Part 14

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Bill was true to his word; when Desmond went back to see him he had a ticket for him, and his phone number slipped in with it. He was surprised to find that the seat was in business class; seemed like Bill had enjoyed being fucked enough to keep him out of coach.

Desmond’s flight was about half full; he had an aisle seat on the left side of the plane and a middle aged businessman had the window one. With an empty seat separating them neither bothered asking the other to move.

The businessman worked on his laptop until take off, at which point he put it back in his bag and placed that in the over head compartment. After that he took off his jacket, folded it and placed it on his lap and reclined back as much as the seat would allow, closing his eyes. He didn’t stir at all while the plane shook and bounced during take off. Desmond tried to keep his mind off it by reading one of the old magazine stashed in the pocket on the back of the seat in front of him, without much success.

When they reached the proper altitude and the plane finally calmed down he was surprised to hear his neighbor snore. He had no idea how he’d managed to sleep through the turbulence, but figured he had the right idea. The flight would take five hours and he hadn’t slept yet. He didn’t need that much sleep, but he still needed some. He leaned back and tried to make himself as comfortable as the seat allowed, which wasn’t that much. He closed his eyes and hoped for the best.

Within a few second he found himself, somewhere else.

He was standing in the middle of, well, nowhere was the best description he could come up with. It seemed to be a flat expanse of gray. There didn’t seem to be anything with solid forms, all he could see seemed to be clouds of slightly off gray, stuff. The closest ones were to his left and right, maybe ten paces away. The others were dispersed throughout the landscape.

The one on his right seemed vaguely familiar so he walked toward it, reaching for it as he got close. That’s when he realized that he actually had a form since he saw his hand reaching for the cloud; only the hand was pure black.

He looked down at himself, he was naked, which didn’t surprise him, and completely black; not the dark brown of a black man, but the black of a room without any light in it. He touched his face and was mildly surprise that its shape felt wrong. He wished he had a mirror to see what he looked like; and one materialized before him.

It showed him to be the same height as before, but his muscles were much more defined. His face didn’t look quite human, it was slightly longer, with what looked like plates on it and he had horns. He then noticed that his cock was over a foot long, soft. He wondered if what he was looking at was his demonic side.

He decided that it didn’t matter; until he figured out where he was and what those clouds were he had more important things to think about than how he looked. He looked at the cloud in front of him; it was slightly darker than the environment and other than ‘feeling’ familiar, he couldn’t identify anything about it. He looked at the other one and it was bluer rather than darker. The others were too far for him to be able to see clearly. He took a deep breath and tried to prepare himself for what ever might happen, and touched the cloud.

Desmond opened his eyes; he was back in the plane. He looked around and then at himself, everything seemed to be as it should be. So that cloud had brought him back here from where ever he had been. Had he actually gone anywhere? He checked his watch and found that a few minutes had passed since he’d closed his eyes.  No one was looking at him so it was obvious that his body had remained here; so where had his mind done to, some other dimension? He’d looked demonic, so could that have been hell? Somehow it hadn’t felt all that hellish, but how could he know? How was he supposed to know about any of this if no one had told him? Robust had said he’d be powerful, but he’d also said his powers would be based on sex, not some sort of traveling. He rubbed his forehead and really wished he had that instruction manual.

He rested his head back and closed his eyes; it looked like the only way he would figure it out would be by exploring it. The thought wasn’t even over that he was standing in the gray field. His cloud was on his right again and the bluish one on the left. A thought occurred to him and he extended his hand, wishing for the instruction manual. A book, the dimensions of a thick hard cover, appeared in it. On it was clearly written ‘instruction manual’. He opened it, the typeset was clean and looked to have been printed by an old typewriter, like the one his mother use to have when he was a kid. He smiled as the memory of spending hours pressing the keys as hard as he could just to see the letters appear on the paper; he couldn’t have been older than six at the time.

The first forty pages dealt with his ability to affect other people’s personality. He barely looked at it, he’d spent months practicing and fine tuning it, he knew everything there was to know about it now. The next three pages were about his ignore field. It was a simple enough ability; he turned it on or off. There was a bit of a description of what it did, but he already knew that too. The next page had the title of ‘Dimensional travel?’ and the only line under it say ‘hell if I know’

Desmond chuckled, of course it wouldn’t be that easy, he thought as he threw the book over his shoulder. At least it did tell him something about this place; he could create things, but only based on what he already knew. He turned to the bluish cloud and instead of wondering what would happen he touched it.

