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Matt (Socks)


Chapter 5

August 28, 2012

7:00 AM


John slowly opened his eyes as sun streamed in from the window and the small crack in the curtain. Jason was lying next to him running his fingers through his hair.

"Morning." Jason said with a smile.

John groaned and started to sit up but promptly gave up as the world spun around him. "What happened? I feel like a train ran me over and backed up several times."

"I am not sure." Jason leaned back to give John some room. "When I came up from Sam's bedroom you were on the floor unconscious. I carried you up here and you have been asleep since."

"IÉ" John started to recount the story of what happened, but thought better of it. It was to crazy to be real, and he figured it was just a dream he had. "I don't remember much. Just that crazy fight."

"Yea." Jason said rubbing his chin in thought. "The police showed up, but the men didn't seem to have a clue as to what was going on. Didn't even know where they were. Drugs I suppose."

John thought back to what he had seen. Joshua Benthem had appeared to him, and he wasn't dead. Some kind of human-demon, and he was a copy. Jason would never believe that, and there was no way to prove it.

"What about Sam?" John again tired to sit up, and this time was able to prop himself up on one arm.

"She is fine." John slid off the bed and walked over to tray that was holding a coffee pot and some mugs. "Fresh. Want some?" He started to pour two cups without waiting for a response.

"Did she explain why she screamed so loud?" John asked with as much subtlety as possible. Joshua had explained that she had been on the verge of death and that was why she was able to see him for what he really was.

"Nope." Jason walked back to the bed and handed the cup to John. "All she said was that she remembered getting hit by the guy, thrown against the wall, and the next thing she knew she woke up in bed with Tina cuddled up against her."

"Wow." John tried to hold back the smile. She wouldn't remember anything, and that was good. He didn't need that story flying around.  "What are your plans?"

"Go into work. I have one class at 10:00, office hours in the afternoon, but other then that nothing to major." Jason sipped his coffee with a large grin. "I am just glad that is over with. Why those three guys wanted you is beyond me, but maybe the police will have answers later."

John took a couple of sips from his mug and savored the flavor. He thought about what was told to him, and wondered how real it was.

"Do you think it would be okay for me to go out for a walk or something in the back trails?" John asked looking at Jason. He didn't want to be stuck in the house all day, and he had much to think about.

"I don't know." Jason frowned at John. "Those three men may have been just a testing party, see what kind of defense you have. They were professional. They knew how to track you here."

"I can't stay here all day." John protested.

"I suppose it is okay if you don't go to far. There are some trails up behind the house. You should be okay there." Jason stood up and walked to the door that led to the private bathroom. "Take Sam!"

"LesbiansÉ" John said under his breath and shook his head.


 "I have no idea why you wanted to go for a walk." Sam said looking around her as they walked up the trail. It was 9:00 in the morning, and the sun was already hot. Sam was in a tank top and short shorts. She was tanned well all around. "Plus, you were attacked last night."

John kicked a rock on the path and sighed heavy. He needed the time to be alone, but he didn't want to worry Jason about it. He agreed to have Sam come along, but didn't like having to explain everything.

"I just have to get out and walk around." He gambled with a lie. "I always take a walk every day anyway."

"Odd." Sam said.

They walked in silence for another five minuets. John was feeling better, and he was happy Sam was not interrogating him anymore then she had too. As they rounded a turn in the trail, John spotted a young man, maybe 17 sitting on a large boulder on the side of the path. He has short spiked blond hair, and was toned, with bronze skin. He spent time out in the sun, and it was evident.

Sam spotted him too, and grabbed John's shirt to hold him back. "Hold on." She whispered in his ear.

Sam continued to walk down the path in front of the man who had his eyes closed. He was smiling from ear to ear. Sam got the impression that he looked like the Joker form a Batman cartoon, but without the makeup. She stopped for a millisecond, barely noticeable but to the trained eye. She continued to walk down the trail. She turned around, and motioned for John to continue.

John started to walk forward and did not really understand Sam's concern. He was confident that no one was after him anymore. To him it was paranoia of a person who had spent to many years in the developing world and under constant attack. As he approached the young man sitting on the stone he started to feel weak. His feet started to drag, and he found it more and more difficult to breath.

"SaÉ" he started to say reaching out his hand as the ground came towards his face.


John slowly opened his eyes, and Jason was lying next to him with his arm draped across his bare chest. John rolled over and pulled Jason in a big hug. Jason grunted.

"You ready to go again?" Jason said without opening his eyes. "I guess that's what I get when I mess with a college age kid."

"What?" John pulled away a moment. "College kid?"

