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Story title: Demigod's mission: Centaur (zoo, inc, preg)

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I'm gonna tell you a story of mine about my success in creating my `unique' sons with some of my mates. Yes my sons, they are... unique because they're half breed. Before you ask, just let me tell my story. I will start with the story of my first son, Aron.


I'm Entropicus and I'm demigod. My father is Fertile and Male Virility God but human known him as Phallic God or Sex God and my `mom' or the one who conceived me was a human male. So I think mom isn't the right word for him and now, I call him dad. How? Well my father's title isn't just empty word, he's real deal! I heard from dad that one day when he took a naked nap in a lake, My father rape him but my dad didn't give any resistance back then. In fact he enjoy being rape by Phallic God. He scream and act like slut in heat back then. Dad said that father's cock really open him up and touch the very core of him. Seeing such erotic enthusiasm, my father shoot dad's hole his super fertile god sperm while touching dad's belly and chanting something like spell.


After father finish shooting and flooding dad's hole with his super fertile god sperm, father kiss dad's neck and whisper softly in his ear "I have given you my precious sperm and change your inside so my fertile seed can stay inside your sexy body. I really love our fuck and your enthusiasm. I know when I see you in the lake that you're the worthy male that can receive my fertile sperm and spread my legacy through our child sperm"


"Thank you, Phallic God. I'll nurture your fertile god sperm and rise him" said dad gratefully to the Phallic God.


"I'll come and fuck you again every months till my super fertile god sperm in your belly ripe and ready to see the world. See you soon" and like that he left dad with his seed in dad's belly.


My father keep his promise to dad. Every 3 months father will visited dad and fuck him while I grow in dad's belly. Father keep flooding and stuffing his super fertile god sperm into dad's mancunt. Because the sperm is special and has magic in it, my dad's cunt will heal and mend itself after every fuck. So everytime father visited him, dad's mancunt will still tight like a virgin and father will gladly to break those virgin hole again and again.


Father will fuck dad for 3 days nonstop! Dad will rejuvenate again every fuck by magical properties in father's super fertile god sperm that he shoot in dad's hole. The sperm will be absorb by dad and do it's magic. They keep doing it until I'm born, after that father never visited us. I asked why father won't see me and dad only said that as a god, father shouldn't mingling with mortal for long and because father love me so much he afraid that he will live with us in mortal world as family, and that's not good for god to do. But don't worry he said, he will visited me once I grow my own hair above my cock, under my arm, and maybe if I lucky I have it in my chest.


Once I growth them father visited me while I'm asleep. He woke me from my sleep with the most erotic way. He took my developed cock in his mouth and suck it. For the first time I feel something tingling yet hmmm spectacular I feel in my cock. I feel like I want to pee but the feeling is intense and arousing. The feeling I feel in father's mouth are doubling the sensation I felt , it felt so warm and wet in father's mouth, it's not long before I shoot my first sperm to father mouth *He's really talented with it! Well he's god after all* At first I think that I'm peeing myself in father's mouth but the feeling like I said before is more intense. Then I know that it's my sperm that I shoot in father's mouth.


Dad once taught me about ejaculation and even teach me how to play with my cock! But back then, I'm still shooting imaginary sperm but now I'm shooting my own sperm! Yeah like a real man! Finished with my first man sperm, he then kiss me in the mouth and share my sperm. I taste for the first time the most sweet nectar I have ever taste. I feel tingling sensation and hot in my cock . I'm feeling my cock is growing! Not growing like erection but getting bigger and thicker. The size of my cock is double and the grid is getting more `define'! The vein in my cock is protruding and my ball that already big is getting bigger too.


"Don't be afraid son. I just giving you an `extra' to accommodate my super fertile god sperm. Don't want to burst your cock open by the force of super god sperm while you come right? Our sperm is connected after all, it's because I'm your father and I have a task for you" He told me that when I'm ejaculate he'll will ejaculate too and we both will feel the powerful orgasm together.