Desmond was surrounded by translucent coloured sheets hanging from somewhere higher than he could see. The light was soft and the air fresh, but it didn’t feel like he was outside. In the distance he could here a woman giggle. He started walking in that direction since that meant someone might be able to tell him where he was. He moved the veils away and walked for a while, he had no way to tell how long he’d been doing that when the last one parted and he found himself in the reception area of an office.

Surprised he turned around and looked at the reflective surface of an elevator’s closed doors. Before he turned again he noticed his body start shimmering. He watched as the tone of his skin lightened until is was light pink, then he started shrinking a little as his body lost its angles, becoming instead softer curves. When his saw his hands become dainty, with red nail polish he caught on to what was happening and cursed. He used all his will to stop himself from turning into a woman and get his body to look the way it should.

It didn’t take that much work, as soon as he set his mind to it the changes reverted and he was looking like his normal self instead of a woman or the black demon, and he was now wearing a light green business suit. He had to continue focusing on what he should look like; he kept feeling some outside force trying to turn him into a woman.

He looked at the unoccupied receptionist’s desk; on it was a long stemmed yellow flower in a vase. He had no idea what it was, but he used it as a test, since something was trying to change him, and he could fight it off, could he changed other things, and would that force fight him if he could? He imagined the flower as being a sunflower, it was the only one he could think of at that moment, and instantly on the desk was a five feet tall sunflower. And it stayed there when Desmond stopped thinking about it.

The giggling came back, from further in the office and he followed it. The desks he passed were identical, with a computer and that same flower that had been on the receptionist’s desk. He came to a door, it had a name place, but the writing was too distorted for him to make it out. The giggling came again from behind it and now he could also make out a male voice with it.

He opened the door to an office. The desk that would normally be the center piece of such a place was absent, but the chair was there and there was a man in it. His shirt was open, as well as his pants and his cock was out. Three nubile women were caressing his chest and one was stroking his cock. It was a nice looking cock Desmond thought.

“Good, you’re here,” the man said, and only now did Desmond recognize him at the businessman who was sleeping next to him in the plane. “Did you breing the report on the merger?”

Desmond looked at his hand and found he was holding a folder. “It’s right here.” He said without meaning to.

“Just put it on the desk,” before the man pointed to it there hadn’t been a desk there, and it looked completely out of place against the wall. Desmond walked to it and put the folder on it before he could stop himself.

He pushed the force that had made him move away and turned to the man who was relaxing under the women’s touch. “Actually,” he said, “they told me that we should handle the merger ourselves.” He realized now he was within the man’s dream. That force he’d been feeling was probably his subconscious, trying to make him conform, but he seemed to be stronger than it.

“How do they expect me to do that? I have my hands pretty full as it is.” He was fondling one of the woman’s breasts with delight.

“I can see that, but they said that if we work together it’ll come to a satisfactory conclusion.” Desmond walked to the man, willing the women away.

“I don’t know,” the man said, “I can’t really see myself working with you.”

Desmond stood between the man’s legs and caressed his chest, “Tell you what, how about I do all the work, and you take the credit.” He kneeled down.

The man leaned back and put a cigar to his lips, “yeah, that sounds like a good idea. How long do you think it’ll take you to finish it?”

“It probably won’t take too long, some of the work has already been done,” Desmond said and then swallowed the man’s cock. He man responded with a pleasured moan, but he didn’t show the enthusiasm Desmond expected form a lover. He tried to make him enjoy it more, to get him to participate, but he couldn’t.

He realized why as he continued to bob up and down on his cock. He could affect the surroundings because they were just window dressing to the dream, but he couldn’t affect the man himself because he wasn’t touching him. He was able to enter dreams at a distance, but his ability to change other’s personality didn’t come with it.

Having realized that he closed his eyes and simply enjoyed what he was doing; the sensation of the cock moving in and out of his mouth, the man’s moans and shivering of pleasure. He had no idea how long it was until the man’s response became more demanding, more pronounced. He increased his effort wondering what cum might taste like in a dream.

The dream world exploded and Desmond opened his eyes, wincing in pain. He looked at the businessman as he gave a grunt and tensed up. He clenched his teeth and he put a hand on his crotch to hold the jacking in place, a look of horror on his face.

“You ok?” Desmond asked in a low voice, keeping his amusement out of it.

It took the man a moment to answer, his face red and flushed. “I’m fine,” he said looking at Desmond and doing a double take.

Desmond ignored it and nodded before lying back in his seat, wondering how he was going to take care of the hard on he’d inherited from sucking him in the dream.

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