Part 12

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Desmond showed up at St-Michael’s to following Friday for the meeting of a group called ‘protect the family’. It was an eclectic group, blacks, whites and Asian; men, women, old, young, singles, couples, even children. He hadn’t known what to expect from a group that encouraged gay bashing, but that wasn’t it.

They seemed friendly enough, they greeted him; welcomed him to their meeting and expressed hope he would find what he was looking for with them. Desmond politely thanked them while avoiding being drawn into their conversation. He didn’t want to get to know them.

Not long after that a man walked to the podium and everyone sat down. The man was in his mid forties, dark hair cut short, he wore an old sports jacket over a flannel shirt and jeans. Looking at him Desmond got the image of someone who’d just come from the farm.

The man started by leading them in prayer, thanking God for their fortune, asking Him to help the Stiltson in their times of need and then asked for His blessing while they spread his message. After that he asked those assembled if they had seen the young Stiltson; he had never returned home football practice. Desmond knew exactly where he was since he’d seen him on Gregory’s site just this morning, being fucked hard while sucking a cock; but he didn’t think this crowd would want to know that.

Then they had a discussion about what each of them was doing to spread God’s message. Some were holding Bible readings, some were picketing the gay bookstores and the abortion clinics and a group was setting up an office to counsel women looking to have abortions.

After the discussion he gave them a passionate speech, reminding hem that they were God’s chosen, that it was their duty to not only be there when sinners wanted to repent, but to show them the error of their ways; to bring them back within the fold. That God was forgiving only to those truly seeking redemption. What he said never quite became a hate speech, but the tone and the implications were there.

When his speech was over he mingled with the crowd, talking with some and shaking hands with those who had to leave. “I don’t think I’ve seen you here before,” the man said, presenting his hand.

Desmond shook it, making the man trust him as he did so; not blindly, but as someone he could confide in. “No Reverend, it’s my first time here.”

The man laughed, “I’m not a reverend, it’s Peter, just Pete Clark. What brought you to us?”

Desmond pulled a pamphlet out of his pocket. He’d taken it from the table by the door when he arrived. “I got this at work, and it looked worth while.” The pamphlet outlined some of the social events they ran to keep children off the streets.

Peter nodded, “Protect the family is about making sure our children are safe, after all they are our future.”

Desmond nodded, “I heard you mention Stiltson, is that the same kid that was in the news?”

“Yes, he’s gone missing. His family is worried sick. I think some fags kidnapped him to enact revenge.”

“You don’t thin he might simply have run away? To get away from the media, and maybe the reminders of what he’d done?”

Peter shook his head. “No, young Stiltson was one of God’s warriors; he knew the cause came first. He would do whatever I asked him to.”

“Even beat up an innocent kid?”

Peter smiled at Desmond and placed an arm around his shoulders. “Quite observant,” he said in a conspiratory tone, “but lets be honest here, the fag wasn’t really innocent, was he? His kind’s the reason America lost God’s favor.”

“You really think so?”

“Don’t you? Why do you think all the catastrophes have been hitting the US recently? None of that stuff happened here when the fags stayed in their closets, but now we have all those talk of marriage, adoption and the freedom to show what they feel in public. “Peter shuddered, “So God hit us with Katrina and now He’s sending out economy down the drain as a reminder that we have to stop the fags before we become a well of corruption.”

“I don’t really see many here thinking the way you do.”

Peter shook his head, “most of them are just scared little sheep, barely willing to do token gestures, but at least they keep giving us donations so we can keep fighting on their behalf. The Stiltsons are true believers; that’s why the loss of their son is such a blow to us.” He looked up and smiled, “and here comes another believer. Matt, this is Desmond, he just joined our cause.”

Matt studied Desmond before offering him his hand, “pleasure to meet you.” He had a wide muscular frame and a deep voice. “This is my son, Jeremy.”

Desmond shook Matt’s hand, and then Jeremy’s. As soon as the teen looked at him he felt the attraction. When their hands connected Jeremy’s lust came through clearly. Desmond was amused that neither of the other two noticed the way Jeremy looked at him. Desmond shifted the fourteen year old’s lust to Peter as he realized how he was going to take the man down, and in the process destroy this little group.

Every Friday Desmond came to the meeting, and every time he made Peter a little more interested in Jeremy. At first it manifested in a friendship between the two, something Matt approved of. After a couple of weeks Jeremy asked if he could help out with the group. When they asked his father Matt beamed with pride that his son would take such an interest in their cause.

Desmond also volunteered his help so twice a week the three of them would be at Peter’s house printing out pamphlets or, in the case of Peter and Jeremy, playing games of tag. The house was large, Peter had bought it when he got married and they had planned on having many children, but his wife and first child had died during the birth. Peter had never remarried. And he started treating Jeremy like the son he hadn’t had.

