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Matt (SockingSaw)


Chapter 2

August 27, 2012

3:30 PM

Albuquerque, NM


Jason and John made their way through the alley and then twisted their route back around to Jason's car. John kept looking behind them to make sure they were not being followed. His heart was racing, and he could feel sweat pouring down his face. Glancing at Jason, he felt embarrassed. Jason was cool, calm, and knew what he was doing.

"We will swing around this block." He said pointing down the ally. "I park at this end as it is less congested. I guess it was wise that I did."

"How are you not freaking out?" John asked as he wiped sweat that had fallen into his eye.

"I have been in situations far more dangerous then this."  Jason laughed. "I have been shot at, I have had bombs go off around me… and I HAVE been shot."

John stopped and looked at Jason. "Were in a war?"

"Nope." Jason again laughed. "I was in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa."

Jason continued to walk forward, and John caught up. Jason rounded the alley and came out on to a street. It was a narrow street, which was not unusual around the university. They traffic was light, but would start to get heavy as soon as everyone from the university would be on their way home. They moved in silence as they walked.

They came up on a black BMW that beeped as they neared it.

"Professors must make tons of money." John said as he rounded near the passenger side.

"Professors do not." Jason climbed in behind the wheel. "But professors who have a rich family background do."

"Oh." John said as he blushed. "Sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry about." He started the car, and pulled out onto the street and made his way towards his house. "I was lucky. I was able to use that fortune to fund my investigations, which have netted me a fairly sizable income on its own."

They merged onto I-40 and headed east towards the Sandia's. John sat silently as they headed further from the University.

"I live in the other direction." He said as they turned off and headed north into a rich part of the city.

"I will send someone to your place to grab some thing." Jason said. "I would think that who ever is after you maybe be waiting there."

John looked around the car but remained silent for the rest of the ride.

They pulled up in front of a large cast iron gate that opened as the car approached. The community was made up of two story houses, most covered in various types of red brick. Jason maneuvered the car towards a back section that came to a dead end. John opened his mouth as he saw the house. It was the only three-story house in the community that John could tell. It was covered in black brick, and a large redwood door with glass panes on both sides.

"All things holy." John whispered.

"What?" Jason looked at the young man sitting next to him. Now that he had a chance to look at him again he felt the urges to kiss him. He willed himself to open the car door and get out.

John climbed out and made his way up the stairs to the front door following Jason. His amazement continued to grow as he walked into the foyer. There were two sets stairs: one that lead up to the upper stories, and one that lead into what he presumed to be the basement. The foyer opened up into an area that had three couches and two recliners grouped in a square.

"Come on in." Jason said and walked into the living area. "Do you want anything to drink?"

"Water?" John asked politely. "If that is okay."

"Sure." Jason made his way into the kitchen.

John looked around this part of the house, which had a high vaulted ceiling that had a chandelier made out of a dark metal that hung down low. There was a fireplace behind the two recliners and a large door that opened out to the back yard. He could see through the glass a spacious yard that was green. There was a set of out door furniture, a swing set, and a large grill-cooking area.

"Swing set?" John asked as Jason came back in with a bottle of water.

"For my niece and nephews." Jason laughed. "Thought I had a kid?"

"Well," John blushed. "I thought maybe you had a wife or something."

"Nope." Jason sat down in one of the recliners and pulled out his phone. "I am 100% into guys."

"That's good." John grinned and leaned back into the couch.

Jason punched in a number and waiting for the person on the end to pick up.

"Hello Professor!" the voice on the other end answered.

"Hey Sam." Jason responded. "I got a job for you." He related the events that took place. "I need you to run by John's place and see if there is anything the police missed."

"Sure thing sugar." Sam said back. "Address?"

"Where do you live?" Jason held the phone back looking at John.

"Uh…" John paused for a moment. "There is no need to do that."

"Sam is a professional." Jason went on. "Plus it will help us get to the bottom of this thing."

"I live over on EspaĖola." John said with a bit of hesitation. "It is 1300 E. EspaĖola."

