Part 16

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Desmond looked around the reverend’s room, the closet contained suits, all of them crisp and new. The dresser had underwear and socks, organized by colours to match the suits. On the table next to the dresser he found various letter Felp was writing addressed to people all over the US; probably leaders of various Protect the Family groups. He didn’t bother taking their addresses. He was hoping that discrediting Felp would bring down the whole organization. He also found the reverend’s itinerary for the day, showing he would be back in his room at one to work on his correspondence.

Desmond checked his watch, it was almost eleven already. Only two hours to wait and he’d almost be on his way home. He had a light lunch while he waited, and was back in the room fifteen minutes before one. He sat in one of the chairs to wait.

At exactly one the door opened. Felp spoke for a few moments with one of his aids and then entered the room, closing and locking the door behind him. He took of his jacket and hung it in the closet. He loosened his tie and took a small bottle from the fridge. He emptied the amber liquid in a glass and added a splash of water before taking a sip.

Desmond studied him while he drank. He still had the scowl on his face he’d seen him with while he was following him. Even alone he didn’t seem to be able to lighten up. The reverend sat at the table and pulled reading glasses from his shirt’s pocket. He took out one of the letters and an old fountain pen and continued writing it.

Desmond tried to decide how he was going to do this. Sure he could simply put a hand on him and turn him in to a flaming fag, but that change in attitude would be too extreme to be credible. He wanted to discredit him in a believable way, and he realized that to do that he would have to get to get to know the reverend a little better. He shuddered as he thought about having an actual discussion with Felp, and then started figuring out what changes he would have to make to him so it would be bearable. He wished his ability to change guy’s personalities came with mind reading.

Before he was done the reverend started yawning. He finished his drink and put away the letters. He stood and stretched before lying down on the bed. He set the alarm-clock for three and the placed his hands over is stomach and closed his eyes.

Desmond smiled; this would make learning about him much easier. He turned off the alarm and made himself comfortable while he waited for the reverend to start dreaming.

He entered the dream and found himself in a church’s vestibule; one decorated with scenes of the reverend having sex with younger men. They were stylized, but very graphic. Desmond was surprised at seeing them, he had done some reading on the reverend, but hadn’t seen any indication that he might be in the closet. If he was, it would make this even more satisfying.

He followed a man’s voice into the church. It was the Felp’s; he was nude, kneeling at the altar with a naked older man towering above him. Felp was asking forgiveness for his sins.

“Have you renounced the call of the flesh?” the old man’s voice boomed in the large room.

“Yes my Lord,” Felp announced with conviction.

The old man looked down on the reverend, clearly unconvinced. He grabbed his gigantic cock in a hand and slapped Felp’s face with it. “You no longer crave the taste of my manhood?”

Felp moaned in obvious pleasure, “no my lord,” he managed to say between slaps.

The old man stopped slapping him and began stroking himself. “What have you done to demonstrate your renunciation; to show that you are worthy of what I have to offer you.” He moved the tip of his now fully hard, and large, cock to the edge of the reverend’s lips, the precum dripping from it forming a pool on the floor.

“I have placed agents to attack the part of myself I despise like you instructed me to; slowly but surely they will destroy those who partake in the sins of the flesh and then as you promised me, I will be free from temptation.”

Desmond stopped moving in surprised and hoped that this was just a dream metaphor. He didn’t want to have to chase down someone else. He pushed the possibility out of his mind and assumed his less human form. It seemed more appropriate to the location. “That looks like fun, can I join in?”

The old man looked at him, and a moment later so did Felp, who let go a scream of fear. “You are not welcome within my house Demon, be gone.” The order was clear and Desmond felt the dream trying to push him away, but he resisted easily.

Desmond folded his arms over his chest, in triumph, his erection standing at attention and leaking as much as that of the old man. “You’re not god old man; you’re not even a representation of him; be gone.”

“No,” Felp screamed as the old man disappeared, “Don’t leave me alone with temptation. I need your protection.”

“You don’t need protection from me Felp,” Desmond said, his cock bobbing with each step he took toward him, “I’m not going to hurt you.”

With visible effort the reverend tore his eyes away from the cock “You’re here for my soul. You want to condemn me to eternal hell.”

When Desmond stopped moving his cock was less than an inch away from the reverend’s lips. “This isn’t about hell. It’s about you experiencing some pleasure, getting that constant frown off your face.”

Felp pushed himself away from Desmond, putting his hand on the large ebony cock in the process. It stayed there for a long moment and then it was pulled away as if burned.

“That felt nice to you too, didn’t it?” Desmond said, indicating the reverend’s erection with a nod of the head.

“No,” the reverend yelled, “I get no pleasure from the flesh.”

“Yeah? Then what about those?” Desmond indicated the large stain glass windows on the walls, each one depicting Felp in the act of being pleasured by a young man. The look of ecstasy on the reverend’s face was unmistakable.

“The pleasure of the flesh is a lie intended to turn me away from God’s love.”

“Doesn’t god want you to be happy?”

“God wants my happiness in His kingdom, not in Yours.”

“So you’re going to destroy other people’s happiness until you get yours?”