His word is true when I'm see his enormous yet sexy god cock that oddly look like me but it's small version from father's spewing his god sperm into floor and form a little pond and quickly absorb by the floor. The I see a grass and flower are growing from previously father's sperm pond *dad was right, my father is Fertile and Virility God, he must be ejaculate when I'm shoot inside his mouth and make me feel some spectacular orgasm because I feel double orgasm at the same time could you imagine that!!*. I really happy that finally see my father and he already giving me something that so... wonderful and hot! But father have another plan for me, a purpose in the name of him.


I should started my journey to spread my father's fertile sperm through my cock into any warm and fertile place to give a new form of life and never should spill even a drop of sperm to waste. My offspring will always be male so father's super fertile sperm will be inherited to the next generation. So I went to fulfill my destiny that night without even waking up my dad to say goodbye or anything to him, Father said that he will inform him about my journey and assuring me that he will be all right alone.


This is the start of my journey o spread my father's fertile god sperm and impregnated as many as I can. That night I left my home and started my journey with only my clothes in my body and several coins in my pouch. Honestly I'm little bit afraid on what will happened, I'm only 10 and I already should impregnated someone but father said that he will guide me always. So off I go!


I started my journey by visiting local brothel house, the famous place for carnal desire. Without thinking any longer I paid for a brunette woman and have sex with her. Having sex with woman for the first time could be adventurous for some man but not for me. After she looked at my cock which is hard and ready, she become afraid and refused to take my cock in her cunt. Why? It's because I inherited my father's god cock. Well my dad said to me that I have my father cock. The grid, the length, the thickness, even the warm that radiate from my erect cock are same like father's.


So she scream and trying to resist. Heh! the bitch want a hard way, I'll give her a `much hard way'. So I forced my way to her cunt, and she scream so loudly! Unfortunately before I release my virginity and my or father's fertile sperm, the bitch took some wood and smack my head. The last thing I remember is I failed to breed the bitch.


Then, I woke up when I feel someone or something licked my face. "Oh it's a horse, it seems like they kick me out and dumped me in this dank stable. Well, it could be worse!" I talk to the horse that licked me before. I looked to my body and I find I'm wearing nothing.


"Shit, it seems they took my money too" I murmured to myself.


I rise to sitting position and started to reflect what had happened. `Father want me to spread his seed through my cock. It's pretty simple quest for man with normal cock, but for me? I inherited Father's god cock! Well half of god cock since I'm demigod but it still intimidating to woman! I'm surprise dad can survive even enjoyed getting rape by father's god cock. How I'm gonna impregnated a woman if I have ridiculously huge cock that will tear their cunt before I put my cock all in?' I asked myself.


"I didn't said that you must impregnated a woman right? Don't be alarm I just whispering through your mind" suddenly father's voice ring through my mind.


"Father? Is that you? What do you mean I didn't need to impregnated a woman? How I'm gonna spread your fertile god sperm if not through woman?"


"You forget how I impregnated your dad, son? My sperm is very virile, strong ,and potent. It can surpass any limited biological barrier and have magic power in every drop of it. That mean you can impregnated everything and everyone not bound by nature, but of course only the living being son. You can even impregnated that mare son! Breed the mare son and looked what will happen! She has been trying to seduce you since you being dumped here" I'm amazed with what I have known and see the horse that licked me before with different light now.


I raise from my sitting position and step closer to the mare. The mare has dark brown skin and has white mark in her chest through her belly. I hugged her head trying to get connected with the mare. I got the positive signal from her when I feel she licked my nipple. I started to rub her body from neck down to her belly. After several minutes of rubbing her body I'm finally meet face to face with my `workspace', yep her cunt.


