Part 10

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Desmond followed the trial closely, Stiltson’s family had hired the best defense attorney their large wealth afforded them. With his help they had painted a scenario where Tony became the aggressor, constantly making advances on Stiltson. They’d even got some of Stiltson’s friends to corroborate the story.

Desmond was initially puzzled why no one came forward to contradict that story, but he learned through Jason that the jocks had made sure no one would defend Tony, unless they wanted their reputations ruined, and a stay in the hospital. Desmond wasn’t surprised; the wealthy family would do whatever it took to keep their son from going to jail.

He had to forbid Jason from getting involved; this lead to the first major fight with his son. He tried to make him understand there wasn’t anything to be gained, that no matter what they did, Stiltson had money on his side. Jason wouldn’t hear of it. He didn’t care about the consequences; he didn’t want to let them trash his friend’s reputation.

In the end Desmond had to invoke his authority as a parent, and threats, to get Jason to swear he wouldn’t get involved. Grudgingly he did, but not before he made sure Desmond knew he would make him pay for it.

That night was the first one Desmond spent sleeping alone. While Martin could tell Desmond knew more than he was letting on about what was going on, he still took Jason’s side.

In the end, the trial went as Desmond had expected. When the judge rendered its verdict it was obvious that while he thought the beating had been reprehensible, it had been understandable. He gave Stiltson twenty hours of community service; that wasn’t even a slap on the wrist.

Desmond had wanted to wait a few days, but his anger which had been simmering since Jason had kicked him out of his bedroom wouldn’t let him. He followed Stiltson to the school and watched him prance through the lockers. He was telling his friends how cool the trial had been and thanking those that had for coming to his defense.

After the last class of the day Desmond used the cover of the crowd to approach Stiltson and made a few changes, nothing major, yet, just enough to ensure he wouldn’t cause any problems when he grabbed him.

After school Stiltson had football practice; Desmond smiled at the thoughts of the jock’s reaction in the shower with all the other naked guys. He sat in the stand, far back to watch him and figure out what he was going to do to him. Once he decided he took out his cell.

“I’d like to speak to Gregory, please,” he told the receptionist that picked up. “Hi Greg, it’s Desmond.” Gregory ran a porn website; he had all kind of guys giving shows on it, but that wasn’t what he was planning on at the moment. “I’m good, say, can I borrow your dungeon tonight? Yeah, I know it isn’t much warning, but someone just popped up. Probably in a few hours,” he checked his watch, “lets say seven? You’re the greatest. Yeah, I’ll say hi and introduce you when I get there.”

When the practice was over he contemplated going to the shower to watch Stiltson’s reaction as he found himself checking out the guys on his team, but he decided against it, to many chances of someone questioning what he was doing there. So he leaned against the wall next to the exit doors and waited for them to leave. Stiltson was the last one. He had his sports bag over his shoulder and he was wearing a perplexed expression.

“Stiltson?” Desmond asked.

He turned in surprise, “yeah,” he then said, checking him out from head to toe.

“Desmond,” he said extending his hand.

Stiltson took it tentatively, “should I know you?”

“No, but we’re going to be changing that tonight. Why don’t we go to your car and go get something to eat, we have about an hour to kill.”

He could see the debate in Stiltson’s eyes, but in the end he didn’t have a choice; Desmond had made sure he couldn’t refuse him. They took Stiltson’s car to a burger place and talked about stuff, the day, the football season, nothing of importance, and especially not the trial. Desmond didn’t know if he’d be able to control himself if he had to think about it.

Afterward they drove to the outskirt of the city to a large brown brick building. At one time it might have held offices for architect, or lawyers, now it had been taken over by the porn industry. He had him parked next to the other cars in front of it.

Once the engine was off Desmond grabbed Stiltson by the jaw and forced him to look at him. “listen to me, when we’re with others you going to act like a good little sub, that means keep your eyes down, be polite, do what you’re told, and don’t contradict me, is that understood?”

Stiltson shoved his arm away, “are you nuts. I don’t know what kind of game you think you’re paying, but I’m leaving.”

“Come on,” Desmond said, “get out of the car.” He watched as Stiltson tried to grab the key that was still in the ignition with one hand while the other opened the door. When he closed the door behind him he had a confused expression.

“What just happened?” Stiltson asked looking back at the car.

“You did what you were told to,” Desmond replied, “just like a good little sub. Now follow me and remember what I told you.” He didn’t wait to watch Stiltson fight against his order.

The entrance looked that that of any other business, there was a receptionist behind a counter, chairs to wait in with various magazine, all of them completely respectable. On the wall were framed posters of various events Gregory had sponsored, none of the images of them would even qualify as ‘risqué’.

