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Matt (Socks)


Demon Run


Chapter 11

August 30, 2012

Unknown Russia- Siberia

1:20 PM – Local Time


John groaned as he awoke to the bouncing of the vehicle they were driving in. He slowly opened his eyes to see himself staring up at Jason smiling down at him and running his fingers through his hair.

"Morning." Jason said with a smirk. "Well afternoon."

"Where are we?" Jason said looking around. He was in the back seat and Sam was driving with Lori in the front passage seat. He could see out the front window grey sky. It was bright outside so the sun was up. The vehicle jolted and he sat up.

"We are in Russia." Jason looked out his window. "You have been asleep for almost a full 24 hours. You really knocked yourself out."

John rubbed his head trying to recall what had happened. He remember men in black suits showing up, they had guns, and there was this slender fellow named Sigmund, but other then that he was blank.

"I don't recall what happened." Jason rubbed his head and looked out his window. There was snow everywhere on the ground, with pine tress all around. They were not following any road, but Sam seemed to know their destination. "Where are we going?"

"Demon Run." Jason said with a smile. "We must go and make sure that who ever Sigmund sent does not find it."

"Why is that important?"

"I think that this has something to do with the upcoming `end-of-the-world' BS." Jason laughed. "Every so often it happens, but like I said. It seems to get closer when someone finds Demon Run."

"And you think this guy Sigmund is working for, is the one to start that?"

"I think if he finds it, he will start a reign of terror." Jason pulled a water bottle out of bag and offered it to John, who took it.

"But why do you think the December date is what he is up too? That is a really close date to take over France and all of Europe." Jason chuckled as he chugged the water down. He was far thirstier then he realized.

"I have no clue." Jason pulled out another bottle of water and handed it to John.


Sam and Jason changed drivers so she could sleep. According to Jason it would take 24 hours to drive to the site. As they moved further north the sky grew darker and the wind started to blow harder and harder.

"As we get closer and closer to the site, the weather will get worse. It is an attempt to detour people from heading this way." Jason pointed towards their ultimate destination. "Most will get lost on their way, and die never reaching it."

"What about satellites and other observations equipment?" John was starting to feel more like they were on a goose hunt then anything else. "I mean they can see through all the storms."

"Oh I am sure they have done sweeps of the area." Jason laughed. "But there is nothing to see."

John sighed and looked out the window. He didn't see any point in trying to get answers, but to just let this go. The closer they got to their mystery destination the more he started to feel suspicious of Jason. No longer that close connection that he had felt back in the United States. It was starting to scare him.


John bolted awake as the vehicle stopped abruptly. He looked around, his vision still hazy. A snowstorm was blowing flurries all around them. He couldn't see more then 10 feet in front of them.

"We are here." Jason said with a grim tone. "We have to walk on foot for the rest of the way." He opened the door and climbed down from the high perch. "Tina, you and John stay put. Sam and I will be back as quickly as possible."

"Hey!" John shouted. "I did not come all this way for you to just abandon me here."

"You came because your life was in danger." Jason said as a matter of fact, which only caused John to become more agitated. He felt the sparks fly across his fingers. "You two stay here. It will be safer for you."

"Come on John." Tina smiled. "We can get to know each other better."

John took several deep breaths and closed his eyes. He attempting to bring back the feelings of love he felt for Jason. For some reason all he could feel was complete hostility for him. As if they were born to be enemies, and not lovers. He felt the familiar tingle of energy flow through his hands.

"There is food in the back if you two get hungry." Jason closed the door and started to walk away from the vehicles. Sam followed close behind, giving Tina a wave, and disappeared into the blowing snow. Their footprints disappeared almost as soon as they left them.

"Those two are always going off on a grand adventure." Tina watched them disappear into the dense storm. Her voice sounded as if she too were sad to miss all the fun. "But alas, that is their job, and I am just a barista." She grinned. "Always give yourself a fancier title!"

John laughed as he looked at Tina. She was a pretty girl and could see why Sam liked her. She was the type of girl who could handle herself if need be, but let others do that.

"You like to play the venerable type." John grinned.

"What ever do you mean?" Tina let out a southern drawl, and waved her hand to her face to act like she was from the Deep South. "I am just an innocent girl, who has to have my dignity watched after."

John laughed so loud he startled himself. As soon as Jason was out of eyesight he lost all hatred and anger that had built up inside. He was disturbed by how quickly his emotions changed.

"Lets grab something to eat." Tina said climbing into the back cabin of the vehicle. "I am starving, and those two don't eat as often as I would like."

In the back cabin were two cots, a small fridge, and a small microwave to heat food. There were 5 five-gallon bottles lined in a compartment of the floorboard that provided freshwater.  John guessed they were insulated to protect from freezing. There was also a table that could seat two people to eat at.

"This is an interesting vehicle. I do not think that I have ever seen one like it." John looked around.

"You will find that the professor has several oddities that he custom built." She looked around as well. "He wants some comfort, but also the protection that it can provide."

They sat and at sandwiches and chatted about their lives. John avoided telling to many of his secrets to her.

"So what can you tell me about this Sigmund guy?" John wanted to know more about this past boyfriend. Was he being jealous over this odd guy?

"Not to much." Tina took a drink of water and looked off into the distance recalling memories. "He was before I met Sam, so didn't get a chance to know him personally. What Sam has told me is the guy is a slim ball."

"When the professor started to hunt for artifacts from civilizations and groups that believed the world was going to end, Sigmund joined on. They were more colleagues then anything else, but as they started to work together, they seemed to get closer."

"Let me guess," John interrupted, "Sigmund was in it for different purposes?"

"He was more interested in making money then he was making discoveries. Sam caught him selling some of the artifacts without Jason's approval." Tina frowned. "Sigmund tried to kill Sam, but the Professor intervened. The FBI and Interpol have been after him since, but they can never seem to catch him."

"Maybe his new employer is keeping him hidden." John thought back to the office attack. "He seemed to have some heavy duty protection when he attempted to get the file on this place." John titled his head to the side and looked at Tina for a moment. "Why do you call Jason `the professor'?"

Tina laughed. "Oh, from Gilligan's Island. It's more fun and exotic to call him that. Plus, always give yourself a fancy title." John laughed as well.

"John." A voice called from outside.

"Do you hear that?" John looked out one of the windows but only saw snow.

"Hear what?" Tina looked at John and then out the window.

"Someone just called my name." John turned and faced Tine. "Must be the wind or something."

"John." The voice came again. John turned around and looked again out the window.

"There it is again." John reached for a large jacket and started to put it on.

"You aren't going out there?" Tina said with more of a question then a statement. "You will get lost. GPS doesn't work out here."

"I will be fine." John opened the back door. "I think I know who it is."

"I am going with you." Tine grabbed another coat and slipped it on as she jumped out behind John.

John started out into the blizzard with Tina behind him.

"John." The voice again broke the blizzard, clearer this time. John made a straight line towards the voice.

"Don't go to far!" Tina yelled over the wind and snow. Odd that Tina would have to yell so loud when this voice was so clear and distinct.

John stopped with a sudden jerk, which caused Tina to stumble right into him almost causing him to fall down.

"Give a warning╔" Tina stopped as she looked around. "My God."

They were no longer standing in a blizzard but on a beach in the tropics. The ocean waves were lapping the beach as bird flew lazily in the air. The smell of the ocean was a sharp difference to the icy sting that they were just in. There were three beach chairs angled towards the beach, each with an umbrella and a drink for them to have.

"Well I am glad you heard me." A voice behind them startled both of them. "Come take off your coats. You will cook here."

They turned around and John recognized the young teenager he had seen behind Jason's house along the path: Derrick.

"I don't want to play your games anymore." John said trying to get anger built up, but this time he only felt peace.

"Don't try here." Derrick laughed as he looked at Tina. "Name is Derrick." He reached out his hand and offered it to Tina. "I know John as it were."

Tina looked around and lightly grabbed Derrick's hand. "How╔where╔did?" She couldn't make any sense of what she saw.

"Sorry for the fright my dear, but I needed John to come talk to me." He let go of Tina's hand and motioned them towards the chairs. "He ran me off last time and I didn't get a chance to finish telling him some important items."

John followed Derrick down to the chairs, with Tina following. They each took a seat with Derrick in the middle.

"Now," Derrick smiled, again giving him the Cheesier Cat look, "I know you were able to focus your powers, even though our training was cut short. You are a fast learner."

"Thanks." John gave up trying to be angry and just watched the ocean waves hit the shore and retreat.

"But you tire too easily." Derrick took a drink of his red punch. "I love Kool-Aid."

Tina looked at her drink, but it was clear, with bubbles in it. She sniffed it and it smelt like Sprite. "How did you know I like Sprite?"

"I always know dear." He smiled. "Just like I know John likes Root Beer."

"So why bring us here?" John looked Derrick right in the eye.

"You were too close to the Gates of Hell and Heaven." Derrick lost his smile. "You were feeling anger and hatred for Jason, and that was not good. You felt as if you should be enemies."

"Yes." John's eyes glazed over as the emotions washed over him, but were gone in an instant. "I wanted to rip him apart."

"And so you would have." Derrick laughed. "Or would have died trying. You can't go near the Gates without having some deep connection made. If you would have followed Jason where he was going, you would have died."

Tina gasped. "But they are so much in love."

"The nature of the beast I assume." Derrick grinned. "I pulled you here until it was safe to return you. Jason will know where you two are."

"So why did I want to kill him so badly?" John asked absently taking a drink of his root beer. It was the best he ever had. It stung his tonged just right, but was just the right amount of sweetness.

Derrick gave his eerie half smile as if he were enjoying the moment far to much. "You are a demonic human." His smile grew larger show a row of sharp teeth he hadn't seen before. " And Jason is an angelic human."


Chapter 12

Nauvoo Illinois

May 30, 1850

11:40 AM


Luke Milson squinted in the sun as he made a wide walk around the demolished building he had come to investigate. Before him stood the remains of one of the most interesting buildings of the time. Built from 1841 to 1846, the never completed temple of the Mormons was built before they were run out of town, a fate that typically met this group of radical Christians. Luke had taken an interest in the Mormons several years ago, and frequently visited with and wrote many papers on his conversations. He tried to remain neutral, but sometimes he came off as being more sympathetic to the group then others of his profession.

He had just finished doing some interviews in what was known as the State of Deseret controlled by the Mormons. They were attempting to get admitted into the Union following the Mexican-American War. All intents and purposes however would cut the area and form the Utah Territory, and California would be created as a State. He was trying to get their opinion.

On his way back to New York, he had heard that a tornado had destroyed part of the temple. He had seen it before it had been gutted by a fire, and knew that a group was going to attempt to rebuild the inside to turn it into a school.

He walked around the exterior and found the wall that was collapsed in by the tornado. The other walls looked like they could fall at any time.

"So most witnesses say the tornado just made a bee line for this?" Luke asked his local contact who had accompanied him to tour the destruction.

"It came from that direction and headed almost in a straight line for the building." The guy just shrugged and kicked a couple of rocks. "Disappated almost as soon as it hit the outer wall. Shame too. It was a great looking building."

Luke nodded as he had heard the members talk about the building with great respect. He felt sad that the building had been destroyed. He walked into the center of the debris to get a better look on the inside. Even in the destruction he could tell the craftsmanship was excellent and everything was made with extreme care.

"Be careful." His guide said. "I know they are planning to bring down the other walls as soon as possible, but they could come down at anytime."

Luke nodded as he carefully navigated through the mess. He thought Jeremy would love this. He had some contact with his old friend, but recently no one had heard or seen him. The events of Ithaca were unnerving, and he had nightmares about it.

He paused as he saw something glimmer in the light under a stone that had fallen off the front portion of the temple. He moved closer and carefully reached in and grabbed something round and solid like a stick. He tugged on it and it came free from the destruction. He pulled the object out and was amazed that something so delicate could have survived.

The object was white 7-foot long staff made out of some kind of wood. He held it in one hand and he had an odd feeling like he had seen something similar before. The object reflected light but also seemed to emit its own form of light.

"What do you suppose this is?" Luke asked his guide as he climbed out of the rubble.

"Walking stick of some kind I would gather." The guide shrugged. "I would ask some of the people that are still left behind that did not go on to the Great Salt Lake. They might know something about it."

"It survived the collapse of the wall, and was actually lodged under a stone." Luke flipped the staff around in his hands. He was suppressed at how well he knew how to handle it. He had never taken lessons on any form of fighting. He barely knew how to fire a gun. He despised violence and attempted to avoid confrontation as best as possible.