"It is a complement." Jason opened his eyes, and moved in for a kiss. "Don't get to offensive."

"I neverÉ" John moved himself into a sitting position and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He was his 22-year-old self.

"Hum?" Jason said pulling him back down. "You never what?"

"I never like to be called a kid." John smiled a sly grin as Jason slugged him in shoulder. "I feel like I am older then the hills."

"Ouch." Jason rolled over and positioned himself on top of John. "Let's see how older the hills functions at round 5."


John made his way to the kitchen looking for something to drink. He was not sure what had happened. He looked around, and everything was in its place, as if nothing had happened. The coffee table was not laying in pieces on the floor; the door was actually on its hinges.

"So," Jason said coming in behind John. "What would you like for breakfast?"

"Just milk." John rubbed his head trying to figure it all out. "I am not much of a morning eater."

"I see." Jason moved to the refrigerator and grabbed the milk. "I hope 2% is fine?"

"Perfect!" John smiled as Jason poured the milk and placed it on the table. "Will Sam and Tina be joining us?"

"How do you know about Sam and Tina?" Jason reached for a coffee mug but halted.

"Oh, well," John started to freak. Apparently Sam and Tina never came over last night. "You mentioned them last night in passing. The girl from the coffee shop is Tina, and you said her boyfriend was Sam."

"Hum." Jason laughed. "Yea. But not a boyfriend; girlfriend."

John took a drink of his milk hiding the sigh he let loose. He bet on the boyfriend part since he had original assumed Sam was a boy from the day before.

"I don't have classes today." John lied. "What about you?"

"I have one class at 10 and then office hours." Jason sat across the table from John looking deep into his eyes. "I should be home at 4:00 if you want to hang around. Or you could go some place, and then come back. Or you could just leave and never see me again."

John blushed. He didn't want to seem clingy, but at the same time he felt he had known Jason for a long time. After the fight the last night, if it had happened, he felt even closer. Jeremy went so far to say that Jason would be good for him to have in his life.

"I think I will be here." John said after thinking for a moment. "I mean, unless I find another professor."

"Ass." Jason said with a wink. "So what do you think you will do today?"

"I want to go for a walk." John wanted to get back to that trail to see if anything was there. He doubted it since it seemed like the day had repeated itself."

"There are some trails behind the house that lead into the mountains. Pretty safe too." Jason stood up and placed the coffee mug in the sink.  "Shower time."

As Jason walked by, John grabbed his hand. "Ready for round 6?"


John sat on the bed flipping the soul stone between his fingers. John had left for work, so he figured it would be okay to try to age himself. He had aged himself to Jason to explain why he had all those pictures of him. But since the attack never happened there was not reason to show him.

He gripped the stone in his hand and squeezed hard. The pain was always what allowed him to age. He waited a few moments, but nothing happened. The only thing he was feeling was his hand cramping.

"What the hell is going on?" John said out loud as he smashed his hand into the bed. He held the stone in his hand, and it seemed to be more dull looking and not as brilliant as before. Before it seemed to absorb the light around it and reflect it back, but now it just looked like a normal black rock.

He got up and pocketed the rock and decided to go for his walk. He figured that the kid sitting on the rock had something to do with it. Maybe Jason was right: The Jason from the other night. Maybe there was someone out to get him. He had discovered that demons were after the soul stone to use its power for complete destruction.


He found the trail that he had walked on in his memories. Everything was the way he remembered it, except Sam was not asking annoying questions. It was 9:00 AM and it was already hot.

He approached the bend in the trail where he had spotted the kid. As he rounded the corner the kid was once again sitting on the rock, eyes closed as if he was meditating.

"Hey!" John yelled out as he walked quickly forward. "What did you do?"

The kid opened one eye, still with the smile on his face. John thought he looked like the Cheesier Cat from Alice in Wonderland. At any moment he would disappear.

"What do you mean?" The kid said in a smooth voice with a hint of a British accent. This shocked John, as most teenagers would have bit the head off anyone who dared to interrupt them, any accuse them of anything.

"Where did Sam go?" John stood with his arm folded in front, not backing down. If this was another demon he would be at a lost, except Jeremy told him he could all the things the others could do, plus any demon power he absorbed via the soul stone.

"I do not know a Sam." The kid opened both eyes and focused on John. John felt like he was being read from the inside out, all his secrets being put on display.

"Don't play games with me." John continued getting more and more angry. The kid was playing him. "I was here earlierÉ or laterÉ or some other time and you were sitting here and then I collapsed. Next thing I know my day restarts."

