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Story title: Demigod's mission : Merman (zoo, inc, preg)

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Well you had read my story before about the origin of my first son Aron, but the story isn't finished yet. I have sons remember? So I'm gonna tell you about my success in breeding my second `unique' son from my other mate,


After Aron born, we live an amazing live together. For about a year, Aron grow up surprisingly fast and that was because me and father's fertile god sperm that I fed him until now. Everyday whenever he felt hungry (which is always and almost everytime) he will come to me, sit like a horse (since from waist and bellow is horse part) and nuzzle his ridiculously handsome face to my crotch and started to gnaw my cock through the fabric of my pants. I as a good father shall provide what my son need and my heavy balls need to be emptied anyway. So I'll let him suck my cock till I felt dry cum and I can't ejaculate anymore. My father assure me that because I'm a demigod, my balls which contain the virility and my sexual stamina need more time to fully merge with father's balls magically. When the times come, I'll have my father's sex god stamina and virility. I'll have infinite source of sperm and even can control my ejaculation and my sperm. So I should wait until I'm old enough, maybe when I'm 17 or 20? (I'm still 13 and still in the puberty phase).


"I'm hungry father, I need your father's special milk now!" he said with his trademark boyish smile and sparkling eyes. At first I can fulfilled his need when he still look like about 5- 10 years old because he only need one or two doses of me and father's super fertile sperm. After he grow magically (I assume) 1 year every week, his hungry for my sperm are growing too. But it seems that he stopped growing after 5 months of wild growth and his appetite for my sperm seems lessen. He now look like around 25, very mature, handsome, and absurdly sexy. Me and father's fertile sperm seem very potent and fertile to Aron. He growth some muscle on his body within a months and really look like father's sexy god body already.


He have slightly brown skin like his mother fur yet not too dark, it just perfect brown. His pecs are hard and firm while his nipple is big brown and it's pouting tips is very seductive, super sensitive, and chewable (that because every night before he went to sleep, rather than read him a story I chew his nipple while rubbing his human belly until he sleep). He refused to wear clothes in his human part because the fabric will scratch his nipple and it make him feel funny in his cock. So he naked like when he's born everytime showing his sexy naked human body to me to keep my cock erect everytime.


His cock is very big, long, and horse like. It's corona really wide and the body of his cock is hot and hard. I become fascinated by it and sometime I let him fuck me for the last 3 months. He really become my first son, my first man/beast to take my virginity away. He fuck me for the first time when I'm telling him that he is given mission by grandfather to spread his super fertile god sperm through his horse cock to another living being. He asked me how he gonna spread his sperm and how it feel like to fuck a human with his horse cock.


"I don't know son, but I'm willingly to learn it with you together!" I said to Aron while crawl on all four in the hay, spread my thigh, show my virgin hole, and teasing him by wiggling my hole as invitation for him to proceed.


"Let out your cock first son, then after you get your cock hard and ready. Stick it to my hole and push it" I said to my son seductively yet fatherly like tone. What I'm forgot to said is `slowly and gently'. Aron jammed his long and hard cock directly to my virgin hole to the hilt.


"ARGHHH!!! ARON! GOD!!!! SLOWLY SON!!! SLOWLY!!!" I scream to Aron but he seems cant hear my screaming because he is in the middle of erotic bliss. Yeah he feel the warm and slicked mancunt for the first time and the effect is doubled when my wall trying to expelled Aron's cock by constricting the cock and massaging it out of my no longer mancunt. He seems to be possess by it's animal instinct and fuck me right there.


"Don't worry son! Your mancunt will adapt to Aron's cock. You're my son, the son of phallic god and sex god so you're created for this. To fuck and be fucked, to breed and to be bred. Enjoy it son!" said father to my mind. True to his word, I feel that my mancunt are shaping on itself around Aron's cock and fit into him perfectly. The pain is gone and pleasure is come.


My hole is really open by him, his corona will flare and stuff my hole so it pushing my mancunt wall everytime he fuck me. His fuck is brutal! Fast, deep, and full. Almost smashing my head to the wall in front of me by his horse hip force. He fucked me like that for around 30 minutes before he dry cumming in me. My mancunt that loose after his fuck is magically close itself. Father is really almighty!!! Since then Aron will always find and excuse to fuck me, I just can pleasure him by down on all four and presenting my mancunt to him. He fucked me regularly until several months after his first real cum shoot inside me. Coating my inside with our combine sperm and true to father's word before, I feel triple orgasm sensation in my cock. Can you imagine how fantastic is that? The tingling sensation and pleasure in your cock become triple and more intense?