She let Gregory know he was here and a moment later that large bear of a man was embracing him. While they kissed passionately Desmond caught the astonished look on Stiltson’s face reflected in the glass frame of one of the posters.

“Who’s your friend,” Gregory asked in his deep voice. Gregory was six foot six, close to three hundred pound; a good part of that weight was muscle. He won a few power lifting championships in his younger age. But even now with his thinning brown hair, salted with white and beard of matching colour he still had strength to impress most men.

Desmond turned and studied Stiltson; he was looking at the ground his fist clenched at his side. “He hasn’t earned himself a name yet, have you boy?” After a moment of resistance Stiltson shook his head, “so I’m just calling him Sub for now.”

“Sub huh? Look at me Sub.” Stiltson looked up and Gregory looked at his face. “have we met before?” He asked him. Stiltson shook his head. “I thought I might have seen him at one of the BDSM party,” he told Desmond, “he looks a little familiar.”

“I doubt, he’s brand new to the scene.” He replied.

“And you already have him this well trained? I’m impressed. You’re talented.”

“Thanks, is your dungeon available?”

“Yeah, I had it cleaned up, so have fun.”

Desmond lead Stiltson through the door at the end of the corridor and into the working part of the building. Here the corridor had a bunch of doors with windows in them. Half were occupied by a guy jerking off for a camera, some of whom were also chatting online at the same time. One even had two guys having sex while one was in a chat conversation

“You like what you’re seeing?” Desmond asked Stiltson.

“No, what they’re doing’s wrong, it’s a sin.”

“No?” Desmond groped him, “then why are you rock hard?” he whispered to him before leading him to the last door, and then down the stairs.

They entered the room at the bottom and he shoved Stiltson further inside before closing and locking the door. The room was a dungeon, the wall made of old stones with manacles bolted into them. On the far side was a table with various torture devices on it, in one corner there even was part of a skeleton. The only thing that might look out of place was the old mattress on the floor against a wall.

“What’s this place?” Stiltson asked, his voice trembling with fright.

“This is where we punish bad boys, which you’ve definitely been one of.”

“Bullshit,” he replied with defiance, “I’ve never done anything wrong in my life.”

Desmond looked at him, “strip,” he ordered him as he started undressing himself. Stiltson tried to resist, but he was soon naked, keeping his cock covered with his hands. Desmond folded his arms over his chest, “Don’t cover up your bits, I want the chance to look at your goods just like you’re looking at mine.” Hesitatingly Stiltson removed his hands.

Desmond looked him over. He wasn’t bad looking, a bit under six feet, dirty blond hair, clean shaven square jaw. His muscles were well defined under that tan. His cock was hard, close to seven inches and it had a good thickness to it. Desmond could imagine he’d been popular with the girls.

“Nice,” he finally said, “I can see the guys here are going to like you.”

“What? What are you going to do to me?”

“I’m going to ask you some questions, which you’re going to answer.”

“You’re not going to rape me?” Stiltson asked with disbelief.

“No, I’m not going to have to. You’re going to beg me to fuck you.”

“No, I won’t!” Stiltson turned around so he wouldn’t have to see the other naked man.

Desmond smiled as he looked at the man’s ass. His cock stiffened as he thought just how fuckable it was. He walked to him and placed his arms over his shoulders. “Why don’t you tell me why you beat up Tony?”

“He kept hitting on me, no matter how often I told him to stop he just wouldn’t. When I saw him that day, I don’t know, I just snapped.” He repeated the line exactly the same way he’d said it on the stand.

Desmond guessed that he had spent hours and hours practicing it. “Well said, but we both know it’s not the truth.” He flooded him with hunger to suck cock; so much of it that Stiltson fell to his knees gasping.

“What’s happening to me?” he asked Desmond. His eyes never made it to the other man’s face, his saw the hard cock and couldn’t that them off it.

“Lets call this retribution,” he said as Stiltson reached for it. “Now tell me the truth.”

“I’ve told you the truth.”

Desmond took two steps back and Stiltson lost his balance, ended up on all four. “Wrong answer, you’re not getting any of this until you’ve told me the truth.”

“Jesus,” Stiltson said between pants, “why to I want it so badly. It’s wrong.” Desmond hadn’t taken away any of who Stiltson was, he’d simple made his hunger for cock so strong it would over power what ever objection he could come up with. He looked at it and gasped. “I beat him up because he was their leader. All the fags looked up to him. Fags don’t deserve to be at the top of their class. They’re an abomination in the eyes of God.”