Her cunt is big so I'm sure the mare won't have a problem with my demigod cock. Like now what I'm gonna do, the mare sway her tail away from her cunt to remove the last obstacle for me to breed her. I know that her cunt is big and could accommodate my demigod cock nicely but it's not wrong to take extra precaution right? So I spit into my palm and started to rub her cunt with it. She's responding to my treatment nicely! It prove when I see her cunt is moving or rather gaping to me. It open and close like it's trying to tease me, to tell me `c'mon breed me, put your cock in me and give me your sperm. Make love to me!'. No need anymore teasing, I search around to find any leverage so I could penetrated her properly. I find some stool and get onto it, geez my cock is so hard. Yeah hard and ready! Even I could feel tingling sensation in my ball and I though that my ball is producing much-much more sperm ready to shoot. I could feel their movement in my ball! Father's sperm is really... hmmmm potent.


I put the head of my raging cock in her cunt and she spew her lube from her cunt to my cock, adding the slick substance to ease my penetration. I move my hip slowly bringing my cockhead to her cunt pass the first ring, "ooooh hrngghh yeah I'm in now!" her cunt fit my cock like sword in it's sheath. I'm pretty sure that no man can fit their cock in mare cunt like I did cause I inherited my father's god cock, yeah the enormous sexy hot god cock. I started to feel tingling sensation juts like when father give me an `extra',I feel that my cock is getting more harder and... I think my cock is getting longer and it move by itself! Yeah I feel my cock move in mare cunt with every pace I driven to her warm moist cunt, I felt every ridge and moist texture of her vagina before I hit something that warm and solid yet I feel something like another hole. It must be her cervix and with just one more push, I break her in! Yeah I hit it! Wow, I hit her second cunt! I let guttural sound and change my pace to be more wilder after I successfully broke her second cunt. The mare can only accept my heavy drill from her cunt straight to her cervix, all because of my demigod cock.


"I bet you are feelin good huh? Being drill by the son of Phallic God and will receive my first sperm that connect with my father's super fertile sperm arrnngahh... *I feel her lip cunt clapping around the base of my cock massaging an entire length of my cock* You'll be the first that will conceive of my child, yeah! The first of conjoining man and horse! I can't wait to see what of become my first son is" I talked to the mare while I pounding in and out of her cunt and cervix. The sensation that I felt in my cock is much better than that noisy bitch before and It driven me to pump in and out of her cunt in more fast pace.


I bring my hand to her lip cunt and I feel it's still clapping around my cock. I waited until her lip cunt open and I quickly push my thumb inside bellow my pounding cock. I found my target, her clit! It felt like a small marble which is very slippery, warm, and fleshy. I rub and pinch it softly while I pound her more deep, of course pass her cervix and scratch it's lip with the more `define' ridge of my cock. I got good respond from her when I'm do this and being reward by the sudden spasm around my cock in her cunt and her cervix clamp my corona. I feel something spurting from the head of my cock pass the body of my cock and bursting through her cunt. She's orgasm, ha! She's orgasm and all because of me! Her cervix lip's is trying to hold my cock down so she can properly orgasm but I'm more powerful than her. I refuse to hold by her and keep pounding her with more force than before. The mare is whining because her orgasm is double by me and her sensitive cunt and cervix lips being rubbed by my cock. Her cunt juice dripping around me adding extra lube to her already slick cunt. I feel it slide around my big balls before it drop to the floor.


"Well done son! Now her egg is ready to be fertilize and you should breed her as soon as possible. I too are eager of what my grandson will be and don't worry, my super fertile god sperm will ensure the conception but you should breed her after this daily to ensure total insemination. Can you do this son?" father whispering through my mind.


"Yes father! I'll breed her until the day my son's is born. I'll flood her tunnel with our super fertile god sperm everyday. It's good thing that the sperm will be absorb quickly so not a drop will spill or escape from her cunt"


"Yes son, now go! I can feel it! Finish the job! Breed her! Inseminated her! IMPREGNATED HER!!!"


"YES FATHER!! I can feel it! I'm comming!!" and with that I snap my hip through her and break her quivering cervix lips open and shoot my sperm there.


