished lover neither domineering nor submissive, just an equal partner in their love making giving as much as accepting..

Angelo thoughts were interrupted as his young lover pecked him on the lips wanting to start their act of love. He wrapped his arms around David and they became one.




"Bye Rupert," David said, giving the butler a kiss on the forehead, "see you in a couple of weeks." Angelo shook Rupert's hand echoing David's words of "Bye."

And the boy's made their way out to the car that would take them to the airport.


They had been in the air approximately three and a half hours when the a voice over the intercom asked passengers to take their seats and to fasten their seat belts as they were approaching turbulent air. David who had been in the first class lounge came back to where Angelo was seated reading a book, and buckled up beside him. They'd been sitting for about a couple of minutes talking when the plane suddenly dropped like a stone, they must have descended thousands of feet in seconds. David gripping the arms of the chair felt his stomach churning and could hear screams coming from other passengers. The plane continued to plummet and debris was being hurled to the front of the plane as it now nose dived towards the earth. A hand clasped his he looked to see Angelo smiling at him and amidst all the screaming and confusion his fears left him.

Seconds from the plane plunging into the earth, Angelo heard a voice say, "Sammael it's time to return and bring David with you." And once again he was Sammael or as the boy called him Michael.




He looked around at the wreckage that was strewn over a considerable area, and saw the life forces being taken away except one. He smiled as from within the wreckage of the plane a blonde haired hazel eyed boy of nearly thirteen came over to him.

"Michael, are we umm or I should say am I dead."

"Do you feel dead."

"Nope, and its brilliant being thirteen again or nearly."

"Are you ready to go?"

"Give us a kiss first."

"Okay but we can't be hanging around all day."

The boy jumped up wrapping his arms around Michael's neck and legs around his waist. Gazing into the Angel's eyes he brought his face forward till their lips met and this time Michael did not control his emotions, there was a flash of light and they disappeared into the heavens.

David broke the kiss and looked around, "What happened,"

"Michael pecking the boy on the nose said, "What do you think happened? You kissed me and this time I didn't hold back."

"Where are we?"

"Well you see that big red planet over there," Michael said, pointing, "that's Antares."

"So how far is it away from the earth?"

"Over a 1000 light years away."

"Crikey if that's what one little kiss can do what would happen if we French kissed."

Their conversation was interrupted by a voice saying inside their heads. "I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for you two to arrive."

David eyes widened and asked, "Was that."

Pecking David on the lips Michael said, "Yes, now unravel yourself from around me and let's go."

David did as Michael asked, and nervously took his hand asking, "Is he annoyed?"

The Angel smiled at him reassuringly and squeezing the boy's hand said, "No he's just eager to meet you. You see when you were conceived David, he put just that little bit of extra love into you." Michael released David's hand then wrapped his arms around the boy pulling him into his body and saying, "Here we go."

The astral bodies in the cosmos seemed like mere candles flickering in the dark in comparison to the sudden awe inspiring flash of light, and Michael and David Nearly 13 no longer inhabited this mortal plane.

The End.

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Editor's notes:

This was a wonderful story. I loved the tenderness between Michael and David. It was absolutely wonderful.

My only question would be, why was David taken from the Earthly plane so early in his life? My guess would be that God wanted him and possibly needed him with him in heaven. Now he and Michael will be together for ever, and that is really wonderful.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher