Part 1

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Desmond threw his bag to the ground and then got out of his truck. He stretched, making most of his joints pop. He picked up his bag and headed for the truck stop, He had about enough time for a shower and a meal, after that he needed to be back on the road.

He nodded to other drivers as he passed them, and smiled to himself at two guys going around, asking for a ride.

For once he didn’t have to wait for a shower to become available and quickly the water was running, hot enough to generate steam and he was naked, looking at his stomach. There was a bit of a bulge there, and like every time he saw it he felt a pang of guilt, but he suppressed it, after all, that it was still this thin after eight years behind the wheel was something to be proud of. He’d seen guys gain hundreds of pound after only a year or two.

There was a knock on the door.

“It’s busy,” said Desmond

“Sorry sir, I forgot to refill the soap dispenser,” replied a voice behind the door.

“That ok, I don’t need it, I brought my own.”

“Sorry sir, but I really have to refill it.”

“Oh for crying out loud,” Desmond grumbled as he wrapped a towel around his waist, before opening the door. “Just make it . . . ..” His voice left him as he gazed into bottomless eyes.

The man pushed Desmond back in the room. “About time you opened the door,” he said as he close it without looking. Desmond remained motionless, unable to pull away from those eyes. “I can’t believe my luck. I was only here looking for someone to corrupt and here you are, a half-blood just waiting for me to get your blood boiling.

As the man ran his hands on Desmond’s chest his form changed, his clothing vanishing and face deforming itself into a parody of a human one, while his skin darkened until it was as dark as obsidian.

He pulled away Desmond’s towel and looked him over “You must be considered pretty good looking by other humans. I wonder if you go for the girls or the guys, not that it matters, once we’re done, and your demon side becomes alive you’ll go for what ever I tell you to.”

Somewhere in the back of his mind Desmond tried to figure out what was going on. Why was he so calm at being pushed down to his knees?  “Lets get some demon juices inside that body of yours so we can get things moving. Suck my cock.”

Desmond blinked once, his eyes focusing on the large penis erect in front of his face. He tried to resist, not that he minded sucking cock, in fact he quite enjoyed it, and it had been some time since he’d had the chance, but he liked wanted to be the one in control.

Of their own volition his hands closed on the large balls, and he rubbed his face against the sac and shaft. He tried to fight back again, but the taste of the cock as he put the tip in his mouth sapped all his will. He pushed more and more of the cock down, not stopping until he had taken it all in. He let go a sigh of contentment, happy that he could still deep throat, even after all this time.

The demon moaned “Oh, you like cocks, I can tell.” Desmond smiled and slowly pulled up savouring the sensation the large shaft created as it stretched his throat. He moved back down, again not stopping until he swallowed the entire shaft.

He lost track of time as he leisurely sucked on the black cock and massaged the large ballsac.

“Harder,” ordered the demon, “don’t be gentle with them, mangle them all you want.” Desmond didn’t need to be told twice as he found some anger at being used this way deep inside him. He closed his fist around the balls, as hard as he could, and felt the demon shudder. “Oh yeah, Keep doing that and you’ll be filled in no time,” said the demon and he took hold of Desmond’s head.

Desmond pulled on the sac, twisted it and dug his nails into the thick skin as the demon fucked his face. He found that he was enjoying this, mistreating his abuser as he was being used. He used one of his hands to stroke himself, using his precum as lubricant.

“Don’t,” pant, pant, “touch yourself.” Moans, “you don’t get to cum. You need to keep it all in.”

Reluctantly Desmond let go of his cock, and focused on the demon’s balls again, his anger increasing because he had to remain pent-up, pressing them tightly together.

“By the Pit; If I hadn’t known your blood was dormant I’d think you’re one of us already,” the demon groaned and then shoved his cock deep in Desmond’s throat just as it started twitching and emptying itself.

Desmond felt his belly swell by the shear volume of cum he was being fed, but whined since he couldn’t taste any of it.

“I’m going to pull out,” said the demon with a chuckles, as if he’d read his mind, “but don’t think of loosing even one drop, understood?”

Desmond nodded eagerly and the demon slowly pulled out. Desmond was swallowing before the cock head was even out of his throat, as soon as the first drop of cum touched his tongue he regretted it, the taste was sour and burned. He tried to pull off in reflex, but the demon held his head in place, and his mouth tightly shut, so he had no choice and kept on swallowing.

When the torrent was over the demon let go of him and he fell back on his ass. Still dazed he looked at the demon, whose cock was still hard, and looking at him, with a smile. “Stand up, we’re not done. We have to fill your other end.”

Desmond stood as ordered, not having enough energy left to even try resisting. The demon placed himself behind “Don’t worry, that’s going to be quick.” And he slowly pressed his cock against Desmond’s hole.

Desmond groans and ground his teeth as more and more of the demon’s cock filled him. “You’re quite the trooper,” said the demon once he was completely sheathed in Desmond’s ass. “But I’m not going to take a chance with what’s coming,” he added, placing a hand over Desmond’s mouth, and then fucking him hard.

The hand was the only thing preventing the building from being brought down by Desmond’s screams of pain as the demon’s large cock moved in and out of him, making him feel like it was ripping out his inside with every thrust.

It didn’t take long for Desmond to become lost in a high as his brain tried to deal with the pain, only to be pulled out of it when the demon came, sending a large amount of cum to sear his insides, making him scream in the demon’s hand again.

The demon pulled out of him, and used his hands to keep Desmond’s ass cheeks closed. “Keep that clenched for a while. You don’t want to loose any of this either.” Desmond nodded, as the painful sensation quickly faded to nothing. The demon pushed him under the jet of water. “Clean up. We’re going to meet again soon,” said the demon as he vanished.

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