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Matt (Socks)


Demon Run


Chapter 9

August 29, 2012

Jason River's Office – UNM Campus

2:40 PM


John knocked on the door to Jason's office. John had asked him to come by to talk and the possibility of going some place outside of the country.

"Come in." he heard Jason on the other side yell.

John walked into the office, which was more massive then he pictured. It was a good 20 by 20 room, with bookshelves lining the left and right walls, which went about 4 feet up. On the opposite wall behind Jason's desk was a large window that showed the campus spread out. They were on the third floor, so it was an impressive view.

What caught John's attention more then anything was above the shelves of books on each side were two large oil paintings, which he guessed stood about 7 feet high and 4 or 5 feet wide. The one on the right was a picture of an angel. It was dressed in a white robe, which looked like it was made of clouds and feathers. Its face was pale with sharp deep blue eyes, and had a square jaw. The features made it very attractive, and also hypnotic. In its right hand was a simple wood staff.

He turned his attention to the painting on the left, and he let out an audible gasp. Before him was an exact painting of what Jeremy Bentham looked like when he showed his demon form. The creature had horns that came out of the head, wrapped around the backside, and then curved up under his ears. His eyes were purple flames that even the painter was able to look as if they were burning on the canvas. Large black wings filled the background of the painting, and even seemed to go off the edges, as if the painter had not counted on the wings being so large. The robes were made of black clouds with lightening coursing through them.

In his left had was what made him start to shake. It was a large scythe that if John had paid enough attention in his vision with harbinger, might have been the same kind he held. It had a black stick, and the blade itself was a good four-foot in length, that curved and looked like it could chop through anything that stood before him.

"Angels and Demons." Jason said coming up beside John causing him to jump. "The two most ancient creatures in all mythology and dogma. Almost every civilization has some form of these creatures."

"Where did you get these?" Jason swallowed hard, and willed himself to look away from the picture.

"Upstate New York, about 4 years ago." Jason put his arm around John and kissed him on the cheek. "Sam found them when she was on a mission for me. Figured I would like them."

John blushed as Jason kissed him. He wasn't sure how open Jason was at work, but apparently he was not ashamed at all. "I missed you this morning." John said with a grin.

"Oh I couldn't take round 10." Jason laughed. "Not sure where round 1 through 6 went, but I am sure they were just as good as 7-9." John laughed as well. "But I had to get to the office to make sure nothing else was a miss."

"I figured these paintings were more valuable then any of your files." John sat down in one of the two leather wing backed chairs that sat in front of a large oak desk. It was a well-kept desk, which was not how John pictured most professors' desks. The office itself was not a typical professors office either. No papers laying around, waiting to be completed or graded. Even the bookshelves were well kept, and from the quick look he had, in a well-organized system.

"Oh very." John sat down in his office chair and looked at the demon painting smiling. "But someone would have noticed them getting carried out of the building. Can't just stuff them under your coat now can you?"

"Who painted them?" Jason asked trying to avoid looking at them.

"Derrick Westfield I think." Jason rubbed his chin trying to think. "Westhouse? West-something."

The color in John face disappeared and the room spun around him.


"He sure is a lightweight." John heard a woman say as he slowly opened his eyes. "This is the third time he has done this. Are you sure he is medically sound?"

"I am okay." John said rubbing his head, and sitting up. "I never used to faint so easily before."

"It's okay. All this excitement over the last few days has gotten you all worked up. Rest and relaxation will do wonders." Jason commented as he rubbed John's back and grabbed his hand. The warm feeling made John smile.

"Think you can stand up?" Sam asked. She didn't sound as mad as she looked. John could tell that she didn't like him.

"Yea." He grabbed ahold of Jason's hand and yanked himself up. Jason was surprisingly strong. But then again, how many times had he been carried up a flight of stairs because he passed out. "I am sorry for that."

"It's okay." Jason kissed him on the lips this time. John smiled. "So," he turned his attention back to Sam. "What have you learned?"

"Nothing much." Sam frowned and put a large manila envelope on the desk. Jason grabbed it and pulled out a stack of papers, and photographs. "Based on the camera footage from the hallway, three men entered the office, and came back out, within 4 minutes. They knew what they were looking for."