Desmond used those visits to tweak the lever of attraction between the two, keeping Jeremy’s in check until the time was right while slowly reducing Peter’s resistance to those thought he ad been having about the teen.

He also used it to hide small cameras in Peter’s office. He had a friend of his set them up so they would send the feed to a computer, which Desmond hid in Peter’s bedroom, that would record everything. The computer would also forward the feed live to a secure website so Desmond could watch when Peter would lose the battle with his growing lust.

He was home, checking to make sure the website worked like his friend had promised when he found out he was also getting sound. Peter was sitting at his desk when the phone rang.

“Hello. Reverend Felp! What a pleasure to hear from you. Yes, things are going well here. No, they still haven’t found him, his parents are beside themselves. Yes, having someone from the group go talk with them is probably a good idea. No, I don’t think he ran away, I worded your instruction in such a way that he thought the idea was completely his, and he had no problem with it. Of course, I soon as I find out anything I’ll let you know.” Peter hung up.

Desmond sat straight, it had never occurred to him that Peter might be receiving orders from someone else. He did a quick search on the reverend’s name and came up with someone he despised on sight. The man was reported to be behind hundreds of protests against gays, many of which turned violent. Nothing could ever be linked directly, but even outside the gay communities the reporters had nothing nice to say about him. Desmond promised himself he was going to go pay that man a visit once he was done here.

Before long Peter was inviting Jeremy over almost very evening after school. Nothing untoward happened during those visits, but it told Desmond that Peter was ready.

The next time they were over to make pamphlets Desmond left early. When he shook their hands before leaving he removed the last of the barriers and then hurried home.

When he logged on the website they were still working on their own, but Peter kept looking at Jeremy folding the pamphlets instead of working in the ledger open in front of him. Jeremy lifted his head and smiled at him. They talked for a few moments but Desmond had deactivated the sound on the website, he wasn’t interested in their conversation, just the end result.

Jeremy set aside the pamphlets and went sit on Peter’s lap, leaning back against the man. Peter chuckled and wrapped an arm around his chest to hold him in place while going back to writing in the ledger with his free hand. The teen stayed like that for a while and then turned his head to lick the older man’s neck.

Peter was surprised by the action and said something, to which Jeremy simply smiled and turned around, kneeling on his lap and buried his face in Peter’s neck. Desmond could see the man mouth saying ‘no’ as he panted, but he was pressing Jeremy’s head tighter against his neck with a hand.

When Jeremy came up for air he was panting; they looked each other in the eyes and then were kissing passionately. Moments later Jeremy was naked and Peter’s pants were open, his thin cock pointing up, moments before the teen swallowed it.

Satisfied that things were moving like he wanted them too he logged on an anonymous email site and sent the link to the website to Jeremy’s father with. From their discussions he knew Matt spent most of his evenings online, monitoring gay sites for any events he could crash. He lived thirty minutes away from Peter so even with breaking the speed limit those two would be able to have some fun before he arrived.

Jeremy was now on all four with his ass presented to Peter, who seemed to go from incredulous to lustful within a second. He kneeled behind him and slowly entered him. Jeremy’s head was back in what could have as easily be pain or ecstasy when the site registered another person watching the feed. Not even five second later the feed disconnected.

Desmond watched the two make love on the floor for fifteen minutes before they looked up in surprise. Peter only had the time to pull out of Jeremy before the door to his office burst open and Matt threw himself at him, punching him mercilessly. Jeremy crawled to a corner too terrified by what was happening to say anything.

Desmond turned off his computer, satisfied that Peter would be accused of molesting a child. And of distributing pedophilia once the recording was found, as well as the website. The computer was set to only keep the last twelve hours so they would have no way of knowing if this was the first time or not. The website was set so it wouldn’t keep any records so there would be no way to know how many had been looking at it, or who.

Desmond felt sorry Jeremy would be traumatized by shrinks trying to get him to admit Peter had molested him against his will, but it couldn’t be helped. He leaned back in his chair and listened to the silence in the house.

The place had been too silent recently. Since all of this had begun Jason and Martin did what they could to avoid being in the house with him; spending most of their time at friends’. He know they dropped by, clothes would be added to the laundry, food would go missing. But he hadn’t seen them in almost two weeks now.

He put the note he’d written on the fridge, on it he told them he loved them and was sorry for the way he had been behaving, that he was going away for a while to take care of some problems and that he hoped to be able to explain everything to them when he came back.

He put a couple change of clothes in a bag and slung it over his shoulder. With the advertizing he’d printed in hand Desmond left to catch a flight to Atlanta, where Reverend Felp was giving a speech in a few days.

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