One day father contact me again and said that I should go and search for my next breed. I'm really sad to left Aron and Centina alone, but I have mission and I should fulfilled it now. So I part with Aron in one night telling him that he should do the same because he has given mission by grandfather after I telling him that Aron asked me


"Okay then father, I'm going to fulfilled my destiny like you but for tonight. Make love to me and left your seed inside me. I'm gonna keep it inside me until one day we met again and you fuck me again" Aron said with little blush in his handsome face and tear in his brown eyes. I answer him with kiss and word while wiping his tear away.


*peck kiss in forehead* "don't say like that. I'm sure we gonna meet again Aron"

*peck kiss in both his eyes* "and when we do"

*kiss passionately in his lips* "we will cum like a fountain"


We make love 3 times that night and left him in the morning while he still sleep. If I'm seeing his eyes again, maybe I can't go at all. So off I go to the northern part of forest through the mountain until I arrived at the beach. It's night when I got there and I felt really exhausted, I saw the grotto in the beach and I went there to rest for tonight. I see the water in there that's so beautiful! Crystal blue clear and turquoise are dominating the color. No need another cue I strip my clothes and dip my body in the water there.


The water strangely warm and I feel extremely relax after such a long journey today. My balls feel heavy and sore when Aron not drain it with his greedy mouth or our copulation but father said before I left that I should save much sperm in my balls for my next breeding mate, who am I to defy my father? I felt tingling around my balls, it's just like my sperm is trying to drill my ball as an exercise for the next breeding. So when I touch my balls to massage it, the pre-cum is flow freely out of my gapping slit like I'm taking a pee. The pre cum form a white tendril and stretch far from it's source. When I traced the white tendrils in the water, in front of me I saw a large fish with most beautiful scale I ever seen swam to me. It's scale is sparkle with turquoise color and it's swam gracefully like a talented dancer. The fish is really big almost as big as my head and nearly long as my arm, it looks like the small version of shark or dolphin. It swam toward me following the white tendril I had form without any hesitance or scare, in fact it's seems that it breathing the pre-cum I made. I just waited for what gonna happened next.


The fish was finally in front of my cock and looking at it with... you know face fish, but what made me surprise was the fish suddenly rammed it's body toward my crotch. I shocked and panic at first for what happened but then I felt in my cock some sensation when I was getting... milked by Aron? When I looked to my crotch I saw that the fish's mouth is indeed around my cock and I started to felt the sucking sensation. OH FUCKING GEEZ!!! The sensation felt incredibly fucking good and new to me.


It feels like my cock is sheath by wet and sloppy meaty tube that pulse and throb around my cock, massaging and stimulate my sperm to come out from my cock slit. The warm water around me making my cock feels good with the cooler sensation inside the fish mouth. It makes me getting hard and more harder. The fish mouth feels perfectly fit with the length of my cock and I'm surprise that the fish can swallow my cock entirely without problem.


"Don't worry son, the fish is The Sea God's artifact. The fish is not ordinary fish but it's magic fish because The Sea God created it by himself to store his sperm inside it's body. He afraid that one of his wife will steal his sperm to make baby and thrown him from his throne. So he created such fish that can accommodate his god cock to hide and store his sperm AND also for pleasure purpose. He will let the fish sucked his cock every night to store his sperm inside the fish until he sleep and when he awake, he will take his sperm back by sucking the sperm out of fish mouth" explained father through my mind.


"The fish will be your next mate, son. The Sea God had stored his sperm to the fish for about a week now because he's busy fulfilling his duty to mating his wives. But without his sperm, his wives wouldn't get pregnant and he can secure his throne. I think because it's already too long inside the fish body, the sperm had absorb the characteristic of the fish. This is your chance to spread my seed by merge our sperm with The Sea God's sperm and breed the new creature between us, Sea God, and this fish" said father encouraging me.


"Father, how? We need egg to created the life, and I think the fish is male. So how we're gonna do this?" I asked my father still fascinated and feeling pleasure by the sensation around my cock.


"Don't worry about that son, I'm gonna change a bit our sperm and add the `egg characteristic' inside our sperm head. When you ejaculate into the fish our sperm will merge with The Sea God's become a bubble of flesh that would be a place to growth a life. But know this son! the amount of sperm you ejaculate should equal to The Sea God's sperm inside fish body to ensure that The Sea God sperm's would merge with each of our `altered sperm' to make sure total impregnation"


"But h-h-how... ahh much I need to ejaculate father?" I asked while feeling amazing sensation with the fish mouth.


"The fish would release your cock once it's feel enough so don't worry son, cum! Cum with me!!" said father with full encouragement.


Not long after father said that I shoot my first round to the fish mouth. The ejaculation I feel is 3 times more intense since there's 3 cock that connect with me but I felt different in my slit now. I felt that my sperm feels more thick and somehow... dense. But before I completely felt them, the fish already gulping my sperm away and started for another dose of my sperm.