"Anything else?" Sam asked after a momentary silence.

"If you can find some clothes to bring that would be great. John will be staying here for the time being. Not sure if this is just me being paranoid, but best to be on the safe side."

"Got it. Give you a call when I am done. Loves."

Jason hit the end button and put the phone down.

"Who is Sam?" John asked.

"An associate of mine. We have been through tough times." Jason crossed his legs and played with the fringe of his shirt. "I would say a bodyguard, but Sam feels degraded by that comment."

John nodded his head. His face had turned a pale color and looked like he was about to faint.

"You okay?" Jason got up and sat down on the couch next to John. He instinctively grabbed his hand. The warm touch was enough to send thoughts through his body. He felt his pants start to get tight.

"Just a bit nauseated." John stood up. "Bathroom?"

Jason pointed to a small side hall. "First door on right." He watched as the man walked to the bathroom and leaned his head against the back of the couch. What was he thinking? This was a student. He could not do anything with him. Even if they both consented it would look bad and go against the rules of the university.

As Jason sat with his thoughts swirling, he heard the door to the bathroom open, and John stepped out. His heart started to beat harder as he watched John walk back into the living area and could feel his face turn flush. The man was beautiful.

"Feel okay?" Jason asked, trying to get his mind on other things.

"Yea." John grinned as he noticed how flush Jason's face was. "I hope you don't mind but I used your mouth wash."

"Perfectly fine." Jason said as John took a seat next to him again. "Now want to tell me about what is going on?"

John sighed as he sat for a moment thinking about what to say. He knew he had to explain some of what was going on. After all, the man was kind enough to let a stranger into his house. Plus, he would find out sooner or later when Sam returned with information that he found at his place.

"Okay." John drew a deep breath. "It started with my ancestor, Joshua Benthum. He witnessed some scary things on the night of October 1843, and the following nights."

"The night the world was supposed to end, but didn't?" Jason asked with interest.

"Yes." John looked down at his lap. "I need to grab the journals, which are safe, so for now I am just going off what I remember."


"That night he witnessed five men die without explanation. He was with a friend, Luke Milson, who also witnessed what took place." Jason's face went white. "Joshua and Luke agreed to never tell another soul about that event, and no one from Ithaca..." he paused "That's where they observed the event. No one from Ithaca seemed to notice or care that five members of the community were missing. The next day, just to be sure they had not dreamed the event, Joshua and Luke went back out to the lake and wanted to see if the dead people were still there."  John paused for a moment and took a drink of water. His face was growing paler and paler as he recounted the story.

"Are you going to be okay?" Jason put his hand on John's forehead and moved in closer. The heat from John's body was turning him on, and he had to will himself not to be drawn into his student.

"Yes." John put his head against Jason's hand and moaned a bit. "I am fine. I just get a bit… disturbed when I recount this story." He pulled Jason's hand down and kissed it. "Thank you for your kindness." He held onto Jason's hand and placed it into his lap. "When he arrived at the spot the five bodies were no longer there. There was no sign that anything took place the night before. Joshua went back to Ithaca while Luke went back to New York. Joshua wanted to find out what happened."

"No one in town seemed to know anything about the five members." John swallowed. "About two days later three men showed up in town. For some reason Joshua felt that he needed to leave and went back to New York."

"So what does that have to do with today?" Jason asked thinking the situation over. There was something he was missing. "Why would people want to come after you the descendent?"

"Well…" John started but was interrupted by the ringing of the phone.

"Sorry." Jason got up and picked up his phone. "Sam?"

"My god Jason." Sam said on the other side of the phone. "What the hell have you gotten yourself into?"

"I am not sure." Jason said looked at John who was still pitch white. "I am in the midst of finding out."

"How long have you know this John guy?" Sam asked on the other side of the phone.

"He is a student in my class. Not long." Jason smiled at John.

"He is not who he appears to be. He has been following you." Sam said on the other end. "I am on my way now. Just watch yourself."

"See you in a bit Sam." Jason said sitting down in the chair and hit the end button on the phone. "Sorry Sam is on the way."

