Part 13

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Desmond walked through the ticket counters area again; he’d lost count of how many times he’d done this in the last four hours. His initial plan had been to simply buy a ticket for Atlanta, get on the plane and deal with Felp, but then he’d checked his finances.

Paying for Jason and Martin’s tuition had taken a good chunk out of his bank account, and being the only real income in the house hadn’t done much to increase it. He didn’t expect to be gone for long, but he still had to take into account that he wouldn’t have a job when he got back, so he decided to see if he could avoid paying for the ticket.

That’s why he’d been walking through the area every so often, hoping to get a response from one of the guys working at the counters. He hadn’t had any luck at this point mostly because most of the people working were women. There had only been three guys at the counter since he’d started doing this and none of them had been interested in him.

One of the women was replaced by a young man and when he happened to look in his direction Desmond smiled at him. The man smiled back casually and then focused on person standing on the other side of the counter, but Desmond felt the desire the man had for him.

He got in line and it was a few minutes until he was standing before him; he’d had to let two others go first when other clerks became available. The young man was slight shorter than him, clean shaven with short blond hair. He looked young, probably only a year or two older then Martin. He did look striking in his dark blue suit with the airline logo on his left breast. The name tag under the logo said his name was Bill.

“Good evening,” Bill said, “How can I help you?”

He didn’t show it, but Desmond could feel the young man’s desire increase with the close proximity. “I’d like to go to Atlanta,” He said and Bill stared typing, “but I have a problem.”

Bill looked at him and smiled, “what is it? Maybe I can help you resolve it.”

Desmond smiled back as sweetly as he could, “I really hope so.” He leaned in and spoke in a softer tone. “I can’t afford to pay for the ticket.”

Bill frowned as he heard that. “I’m not sure there’s anything I can do in that case,” he said, his tone still polite, but not quite as friendly, “we aren’t a charity.” He looked down at his screen.

“I know, I don’t really need much, just a seat in the back, I don’t care how poor the flight is or how long it’ll take. I’d be really grateful if you could arrange it.” Desmond looked at him intently, “Really, really grateful.” When Bill looked at him it was speculatively. Desmond smiled eagerly and felt the man’s desire increase.

“How important is that trip for you?” He asked with a knowing smile.

“Really important,” Desmond said, playing up the urgency, “I’m willing to do what ever it takes.”

Bill nodded, “if you don’t have money, are you willing to pay another way?

“Anything, what ever you want.”

Bill smiled with satisfaction. “I take my lunch break at two. If you’re still here, and you still need that seat follow me when I leave the counter and we’ll discuss the price.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here.” Desmond replied and went to find a seat at the nearby restaurant. He had a light meal and then moved to the coffee bar across from the ticket counter so he could keep an eye on Bill. While he waited he read through the papers, wondering if Pete’s adventure would show up in the morning’s edition.

Fifteen minutes before two am a woman replaced Bill. He took his cash drawer with him when he walked through the door on the wall behind the counter. Ten minutes later he reappeared and stepped out from behind the counter. Their eyes met and Desmond followed him to the bathroom. They waited for the man already there to finish his business and leave and then Bill took Desmond in the handicapped stall.

As soon as the door was closed and locked Bill grabbed the back of Desmond’s head and pulled him in a passionate kiss. Desmond responded eagerly, wrapping an arm around Bill’s lower back and pressing against him. Both of them were hard.

Bill moaned as the cocks ground against each other. He reached a hand between them and groped Desmond. “Fuck,” he exclaimed, pulling out of the kiss, “How big is it?”

Desmond was a little surprise by Bill’s question, from their interaction at the counter he’d expected Bill to be in charge of the situation. “Take it out and find out,” he said firmly, easily slipping into the role of the Dom since Bill had let it go.

Bill looked down while he rubbing Desmond’s crotch with one hand and undid his pants with the other. Bill’s breath caught in his breath when he pulled Desmond’s pants open. Desmond smiled at his reaction; since his demon side had become active his cock had slowly increased in size. Only in the last few months did it seem to have stopped growing, at a thick ten inch when he was hard. It happened slowly enough that almost no one noticed it. Only Martin had questioned it once, but he hadn’t insisted when Desmond side stepped the question.

Bill fell to his knees and he licked up and down Desmond’s cock, making him moan quietly. Desmond leaned back against the door and watched Bill first suck on the tip of his cock and then swallow it whole. He groaned as Bill worked his shaft with his talented mouth and throat.

When Bill came up for air Desmond pulled him to his feet to prevent him for just going back down on him again. “Is that how you want me to pay for my ticket?” He asked him.

“Hell no; I want you to shove that cock deep in my ass. I’ve been dreaming of something that big for a long time.” To show of how serious he was handed him a small packet of lube. He then dropped his pants and turned around, leaning against the far wall.