After I spurt my last sperm for the first round weirdness started happening around the head of my cock. I felt some fleshy tendrils started crept around my corona and touching my slit. It felt really sensitive after my cum before and when I felt the fleshy tendril rub around my corona and teasing the slit... feels so sensitive! I cant's see what happened inside the fish mouth but it feels terrific!


I felt two tendrils that teasing my slit before are trying to get in into my slit. Oh GEEZ! It started to get in and pull itself and open my slit more wider than before. I felt some pain at start but then I felt nothing, in fact I feel pleasure from it. It just like when I present my virgin hole to Aron. Hurt at first but It lessen and lessen by time. So the tendrils pull my slit open and I felt another tendrils in front of my slit but this one is different. I felt the tip of tendrils is felt more sharp and somehow it seems it form from another small tendrils.


Can you imagined the sensation? Something life moving it's way from your cock slit through your sperm duck and make it's way deeper to... I don't know where. That's what I feel, the wall around my sperm duck is slicked with my sperm before so it's nice and slippery for the tendrils through. The tendrils keep wiggling it's way through while the fish mouth massaging my cock. GEEZ!! Total erotic sensation I ever had!!


The tendril's keep it's way through until I felt it divided itself into small tendrils and make it's way through another duct that more narrow. I think the tendrils find it's way to both of my balls and prostate. Then I felt the tendrils stab itself to both of my balls and prostate. I scream in pain for that but it's not long before I felt normal again, in fact I felt another pleasure that's come from both of my balls individually and prostate. I felt the suction in my balls and something injecting to my prostate.


"Agh! What's- what's it injecting to me father? And what it do to me?" I moan and panting to father.


"Don't worry son, the tendrils is my work. I created a new addition inside the fish in form of tendrils that can inject the fluid that will alter your sperm and suck the sperm out of your balls more quickly son. So bear with it and cum, cum much much more until all of the sperm merge fully with The Sea God's"


Just like that, I've been harvested by this fish (or my father pick your choice). The sensation feels amazing, I can't spurt a drop of my sperm through my sperm duck because every single drop has been suck clean by the tendrils in my balls only my semen that spurt out of my gapping wide slit that full of fat tendrils. The semen can't properly shot out and I felt something like dry orgasm everytime I ejaculated. The fish mouth keep massaging my cock inside it to lessen my hard sore cock and stimulating my cock to shoot but only semen that dripping out of my slit and my sperm, well I don't know where the tendrils come but I think it's directly to the part where The Sea God's sperm are.


I spurt and spurt and spurt dry orgasm for about... maybe 5 hours nonstop. My skin started to wrinkle under warm water and my feet started to numb because the nonstop dry orgasm. The tingling, the pleasure, the orgasm... feels amazing. I think I'm mad by it. The tendril keep sucking sperm out of my balls while the other one pumping the fluid to my prostate then I felt the tendrils pull them self out of my cock and with one final scream, I ejaculate. I felt the most intense ejaculate I ever had and this time I felt actually sperm that comes out from my cock. I try to touch my balls that feel so loose and empty. Then the fish pull itself from my cock and swim backwards couple inch looking to my cock with... Well it's fish face but right now, the belly part of fish now is bulging so big. It's just like it's pregnant and after that, the fish belly is tore open and I saw a big bubble comes out from it's belly. The fish quickly heal itself and swim away from me and the bubble to the open sea. I tiredly saw the big bubble and blurry saw some kind of grown up baby inside the bubble. It's what I saw before I blacked out.


*Slurp* *Slurp *Slurp* I'm awake with the sensation of something sucking my nipple and hugging my stomach that still underwater. I checked who is sensually sucking my nipple like Aron did when he was born and I find my second son. He already look 13 years old and seems like just finished sucking my sperm. I know that by seeing a trace of my semen in the tip of his nose. So my son already sucking my man milk and grow up this big while I'm out, how long I'm out anyway? My second son looks pretty cute. I can see he hasn't handsome but beautiful face yet has some boyish aspect in his face. He has blonde hair (seems like it's from The Sea God because me, father, and daddy doesn't have blond hair) and deep blue eyes that sparkle in grotto light. His body is lean yet quite athletic in his age and when I saw his waist to his feet, I don't see human feet but fish tail and fin. The scale is looks stunning and same like the magic fish before. So he's like Aron but rather than horse part he has fish part. It doesn't matter for now, I need to welcome my son.


"Hello son, greeting. I'm your father" I said to my son while cupping his cute boyish face and wipe the semen trace from his nose then I licked it clean, definitely my sperm.


"Father? What is that?" he asked while tilting his head and cute curious face.


"It's mean im the one who created you" I said to my son lovely.


"If you're my father then who am i? and what I'am?"


Name, name, he needs a name and what he is. The Sea God is called Mercurus then maybe..."You, you're Arthur, Arthur the Merman and you're my son"

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