"Did Sam find anything?" John asked with wide eyes. "I mean, anything important?"

"Not sure." Jason said. "We will know in a few minuets. Please continue your story."

"Well after Joshua left Ithaca, he returned to New York, where he and Luke continued to follow regular stories. Of course, privately Joshua continued to investigate the mysterious deaths of those five men." John took another drink and made nervous looks at the door. "After about a month or so, the three men that had appeared in Ithaca, now appeared in New York. They were following Joshua everywhere he went. Joshua stopped investigating the story and decided that he would just let it go for a while. The men never bothered him, but for almost a full year they followed him. One day, they disappeared, and he never saw them again."

"And you think it had something to do with what happened in Ithaca?" Jason asked, thinking about what he had been told by both John and Sam.

"Yes." John shivered. "Just a few days before they disappeared, Joshua's place was broken in to. Nothing was taken, but they were looking for something. As time went on, every generation of my family has inherited his journals, and our family has kept up the search for what might have happened. At various times, houses are broken into. Nothing taken, but a heavy search of the house is done. Our family has become obsessed with end of time theories. Not the general nut jobs theories, but those that really, truly have a mass following, and deep devotion to end of the world ideologies."

Jason sat silently. "Anything else?"

John sat silently for a moment. "Well." He paused again. "Yes."

"What?" Jason asked getting impatient.

"There was this…" His statement was interrupted as the door burst open. "Oh god."

Jason jerked up and stood, but stopped when he saw the silhouette of a female standing in the doorway.

"Damn Sam!" Jason said sitting back down. "Give us a heart attack will you?"

John looked at the door and watched as the female figure walked into the room. She was stunning. She had long black hair that went almost down to her waste. It was pulled back into a ponytail. Here eyes looked like blue diamonds and she wore a tight black top and tight khaki pants. Her skin was tan and smooth.  She stood proud, and on the offensive.

"Sam's a woman?" John looked at Sam up and down.

"Yea." Sam said but did not have a smile on her face. "And you are not who you say you are!"

"But you said Sam was a bodyguard?" John ignored her words.

Jason shrugged, "What can I say? Lesbians are the best."


Chapter 3


"So." Sam said standing in front of John with her hands on her hips. "Who are you really?"

John sat in the chair looking blankly at the woman who standing in front of him. He could see that she worked out, and probably would have no problem taking him out.

"Sam." Jason said. He had seen her work before, and that was when their lives were in danger. "I am sure John has a good explanation. After you explain what you are accusing him of."

Sam handed a folder to Jason that was full of paper. "I tried to grab as much as I could, but there was a ton more on his wall." She never took her eyes off John.

Jason leaned back in the chair and flipped through the papers. The majority of the papers were photos of various sites he had visited over the past 10 years. Most were just of himself, but some included just Sam, by herself, keeping a watchful eye. The other papers in the folder where newspaper clippings that trailed his academic discovers.

"These go back as far as 2002." Jason said looking up with a shock on his face. "How the hell have you been following me for that long? You were still in elementary school then!"

John looked down at his lap. "Please…" He started and leaned forward. Before he could move, Sam had him pressed back against the couch.

"Sam." Jason waved his hand, and stood up and pulled her back. "Go get something to drink."

Sam looked at Jason for a moment, and then lifted here leg off his chest. She sauntered into the kitchen as requested. Jason watched her walk away and then sat down next to John.

"Sorry about that. She has good intentions." Jason said with a bit of a sigh. "She is right though. Who are you?"

John adjusted his shirt, and coughed a bit. "I see why you keep her around." He sat up and reached for the folder. "She moves fast too." He thumbed through the pictures and pulled one out that was taken over the summer at a site in South America. "I was there, but you never noticed me."

Jason frowned as he tried to think. He was sure he would have seen a dashing young man watching from a distance taking pictures. He saw him sitting in the coffee shop almost as soon as he sat down. Even now looking at John he could not get over how anyone could miss this gorgeous looking man.