Spurt, spurt, spurt! I can heard my cock shooting it's trooper ready to battle for searching the egg. While I ejaculated, I snap my hip to drive my cock deeper in her cunt than before. It just like I'm trying to get in into her womb cock first. I feel the fantastic orgasm again and again and again, I even can heard father's moaning our orgasm in my mind. I ejaculated in her for about 20 minutes nonstop! That mean I'm feeling double orgasm for long and and flooding her womb with me and father's sperm. I just hope that one of my trooper or maybe more will strong enough to search and fuck the egg inside the mare cunt. Yeah my trooper fucked her egg and created life inside her.


What I didn't know was not only one cell sperm that found it's target, but all of my semen that I shoot inside her cunt before was drowning her egg and ALL of my sperm are drilling it's way into mare egg. Normally human sperm won't past another non-human's egg barrier but because my sperm is connect with father's which is super fertile and magic, my sperm can make their way right through the egg just like stallion sperm did. The mare cunt are responding to my orgasm by pulsing it's wet and warm cunt wall around my cock, milking me all of me and father's sperm.


"Yeah baby! You are the first one that received me and father's sperm, can you feel it? I bet you can feel my sperm already fuck it's way through your egg. You will conceived my first son and I will keep breeding you to ensure total impregnation and feeding our son it's food, yes his food is me and father's sperm. It will make him got stronger and healthier" I said to the mare in raging breath while riding my orgasm to the end.


After I finished sprayed her with me and father's seed, my father whispering me that I should take the mare away from here to the wood in the south. He already preparing a place for me and the mare to live and continue our mating or breeding till my first son born. So after I finished my first round with her, I gather everything that I need from that stable (for the mare) which is not many and gather any spare and clean clothes I found for me and ride her away from the stable directly to the wood. (Yes I know it's wrong to steal but the mare is my mate now and I wouldn't left her alone while she pregnant my first son and maybe first offspring of man and horse. What if my son is different and people will mocked my son? What will happened to him in the hand of those `conservative' people? I just can't do that to my son so you should excuse my stealing, okay?)


I ride her without saddle and naked just like the day I was born. I feel every time she galloped, her back was massaging my cock. The random pressures in every part of my crotch are keeping my cock hard and ready for her second round of breeding when we reach the place. My balls are swayed and squeezed playfully in her back. My cock bobbing up and down splashing my pre-come in the mare's back, coating my spot with very slick substance. I almost fall from my position because there's so much pre-come that coating her back and it's so slick and more white, just like dad sperm when he teach me how the man ejaculate. I'm afraid that I just orgasm accidentally and spill my sperm but father's assure me in my mind it's just my precome and it's okay to spill my semen, just not me and father's sperm.


So my semen is white and thick like sperm so how my sperm look like then? Father just said that I will know it soon when I find my second mate but first I must finish my first job with my new mate. I just decided to call her Centina (I know the name is dork but the name was just flashed through my mind and refuse to disappear in my mind, so I use it)


I finally arrived to the small shack that has shelter-like space in the middle of woods. Because she keep me hard while she riding her and my father just echo his command to started the second round. I breed her again that day about 8 times and never for once I felt fatigue from it, in fact I'm ready for the 9 but when I see Centina's cunt that swollen and loose (it's cunt lip stop gapping after 5 fucked and just limped there. I think she felt numb in her clit and just receive my cock senseless) and her belly is bloated enough that looked like she already pregnant. Father was really give me a wonderful gift! I decided to end my session with her today and continue it tomorrow, but only if her belly is not already full of me and father's sperm.


I wake up with raging boner and went to release it with Centina. "I don't care if her belly is full of me and father's sperm, I will feed it to her and shove it to her ass if I have to" I said to myself while walking to Centina's place. What I found was her belly already back to normal and I was thrill to reach 9 rounds today! I did this with Centina everyday until the day my son born. It happened when I fuck her cunt senseless for 10 months after our first fucked. Usually mare will pregnant her foal for 11 months but I believe it's because the sperm. I feed my son in her belly through Centina's cunt me and father's sperm and seems it accelerate the process.


