Part 17

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After leaving Barry he went directly to the closest internet café, he wanted to find Arthur Hackman and deal with him right then and there. Finding him proved to be easier than he expected; the first three links were about Senator Arthur Hackman, and the picture matched the man in Felp’s dreams, if not as quite grandiose.

Hackman was a republican Senator for Virginia, a moderate according to his website; although Desmond wasn’t sure how moderate someone could be when they organized gay bashing. Finding his home address proved easier than he expected, a few searches and reverse lookups and he had an address in Wakefield. With that information he wanted to just rush out of the café and go there to wring his neck.

He calmed down a little while he searched online for an affordable plane ticket and realized that rushing in wasn’t going to help anything. He needed to be a little more prepared this time. What was he going to do if he discovered that Hackman was taking ordered from yet someone else?

He leaned back in the uncomfortable seat and rubbed his eyes trying to figure out how to go about this. He couldn’t accomplish anything from here, so he needed to go there, but he also needed time to think. He sat up as he realized what he needed was a slower traveling method. He did a search for train schedules, there was nothing going directly to where the senator lived, but he found a terminal about an hour away. All he’d have to do was rent a car; it would end up being cheaper and he would be about to think. Unfortunately by the time he worked all that the day’s train.

He bought his ticket for the one that left the next day; he’d take the night to sleep so that he’d be fully rested on the train to do his planning. Tonight he wasn’t going to think about the senator or what ever else might happen after that. He’d have a meal, maybe see a bit of the city and then sleep so he could be up bright and early. No sex, just sleep.

He did stick to his plan, the meal had been at a local eatery and he walked around for a few hours. He called home during that time, but no one picked up. He told Martin and Jason that he loved them; that he was going to be delayed and would be home as soon as he could.

That was how he ended up lying in bed staring at the ceiling around ten, looking at the clock every five minutes and wishing he would fall asleep. There were times when only needing four hours of sleep really annoyed him. At ten thirty he got out of bed with a grunt and put his pants and shirt on; maybe a drink would help him get to sleep.

The hotel’s bar wasn’t too bad; it had some quiet music and a calm atmosphere. He sat on a stood at the bar a ordered a beer and realized he wished he was at Terryl’s.  Taking his mind off his problems would be much easier there. He’d take either Terryl, Bill or someone else to the backroom and fuck till neither could remember their names.

He wondered how the two undercover cops were going; they’d become regulars and much more outgoing then the first night he’d met them. They were also really fun to fuck. David had turned out to have a slight bondage kink, and because of Mike’s slightly more dominant personality it was amusing to watch them work it out when David wanted to tie Mike up.

Desmond looked down at the profile of his cock down his left leg, which became more defined as it became harder. “Great,” he mumbled to himself, “so much for not having any sex tonight.” His cock wouldn’t go down until he had sex now that it was awake. Maybe that wouldn’t be too bad a thing; it should at least make falling asleep easier afterward.

He turned around and leaned back against the counter looking at the patrons, trying to determine who he wanted to bring back to his room. A grin spread on his face as he realized he didn’t have to bring take him to his room. If he wanted to he could jump behind the bar and fuck the barman right there, he looked at the skinny man in his early twenties serving drinks on the other sire of the counter, not that he was his type.

In a booth near the door he noticed a jock sitting with his friends; he was probably the same age as the bartender, but he had muscles on him. With his blond hair he reminded him of Stiltson. He was off his stool and halfway to him before he stopped himself. As fun as it might be to bend him over the table and fuck him in front of all his friends Stiltson still made him too angry and he’d probably leave the kid with too much emotional damage as a result.

A couple of booth down from the jock was an older man, maybe in his mid forties sitting with a woman about the same age. The bored way he looked at her gave Desmond the impression they had been married for a long time; maybe he should show that man how to spice up his sex life.

He shook his head, mildly annoyed at himself for even considering it. “Let’s not go ruin relationship on purpose unless they ask for it, shall we?” He told himself.

The next man he set eyes on was sitting at a square table in the middle of the floor, nursing a drink in a tumbler. He was in his mid thirties; only a couple of years older than him. His hair was cropped short, a red deep enough to be almost brown. He had a square jaw in need of a shave that went well with his square frame. Desmond smiled; he definitively liked the way he looked.

He walked toward him considering that he wanted to do. He didn’t want to have to fight him but he also didn’t want a slut; just some obedience would be nice. He walked around the man’s table once taking another look at him. He was wearing a dark grey suit over a very light salmon coloured shirt. The top two buttons were undone, showing a nice patch of hair on his chest, and his black tie was shoved in his breast pocket.

As he walked near the man again he ran a hand along the man’s jaw making the minor changes he wanted, a bit of obedience, not blind mind you, as well as increase to his pleasure response and a desire to feel pleasure.

The man jumped at the touch and looked up at him, noticing him for the firs time. Desmond hadn’t realized until now that he had his ‘ignore field’ on until now and extended it to include the man and his table.

“What was that for?” the man asked mild irritation in his tone.

Desmond sat in the seat next to him, “’Cause I wanted to,” he said with a smile and presented his hand, “name’s Desmond.”

The man looked at the hand doubtfully for a moment before taking it. “Gary.”

Desmond didn’t release the hand when Gary tried to pull it back. He turned it over and brought his other one to it and caressed his palm. “What brings you here Gary?”

Gary’s face softened as the pleasure from the touch traveled up his arm. “Sales conference. That feels nice.”

