Part 15

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Desmond walked around the convention center trying to figure out how he was going to manage to get some time alone with Felp. Not only was this place crowded, but everywhere the reverend went he was escorted by half a dozen other people, there was no way to get within arm’s length of the man. He followed him every time he moves about, going from one conference to another, but not to the convention itself.

Desmond wasn’t interested in what anyone here had to say, it was bible this, God that. He didn’t think everyone here was a bigot, but he’d never had a use for religion in his life, even before he’d found out he was part demon. His mom had been the religious one in the family, but she’d never forced it down his throat, she’d taken him to a couple of church services when he was a child but stopped when she realized he was mostly bored there. His father went once in a while, usually for the holiday mass, otherwise the closest to it he got was the occasional swearing when he got angry.

He realized he might get his chance when the reverend went back to his hotel, but there too he was foiled. He wasn’t allowed in the elevator at the same time as him, and it didn’t have a display showing what floors it was on, so he couldn’t find out the floor he was staying on, and he couldn’t get any of the clerks to give him his room number; it was against company policy.

He spent most of the evening trying to find someone who had an interest in him so he could get the information from them, but seemed like everyone working at this hotel was straight. So much for the stories about these places being gay haven. The longer he spent walking around the more frustrated he got, to the point where he realized he might do something he’d regret if he stayed there; like turn someone gay just so he could get the information. But he worried about attracting attention by making someone act out of character. It was also late enough that he should go to sleep. He couldn’t afford the prices the hotel asked so he walked to a cheaper one a few miles away, taking the time to cool off.

He was back the next morning feeling much calmer, unfortunately that only lasted until he was rebuked by the clerk, even after he told the woman how important it was that he speak with the reverend. With a curse he flopped down in the couch to figure out what he was going to do, or at least wait for the reverend to leave for the convention center so he could try again.

His curse made the other man sitting on the couch look at him. “Having problems?” he asked.

“You could say that,” Desmond replied with a sigh of exasperation.

“Have you tried talking with Concierge about it?” the man said, indicating the forty something black man standing behind a separate counter from the clerks. “when ever I need something here I deal with him instead of the clerks and he’s never disappointed me.”

Desmond watched at the black man talked with one of the customers, taking out a flyer, indicating something on it, and then pointed to the door and showed him what direction he had to go. “Thanks,” he said to his couch companion as he stood, “I’ll give that a try.” He waited until the Concierge finished giving the directions to approach him.

“Good morning,” the man said in a vibrating bass, “how can I help you.”

“Can you tell me what room the reverend Felp is in?”

“I’m sorry, it’s against policy to give out room numbers, but if you to give me a message for him I’ll make sure he gets it.”

“Look, it’s really important that,” Desmond started saying but trailed off. “Fuck it,” he said under his breath and reached for the concierge’s hand; to hell with not attracting attention, he wanted to get this over and done with. He made him gay and attracted to him. “Look, I don’t have time to waste with this, is there someplace private we can discuss this?”

“Of course, just follow me.” The man led him up a floor and used his keycard to unlock a small conference room.

“Is anyone going to bother us here?” Desmond asked as the man closed the door and locked it.

“No, no one’s booked it today,” he replied.

“Good,” Desmond said just before pressing the man against the wall and mashing his mouth against his. He didn’t waste any time, undoing the man’s pants while they kissed. The man didn’t protest, he melted in the kiss and then moaned loudly when Desmond rubbed a hand against the man’s hardening cock.

“Fuck that’s good,” the man said when his mouth was released.

Desmond didn’t acknowledge the compliment; he went down on his knees, pulling the man’s pants down with him. He didn’t spend much time looking at the cock he was stroking; it was almost as long and thick as his own. He took the tip in his mouth and suckled on it for a few second, making the man moan in pleasure. He then started bobbing up and down, taking more of it in his mouth each time he went down until he had swallowed it all.

The man didn’t have time to express his amazement before Desmond was giving him the blow job of his life; moving up and down on his large cock, taking it all in each time. He didn’t stop with sucking him off; he massaged his large balls with a hand while the other one went between the man’s legs so he could slip a finger between his ass cheek and tease his hole.

The man lasted about ten minutes before he started groaning and calling out for God; moments after that he was flooding Desmond’s throat. Desmond kept him in until he was drained and then slowly released the cock. He stood and kissed the man again, letting him taste his cum.

“So, about Felp’s room number,” Desmond asked after breaking the kiss.

The man nodded while catching his breath. He took his phone of his belt and looked at it for a moment. When his breathing was back to normal he pressed a button on it. “Janice, this is Barry, are you there?”

“Hi Barry, what’s up?” a woman replied.

“Do we have a reverend Felp staying here?”

There was the sound of keys being hit, “yes, we do.”

“What room is he staying in?”

“fourteen fourteen.”

“Thanks.” He closed the phone. “This was the best blow job I’ve ever had. Hell, my wife’s aren’t that good.”

Desmond just grinned at Barry’s comment. “How do I get in Felp’s room?” he asked.

The man bent down to pull his pants up. Desmond watched that ass and debated fucking it. He decided instead to let his frustration mount so he could spend it on the reverend.

Barry buckled his belt and then took his key card out of a pocket, handing it to Desmond. “Just swipe it in his lock and you’ll get in. Now I’d better get back down before they start wondering where I am.”

Desmond kissed him again before letting him go, promising himself that after dealing with Felp is was going to spend some time with Barry before heading out. He wanted to ride that cock of his.

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