"They pulled out all the stuff in my desk trying to find it, and the filling cabinets." Jason started to pick through the papers looking for something. "They knew it was in here."

John looked around the room looking for the cabinets. He found them lining the wall of the door he walked in. There were a total of 10 cabinets, all fireproof style. The looks on each one had been drilled open, making them no longer secure.

"What was so important about this file?" John asked, but instantly figured he really didn't want to know.

Jason paused looking through the papers, and looked at John, as if trying to size him up. He leaned back in his chair and ran his hands through his hair.

"JasonÉ" Sam started to say but was stopped by Jason raising his hand.

"What do you know about the Bible?" Jason looked square at John with a look like he had never seen before.

"Probably not as much as I should, considering how old I am." Jason laughed trying to get rid of the weird feeling he was getting. "Growing up in the time periods I did religion was more of a social requirement then it was a spiritual thing. If you didn't go to church you were deemed undesirable, and life could be hard for you. Atheism didn't exist, so I had to go through the motions, but I paid very little attention."

"I keep forgetting you can do that." Jason laughed breaking his eye contact. Sam just huffed. "Do you know anything about Revelations 12?"

"The war in heaven?" John asked with memories coming to him that he was not sure where from.

"Yes." Jason leaned forward. "Most Christian groups today see it as an event to come, the end of times, the apocalypse. That it is the last great battle between good and evil, and that evil will be destroyed forever."

"Apocalyptic nonsense." Sam huffed. "Just a way for organized religions to keep their people in check. The middle ages were all about trying to scare people into behaving."

"You would be surprised at how well it can work." John said with a sly grin. He knew how some cultures where when it came to religious control, even if they didn't admit it.

"However, some believe that this is a description of what happened before the creation of the world. That this was a fight to determine how humanity would be developed." John pointed to the angel. "On one side of the battle was a group that wanted to let humanity develop on its own. Give free will." He pointed to the demon. "On the other hand was a group who did not think that humanity could make it on their own, and needed more direct influence. Instead of people believing in something, they would know. They would be in direct contact with the heavens."

"What is so bad about that?" John interjected. "I mean we wouldn't have had any of the wars and bloodshed. Life would have been much easier."

"Maybe." Jason sighed. "But in the end we wouldn't have been able to grow, experience, and change. Humanity is all about trying new things, even if it is dangerous. The ones that lost were tossed out and forced to live elsewhere. Over time that place became known as hell, but it isn't the fire and brimstone you would think."

"So what does this have to do with the file stolen?" John asked trying to piece it all together.

"Most assume the battle was fought in heaven, but it wasn't. It was fought here on Earth before humans, animals, and all else was put here. The location of the battle is known as Demon Run."


Chapter 10


John stared at Jason trying to determine if Jason really believed this or if he was just explaining mythology and dogma to him. "How do you know this?"

"I was there." Jason pulled out a picture and handed it to John.

John looked at it and it was of a place that looked familiar, but he had never been there. It was an area covered with snow, with a few bushes pressing out in random spots. It didn't look anything special.

"Where is this at?"

"Northern Siberia." Jason sighed. "Not an easy place to get to unless you have resources and determination."

"Why is this place so special?" John put the picture down.

"Opening forced where the battle took place, and they lead towards heaven and hell. They can be opened if you know how." He got up and walked to the bookshelves that sat under the angel. He pulled out a book and handed it to John. It was titled `100 great leaders of the last 1000 years'. "Every once in a while someone stumbles across this location, and they are able to gain some form of power from this spot. When they do they tip the scales of good and evil. When that happens there is a chance that to restore that balance and if it doesn't, the world must come to an end. It has happened on many occasions. The opportunity of destruction; not the end of the world."

John thumbed through the pages and he remembered some of the great rulers.

"Your telling me that Mahatma Gandhi almost brought an end to the world?" John stared in disbelief as he leafed past his biography.

"No." Jason laughed. "Not everyone in there almost destroyed the world. Some of them are just people who really connected with humanity and tried to make it better in general. Some tried to alter the settings."

"So someone has that file, and they can get to it now?" John asked.

"No." Sam interjected. "The file here was just for research purposes and was only one-fifth of the whole thing. Jason wanted me to make sure the whole thing was safe. In the wrong hands this could be dangerous."