Desmond stepped forward and Stiltson didn’t even wait to be told want to do; he licked Desmond’s cock clean of precum and then tried to swallow it whole. Stiltson had no idea how to do it, but Desmond didn’t care. He grabbed his head and proceeded to face fuck him; forcing him to take all nine inches over his protests.

“That’s right, take it like the good little cock sucker that you are.” Desmond said as he shoved his cock down his throat. “This is what a good fag like you wants, isn’t it?” He wasn’t gentle with him and when he came he pushed his cock in as deep as it would go and held it there through his entire orgasm; holding Stiltson’s face in his groin as he started to run out of air.

When he finally released him Stiltson crumbled on the ground gasping for breath. Desmond didn’t care, this had been very satisfying. He looked at Stiltson watching him with a mix of terror and desire on his face. He’d almost died, but he’d loved it; and he wanted it again.

Desmond had something else in mind for him. He grabbed a leg and rolled him on his back, giving him another hunger. He lifted the man’s legs and slipped a finger between his ass cheeks to rub his bud. “How does that feel?” he asked just as Stiltson gasped in surprise at the sensation.

“Fuck that feels good,” the man replied.

“Does, doesn’t it? Now, did anyone put you up to it?” Desmond asked, still teasing his hole.

“No.” he managed to say between moaning.

“Really?” Desmond said, stopping the rubbing in surprise. “No one told you it was ok to hurt him that maybe he even deserved it?”

“Well, Pete said we were God’s chosen, that we acted for Him. He said that sometime people don’t take God seriously until they’ve taste His displeasure.”

“Who’s Pete?”

“He leads our congregation.”

“Where and when?”

“Every Friday at seven, at St-Michaels”

Desmond nodded, “did he say that Tony didn’t take God seriously?”

Stiltson nodded, “none of the fags do. If they did they wouldn’t give into their sins for fear of what God would do to them.”

Desmond had heard enough. He kneeled between Stiltson’s legs and pressed his barely wet cock head against the man’s asshole. “Tell me you want this.”

“I want it.” Stiltson said without hesitation.

“Tell me how you want it.”

“I want it rough and hard.”

As soon as Stiltson said that Desmond grabbed him by the hips and gritted his teeth before forcing his cock in, all the way. The man screamed in pain as his insides were ripped apart.

Once he was hilted he gave both of them time to catch their breath. It had been painful for him too, but no where near as for Stiltson. “Do you want me to stop?” He asked.

“No,” Stiltson said between sob.

“Why not?”

“Because I hurt someone; I deserve this.”

“Damn right you do,” he said as he pulled out. “Tony didn’t deserve what you did to him.” He thrust back in. “The doctors don’t even know if he’s ever going to come out of his coma.” He pulled out, this time it was a little easier, the blood providing some lubrification. “But he’s not the only one you hurt,” In. “His family’s broken because of you,” out. “My sons won’t sleep with me because of you,” in. “They think it’s because I was afraid they’d get hurt,” out. “but I wanted you to win your trial,” in. “I wanted the pleasure of breaking you myself!”

Desmond spent the next hour fucking Stiltson mercilessly; the man screaming in pain and asking for more at the same time. When Desmond finally came the man was sobbing and moaning. He pulled out and Stiltson curled up in a ball crying heavily.

Desmond looked at the blood on the ground and grew disgusted with himself. The man had deserved punishment, but had he deserved something this harsh? Desmond had made him love every moment of pain he’d felt, and he was going to continue loving it from now on.

He cleaned his cock of the blood and cum mix with Stiltson’s shirt while he thought about what he was going to do. He could undo the emotional damage he’d done, make him forget all of it and send him back home with a bloodied ass. He smiled as he imagined him trying to explain that to his parents. All he had to do was touch him

He looked at the broken man curled up on the cold ground. It wasn’t that he had put someone in a coma that made the decision for him, or even the parents who had to wonder if their son would ever wake up. No, the reason why he got dressed and left him there was that because of him he had a situation with his own family that he didn’t know how to resolve.

“Where’s your friend?” Gregory asked as Desmond walked by his office.

“Still in your dungeon, he liked it so much there he didn’t want to leave.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No, in fact, why don’t you keep him?”

Gregory walked out of his office, “what did you do to him?”

“I roughed him up, but that’s what he likes. You should put him on camera I think you’re viewers would get a kick out of him.”

“Damn it Desmond. Are you trying to get me shut down? That guy’s been all over the TV with that court case. That where I recognized him from.”

“That closet case put a man in a coma just from being gay, well, big surprise, he’s one too. I don’t give a damn what you do with him. I can tell you he’s going to want to stay here and be fucked, he’d going to beg for it. You don’t want to do your part and show the world what kind of man he is? That’s not my problem, I did my part,” and having said that he stormed out.

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