"That is absurd." The young man stood up and dusted his backside off. "I will just guess you are some drunk college student who is working off a hang over."

John clenched his jaw and balled his fist. He was not going to be tricked by some human demon.

"I must go." The boy turned around and put his hands in his pocket. "I am sorry I do not know where this Sam fellow went, and I am sorry if you assume we have meet before." He started to walk away.

Jeremy felt his anger grow inside him. He knew he wasn't crazy. He knew the events from the previous time had occurred, and now this teenager was calling him a drunk lunatic?

He focused on the back of the teenager and felt his anger grow second by second. Almost instantaneously he felt his hand grow warm. It was like he was hovering his hand over a campfire trying to get his hand warm. He looked down and saw his hand on fire.

"The hell!" John screamed and attempted to shake his hand trying to put out the flame out.

The moment he flicked his hand up the flame flew up into the air. It went about five feet in the air, and then came back down in almost a straight line. John jumped back and the fire landed in front of him with a loud pop.

The teenager turned around, again with his smile that creped John out more then anything.

"Very good." The teenager said walking back towards John. "You have passed my first test. This will go easier then I anticipated."


Chapter 6


"Who the hell are you?" John responded backing up. He was looking between the teenager and his hand. He knew Jeremy had told him he could do other things, but he never had this happen before.

"Calm down." The kid stopped moving. "I am not going to hurt you. I am here to help."

John kept backing up. He was not sure what to make of it. First he had to repeat a day. Second he had fire coming out of his hands, but no apparent effect. Third he had this teenager telling him to calm down. He felt the anger he had felt turn to frustration and hatred. He clenched his eyes shut. Why was he feeling such major mood swings?

"Feeling hatred now?" the kid asked with a bit of a smile.

John opened his eyes to see the kid smiling again. Again he was reminded of the Cheesier cat. "How did you know?" Again hatred raging through his mind. All he could think about was chocking the smug brat. How sweet that would feel.

John released his fist and out of his fingertips bolts of electricity flowed into the ground. He felt an immediate release of the hatred he was feeling.

"This place," the kid motioned around, "allows for you experience raw emotion. A little bit of anger turns into rage. A great place to practice."

John looked around, but didn't see anything different. "Looks all the same to me."

"Well yes." The kid looked around as well. "But you could call this a pocket world." He waved his hand and the air shimmered.

John saw himself lying on the ground with Sam over his body, everything frozen in time.

"I pulled your soul into the world." He sighed. "I would have preferred if that woman hadn't seen me, but it worked out in the end."

"How can you be in two places at once?" John asked looking back and forth between the images of where he was, and the kid standing next to him.

"All questions answered eventually." The kid moved back to his rock. "For now, lets do some training. You have done some things using anger and hate, but we need to tape into the powers that come from love, and happiness."

John stood with his back turned, and his arm folded. "Send me back."

"You can send yourself back," the kid laughed, "As soon as you learn how."

Again, anger raged in John's heart, as he wanted to choke the teenager. The joy of feeling it snap. He balled his fist, and felt the familiar warmth. He looked down and the fire was back.

"How about I just make you return me?" John flung his hand in the direction of the kid as if throwing a baseball. The fire turned into a baseball sized ball, and flew towards the teenager at an astonishing speed.

The teenager just raised his hand and caught the fireball. "Good." He squeezed the ball out of existence.

John let out a sigh. "Who are you?"

"You can call me Derrick." The kid smiled. "For now at least."

"What are you?" John had to resist the urge to get angry. It was easy for him to get angry here. "A demon I suppose?"

"No." Derrick laughed. "I am not a demon, nor an angel. I am what you call a Harbinger."

John thought for a moment trying to place the word. "You mean like a harbinger of doom?"

"Some see it that way." Derrick sat down on the rocks. "We will talk about it later. For now lets see if we can focus you're thoughts on more pressing matters."

John stood for a moment wanting to defy this individual. He could feel the pride rise in him, and he wanted to be more powerful then this harbinger. He wanted to show him his place.

"You have dark emotions." Derrick rubbed his chin in thought. "You must learn to control those emotions. You need to focus more on happy thoughts."

John ignored the words and stood out his full height. "I am not your puppet!" He reached out his hand to his side and clenched his hand as a large scythe appeared out of thin air. "I will destroy you and your dream world."

Derrick saw the scythe and his eyes grew large. "How the hell did you summon that?"

John grinned. "I thought of something that could take you out, and this came to me." He grinned and spun the scythe around in his hand and aimed at a large tree. With one swipe it came down. "I like this."