"Before we were interrupted," John continued as he saw the look on Jason's face, "I was about to inform you of one last thing that Joshua found at the site in Ithaca." He fished in his pocket and pulled out a black stone, the size of a quarter. It was shinny and reflected the light almost like it was emitting the light itself.

Jason reached for the stone, but stopped short. He felt energy from the stone that he had only experienced once before. He withdrew his hand and sat silently.

"So how is it that I have never spotted you before?"

"You would think I am crazy." John stood up and stood five feet from Jason. "So I will have to show you."

Jason crossed his legs, and leaned back into the couch with interest. He watched as John closed his eyes, and grasped his hand around the rock hard. He was sure it would cut his skin if he were not careful. Slowly John's facial features changed, slowly at first. His face seemed to grown older, with lines forming around his mouth, and around his eyes. His short black hair grew to a longer length, with gray starting to pepper in with the black.

Jason watched as the gorgeous man, aged before his eyes. Amazing enough he was still just as gorgeous, and he still wanted to run up to him and hold him.

"I am able to change my age." John said after he fully transformed. "I can pick any age from 14 to what I would gauge as my mid 80s."

Jason sat with his mouth open in astonishment. He should have been freaking out, but for some reason what he just saw was logical, and perfectly natural. His concentration was broken by the sound of a plate braking.

"What the hell?" Sam said and lunged over the couch. "Who are you, and where did you come from?"

John moved back against the wall. "It's me." He said quickly. "It's me John!"

Sam moved at a speed that shocked John. She put her hand against his chest, and balled up her other fist to punch him.

"Sam!" Jason said. "It is John. Let him go."

Sam stopped herself mere inches from John's face but didn't relax. "This is a much older man." She said without looking over her shoulder. "How can this be the young college student?"

"Just let him go." Jason said getting up and attempting to pull Sam away from John. He grunted at how solid she could be. "Let go!"

Sam dropped her hand and stepped back. She knew he was the one that paid the bills, and what he said went.

Jason reached up and rubbed John's face. "Are you okay?"

"Yes." John had his eyes wide open directly at Sam. "I am getting tired of being attacked."

"She won't bother you again." Jason said, pulling John into him. "You are safe here."

John grabbed Jason and held on tight. Jason was still unsure why he was okay with the idea that John could change ages. They made there way back to the couch and sat down, with Sam sitting opposite them in another couch. Jason was still holding John and playing with his hair.

"You age very well." Jason said almost laughing at how it sounded. John laughed as well, and pulled himself back from Jason.

"I am sorry to have scared you, and lied to you." John looked at Sam. "Both of you."

"Do you mind telling me what is going on?" Sam said with her legs crossed and her arms crossed. "I leave for one moment, and you're in your early 20s. Now you are in your late 30s, early 40s."

John showed her the rock, and explained the story to her. "Various generations are impacted differently. I can change my age. I have no clue why I am only able to go as young as 14, and only into what I assume are my 80s."

"What could your decedents do?" Jason asked with more of a morbid curiosity. "I mean if you know."

"Joshua was the first to discover he could do different things." John sighed. "He could do what many of your supernatural shows call `blink'."

"You mean he could pop around with the `blink of an eye'?" Sam said with a bit of a snort. "I am still thinking you used some kind of makeup effect."

Jason ignored her. "Continue." He was still holding his hand.

"Some were able to move items with their mind, stop time, see the future, create various effects with fire, electricity, wind, and the like." John continued looking at the rock in his hands. "It seems the stronger the power however, the faster it kills the person. Like it burns their life energy. I am lucky. I can regenerate."

"Regenerate?" Jason asked.

"I have been alive since 1890." John sighed. "I never knew what I could do until I was 30. I contracted a nasty viral infection in 1920 and on what I presumed was my deathbed, made a wish to be returned to a time before I was sick, and it happened. I changed back when I was 20 and all signs of the infection left."

"You got the Spanish flu?" Jason asked with interest.