I felt it when I shoot me and father's sperm pass the cervix right to the `bag' where my son grow in her. I felt that when I shoot she too shooting some liquid to head of my cock. Just like that I know I had tear that `bag' with the force of my shooting sperm and the baby or foal is coming! My ejaculate subside at once and I feel that something touching my cock inside her cervix. It's like a human hand and it's gripping the head of my cock softly. `It must be my son!! He has human hand so he must be human like and he gripped my cock too! Oh god, his grip is very strong! He must be not ordinary child (that remain to be seen since the first time we fucked) Maybe he need guidance and help! I must help him out of his mother cunt!' I think to myself


"Hang on son! Just grab my cock and hold into it! I'll pull you out!" I talked to my son that still in Centina's belly (I must be going crazy by happiness and something else that only fathers know when he expecting their son)


Seems he heard and understand to my word so he gripped my cock more tightly and I pulled out my cock slowly. I do it with my cock hard and never soft even with tight gripped of my son little hand. I did it like about 15 minutes of pulling my cock out of Centina's cunt before I saw my son hand that gripped my cock and followed by his body out of her cunt still gripping my cock. I see his face that look like me, yeah handsome just like his father! But he just out of her mother cunt about half of his body so i grabbed his belly gently and pulled my son out of her cunt. Centina felt the last part of her son still inside of her so with one final push of her vaginal wall, Centina whine so loudly and expelling my son out of her gaping cunt. What I see is very very mindblowing sight. I see my son with human body from waist to head and horse body from waist bellow. So this is the conjoining of human and horse!


Centina immediately turn over and lick his son clean. I just freeze looking my son. You would think that I get disgusted by it and decided to abandoned my journey right? But no, I feel happy and proud to see my magnificent son. His human body didn't look like a baby but it's already looked like 3 or 5 years old. I try to lifted him so he can stand on his own just like foal do after they're born. I really don't know what to do with this `new species child' but I assume that he has a horse's legs so he must learn to stand like a horse.


After several fall and up he finally can stand on his own sand started to walk to me. At first I'm expected that he will be hungry and will trying to feed milk from Centina's tits but he just walk to me and looking to my jutting cock and looking curiously. He bring his face to my cock and sniff it. Maybe he think that my cock is tits and my though is true when he started to swallow the head of my cock and suck it. Oh god! I'm getting blow from my `newborn son' and he think that it's tits that will producing milk. Well he's not entirely wrong cause I think cock is similar to tits. You just need to keep suck it until the `milk' comes out.


My son suck it like an expert and without anymore delay, I give him his milk. Yeah daddy's milk, the milk that created you. You must be know that me and father's (or grandfather's) sperm that you eat everyday since you grow in your mother womb. I shoot and shoot through his little mouth and he gulped it greedily, nothing spill even a drop. I fascinated by my son's mouth and appetite.


"You must be really hungry that you can drink your milk like that" I said to my son while petting his head. My son keep sucking my cock for about an hour.


Usually i can keep ejaculating for 20 minutes straight but somehow my son keep my sperm flow more than 20 minutes until I feeling dry cum and nothing comes out from my cock.I feel very sensitive in my cock. He keep sucking while I closed my eyes, concentrating my ball to produce more of sperm but every time I produce even a drop of sperm it directly shoot to my son's sucking mouth. I can't match the production with my son suck so I scream in pain (He really suck me dry!!). When I opened my eyes I'm surprised when I saw my son is growing into more... Mature. He look like 10 years old now.



"Thank you! Your milk is very tastefull" my son said to me in his boyish smile while wiping his mouth with his hand. Oh god he's so adorable and handsome!


I'm really surprise to see my newborn son already talking to me now. I guess the sperm is really powerful and magic. I'm quite relieve now I know I didn't need to rise him from baby because it's really not my thing. Now I should welcome him and name him. Name, I think I'm gonna name him and his species together. I'll call him Aron and for the species is...Centaur! Yeah Centaur from his mother name, Centina. So I'll name him Aron the Centaur.


"Ah my son, welcome to the world! I'm your father and this is your mother" I said to Aron while patting Centina's thigh.


"Father? Mother? And who am i?" asked him innocently


"You are Aron, Aron the Centaur"


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