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David Nearly 13

After many letters from readers asking why I didn't include a meeting between David and the Supreme Being in the story, I have bowed to your wishes and have written an Epilogue which deals with just that topic.


One moment he was in Michael's arms with the super giant Antares in view the next he was not twenty feet away in the presence of the Supreme Being.

He felt Michael unravel his arms from around him and then place a hand on his back and gently push him forward.

Hesitantly he walked towards his Creator, half way there he looked over his shoulder at Michael who smiled and nodded encouraging him to go on.

Standing before the Supreme Being and with a nervous smile on his face he said, "Hi, I'm David."

A hand reached out and stroked his head and in that one simple gesture David felt all the love emanating from the entity into his being and putting him completely at ease.

"So what kept you David? I've been awaiting your arrival."

"Umm we or I should say I asked Michael for a kiss, and I suppose I kind of knocked him off course, because we ended up near this big star, actually it wasn't big it was ginormous called Antares."

"Yes, I umm have noticed what you do to Michael when you kiss him; he seems to go all haywire."

David giggled, "I know, but this was the first time he didn't try to control himself."

"Yes, well I hope he can learn to control himself more in future."

"Oh crikey, you're not angry at Michael are you? It wasn't his fault, it was all mine."

"Hop up here David," the Supreme Being said, gesturing with open arms. "I want to tell you something."

David jumped up wrapping his arms and legs around his Creator, "What did you want to tell me?"

"I can never get angry with Sammael, or as you call him Michael."

"Do you want me to call him Sammael, because I will if you want?"

"No, actually he quite likes being called Michael. Now as I was saying, umm Michael is one of my most faithful and hard working beings. So to give him a reward for all he's done."

"What did he used to do?" the boy interrupted

"Well, when people on earth have finished there time there, Michael goes and brings their souls back to me."

"So what was the reward you were going to give him?"

"Umm yes, if you can stop interrupting, I'll tell you."

"Oops sorry."

"Alright, now to continue." The Supreme Being said, frowning as he saw the boy in his arms open his mouth to speak then close it, having second thoughts about saying something.

"As Michael's involvement with the human race was only when people had expired, I wanted him to experience human emotions and all it involved. So I sent him to meet a certain nearly 13 year old boy who had a whole lot of love which he was just aching to give to someone."

David giggled, "You fixed it for us to meet did you?"

"Of course I did."

David smiled saying "Thanks." Leaned forward and placed a kiss on his Creator's forehead.

There was a flash and David looked around then laughed and through his laughter said, "You did that on purpose didn't you, because we're near Antares again."

"What me do that on purpose," the Supreme Being said with an affected look of indignation on his face, "never, that just happened when you kissed me," then with a faint smile hovering on his lips and pecking the boy on the nose said, "come on I'd better take you back, Michael will be wondering where you are."

The next instant they had returned and the Supreme Being released him. "Right you'd better get back to Michael and I'll see you both later."

"Bye," David said hopping down, and headed back to Michael and on reaching him jumped into his arms, and wrapped himself around him.

The Beginning

I hope that the epilogue does justice to the story and makes the ending more satisfactory for the readers and ties up all the loose ends.