“That must be interesting,” Desmond said rubbing Gary’s cheek as he moved his hand to the back of his neck and gently pulled him forward.

Gary shrugged lightly, “it’s a living,” he said before his lips made contact with Desmond’s. He had a small gasp of surprise and then he was being kissed passionately. When Desmond ended the kiss the man was panting. Desmond then moved to the Gary’s neck, licking, nibbling and sucking on it, making him gasp loudly for a few moments before tensing. “Stop,” Gary said softly, “please stop, I . . . I’m not . . . gay.”

Desmond released him with a smile. Gary was still panting but obviously unsettled by what had just happened. “Pleasure isn’t about being gay straight or whatever. It’s just about being enjoyed.” He placed a hand on the man’s thigh and rubbed up until it was against his crotch. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” he asked, already knowing the answer by the hard cock under his hand. Gary nodded. “Then what’s the problem?” He squeezed the bulge, making him gasp.

Desmond continued to massage Gary’s groin for a minute, feeling it throb under his touch. With his other hand he unbuttoned the man’s shirt and ran a hand through that thick chest hair, tweaking his nipples every so often. He leaned in and whispered, “why don’t you open up your pants, it’s going to feel a hell of a lot better,” before nibbling on the earlobe.

Gary did what he was told and a moment later Desmond had his hand wrapped around a good size cock, maybe seven inch by the feel of it. He stroked it slowly, making the man lean back in his chair, mouth open. Desmond smiles looking at that mouth; rubbing himself through his jeans. He was sure it would feel wonderful around his cock, but he had another plan for Gary.

“Stand up Gary,” he said.

Gary placed his hands on the table, opened his eyes and then froze; looking around and then at his exposed cock. “Everyone’s going to see,” he said with worry.

Desmond smiled, “you have nothing to be ashamed of,” he said as he stood and lightly pulled on Gary’s cock. “Come on; show them your pride and joy.”

Gary reluctantly stood and Desmond moved behind him. He lowered the man’s pants and underwear to his knees with a hand as he continues to jerk him of with the other. “Why isn’t anyone doing anything?” Gary asked between pants, “aren’t they seeing what we’re doing?”

Desmond kissed the back of his neck. “They know this is a private thing,” he lied him softly, “that they’re allowed to enjoy watching us only so long that they let us do it in peace.” Gary nodded as if that made perfect sense. “Now turn around and undo my pants.” Gary did as he was told and Desmond kissed him passionately while he was doing it. “Reach in and pull my cock out,” he told him when he broke the kiss.

Gary hesitated a moment before reaching in. He eyes grew wide as his fingers tried to wrap around Desmond’s large shaft. He looked down in amazement at the leaking ten inches of flesh he pulled out. When he took his hand away it was wet with precum.

“Go ahead, taste it.” Desmond said and smiles and Gary licked the precum off his hands he then chuckled as the man shrugged, unimpressed by the taste.

Desmond pushed him until Gary’s ass was at the table and then had him lie back on it, lifting his legs to help him. He didn’t bother freeing them from his pants; instead he just plans both legs against his shoulder.

He reached around the legs to take Gary’s cock back in hand and went back to stroking him off while he started thrusting in his ass crack. Desmond didn’t have to work at finding his hole; his cock seemed to instinctively know where it was. He went slowly only so he could lube him up with his precum. Gary gasped when Desmond cock head pressed against his bud. “You’re going to want to hold to the table,” Desmond told him as he started pressing in.

Gary reached of the edge quickly and held on hard enough that his knuckles turned white. He groaned as Desmond stretched him wide; the surprise at not feeling any pain was evident on his face.

When Desmond was fully hilted they were both panting hard. He remained inside him while he concentrated on jerking Gary off. With his ass filled it didn’t take long before the man was moaning loudly. His body tensed and moments later strings of cum were flying over his belly, chest and face.

When Gary relaxed again Desmond licked his hand clean of the man’s cum and then took hold of his hips before proceeding to fuck him. He didn’t hurry too much as he pulled and pushed his cock in the man’s ass, enjoying the look of ecstasy on his face. With a few thrust Gary’s cock was hard again, and a few more and it was leaking heavily.

Desmond picked up the pace then, fucking him hard enough that the table started rocking even though it was bolted to the floor. Panting and sweaty Desmond finally shoved his cock deep inside the man and came with a guttural yell. Moments later Gary joined him with an orgasm and a scream of his own.

“Fuck that was good,” Desmond said between pants. Gary didn’t respond, lying on the table, eyes glazed. Desmond chuckled and slowly pulled out of him. Except for a shudder Gary didn’t react.

Desmond zipped up while he let Gary recuperate. When he started focusing on where he was again Desmond help him off the table, and then pulled his pants up. “How was it?” he asked him, buckling him up.

“I never felt anything like that,” Gary replied in a dreamy voice.

Desmond buttoned up the man’s shirt and then licked the cum off his face. “I’m glad you had fun.”

“Is it always this intense?” Gary asked enthusiastically.

Desmond looked at him, “do you want it to be?”

“Hell yeah,” he replied without hesitation.

Desmond kissed him hard while making the changes that would make Gary cum hard whenever he was fucked. He hadn’t set out to make him a bottom, but if that’s what he wanted he was happy to oblige.

Desmond left Gary with another drink and a satisfied smile and went back to his room, confident that now he would have a good night of sleep and be ready for what ever tomorrow brought him.

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