"Yea." He sighed and pulled his hand away from Jason's hand. "I change my appearance from time to time to get what I need. For example, I was able to follow you by changing my appearance. You saw me, but never really noticed me until at the coffee shop. You seem to like the younger guys."

"He is a hound dog." Sam said but leaned forward. "Okay, the Professor seems to buy this story, but I am more skeptical. I have seen people work quick hand tricks before, and I think you are nothing more than a con artist."

Jason started to say something, but John put his hand up. "I am sorry Sam, but I do not like using this power unless it is absolutely necessary. Plus I think Jason knows I am telling the truth."

Jason nodded his head. He thought for a moment about the rock. He knew he had seen something like that before. Something that had the same energy around it. He had left it alone because he had the feeling of doom spread over him. Just like he felt when he reached for the small stone in John's hands.

"Hold on." Jason said standing up. "I want to go check something. You two behave."


Jason returned with a photo album in his hands about 15 minuets later. As he entered the living area John was still sitting on the couch, keeping a careful eye on Sam, with Sam also keeping a sharp eye on John.

Jason laughed. "If you stay that way to long, your faces will get stuck that way."

"I just don't want her attacking me again." John said with a flush in his face. Jason saw the now older John and felt his heart race. Maybe this one would not be stereotypical. Maybe this one would not care about age, since he could change his age at will. The idea excited him.

"He would never see me coming." Sam said back.

Jason ignored them both and sat down next to John again, this time letting his leg rest against John's. He could not help it, but had to touch him at every moment.

"So let me get this straight real quick." Jason said as if the thought just occurred to him to ask. "You are not really a student."

"Well not at the moment." John said grinning. "I have been to a university, and I have three doctorates: biology, finance, and music."

Jason grinned. "Good." He turned his attention to the album. "Do you remember the dig back in 2008?"

"Yes." Both Sam and John answered. Jason laughed. Sam scowled as she looked at John.

"Well that is good both of you remember." Jason flipped the pages of the album as he looked at the various photos. "But Sam, do you remember that large black rock we found?"

"Yea." Sam said thinking. "If I remember correctly it was found almost near the oldest portion of Rome. Didn't Dr. Rogers decide it was some kind of volcanic rock?"

"He assumed it was." Jason said flipping a couple of pages before stopping. "This rock here."

He put the album on the table, and John and Sam looked at it.

"Yea that is the one." Sam said scratching the back of her neck. "Gave me the creeps that one did."

"I don't recall seeing that." John said with amazement. "How big is that one?"

"Only four people saw this. No other picture but this one exists of it." Jason said with a grim look on his face. "This one is about the size of a orange or so. No one wanted to touch the thing, but Dr. Rogers did." He trailed off.

"Didn't Dr. Rogers die?" John asked. "I mean after the dig?"

"Yes." Jason said looking at Sam. "He died in a house fire about three weeks after the site was closed."

They all sat silent looking at the picture. John seem more mesmerized by it then the others. The door opened and they all jumped. Sam on the other hand bolted into action, she was up and at the front door faster then John could think humanly possible.

"Tina!" Sam yelled. "You almost got yourself laid out!"

John looked and saw the girl from the coffee shop standing stunned with Sam mere inches away from knocking her legs out from under her. She had good reflexes.

"Sorry." Tina said composing herself. She grinned widely. "Laid me out huh? Sounds kinky." She turned to face Sam and kissed her square on the mouth.

"Isn't that the girl from the coffee shop?" John leaned over, not taking his eyes of Sam. He was more nervous now seeing her move so quick across the room then before.

"Yea." Jason said turning his attention back to the book. His heart was still racing and he rubbed his chest in an effort to make it quiet down. "That's how I got to be such good friends with Tina. Why Tina feels the urge to set me up with guys."

Tina and Sam walked back into the living area. Sam seemed less tense, and more at ease now that her girlfriend had arrived.

"Hey Jason!" Tina said excited. "Who's the hot guy?"

"Oh this is…" Jason started, but was interrupted by John.

"Name is Quinn." John said quickly. No need in letting everyone know his business. "I am a friend of Jason's."