"Stop using your dark emotions!" Derrick screamed. He raised his hand. "If you don't, he will destroy you like all the others!" He lowered his hand, and John felt the world dissolve around him.


John opened his eyes slowly. The world around him was blurred, but he could make out someone standing over him.

"Sam?" He said weakly.

"Yes." She said leaning in and put her hand on his head. "Are you okay?"

His vision started to come back. She was knelling next him. "Where is that asshole kid?"

"What kid?" Sam looked around.

"The one that wasÉ" He looked at the rock, but no one was sitting there. "He was right there."

"Sorry love." She stood up and reached out her hand. "No one here but us. You just collapsed as we were walking. Maybe we should go back to the house?"

He reached up and grabbed Sam's hand and pulled himself up. He promptly fell back to the ground.

"Damn it." He was on his hand and knees looking at the ground. "I guess I am still weak."

"Just relax for a bit." Sam sat down next to him. "So tell me about this kid."


Jason came into the living room and found John lying on the couch sleeping. Sam was in the recliner reading a book. He walked in quietly, but not quietly enough to keep Sam from noticing. He motioned for her to follow him into the kitchen.

"So what happened?" He asked as he grabbed a can of root beer out of the fridge.

"We had an incident out in the trail." She said sighing. She was worn out, from both the attack from the night before, as well as the incident today. She spent a few minuets giving the shortened version of the story to Jason. "We had to take the walk slowly back home. He had to stop every now and then and get his strength back. He feel asleep as soon as he was on the couch."

"That doesn't sound good." Jason squeezed the can in front of him. "I think we have another problem."

Sam sighed and looked at the countertop. "When it rainsÉ"

"My office was broken into and some files stolen."

"What files?" Sam was afraid she knew the answer to the question.

"Demon Run."


Jason lay in bed holding John as he slept. He had carried him upstairs and undressed him down to his boxer briefs. He was lying on his side, and was also dressed down to his boxer briefs.

"Hum." John said moving in his sleep. "Want round 7?"

"What?" Jason asked pulling him closer, his warm skin sending tingling sensations through his body.

John rolled over and kissed Jason more passionately then he had anyone before. Instantly Jason was hard, his cock pressing against his underwear wanting to be released from its confinement. He could also feel John's own member pressing for release.

Jason rolled onto his back, pulling John on top of him. John started to grind himself against Jason, who groaned in response.

"Yep. Round 7." John said as he pulled himself away from Jason. He started to move himself down, but stopped at his chest and started to bite gently on Jason's left nipple. Jason groaned hard. John continued his voyage down Jason's body, and found his 6-inch cock waiting to be released. One of the things he learned from the previous night, was he loved having his cock in his mouth. It was thick, and provided him with a mouth full.

John pulled back the underwear, releasing his prize. He slid it into his mouth and started to move up and down. Jason groaned with delight and place his hands on the back of John's head, helping him move up and down.

"Oh wow, that is good." Jason said between gasps. He wanted to let this last for as long as possible. He pulled John off so he could get his own fun. He flipped John on his back, and pulled his underwear down so he could get access. John was longer, but not as thick. At 7.5 inches, Jason really got to practice his gag reflexes. He lowered his mouth down, and took half of it into his mouth. He ran his tongue around the head, causing John to shiver under him.

Jason continued to work, getting more and more down his through. He finally hit the base of John's cock and felt the few hairs tickle his nose. He held his head there and let his throat muscles massage the end. He puled his head back but dove back down. He started to slowly move up and down. He reached his hand down and started to tug gently on John's large balls.

John pulled on Jason's hair as he continued to move faster and fast up and down. He knew he wouldn't last much longer. He grunted and clenched his fist. "I am going to cum!"

Jason kept going, increasing his speed. He felt John's balls tighten in his hand and took John's entire cock into his mouth just as John erupted, sending streams of cum down his throat.

"My turn!" John rolled Jason over on to his back, and quickly took Jason into his mouth. He reached under and pushed his finger against Jason's hole. He pushed enough to cause Jason to squirm. He rubbing his finger around, but never inserted. He started to move his mouth up and down quickly.

"I'm going to cum!" Jason said just as he erupted. He shot enough to make Jason cough, dropping some out of his mouth. Jason collapsed on the bed, panting. "I love you."

John climbed up Jason's body, cum still dripping off his mouth, and looked down at Jason's face. "I love you too."

John leaned in and kissed Jason. John hadn't swallowed Jason's load and pushed it into Jason's mouth, and they swapped it back and forth as they kissed. Eventually it ended up in John's mouth and happily swallowed it.


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