“I will do as I am instructed until He takes me in his arms.”

“Fine then, I guess we’re doing this a different way.” Desmond willed the church to become the reverend’s hotel room and clothes on the man. It was obvious now that he had too much will power to just give in so Desmond was going to force him to. He grabbed him by the neck and threw him on the bed.

He left the dream as soon as the reverend left his hand and jumped on the bed, turning the man over and forcing him to keep his head in the pillow, he removed most of his will power, leaving him barely enough to put up token resistance to his sexual desires. He didn’t increase those desires, they had been enough for him to succumb to them multiple times already, by taking away his resistance he knew they would come to the light of day quickly enough, and often enough that he wouldn’t be able to deny them.

“Tell me Felp, on those windows, I saw that you’ve been pleasured by many men, but have you ever experienced the joy that comes from pleasuring other men?” Desmond reached under the man to undo his belt and then pulled down the pants until his ass was free. A moment later he had his own pants down and he lied on top of the reverend. He rubbed his cock between the man’s cheeks, spreading precum in preparation for what he was going to do.

He slowly pushed in, causing Felp to moan in delight. Desmond wasn’t giving him a choice but to enjoy what he was feeling. He wanted this man to enjoy sex from all side to the point where he would want to have it as often as he could. It wasn’t going to be compulsion, just the reverend’s own lack of will power.

When Desmond’s cock was completely inserted he put a hand back under the reverend, wrapping it around the man’s erection. “Can you feel the pleasure you’ve been denying yourself. This is what it feels like when you pleasure someone another man.” He thrust in and out slowly. “Anytime you want to feel like this all you have to do is take a man’s cock in you. Would you’re god really be good if he tried to take that away from you?” The man’s only reply was a loud moan, and the twitch of his cock in Desmond’s hand.

Desmond pushed himself in and then stopped moving, putting most of his weight on the man. “Felp, who was the old man?” he whispered in his ear.

It took a moment for the reverend to come back to himself enough to understand the question. “My Lord,” he answered.

“He’s not god, so what’s his name?”

“Arthur Hackman” Felp replied breathlessly.

“And he’s the one telling you what to do?” Desmond asked, dreading the answer.

The reverend nodded.

Desmond hung his head down and felt a surge of anger at learning there was someone else he needed to take cared of. For a moment he felt like punishing Felp, but he pushed that idea aside, it wasn’t his fault, and his punishment would be enough when he was forced out of the closet.

Desmond took a breath to calm himself and went back to fucking the reverend. He took his time, letting his orgasm build over a few hours while the reverend had multiple ones. By the time Desmond finally came Felp was incoherent in his cries of pleasure.

He gave himself a few moments to catch his breath before pulling out. Felp barely moved as Desmond pulled the man’s pants backup and redid the belt. Sore ass aside, he wanted him to believe this had been a dream. One he’d remember for a long time.

He pulled his pants up and left the room without giving Felp a second glance. In the lobby he looked for Barry, who he found behind his desk. The black man’s face lit up when he saw him.

“Were you able to give the reverend your message?” he asked as they shook hands.

Desmond smiled from ear to ear, “yes, I did. Now I was wondering if there was someplace I could thank you for your help.”

The man gulped, “wasn’t that what we did earlier?”

“Nah, that was just to convince you to help.”

The man moved closer and spoke in a hush voice, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to do much, I’m not exactly as young as you are.”

Desmond smiled, “Don’t worry; you’re going to do just fine.”

The concierge led him to the fourth floor and unlocked a room. Desmond could detect a slight smell of mold as he entered the room.

“There was water damage, they can’t use the room until it’s been professionally cleaned, and that won’t happen until tomorrow, so we have it to ourselves.”

“Good,” Desmond said as he pushed the man on the bed and then proceeded to take off his clothes. The man watched him in amazement and then started unbuttoning his shirt; while he did that Desmond proceeded to remove the man’s shoes and pants, exposing that thick cock. As warned it was soft.

Desmond took it in his mouth and willed it to become hard. The man moaned as his sex drive escalated in response. When his cock was hard and throbbing Desmond straddled him and slowly lowered himself on it.

He pant as he was stretched more than he had been in a while. The last time had been Bill, and he hadn’t seen him in a month or so. The man’s eyes were wide as Desmond took it all. After only a moment’s rest Desmond was moving up and then down, eyes closed to enjoy the sensation.

The only passage of time Desmond could feel while he fucked himself with the man’s cock was the man’s orgasm. He had three during that time since Desmond didn’t let him go soft. When he felt himself getting close he moved forward, letting the cock out of his ass, and pushing his in the man’s mouth. The man didn’t offer any resistance and Desmond only had to thrust a few times before he came and fed him his cum.

Barry swallowed it all and then rested his head back, closing his eyes. Desmond put a hand on the man’s stomach and took away the attraction he felt for him specifically. He left him the attraction to men, but he toned it down so he could think that it was something that had developed on its own. As an experiment he tried to link the man’s potency to being excited by other men. He didn’t know if it would work since up till now he had never tried it, but he didn’t have anything to lose. The last thing he did before leaving was make the memory of the sex they had fuzzy; like it had been a daytime fantasy.

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