"Oh." Tina and Sam sat down on the couch.

John was almost sure that Sam would say something, but she just nodded. Apparently Sam was also under the same idea not to bring Tina into the mix.

"What happened to college boy?" Tina asked looking around.

"He went to a friends." Jason said looking at John. Was it that easy for John to move in and out of people's lives? "What happened after we left?"

"The three men sat for about an hour, and then left." Tina said leaning into Sam. "I never had a chance to talk to them. They seemed to have lost interest in the two of you. Guess they just wanted to make sure that hot guy was okay." She laughed. Sam shook her head.

"Well." Jason said. "I guess we overreacted for no reason."

"Better safe then sorry." John said looking back at the picture on the table.


The rest of the night went perfectly peaceful. The four ended up talking about various topics, from politics, to education, to the latest Hollywood news. Jason ended up ordering pizza for dinner. Jason pulled Sam aside.

"I am not to sure that something more is not going on here." Jason said quiet enough so the others could not hear.

"I think this John guy is a con artist." Sam turned to look at John, who was now known as Quinn. "I mean we really don't know much about him."

"See what you can dig up tomorrow." Jason felt pained that he had let Sam questioning what he thought was a clear case. "I want you to stay the night." He paused and continued. "I want you AND Tina to stay. Just to be on the safe side."

"Sure thing boss." Sam smiled. She stayed the night frequently, so this was nothing new. She stayed in the basement, and the house was much nicer than her own apartment. She also liked it because the walls were thick enough she and Tina could have as much fun without disturbing any neighbors. "You know, we could just move in."

Jason shook his head. "Maybe."

They rejoined the group.

"Okay." Jason clapped his hands. "I am sorry, but I am old. I need my rest more then you young people need." He paused for a moment looking at John. "Tina, you and Sam will be staying the night if that is okay with you."

"Yay!" Tine squealed. John looked at her at this outburst of joy.

"Quinn," Jason turned his attention to the man sitting on his couch. The man he could not keep his hands off of for the night. "I will show you to your room upstairs."

"Room." Sam said using her fingers to show quotation marks around room. Tina poked Sam in the stomach. They both watched them climb the stairs.

As they reached the top of the stairs Jason turned around and embraced John and kissed him on the lips, softly. John shocked at first, softened in the embrace. He wrapped his hands around Jason and pulled him in tight.

"I have wanted to do that since yesterday." Jason said pulling his face away just far enough to speak. "God you are gorgeous."

"If I had known this was the reception I would get, I would have come to you sooner." John grinned. "Now where is this bedroom I am to stay in?"

Jason sighed as he pulled himself free of the grasp of John and walked down the hallway. 

"Well you can stay in the guest room." He pointed at a door down the hallway. "Or you can stay with me?" He nodded to the door next to them.

"Tough decision." John giggled. He grabbed Jason's hand and pulled him into the bedroom that Jason had indicated was his.

Inside John paused and looked around the room. The bed, stood directly in front of him. The comforter on top was a dark red with black trim, and the decorative pillows were in the same form. On either side was a dark redwood night stand, that each held a lamp that came on when Jason flipped the light switch. The light illuminated the rest of the room. It was almost as large as the living area down stairs.

On the opposite wall stood a large bookshelf with a television attached to the wall and books covering the rest. On the outer wall sat another fireplace, with two bay widows flanking each side.

"So what do you think?" Jason asked grinning as he took John's hand and pulled him towards the bed.

"Impressive." John said as he allowed himself to be pulled towards the bed.

Jason lay back on the bed pulling John on top of him.

"Do you want me to change to my younger self?" John asked kissing him on the lips gently.

"Why?" Jason asked with a confused look on his face.

"Figured it was more attractive than this face." John shrugged. "I always get more looks as the 21 year old then the 40 year old."

"No." Jason pulled his head in and kissed him hard. "I like you just the way you are."

They continued kissing for a while, and Jason could feel himself getting hard. He could also tell John was getting excited as well. He rubbed his hands up and down Johns back. He slowly made his way down and cupped his butt cheeks in each hand.