Desmond smiled and emptied the packet in his palm. He lubed his cock and then Bill’s crack; making him moan loudly when his finger pressed against his muscle ring. Desmond hoped he would be able to remain quiet if someone walked in. He placed the tip of his cock against Bill’s hole and pressed lightly.

He was planning on taking it slow, give him time to get used to it, but Bill had other ideas. He pushed back and forced at least half of the cock. “Fuck yeah, that’s what I’ve been waiting for,” Bill exclaimed.

Desmond pushed the rest of his cock in since Bill was insistent about taking it all. Bill was very vocal during the entire process and Desmond hoped no one would walk in since it was clear his play mate wasn’t even going to try to be quiet.

Desmond fucked Bill slowly, not because he wanted to stretch it out, but because he kept an ear on the door. His worry that someone would interrupt them grew every time Bill exclaimed how much he was enjoying it; to the point that when he screamed god’s name loud enough to be heard outside Desmond covered his mouth with a hand. Desmond felt something else happen, but he didn’t know what he was, and was too busy with Bill to try to figure it out.

Having muffled his screams he was able to be a little more forceful with his plowing, to Bill obvious and vocal enjoyment. He reached down with his free hand to stroke his cock. It was hard and already slick with precum. He stroked him a few times and felt him getting close.

At which point the door to the bathroom opened.

Desmond immediately stopped moving and held Bill still as two men walked in; talking about the business trip they were taking. Bill was still moaning and he bit Desmond’s hand to stop himself from being heard. His body was shaking and his cock twitching. The men were at the urinals when Bill’s body shuddered and he bit down hard to stop himself from letting out a loud moan as he started spraying cum on the wall.

Desmond cursed loudly, louder than the men’s conversation and froze in fear, but the men didn’t stop talking; they finished what they were doing and then washed their hands before leaving. Desmond remained still trying to understand why they hadn’t even asked if everything was ok.

Bill pulled his hand off his mouth and turned to look at him. “Don’t stop,” he demanded, “I still have half an hour before I need to get back.”

Desmond put the question aside and went back to fucking the man. The next time the door opened he slowed down and paid attention to who had entered. Bill let out a moan of pleasure as Desmond pushed his cock completely in, and the man who’s sat down in the stall next to them didn’t react.

Desmond fucked Bill harder making him almost scream. And the man in the next stall didn’t give any indication he was aware someone was having sex next to him. Desmond let himself go loose. He fucked Bill wildly and vocally. When he came with was with a roar of pleasure. In the near silence of their panting he heard the man in the next stall turn the page of a new paper.

“Fuck that was great,” Bill said, still out of breath once Desmond pulled out. “I really hope we can do that again.”

Desmond sat down on the toilet and looked at him. “When I get back I’ll be happy to fuck you as often as you want.”

Bill beamed at him, “I’ll hold you to that.” He wiped the worst of the cum he had leaking out of his ass and then pulled his pants up. “Give me half an hour and I’ll have your ticket ready.” He said before leaving the stall. He washed up and then left the bathroom.

Desmond remained sitting for a bit more, catching his breath and trying to understand what had happened, how it was that he and Bill have been able to have loud sex next to someone without attracting attention of any kind. He pulled up his pants and went to the sink to wash his hands. A moment later the other toilet flushed and an older man in a gray business suit walked out of the stall.

Desmond looked at himself in the mirror, searching for what it was he had felt earlier as the man threw his folded newspaper on the counter and turned the water on. Desmond found it, and now that he was paying attention to it he realized that it had stayed there, in the back of his mind, while he and Bill were having sex.

The man washed his hand and then took out a comb to work his thinking silver hair in place while Desmond tried to figure out what it was. It felt like when he was trying to remember something, but couldn’t. He’d know it was there, at the back of his mind, he’d even feel it, but he couldn’t grasp it. That’s what this felt like, only more so. In annoyance he tried to get it to go away.

“Holy,” the older man exclaimed and took a few steps back, startled.

Desmond looked at him, “excuse me?” it was his turn to be surprised.

“I’m sorry,” the man said, clenching his chest and starting to breathe normally. “I must really be tired; I didn’t notice you were there until just now.”

“I’m sorry to have startled you then.”

“Not your fault,” the man said, but he still left casting a worried glance at him.

Desmond knew better than to think it had been coincidence. Somehow what ever it was he had felt at the back of his mind had made it so the man didn’t see him. Or hear him; it did explain why he hadn’t noticed Bill’s screams. He focused on trying to bring it back, and he found it surprisingly easy to do so.

He stepped out of the bathroom and walked through the airport while waiting for Bill to have his ticket ready. He would stand in front of someone and instead of walking into him they would go around him. They wouldn’t acknowledge his presence, but they would still avoid him. Even when he set himself in front of a walking crowd no one even touched him.

He chuckled to himself and wondered what else he was capable of doing and if there was any way he could get a user’s manual so he didn’t have to almost have a heart attack to discover the next one.

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