"Pretty good with that." The guide whistled. "You into martial arts?"

"No." Luke laughed. "Never done this before." He flipped the staff into the air and caught it.


Luke sat in his room on the bed facing the corner he had leaned the staff against. He couldn't take his eyes off it. Even in the dim room the staff seemed to emit its own light. Some relic of the Mormons, he thought to himself.

He sighed hard and took his eyes off the staff and towards his hand where his wedding band sat. He loved his wife, and he adored his kids. He loved them, and would do anything for them. He always felt something missing in his life. Something that he could never fill for it would mean the end of him, both socially, and possibly his life.

He thought of the times he was truly happy and that was with Jeremy. That last night with him was the hardest. Something inside him wanted so much to grab him and hold him tight. Hug and kiss him with the love he knew he had for him. But that type of thinking was evil. God would never allow such feelings, and he had to fight it. His family was what kept his strong. The problem was the more distance he had with Jeremy the more depressed he became.

"Luke." A whisper broke the silence.

Luke looked around and then at the door. He went to it and slowly opened the door. The hall way was empty. He frowned and shook his head. He must be tired and needed to sleep a bit. He had been traveling for the last three weeks, and it was time to rest. Maybe he would stay in Illinois for a few days before moving on. He could find some stories to write about here and then present them to his publisher.

He lay down on the bed and closed his eyes.

"Luke." Again the voice came, this time a little louder, but as a whisper.

Luke sat up in the bed, and looked around. This time he was sure he didn't just hear things.

"Who is there?" Luke called out to the voice. His heart started to race, and he reached for the gun he had hid in the drawer next to his bed. "I am armed."

The wall nearest the window started to look as if it were melting. It waved in and out as if some form of heat were about to melt it. He stood up and started to move towards the door, holding his gun towards the wall.

"Leave me." Luke attempted to scream but his mouth was dry and he couldn't find the air to push the words out. It turned into more then a whisper.

As he watched a figure stepped from the wall, and the odd distortion in the wall disappeared.

"Luke." The figure slumped to the floor. "Help me."

Luke watched as the figure fell face flat on the floor and didn't stir. His right side had blood dripping, from an apparent wound. He left all concern drift to the wind and ran over to the individual and rolled him over. He gasped.


Jeremy stirred as slowly opened his eyes. As the room came into focus he saw he was in a bedroom of some kind. His eyes came into focus as he saw a figure sitting on the edge of the bed reading a book. He groaned as he tried to sit up.

"Hey you're awake." Luke said with a smile. "The doctor said you were tore up pretty bad, but said you would be okay. Bar any infection." Luke put the book down and looked at his friend.

"Luke." Jeremy said with a weak smile. "I found you."

Luke lifted Jeremy's shirt and checked the bandage, which was not bleeding through.

"I think I will survive." Jeremy laughed softly as he winced from the movement. "I had no where else to go. I am sorry."

"Don't be sorry." Luke said with a grin. "I am glad you are here. I have missed you."

"Hum." Jeremy said with a shake of his head. "I am sure you have questions."

"Yes." Luke looked at the wall. "What in all things holy was that?"

"To put it point blank, it is a dimensional gate." Jeremy laughed as Luke just opened his mouth and shut it without saying anything. "I reached out to find you, and for some reason this is where I came."

"Dimensional gate?" Luke finally asked.

"Oh boy." Jeremy looked at the window. "I will have to explain it all to you, but I need rest."

"Rest." Luke said wiping a piece of hair out of Jeremy's face and rubbing his face. "I see you cut your hair."

"And I see you grew a goatee." Jeremy laughed. "I like it."

"I liked your long hair." Luke rubbed Jeremy's cheek softly as a tear dropped from his eye.

"Please don't." Jeremy said squinting his eyes.

"Why?" Luke wiped the tear away from his face.

"We can't go there." Jeremy said with more tears falling down his face. "YOU can't go there."

"I will go where I want to." Luke leaned in, careful not to disturb the bandage. "And I think you are who I want to go with." He placed his lips on Jeremy's lips and felt Jeremy's warm lips push back in a kiss.

Luke lay down next to Jeremy and they both feel asleep.


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