"Nice ass." Jason grinned as John pulled back.

"I bet you have a nice one as well." John rolled off of Jason and propped himself up on one shoulder. "Lets take a look."

John reached his free hand over, and started to unbutton Jason's shirt. As he worked his way down he reveled a patch of dark brown hair. As he moved down lower, he noticed there was no other hair present.

"You are gorgeous Professor." John grinned and sat up straight pulling back Jason's shirt. He proceeded to place his lips on Jason's right nipple and sucked it gently before giving it a soft bite.

Jason let a moan slip from his lips. He placed his hand on top of John's head and started to rub it. He reached his hand downward and found the bulge in John's pants. He awkwardly unbuttoned his pants, and slid his hand and started to play with the rock hard cock.

John stopped sucking, and stood up, pulling his own shirt off and pulling his pants down and was standing fully naked. Jason gasped at what he saw. The man standing before him was almost hairless, except for a patch of hair growing around the top of his cock. He reached out and ran his finger down John's torso.

"You are amazing." Jason whispered, for fear that this was nothing more than a dream. He pulled his own shirt off, and threw it on the floor. He stood up, and pulled his own pants down. His legs were hairy, but he kept his groin area trimmed. His own cock was standing at attention. At six inches, it was not the largest he had seen, but he was proud of it anyway.

"You are amazing." John pushed Jason back on the bed. He placed his hand on Jason's cock and started to stroke it slowly. A drop of pre-cum was showing, which John used to lube it up to make it easier to rub. Jason moaned.

John continued to jerk on John as he moaned on the bed. He increased the pace, and more pre-cum seeped out, which he licked with his tongue. It was sweet, not salty like he had expected.

"Are you diabetic?" John stopped for a moment and looked at Jason. "I don't mean to be rude."

"No." Jason looked confused. "Why do you ask?"

"Oh nothing." He went back to working on the cock in front of him, this time using his tongue to play with the head.

As he was getting into the grove and started to engulf Jason into his mouth, John pulled John off. John was about to complain, but Jason just smiled and pulled him up onto the bed.

"I think it is rude for you to be doing all the work." Jason grinned, and flipped himself around on the bed so his head was between John's legs, and Jason was between his. Jason giggled, and went back to servicing Jason.

Jason licked his lips and put them to the tip of John's cock. He tasted the pre-cum, and it was salty, but also had a hint of something he couldn't place. Something from his childhood perchance? A favorite type of spice? He shook his head, and went in to engulf the 6.5 inch cock into his mouth.

They stayed like this for a few minuets, before Jason felt John's body become tense on top of him. He knew that John was getting close, but he continued to move his mouth up and down faster.

John started to grunt as he shot two short blasts into Jason's mouth. Jason thought about spitting it out, as he was not a big fan of swallowing, but for some reason the taste made him think otherwise, and he swallowed the load.

John did not stop his servicing, and within a few seconds Jason grunted. "I am going to cum!" John continued at an increased speed, and he reached right beneath Jason's ball sack and massaged the spot. Sending him over the edge, Jason shot his own load into John's mouth, who he could feel swallow without hesitation.

After laying on top of each other, John rolled over and let Jason slide around so his head was on the pillow.

"My God." Jason said. "I never knew…"

John grinned. He pulled back the comforter and slid under it. He was shocked to find it was a silk sheet set.

"Silk?" John asked grinning. "My dear professor, I may keep you."

Jason laughed, and climbed under the covers as well. He never slept naked, but tonight was the exception. He reached over and hit the switch that turned off the lights. He then went and pulled John into him.

Within a few moments, John was asleep and Jason was left lying awake. He looked at the ceiling and thought about the strange set of events and sighed heavy. Here he was with someone who could change age in a matter of moment. In theory he was immortal. He should have been shocked, scared, and concerned. But instead he brought this man up to his bed, made love to him, and not he was holding him. He hoped that tomorrow would be different and a bit more normal.


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