"Hell even in the right hands this could be dangerous." Jason laughed. "Evil is always easier to manipulate, as humans tend to be drawn to its lure of power and unbridled passion. Good takes a lot of effort. Why try to make the masses love you, when you can so easily make them fearful?"

The door behind them swung open and three men walked in. They were dressed in black suits and white ties, which gave John the impression they watched Men in Black too many times. Behind them a forth man waked in. He was tall and slender but he gave off the vibe that he was the one in charge. He had sunglasses on, and his black hair was slicked back. He had a goatee on his long face and his smile looked like he wore it when he needed to manipulate someone.

"And now my dear doctor, you will know what fear is." The man said looking at the three sitting there. "I am so glad you retrieved the rest of the information. The boss will be so happy."

"You aren't getting it Sigmund." Jason said with defiance, putting himself between the men and the file.

"Come now." He walked in front of the three men. "You know I won't take no for an answer. Then again, you could never say no to me."

"Sigmund," Sam said getting in an attack position. "Leave now, or I will make you suffer."

"I am so glad you still have that lap dog of yours." He smiled at Jason. "And I see you have a new one." He looked at John and grinned, sending shivers down John's back.  "Still needing people to do your dirty work I see."

"Who is this?" John asked, even though he knew it was not the right time to ask.

"John, meet Sigmund." Jason sucked in air between his teeth. "My old research assistant, and boyfriend."

"Oh you say it with such cold admiration." Sigmund walked closer to them, but stopped when Sam moved. "I see you haven't lost your touch lezzie."

"Bastard!" Sam yelled and punched Sigmund square in the jaw, causing him to stumble backwards. "Don't ever call me that again."

"You punched me!" Sigmund stated stunned. "You actually punched me."

"I have wanted to do that since day one. How Jason ever feel in love with you is beyond me."

"It's a male thing. You would never understand." He rubbed his jaw and grinned again. "But since you won't turn things over nicely, I will just have to take it. To bad you won't be around to see what happens."

The three men pulled out guns and pointed them at Jason, John, and Sam. A feeling of fear and love came surging through John's body, not at his own life being at risk, but at the fear of losing Jason. He had only known him for two days, but to him, he had known him since the dawn of creation. He felt a familiar tingling in his fingers and he instinctively raised his hands towards the would-be shooters.

"Oh my," Sigmund said spotting John's actions. "What do we have here?"

Before he could say another word lighting shot out of his fingers and hit each of the guns, causing their owners to be shocked and knocked the guns out of there hands. The men were shocked, as we Sigmund, Sam, and Jason. John felt weak, and his knees starting to buckle, but forced another round of bolts out of his fingertips, this time hitting each of the men square in the chest causing them to crumple to the floor unconscious, or dead. John saw the floor rush up, as his body collapsed again.


"So it is true." Sigmund smiled as John collapsed to the floor. "You have one after all."

Jason quickly moved to grab John and picked him up off the floor. "Sam if you would be so kind as to remove him from my office?"

Sam grinned. "I would love to." She started to move towards Sigmund who ran out the door. "Damn him."

"Grab the papers." He moved to the door. "We need to get out of here."


The Gulfstream G550 lifted off the ground and headed out across the desert of New Mexico. The plan was owned by Jason's parents, which made travel around the world easier then flying on commercial flights.

Jason was sitting in one of the seats holding John with his head in his lap, running his fingers through his hair. He was still out cold. Sam thought they should go to a hospital, but Jason said he was just sleeping.

"So what did Sigmund mean by `one of those'?" Sam asked drinking from a bottle of water.

"I am guessing he means his ability to shoot electricity from his fingers?" Jason shrugged. "We knew he could change age as well."

"So where are we going?" Tina came out of the front cabinet holding a cup of coffee. She had met them at the airport with bags and clothing. "I hope I packed correctly."

"As long as you packed for some cold weather, we should be good." Jason looked down and put his finger on John's neck to check his pulse: It was strong. "We will be landing in a outpost of Siberia that is far from any public eyes."

Sam leaned back in her chair, and looked out the window. Clouds obscured the ground, but she still liked to look. "Why not just destroy the information? He might even follow us."

"Because," Jason said with a grin, "The world is going to end in December."


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